51st IUVSTA Workshop: Workshop on Modern Problems and Capability of Vacuum Gas Dynamics

9-12 Jul 2007. Djuronaset, Varmdo, Sweden
CNUM: C07-07-09.13

Implications of Disruption Mitigation for the ITER Vacuum System, L.R. Baylor, et al
The need to model the ITER high vacuum systems in transitional flow regime An engineering perspective, Christian Day
A Kinetic Model for Fluid-Wall Interaction, Aldo Frezzotti and Livio Gibelli
A System Modelling Approach to Roots-Claw Pump Performance Prediction, M.A. Galtry and N. Turner
ITERVAC-A semi-empirical code for calculations in the transitional flow regime, V. Hauer
Monte Carlo Calculations of Pressure Profiles in Particle Accelerator Storage Rings, R. Kersevan
Requirements and progress in vacuum modeling on ITER, R.J.H. Pearce, et al
Modeling and calculations of rarefied gas flows: DSMC vs kinetic equation, Felix Sharipov
Rarefied gas flow into vacuum through a short tube, S. Varoutis, et al
Analytical Modeling of Turbomolecular Pumps and Roots Blowers, Gerhard Voss