Fermilab Technical Publications: Fermilab Technical Publications

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SDC-39 Bensinger, J. Electron Identification and Implications in SSC Detector Design
SDC-488 Crosetto, Dario Programmable Level 1 Trigger with Digital Filtering
SDC-89-0001 Gilchriese, G. SDC Solenoidal Detector Notes : First Day Presentations Dallas Solenoidal Detector Meeting June 26-2
SDC-89-0002 Hanson, G. SDC Solenoidal Detector Notes : Working Group Reports Dallas Solenoidal Detector Meeting June 26-29,
SDC-89-0003 Hinchliffe, I. Trigger Rates at SSC
SDC-89-0004 Bintinger, D. Depth of Calorimetry for SSC Experiments
SDC-89-0005 Bintinger, D. Summary of the Meeting on the Radiation Survivability of Scintillation Calorimetry
SDC-89-0006 Hauptman, J. Beyond Eta = 3
SDC-89-0008 Iwasaki, Hiroyuki A Study on Time Resolution for a Straw Chamber
SDC-89-0009 Yamamoto, Hiro Electron ID Related Topics in Higgs ---> ZZ, Z ---> e+ e-
SDC-89-0010 Barnett, R.Michael The Impact of Resolution, Cracks and Beam Holes on Detection of Processes with Missing Energy Septem
SDC-89-0011 Pan, M.Y. Hermeticity Study Using the CCFR Data
SDC-89-0012 Greiman, W. Meeting on SSC Detector Simulation
SDC-89-0013 Cahn, R. Note on Muon Momentum Resolution
SDC-89-0014 Strovink, M. Hermeticity in Three Cryogenic Calorimeter Geometries
SDC-89-0015 Wiss, Jim Muon Detector Momentum Resolution
SDC-89-0016 Errede, Steve SSC Muon Acceptance Studies
SDC-89-0017 Sakai, Yoshihide Muon (Trigger) Rates Calculations for the SSC Detector
SDC-89-0018 Sakai, Yoshihide Calorimeter First Level Trigger Rates at the SSC
SDC-89-0019 Hauptman, John Lateral Segmentation
SDC-89-0020 Hauptman, John Hadronic Shower Shapes in Depth from CCFR Data
SDC-89-0021 Huth, John Jet Energy Measurement CDF Experience
SDC-89-0022 Kadel, R.W. Positive Ion Distortions in Warm Liquid Calorimeters
SDC-89-0023 Ogawa, Kazuo Effect of e/h Ratio on Jet Energy Resolution
SDC-89-0024 Mori, Shigeki Conceptual Design Studies of Large Solenoids
SDC-89-0025 Kondo, T. An Air Core Solenoidal Detector (ACS) for High $P_t$ Physics at the SSC
SDC-89-0026 Ohsugi, Takashi Central Tracking Devices for the SSC
SDC-90-0027 Ohsugi, Takashi On-Chip Filtering of Low $P_{t}$ Track with Straw Tube Chamber
SDC-90-0028 Asai, Makoto Hit Rates of the Straw Chamber Tracker
SDC-90-0029 Barnett, R.Michael The Impact of Resolution, Cracks and Beam Holes on detection of Processes with Missing Energy: Higgs
SDC-90-0030 Hollebeek, R.J. Reconstruction of Top Quarks in an SSC Solenoidal Detector
SDC-90-0031 Hubbard, B. Efficiency for b Jet Tagging in t Anti-t Events
SDC-90-0032 Mangano, Michelangelo L. Production of Techniomega $\to \gamma Z \to \gamma \ell^+ \ell^-$
SDC-90-0033 Thun, R. Impact of Various Magnet Options on Higgs Physics
SDC-90-0034 Bensinger, J. Computation of Coil Parameters for RTK Baseline Muon Toroid
SDC-90-0035 Hinchliffe, I. Resolution Parameterizations for the EOI
SDC-90-0036 Hinchliffe, I. $Z\eta$ Production with SDC
SDC-90-0038 Barbaro-Galtieri, Angela Study of Top Pair Production in Electron - Muon Events with SDC
SDC-90-0039 Bensinger, J. Electron Identification and Implications in SSC Detector Design
SDC-90-0040 Hylen, J. Silicon Tracker Conceptual Design Report
SDC-90-0041 Green, Dan SDC at High Luminosity
SDC-90-0042 Bintinger, D. A Detector Design
SDC-90-0043 Oh, S.H. Study of Sense Wire Stability and Support in Straw Tube Detector Elements
SDC-90-0044 Oh, S.H. Progress Report on the Design of the Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber
SDC-90-0045 Pang, M. Fake Missing E(T) Trigger Rates Due to Nonhermeticity, Finite Energy Resolution, and Finite Depth (u
SDC-90-0046 Groom, Donald E. Radiation Levels in Detectors at the SSC
SDC-90-0047 Groom, Donald E. Ionizing Radiation Environment in SSC Detectors
SDC-90-0048 Pitzl, Daniel D. Mass Resolution Requirements for the Higgs Boson
SDC-90-0049 Kadel, Richard W. Muon Channel Count for EOI Type S Detector
SDC-90-0050 Kadel, Richard W. Tile Calorimeter Module Cost Estimate
SDC-90-0051 Gilchriese, M. Accumulated Luminosity Design Goal for the SDC Detector
SDC-90-0053 Rust, David R. Some Facts Concerning the Electrical Resistance of Straw Tube Chambers
SDC-90-0054 Neyman, C. Gas Studies of 4 mm Diameter Straw Drift Chambers
SDC-90-0055 Ogren, H. Wire Stability Tests on 4 mm Straw Chambers
SDC-90-0056 Foster, R. A Wire Support Design for Straw Drift Chambers
SDC-90-0057 Ogren, Harold Progress Report on 4 mm Straw Chambers
SDC-90-0058 Ogren, Harold Notes on Straw Heating and Gas Flow Requirements
SDC-90-0059 Hanson, Gail G. Integrated Tracking Configuration I: Silicon and Wire Chambers
SDC-90-0060 Neyman, C. Attenuation Studies of 3.5 m Straw Tubes
SDC-90-0061 Fields, T. Conceptual Design for a Superconducting Toroid
SDC-90-0062 A Superconducting Toroidal Magnet for the Argonne National Laboratory Superconducting Super Collider
SDC-90-0063 Pope, W.L. A Gas Cooled Signal Feedthru for SDC's LAC Conceptual Design
SDC-90-0064 Shuman, D. CAD / CAE System Evaluation
SDC-90-0065 Gilchriese, M. Two Scenarios for Reduction in Scope and Cost for the SDC Detector
SDC-90-0066 Matthews, John A.J. Effects on Nonuniform Magnetic Fields on SDC Central Tracking
SDC-90-0067 Matthews, John A.J. High $P_t$ Forward Rapidity Tracking Trigger using Silicon Planes
SDC-90-0068 Hoffmann, Ron SSC Memo Regarding Route Reconnaissance
SDC-90-0069 Horvath, I. Magnetic Transformers for the SDC
SDC-90-0070 Green, Dan Dijet Spectroscopy at High Luminosity
SDC-90-0071 Wenzel, W. Electronic Signal-to-Noise Ratio for LA, TMP, and TMS
SDC-90-0072 Miller, David Harry Survey of Computing Resources of the SDC Collaboration
SDC-90-0073 Proudfoot, James A First Simulation Study of the Barrel Endcap Transition Region in A Calorimeter of the Scintillator
SDC-90-0074 Odaka, Shigeru Momentum Resolution for Muons Using the Full Tracking System of SDC
SDC-90-0075 Green, Dan Muon Rate for Triggers
SDC-90-0076 Weinstein, A. A Collection of Formulas Useful in Particle Tracking
SDC-90-0077 Thun, R. Iron Scintillator Configurations for SDC Muon Triggers
SDC-90-0078 Groom, Donald E. Jet Response on an Ideal Calorimeter
SDC-90-0078 Groom, Donald E. Jet Response of A Homogeneous Calorimeter
SDC-90-0079 Hearty, Christopher Liquid Argon Calorimeter Position Resolution
SDC-90-0080 Etherton, D. SDC Hall Excavation: Fax from Dave Etherton to Bill Edwards
SDC-90-0081 Eartly, David P. SDC Muon Chamber Support System Proposal: Fax from Dave Eartly to Bill Edwards
SDC-90-0082 Shuman, D. CAD / CAE Neutral File Definition, Preliminary
SDC-90-0083 Groom, Donald E. Contributions of Albedo and Noncompensation to Calorimeter Resolution
SDC-90-0084 Reply by the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration to Questions from the Program Advisory Committee
SDC-90-0085 Trilling, George H. Expression of Interest by the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration to Construct and Operate A Detector
SDC-90-0086 Abe, F. Proceedings, International Workshop on Solenoidal Detectors for the SSC, Tsukuba, Japan, April 23-25
SDC-90-0087 Grimson, John CDF Cryogenic Magnet Schedule
SDC-90-0088 SDC Collaboration Meeting, Superconducting Supercollider Laboratory, September 18-21, 1990
SDC-90-0089 Kirk, Tom Scintillator Plate Calorimeter Cost Spreadsheet
SDC-90-0090 Foster, Bill A Calculation of the Trigger Pipeline Length
SDC-90-0091 Nauenberg, Uriel A Study of the Kinematical Properties of the Muons from Higgs Decay
SDC-90-0092 Nauenberg, Uriel The Use of Gas Cherenkov Counters as A Part of A Trigger System for Muons in SSC Detectors
SDC-90-0093 Kral, J.Frederic SLC Lepton Identification Software
SDC-90-0094 Kral, J.Frederic Inclusive Lepton Analysis at the Z
SDC-90-0095 Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration Magnet Task Force
SDC-90-0096 Kadel, R.W. Proposal for LOI Detectors
SDC-90-0097 Iwasaki, Hiroyuki Momentum Resolution in A Nonuniform Magnetic Field
SDC-90-0098 Doi, T. A Conceptual Design Study of A General Purpose Solenoidal Detector for the SSC
SDC-90-0099 Barnett, R.Michael Higgs Detection via Decays to Leptons with the SDC Detector
SDC-90-0100 Hinchliffe, Ian Resolution Parameterization for the LOI
SDC-90-0101 Bensinger, Jim Flux Jumping in the RTK Octagonal Muon Toroid
SDC-90-0102 Yamamoto, A. Design Study of An Air Core Thin Solenoid for the SDC Detector
SDC-90-0103 Takaiwa, Y. Short Solenoid Versus Long Solenoid: Effects on Tracking
SDC-90-0104 Iwasaki, Hiroyuki Detection of Isolated Electrons in Heavy Higgs Search
SDC-90-0105 Sakai, Yoshihide Pileup Issues on the Electron Identification
SDC-90-0106 Asai, Makoto Hit Rate Studies of the Straw Chambers in the Hybrid Tracker
SDC-90-0107 Unno, Y. Design of A Liquid Argon Calorimeter for SDC
SDC-90-0108 Hirayama, Hideo Effects of Dead Material to the Electromagnetic Calorimeter and Energy / Resolution Recovery with "M
SDC-90-0109 Sakai, Yoshihide Muon Trigger Rates and Momentum Resolution Calculations
SDC-90-0110 Kondo, T. Ray Tracing Study for Magnet Style Selection
SDC-90-0111 Asano, Yuzo Particle Rates and Punch Through Rates for the SDC Detector
SDC-90-0112 Arai, Y. VHDL Simulation for the Straw Tube Readout
SDC-90-0113 Mangano, Michelangelo L. Production of $WH \to W \gamma \gamma \to e/\mu \gamma \gamma$
SDC-90-0114 Barasch, E.F. The Microstrip Chamber: Ultraprecise Tracking for SSC Detectors
SDC-90-0115 Hinchliffe, Ian $Z^\prime$ Production with SDC
SDC-90-0116 Bensinger, J. Proposal for the Testing of Prototype Detectors for the SDC at Fermilab
SDC-90-0117 Hollebeek, R.J. Reconstructing 250-GeV Top Quarks Using the Multi - Jet Final States
SDC-90-0118 Hollebeek, R.J. Uncertainties in Estimating the Top Quark Mass Using the Multi - Jet Final States
SDC-90-0119 Oh, S.H. Construction and Test of A Prototype Straw Chamber Detector of Length 2.7 Meters
SDC-90-0120 Dunn, W.L. Radiation Damage Studies of Straw Tube and Scintillating Fiber Elements
SDC-90-0121 Cherwinka, Jeff Feasibility of Large Block Design for the SDC Muon Barrel
SDC-90-0122 Majewski, Stan Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber Collaboration, Summary Report - Part I: Progress Report for FY90
SDC-90-0123 Majewski, Stan Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber Collaboration, Summary Report - Part II: Proposal for FY91
SDC-90-0124 Goshaw, A.T. A Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber for SSC Detectors
SDC-90-0125 Eppley, G. Asymmetry Versus Mass for A 4-TeV $Z^\prime$
SDC-90-0126 Ciocio, A. A Warm Liquid Calorimeter Concept for the Superconducting Super Collider
SDC-90-0127 Ford, William T. Track Reconstruction in Straw Superlayers
SDC-90-0128 Erdos, Eric Design of Electronic Readout Board for Straw Tube Arrays
SDC-90-0129 Fields, T.H. Matching Forward Toroids to A Central Solenoid
SDC-90-0130 A Superconducting Toroidal Magnet for the Argonne National Laboratory Superconducting Super Collider
SDC-90-0131 Parker, S. Development of An Integrated Pixel Detector
SDC-90-0132 Sivertz, M. Conceptual Engineering Design for A Spacal Calorimeter for the SDC
SDC-90-0133 Barbaro-Galtieri, A. Measurement of the Top Mass in the $e\mu$ Channel
SDC-90-0134 Hanson, Gail G. Design of A Tracking System for A Solenoidal Detector
SDC-90-0136 Rust, D.R. Note on The Surface Resistivity of Aluminized Plastic Film
SDC-90-0137 Green, Dan Z Mass Resolution in the Process $H \to ZZ \to eeee$
SDC-90-0138 Ogren, H. Recent Developments in Wire Chamber Tracking at SSC
SDC-90-0139 Proudfoot, J. Radiation Damage to Scintillator and Wavelength Shifter and the Resulting Effects on Calorimeter Per
SDC-90-0140 Barnett, R.M. Determining the Mass of the Top Quark with the SDC Detector
SDC-90-0141 Barnett, R.Michael Searching for Top Decays to Charged Higgs Bosons with the SDC Detector
SDC-90-0142 Sill, A.F. Advanced Field Shaping Drift Chambers for SSC Muon Tracking
SDC-90-0143 Sill, A.F. Advanced Field Shaping Drift Chambers for SSC Forward Tracking
SDC-90-0144 Kadyk, J.A. Recent Work on Radiation Hard Gases and Straw Tubes
SDC-90-0145 Hearty, Christopher Resolution and Hermeticity of the Liquid Argon Electromagnetic Calorimeter as A Function of Pseudora
SDC-90-0146 Hanson, G. SSC Detector Subsytem Summary Report and Proposal for FY 1991: Central and Forward Tracking Collabor
SDC-90-0147 Bailey, J.M. Measurements of Electron Drift in Fast Gases with Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields
SDC-90-0148 Bailey, J.M. Forward Tracking with Enhanced Electron Identification
SDC-90-0149 Para, A. Jet Energy Resolution of the SDC Detector
SDC-90-0150 Blair, R.E. SDC Hadronic Resolutions in $Z$ and $Z^\prime$ Decays
SDC-90-0151 Trilling, George H. Letter of Intent by the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration to Construct and Operate A Detector at the
SDC-90-0152 Kim, B.J. Comparison of Hadronic Shower Punchthrough and TeV dE/dx with Calculation
SDC-90-0153 Bonmay, P. Preshower and Shower Maximum Detectors for SDC
SDC-90-0155 Nodulman, L. SDC Calorimeter Review
SDC-90-23 e
SDC-91-0001 Groom, Donald E. Why Not Raise the SSC Energy Instead?
SDC-91-0002 Groom, Donald E. Why Waste All Those MIPS on Compensation Studies?
SDC-91-0003 Zhao, Tian-chi Tracking Muons at SSC
SDC-91-0004 Hong, Seong J. Cosmic Muon Trigger Rates in the SDC Central Muon Scintillator
SDC-91-0005 Hong, Seong J. Effects on the Magnetic Induction Due to the Gaps Within the SDC Muon Toroid
SDC-91-00059 Wicklund, A.B. Conversion electrons in the SDC
SDC-91-0006 Srovink, Mark Simplified Central Si Tracker for SDC
SDC-91-0008 Amako, Katsuya A Conservative Approach to Offline Computing: Computing Software for SDC
SDC-91-00085 Hara, K. Beam Test on Radiation Hardness of a Scintillating Tile/Fiber Calorimeter
SDC-91-0009 Eppley, G. Leptonic Asymmetries Associated with A $Z^\prime$
SDC-91-00091 Smith, W.H. SDC Trigger Cost
SDC-91-00093 Kadyk, J. Effects of Cathode and Wall Materials and Water Vapor on Straw Tube Aging
SDC-91-00094 Wise, J. Chemical Modeling of Aging Processes in CF(4) / Isobutane Gases
SDC-91-00095 Einsweiler, Kevin Associated Higgs Production in the Intermediate Mass Region
SDC-91-00096 Krefta, M.P. Two-Dimensional Magnetic Analysis of the SDC Muon Toroid
SDC-91-00097 Bratzler, U. Properties of a 9.2 Meter Long Drift Tube
SDC-91-00098 Lankford, A. Conceptual Design of the SDC Trigger from the SDC Trigger Group
SDC-91-00099 Sullivan, Greg Calorimetry Trigger Rates at the SDC
SDC-91-0010 Trost, Hans-Jochen Fast Shower Simulation Based on Gauss's Law
SDC-91-0011 Bonamy, P. Radiation Damage in Scintillating Plates and Fibers
SDC-91-0012 Pope, W. Conceptual Design of Signal Cable Feedthroughs for an SSC Proposed Liquid Argon Calorimeter
SDC-91-0013 Job, P.K. Estimation of Hadronic and EM Resolution for Scintillator Plate Calorimeter Configurations
SDC-91-0014 Nodulman, L. On Implications of e/h Does Not Equal 1
SDC-91-0015 Edwards, W.R. SDC Muon Barrel Toroid Conceptual Design Review: Final Report of the Review Committee
SDC-91-0016 Green, D. Depth Requirements in SSC Calorimeters
SDC-91-0018 Kirk, Thomas B.W. Central Calorimeter Configuration: A Study Report to the SDC Technical Board
SDC-91-0019 Hoff, M. A Warm Liquid Forward Calorimeter for the SSC: A New Technology with New Challenges
SDC-91-0020 Simon, Alexander SDC Muon Trigger
SDC-91-0021 Seiden, A. Systematic Errors and Alignment for Barrel Detectors
SDC-91-0022 Zhao, Tian-chi Muon Chamber Gas and Related Issues
SDC-91-0023 Davission, R.J. Drift Tube Systematics
SDC-91-0024 Zhao, Tian-chi An Approach of Triggering Using Drift Chambers
SDC-91-0025 Green, Dan Effect of Inert Material on $ZZ$ Mass Resolution for $H \to ZZ \to eeee$
SDC-91-0026 Ryan, T.L. Central Tracker RRR and Interface Control Document
SDC-91-0027 Strovink, M. Suggested Modifications to Si Layout Proposed 4/15/91 by H. Ziock
SDC-91-0028 Strovink, M. Elementary View of B Physics in SDC
SDC-91-0029 Bacchetta, N. Development of AC Coupled Semiconductor Detectors for High Luminosity Operations: Strategy and Descr
SDC-91-0030 Kulik, A. Rates in the SDC Muon Chambers and Optimal Design
SDC-91-0031 Response to Questions from the SDC Cost Review Panel
SDC-91-0032 Contreras, M. Radiation Damage to SCSN23, SCSN81 and SCSN81+Y7
SDC-91-0034 Downing, R. SSC Detector Muon Subsystem Beam Tests
SDC-91-0035 Rasson, Joseph E. Mechanical Utilities Integration for the SDC
SDC-91-0036 1992 Budget Request for the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-91-0037 Groom, Donald E. Four Component Approximation to Calorimeter Resolution
SDC-91-0038 Trost, Hans-Jochen Light Yield from A Scintillator Tile with Embedded Readout Fibers
SDC-91-0041 Lobkowicz, F. Boiling Near Preamplifiers in LAr Calorimeters
SDC-91-0042 Lobkowicz, F. Transformers in the SDC Coil
SDC-91-0043 Field, R.D. Jets in the Forward Region
SDC-91-0044 Ogren, Harold Straw and Module Placement
SDC-91-0046 Report of the SDC ACT Task Force
SDC-91-0047 Odaka, S. A Jet Cell Design for the SDC Muon Chamber
SDC-91-0048 Handler, Thomas Design Considerations for A Scintillating Plate Calorimeter for SDC
SDC-91-0049 Front-End Electronics Meeting at LBL June 6-8, 1990
SDC-91-0050 Kirk, Thomas B.W. The Effect of Passive Material on the Detection of Hadrons in Calorimeter Configurations for the SDC
SDC-91-0051 Wicklund, A.B. b-Jet Tagging Using Electrons at SDC
SDC-91-0052 Underwood, David G. Fiber Tile Optical Studies at Argonne
SDC-91-0053 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-91-0054 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-91-0055 Amendolia, R. Report of the Task Force on R&D Directions for Tracking
SDC-91-0056 Foster, R. Self Centering Measurement for 8 Layer Trapezoid
SDC-91-0057 Gunion, J.F. Comments on Higgs Detection in the $WH \to \nu \gamma \gamma$ Final State
SDC-91-0058 Wenzel, W.A. Signal Distortion by Ionization
SDC-91-0059 Wicklund, A.B. Conversion Electrons in the SDC
SDC-91-0060 Fry, C.A. A New Approach to Physics Code
SDC-91-0062 Straw Tube Superlayer Design Concepts
SDC-91-0063 Arai, Y. Conceptual Design of Straw Tube Readout with TMC
SDC-91-0064 Proceedings, Solenoidal Detector Collaboration Meeting at LBL, August 5-10, 1991
SDC-91-0065 Abbot, B. Scintillating Fiber Detectors: Fiber Tracking Group (FTG)
SDC-91-0066 Atac, M. Scintillating Fiber Tracking Using Visible Light Photon Counters
SDC-91-0067 Mountain, Raymond J. Monte Carlo Simulations of Scintillating Fiber Optic Waveguides
SDC-91-0068 Piekarz, J. Measurements of Fluorescence Efficiency of Scintillators Before and After Irradiation
SDC-91-0069 Chaney, Roy C. Cryogenic Preamplifiers for SSPM/VLPC Devices for Scintillating Fiber Tracking
SDC-91-0070 Goldberg, H. Cryogenic Issues for Solid State Photomultiplier Operation
SDC-91-0071 Koltick, D.S. Engineering Challenges for Scintillating Fiber Tracking at the SSC
SDC-91-0072 Abbott, B. Simulation Studies for A Scintillating Fiber Tracker
SDC-91-0073 Anway, Carol E. GEANT Simulations with Shell and Module Geometry Code and Scintillating Fiber Central Tracking
SDC-91-0074 Adams, D. Simulation of A Scintillating Fiber Tracker for the SSC
SDC-91-0075 Goldberg, H. Transmission of Infrared Radiation Through Polystyrene and Consequences for VLPC Cryogenics
SDC-91-0076 Margulies, S. Neutron Interactions in Scintillating Fiber Central Trackers for SDC and D0
SDC-91-0077 Margulies, S. Interactions of Albedo Neutrons with Scintillating Fibers
SDC-91-0078 Margulies, S. Pulse Height Distributions from Scintillators of Various Cross-Sectional Shapes
SDC-91-0079 Margulies, S. The Shape of the VLPC Photoelectron Spectrum from A Scintillating Fiber of Circular Cross-Section
SDC-91-0080 Hinchliffe, Ian On The Observability of Heavy Particles Decaying to Jet - Jet and $e^+ e^-$ with SDC
SDC-91-0081 Wicklund, A.B. $Z^0 \to$ Hadrons in SDC
SDC-91-0082 Kanematsu, N. Effect of Magnetic Shields in A Calorimeter on Hadron Energy Resolution
SDC-91-0083 Wicklund, A.B. Effects of Shower Spreading on $Z^0 \to JJ$ Mass Resolution
SDC-91-0084 Hearty, Christopher Effect of Electromagnetic Calorimeter Thickness on Resolution
SDC-91-0085 Funaki, S. Beam Test on Radiation Hardness of A Scintillating Tile / Fiber Calorimeter
SDC-91-0086 Panescu, D. An SSC Photomultiplier Tube Preamplifier Circuit
SDC-91-0087 Smith, W.H. Isolated Electron Pattern Logic Design and Performance at the SSC
SDC-91-0088 Smith, W.H. Level 1 Trigger Decision Design for the SDC
SDC-91-0089 Smith, W.H. SDC Trigger Preliminary Conceptual Design
SDC-91-0090 Smith, W.H. SDC Global Level 1 Processor: Clock and Control
SDC-91-0091 Smith, W.H. SDC Trigger Cost
SDC-91-0093 Kadyk, J. Effects of Cathode and Wall Materials and Water Vapor on Straw Tube Aging
SDC-91-0094 Wise, J. Chemical Modeling of Aging Processes in CF(4) / Isobutane Gases
SDC-91-0095 Einsweiler, Kevin Associated Higgs Production in the Intermediate Mass Region
SDC-91-0096 Krefta, M.P. Two-Dimensional Magnetic Analysis of the SDC Muon Toroid
SDC-91-0097 Bratzler, U. Properties of a 9.2 Meter Long Drift Tube
SDC-91-0098 Lankford, A. Conceptual Design of the SDC Trigger from the SDC Trigger Group
SDC-91-0099 Sullivan, Greg Calorimetry Trigger Rates at the SDC
SDC-91-0100 Contreras, M. Proposal for the SDC Level 1 Trigger Design or is a Simple L1 Adequate for the SDC?
SDC-91-0101 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-91-0104 Central and Forward Tracking Collaboration: Progress Report for FY 1991
SDC-91-0105 Cherwinka, Jeff SDC Muon Barrel Toroid Conceptual Design Report Using Long and Short Bolted Blocks
SDC-91-0106 Lankford, Andy SDC Front End Electronics Review Report
SDC-91-0107 Kirk, Thomas B.W. Luminosity Evolution at the SSC
SDC-91-0107 Kirk, Thomas B.W. Luminosity Evolution at the SSC
SDC-91-0108 Kirk, Thomas B.W. Shower Counter Resolution Scaling
SDC-91-0109 Hubbard, B. Effect of Material on Electron Tracking
SDC-91-0110 Hubbard, B. Physics Goals for the SDC Tracking System
SDC-91-0111 SDC Presentation to the PAC
SDC-91-0112 Daly, C.H. Finite Element Modeling of Muon Detector Module: University of Washington / SSC design
SDC-91-0113 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-91-0114 Proudfoot, Jimmy Calorimeter Review and Technical Board Meeting, September 12-14, 1991
SDC-91-0116 Zhao, Tianchi Experience with Short Drift Tubes
SDC-91-0117 Dittert, Les SDC Scintillator Calorimeter Detector (Preliminary Construction Planning)
SDC-91-0119 Hu, L. Radiation Damage of Tile / Fiber Scintillator Modules for the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-91-0120 Adams, D. Report of the Task Force on Impact of Material in Tracking Volume
SDC-91-0121 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-91-0122 Groom, Donald E. Extension of SSC-SR-1033 Approach to Radioactivation in LHC and SSC Detectors
SDC-91-0123 Visser, A. 60 Hz Line Side Feeder Options for the 2 MW Solenoid DC Power Supply
SDC-91-0124 Proceedings, SDC Meeting Held at Oak Ridge Associated Universities September 26-28, 1991, OakRidge,
SDC-91-0125 SDC Modular Straw Outer Tracking System Conceptual Design Report (DRAFT)
SDC-91-0125 Conceptual Design Report for the Modular Straw Outer Tracking System (Rev.1)
SDC-91-0126 Bonamy, P. Radiation Damage in Tile Fiber Calorimeter Modules
SDC-91-0127 Western, Jeffrey L. SDC Toroid Support Preliminary Calculations
SDC-91-0128 Goshaw, A.T. Conceptual Design Report for the Straw Fiber Tracking System for SDC
SDC-91-0129 Requirements for the SDC Tracking System
SDC-91-0130 Adams, D.L. Momentum Smearing and False Trigger Rates in A Scintillating Fiber Tracking Trigger
SDC-91-0131 Adams, D.L. Pattern Recognition in A Silicon and Scintillating Fiber SDC Tracking System
SDC-91-0132 Wu, Zhongxin Electron Tracking and the Track to Shower Match in SDC
SDC-91-0133 Weinstein, A.J. Silicon Tracking Conceptual Design Report
SDC-91-0134 Unno, Y. Geometries, Number of Hit Layers and Material Thicknesses of the New SI Designs
SDC-91-0135 Bramble, K. SDC Muon Detector Design Barrel and Intermediate Chambers Round Tube Option
SDC-91-0136 Unno, Y. The Effect of Material in the Tracking Volume: $E / \rho$ and Position Matching
SDC-91-0136-REV Unno, Y. The Effect of Material in the Tracking Volume: $E / \rho$ and Position Matching
SDC-91-0137 Ford, W.T. Requirements for the SDC Tracking System
SDC-91-0138 Trost, Hans-Jochen Some Physics Requirements for Triggering in the Intermediate Tracking System of SDC
SDC-91-0141 Gorski, T. Correlated Level 1 Muon Trigger Design for the SDC
SDC-91-0142 Bisello, D. Measurement of Radiation Damage during Irradiation
SDC-91-0143 Thur, William A Simplified SDC Endcap EM Calorimeter Design Concept
SDC-91-0144 Wiss, Jim Barrel Muon Detector Design Considerations
SDC-91-0145 Wiss, Jim Angle Dependence of Forward Muon Momentum Resolution
SDC-91-0146 Errede, Steve Comparison of Muon Momentum Resolution for the Solenoidal Detector Versus Muon Momentum Resolution f
SDC-91-0147 Errede, Steve Acceptance and Mass Resolution Studies for SDC Muon EOI Subsystem Design
SDC-91-0148 Errede, Steve Acceptance and Online Mass Resolution Studies for SDC LOI Muon Subsystem Design
SDC-91-0149 Errede, Steve Acceptance and Offline Mass Resolution Studies for SDC Muon LOI subsystem Design
SDC-91-0150 Errede, Steve SDC Muon Physics Acceptance Impact if Delete the Forward Muon System
SDC-91-0151 Wiss, Jim Effects of Descoping Options for the Muon System
SDC-91-0152 Wiss, Jim Octagonal Geometry Effects
SDC-91-0153 Wiss, Jim Alignment Resolution Studies of the Muon System
SDC-91-0154 Wiss, Jim Muon System Alignment Studies
SDC-91-0155 Wiss, Jim BW3 - BW2 Radial Separation Studies
SDC-91-0156 Errede, Steve Muon Matching Studies
SDC-91-0157 Wiss, Jim Chamber Resolution Studies
SDC-91-0158 Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber Collaboration Progress Report for FY1991
SDC-91-0161 Carlsmith, D. SDC Muon Detector: Octagonal Tube Option
SDC-91-0164 Adams, T. Two-Dimensional Magnetic Analysis of the Solenoidal Detector for the Superconducting Super Collider
SDC-91-0165 Proceedings, Solenoidal Detector Collaboratioin Meeting at the SSC Lab
SDC-91-0166 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-91-0167 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-91-0168 Barbaro, P.de R&D Results on Scintillating Tile / Fiber Calorimetry for the CDF and SDC Detectors
SDC-91-0170 Conceptual Design Report: Wine Rack Design of the SDC Barrel and Intermediate Muon Chambers
SDC-91-48 Handler, Thomas Design Considerations for A Scintillating Plate Calorimeter for SDC
SDC-92-00299 Hill, N.F. Response to concerns of the EM review committee
SDC-92-0169 Arai, Y. Conceptual Design Report for the SDC Barrel and Intermediate Muon Detectors Based on a Jet Type Drif
SDC-92-0171 Foster, B. Intermediate Angle Track Detector: Conceptual Design Report
SDC-92-0172 Fazeley, A.R. Radiation Damage Studies for the SDC Electromagnetic Calorimeter
SDC-92-0173 Ohsugi, T. Radiation Hardness of Double Sided Microstrip Silicon Detector
SDC-92-0175 Broomer, B.R. Cherenkov System Cost
SDC-92-0176 Kadel, Richard W. Radiation Dose Profiles and Activation of the SDC Endcap Calorimeter
SDC-92-0177 Zhao, Tianchi Level 1 Muon Trigger Simulations
SDC-92-0178 Zhao, T. L1 Muon Trigger Electronics
SDC-92-0179 Davisson, Richard The Position of An Anode Wire Relative to the Beam
SDC-92-0180 Roe, Byron P. Status of the SDC Beam Vacuum Pipe Design
SDC-92-0181 Amendolia, S.R. Proceedings, SDC Collaboration Meeting at Pisa
SDC-92-0182 Demortier, L. Radiation Damage Studies on High Pressure Gasses
SDC-92-0183 Demortier, L. Test Beam Results of A Prototype Parallel Plate Electromagnetic High Pressure Gas Calorimeter
SDC-92-0184 Demortier, L. A High Pressure Gas Ionization Tube Calorimeter for the Forward Region
SDC-92-0185 Hearty, Christopher Electromagnetic Resolution as A Function of Lead and Scintillator Thickness
SDC-92-0186 Hara, K. Radiation Hardness Study of Scintillating Tile/Fibers
SDC-92-0187 Trost, Hans-Jochen On the Massless Gap Adjustment of Detected Energy for Passive Material in Front of A Calorimeter
SDC-92-0189 Abbot, B. Conceptual Design Scintillating Fiber Outer Tracking, Fiber Tracking Group (FTG)
SDC-92-0190 Adams, D. Silicon & Scintillating Fiber Tracking at High Luminosity
SDC-92-0191 Ruchti, R. Review of Recent R&D in Fiber Tracking
SDC-92-0192 Koltick, D.S. Notes for Revision of CDR
SDC-92-0193 Adams, David L. Pattern Recognition in A Silicon and Scintillating fiber SDC Tracking System II
SDC-92-0194 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-92-0195 Eartly, David P. Prototype SDC Muon Alignment Position Monitoring Concepts
SDC-92-0196 Marraffino, J. 'Massless Gaps' for Solenoid + Calorimeter
SDC-92-0197 Smith, W.H. Revised SDC Trigger Cost
SDC-92-0199 Turcotte, Marc Electromagnetic Resolution of a Tile Fiber Calorimeter for the SDC
SDC-92-0200 Hearty, Christopher Source Calorimeter Accuracy
SDC-92-0201 Trilling, George H. Technical Design of a Detector (Solenoidal Detector) April 1, 1992 to be Operated at the Superconduc
SDC-92-0202 Cook, B.J. Superconducting Super Collider Data Compression and Driver/Modulator Architecture
SDC-92-0203 Cooke, Bradly J. Efficient Data Transmission from Silicon Wafer Strip Detectors
SDC-92-0204 SDC Solenoidal Detector Notes: Joint Executive/Technical Board Meeting
SDC-92-0205 Brogan, J. SDC Muon Chamber Assembly Facility Analysis
SDC-92-0206 Wilderman, S. Zeroth Order Object Analysis for the SDC Test Beam Online Control
SDC-92-0207 Timmermans, Charles Zeroth Order SDC Test Beam Online Software
SDC-92-0208 Hubbard, Bradley Description of the Silicon Tracking Simulation
SDC-92-0210 O'Shaughnessy, K. Tracking Simulation Studies of Higgs Boson Decay to Four Leptons
SDC-92-0212 Hubbard, B. Event Simulation and Track Reconstruction in the SDC Experiment
SDC-92-0213 Barnett, R.Michael Charged Higgs Bosons at the SSC
SDC-92-0214 Wiss, Jim General Muon Resolution Calculations
SDC-92-0215 Wiss, Jim More Muon Momentum Resolution Calculations
SDC-92-0216 Hearty, Christopher Impact of Tracking Material on Electromagnetic Calorimeter Calibration
SDC-92-0217 Eppley, G. Simulating Minimum Bias Events at SSC Energy
SDC-92-0218 Panescu, Dorin A Pipelined Domino Logic 4 x 12 Bit Adder
SDC-92-0219 Trost, Hans-Jochen Erratum/Addendum to: On The 'Massless Gap' Adjustment of Detected Energy for Passive Material in Fro
SDC-92-0220 Errede, Steve SDC Muon Acceptance and Mass Resolution Studies
SDC-92-0221 Errede, Steve Studies of Heavy $W^\prime \mu \nu_\mu$ and $Z^\prime \to \mu^+ \mu^-$ Production and Radiative Deca
SDC-92-0222 Guarino, V. Finite element analysis of the SDC barrel and endcap calorimeters
SDC-92-0222 Guarino, V. Finite Element Analysis of the SDC Barrel and Endcap Calorimeters
SDC-92-0223 Job, P.K. Simulation of Hanging File Experiments with CALOR89
SDC-92-0224 Swensrud, Roger L. Conceptual Design Report Tracking Support System and Assembly
SDC-92-0225 Albee, Matt The Design of the Cherenkov Counter for the SDC Detector
SDC-92-0227 Ford, William T. Track Crossing Angle in Straw Superlayers
SDC-92-0228 Crosetto, Dario A New Approach in Device Testing
SDC-92-0229 Ennis, Robert J. Offline Computer System Use Scenarios: SDC Computing Section, Computing Model and Operational Concep
SDC-92-0230 Day, C.T. RESQme Studies for SDC Regional Computing Centers
SDC-92-0232 Temple, W. SDC Jet Trigger Performance Studies
SDC-92-0233 Blocker, Craig Capture Efficiency of A Fiber
SDC-92-0234 Blocker, Craig Sensitivity of Source Calibration to Source Tube Location
SDC-92-0235 Budagov, Julian An Exact Formula for Light Trapping Fraction in Optical Fibers Florin Cotorobay
SDC-92-0237 A Monolithic 'No Crack' Endcap EM Calorimeter for the SDC
SDC-92-0238 Errede, Steve Physics Impact of Phi Cracks in the SDC Barrel Muon System
SDC-92-0239 Stairs, G. Design Options for ANS SSC Wire Chamber Data Collection System
SDC-92-0240 Holscher, A. Overlap Probabilities
SDC-92-0241 Holscher, A. Front End Collector Bus (FECbus) Design Description
SDC-92-0242 Holscher, A. Division of DCC Functionality between FE Interface and DAQ Interface
SDC-92-0243 Holscher, A. Preliminary Specification of the Error Detection and Monitoring Functions of the SDC Wire Chamber Da
SDC-92-0244 Holscher, A. Front End Buffers for A Straw Tube DCC System
SDC-92-0245 Sirotenko, Vladimir Electromagnetic Background in the Muon Barrel Chambers
SDC-92-0246 Moore, Brent R. User's Guide to CALOR89-U3G on PDSF
SDC-92-0247 Holscher, A. Front End and DCC Simulations for the SDC Straw Tube System
SDC-92-0248 Fukui, T. Pulse Shape Study for SDC Muon Chamber
SDC-92-0249 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-92-0251 Bylsma, B. A Second Level Calorimeter Cluster Processor for SDC
SDC-92-0252 Slonim, Victor A General Algorithm for Track Fitting
SDC-92-0253 Orgeron, Joseph A. Conceptual Design of A Neural Network Pipeline Processor for the Fiber Tracker's L1 Trigger
SDC-92-0254 Roe, Byron P. Overflow Rate for Events Input into A Finite Buffer
SDC-92-0256 Vandergriff, David H. Scintillating Fiber Ribbon Measurement
SDC-92-0257 Handler, T. Unix Version of CALOR89 for Calorimeter Applications
SDC-92-0258 Tseng, C.W.(Jeff) SDC Muon Barrel Toroid Model: Scoping Document for MBT 1/9.197 Scale Test Model
SDC-92-0259 Roe, Byron P. A Summary of Some of the Accelerator Interface Issues of the Past Year
SDC-92-0260 Daly, Colin H. Mechanical Consequences of Tube Layer Ordering in SDC Muon Modules
SDC-92-0261 Daly, Colin H. Evaluation of Epoxy Adhesives for Muon Module Assembly
SDC-92-0262 Ruchti, R. Scintillating Fiber Outer Tracking Detector
SDC-92-0263 Van Haaren, Michael Straw Tube Position Measurement
SDC-92-0264 PAC Meeting Presentations: SDC Review May 4-9, 1992
SDC-92-0265 Solenoidal Detector Collaboration Monthly Report
SDC-92-0266 Timofeev, S. The Magnetic Analysis of the SDC Muon Barrel Toroid (MBT) (The Simplified Configuration)
SDC-92-0267 Davis, D.M. SDC Project Scintillating Fiber Tracker Assembly Hall Requirements
SDC-92-0268 Report of the SDC Review Panel, SSC Laboratory, May 4-9, 1992
SDC-92-0269 Cotorobai, Florin An Exact Formula for Light Trapping Fraction in Optical Fibres (Final Version)
SDC-92-0270 Wiss, Jim More on Layer Placement
SDC-92-0271 Errede, Steve More on Muon Matching (Layer Placement)
SDC-92-0272 Chirikov-Zorin, I.E. The Influence of Cherenkov Light on the Electromagnetic Calorimeter Output Signal
SDC-92-0273 Koltick, David S. Scintillating Fiber Tracker Future R&D
SDC-92-0274 Byon-Wagner, A. Test of Compressed Stacks
SDC-92-0275 Byon-Wagner, Aesook Better Red than Dead
SDC-92-0276 Iwasaki, H. Proceedings, SDC Collaboration Meeting at KEK Tsukuba, Japan May 26-29, 1992
SDC-92-0277 Leitch, Robert Straw Tracker Thermal Analysis
SDC-92-0278 Kondo, Takahiko SDC Presentation at the First East Asian / Pacific USA Symposium on SSC Physics, Experiments and Tec
SDC-92-0279 Adams, David L. Efficiency and Resolution of a Double Layer of Scintillating Fibers
SDC-92-0280 Timofeev, S. The Magnetic Analysis of the SDC Muon Barrel Toroid (MBT) (the Influence of the Air Gaps on the Magn
SDC-92-0281 Daoudi, Mourad Study of Loss Due to Missed Coverage in the Barrel Muon Detector
SDC-92-0282 Solenoidal Detector Collaboration Monthly Report
SDC-92-0283 Brogan, J. SDC Muon System Assembly and Installation Study
SDC-92-0284 Cherwinka, Jeff SDC Muon Barrel Toroid Specification
SDC-92-0285 Timofeev, S. The Magnetic analysis of the SDC Muon Barrel Toroid (MBT) (The Influence of the Coils Positions on t
SDC-92-0286 Trilling, George H. SDC Response to the May 1992 PAC Review
SDC-92-0287 Chirikov-Zorin, I. Tile to Tile Nonuniformity: How it Affects the Calorimeter Response
SDC-92-0288 Hoff, Matthew D. Scintillating Tile Fabrication for the 4 x 4 Calorimeter Test Station Module
SDC-92-0289 Bertoldi, M. Machining of Scintillator Tiles for the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-92-0290 Hagopian, V. Single Tile - Fiber Unit of SDC Calorimeter
SDC-92-0291 Hernandez, E. Fiber Sputtering and Painting
SDC-92-0292 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-92-0293 Strovink, M. SI Disk Configurations for SDC Pattern Recognition Studies
SDC-92-0294 Hulbert, M. SDC Test Beam Results of Massless Gap: Electromagnetic Energy Resolution and Additional Charged Pion
SDC-92-0295 Gui, Mei Radiation Damage Effects on Liquid Scintillating Fibers
SDC-92-0296 Govignon, J. A Solution to the Global Alignment of the SDC Muon Detector
SDC-92-0297 Dittert, Les SDC Forward Toroids Conceptual Design
SDC-92-0299 Hill, Norman F. Response to Concerns of the EM Review Committee
SDC-92-0300 Barasch, Eugene F. A Case Study on the Effect of Computational Precision on GEANT Simulations
SDC-92-0301 Margulies, S. Effects of a Hadron Irradiation on Scintillating Fibers
SDC-92-0302 Wellenstein, Allan G. Report: Heating of Muon Tube
SDC-92-0303 Strovink, Mark SI Barrel Layer Radii
SDC-92-0304 Durkin, S. A Design for the SDC Global Level 2 Trigger
SDC-92-0305 Gusakov, Yuri SDC Muon Barrel Toroid: Possible Improvements for the MBT Design for Easier and Faster Assembly
SDC-92-0306 Baumbaugh, Al Baseline Implementation of the Digital Phototube Readout System for the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-92-0307 Foster, G.William Calibration of the Digital Readout System for the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-92-0308 Foster, G.William Digital Readout of the Shower Maximum Detector of the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-92-0311 Yarba, Julia Effect of Tile to Tile Variations and Calibration Imperfections on the EM Calorimeter Resolution
SDC-92-0312 Ziock, Hans Layout of the Barrel Section of the SDC Silicon Detector System
SDC-92-0314 Barasch, E.F. Substrate Resistivity Measurements
SDC-92-0315 Strovink, M. Si Disk Arrangement for 8 Hits
SDC-92-0316 Chung, M. Radiation Hardness of Scintillating Fibers: Determination of Properties for Fibers Subject to Nonuni
SDC-92-0317 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-92-0318 Barasch, E.F. Gas Microstrip Detectors on Polymer, Silicon and Glass Substrates
SDC-92-0319 Green, Dan The Effects of Cracks on Calorimeter Response in the SDC Dogleg Design
SDC-92-0320 Milburn, Richard H. Electromechanics of Drift Tube Wires
SDC-92-0321 Yasuda, G. SDC 9 cm Muon Drift Tube: Electromechanical Studies. 1.
SDC-92-0322 Green, Dan Source Calibrations and SDC Calorimeter Requirements
SDC-92-0322-REV.-A Green, Dan Source Calibrations and SDC Calorimeter Requirements
SDC-92-0323 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10. SSCL Surface Assembly Operations
SDC-92-0324 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10. Fiber Routing and PMT Mounting
SDC-92-0325 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10. Absorber Plate Flattening forces
SDC-92-0326 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10. Pizza Pans and Source Tubes
SDC-92-0327 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10. FEA Model Requirements
SDC-92-0328 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10. General Configuration
SDC-92-0329 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10. FEA Basis for Calculating Tie Rod Weld Stresses
SDC-92-0330 Rodamaker, Marc C. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10 MCR FEA Report no. 2: Finite Element Analysis of a Removable Hadr
SDC-92-0331 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter WBS 2.2.10. R.F.Q. for Steel Endplug Fabrication
SDC-92-0332 Tuli, Manny Low Carbon (AISI 1010) Steel for SDC Detector Toroids
SDC-92-0333 Chapman, J. SDC Trigger R&D Report
SDC-92-0334 Chirikov-Zorin, I. Influence of Tile Nonuniformity of the Constant Term of EM Calorimeter Resolution
SDC-92-0335 Hearty, C. Missing Et in Jets due to Calorimeter Cracks
SDC-92-0339 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-92-0340 Timofeev, S. The Magnetic Analysis of the SDC Muon Barrel Toroid (MBT): The Influence of the Construction Element
SDC-92-0341 Feyzi, Farshid Conceptual Design for the Muon Intermediate Tower Installation Fixture
SDC-92-0342 Bensinger, J. Preliminary Design Report: Muon Barrel Toroid
SDC-92-0343 Hulbert, M. Performance of a Prototype SDC Shower Maximum Detector
SDC-92-0344 Hulbert, M. Particle Identification in SDC: Shower Maximum and Preshower Detectors
SDC-92-0345 Temple, W. SDC Level 1 Electron Trigger Simulation Results
SDC-92-0346 Bonamy, P. Shower Maximum Detector Design and Installation
SDC-92-0347 Baron, P. The ShowerMax Detector Front End and Readout Electronics
SDC-92-0348 Smith, W.H. SDC Prototype Trigger Emulation Module (TEM): Performance Specification
SDC-92-0349 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
SDC-92-0350 Jankowski, D. Effect of Pb and Air Absorber Thickness on Cs-137 Signal
SDC-92-0351 Hara, K. Development of Fiber to Fiber Connectors for Tile - Fiber Calorimeters
SDC-92-0352 Handler, Thomas Feasibility of Using Neural Networks as a Level 2 Calorimeter Trigger for Jet Tagging
SDC-92-0353 Maghakian, A. $\gamma / \pi^0$ Separation using the SDC Shower Maximum Detector
SDC-92-0354 Job, P.K. Estimates of Neutron Fluence for the SDC Detector
SDC-92-0355 Field, R.D. SDC Solenoidal Detector Notes : Forward Jets and Missing $E_T$
SDC-92-0356 Han, S. Radiation Hardness Tests of Tile - Fiber Calorimeter Structures for SDC
SDC-92-0357 Timofeev, S. Two-Dimensional Magnetic Analysis of the SDC Muon Barrel Toroid (MBT)
SDC-92-0358 Oliver, John A Tail Cancellation Circuit for Pulses from Wire Proportional Chambers
SDC-92-0359 Green, Dan Neutron Radiation Damage in Comparison to EM Damage at the SSC
SDC-92-0360 Ford, William T. Determination of the Radiation Length of HV Capacitors for the SDC Straw Tracker
SDC-92-0361 Waters, L.S. Neutron Currents in the SDC
SDC-92-0363 Grunhaus, J. Simulation Studies of the Shower Maximum Detector for the SDC: Efficiency for the $\pi^0$ Rejection
SDC-92-0365 Imlay, R.L. Radiation Damage Studies
SDC-92-0367 Iwasaki, Hiro Memo for the Minitower Beam Test at KEK
SDC-92-0368 Crosetto, D. Fully Pipelined and Programmable Level 1 Trigger
SDC-92-0369 Crosetto, D. 3-D Flow Processor Preliminary Technical Specifications
SDC-92-0371 Karuturi, Srinivas Floating Point Adder Tests
SDC-92-0372 Pope, W.L. SDC Endplug Calorimeter: Plasma Arc Cutting of Source Tube Grooves
SDC-92-0373 Jankowski, D.J. Measurements of Radiation Dose using Radiochromic Film
SDC-92-0376 Behrends, S. Performance Based Tolerances for Muon Supermodule Alignment
SDC-92-0378 Wang, A.T.M. Triplet Coincidence in Drift Tubes for a Level 1 Muon Trigger
SDC-92-0379 Batyunia, B.V. Some Merits of a Z Coordinate Measurement in Silicon Vertex Detectors
SDC-92-0380 Arena, V. Resistive Plate Counters for the SDC Muon System
SDC-92-0381 Govignon, J. SDC Muon Measurement System Conceptual Design of the Alignment System
SDC-92-0382 Holden, Gary SDC Muon Measurement System Engineering Model
SDC-92-0383 Anderson, D. Tension Measurement for SDC Muon Drift Tubes
SDC-92-0384 Fields, T. Final Report on Cost Estimate of Forward Superconducting Air Core Toroid
SDC-92-0385 SDC Collaboration Meeting, SSCL, October 22-24, 1992 (Meeting Transparencies)
SDC-92-0386 Monthly report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration, October 1992
SDC-92-0387 Hearty, Christopher Recommended Isotopes for Calorimeter Source Calibration
SDC-92-0390 Bakken, J. SDC Muon System Assembly and Installation Study. Phase II
SDC-92-0390-A Bakken, J. SDC Muon System Assembly and Installation Study Phase II, Appendix A: Detailed RAM Input Data
SDC-92-0393 Govignon, J. Implementation of an Optical Fencepost for the Alignment of the SDC Muon System
SDC-92-0394 Hara, K. Radiation Induced Energy Resolution Degradation and Response Nonlinearity of the Tile - Fiber EM Cal
SDC-92-0395 Lubatti, H. Prototype Tower Workshop
SDC-92-0396 Abrams, G. A Monolithic Endcap Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the SDC
SDC-92-0397 Takeuchi, Y. Development of Data Acquisition System using RISC / UNIX Workstation
SDC-92-0398 Glover, Charles Charged Particle Track Reconstruction using Artificial Neural Networks
SDC-92-0399 Yamamoto, A. Design Study of a Thin Superconducting Solenoid Magnet for the SDC Detector
SDC-92-0400 SDC Offline Software Concepts Version 1.0
SDC-92-0401 DOE Review 1992: Executive Summary and Conclusions / Recommendations
SDC-92-0402 SDC Collaboration Meeting, SSCL, December 10-12, 1992 (Transparencies)
SDC-93-0403 Dodd, E. Proposed SDC Muon Counter Configuration
SDC-93-0404 Green, Dan Magnetic Fields and SDC Endcap Scintillator Performance
SDC-93-0406 Ford, William T. Track Segment Reconstruction in Straw Superlayers
SDC-93-0407 de Barbaro, P. Recent R&D Results on Tile / Fiber Calorimetry
SDC-93-0408 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration, November 1992
SDC-93-0409 Hearty, C. Report of the SDC Calorimeter Calibration Review Committee
SDC-93-0410 Lubatti, H. Tube Construction Workshop (Transparencies)
SDC-93-0411 Borisov, E. SDC Forward Muon System Conceptual Design
SDC-93-0412 Gorski, T. SDC Pattern Generation Module (PGM) Performance Specification
SDC-93-0413 Gorski, T. SDC Trigger Emulation Module (TEM): Operations Manual
SDC-93-0414 SDC Forward Muon Workshop, January 18-29, 1993, SSCL (transparencies)
SDC-93-0415 Coupal, David P. Review of the SDC Outer Tracking Options
SDC-93-0418 Hara, K. Heat Splicing of Plastic Fibers using a PEEK Tube
SDC-93-0419 Iwasaki, Hiroyuki Particle Hit Rates at the Muon Detector
SDC-93-0420 Bartosz, E. Green Extended Phototubes
SDC-93-0421 Bartosz, E. Decay Times of Wavelength Shifting Fibers and Scintillator Plates
SDC-93-0422 Bartosz, E. White Paint for Scintillator Edges
SDC-93-0423 Abbott, B. Effects of a Hadron Irradiation on Scintillating Fibers
SDC-93-0424 Margulies, S. Spatial Resolution of a Single Scintillating Fiber of Circular Cross-Section
SDC-93-0425 Abbott, B. Survivability of the SDC Scintillating Fiber Tracker
SDC-93-0426 Chung, M. Light Output from a Scintillating Fiber having a Reflective Surface at Its Far End
SDC-93-0427 Foster, B. Latency at Trigger Level 2
SDC-93-0428 Craig, D. Deadtime of SDC Straw Detectors
SDC-93-0432 Ruchti, R. Photoelectron Yield for the Scintillating Fiber Outer Tracker
SDC-93-0433 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration, December 1992
SDC-93-0434 Gratton, Patrick S.M. Occupancy of a Fiber Wedge Intermediate Angle Tracker
SDC-93-0435 Dow, Scott F. A CMOS Current Splitter and Integrator for the Shower Max Detector
SDC-93-0436 Green, Dan Magnetic Field Effects on Endcap EM Calorimetry in SDC
SDC-93-0438 Zhao, T. First Level Muon Trigger Circuits using Xilinx FPGA
SDC-93-0439 Feng, Z.Y. Proposal for SDC Database (preliminary)
SDC-93-0440 Feng, Z.Y. Mapping Function for SDC Muon System (MUONMAP)
SDC-93-0441 Feng, Z.Y. Trigger Simulation for SDC Muon System
SDC-93-0442 Hara, K. Number of Photoelectrons of Scintillating Tile / Fiber Assemblies
SDC-93-0443 Baumbaugh, Alan Straw Tube Efficiencies as a Function of Occupancy
SDC-93-0444 Chung, M. An Estimate of Light Intensity in the SDC Scintillating Fiber Tracker after 30 Years of Operation
SDC-93-0446 Green, Dan Longitudinal Information and Radiation Damage in EM Calorimetry
SDC-93-0447 Green, Dan SDC Preshower Depth and Weighting Factor using Hanging File Data
SDC-93-0448 Groom, Donald E. Radiation at Hadron Colliders: Scaling to the Highest Energies
SDC-93-0449 Gabriel, T.A. Incident Energy Dependence of Dadronic Activity
SDC-93-0450 Hearty, Christopher Impact of Lateral Leakage and Crosstalk on the EM Calorimeter
SDC-93-0451 Margulies, S. Use of $^{207}Bi$ in Testing Scintillators and Scintillating Fibers
SDC-93-0452 Kadel, R.W. Quench Currents in the ECEM Sheet Metal Curtains
SDC-93-0453 Jankowski, D. Precision of Source Response Inside Dimpled HAD Brass Tubes
SDC-93-0457 Bintinger, David Measurement of Angular Distribution of Light Exiting Optical Fibers
SDC-93-0458 Davisson, R. Assembly Procedure for Barrel Module
SDC-93-0459 Field, R.D. Enhancing the Heavy Higgs Signal
SDC-93-0460 Loomis, C. Resolution of Fencepost Measurement of Outer Tracker Deformations
SDC-93-0461 Blocker, Craig A. Impact of Timing Jitter and Pulse Height Variation on the SDC Calorimeter Energy Resolution
SDC-93-0462 Blocker, Craig Mathematic Model of Calibrating the Calorimeter using the Z0 Mass Constraint
SDC-93-0463 Blocker, Craig Effect of Tile to Tile Variations on the EM Calorimeter Resolution
SDC-93-0464 SDC Toroid Installation Concept Plan Technical Report
SDC-93-0465 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration, January 1993
SDC-93-0466 Silva, Rafael SDC Endcap Specimens: Compression Test Report
SDC-93-0467 Palounek, A.P.T. Calculation of Neutron Backgrounds and the Production and Decay of Radionuclides in the SDC Detector
SDC-93-0468 Czellar, S. A Novel, Highly Sensitive, Capacitive Wire Tension Meter
SDC-93-0469 Blair, R.E. Code Management Systems for SDC Code Maintenance. An Overview and Comparison of Various Systems
SDC-93-0470 Palounek, A.P.T. Downstream Neutron Sources in the SDC Detector and Associated Beamline Components
SDC-93-0471 Fukui, T. Pulse Height Dependence on High Voltage and Gas Density in SDC Prototype Muon Drift Tube
SDC-93-0472 Beretvas, A. Beam Tests of Composite Calorimeter Configurations from Reconfigurable Stack Calorimeter
SDC-93-0473 Byon-Wagner, Aesook Public Data Files for the SDC Calorimeter Configuration from Hanging File Calorimeter
SDC-93-0475 Burns, Stuart Evaluation of a Commercial Optical Fiber Connector for use in the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-93-0477 Song, Wenwei Conceptual Design of the Manufacturing Data Base for Barrel Modules
SDC-93-0479 Ford, William T. Straw Occupancy, Segment and Trigger Efficiency Versus Luminosity
SDC-93-0480 Byon-Wagner, Aesook Radiation Hardness Test Programs for the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-93-0481 Byon-Wagner, Aesook Recent Developments in Scintillating Tile and WLS Fiber for the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-93-0482 Green, Dan Sampling Nonuniformity in the SDC Calorimeter EM / HAD Boundary
SDC-93-0483 Dow, Scott F. A CMOS Current to Voltage Converter for the Shower Max Detector
SDC-93-0484 Vorozhtsov, B. Magnetic Field Calculation for the SDC Muon Barrel Toroid (MBT)
SDC-93-0485 Vorozhtsov, B. Calculation of Stand Magnets for Measurement of Magnetic Permeability of Samples and Analysis of Mag
SDC-93-0486 Vorozhtsov, B. Magnetic Permeability Measurements with the Systematic Error Correction by Calculation of Stand Magn
SDC-93-0487 Vorozhtsov, B. Three-Dimensional Computer Model of the Magnetic Field of SDC Muon Barrel Toroid (MBT)
SDC-93-0488 Crosetto, Dario Programmable Level 1 Trigger with Digital Filtering
SDC-93-0489 Koltick, D.S. Fiber Ribbon Construction and Testing
SDC-93-0490 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration, March 1993
SDC-93-0491 Sirotenko, V. Neutron Background Calculations for Muon Chambers in BL-3 Shielding Geometry
SDC-93-0493 Sirotenko, V. Comparison of the Results of Neutron Fluence Calculations with GCALOR and MARS93 Programs in BL-3 Sh
SDC-93-0495 Chapman, J. A SDC Tracking Trigger Based on Straw Tubes
SDC-93-0496 Nomachi, Masa Straw System at High Luminosity
SDC-93-0497 Thun, R.P. Recommendation of the Task Force on SDC Muon Counter Placement
SDC-93-0498 Levi, Michael A Synchronization Method for Clock Driven Systems, Trigger and Calorimetry
SDC-93-0499 Jankowski, D. Measurement of Source Tube radial Position in Cast EMC Test Beam Module
SDC-93-0500 Griffin, Greg Efficiency and Background of the SDC Second Level Electron Trigger
SDC-93-0501 Rust, David R. Recent Gain Measurements in CF(4) Isobutane
SDC-93-0502 Rust, David R. Baseline Shift in the Penn Amplifier - Shaper when Connected to a Straw Tube Chamber Operating at Hi
SDC-93-0503 Song, Wenwei Bar Code Readers and Labels for Drift Cell Tubes of Barrel Modules
SDC-93-0504 Green, Dan Physics Impact of the SDC Endcap Hadronic Cracks
SDC-93-0505 Feng, Z.Y. Cosmic Muon Trigger Rate
SDC-93-0506 Feng, Z.Y. Level 1 Muon Trigger Rate of SDC Central Muon Detector
SDC-93-0507 Hara, K. Uniformity Requirements for the Tile / Fiber Optical System for the SDC Barrel EM Calorimeter
SDC-93-0508 Davisson, Richard A Short Study of Long Term Creep
SDC-93-0509 Hearty, Christopher Tests of Wavelength Shifting Silica Fiber
SDC-93-0510 Riles, Keith Proposed Requirements for a Relative Luminosity Monitor using Calorimeter Level 1 Trigger Signals
SDC-93-0511 Fry, A. Integrating PAW, a Graphical Analysis Interface to Sybase
SDC-93-0512 Nikolaev, Yu. The Efficiency of Plastic Scintillators to Neutrons and Gammas
SDC-93-0513 Azhgirei, I. The Shield of SDC Elements from Low-Energy Neutron / Gamma Background (Experimental Results)
SDC-93-0514 Abbott, B. Beam Test of a 12 Layer Scintillating Fiber Charged Particle Tracking System
SDC-93-0515 Broomer, Bruce A Study of the Sense Wire Properties and of a Wire Tensioning Device for the SDC Muon Tubes
SDC-93-0516 Dougherty, William M. Effects of Noryl Insulation Outgassing on SDC Muon Drift Tube Gas Properties
SDC-93-0517 Kurochkin, I. The Results on New Cement Composite Materials Test for SDC Detectors Low-Energy Neutrons Shielding
SDC-93-0518 Slonim, Victor Pattern Recognition Efficiency in the Presence of Various Backgrounds in the Forward Muon System of
SDC-93-0519 Milburn, Richard H. Ovality Tolerances and Muon Tube Precision
SDC-93-0521 Bellamy, E.H. Absolute Calibration and Monitoring of a Spectrometric Channel using a Photomultiplier
SDC-93-0522 Bellettini, G. Test of Long Scintillation Counters for Supercollider Detectors
SDC-93-0524 Odaka, Shigeru Test of the Conduction Cooling of Microcrate
SDC-93-0527 Glagolev, Vladimir Hadron Shower Energy Sharing between Barrel Calorimeter Modules
SDC-93-0529 Fazely, A.R. Light Yield due to Prompt Neutrons in the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-93-0530 Smith, W.H. Proposed Clock and Control Performance Requirements
SDC-93-0531 Smith, W.H. Proposed Global Level 1 Trigger Performance Requirements
SDC-93-0532 Dasu, Sridhara Proposed SDC Level 1 Calorimeter Trigger Performance Requirements
SDC-93-0534 Bintinger, David Using Top as a Trigger for B Studies
SDC-93-0535 Remirez, O. Muon Tube: Gas Leak Rate and Crimp Studies
SDC-93-0537 Kibuule, P.M. Tests of a 5 Bit Flash ADC with NPN Diff. Amp.
SDC-93-0538 Hinchliffe, Ian How Well does SDC Need to Measure Cross-Sections?
SDC-93-0539 Fry, A. UNIDAQ: A Portable Data Acquisition System for SSC Detector R&D
SDC-93-0540 Kadel, R.W. Longitudinal Masks for SDC Tile / Fiber Calorimeters
SDC-93-0541 Takashima, Makoto E/p Studies Using Fast Shower Parametrizations
SDC-93-0542 Margulies, S. Effects of a High-Energy X-Ray Irradiation of Selected Scintillating Fibers
SDC-93-0543 Chung, Man-ho Effects of Light on Scintillating Fibers
SDC-93-0544 Zhang, Ge Measurements of Decay Time and Absolute Light Yield for Calorimeter Tile / Fiber Samples
SDC-93-0545 Byon-Wagner, A. Emission Spectra of Various Tile and Fiber Samples
SDC-93-0546 Coupal, David P. Prospects for Measuring CP Violation in SDC Using $B_d^0 \to \psi K_s^0$
SDC-93-0550 Gustafson, H.Richard Short Report Summarizing Irradiation of SCSN38
SDC-93-0551 Gustafson, H.Richard Fermiscint #1: Multifiber Tiles Irradiated in Oxygen
SDC-93-0552 Gustafson, H.Richard Results from the Irradiation of 3HF+02 in Looped and Multifiber Configurations
SDC-93-0553 Gustafson, H.Richard Results from the Irradiation of 3HF+02 Looped Tiles with Varying Concentrations
SDC-93-0554 Gustafson, H.Richard A Long Term, Low Dose Rate Test of SCSN81 Tiles
SDC-93-0555 Kaplan, D. A Simple Technique for Measurement of Wire Tension
SDC-93-0556 Yarba, Julia Offline Corrections of the Effect of Radiation Damage on the EM Calorimeter Energy Resolution
SDC-93-0557 Arena, V. A Status Report on RPCs for SDC
SDC-93-0559 Groom, Donald E. The $\pi/p$ Ratio in Hadron Calorimetry
SDC-93-0560 Behrends, S. Effects of Mispositioning of the Level 1 Muon Trigger
SDC-93-0561 Bird, Fred Performance Simulations of a Level 1 Track Trigger for the SDC Scintillating Fiber Outer Tracking Sy
SDC-93-0562 Glagolev, Vladimir SDC Electromagnetic Calorimeter Calibration using Electrons from Decays of W and Z Bosons
SDC-93-0563 Abe, K. Report on the Minitower Beam Test at KEK: Results Relating to Japanese Contributions
SDC-93-0564 Eartly, David P. The Prototyping and Evaluation of a Liquid Level Alignment Monitoring Scheme for the SDC Detector
SDC-93-0565 Glagolev, Vladimir The CP Package in the SHELL Version 8 Environment: A Highly Detailed GEANT Description of the SDC Ce
SDC-93-0566 Nomachi, Masaharu Event Builder Queue Occupancy
SDC-93-0567 Arai, Yasuo Developments of Time Memory Cell VLSI's
SDC-93-0568 Gui, M. Liquid Scintillating Fiber Calorimetry
SDC-93-0569 Hoff, Matthew D. Fabrication of Scintillator Multitiles for the LBL SDC ECEM 4x4 Test Module
SDC-93-0570 Burns, S. Radiation Hardness of Clear Optical Fibers for the SDC Calorimeter
SDC-93-0571 Temple, W. Update on SDC Level 1 Photon / Electron Trigger Studies
SDC-93-0572 Green, Dan The Effect of Inoperative Readout Layers on SDC Calorimetry
SDC-93-0573 Ball, R. UNIDAQ Documentation Set Version 2.2: Software for UNIX Based Data Acquisition.  Installation Guide,
SDC-93-0574 Tseng, C.W. Test on 72 mm Hex Head Bolts and Superbolts with Hydraulic and Mechanical Torque Wrenches
SDC-93-0575 Ganel, Opher A New Approach to Forward Calorimetry in Supercollider Experiments
SDC-93-0576 Green, Dan Neutron Dose in the SDC Hadron Calorimeter
SDC-93-0577 Arena, V. RPC Muon System: Trigger Performances, Cost Estimate & Proposed Configuration
SDC-93-0578 Kalinichenko, V.V. Magnetic Permeability Measurements of Steel for MBT Prototype Blocks
SDC-93-0579 Vorozhtsov, B. Magnetic Field Calculations for Test Model Ring of the SDC Muon Barrel Toroid
SDC-93-0581 Krishnan, Ramkumar Tcl - Tk Evaluation for the UNIDAQ Project at SDC, SSCL
SDC-93-0582 Savard, P. An a-Si:H Gas Microstrip Detector
SDC-93-0583 Thur, William SDC Endcap EM Calorimeter Radiation Damaged Scintillator Replacement Scenario for the Tile Tray Desi
SDC-93-0584 Tung, Elise Y. Top-Down Design of a Prototype VME Slave Interface
SDC-93-0586 Yamaoka, Hiroshi Development of a Brazed Aluminum Honeycomb Vacuum Vessel for a Thin Superconducting Solenoid Magnet
SDC-93-0587 Sirotenko, V. Neutron and Gamma Fluences on Muon Chambers in BL-4 Shielding Geometry
SDC-93-0598 Sasaki, Osamu Testing of Relock Time of HP g Link Chip Set
SDC-NOTE-51 Gilchriese, M. Accumulated Luminosity Design Goal for the SDC Detector
SDC-NOTE-92-0208 Hubbard, Bradley Description of the Silicon Tracking Simulation
SDC-NOTE-92-0209 Hubbard, Bradley Description of the TS Track Reconstruction Package