Proceedings of the Second ICFA Workshop on Possibilities and Limitations of Accelerators and Detectors, 4-10 October 1979

Les Diablerets, Switzerland

U. Amaldi Foreward p.iii

J.B. Adams Introductory remarks to the Open Meeting of the Second Workshop of ICFA p.xi

Group I:

E. Keil / A.N. Skrinsky / U. Amaldi / V. Balakin / A. Hutton / C. Pellegrini / B. Riahter / G. Saxon / K. Steffen / R. Stiening / M. Tigner Report of Group I: e+e-co11iders p.3

U. Amaldi / C. Pellegrini Energy recovery in superconducting colliding 1inacs without particle recovery p.21

V.E. Balakini / A.N. Skrinsky A superhigh energy colliding, electron-positron beam facility p.31

E. Keil Scaling of e+e-storage ring parameters to energies beyond LEP p.44

C. Pellegrini / M. Tigner Some remarks on plasma instabilities in electron and positron colliding beams p.58

E.A. Perevedentsev / A.N. Skrinsky On the possible use of intense beams of the big proton accelerators for excitation of a linear accelerator structure p.61

G. Saxon Single bunch beam loading in linacs p.73

K. Steffen An improved example of a superconducting electron 1inac scheme, utilizing ideas discussed in the Second ICFA Workshop p.80

Group II:

L.C. Teng / E.D. Courant / V.P. Dzhelepov / L. Ho / N.M. King / C. Pellegrini / I.A. Shukeilo / A.V. Tollestrup / V.A. Yarba Report of Group II: p accelerators and pp co1liders p.93

D.B. Cline Some comments on superhigh energy antiproton-proton co11iders p.107

E.D. Courant / C. Pellegrini Coherent instabilities in the 20 TeV ring p.114

E.D.Courant and L.C. Teng Limitations on p-p luminosity with direct injection and stacking of antiprotons p.119

N. Marshall King Some lattice criteria for proton accelerators and pP co11iders p.125

M.A. Maslov / N. V. Mokhov Radiation heating in superconducting magnets and proton beam loss limitations p.135

N.Ao Monoszon /I.A. Shukeilo / V.A. Yarba Multi-TeV proton synchrotron aperture requirements p.152

A. V. Tollestrup Persistent current fields in the FNAL superconducting magnets p.156

A.V. Tollestrup A proposal for improving the quality of the FNA1 superconducting magnets p.160

Group III:

B. de Raad / N. Doble / Yu.S. Fedotov / JoC. Sahnuriger / P. Sievers Report of Group III: Extraction and external beams p.167

V.N. Lebedev / N.V. Mokhov / K.P. Myznikov / YU.S. Pedotov Problems connected with particle extraction from accelerators of super-high energies p.179

J.C. Sahnuriger Preliminary design of the dumping kicker system for the 3000 mj beam of a 20 TeV accelerator p.188

Group IV:

G. Weber / S. Conetti / Fang-Shou-Hsien / K. Hubner / P.G. Innocenti / Y. Kimura / I.A. Savin / R. Turlay / W.A. Wenzel / E.J.N. Wilson / Y. Yamaguchi Report of Group IV: Interaction regions and detectors for electron proton experiments at 140 GeV + 20 TeV p.199

D. Boussard / J. Gareyte / E.J.N. Wilson Limits on proton bunch length and population p.222

Y. Kimura / F. Takasaki / Y. Shimizu / Y. Yamaguchi Physics with the very high energy e-p co11ider p.227

K. Steffen / E. Dasskowski Low beta ep interaction geometry with interlaced focusing for electrons and protons p.237

W.A. Wenzel Beam pipe spectrometer for ep final states p.242

Group V:

B. Barish / M. Banner / M. Breidenbach / J. Ellis / G. Flugge / D. Olive / S. Orito / D. Ritson / G. Wolf Report of Group V: e+e-and pp experiments p.249

J. Ellis e+e-physics beyond LEP p.261

Group VI:

G. Barbiellini / H. Anderson / V. Kaftanov / D. Kiss / R. Leiste / C.H. Llewellyn Smith / S. Mori / H. Montgomery / P. Musset / A. De Rujula / N. Samios / V. Savrin / W. Venus Report of Group VI: Deep inelastic experiments p.289

H.L. Anderson Muon spectrometer for E = 15 TeV p.299

G. Barbielini Deep inelastic muon scattering with detection of the hadron shower energy p.310

D.Yu. Bardin / I.A. Savin / N.M. Shwneiko Radiative corrections to the deep inelastic IN scattering in the TeV region, p.312

V.K. Chernyatin / B.A. Dolgoshein / I.A. Golutvin / V.S. Kaftanov / A.N. Kalinovskii / V.D. Khovansky / V.P. Sarantsev / V.G. Shevchenko / V.V. Sosnovtsev / V.A. Sviridovand / A.V. Vishnevskii A pressurized gas detector for high-energy neutrinos p.320

V. Kaftanov On tagging neutrinos in a high-band beam p.328

H. E. Montgomery A detector for charged current events in muon scattering p.330

S. Mori Neutrino beams in the energy range of 20 TeV p.333

P. Musset Neutrino experiments with bubble chambers and high-resolution vertex detectors p.342

Group VII:

Yu.D. Prokoshkin / A.N. Diddens / R. Diebold / J.-M. Gaillard / Yu.V. Galaktionov / S.S. Gerstein / J. Pilcher / R. Sosnowski Report of Group VII: Hadron and photon experiments at fixed-target accelerators p.347

T. Ekelof Coulomb interference measurements at a very high energy fixed target accelerator p.370

Group VIII:

D.R. Nygren / M. Breidenbach / G. Charpak / B. Dolgoshein / T. EkeWf / I. Golotvin / K. Lanius / Yu. Prokoshkin / F. Sauli / Y. Watase / W.J. Willis / P. Zanella Report of Group VIII: Possibilities and limitations of detectors and data handling p.377

T. Ekelof Possibilities and limitations of the Cerenkov ring-imaging technique at very high energies p.396

Yu.D. Prokoshkin Hodoscope calorimeters as basic coordinate-energy detectors of particles in the experiments in the 10 TeV range p.405

The Workshop Illustrated p.419

List of Participants p.441