XXth International Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics


Saturday, 25.5.02

The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory A.Hallin
Start of Kamland J. Shirai
Super-Kamiokande's Solar Neutrino Results M.Smy
Progress in GNO T.Kirsten
Measurement of the Solar Neutrino Capture Rate by the Russian-American Gallium Solar Neutrino Experiment During One Half of the 22-year Cycle of Solar Activity V.Gavrin
Homestake K.Lande
Recent Developments in the Borexino Project G.Bellini
Future Projects and Summary of the Heidelberg Workshop S.Schönert
Fusion cross section measurements C.Rolfs
Solar Models: An Overview J.Bahcall
Solar Neutrinos: Interpretation of Results A.Smirnov

Sunday, 26.5.02

Superkamiokande M.Shiozawa
Other atmospheric neutrino experiments M.Goodman
Atmospheric neutrino fluxes T.Gaisser
Future projects T.Tabarelli de Fatis
K2K Results K.Nishikawa
Nomad and Chorus G.Fiorillo
LSND and Karmen G.Drexlin
MiniBoone R.Tayloe
Results from NuTeV D.Naples
Neutrino oscillations - global analyses E.Lisi

Monday, 27.5.02

Minos D.Michael
CNGS S.Katsanevas
The Physics Potential of Future Long Baseline Experiments M.Lindner
Future Experiments with Super Neutrino Beams T.Nakaya
Neutrino Factory Designs and R&D S.Geer
Detectors and Experiments at Future Neutrino Facilities F.Dydak
Neutrino Oscillations Beyond Two Flavours E.Akhmedov
Standard and Non-Standard Neutrino Properties J.Valle
Neutrino mass models S.King

Tuesday, 28.5.02

Public Lecture (German): "Neutrinos - Neues von den Geisterteilchen" G. Raffelt

Wednesday, 29.5.02

Direct Neutrino Mass Experiments: Present and Future Ch.Weinheimer
Neutrinoless double beta decay: review and future O.Cremonesi
Another Look at Neutrino Properties J.Vuilleumier
Supernovae and neutrinos J.Beacom
Neutrino Physics from Cosmological Observations S.Hannestad
Baryon asymmetry T.Yanagida
Experimental Searches for Axions and Axion-Like Particles: Un Update J.Collar
Theory: Candidates, indirect methods L.Bergström
WIMP Direct Detection Overview Y.Ramachers
Recent Results from EDELWEISS G.Gerbier

Thursday, 30.5.02

Sources of UHE-neutrinos E.Waxman
Recent results and status of the Baikal experiment G.Domogatsky
Results from the AMANDA Neutrino Telescope at the South Pole D.Cowen
Neutrino Telescopes in the Mediterranean J.Carr
Icecube - Status of the Next Generation Neutrino Telescope at the South Pole A.Karle
Air Shower Arrays as Neutrino Detectors A.Letessier-Selvon
Alternative techniques J.Learned
Where do we stand, where are we going? - Experiments M.Spiro
Where do we stand, where are we going? - Theory B.Kayser