Proceedings of The 8th International Conference on High-Energy Accelerators

20-24 Sep 1971, Geneva, Switzerland

V.F. Weisskopf The Past and the Future of High Energy Physics p.xix

Session I (Plenary): Machines in Operation or Construction for Energies Above 50 GeV

R.R. Wilson The NAL Proton Synchroton p.3

Yu.M. Ado / A.A. Zhuravlev / V.I. Zaytsev / K.P. Myznikov / E.A. Myae / A.A. Naumov / O.N. Radin Status Report on the 76 GeV IHEP Accelerator p.14

E.V. Eremenko / N.A. Galjaev / N.I. Golovnya / M.I. Grachev / K.I. Gubrienko / Yu.S. Khodyrev / V.I. Kotov / A.A. Prilepin / U.S. Selznev / R.M. Sulyaev / V.N. Zapolsky Advances in Secondary Beams at the 70 GeV IHEP Proton Synchroton p.17

V.I. Balbekov / F.A. Vodopjanov / V.A. Glukhikh / S.A. Ilyevsky / E.G. Komar / A.A. Kuzmin / A.V. Mishenko / N.A. Monoszon / B.P. Murin / E.A. Mayea / A.A. Naumov / V.E. Pisarevsky / V.A. Titov / E.F. Troyanov / I.A. Shukeylo Increase of Injection Energy of the 70 GeV Proton Synchroton with the Goal to Increase the Intensity p.21

J.B. Adams The European 300 GeV Programme p.25

Session II (Plenary): Superconductivity: Pulsed Magnets and RF

P.F. Smith Superconducting Synchroton Magnets - Present Status p.35

G.K Green Superconducting Ring Accelerators p.47

J.P. Turneaure Some Theoretical Aspects of RF Superconductivity p.51

Session III (Plenary): Storage Rings / Extraction

F. Amman Electron and Positron Storage Rings: Present Situation and Future Prospects p.63

VAPP-NAP Group / A.N. Skrinsky Proton-Antiproton Colliding Beams p.72

K. Johnsen The CERN Intersecting Storage Rings p.79

M.Q. Barton Beam Extraction from Synchrotons p.85

Session IV: Injection, Extraction and Transfer

J. Faure / Operation Staff of the SEFS New Injection and Ejection Processes at SATURNE p.91

M. Boutheon / J. Gareyte Adiabatic Capture in the CERN PS p.94

T.K. Khoe / R.J. Lari Beam Stacking in the Radial Betatron Phase Space p.98

C. Bovet / D. Lamotte / R. Le Bail Macroparticle Computer Simulation of Multi-Turn Injection into the CERN PS Booster p.102

G.R. Lambertson / E.D. Courant / J. Faure / W. Kubischta / B. Kuiper / L.C. Teng Panel Discussion on Extraction p.105

E.D. Courant / M. Month Effect of Nonlinear Coupling on Resonant Vertical Beam Extraction p.106

W. Kubischta Multiple Target Extraction Sharing Scheme at the CPS p.110

J. Bleeker / C. Germain / M. Thivent / R. Tinguely Development of an Electrostatic Septum for the Slow Ejection of the CPS p.113

R. Bossart / H. v. Breugel / S. Herin / J. Cuperus / H. Dijkhuizen / F. Fabiani / G. Indreas / P. Innocenti / I. Kamber / B. Kuiper / J. Leroux / A. Messina / S. Milner / J. Nuttall / P. Riboni / H. Reige / A. Ijspeert The Fast Ejection Equipment for the Serpukhov 70 GeV Proton Synchroton p.116

T. Kamei / M. Kihara / M. Kondo / T. Nishikawa / H. Sasaki / T. Suzuki / H. Takahashi Injection and Beam Transfer Scheme of the Japanese Proton Synchroton Project p.120

R. Servranckx A Resonant Injection for an Electron Ring Compatible with a Resonant Extraction p.123

Session V: Electron and Positron Storage Rings

Orsay Storage Ring Group Status Report on ACO p.127

F. Amman / M. Bassetti / A. Cattoni / V. Chimenti / D. Fabiani / M. Matera / C. Pellegrini / M. Placidi / M. Preger / A. Renieri / S. Tazzari / F. Tazzioli / G. Vignola Remarks on Two Beam Behavior of the 1.5 GeV Electron positron Storage Ring ADONE p.132

VEPP-3 Staff Status Report on Electron-Positron Storage Ring VEPP-3 p.138

R. Averill / A. Hofmann / R. Little / H. Mieras / J. Paterson / K. Robinson / K. Strauch / G.-A. Voss / H. Winick Colliding Electron and Positron Beams in the CEA Bypass p.140

SLAC Storage Ring Group The SLAC Storage-Ring Project - SPEAR p.145

Orsay Storage Ring Group The Orsay Compensated Colliding Beam Rings (DCI) p.150

C. Pellegrini / J. Rees / B. Richter / M. Schwartz / D. Mohl / A. Sessler A High Energy Proton-Electron-Positron Colliding Beam System p.153

C.H. Westcott / J.L. Laclare Some Design Features of an Electron Storage Ring used as a Pulse Stretcher p.159

R. Averill / A. Hofmann / R. Little / H. Mieras / J. Paterson / K. Strauch / G.-A. Voss / H. Winick Performance of the CEA Low-Beta Bypass p.163

P.L. Morton Beam Enlargement with a High Frequency Oscillating Quadrupole p.166

Session VI (Part 1): Superconductivity: Pulsed Magnets

F. Arendt / M.A. Green / M.R. Harold / N.M. King / J.R. Maidment / G. Neyret / J. Parain / C.W. Planner / G.H. Rees Preliminary Studies for a 1000 GeV Superconducting Extension of the European Accelerator p.171

G. Bronca / R. Levy-Mandel / G. Neyret / J. Parain / J. Perot Studies and Construction of Superconducting Magnets Applied to Synchrotons of More than 1000 GeV p.177

H. Brechna / M.A. Green / W. Heinz Superconducting Synchroton Magnet Performance in a Closed Circuit Cryogenic System p.183

D.B. Thomas Superconducting Pulsed Magnets for a 1000 GeV Synchroton p.190

A. van Steenbergen / BNL Advanced Synchroton Study Group Superconducting Synchroton Development at BNL p.196

A. van Steenbergen / BNL Advanced Synchroton Study Group Progress Report on Magnet Development p.199

W.S. Gilbert / R.B. Meuser / F. Voelker Test Results - Pulsed Superconducting Synchroton-Type Dipole Magnets p.206

General Discussion on Superconducting Pulsed Magnets p.212

P.F. Smith Multi-Stage Energy Transfer Schemes p.213

H. Brechna / G. Hartwig / W. Schauer Cryogenic Properties of Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials Utilized in Low Temperature and Superconducting Magnets p.218

H. Brechna / W. Maurer Irradiation Effects in Superconducting Synchroton Magnets p.224

V.P. Alexeev / R.A. Meshcherov / E.S. Mironov / A.A. Vasiliev Some Aspects of the Superconducting Magnets Design for High Energy Proton Synchrotons p.228

V.S. Voronin On Synthesis of Air-Core Magnetic Systems for Superconducting Accelerators p.231

Session VI (Part 2): Superconductivity: RF

P.B. Wilson / M.A. Allen / H. Deruyter / Z.D. Farkas / H.A. Hogg / E.W. Hoyt / H.L. Martin / M. Rabinowitz Measurements at SLAC on Superconducting Niobium Cavities and Structures p.237

H.J. Halama Research on Superconducting Niobium Cavities at Brookhaven p.242

A. Carne / R. G. Bendall / B.G. Brady / R. Sidlow / R.L. Kustom High Field Tests in a Model Superconducting RF Separator at 1.3 GHz p.248

W. Bauer / A. Citron / G. Dammertz / H.C. Eschelbacher / H. Hahn / W. Jungst / H. Miller / E. Rathgeber / H. Diepers Experimental Investigation of Superconducting Nb Deflecting Cavities p.253

V.N. Alferov / A.M. Vishnevskaya / M.B. Vladimirtsov / V.G. Zarucheysky / V.I. Kotov / S.A. Cherny / I.R. Yampolsky Feedback in RF Separators p.258

H.N. Brown / H.W. Foelsche / H.J. Halama / D.M. Lazarus Long Duty Cycle Beam Separation Developments p.262

M.G.N. Hine / A. Carne / A. Citron / H. Halama / H. Hahn / M. McAshan / P. Wilson Panel Discussion on RF Superconductivity p.267

Ph. Bernard / H. Lengeler / J.Cl. Prelaz Some New Possibilities for RF-Separation at CERN p.269

O.A. Valdner / A.A. Glazkov Three-Component Separation of Ultra-High Energy Particles p.272

P. Kneisel / O. Stoltz / J. Halbritter / H. Diepers / H. Martens / R.K. Sun RF-Losses of Superconducting Niobium Cavities Coated with Nb(2)0(5) p.275

A. Citron / J.L. Fricke / C.M. Jones / H. Klein / M. Kuntze / B. Piosczyk / D. Schulze / H. Strube / J.E. Vetter / N. Merz / A. Schempp / O. Siart Measurements on Superconducting Helices for the First Section of the Superconducting Proton Accelerator at Karlsruhe p.278

G.B. Bondarenko / V.A. Glukhikh / Yu.P. Dobretzov / B.A. Dolgoshein / V.A. Kantzerov / A.V. Kiselev / V.G. Kirillov-Ugryumov / A.V. Samoylov / Yu.M. Sapunov / R.M. Sulyaev / V.A. Titov / A.M. Frolov / I.A. Shukeylo Muon Guide Made of Units of Magnetized Iron p.282

Session VII (Part 1): Panel Discussions on Limitations on Beam Quality and Intensity in Linacs, Synchrotons and Storage Rings

F.E. Mills / E. Courant / H. Grunder / P. Lapostolle / R. Little / E. Myae / T. Nishikawa / W. Schnell / A. Skrinsky / H. Zyngier Panel Discussion: Panel 1 p.289

F.E. Mills / E. Courant / W. Hardt / E. Keil / E. Myae / V.K. Neil / J.M. Paterson / A. Sessler / A. Skrinsky / S. Tazzari / L.C. Teng Panel Discussion: Panel 2 p.289

W. Schnell Experimental Observation of Beam Behavior in the ISR p.291

K. Hubner / E. Keil / B. Zotter Coherent Space Charge Phenomena in the ISR p.295

B. Angerth / E. Fischer / O. Grobner The Clearing Fields of the ISR p.298

R. Averill / A. Hofmann / R. Little / H. Mieras / J. Paterson / K. Strauch / G.-A. Voss / H. Winick Synchroton and Betatron Instabilities of Stored Beams in the CEA p.301

A. Hofmann / G. Muelhaupt Observation of the Head-Tail Instability at the Cambridge Electron Accelerator p.306

H.A. Grunder / G.R. Lambertson Transverse Beam Instabilities at the Bevatron p.308

V.I. Gridasov / K.P. Myznikov / Yu.S. Fedotov / V.N. Chepegin Experimental Investigation of Nonlinear Resonances at the IHEP 70 GeV Accelerator p.311

Yu.S. Ivanov / A.A. Kuzmin / G.F. Senatorov / L.A. Roginsky Using of Longitudinal Accelerating Field for Frequency Measurements and Damping of Radial Betatron Oscillations p.314

D. Boussard / J. Gareyte Damping of the Longitudinal Instability in the CERN PS p.317

T. Nishikawa / S. Okumura A Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Longitudinal Space-Charge Effects in Photon Linacs p.321

W. Hardt / H. Schonauer / A. Sorenssen Passing Transition in the Future CPS p.323

W.W. Lee / L.C. Teng Beam-Bunch Length Matching at Transition Crossing p.327

A.G. Ruggiero Enhancement of the nu-Spread in a Proton Beam by the Insertion of an Electron Beam p.331

D. Mohl / A.M. Sessler The Use of RF-Knockout for Determination of the Characteristics of the Transverse Coherent Instability of an Intense Beam p.334

A. Faltens / E.C. Hartwig / D. Mohl / A.M. Sessler An Analog Method for Measuring the Longitudinal Coupling impedance of a Relativistic Particle Beam with its Environment p.338

J.K. Trickett The Electromagnetic Field Distribution Due to a Beam-Excited re-entrant Cylindrical Cavity Mounted Coaxially with a Cylindrical Vacuum Chamber p.345

A. Sorenssen An Expansion Method for Calculating Space-Charge Dynamics p.348

Session VII (Part 2): Panel Discussions on Limitations on Beam Quality and Intensity in Linacs, Synchrotons and Storage Rings

K.H. Reich / C. Pellegrini / N.S. Dikansky / J. Le Duff / G. Gendreau / H.G. Hereward / M.M. Karliner / A. Piwinski / J. Rees / A.M. Sessler Beam-Beam Interactions and Single-Beam Coherent Effects (Theory) p.353

K.H. Reich / A.N. Skrinsky / E.D. Courant / H.G. Hereward / E. Keil / D.G. Koshkarev / V.N. Melekhin / E.A. Myae / T. Nishikawa / L. Smith Other Mechanisms Leading to Beam Blow-up and Loss (Theory) p.353

A. Jejcic / J. Le Duff Non-Linear Beam-Beam Effect p.354

A. Piwinski Coherent Beam Break-up Due to Space Charge p.357

I. Gumowski Determination of an Equipment Design Criterion for the CERN PS Booster from Stability Considerations of Coherent Synchroton Motion p.360

M.M. Karliner The Phase Motion Stability of the Bunch in a Storage Ring Depending on the Form of Synchroton Frequency Distribution Function p.363

R.A. Beck / G. Gendreau / J.-L. Laclare / G. Leleux Coherent Radial Instability Due to Horizontal Resistive Walls: Evaluation for Saturne p.367

Ya.S. Derbenev / N.S. Dikansky / D.V. Pestrikov The Transverse Stability of the Bunched Beam Interacting with the Low Q-Value System p.370

E. Keil Incoherent Space Charge Phenomena in the ISR p.372

I. Gumowski / C. Mira Boundaries of Stochasticity Domains in Hamiltonian Systems p.374

V.N. Melekhin Resonant Instability of Nonlinear Oscillations Represented by Finite Difference Equations p.377

C. Bovet / G. Guignard / K.H. Reich / K. Schindl Potential Beam Blow-up in the CERN PS Booster Due to Unavoidable Magnet Imperfections and Corrective Measures Provided p.380

V.S. Kunetsov / G.I. Trubnikov / N.P. Kuznetsova / R.P. Fidelskaya The Influence of Non-Linear Coulomb Forces on Distortion of Configuration of a Beam Phase Volume p.384

Session VIII (Plenary): Electron Ring Accelerators / Computer Controls

V.P. Sarantsev Status Report on the Collective Linear Accelerator at Dubna p.391

D. Keefe Status Report on ERA, Berkeley p.397

A. Schluter The Garching Electron Ring Accelerator Experiments p.403

C. Dustmann / W. Heinz / H. Hermann / P. Kappe / H. Krauth / L. Steinbock / W. Zernial Status Report on ERA-Karlsruhe p.408

J.T. Hyman Computer Controls: State of the Art and Future Developments p.415

Session IX: Beam Instrumentation and Computer Controls

Yu.D. Beznogikh / V.C. Dudnikov / M.A. Voevodin / L.P. Zinoviev Measurements of Energy Spectrum and the Instability of the Synchrotronous Beam Energy at the Output of the Ion Linac by Means of Transparent Pickups During Operation p.423

A. Barlow / J. Borer / S. Hansen / E. Jones / M. de Jonge / B.W. Montague / D. Neet / B. de Raad / F. Schneider / W. Schnell / L. Thorndahl / S. Turner / K. Unser / S. van der Meer / H. Verelst Instrumentation and Beam Diagnostics in the ISR p.426

G. Barbiellini / M. Bozzo / P. Darriulat / G. De Zorzi / A. Fainberg / C. Grosso-Pilcher / M. Holder / A. McFarland / M. Macri / G. Maderni / S. Orito / J. Pilcher / C. Rubbia / A. Santroni / G. Sette / A. Staude / P. Strolin / K. Tittel Observation of the Geometry of Colliding Proton-Proton Beams by Means of Beam-Beam Elastic Collisions p.431

H. Lane / J. Moir / R.H.C. Morgan / E.M. Mott / J. Nevitt / J.V. Smith / J. Turner Hardware for a Computer Control System for the 1.5 m Bubble Chamber Beamline at Nimrod p.435

P. Adams / R.H.C. Morgan / W.A. Smith / F. Atchison / J.C. Kerr Initial Experience of the Use of Interpretive Software for Beamline Control p.437

M. de la Rive Box / O. Grobner / D. Kemp / R. Keyser / K. Kohler / D. Neet / B. Sagnell / L. Tausch / G. Schaffer / H. Verelst / F. Wagner / P. Wolstenholme Experience with Computer Control Applied to the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR) p.439

H. Wuster / M. Barton / H. van der Beken / C. Bovet / E. Keil / D. Swenson Panel Discussion on Computer Controls p.444

H. van der Beken / L. Burnod / A. Daneels On-Line Control of the CERN Proton Synchroton Closed Orbit at Injection p.445

S. Hansen An Automatic Digital Measurement of betatron Frequencies p.448

C. Bovet / C.D. Johnson / K.O.H. Pedersen Computerized Treatment of Ionization Beam Scanner (IBS) Signals p.450

Session X: Panel Discussion on Electron Ring Accelerators / Proton Storage Rings

A.M. Sessler / C. Andelfinger / E.D. Courant / H. Herman / D. Koshkarev / G.R. Lambertson / C. Pellegrini / M. Reiser / V.P. Sarantsev Panel Discussion p.455

Yu.D. Derendyaev / M.L. Iovnovich / I.N. Ivanov / A.K. Kaminsky / V.I. Mironov / V.A. Preizendorf / N.B. Rubin / V.P. Sarantsev Some Problems of Creation of Collective Accelerators p.456

I.L. Korenev / L.A. Yudin Electron Ring Instabilities in a Waveguide p.461

R.T. Avery / L.J. Laslett Eddy Currents, Landau-Damping Coefficients, and Their Implications in Electron-Ring Compressor Design p.465

L.J. Laslett / U. Schumacher The Enhancement of Landau-Damping Coefficients for collective Radial Instabilities in an Electron-Ring Accelerator by an Ancillary B(phi)-Field p.468

C. Andelfinger / E. Buchelt / W. Dommaschk / W. Ott / G. Siller / H.B. Schilling / P. Ulbricht Development of High Current Electron Sources for an Electron Ring Accelerator p.471

P. Kappe Self Field Effects During the Magnetic Expansion of an Ion Loaded Electron Ring p.475

L. Steinbock Some Remarks on Future ERA Compressors p.478

M.J. Rhee / G.T. Zorn Cylindrical Beam Studies for the Maryland ERA p.481

G. Brautti / I. Boscolo / T. Clauser / M. Leo / A. Luches Transverse ERA p.486

V.A. Berezhnoj /G.V. Voskresensky / V.N. Kurdjumov / A.I. Pliss Radiation Reaction Force on Electron Ring Passing Through Accelerator p.487

R.F. Koontz / G.A. Loew / R.H. Miller Single Bunch Radiation Loss Studies at SLAC p.491

D. Koshkarev / P. Zenkevich Resonant Coupling of Transversal Oscillations Due to Polarization of Electron-Ion Rings p.496

J.P. Blewett 200-GeV Intersecting Storage Accelerators p.501

S. Hansen / M.J. de Jonge Beam Control and RF Stacking in ISR p.505

G. Rochepeau / L. Thorndahl / A. Vaughan / C. Zettler Damping of Transverse Oscillations in the ISR p.508

A. Delizee / W.C. Middelkoop / B.W. Montague / B. de Raad / J.C. Schnuriger / J.P. Zanasco Beam Dumping and Scraping in the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings p.511

B. Autin / P.J. Bryant Closed Orbit Manipulation and Correction in the CERN ISR p.515

J.P. Gourber / K.N. Henrichsen Adjustment of the Working Lines in the ISR p.518

K.N. Henrichsen / J.P. Gourber The Computer Controlled System for the Forecast of Beam Parameters in the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings p.521

Session XI (Plenary): Linear Accelerators / Limitations on Beam Quality and Intensity in Linacs, Synchrotons and Storage Rings

D.E. Young Summing-Up of the Last Linac Conference p.525

G.W. Wheeler Experience Gained from the New US Linear Accelerators p.531

B.P. Murin Linear Proton Accelerators p.540

H.G. Hereward Limitations on Beam Quality and Intensity p.548

Session XII (Plenary): Unconventional Topics in Acceleration or Storage of Particles

L. Gonella / D. Barbero / V. Pasino / S. Rebola / A. Strigazzi Intensity Limits and Beam Quality in the Linatron (Recycled Electron Linac) p.557

W.B. Hermannsfeldt / M.A. Allen / R.H. Helm / G.A. Loew / R.B. Neal / P.B. Wilson Recirculation of the SLAC Beam p.563

M.G. White / M.V. Isaila / H.L. Allen / K. Prelec Acceleration of Nitrogen Ions to 7 GeV in the Princeton Particle Accelerator p.568

H.A. Grunder / W.D. Hartsough / H.H. Heckmann / E.J. Lofgren Heavy Ion Acceleration at the Bevatron p.574

V.P. Dzhelepov / V.P. Dmietrievsky / B.I. Zamolodchikov / V.V. Kolga / N.I. Polumordvinova Possibilities for Cyclotron Acceleration of High-Energy Particles p.578

O.A. Valdner / E.S. Masunov High Intensity Bunch Self-Focusing in Periodic Waveguide Systems p.581

N.A. Khiznyak / G.G. Aseev / G.G. Kuznetsova / N.S. Repalov The Study of Resonant Excitation of Charge Density Waves for Coherent Acceleration of Ions p.583

A.A. Kolomensky / I.I. Logatchev Collective Acceleration of Ions by Scanning and Rotation of an Electron Beam p.587

L.N. Kazansky / A.V. Kisletsov / A.N. Lebedev Autoacceleration in Electron Beams p.592

S.A. Kheifets Particle Motion Near a Surface on which Total Internal Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves Takes Place p.597

J.W. Beal / R.K. Cooper / W.A. Lamb / V.K. Neil / L. Smith The Livermore High Intensity Electron Storage Ring p.600

Yu.A. Bashmakov / K.A. Belovintsev / E.G. Bessonov The Possibility of Self-Focusing of Particles in a Cyclic Accelerator p.603

Conference Participants p.605

Name Index p.611