Proceedings of the 1979 International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies, August 23-29, 1979

Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois

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E. Lohrmann Summary of the Session p.1

H. Newman et al. The first year of MARK-J at PETRA p.3

Ch. Berger Results from the PLUTO Experiment on e+e- Reactions at High Energies p.19

TASSO Collaboration, Presented by G. Wolf TASSO Results on e+e- Annihilation Between 13 and 31.6 GeV and Evidence for Three Jet Events p.34

JADE Collaboration, presented by S. Orito First Results from JADE p.52

Discussion of the PETRA Papers p.70

B. D. McDaniel Report on CESR, The Cornell Electron Storage Ring p.72

R.F. Schwitters Electron-Positron Annihilation Between 3 GeV and 9 GeV, Session Orginizer: R. F. Schwitters, Harvard University, Summary of the Session p.77

SLAC-LBL Collaboration, Presented by V. Luth Results from the Mark II Detector at SPEAR p.78

Crystal Ball Collaboration, Presented by E. D. Bloom Results from the Crystal Ball Dtector at SPEAR p.92

J. Kirby Reveiw of e+e- Reactions in the Energy Range 3 to 9 GeV p.107

H. E. Stier Muon Scattering and Dimuon Production, Session Organizer: E. Gabathuler, CERN, The EMC Muon Scattering Experiment at CERN p.123

M. Strovink et al. Muon Scattering Into 1-5 Muon Final States p.135

A. C. Benvenuti et al. Deep Inelastic Muon Scattering on Carbon at Large Q^2 p.149

CEN Saclay-CERN-College de France-E. P. Palaiseau-LAL Orsay Collaboration Presented by W. Kienzle Results of the CERN NA3 Experiment on Muon Pair Production in Hadron Collisions p.161

James E. Pilcher A Reveiw of Continum Lepton Pair Production by Hadrons p.185

B. Gittelman Heavy Queark Resonances, Session Organizer: B. Gittelman, Cornell University, Summary of the Session p.195

H. Harari Theoretical Interpretation of e+e- Results p.198

H. Meyer Measurements of the Properties of the Y Family from e+e- Annihilation p.214

L. Camilleri Production of Heavy Quark Bound States in Hadron-Hadron Collisions p.228

C. Quigg Bound States of Heavy Quarks and Antiquarks p.239

M. Derrick Weak Interactions, Session Organizer: M. Derrick, Argonne National Laboratory, Summary of the Session p.257

K. Winter Review of Experimental Measurements of Weak Neutral-Current Interactions p.258

C. Y. Prescott Further Measurements of Parity Non-Conservation in Inelastic Electron Scattering p.271

M. J. Murtagh Reveiw of Multilepton Production in Neutrino Nucleon Interactions p.277

P. Schreiner Particle Production by Neutrinos p.291

E. Keil Future Accelerators, Session Organizer: R. R. Wilson, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Present Status of the LEP Project and Some Comments on the Limitations of e+e- Storage Rings p.305

U. Amaldi Colliding Linacs p.314

F. R. Huson Fermilab Energy Doubler: pp at 2 TeV p.327

D. Theriot Nucleon Structure, Session Organizer: C. Baltay, Columbia University, Recent Experimental Measurements of the Neutrino Charged Current Cross Sections p.337

A. Para Recent Measurements of Nucleon Structure Functions from Neutrino Scattering p.343

N. Schmitz Recent Results on the Hadronic Final State in Charged Current Neutrino and Antineutrino Reactions p.359

W. S. C. Williams The Nucleon Structure Functions as Derived from Lepton-Nucleon Scattering p.384

M. K. Gaillard Theoretical Developments I, Session Organizer: J. D. Bjorken, SLAC and Fermilab, Weak Interactions and Gauge Theories p.397

J. Ellis Status of Perturbative QCD p.412

F. Wilczek Unification of Fundemental Forces p.437

A. Wattenberg Photoproduction and Low Energy Electron-Positron Annihilation, Session Organizer: A. Wattenberg, University of Illinois at Urbana, Summary of the Session p.447

A. M. Eisner Photoproduction: Total Cross Sections and Vector Mesons p.448

M. F. Gormley Recent Photoproduction Results from the Fermilab Broad Band Beam p.460

F. Richard Results from High Energy Photoproduction at CERN SPS p.469

V. Sidorov REcent Results of Experiments at VEPP-2M p.490

B. Delcourt et al. A Study of e+e- Annihilation into hadrons in the 1550-220 MeV Energy Range with the Magnetic Detector DM1 at DCL p.499

M. Spinetti Multihadron Production at ADONE p.506

S. Mandelstam Theoretical Developments II Session Organizer: H. Abarbanel, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Reveiw of REcent Results on QCD and Confinement p.513

A. M. Polyakov Models and Mechanisms in Gauge Theories p.520

Y. Lemoigne High Masses Triggered by J/+ p.524

M. Veltman Quarks and Leptons; What Next? p.529

A. Kernan Measurement of Charm Particle lifetimes and Evidence for Charm Production in Hadron Collisions, Session Organizer: W. Fry, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Observations of Charmed Baryon Production at CERN Intersecting Storage Rings p.535

H. Wachsmuth Recent Data on prompt Single Lepton Production in Hadron-Nucleus Collisions p.541

D. D. Reeder Observation of Short Lifetime Particles in Track Chambers p.553

J. D. Prentice The Neutrino Production and Weak Decay of Charmed Hadrons p.563

L. Voyvodic A Reveiw of Recent Measurements of Charmed Particle Lifetimes Using Emulsions p.569

L. M. Lederman Exercise in Nostalgia p.575

P. Mouzourakis Special Session on Prompt Photon Production and Other Current Topics Session Organizer: T. Ferbel, University of Rochester, Direct Photon Production at ISR Energies p.589

M. J. Tannenbaum Search for Direct Photon Production at Large pT in Proton-Proton Collisions at squareroot(s)=62.4 GeV p.594

B. Cox A Search for Direct Photon Production at Fermilab Energies and Comparison with Direct Photon Measurements at ISR Energies p.602

M. T. Ronan Direct Photons from +(3100) Decay p.610

T. Jensen et al. Pion and Kaon Dissociation in the Nuclear Coulomb Field p.617

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