Proceedings of The 1974 PEP Summer Study

5-30 Aug 1974, Berkeley, California


K. Strauch Introductory Remarks p.1

J. Rees The PEP Electron-Positron Ring p.7

B. Richter Event Rates to be Expected at PEP p.24

Total Hadronic Cross-Section

G. Abrams / G. Feldman / D. Hitlin / H. Lynch / D. Nygren / R. Schwitters / B. Shen Report of the Study group for the Measurement of the Total Cross Section for e+e- --> Hadrons p.31

H. Lynch / R. Schwitters non-magnetic Detector for Measuring sigma(T) and Charged Multiplicities in e+e- Annihilation p.35

G. Feldman / D. Hitlin Precise Measurement of the Total Cross Section p.48

D. Nygren The Time-Projection Chamber - A New 4pi Detector for Charged Particles p.58

B. Shen Contribution to the Two-Photon Annihilation Process in teh Measurement of sigma(T) at PEP p.79

Charged and Neutral Hadron Studies

G. Buschhorn / D. Coyne / J. Cronin / J. Klems / C. Morehouse / M. Strovink Detection of High-Momentum Hadrons p.86

G. Barbiellini / C. Buchanan / B. Cork / J. Dakin / H. Lynch / J. Marx / J. Perez-y-Jorba / P. Yamin Heavy Hadrons - Group Report p.111

A. Barbaro-Galtieri / J. Kadyk / T. Mast / J. Nelson / A. Odian / D. Yount Large-Solid-Angle Detector for Charged and Neutral Particles - Group Report p.118

J. Perez-y-Jorba The Detection of Low-Energy Charged Particles with Particle Identification up to 3.5 GeV/c p.141

P. Spillantini Study of a Multi-Hadron Facility for PEP Based on Toroidal Field Magnets p.151

G. Buschhorn / H. Meyer / A. Odian / D. Yount A Streamer Chamber Detector for PEP p.176

P. Yamin Comments on the Simultaneous Measurement of Charged and Neutral Components of Multihadron Events p.185

T. Mast / J. Nelson Some Design Considerations for a Large Solid Angle Charged Plus Neutrals Detector for e+e- Storage Rings p.189

E. Bloom / F. Bulos / G. Buschhorn / J. Dakin / E.B. Hughes / T. Mast / J. Nelson / A. Odian / C. Prescott / S. Yellin / D. Yount Report on Neutral Particle Detectors and QED - Group Report p.218

E. Bloom / F. Bulos / G. Buschhorn / D. Cheng / J. Dakin / E.B. Hughes / T. Mast / J. Nelson / A. Odian / C. Prescott / S. Yellin / D. Yount Properties of Some Photon Detectors p.272

A. Odian Liquid Argon Gamma Ray Detector - Variations of the Willis Chamber p.279

Weak Interactions

D. Buchholz / D. Cline / P. Limon / A. Litke / C. Prescott / L. Resvanis / L. Stevenson / K. Strauch / L. Sulak / P. Wanderer / W. Wenzel / S. Yellin Report of the Weak Interactions / EM Final States Group p.283

D. Cline / L. Resvanis Tests of mu-e Universality for Weak Neutral Currents at PEP p.303

V. Camerini / D. Cline / J. Learned / P. Wanderer / L. Resvanis A Compact Magnetic Detector for mu+ mu- Asymmetry Measurements and Longitudinal Polarization Utilization at PEP p.309

S. Yellin A Suggested Detector p.323

K. Strauch Study of the Reaction e+e- --> mu+mu- with an iron Solenoid Spectrometer p.327

W. Wenzel Solenoid Spectrometers for e+e- --> mu+mu- and Other Final States p.332

P. Limon / M.L. Stevenson / W. Wenzel Direct Measurement of Muon Polarization in e+e- --> mu+mu- p.349

D. Hitlin / J. Marx / P. Yamin Strange Particle Experiments at PEP p.356

J. Klems Parity Violating Momentum Correlations as a Means of Observing Weak Interactions in e+e- --> Hadrons p.374

Beam Polarization

D. Buchholz / G. Manning / F. Martin / C. Morehouse / C. Prescott / L. Resvanis / G. Shapiro / H. Steiner / R. Schwitters / K. Strauch / W. Taner / P. Wanderer / W. Wenzel Polarization Group Coordinators' Summary p.379

R. Schwitters Control of Direction of Beam Polarization p.383

R. Schwitters / B. Richter A Method for Producing Longitudinal Beam Polarization at PEP p.384

W. Wenzel Note on Longitudinal Beam Polarization p.388

W. Toner Resonance Method to Produce a Polarization Asymmetry in Electron-Positron Storage Rings p.396

U. Camerini / D. Cline / J. Learned / A. Mann / L. Resvanis / P. Wanderer Two Methods to Measure the e+- polarization at PEP p.402

C. Prescott A Pulsed Polarization Monitor for PEP p.423

W. Toner A First Look at a Polarimeter for EPIC or PEP p.429

D. Buchholz / G. Manning / C. Prescott An Alternate Way of Measuring Beam Polarization at an e+e- Colliding Beam Facility p.436

New Particles

D. Berley / R. Bulos / D. Cheng / B. Cork / P. Limon / A. Litke / U. Nauenberg / J. Rosen / B. Shen / L. Sulak / J. Trefil / F. Winkelmann New Particle Searches at PEP p.450

The 2gamma Annihilation Process

G. Barbiellini / G. Ringland / B. Shen / W. Toner / W. Vernon Colliding gamma Beams: Two-Photon Processes and Tagging p.525

Background Studies

H. Lynch / R. Schwitters / W. Toner Background Sources at PEP p.542

Experimental Areas

D. Berley / D. Coyne / J. Cronin / G. Feldman / D. Hitlin / P. Innocenti / J. Kadyk / G. Manning / F. Martin / U. Nauenberg / B. Richter / R. Schwitters / M. Stevenson / K. Strauch / M. Strovink / R. Taylor / P. Wanderer / W. Wenzel Report of the Experimental Areas Group p.576