Fermilab Technical Publications: UPC Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-UPC-180 Kircher, F. Test of LQT-1
FERMILAB-UPC-179 Refrigeration system for the energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-178 Gormley, M.F. XIV. Control system facilities
FERMILAB-UPC-177 Walker, R.J. The Central helium liquefier
FERMILAB-UPC-176 Koepke, K. IV. Fermilab doubler magnet design and fabrication techniques
FERMILAB-UPC-175 Tollestrup, Alvin V. Progress Report - Fermilab energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-173 Gannon, J.C. Refrigerator process control system for the SSC
FERMILAB-UPC-172 Ohnuma, S. Sextupole component b(2) of doubler dipoles at low fields
FERMILAB-UPC-171 Brown, B.C. Saver dipole persistent current hysteresis effects
FERMILAB-UPC-170 Rotolo, C. Load analysis of higher order correction elements
FERMILAB-UPC-169 Cooper, W.E. MTF test of proposed low beta cooling procedure
FERMILAB-UPC-168 Russell, A.D. Effects of integral of G dl fluctuations
FERMILAB-UPC-167 Ohnuma, S. NMR measurements of saver dipoles and the horizontal closed orbit
FERMILAB-UPC-166 Ohnuma, S. Quadrupole Components in Dipoles: A Review of Problems and Their Dispositions
FERMILAB-UPC-165 Wehmann, A. Data base organization for physical and electrical measurements on energy saver dipole magnets
FERMILAB-UPC-164 Turkot, F. Effect of Probe Geometry Errors on Field Harmonic Measurements with a Rotating Coil Probe
FERMILAB-UPC-163-R Ohnuma, S. Corrections to FERMILAB-UPC-163 and FERMILAB-UPC-163-A
FERMILAB-UPC-163-A Ohnuma, S. Addenda to FERMILAB-UPC-163, "Geometry of the superconducting ring"
FERMILAB-UPC-163 Ohnuma, S. Geometry of the Superconducting Ring
FERMILAB-UPC-162 Brown, B.C. Hysteresis Effects on Sextupole Moments of Tevatron Dipoles at Injection Current
FERMILAB-UPC-161 Ohnuma, S. Data on saturation effects in the saver dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-160 Ohnuma, S. An Interim report on the Tevatron quadrupoles
FERMILAB-UPC-159 Ng, King-Yuen The Effects of Landau Cavities in the Energy Doubler: Bunch Length, Microwave Instability and Single
FERMILAB-UPC-158 Michelotti, Leo P. Doubler dipole data: A Perspective from the cross gallery
FERMILAB-UPC-157 Harrison, M. The Tevatron Injection System
FERMILAB-UPC-156 Murphy, C.T. A-sector Kautzy valve tests in SITU
FERMILAB-UPC-155 Koepke, K. Doubler system quench detection threshold
FERMILAB-UPC-154 Koepke, K. Single phase pressure pulse summary
FERMILAB-UPC-153 Harrison, M. The Tevatron abort system
FERMILAB-UPC-152 Miller, B. Transverse Active Dampers for the Tevatron
FERMILAB-UPC-151 Jostlein, H. Twist properties of current energy saver dipoles and of a modified yoke
FERMILAB-UPC-150 Ng, King-Yuen An Estimate of the longitudinal coupling impedance of the energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-149 Ng, King-Yuen Longitudinal and transverse coupling impedances of the extraction Lambertsons
FERMILAB-UPC-148 Ng, King-Yuen Longitudinal coupling impedance of pickup plates with terminations at both ends
FERMILAB-UPC-147 Jostlein, H. Behavior of a High Vacuum Lambertson Magnet Under Exposure to $H_2$ Gas
FERMILAB-UPC-146 Gray, E. Model Measurements of Lambertson Magnet End Field Corrections
FERMILAB-UPC-145 Ohnuma, S. Geometry of Long Straights
FERMILAB-UPC-144 Mizuno, H. Cold Bore Vacuum Measurements Through the Energy Doubler Sniffer Tubes
FERMILAB-UPC-143 Tollestrup, A.V. Progress in superconducting magnet technology for accelerators / storge rings
FERMILAB-UPC-142 Russell, A.D. Computer studies of some effects of skew multipole components in ES / D dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-141 Russell, A.D. Effects of Normal Multipole Components in ES / D Dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-140 Michelotti, Leo P. Survey of the ring, a trilogy: Part 1: Magnet positions, matrix partitions, and Moore-Penrose
FERMILAB-UPC-139 Tollestrup, A.V. Care and training of superconducting magnets
FERMILAB-UPC-138 Pfeffer, H. Hipotting the A2 doubler string
FERMILAB-UPC-137 Malko, J.A. Change in field intensity of Tevatron dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-136 Tollestrup, A.V. Forces and distortions in the collared coil
FERMILAB-UPC-135 Tollestrup, A.V. Summary of RT measurements TA200 - 350: June 1980
FERMILAB-UPC-134 Tollestrup, A.V. Properties of Superconducting Magnets
FERMILAB-UPC-133 Shafer, R.E. On the longitudinal coupling impedance of the energy doubler beam position detectors
FERMILAB-UPC-132 Ohnuma, S. A Reply to the Question from HEPAP: "Are the Collider Magnets Good Enough for the Collider?
FERMILAB-UPC-131 Edwards, D. Comments on Correction Package Test Procedure
FERMILAB-UPC-130 Jostlein, H. Vacuum Proposal for the Injection Straight Section E0
FERMILAB-UPC-129 Cole, F.T. Notes on a Study Week on Beam Storage in the Tevatron, April 7-11, 1980
FERMILAB-UPC-128 Ohnuma, S. Longitudinal instabilities revisited
FERMILAB-UPC-127 Shafer, R. Nonlinear characteristics of the doubler magnet yoke inductance
FERMILAB-UPC-126 Shafer, R. On the inductance of the doubler magnet system
FERMILAB-UPC-125 Ohnuma, S. Correction of skew quadrupole field in the doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-124 Russell, A.D. TEVLAT: A New program for computing lattice functions for the energy saver / doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-123 Ohnuma, S. The Quadrupole component in dipoles and the injection mismatch
FERMILAB-UPC-122 Jostlein, H. Vacuum test on a sample Lambertson magnet
FERMILAB-UPC-121 Tollestrup, A.V. Random field errors in the Tevatron dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-120 Shafer, R. ED dipole string electrical impedance measurements at B12
FERMILAB-UPC-119 Mizuno, H. Vacuum and beam lifetime in the doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-118 Ohnuma, S. Field flatness of doubler dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-117 Ohnuma, S. Comments on Beam - Beam Interaction in Storage Rings
FERMILAB-UPC-116 Ohnuma, S. Guidelines for the field quality of doubler quadrupoles
FERMILAB-UPC-115 Harrison, M. Monte Carlo studies on Tevatron extraction
FERMILAB-UPC-114 Bartelson, L. The ED / S cryostat vacuum control system
FERMILAB-UPC-113 Edwards, H. Studies on radiation shielding of energy doubler magnets (II)
FERMILAB-UPC-112 Edwards, H. Proposal for satellite refrigeration control interface
FERMILAB-UPC-111 Shafer, R. On Reducing the coupling impedance of step discontinuities in vacuum chambers
FERMILAB-UPC-110 Harrison, M. Dipole skew harmonics
FERMILAB-UPC-109 Harrison, M. Bend magnet quadrupole component
FERMILAB-UPC-108 Harrison, M. Lower order dipole harmonics
FERMILAB-UPC-107 Teng, L. Effect of $10^{11}$ proton bunch on cavity
FERMILAB-UPC-106 Harrison, M. Large Amplitude Orbits
FERMILAB-UPC-105 Gross, D. Summary of the first twelve "200" series magnets in regards to ramp rate dependence of quench curren
FERMILAB-UPC-104 Kircher, F. Some calculations about the heaters used in the EDS dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-103 Ohnuma, S. An Estimate of the Vertical Dispersion Function
FERMILAB-UPC-102 Shafer, R. The Effects of power supply ripple on the energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-101 Shafer, R. Sensitivity of Beam Position Detectors for the Tevatron
FERMILAB-UPC-100 Harrison, M. The D0 Electrostatic Septum
FERMILAB-UPC-099 Shafer, R. AC dependence of ED dipole transfer ratio with and without damping resistor
FERMILAB-UPC-098 Koepke, K. B12 quench test update
FERMILAB-UPC-097 Johnson, D.E. Normal doubler lattice
FERMILAB-UPC-096 Collins, T.L. The Great doubler shift
FERMILAB-UPC-095 Wake, M. Recent measurement results of energy doubler magnets
FERMILAB-UPC-094 Brindza, P.D. Energy Doubler Refrigeration System.
FERMILAB-UPC-093 Brindza, P. The Multiple Magnet Test Program.
FERMILAB-UPC-092 Ruggiero, A.G. The Longitudinal coupling impedance associated to the pickup devices for the energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-091 Shafer, R. Recommendation to replace existing inductance bridges for ED dipole L and Q measurements
FERMILAB-UPC-090 Shafer, R. Beam heating by wall resistivity
FERMILAB-UPC-089 Shafer, R. Coil size scaling laws for AC losses in ED dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-088 Kerns, Q.A. Multikilogauss fast kickers
FERMILAB-UPC-087 Harrison, M. Extraction III: Fast Resonant Extraction
FERMILAB-UPC-086 Tollestrup, A.V. The Amateur Magnet Builder's Handbook
FERMILAB-UPC-085 Shafer, R. Interpretation of inductance bridge measurements of ED dipoles
FERMILAB-UPC-084 Yarema, R. Notes for energy doubler correction element power supplies
FERMILAB-UPC-083 Ohnuma, S. Effects of full quenches on the field quality of dipoles. Hysteresis: Dependence of the dipole field
FERMILAB-UPC-082 Kuchnir, M. Energy doubler refrigeration load
FERMILAB-UPC-081 Ruggiero, A.G. Bunch to bunch longitudinal instabilities
FERMILAB-UPC-080 Johnson, D.E. High luminosity p p colliding beam straight section
FERMILAB-UPC-079 Collins, T. Diagram of p anti-p routes in main ring and energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-078 Bunch lengthening
FERMILAB-UPC-077 Collins, T.L. Easy low beta for the main ring
FERMILAB-UPC-076 Ayres, D. Kissing magnet design for the p p collider
FERMILAB-UPC-075 Mills, Frederick E. Doubler requirements for proton anti-proton collisions
FERMILAB-UPC-074 Mills, Frederick E. Mills transparencies on anti-p p
FERMILAB-UPC-073 Mills, Frederick E. A Scenario to achieve a luminosity of approximately 5 x $10^{29} / cm^{2}$ sec for $p\bar{p}$ collis
FERMILAB-UPC-072 Ruggiero, A.G. Individual bunch longitudinal instabilities
FERMILAB-UPC-071 Ruggiero, A.G. Considerations about the bellow
FERMILAB-UPC-070 Ruggiero, A.G. Progress report on the study of the effects which are intensity dependent in the energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-069 Griffin, J.E. Addendum to the beam pipe heating calculation
FERMILAB-UPC-068 Cox, B. Sensitivity of an energy doubler dipole to beam induced quenches
FERMILAB-UPC-067 Teng, L.C. E / D multipole field random errors and slow extraction
FERMILAB-UPC-066 Edwards, H.T. Good field region of the design bend magnet and expected behavior of extraction
FERMILAB-UPC-065 Griffin, J. RF requirements for Tevatron use with anti-p p colliding beams
FERMILAB-UPC-064 Kerns, Q. Tevatron RF report
FERMILAB-UPC-063 Higgins, E. Beam position monitoring
FERMILAB-UPC-062 Nicol, T. QB quadrupole / spool package: Status report and service description
FERMILAB-UPC-061 Kircher, F. Test of LCP2 inside QB6
FERMILAB-UPC-060 Edwards, D. Notes on excitation of correction and adjustment elements
FERMILAB-UPC-059 Collins, T. Lattices for the doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-058 Collins, T.L. Doubler lattice and phase - amplitude functions
FERMILAB-UPC-057 Orr, J.R. Energy doubler magnet installation
FERMILAB-UPC-056 Rode, C.H. A1 cryogenic magnet runs
FERMILAB-UPC-055 Koepke, K. B12 doubler magnet operating experience
FERMILAB-UPC-054 Ecklund, S. Vacuum requirements for anti-p p colliding beams
FERMILAB-UPC-053 Limon, P. Energy doubler vacuum system
FERMILAB-UPC-052 Rode, C. Energy doubler tunnel cryogenic components
FERMILAB-UPC-051 Rode, C. Energy doubler refrigerator system
FERMILAB-UPC-050 Tool, G.S. Energy doubler ripple reduction and regulation
FERMILAB-UPC-049 Flora, R. Return bus quench protection
FERMILAB-UPC-048 Tool, G.S. Energy doubler power supply location
FERMILAB-UPC-047 Flora, R. Energy doubler magnet power supply and quench protection
FERMILAB-UPC-046 Snowdon, S.C. Uniform use of 4-inch bore magnets in doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-045 Snowdon, S. Doubler dipole and quadrupole design field specifications
FERMILAB-UPC-044 Snowdon, S. Doubler dipole and quadrupole design field specifications
FERMILAB-UPC-043 Gross, D. Studies of some energy doubler magnet properties
FERMILAB-UPC-042 Kalbfleisch, G.R. Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-UPC-041 Edwards, H.T. Design of the energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-040 Mori, S. Supplement
FERMILAB-UPC-039 McCarthy, J. Pulsed magnet for the doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-038 Mccarthy, J.D. Main ring extraction and doubler injection kicker
FERMILAB-UPC-037 Shafer, R. Transmission line characteristics of energy doubler dipole strings
FERMILAB-UPC-036 Miller, B. Transverse active dampers for the Tevatron
FERMILAB-UPC-035 Kerns, Q. Energy doubler abort kicker
FERMILAB-UPC-034 Edwards, D.A. Comparison of half integer and third integer extraction for the energy doubler. 1. Basic processes
FERMILAB-UPC-033 Ohnuma, S. Heat loss by wall resistivity
FERMILAB-UPC-032 Cole, F.T. Status of magnetic measurements of energy doubler magnets
FERMILAB-UPC-031 Shafer, R. Study of eddy current effects in energy doubler dipole magnets
FERMILAB-UPC-030 Edwards, H. Studies on radiation shielding of energy doubler magnets (1)
FERMILAB-UPC-029 Ohnuma, S. Effects of full quenches and warm-cool cycle on multipole contents
FERMILAB-UPC-028 Ohnuma, S. Multipole fields in doubler dipoles: Review
FERMILAB-UPC-027 Harrison, M. Extraction II: Local orbit bumps, extracted beam phase space and an initial look at fast resonant ex
FERMILAB-UPC-026 Limon, P. Electron - proton instabilities in the energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-025 Edwards, D. Correction and adjustment magnet system progress report for meeting of 1 December 1978
FERMILAB-UPC-024 Johnson, D.E. Preliminary doubler low beta insertion
FERMILAB-UPC-023 Collins, T. High eta for stacking
FERMILAB-UPC-022 Edwards, D.A. Effect of a High Beta Insertion on Resonant Extraction from the Energy Doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-020 Turkot, F. Energy doubler beam abort system
FERMILAB-UPC-019 Ohnuma, S. Beam transfer: Normal and reverse directions
FERMILAB-UPC-018 Teng, L.C. Layout of MR and ED functions in long straight sections
FERMILAB-UPC-017 Teng, L.C. Energy doubler circumference: p p colliding beams considerations
FERMILAB-UPC-016 Harrison, M. Magnet aperture and extraction
FERMILAB-UPC-014 Collins, T.L. High-beta straight sections for the doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-013 Ohnuma, S. Center coordinates from DC and AC data
FERMILAB-UPC-012 Ohnuma, S. Averaging for RDA101
FERMILAB-UPC-011 Ohnuma, S. Doubler dipole file
FERMILAB-UPC-010 Ohnuma, S. Harmonic components of the doubler dipole field in DC and AC modes
FERMILAB-UPC-009 Ohnuma, S. Field quality of dipoles for the doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-008 Ohnuma, S. Field quality of dipoles in the tunnel
FERMILAB-UPC-007 Ohnuma, S. Multipole components of the dipole field
FERMILAB-UPC-005 Edwards, D.A. Comments on pressure bump instability in the energy doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-004 Edwards, H. Dipole acceptance criteria
FERMILAB-UPC-003 Limon, P. The Pressure bump instability in the Fermilab doubler
FERMILAB-UPC-002 Collins, T.L. Radiation on magnet coils from the wire septum
FERMILAB-UPC-001 Collins, T.L. The Abortable beam