Fermilab Technical Publications

Fermilab is required by Order 241.1 of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information, to appropriately manage its scientific and technical information (STI). The following is taken from this Order:

PURPOSE: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) produces scientific and technical information (STI) in the course of performing research and development (R&D) and other science and technology activities. The purpose of this directive is to ensure that STI is appropriately managed as part of the DOE mission to enable the advancement of scientific knowledge and technological innovation. Therefore, the objectives of this order are to:

  1. establish DOE requirements and responsibilities to ensure that Departmental STI is appropriately identified, disseminated, preserved, and accessible to policy makers, the scientific community, and the public within the boundaries of laws, regulations, Executive orders, other DOE requirements, and program needs and resources; and
  2. provide high-level requirements for safeguarding classified, Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI), and controlled unclassified information (CUI) in order to protect STI when mandated by laws, regulations, Executive orders, and other DOE requirements.

The full order: DOE O 241.1B Chg 1.

Why submit technical publications?

  • Dissemination of knowledge
  • To fulfill Fermilab's contractual requirements with DOE. The number of scientific and technical publications published is listed in annual DOE scorecard reports. Scientific and technical publications are Fermilab's end product.

Who submits?

  • FRA Employees. This includes scientific and technical publications that list FRA Employees on the author list
  • Guest Scientists, Visitors, Users, and Members of a Collaboration, reporting work done using Fermilab facilities

What is submitted

All theses and scientific and technical publications written for external distribution.

  • Theses
    • Bachelors
    • Masters
    • Doctoral dissertations
  • scientific and technical publications
    • Preprints intended for publication in a peer-reviewed journal
    • Conference reports
    • Technical memos documenting equipment or other technology
    • Fermilab notes - short papers not intended for journals or conferences
    • Posters and presentation slides.
  • Does not include internal notes.