Proceedings of The 1963 Summer Study on Storage Rings, Accelerators and Experimentation at Super-High Energies

10 June - 19 July, 1963, Upton, NY

John W. Bittner Editor's Preface

J.P. Blewett / L.C.L. Yuan Introduction p.vii

M. Goldhaber Opening Remarks p.1

I. Cosmic Rays:

R. Levi Setti Recent Cosmic Ray Results at Ultra-High Energies p.2

L.W. Jones Can Cosmic Rays Replace Accelerators? p.29

II. Experiments at Super-High Energies:

R.H. Dalitz On the Experimental Programs for a Super-High-Energy (1000-Bev) Accelerator, and for a High-Intensity (30-Bev) Accelerator p.39

S.C. Frautschi Scattering at Very High Energies p.49

S.C. Frautschi Some Aspects of Strong-Interaction Theory that can be Studied at High Energies p.81

W.J. Willis Elastic Scattering of pi+- -p, K+- -p, anti-p -p, and p -p with a 600 to 1000-Bev Accelerator p.83

N.P. Samios Weak-Interaction Experiments with 1000-Bev Accelerator p.88

W.D. Walker High-Energy Physics with a Large Heavy-Liquid Bubble Chamber p.107

I.A. Pless The Use of a Large, Heavy-Liquid Chamber at High-Energy Accelerators p.113

III. Storage Rings:

A. Schoch CERN Studies on Proton Storage Rings p.128

B.F. Touschek The Italian Storage Rings p.171

G.K. O'Neill Storage-Ring Work at Stanford p.209

J.G. Cottingham Beam Survival in the Cosmotron p.228

J.W. Bittner Initial Tests of Proton Storage in the AGS p.230

IV. Experiments with Storage Rings:

E.H.S. Burhop Some Thoughts on Storage Rings p.236

K.M. Terwilliger p -p Elastic Scattering with Colliding Beams p.238

L.W. Jones Physics to be Done with Colliding Beams p.253

E.H.S. Burhop Problems of Experimentation with Colliding Proton Beams p.277

B. Thevenet Possible Use of Colliding Beams to Study the Intermediate Boson p.308

L.W. Jones Miscellaneous Comments on Colliding Beams p.312

E.C. Fowler A Possible New Detection Technique p.318

V. Space-Charge Limits and Instabilities:

L.J. Laslett On Intensity Limitations Imposed by Transverse Space-Charge Effects in Circular Particle Accelerators p.324

F.E. Mills Coherent Vertical Instabilities in the MURA 50-Mev Electron Accelerator p.368

G.K. O'Neill Some Experimental Results from Stanford p.375

VI. Accelerators for High Intensity:

L.M. Lederman An Alternative Activity to Storage Rings - High intensity AGS p.379

M. Schwartz A Possible High-Intensity, High-Energy Accelerator p.385

VII. Radioactivity:

J.B. Cumming Studies of Radioactivity at High Energies p.392

VIII. New Ideas:

E.D. Courant Accelerators with Nonlinear Focusing - the Orlov Proposal p.399

A.I. Yavin Experiments with Neutron-Gas Targets p.406

J.P. Blewett A Method for Injection into Betatron Phase Space p.414

IX. Superconductors and their Applications:

P.G. Kruger Report on Superconducting Materials and Possible Applications p.417

W.B. Sampson Recent Progress in the Brookhaven Coil Construction Program p.448

G. del Castillo Magnetic-Field Shaping by Superconducting Surfaces p.449