Fermilab Technical Publications: VLHCPUB Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-230 Friant, J.E. Pipetron Tunnel Construction Issues
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-230 Friant, James E. Pipetron Tunnel Construction Issues
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-229 Mishra, C.S. Very Large Hadron Collider Information Packet
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-228 1999 VLHC Annual Report
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-227 Progress toward the Very Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-226 Syphers, M.J. Beyond the LHC: A Conceptual approach to a future high energy hadron collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-224 Oddone, P. HEPAP Subpanel Report on Planning for the Future of U.S. High-Energy Physics
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-223 Harrison, Mike Towards a Very Large Hadron Collider - Accelerator issues and \& status
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-222 Balkakov, B. Ground vibration measurements for Fermilab future collider projects
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-221 Andreev, N. Fabrication and testing of a high field dipole mechanical model
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-220 Ambrosio, G. Study of the react and wind technique for a Nb(3)Sn common coil dipole
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-219 Ambrosio, G. Mechanical design and analysis of the Fermilab 11-T Nb(3)Sn dipole model
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-218 Sabbi, G. Conceptual design of a common coil dipole for VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-216 Dugan, G. Really Large Hadron Colliders
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-215 Peggs, Stephen G. Lattice optimization for a Really Large Hadron Collider (RLHC)
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-214 Arenius, D. VLHC Accelerator Technologies Workshop, Jefferson Lab, February 8-11, 1999: Cryogenics and Beam Scre
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-212 Chichili, D.R. Niobium-tin magnet technology development at Fermilab
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-211 Gupta, R. Common coil magnet system for VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-210 Caspi, S. Mechanical design of a high field common coil magnet
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-209 Benjegerdes, R. Operational characteristics, parameters, and history of a (13T) Nb$_3$Sn dipole
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-208 Ghosh, A.K. A common coil magnet for testing high field superconductors
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-207 DiMarco, J. Measurements of a crenelated iron pole tip for the VLHC transmission line magnet
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-206 Battle, C. Optimization of block-coil dipoles for hadron colliders
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-205 Foster, G.W. Conductor design for the VLHC transmission line magnet
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-204 Larbalestier, D.C. Prospects for the use of high temperature superconductors in high field accelerator magnets
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-203 Ambrosio, G. Conceptual design of the Fermilab Nb3Sn high field dipole model
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-202 Chow, K. Fabrication and test results of a Nb$_3$Sn superconducting racetrack dipole magnet
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-201 Dugan, G. 50-TeV high-field VLHC with a low field injector
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-200 Dugan, G. Very Large Hadron Collider R&D
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-199 Zlobin, A.V. Comparison of cost for the NbTi and Nb3Sn 10 tesla magnets
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-198 Chichili, Deepak R. Investigation of the mechanical properties of epoxy impregnated NbTi composite
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-197 Arkan, T.T. Studies on S-2 fiber glass insulation for Nb(3)Sn cable
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-196 Chichili, D.R. Epoxy impregnation of ten-stack NbTi cables with S-2 fiber glass insulation
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-195 Barzi, Emanuela Error Analysis of Short Sample Jc Measurements at the Short Sample Test Facility
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-194 Chichili, Deepak R. A Review of Nb3Sn Dipole Magnets: Mechanical Design and Fabrication
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-193 Ozeliz, J. The Fermilab Short Sample Testing Facility System Description and Integration
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-192 Barzi, Emanuela Short Samples Measuring Techniques
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-191 Barzi, Emanuela Review of Superconductors for HFM
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-190 Yamada, Ryuji Design study of 45-mm bore dipole magnet for 11 to 12 Tesla field
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-189 Ambrosio, G. Superconductor Requirements for the HFM Program at Fermilab
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-188 Kashikhin, V.V. Sensitivity of Field Harmonics in Nb3Sn Dipole Magnet to the Correction Strip Position
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-187 Wake, Masayoshi Quench Protection Requirement of VLHC and Other Magnets
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-186 Wake, Masayoshi Conductor Current Density and Magnet Design Variations
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-185 Bauer, P. Preliminary Quench-Protection Calculations for the 1st Fermilab Common Coil React and Wind NB3Sn Hig
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-184 Bauer, P. Design of a Sample Holder for Measurements of Nb3Sn Cable Critical Current Under Transverse Loading
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-183 Kashikhin, V.V. Comparison of Correcting Capability of Passive Correctors Based on a Thin Pipe and Thin Strips
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-182 Kashikhin, V.V. Correction of Coil Magnetization Effect in Nb3Sn High Field Dipole Magnet Using Thin Iron Strips
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-181 Yadav, S. An Analysis of the Coil Ends for the First High Field Magnet Mechanical Model
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-180 Bauer, P. Critical Current Measurements of Superconducting Cables at the National High Magnetic Field Laborato
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-179 Moeller, J. Study of Saturation Effect in 43.5-mm High Field Dipole Magnet Design
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-178 Chichili, D.R. Mechanical and Sensitivity Analysis of 43.5 mm bore Nb3Sn Dipole Model
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-177 Bauer, P. Very Large Hadron Collider Beam Screen Design Preliminary Investigation of Space Requirements
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-176 Ambrosio, G. Mechanical Design and Analysis of a 40mm Aperture High Field Nb3Sn Dipole Using Skin Welding to Appl
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-175 Chichili, Deepak R. Mechanical Analysis of the 44.5 mm bore Nb3Sn Dipole Magnet
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-174 Kashikhin, Vadim First High Field Magnet Cross-Section Design
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-173 Yadav, S. Design and Fabrication of End Parts for the First High Field Magnet Mechanical Model
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-172 Yadav, S. Epoxies for Cryogenic Applications
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-171 Yamada, R. Saturation Effect and Field Correction Using Holes in Yoke
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-170 Moeller, J. ANSYS Procedure for 2D Field Analysis and Iron Saturation Study
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-169 Kashikhin, V.V. 40-mm Bore Dipole Cross-Section using Cable Made of 1-mm-Diameter Nb3Sn Strand
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-168 Yamada, Ryuji Design study of 45-mm bore dipole magnet for 11 to 12 Tesla field
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-167 Ambrosio, G. 40-mm Bore HFM Cross-Section Design with 0.8 mm Strand Diameter Nb3Sn Cable
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-166 Barzi, Emanuela Ic Degradation Due to Cabling in Internal Tin Nb3Sn
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-165 Terechkine, I. First Results of Magnetic Analysis for a High Field Dipole Model
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-164 Barzi, Emanuela Sumitomo's Nb3Al Jc Measurements at the Short Sample Test Facility
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-163 Sabbi, G. Magnetic Design of Small-Aperture Dipoles of the Shell and Block Type
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-162 Limon, Peter Tunnel Visions
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-161 Dugan, Gerry VLHC Questions and Answers
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-160 Mokhov, Nikolai Energy Deposition Working Group Summary
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-159 Sen, T. Single Particle Issues in the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-158 Jeanneret, J.B. Beam Losses and Collimation in VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-157 Drozhdin, A.I. The Very Large Hadron Collider Beam Collimation System
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-156 Syphers, M. Some Notes on Sparse Correctors
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-155 Seryi, Andrei Low-B Insertions for the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-154 Drozhdin, A.I. Energy Deposition Issues in the Very Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-153 Shiltsev, Vladimir Beam Effects in the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-152 Peggs, Stephen G. Single Particle Issues
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-151 Yamada, Ryuji 25-TeV Center of Mass Hadron Collider in VLHC Booster Tunnel
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-150 Sen, T. e-p Collider with the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-149 Syphers, Mike Accelerator Physics Issues at the SSC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-148 Holmes, Stephen D. What Have we Learned From the Tevatron Collider?
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-147 Albrow, Michael G. Physics at VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-146 Gupta, Ramesh Common Coil Magnet System (with a Large Dynamic Range)
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-145 Marriner, John Report from the VLHC Workshop on Accelerator Technology
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-144 Wanderer, Peter J. Magnet Workshop Summary
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-143 Malamud, Ernest The Very Large Hadron Collider Overview
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-142 VLHC Cryogenics \& Beam Screen Working Group
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-141 Shiltsev, V. Summary of the Working Group II 'RF, Instabilities and Feedback Systems'.
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-140 Shea, Tom Report of the Working Group on Instrumentation
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-139 Instrumentation, Controls, and Alignment
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-138 Grobner, Oswald LHC Design and VLHC Issues
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-137 MacLachlan, J.A. Is Electron Cooling Relevant to VLHC?
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-136 Malamud, E. Factors Affecting Bunch Spacing in the VLHC Discussion Paper
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-135 Johnson, Todd LVDTs and Ambient Magnetic Fields: A Cautionary Observation
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-134 Johnson, Todd A Concept for an Inexpensive Low Speed Rotary Actuator Utilizing Shape Memory Alloy Filaments
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-133 Dugan, G. Reliability/Availability Considerations for a VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-132 Syphers, Mike Accelerator Physics Issues for the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-131 Harrison, Mike VLHC Steering Committee - Goals \& Plans
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-130 Conductor Summary/Discussion
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-129 Gourlay, S. Cost Drivers for Magnets (Session Summary)
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-128 McIntyre, P. We Have Seen a Range of Local Optima to the Collider Magnet Challenge
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-127 Peggs, Stephen G. Field Quality and Related Accelerator Requirements
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-125 Sumption, M.D. Progress in Nb3Al and Bi:2212 for Accelerator Applications
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-124 Gregory, Eric IGC's Nb 3Sn Status
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-123 Suenaga, Mas VLHC Magnet Workshop HTS Status
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-122 Scanlan, R.M. VLHC Magnet Workshop Conductor Requirements and Specifications
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-121 Hassenzahl, William V. HTS BSCCO Costs
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-120 Wanderer, Peter J. BNL, Northrop-Grumman RHIC Dipole Contract Startup, Production Costs
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-119 Anerella, Mike Forging Partnerships with Industry BNL/NGC Case Study
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-118 Willen, Erich Cost Scaling for Moderate Field Magnets
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-117 Gourlay, S. Magnet Cost Issues
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-116 Willen, Erich Slotted Magnets
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-115 Tupper, Michael L. New Developements in Magnet Insulation
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-114 Gourlay, S. Construction of Common Coil Magnets
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-113 Vlhc with a full energy injector
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-112 Gupta, Ramesh Common Coil Magnet System (with a Large Dynamic Range)
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-110 Sabbi, G. Magnetic Design of Small-Aperture Dipoles of the Shell and Block Type
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-109 Gupta, Ramesh Field Quality Aspects of the Different Magnet Designs
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-108 Peggs, Stephen G. Magnet Field Quality and Lattice Design Options
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-107 Kovalenko, A.D. A Cold-Iron Low Field Magnets for the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-106 Scanlan, R.M. VLHC Magnet Workshop Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Program
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-105 Arkan, T. VLHC High Field Magnet Program at Fermilab
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-104 Sampson, W.B. VLHC Magnet Program at BNL
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-103 Dugan, G. VLHC Magnet Workshop Review of Snowmass '96 Parameters
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-102 Gupta, Ramesh Cost Reduction Stategies for VLHC High Field Option
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-101 Gupta, Ramesh Field Quality
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-100 Wanderer, Peter J. Magnet Workshop Summary
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-067 Foster, Bill Very Large Hadron Collider at Fermilab
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-066 Ng, King-Yuen Beam Stability Issues of 3 TeV Low-Field Collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-065 Krstulovich, Steve Dehumidification Options
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-064 Satti, John A. 3 Tev RF Cooling System Design Proposal and Cost Estimate
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-063 Murphy, C.T. Alignment Issues for the 3 TeV Ring
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-062 Marriner, John Slow Extraction from the 3 TeV Injector for the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-061 Malamud, Ernest Proposed Research and Development Plan
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-060 Lach, Joseph Geology and Tunneling
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-059 Hahn, A. Instrumentation Beam Intensity and Longitudinal Measurements
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-058 Kourbanis, Ioanis RF Requirements for a 3 TeV Collider Ring
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-057 Glass, Henry D. High Field Magnet R&D for VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-056 Crisp, James L. Position Monitors for 3 TeV High Energy Booster
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-055 Anderson, Terry Examination of the Proposed VLHC Vacuum System
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-054 Michelotti, Leo P. 50-TeV high field lattice: Observations from a golden cell
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-053 Albrow, Michael G. The Very Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-051 Drozhdin, A.I. Beam abort for a 50x50 TeV hadron collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-050 Drozhdin, A.I. Beam abort and collimation for a 3x3 TeV hadron collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-049 Anderson, G. Summary of The Very Large Hadron Collider Physics and Detector Workshop
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-048 Norem, J. A High energy e+e- collider in a 'really large' tunnel
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-047 Mokhov, N. Extracted beam lines and absorbers for a 50x50 TeV hadron collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-046 Jostlein, H. Magnet alignment for a low field really large hadron collider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-045 Jostlein, H. Magnet installation and human presence in the tunnel
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-044 Bauer, R.A. Geology of the greater Fermilab region
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-043 Koepke, K. Power circuit and quench protection for the pipetron magnet transmission line
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-042 McAshan, M. Cryogenic systems for the low field RLHC study cases
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-041 Turner, William C. Beam tube vacuum in low field and high field very large hadron colliders
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-040 Brown, Bruce C. Field quality issues in iron-dominated dipoles at low fields
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-039 Rogers, Joseph T. Collective effects and impedances in the RLHC(s)
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-038 Limon, P. The optimum energy of the really large hadron collider sited at Fermilab
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-037 Malamud, E. New technologies for a future superconducting proton collider at Fermilab
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-034 Dugan, G. Really Large Hadron Collider Working Group Summary
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-033 Denisov, D. VLHC physics/detector subgroup
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-032 Denisov, D. Summary of the very large hadron collider physics and detector subgroup
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-031 Diebold, Robert E. Physics per buck and the RLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-030 Harris, Robert M. Discovery mass reach for excited quarks at hadron colliders
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-029 Cheung, King-man Discovering New Interactions at Colliders
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-028 Rizzo, Thomas G. Searches for new gauge bosons at future colliders
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-027 Rizzo, Thomas G. Searches for scalar and vector leptoquarks at future hadron colliders
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-026 Rizzo, Thomas G. Constraints on q anti-q gamma gamma contact interactions at future hadron colliders
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-025 Jones, Lawrence W. Forward Physics with the 'Pipetron'
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-024 Albrow, M.G. QCD subgroup on diffractive and forward physics
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-022 Shiltsev, Vladimir External noise issues in VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-021 Kroc, Thomas K. Synchrotron radiation in the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-020 Marriner, John A Damper to suppress low frequency transverse instabilities in the VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-017 Ishimaru, Hajime Conceptual Design Study for a Very Low-Cost Aluminum Alloy Vacuum Chamber in a High Energy Low-Field
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-015 Foster, G.W. Magnetic Calculations for Transmission-Line Magnet and Current Transformer Test Setup
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-013 Neuffer, David Discussion of parameters, lattices and beam stability for the megaCollider
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-012 Shiltsev, V.D. 'Pipetron' Beam dynamics with noise
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-011 Foster, G.W. Low cost hadron colliders at Fermilab: A Discussion paper
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-006 Foster, G.W. Local Alignment of the Transmission Line Magnet
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-005 Foster, G.W. Status report on the transmission line magnet
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-004 Danilov, V.V. On Possibility to increase the TMCI threshold by RF quadrupole
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-003 Danilov, V.V. On Transverse mode coupling instability in VLHC
FERMILAB-VLHCPUB-002 Baklakov, B. Seismic studies for Fermilab future collider projects