CosPA 2009 * Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics * 18-20 November 2009, University of Melbourne, Australia *

Archived talks

Sean Carrol - What is Inflation Good For?

Bruce Dawson - Recent Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory

Victor Flambaum - Variation of Fundamental Constants

Je-An Gu - An Approach to Testing Dark Energy by Observations

Thomas Jacques - Robust Constraints on Dark Matter Annihilation

Naoko Kanaya - Searches for Dark Matter Candidates at the LHC

Jin Young Kim - Stabilizing Moduli with Flux in Brane Gas Cosmology

Sang Pyo Kim - Quantum Field Theory for Gravity and Dark Energy

Archil Kobakhidze - Invalid IR Limit of the Horava Gravity

Patrick Koch - The AMiBA Project

Bo-Qiang Ma - Lorentz Invariance Violation: Theory and Phenomenology

Ishwaree Neupane - Dark Energy/Cosmological Constant in Models with Warped Extra Dimensions

Changbom Park - Galaxy Clustering Topology

Kalliopi Petraki - Sterile Neutrinos as Dark Matter

Troy Porter - The First Year of the Fermi LAT Mission

Pat Scott - CMSSM Constraints from Fermi LAT Observations of the Dwarf Galaxy Segue 1

Gerard Stephenson - Dependence of ä(z) on Different Models of Dark Energy

Kunihito Uzawa - Dynamical Intersecting Branes

Kameshwar Wali - Kaluza-Klein Theory with Torsion

Bin Wang - Interaction between Dark Energy and Dark Matter

David Wiltshire - Dark Energy without Dark Energy

Jun’ichi Yokoyama - Cosmology with Stochastic Gravitational Waves