Proceedings of the 1968 Proton Linear Accelerator Conference

20-24 May, 1968, Upton, NY

Introductory Pages p.iii

George W. Wheeler Introduction to the Conference Proceedings p.v

Louis Rosen Introductory Talk for the 1968 Proton Linear Accelerator Conference

Mechanical Design

H. G. Worstell Mechanical Design of LASL Linac Structures (LAMPF) p.1

P. Grand / et al. The Brookhaven 200 MeV Linac Injector Construction Progress Report p.17

J. O'Meara / M. Palmer Mechanical Design Features of the NAL 200 MeV Linac Injector p.30

A. Harvey / W. A. Wolfe / F. P. Blackstein / A. J. Otter Accelerator Magnet Development at CRNL p.41

R. M. Main / K. Halbach / P. Kennedy / R. Yourd / A. Watanabe / D. Kalody High Gradient Magnetic Drift Tube Quadrupoles p.52

H. D. Betz A New Technique for High Precision Alignment of Linear Accelerators p.60

RF Sources, Modulators, Beam Loading Compensation

P. J. Waterton RF Sources Development at CRNL p.68

D. C. Hagerman 805 MHz Power Sources for the LAMPF Accelerator p.76

J. R. Faulkner / T. J. Boyd LAMPF 200 MHz Power Sources p.87

T. G. VanVessem High Duty Factor Modulator for Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility p.91

J. Abraham / N. Sesol A New Pulse Modulator for the Zero gradient Synchroton Linac p.94

J. D. Doss Fault Protection Circuitry for LASL 201.25 MHz Power Amplifiers p.101

M. J. Lee Transient Beam Loading in Standing Wave Linacs p.108

M. J. Lee Steady-State Beam Loading of Standing Wave Linac RF System p.114

Control, Beam Diagnostics

A. Pearson Control System Philosophy from the Nuclear Reactor Field p.123

R. A. Gore LAMPF Control Philosophy p.134

M. D. J. MacRoberts / Sally Ohlsen / C. M. Plopper / D. D. Simmonds / R. F. Thomas Programs for Computer Control of EPA p.140

R. A. Jameson Automatic Control of RF Amplifier Systems p.149

G. R. Swain / R. A. Gore / R. A. Jameson Temperature Control for maintaining Resonance of Linac Tanks p.159

U. Tallgren / U. Kracht / A. van der Schueren Emittance Measurement at the CERN PS Linac with an On-Line Computer p.168

J. M. Potter A Real-Time Sampling Beam Position Monitor p.175

W. H. DeLuca / M. F. Shea A Nondestructive Linac Beam Position Monitor p.190

M E. Abdelaziz / R. Perry Beam Diagnostics of the 50 MeV Proton Linear Accelerator of the Argonne Zero Gradient Synchroton p.198

R. Perry / J. Abraham Phase Shift of Beam Bunchers as a Function of Linac Accelerating Gradient p.220

Ion Sources, Preinjectors

Th. Sluyters Recent Progress in Linac Pre-Accelerators p.228

J. Faure The New Saturne Injector Status Report on the 750 KeV Preinjector p.240

V. J. Kovarik / Th. Sluyters Discussion of H.V. Power Supply Units Connected with High Gradient Tubes in Linac Preinjectors p.251

J. Huguenin / U. Tallgren / M. Weiss Preliminary Study of a Higher Energy Preinjector for the CERN PS p.269

C. R. Emigh / D. W. Mueller The LASL High-Duty-Factor Ion Source p.293

J. A. Fasolo A Comparative Study of Drifting Arc and Extended Stationary Arc Duoplasmatrons p.306

Beam Dynamics, Bunching, Transport

P. M. Lapostolle Bunching p.317

C. Agritellis / R. Chasman Design of a Buncher and the Transport System in its Drift Space for the 200 MeV BNL Injector Linac p.328

C. R. Emigh Double-Drift Buncher p.338

G. E. Lee-Whiting / J. H. Ormrod Longitudinal Space-Charge Effects in Bunchers p.346

E. Regenstreif Phase Space Acceptance of a Quadrupole Doublet Analytic Expressions and Numerical Results p.353

F. P. Blackstein Acceptance Calculations for Accelerator Beam Lines p.357

P. W. Allison / R. R. Stevens The Beam Transport Design for the LAMPF Injector p.364

R. Chasman Numerical Calculations of the Effects of Space Charge on Six Dimensional Beam Dynamics in Proton Linear Accelerator p.372

R. L. Gluckstern / S. C. Prasad Multimode and Resonance Effects in Transverse Team Blow-Up p.389

T. Nishikawa A Unified Theory on Beam Dynamics in Proton Linacs p.395

H. Hirakawa Electromagnetic Field of Traveling Charge in Beam Duct p.400

B. Schnizer Longitudinal and Transverse T and S Transit Time Coefficients p.409

A. Carne / J. M. Dickson / S. Norcliffe / J. S. Webb / K. Batchelor Reduction of Energy Spread on the Rutherford Laboratory PLA p.416

W. W. Myers Energy Modulated Beam Injector at the Argonne Zero Gradient Synchroton p.426

M. Mobley Calculation of the Depolarization of an Initially Polarized Beam in the Los Alamos Linac p.430

L. Smith / R. W. Chasman / K. R. Crandall / R. L. Gluckstern / T. Nishikawa / J. Haimson / P. M. Lapostolle Round Table Discussion on Space Charge and Related Effects p.433

RF Structures

G. Dome / P. Lapostolle A New Interpretation of Structure Compensation p.445

B. Epsztein / Tran Duc Tien Triperiodic Structure p457

G. E. Lee-Whiting Analysis of Equivalent Circuits for Linac Tanks p.471

G. Dome / I. White Measurements of Field Stability Against Perturbations in Nonuniform Linac Structures p.475

E. J. Schneider / D. A. Swenson Field Perturbations in the Post Coupled Drift Tube Linac p.499

M. Martini / D. J. Warner An Improved Method for Calculating Proton Linac Cavities p.512

H. Hahn Optimization of Alternating-Periodic Iris-Loaded Deflectors for Superconducting RF Beam Separators p.523

G. E. Lee-Whiting Linac Cavity Field Calculations p.533

G. Parzen A Mesh-Iteration Program for Field Calculations in Linac Cavities p.537

H. Baba / H. Hirakawa / T. Nishikawa / S. Okumura / J. Tanaka / Y. Tao Model Cavity Studies for Tank Design and on Tank Fabrication p.543

H. Eschelbacher / M. Kuntze / D. Schinzel / J. Vetter Studies of a Slotted iris Structure (Dispersion Curve, Coupling, Flatness, and Electron Analog Experiment) p.557

S. Giordano / J. Hannwacker Field Measurements of Variable beta Multi-Stem Accelerating Structure p.565

S. Goirdano / J. Hannwacker A Preliminary Study of the TS Zero Mode and Its Role in Field Flattening of Multi and Tunable Stem Accelerating Structures p.570

D. Carter Field Stabilization in Periodic Systems p.579

E. A. Knapp / A. Carne / G. Dome / S. T. Giordano / C. owen / D. A. Swenson Round Table Discussion of RF Structures p.583

New and Future Accelerators, Progress Reports on Existing Accelerators

W. B. Lewis Future Factory Type Accelerators p.600

A. M. Sessler The Electron Ring Accelerator p.606

P. R. Tunnicliffe / A. G. Ward Status of the Intense Neutron Generator Study Programme p.608

D. E. Nagle Linear Accelerator for Unstable Particles p.622

E. Boltezar / H. F. Malthouse / D. J. Warner A 3 MeV Experimental Proton Linac p.626

E. A. Knapp / W. J. Shlaer Design and Initial Performance of a 20 MeV High Current Side Coupled Cavity Electron Accelerator p.635

J. M. Lefebvre / M. Prome The New Saturne Injector Status Report on the 20 MeV Linac p.660

R. H. Helm / G. A. Loew / R. H. Miller / R. B. Neal Recent Development at SLAC p.673

C. S. Taylor / J. Huguenin / F. Block / F. Chiari / P. Tetu CERN - PS 50 MeV Linac Progress Report p.694

C. S. Taylor Report on ITEP 24 MeV and Serpukov 100 MeV Linacs p.706

Electron, Heavy Ion, Cryogenic Accelerators

J. W. Beal Aston Linear Accelerator p.713

J. M. Haughian Improvements to the Berkeley Hilac p.724

Ch. Schmelzer Study of a Variable Energy Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator p.735

K. Blasche / R. Friehmelt / K. Kaspar / Ch. Schmelzer / U. Wolfangel Electric Quadrupole Focusing in Linear Ion Accelerators p.745

H. Schopper Progress Report on the Investigations of Superconducting Structures at Karlsruhe p.755

W. Kuhn Investigation of Additional Losses of Superconducting Cavities Due to Field Dependent Effects at High Levels p.765

F. Flecher / J. Halbritter / R. Heitschold / P. Kneisel / L. List / O. Stoltz Q-Measurements in Superconducting Lead Cavities at 800 MHz p.770

H. Hahn / H. J. Halama Q-Measurements of Superconducting Cavities at 2.868 GHz p.774

J. Haimson Non-Cryogenic High Duty Cycle Electron Linear Accelerator p.775

Concluding Pages

Participants in the 1968 Proton Linear Accelerator Conference p.803

Author Index p.806