Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Magnet Technology

19-22 September 1972, Upton, NY

M. Goldhaber Welcome p.iii

J.P. Blewett Preface p.v

I. Special Purpose Magnets

Henry H. Kolm The Prolonged Adolescence of Superconductivity p.3

Henry A. Thiessen / Morris M. Klein Spectrometer Design at LASL p.8

R.J. Weggel / D.B. Montgomery Hybrid Magnets p.18

H. Brechna / F. Arendt / W. Heinz Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Systems p.29

K. Hirai / S. Akiyama / H. Fujino / K. Onodera A Lightweight Superconducting Magnet for a Test Facility of Magnetic Suspension for Vehicles p.41

R.T. Avery / A.A. Garren / J.T. Gunn / R.R. Fullwood / A.J. Lieber / P.F. Meads A Study to Adapt a Weak Focusing Synchroton to a Strong Focusing Proton Storage Ring p.49

P.H. Rebut / A. Torossian / J. Delassus / M. Delaunay Production of Pulsed High Magnetic Fields with Rotating Machine p.56

M. Huguet / P.H. Rebut / A. Torossian / M. Meier A Large 100 MW Pulsed Magnetic Coil for Fusion Research p.60

Eugene E. Halik Multiparticle Spectrometer Magnet (MPS) p.66

H. Ogiwara / N. Takano / H. Yonemitsu Experimental Studies on Magnetically Suspended High Speed Trains Using Large Superconducting Magnets p.70

A. Catitti / A. Cattoni / G. Sacerdoti A Magnetic Analyzer for Colliding Beam Experiments in a Storage Ring p.80

N. Nakanishi / S. Motonaga / K. Matsuda / S. Takeda / M. Hemmi / T. Inoue / J. Fujita / H. Nakajima / Y. Awaya Construction of a Two-Magnet Type Broad Range Particle Analyzer and Measurement of Ion-Optical Properties of Use of It p.87

Egon Hoyer / Jack Gunn Design of the High Resolution Spectrometer Bending Magnets for LASL p.92

M. Goldschmidt / D. Rieck / C.A. Wiedner Performance of the First QDDD Spectrograph p.100

M. Ohayon / J.P. Penicaud / B. de Sereville Study and Construction of Two High Performing Magnets for 1.7 GeV/c Spectrometer p.108

L.G. Ratner / R.J. Lari / J.A. Bywater / E.C. Berrill The Resonant Extraction Magnet at the Zero Gradient Synchroton p.114

R. Juhala / A.W. Maschke / S. Mori / R. Yamada Correction Magnet System of NAL Main Accelerator p.119

H.J. Besch / U. Trinks A Large Solid Angle Superconducting Ironless Magnet for the DESY Storage Rings p.126

II. Beam Handling Magnets

E. Frick / B. Kuiper / A. Messina / H. Riege The Kicker Magnet for the Fast Ejection System of the Serpukhov 70 GeV Proton Accelerator p.135

H. van Breugel / R. Cuenot / S. Herin / B. Kuiper The Septum Magnets for the Fast Ejection System of the Serpukhov 70 GeV Proton Synchroton p.144

H. Edwards / E.L. Hubbard / R. Juhala A Radiation Resistant Laminated Septum Magnet p.153

H. Hsieh / R. Britton / R. Gibbs A DC Superconducting Beam Splitting Magnet System p.157

A. Asner / D. Leroy A Low Stored Energy, High Precision Superconducting Quadrupole for High Energy Beams p.164

L.G. Ratner / R.J. Lari / J.A. Bywater / E.C. Berrill Design of a Low Fringe Field Septum Magnet for Use at the CERN-ISR p.167

Robert T. Avery / Philip F. Meads A 'Corner' Septum Magnet for Multi-Turn Injection p.174

A.R. Mortimer / A.T. Gresham An Ultra-Thin Septum Magnet p.178

S. Kowalski / H. Enge Beam Rotator p.182

Egon Hoyer Beam Extraction Focusing Coils for the Bevatron p.188

III. Superconducting Magnets

John R. Purcell DC Superconducting Magnets p.201

G. Bronca / P. Genevey / F. Kircher / J. Perot / J.P. Pouillange / G. Prost Pulsed Superconducting Magnets p.203

S.J. St Lorant Superconducting Shields for Magnetic Flux Exclusion and Field Shaping p.227

J.C. Vallier 15 Tesla Superconducting Magnet p.233

M. Iwamoto / T. Satow / M. Tanaka / O. Ogino / K. Akashi / K. Ishihara / K. Fushimi Horizontal Dipole Superconducting Magnet Using Multilayer Insulation p.237

J. File / G.V. Sheffield A Large Superconducting Magnet for Fusion Research p.240

W.C. Young / R.W. Boom Materials and Cost Analysis of Constant-Tension Magnet Windings for Tokamak Reactors p.244

Z.J.J. Stekly / R.J. Thome Electromagnetic Loading of Dewar Shells as a Result of Time Varying Magnetic Fields p.252

T. Bohn / P. Komarek Review on the Performance Limits of a Large Superconducting MHD-Magnet p.265

Arthur R. Harvey A Winding Technique for Superconducting Tape in Multi-Axis Magnets p.271

C.P. Parsch / E. Bartosch / F. Bohm / G. Horlitz / G. Knust / S. Wolff / A. Stephan / D. Hauck The 1.4 m / 2.2 T Superconducting Detector Magnet PLUTO for the Electron-Positron Storage Ring at DESY p.275

W. Eschricht / H.-J. Fiebig / G. Horlitz / U. Knopf / G. Knust / K.-D. Nowakowski / O. Peters / W. Stahlschmidt / S. Wolff A Superconducting Field Compensation Coil for the 1.4 m / 2.2 Tesla Superconducting Detector Magnet PLUTO at DESY p.287

F. Wittgenstein Preliminary Test Results of BEBC Superconducting Magnet p.295

B.E. Mulhall Windings for the Superconducting Machines p.301

The Karlsruhe IEKP Magnet Group compiled by W. Schauer The Karlsruhe Pulsed Superconducting Magnet Programme - Status Report p.306

A. Berruyer / R. Blondet / G. Bronca / P. Genevey / F. Kircher / J. Perot / J.P. Pouillange The Saclay Superconducting Pulsed Dipole 'MOBY' p.316

William S. Gilbert / Robert B. Meuser / Fred L. Toby Superconducting Pulsed Dipoles for Future Accelerators p.324

K. Jaeger / J. Purcell Operation and Accuracy of the 12-foot Bubble Chamber Magnet p.328

G. Danby / H. Foelsche / S. Hsieh / J. Jackson / A. Prodell Studies of Losses, Diamagnetic and Permanent Magnetic Effects in Superconducting Magnets p.334

M.A. Green Residual Fields in Superconducting Magnets p.339

IV. Conventional Magnets

Robert M. Main / Roland Yourd Edge Cooled Tape Magnet Coils for High Current Density Applications p.349

B.E. Mulhall Bitter Magnets for 20 T p.360

K. Endo / M. Kihara Design of the Bending and Quadrupole Magnets for the Main Ring of the Japanese 12 GeV Proton Accelerator p.363

H. Sasaki / K. Takikawa / M. Kumada Design of the Booster Synchroton Magnet for the Japanese 12 GeV Proton Synchroton p.372

J.A. Bywater / R.C. Niemann / V.J. Sevcik / R.B. Wehrle Repair of ZGS Ring Magnet Coil Damaged Conductor Sections p.381

T.H. Benham / J.A. Biggs / J.A. Hoffman / F.W. Markley / A. McKamey Reinsulation of the Replaced Sections of the Damaged Zero Gradient Synchroton Ring Magnet Coil p.391

R. Juhala Air-Core Magnets for Trimming the NAL Booster Synchroton Orbit p.402

F. Ascolese / R. Billinge / H. Edwards / W. Hanson / R. Juhala / A. Maschke / J. Michelassi / P. Reardon / S. Snowdon Design of NAL External Beam Line Quadrupoles p.407

W. Hanson / H. Hinterberger / P. Reardon NAL Main Ring Integrally Impregnated Magnets p.415

R. Yamada / C. Schmidt / R. Juhala / R. Lari Design and Magnetic Measurement of the NAL Main Accelerator Bending Magnets p.423

J. Billan / R. Perin / V. Sergo The Split Field Magnet of the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings p.433

P.A. Hudson Magnet Technology at the Mullard Cryomagnetic Laboratory of the Clarenden Laboratory, Oxford p.444

D.H. Parkinson / A. G. Harris / J.W. Stearn The High Magnetic Field Laboratory, RRE Malvern p.450

A. Harvey Radiation-Hardened Magnets Using Mineral-Insulated Conductors p.456

W.V. Hassenzahl An Algorithm for Eliminating the Duodecapole Component in Quadrupole Magnets p.469

W. Dunwoody / J. Spencer / N. Tanaka / R. Rolfe / R. Stearns / M. Thomason Magnetic Measurements on the LASL Prototype Magnet p.475

V. Materials

W.B. Sampson New Superconducting Materials for Magnet Applications p.487

D.B. Thomas / N.M. Wilson Filamentary Superconductors for Pulsed Magnets p.493

F.R. Fickett Properties of Nonsuperconducting Technical Solids at Low Temperatures p.498

Willard D. Coles Twisted, Multifilament Nb3Sn Superconductive Ribbon p.517

C.D. Henning / R.L. Nelson / H.L Leichter / C.O. Ward Experiments with Aluminum Bonded Nb3Sn p.521

Teruo Noguchi Magnetic Instability and Transiently Stabilized Maximum Current of V3Ga Tape Coils p.529

R. Lohberg / T.W. Eagar / I.M. Puffer / R.M. Rose Preliminary Measurements of the Critical Current Density of Nb3A10.8Ge0.2 Ribbon p.537

F.R. Fickett Magnetoresistivity of Copper and Aluminum at Cryogenic Temperatures p.539

L. Boyer / G. Fournet / A. Mailfert Stability Criteria for Thin Superconductors Subjected to External Perturbations p.542

M. Suenaga / W.B. Sampson A Comparative Study of Superconducting Composite Conductors with Filaments of A-15 Compounds p.548

VI. Field Computations

C.W. Trowbridge Progress in Magnet Design by Computer p.555

F. Moscati / G. Sacerdoti A New Material Technique to Compute the Magnetic Potential Produced by Permanent Magnets in Plane or Cylindrical Symmetry p.566

Robert T. Avery / L. Jackson Laslett Assessing and Controlling Eddy-Currents in Conductors of Fast-Pulsed Coils p.571

H.A. Enge / S.B. Kowalski / C.A. Wiedner / M. Goldschmidt / H.J. Scheerer Problems Associated with Attaining High Field Uniformity and Reproducibility in Magnetic Spectographs p.578

T.K. Khoe / R.J. Lari 'FORGY', a Companion Computer Program of 'TRIM' to Calculate FORces and EnerGY in Electromagnets p.585

D. Abeshouse / H. Hahn Perturbation Method for cos theta Magnet with Nonlinear Iron Shield p.594

Richard A. Beth Induced emf's in Two-Dimensional Fields p.600

H.F. Vogel / R.J. Lari Computation of Magnetic End Fields, and Comparison with Measurement p.604

Y. Iwasa / R.J. Weggel Circular-Aperture Dipole and Quadrupole Magnets: Shape, Field, Energy Storage, Body-Forces and Iron Shield p.607

M.J. Newman / C.W. Trowbridge / L.R. Turner GFUN: An Interactive Program as an Aid to Magnet Design p.617

S.C. Snowdon Transfer Function for NAL Main Ring Dipole and Quadrupole Magnets p.627

R.S. Christian / H.F. Vogel 3D Magnetic Field Computations and Comparison with Measurement p.636

J.E. Allinger / G.T. Danby / J.W. Jackson / S.T. Lin Magnetic Circuit Considerations for High Field Magnets p.637

G. Parzen / K. Jellett Coil Configuration in Superconducting Dipoles and Quadrupoles p.642

VII. Magnet Cooling and Energizing Systems

Peter C. Vander Arend Magnet Cooling Systems p.653

R.A. Winje / P.J. Reardon / E.R. Schoop / W.A. Manahan Power Supplies for Magnets p.664

Michael G.J. Fry Precision Direct-Current Transformers with Active Elements - A Progress Report p.674

J.W. Dean Refrigeration Systems for DC and Pulsed Superconducting Magnets in High Energy Physics p.682

G. Horlitz / S. Wolff / C.P. Parsch Helium Gas Cooled Current Leads in a Refrigerator Cooled Superconductive Magnet System p.689

Walter F. Praeg Transient Protection System for the Ring Magnets of the Zero Gradient Synchrotron p.698

R.B. Britton / F.J. Abbatiello / K.E. Robins Flux Pumps and AC Superconducting Components p.703

Masayoshi Masuda The Preliminary Test of the Static Power Supply for Japanese Proton Synchroton p.709

J.D. Pahud The Reactive Power Compensation of the CERN PS-Booster Power Supply p.718

Kenneth M. Thompson An Interactive Code for Optimization of the Design of Water-Cooled Conductors p.725

VIII. Field Measurement and Instrumentation

Robert M. Main Alignment of Drift Tube Quadrupole Lenses Using a Pulsed Wire p.735

J.H. Coupland / D.E. Baynham Measurements on Pulsed Superconducting Dipole Magnets p.737

K.-D. Lohmann Economical and Accurate Methods for Measuring the Multipole Field Coefficients of Bending Magnets and Quadrupoles p.745

W.B. Sampson / P.F. Dahl / A.D. McInturff / G.H. Morgan Magnetic Measurements of Superconducting Synchroton Magnets p.752

J. Allinger / G. Danby / B. DeVito / H. Foelsche / R. Gibbs / S. Hsieh / J. Jackson / A. Prodell / A. Raag Performance and Magnetic Measurements of a Full-Scale Cross-Section Model of a Superconducting 8-degree Bending Magnet System p.758

John W. Dawson A Method for Detecting Corona Within Ring Magnet Coils of the Zero Gradient Synchroton p.765

E.G. Auld / D.L. Livesey / A.J. Otter / N. Rehlinger The Magnetic Field Survey System for the TRIUMF Cyclotron Magnet p.767

J.P. Gourber A Portable Device to Measure Low Magnetic Permeability in Situ p.773

J. Billan / J.P. Grillet / K.N. Henrichsen / F. Schaff Precise Semi-Automatic Field Mapping in the Split Field Magnet of the ISR p.779

G.H. Morgan Stationary Coil for Measuring the Harmonics in Pulsed Transport Magnets p.787

Charles G. Dols A Computer-Controlled, 3D, Magnetic Field Mapping System p.791

B. Turck Design and Construction of Magnetic Measurements in a High Performance Spectrometer Magnet p.801

Participants p.809

Author Index p.815