Proceedings of the Minority Physics Conference held at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

7-8 November 1974, Batavia, Illinois

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Foreword p.1

Goals of the Conference p.3

Resolutions of the Conference p.5

Participants p.7

Welcome p.9

F. T. Cole General Overview and Perspective p.11

James Davenport Fermilab Summer Program p.13

Discussion of the Fermilab Summer Program p.15

Presentation of Goal 3

Julius H. Taylor 1. Black Experience in Physics Education p.17

Vicente J. Llamas 2. To Identify Problems Which Contribute to the Relatively Small Number of Minority Students Pursuing Careers in Physics and Engineering p.21

Presentation of Goal 4

Vicente J. Llamas 1. Problems Related to the Retention of Undergraduates and Graduates in the Physics and Engineering Fields p.31

Carl Spight 2. Problems of Black Physics Students and Programs to Solve Them p.35

Closing Pages
Workshops / General Electric Program p.39

Survey of Physics Education in Minority Institutions p.41