Proceedings of The Heavy Ion Fusion Workshop

29 October - 9 November 1979, Berkeley, California

Bill Herrmannsfeldt Preface p.vii

Burton Richter Letter to G. Canavan p.ix

I. Introduction

W. Herrmannsfeldt Heavy Ion Accelerator Study Session p.1

II. Contributed Papers: Low Beta Group

R. Jameson / P. Lapostolle Summary of Low-beta Linac Working Group p.6

J.M. Watson ANL Low beta Development (Phase 0) p.14

T.P. Wangler / R.H. Stokes Application of the RF Quadrupole in Linear Accelerators for Heavy Ion Fusion p.21

R. Burke / R. Sacks Beam Brightness in Low beta Linacs: A Sensitivity Study p.27

R. Adams / J. Boruch / A. Bertsche / J. Brodowski / G. Gammel / R. Glasmann / J. Keane / A. Maschke / E. Meier / R. Mobley / K. Riker / R. Sanders Description of the M1 MEQALAC and Operating Results p.35

P. Lapostolle Space Charge Numerical Simulation Experiments p.58

III. Contributed Papers: Linac Group

M. Wilson Linac Summary p.63

M. Foss Computer Design of a High Current, High Energy Proton Linac p.68

J. Lawson / M.A. Brennan / P. Loschialpo / W. Namkung / M. Reiser Electron Beam Experiments at Maryland University p.77

R. Jameson Emittance Growth in RF Linacs p.84

S. Jorna / R. Janda Emittance Studies for Heavy Ion Linac p.94

J.T. Keane Excitation of Higher Order Modes in Alvarez Linac Structures p.117

P. Wilson Impedances for Electron Linacs and Storage Rings p.126

S. Chattopadhyay / A. Faltens Investigation of Tolerances for the Parameters of the Proposed LBL Test-Bed Linear Induction Accelerator p.151

A. Faltens / D. Keefe Ion Induction Linacs: Reference Design and Proposed Test Bed p.157

A. Faltens LIA Longitudinal Coupling Impedance p.182

K.J. Kim Longitudinal Dynamics of Bunched Beam in a Model Linac p.187

D.L. Judd Longitudinal Dynamics in Heavy-Ion Induction Linacs for Inertial-Fusion Power Plants p.201

S. Humphries / J. Freeman / G.W. Kuswa / C.W. Mendel / J.W. Poukey / J.P. Quintenz Pulselac Program p.232

D.A. Swenson RF Linac Approach to Heavy Ion Fusion p.239

D. Neuffer Stability of Longitudinal Motion in Intense Ion Beams p.245

IV. Contributed Papers: Storage Ring Group

M. King Storage Rings Summary p.253

T. Katayama / A. Noda / N. Tokuda / Y. Hirao Beam Injection and Accumulation Method in the Storage Ring for Heavy Ion Fusion p.262

J. LeDuff / J. Maidment Beam Loss in the Storage Ring Complex Due to Charge Exchange Scattering p.292

L. Jones Beam Scraping Problems in Storage Rings: The Black Cloud p.294

M. Cornacchia / G. Rees Bunch Compression in Heavy Ion Fusion Storage Rings p.297

T. Katayama / A. Noda Design Study of an Accelerator for Heavy Ion Fusion p.305

J. LeDuff Integer Resonance Crossing in H.I. Accumulator Ring p.310

T. Katayama / A. Noda Lifetime of Ion Beam in Accumulator Ring p.313

D. Mohl Longitudinal Beam Stability in Heavy Ion Storage Rings p.315

S. Fenster Longitudinal Microwave Instability p.327

T. Katayama / A. Noda NUMATRON and TARN p.334

R.J. Burke Storage Ring Injection p.353

H. Takeda / S. Fenster Study of Inter-Beam Interaction in Injection Processes at the Space-Charge Limit p.362

V. Contributed Papers: Beam Transport Group

A. Garren Final Transport in Vacuum - Summary p.377

E. Colton Calculations of Major 3rd Order Geometric Aberrations for Final Transport Line p.378

K. Brown / J.M. Peterson Chromatic Correction for the Final Transport System p.385

I. Hofmann Coherent Space Charge Instability of a Two-Dimensional Beam p.388

I. Haber Numerical Simulation of Space Charge Aberrations in Final Focusing p.391

J.D. Lawson Spherical Aberration from Non-Uniform Space-Charge p.396

A. Garren Studies of a Beam Line for Transport to a Target p.397

VI. Contributed Papers: Final Transport Group

C. Olson Final Transport in Gas and Plasma p.403

Z. Guiragossian The Light Ion Fusion Experiment (LIFE) Accelerator System for ICF p.426

D. Lemons Ion Beam Propagation Simulations p.442

R. Hubbard Convective and Nonconvective Ion Beam Filamentation Instabilities p.448

E. Lee / H. Buchanan / M. Rosenbluth Filamentation of a Converging Heavy Ion Beam p.472

R. Hubbard / S. Goldstein / D. Tidman Knock-On Electrons in the Target Chamber p.488

S. Yu / E. Lee Focal Spot Size Predictions for Beam Transport Through a Gas Filled Reactor p.504

List of Participants p.514