Proceedings of The 1972 Proton Linear Accelerator Conference

10-13 October, 1972, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Session A - Chairman, M. Stanley Livingston, LASL

M. Stanley Livingston Opening Remarks p.1

Louis Rosen Relevance of Linacs p.2

D. E. Nagle Status and Performance of LAMPF p.4

Session B - Chairman, Robert L. Gluckstern, University of Massachusetts, LASL

Kenneth Batchelor Operation of the BNL 200-MeV Linac p.12

C. D. Curtis / E. R. Gray / P. V. Livdahl / C. W. Owen / M. F. Shea / D. E. Young Operating Experience with the NAL 200-MeV Linac p.17

Dieter Bohne Status on the UNILAC Project p.25

David J. Warner Accelerator Research and Development with the CERN 3-MeV Linac p.33

K. Batchelor / R. Chasman / N. Fewell Calculations and Measurements on Reduction of the Energy Spread and the Variation in Mean Energy of the 200-MeV Linac Beam at Brookhaven p.41

K. Batchelor / R. Chasman / N. Fewell / R. Witkover The Dependence of Transverse Emittance growth on the Quadrupole Focussing Strength in the Brookhaven 200-MeV Linac p.47

Session C - Chairman, P. R. Tunnicliffe, AECL

Kenneth Crandall Transverse Beam Matching Using Wire Scanners p.51

N. Fewell / R. Witkover Beam Diagnostics in the BNL 200-MeV Linac p.54

E. F. Parker Recent Measurement of the AGS Injector Beam Characteristics p.63

F. B. Selph / D. A. Spence / R. R. Stevenson Results of Beam Measurements at the Superhilac p.67

R. R. Stevens / B. Goplen / J. Stovall Beam Transport Studies on the Proton Beam Line in the Injector Complex of LAMPF p.73

Donald W. Mueller RMS Emittance and the LASL LAMPF Injector p.80

Session D - Chairman, H. Alan Schwettman, Stanford

P. B. Wilson Current Status of Superconducting Accelerator Technology p.82

Bernd Matthias Magnetization Curves of Superconductors - Type I, Type II, and Type III p.90

Session E - Chairman, G. W. Wheeler, USAEC

A. Brandelik / A. Citron / P. Flecher / J. L. Fricke / R. Heitschold / G. Hochschild / G. Hornung / H. Klein / G. Krafft / W. Kuhn / M. Kuntze / B. Piosczyk / E. Sauter / A. Schempp / D. Schulze / L. Szecsi / J. E. Vetter / K. W. Zieher First Operation of A Superconducting Proton Accelerator p.93

C. Lyneis / M. McAshan / Nguyen Tuong Viet Recent Measurements of S-Band and L-Band Cavities at Stanford p.98

T. Niewodniczanski / E. Malwitz mechanical Design Features of the UNILAC p.103

V. G. Andreev / V. M. Belugin / V. G. Kulman / E. A. Mirochnik / V. M. Pirozhenko Study of High Energy Proton Linac Structures p.114

B. I. Bondarev / V. V. Kushin / B. P. Murin / L. Yu. Solovyev / A. P. Fedotov Focusing by Longitudinal Magnetic Field in a High-Energy Proton Linear Accelerator p.119

Session F - Chairman, Bruce Cork, ANL

Kenneth Crandall / R. A. Jameson / D. Morris / D. Swenson The Delta T Turn-On Procedure p.122

L. R. Suelzle / E. E. Chambers Beam Performance of the Superconducting Injector for the Stanford Superconducting Linear Electron Accelerator p.126

K. Mittag / H. A. Schwettman / H. D. Schwarz Beam Breakup Measurements in a Superconducting Electron Accelerator p.131

S. O. Schriber / E. A. Heighway / L. W. Funk Beam Tests with S-Band Standing Wave Accelerators Using on-Axis Couplers p.140

J. E. Vetter / B. Piosczyk / J. L. Fricke A Summary of Measurements on Superconducting Helically Loaded Resonators p.145

J. L. Fricke / B. Piosczyk / J. E. Vetter Measurements on the First Section of the Superconducting Proton Linac at Karlsruhe p.151

Session G - Chairman, Donald Young, NAL

D. Schulze / A. Brandelik / R. Heitschold / G. Hochschile / A. Hornung / F. Spielbock / J. Szecsi RF Control of Superconducting Helically Loaded Cavities p.156

C. M. Jones / J. L. Fricke / B. Piosczyk / J. E. Vetter A Slow Tuner for Superconducting Helically Loaded Resonant Cavitites p.163

R. Benaroya / A. H. Jaffey / K. Johnson / T. Khoe / J. J. Livingood / J. M. Nixon / G. W. Parker / W. J. Ramler / J. Aron / K.E. Gray / W. A. Wesolowski Progress in the Development of Superconducting Resonators for Heavy Ion Acceleration p.168

W. K. H. Panofsky The Stanford Recirculating Linear Accelerator p.175

Session H - Chairman, A. Citron, Inst. fur Experimentelle Kernphysik, Karlsruhe

C. Robert Emigh Statistical Beam Transport for High Intensity Ion Currents p.182

S. Ohnuma / Th. Sluyters Limitations of Acceleration of Deuterons in Alvarez Type Proton Linacs p.191

James E. Leiss Modern Electron Linacs and New User Needs p.197

J. Tanaka / M. Kobayashi / H. Baba / S. Inagaki / S. Okumura Pulsed Drift Tube Quadrupole Magnets of High Precision p.205

Session I - Chairman, John P. Blewett, BNL

E. W. Colston / V. E. Hart Alignment Philosophy, Design and Techniques Used at LAMPF p.209

B. G. Chidley / S. B. Hodge / J. C. Brown / J. H. Ormrod / J. Ungrin The Chalk River High Current Test Facility p.218

J. S. Fraser / S. H. Kidner / J. McKeown / G. E. McMichael The Chalk River Electron Accelerator p.226

J. McKeown / H. R. Schneider / S. O. Schriber High Power Operation of Two Side-Coupled Standing Wave Linac Structures p.233

G. R. Swain / R. Jameson / R. Kandarian / D. J. Liska / E. R. Martin / James M. Potter Cavity Tuning for the LAMPF 805-MHz Linac p.242

James M. Potter / E. A. Knapp Bridge Coupler Desing and Tuning Experience at Los Alamos p.250

Session J - Chairman, Tetsuji Nishikawa, Tsukuba, Japan

T. A. Tombrello / K. S. Jancaitis / P. J. Bendt / B. H. Erkkila / R. H. Stokes Measurements and Calculations of Field Distributions in Short Helical Resonators p.256

H. Klein / P. Junior / A. Schempp / P. Finke / H. Herminghaus / J. Klabunde / L. Lehr Recent Work on the Helix Structure and properties of Tandem Helix Combinations for the Acceleration of Heavy Ions p.265

I. M. Kapchynsky / V. A. Batalin / N. V. Lasarev / V. I. Bobylev / E. N. Daniltsev / L. V. Kartsev / A. M. Kosodaev / A. A. Kolomiets / V. V. Koloskov / B. K. Kondratiev / R. P. Khoujbida / V. I. Edemski The Experience of Big Pulsed Current Acceleration in the Linac I-2 p.275

M. A. Allen / P. B. Wilson Linac-Type RF Structures for High Energy Storage Rings p.279

Session K - Chairman, J. M. Dickson, Rutherford Laboratory

Th. Sluyters Ion Sources for Proton Linacs p.283

Andrew M. Sessler Collective Phenomena in Accelerators p.291

Part II - Papers Contributed for Publication Only, in Alphabetical Order

P. Allison / E. Meyer / D. Mueller / R. R. Stevens Status of the LAMPF H- Injector p.303

M. A. Avramenko / G. I. Batskikh / V. P. Golubev / G. I. Klenov / E. G. Komar / V. L. Komarov / V. S. Kuznetsov / G. A. Nalivaiko / G. L. Saksaganski / A. I. Solnyshkov / G. I. Trubnikov / R. P. Fidelskaya / S. G. Tsepakin Meson Factory Injector Complex p.310

V. I. Bobylev Operation of the Linac-Injector Modulator into a Mismatched Load p.314

E. D. Bush / R. L. Rhorer Comstruction of Alumina Insulated Bending Magnets for LAMPF p.318

P. A. Chamouard / J. M. Lefebvre / M. Olivier / M. Prome Deuterons Acceleration with the Saturne Linac p.326

P. A. Chamouard / M. Olivier Saturne Linac Three Years Operation Report p.330

B. G. Chidley Beam Transport Design Using a Thin Lens Approximation p.338

R. A. DeHaven Computer Control of LAMPF's 201.25 MHz RF p.343

L. R. Evans / D. J. Warner Real-Time Measurements of Proton Bunch Form p.349

V. P. Golubev / G. A. Nalivaiko / S. G. Tsepakin The Source of Negative Ions p.356

V. E. Hart / E. W. Colston Installation and Alignment of LAMPF 201-MHz and 805-MHz Linac Tanks p.358

M. Kobayashi / A. Takagi / S. Fukumoto / Th. Sluyters Preliminary Test of a Nozzle Type Plasma Expansion Cup p.365

K. M. Mirk Super-Hilac Vacuum Systems p.371

D. Mueller / E. Meyer / R. R. Stevens / B. Goplen / M. Paciotti / C. R. Emigh Operation and performance of the High-Intensity proton Injector at LAMPF p.378

B. P. Murin / A. P. Fedotov / V. G. Kulman / G. I. Batskikh / B. I. Polyakov High-Current Ion Linear Accelerator for Medium-Energy Physics (Meson Factory) p.387

J. R. Parker / J. H. Richardson / J. D. Easley A New Beam-Spill Control System for LAMPF p.396

E. Regenstreif basic properties of the Symmetric Insertion p.400

E. J. Schneider Ripple Current and Flux in Mineral Insulated Magnets p.403

S. O. Schriber Exact Equilibrium Current Solutions for a Set of LC Coupled Loop Circiuts with Second Neighbour Coupling p.407

A. I. Solnyshkov / E. I. Gerasimov / G. V. Tarvid On Measurement of Ion Beam Phase Volume p.411

J. E. Spencer / H. A. Thiessen Some High Resolution Techniques for Use with Negative Ion Beams p.415

J. Stovall An Automated Admittance Measurement at LAMPF p.422

P. J. Tallerico The LAMPF Klystron Repair Facility p.427

H. F. Vogel / J. J. Rosenthal Cement Potted Coils for Muon Channel Magnets p.430

List of Conference Participants p.433

Author Index / Editor's Note p.435