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FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0132-CSAID Tran, Nhan Viet Data Reduction Codesign at the Extreme Edge (XDR)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0131-CSAID Tucker, Douglas L. A Tutorial Set to Prepare for Science with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0117-AD Rakhno, Igor L. Status of the MARS Code
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0116-AD Ammigan, Kavin Novel Materials for Next-Generation Accelerator Target Facilities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0114-TD Baldini, Maria First Results of AUP $Nb_{3}Sn$ Quadrupole Horizontal Tests
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0113-CMS-CSAID-PPD Pedro, Kevin Jerome Dark QCD: the Next Frontier in Dark Matter
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0112-AD Ganguly, Sudeshna Neutrino Program at Fermilab - Enhancing Proton Beam Power and Accelerator Infrastructure
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0111-T Fleming, George T. Matching Curved Lattices to Anisotropic Tangent Planes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0110-AD. Ganguly, Sudeshna Neutrino Beam Instrumentation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0109-AD Ganguly, Sudeshna Introduction to Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0108-STUDENT Callahan, Quinn My Experience as a BIP Intern at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0105-STUDENT Medina, Isaac Capstone Project Presentation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0104-STUDENT Washburn, Luke Internship Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0103-STUDENT Viramontes, Trey BIP Capstone Project
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0102-AD Romanov, Aleksandr Leonidovich Complete 6D Tracking of a Single Electron in the IOTA Ring
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0098-TD Posen, Samuel Elliott High Q Cavities for Accelerators and Detectors
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0096-CSAID Tran, Nhan V. Accelerating Scientific Discoveries with Real-Time Intelligent Sensing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0095-V Furmanski, Andrew P. Kinematic Imbalance Measurements with Pionless Events at MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0094-ITD Bobyshev, Andrey Fermilab Site report for ESCC Spring 2024 meeting
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0093-STUDENT Prashanth, Prajwal Chidri Spring Business Intern Program Capstone Presentation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0092-ETD Kroc, Thomas Knight Highlighting the Utilization of the Compact Superconducting Accelerator to Maximize the Potential fo
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0090-CSAID Wang, Michael H.L.S. An Intermediate Level Trigger Supernova Pointing Trigger for DUNE Using In-Storage AI
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0085-STUDENT Mork, Simon D. Implementation of a Time-domain Cosmic-Ray-Muon Tagger for the NEXUS Low-background Cryogenic Facili
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0083-PPD Pandey, Vishvas Impact of Interaction Uncertainties on Neutrino-Nucleus Cross Section Measurements
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0082-STUDENT Smith, Kevin Uncertainties in ICARUS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0080-AD Stancari, Giulio Beam Physics Research in IOTA/FAST at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0079-AD Ganguly, Sudeshna Neutrino Program at Fermilab - Enhancing Proton Beam Power and Accelerator Infrastructure
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0075-PPD Vockerodt, Kevin J. Measuring Muon Antineutrino Charged-Current Interactions Without Mesons in the Final State, in the N
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0073-AD Stancari, Giulio Interferometry of Undulator Radiation from Single Electrons (CLARA)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0072-AD Stancari, Giulio The Scientific Program: Conducting Experiments at IOTA/FAST
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0071-AD Stancari, Giulio Beam Physics Research in IOTA/FAST at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0070-STUDENT Kim, Terry Characterization of Non-Science Grade DESI CCDs and Creating Additional ICARUS Monitoring Metrics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0069-TD Belomestnykh, Sergey [Accelerator] R&D for Future Colliders
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0068-AD Romanov, Aleksandr Single-Electron Tracking (SETI)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0067-AD Romanov, Aleksandr The IOTA/FAST Facility: Status, Performance, Upgrades
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0066-STUDENT Hendricks, Jacob Capstone Project Presentation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0065-CMS-CSAID-PPD Pedro, Kevin Evolution of Generation and Simulation Techniques in the AI/ML Era
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0063-CSAID Flumerfelt, Eric L. The DUNE DAQ Application Framework
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0061-T Hoeche, Stefan Summary on Theory and Measurements
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0060-AD-LBNF Convery, Mary E. The LBNF/DUNE Complex for Neutrino Science
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0059-V Hernández Morquecho, Miguel Angel Detection of MeV-Scale Gammas from Pion/Muon Nuclear Capture With the LArIAT Liquid Argon TPC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0055-CMS-CSAID Harris, Robert M. Career Mentoring for Postdoctoral Researchers at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0054-SQMS Cervantes, Raphael SERAPH: Wavelike Dark Matter Searches with SRF Cavities and Superconducting Qubits at SQMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0052-ETD Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Tobin Stronger and Durable Pavement Infrastructure using Accelerator Technology: Accelerator Status
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0051-AD Burleigh, Abe Novel Materials R&D for Next-Generation Accelerator Target Facilities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0049-SQMS Hollister, Matthew Ian A Review of Ultralow Temperature and Low Background Facilities at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0048-CMS Cummings, Grace Elaine Precision Timing Characterization in Dual Readout Homogenous Crystal Calorimeters
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0047-ETD Kroc, Thomas K. Bridging the Gap with R&D to Ensure a Proactive Approach to Optimized Sterilization
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0046-AD-PIP2 Geelhoed, Michael PIP-II Project Installation Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0045-ETD Kroc, Thomas K. Compact Stand-Alone Superconducting RF Accelerators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0044-ETD Perdue, Gabriel N. Quantum Computing at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0043-SQMS Bornman, Nicholas The Quantum Algorithmic Reach of a High-Q RF Cavity Platform
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0042-PPD Botti, Ana Martina Partial Charge Collection and Quantum Efficiency of a Back-Illuminated Skipper-CCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0040-LDRD-PPD Drlica-Wagner, Karl Astronomical Spectroscopy with Skipper CCDs: A Skipper CCD Focal Plane Prototype at SIFS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0039 Dutta, Irene AC-LGADs for 4D Tracking
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0038-SQMS Huang, Ziwen Fast ZZ-Free Entangling Gates for Superconducting Qubits Assisted by a Driven Resonator
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0037-SQMS-TD Posen, Samuel Elliott Overview of the Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems (SQMS) Center, a US Department of Ener
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0036-ETD Li, Cheong yiu Noise-Induced Transition in Optimal Solutions of Variational Quantum Algorithms
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0035-SQMS Kurkcuoglu, Doga Murat Quantum Simulation of $\Phi^4$ Theories in Qudit Systems
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0034-SQMS Cervantes, Raphael Wavelike Dark Matter Searches with SRF Cavities and Superconducting Qubits at SQMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0033-SQMS Cervantes, Raphael Wavelike Dark Matter Searches with SRF Cavities and Superconducting Qubits at SQMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0029-PPD Howard, Bruce Neutrino Hunting with Liquid Argon Neutrino Detectors at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0026-AD St. John, Jason Michael Rapid Tuning of Synchrotron Surrogate Models at the Recycler Ring
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0025-SQMS Cervantes, Raphael Dark Matter Searches with SRF Cavities at SQMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0023-SQMS Giaccone, Bianca Dark Sector and Gravitational Waves Searches with SRF Cavities at SQMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0022-ETD Kroc, Thomas K. Challenges for Industry Investment in Accelerator Technologies
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0021-AD Valishev, Alexander A. Fermilab Accelerator Complex Evolution (ACE)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0020-TD Luo, Tianhuan NCRF and SRF R&D Needs and Priorities for the Next 3-5 Years
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0019-V Wu, Wanwei Latest Results from the MicroBooNE Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0018-V Aliaga, Leo Exploring 2p2h Signatures in Muon-Neutrino Charged-Current Measurements at NOvA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0017-AD Alexahin, Yuri I. MAP 3 TeV Lattice and IR Design Studies
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0016-SQMS Krasnikova, Yulia V. Magnetic Fluctuations as a Potential Source of Losses in Superconducting Quantum Devices
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0015-AD Nagaslaev, Vladimir P. Feasibility Study for Crystal Shadowing in 8GeV Slow Extraction at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0014-AD Nagaslaev, Vladimir P. First Experience with Slow Extraction Commissioning at Fermilab Delivery Ring
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0013-T-V Chang, Jae Hyeok Dynamical Generation of the Baryon Asymmetry from a Scale Hierarchy
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0012-AD Narayanan, Aakaash Machine Learning in Spill Regulation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0011-AD Narayanan, Aakaash Transit Time Simulation Studies
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0007-AD Alvarez, Matthew Electrostatic Septa Development at FNAL
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0006-SQMS Grassellino, Anna SQMS Center Progress and Highlights and response to PAC recommendations
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0005-ETD-PPD Braga, Davide Design of a Low-Jitter 10 GHz PLL for a 12-bit 10-GSPS Cryogenic ADC for Quantum Readout in 22FDX
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0004-ETD-PPD Braga, Davide Design of a 12-bit 10-GSPS Cryogenic ADC for Quantum Readout
FERMILAB-SLIDES-24-0002-CSAID Tucker, Douglas L. Dr. Sahar Said Allam (1964-2022): A Memoriam
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0888-PPD Howard, Bruce Neutrino Hunting with the Short and Long-Baseline Neutrino Programs at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0410-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir Complexity: from Turbulence to Accelerators to Poetry
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0409-SQMS Roy, Tanay Building Qudit-Based Quantum Computing Architecture using SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0408-AD Bhardwaj, Gopika An Open Source MLOps Pipeline for Particle Accelerators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0407-PPD Kiburg, Brendan Wishlist for g-2 at Tau 2025
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0406-V Reinhart, Martin Democratic Aspirations and Institutional Constraints: The Governance of Large Research Collaboration
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0405-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir The 2020-2023 US HEP Planning Process: from Snowmass to P5 Accelerator Frontier Aspects
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0404-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir Muon Colliders? Why Muon Colliders?
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0403-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir Plasma Wakefield Accelerator-Based Low Emittance Muon Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0402-TD Eremeev, Grigory Tunability / robustness of Nb3Sn
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0401-STUDENT Ayantayo, Mubarak Light Dark Matter (e)xperiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0400-AD-STUDENT Goldenberg, Hannah Final Co-op Presentation Fall 2023
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0399-AD-CMS Case, Jennifer Modernizing Fermilab s Control Hardware
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0398-SQMS-TD Giaccone, Bianca SQMS: MAGO 1.0 and other activities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0395-STUDENT Mork, Simon Neutron Calibration Studies for the SuperCDMS SNOLAB Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0394-STUDENT Browning, Cole InfraBREAD: Characterization of Optically Smooth Reflector Parts
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0393-STUDENT Wagner, Grace Testing the Jump Finding Code for NEXUS Qubit Analysis
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0392-STUDENT Tamargo-Arizmendi, Marcos E. Simulation Based Inference with Domain Adaptation for Strong Gravitational Lensing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0391-STUDENT Sheemanto, Zara Counting Calories: Light Yield Studies for ADRIANO Calorimeter Prototype
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0390-STUDENT Chicoine, Nathalie Weak Gravitational Lensing of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies in the Dark Energy Year 3 Catalog
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0389-STUDENT Kim, Terry DarkNESS: Characterization of Space Multi-Chip Module Skipper-CCDs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0388-STUDENT Smith, Kevin Detector Related Uncertainties in ICARUS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0387-STUDENT Zhao, Larry Measurement of Rayleigh Scattering in Liquid Argon at Vacuum Ultraviolet Wavelengths
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0386-CSAID Tran, Nhan Fast ML to accelerate scientific discovery & the edge of tomorrow
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0384-ND Toups, Matt Neutrino physics beyond the current paradigm
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0383-ND Lackey, Teresa NOvA Current Status and Future Prospects
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0382-STUDENT Bibian, Alexis Mu2e - Extinction Monitor Research & Development
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0381-T Grebe, Anthony V. Nuclear Matrix Elements for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay from Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0380-CSAID Roncoli, Andrea Domain Adaptive Graph Neural Networks for Constraining Cosmological Parameters Across Multiple Data
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0379-CSAID Nevin, Becky Simulation-based Inference Cosmology from Strong Lensing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0378-CSAID Nevin, Becky Assessing and benchmarking the fidelity of posterior inference methods for astrophysics data analysi
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0377-SQMS Cervantes, Raphael Dark Matter and other BSM searches with SRF cavities at SQMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0376-T Grebe, Anthony V. Lattice QCD for Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0375-SQMS-TD Giaccone, Bianca Dark Matter and other BSM searches with SRF cavities at SQMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0374-CSAID Stoughton, Chris GQuEST: Gravity from the Quantum Entanglement of Space Time
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0373-CMS-PPD Apresyan, A. Development of CMOS Sensors for HEP with a US-based foundry
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0372-CMS-PPD Merkel, Petra Introduction to CPAD and the RDCs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0371-CMS-PPD Apresyan, A. 3D Integrated Sensing Solutions
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0370-ND Howard, Bruce Neutrino Hunting with Liquid Argon Neutrino Detectors at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0369-ND Escobar, Carlos O. VUV light collection enhancement with metasurface lenses
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0368-CMS Babbar, Jyoti CMS High Granularity Calorimeter ECON-D ASIC overview and radiation testing results
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0367-PPD Linehan, Ryan Superconducting Qubits for Dark Matter Detection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0363-T Wang, Isaac R. ALP-Assisted Electroweak Phase Transition and Baryogenesis
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0362-AD Ammigan, Kavin HRMT-60 RaDIATE HiRadMat Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0361-AD Ammigan, Kavin Novel Materials R&D for Next-Generation Accelerator Target Facilities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0360-ND Kish, Alexander Analog optical signal transmission for HEP experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0359-ND Pandey, Vishvas Uncertainties in Low-energy Neutrino-nucleus Scattering
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0358-CMS-PPD Merkel, Petra Position sensitive device technologies for particle physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0356-T Grebe, Anthony V. Towards Lattice QCD Calculations of Pion Production
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0355-V Anyang, Kester Sapphire substrate qubit-based detector for light dark matter search
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0352 Prais, Luiz Ricardo Search for CP-violating Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions with the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0351-ETD-STUDENT Seidel, Olivia 22FDX Cryogenic Modeling
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0350-ETD Yoo, Jieun Smart pixel sensors Towards on-sensor filtering of pixel clusters with deep learning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0349-AD Eldred, Jeff Accelerator challenges in the Fermilab Neutrino Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0348-ETD-LDRD-PPD Temples, Dylan J. Kinetic Inductance Phonon-Mediated Detectors for Dark Matter: R&D at NEXUS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0347-ETD Temples, Dylan J. Optical Strain Sensing for Particle Detection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0346-ND-V Englezos, Panagiotis TinyTPC - A test stand for photosensitive dopants
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0345-ND Psihas, Fernanda R&D for LAr + Xe + photosensitive dopants
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0343-ND Seo, Sunny Physics Potential of a Future Large n Detector in Korea
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0342-ND Seo, Seon-Hee NNN23 Summary
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0341-ND Zennamo, Joseph Xenon-Doped Liquid Argon TPCs as a Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Platform
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0340-T Parke, Stephen The Near Term Race for the Neutrino Mass Ordering
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0339-T Quigg, Chris From the “Nuclear Mill” to the Large Hadron Collider… and Beyond
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0338-ITD Bobyshev, Andrey Fermilab Site Report for Fall 2023 ESCC Meeting
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0337-V Diurba, Richard Meas. K+ -Ar Total Inelastic Cross Section at ProtoDUNE-SP
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0335-CMS Zoi, Irene Design and Construction of the CMS Outer Tracker for the Phase-2 Upgrade
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0334-AD Edstrom, D., Jr. Status of the IOTA Proton Injector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0333-CSAID White, Brandon State of Rucio at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0332-AD Piekarz, Henryk Rapid-Cycling HTS-Based Magnets for Muon Acceleration
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0331-ND Howard, Bruce Status and perspective of ICARUS at the Fermilab Short-Baseline Neutrino Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0330-AD Banerjee, Nilanjan Experiments on Electron Cooling and Intense Space-Charge at IOTA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0329-SQMS Giaccone, Bianca Dark Matter and Other BSM Searches with SRF Cavities at SQMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0327-ETD Kroc, Thomas What Tech Will Help Resolve the Growing Sterilization Crisis?
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0326-PPD Canepa, Anadi The Future of the Energy Frontier
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0324-CSAID Cerati, Giuseppe Benedetto A Multipurpose Graph Neural Network for Reconstruction in LArTPC Detectors
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0322-AD-PIP2 Hanlet, Pierrick State Machine Operation of Complex Systems
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0320-ND Pandey, Vishvas Short-Baseline Near Detector (SBND): Neutrino Interactions Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0320-ND Pandey, Vishvas Short-Baseline Near Detector (SBND): Neutrino Interactions Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0318-AD Finstrom, Denise ACORN Project
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0316-T Grebe, Anthony V. Nucleon-Pion Spectroscopy with Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0315-T Hoeche, Stefan Parton showers and matching for top physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0314-SQMS Colantoni, I. The underground Round Robin
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0313-AD Nicklaus, Dennis J. Controls at the Fermilab PIP-II Superconducting Linac
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0312-AD Case, Jennifer Enabling Tech Transfer through Reporting Practices
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0311-CSAID Arnold, Jeremy Edge AI for accelerator controls (READS): beam loss deblending
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0310-CSAID Mitrevski, Jovan Low Energy LArTPC Signal Detection Using Anomaly Detection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0309-CSAID Genser, Krzysztof Open and new Geant4 requirements - HEP Intensity and Cosmic Frontier experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0307-V Diurba, Richard Status of Measuring Cross Sections of Hadrons on Argon with ProtoDUNE-SP
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0306-PPD Freeman, Jim Status of Scintillator Development at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0305-CSAID Yarba, Julia Update on Tuning Geant4 FTF Parameters
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0304-CSAID Yarba, Julia Introducing Tunes in Geant4 Hadronic Models
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0303-AD-CMS-CSAID Acosta Flechas, Maria Paola The Elastic Analysis Facility (EAF) at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0302-CSAID Lima, Guilherme In-memory Geometry Converter
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0301-ETD-PPD Braga, Davide Chip Development Toward 12 bit 10 GSPS Cryogenic ADC for Multiplexed Quantum Readout
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0300-SQMS Bal, Mustafa Novel Materials for High Coherence Superconducting Quantum Devices
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0298-T Hoche, Stefan From partons to jets and back Simulating QCD interactions at highest energies
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0297-SQMS-TD Posen, Sam Application of Nb3Sn coating technology from particle accelerators to cavities for multi-tesla axion
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0294-CMS Tkaczyk, Slawek CMS Physics Results in the LHC Runs 2,3
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0293-SQMS-TD Murthy, Akshay Detailed Structural and Chemical Analysis of Amorphous Compounds in Superconducting Qubit Systems
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0292-SQMS Cervantes, Raphael SERAPH: Wavelike Dark Matter Searches with SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0290-SQMS-TD Posen, Sam Nb3Sn for Axion Searches
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0289-T Capdevilla, Rodolfo The Muon g-2 Puzzle and Implications for a Muon Beam Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0288-SQMS Giaccone, Bianca Status of MAGO activities at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0286-TD Velev, G. Status of the facility for high field cable testing at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0285-ETD Lykken, Joe Wormhole teleportation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0284-SQMS Roy, Tanay Towards multi-qudit quantum processor using superconducting RF cavities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0283-SQMS Roy, Tanay Advances in SRF cavity architectures for quantum computing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0282-TD Gourlay, Steve Technology Demands of a Muon Collider and its Relation to other HEP Projects
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0281-ND Singh, Prabhjot Neutrino Scattering in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0279-AD Ainsworth, Rob High Power Proton beam for DUNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0278-V Mutus, Josh Algorithm driven fault tolerant architectures based on superconducting qubits
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0276-SQMS Krasnikova, Yulia V. Magnetic Fluctuations in Niobium Pentoxide
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0274-V Muether, Mathew Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0273-T Carena, Marcela Paving the Way for Electroweak Baryogenesis
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0272-T Capdevilla, Rodolfo (Exotic) Signal Benchmarks for a Muon Collider: Part II
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0270-AD-CSAID Hazelwood, Kyle J. Accelerator Real-Time Edge AI for Distributed Systems (READS) Disentangling Beam Losses in the Fermi
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0269-V Sutton, Andrew ANNIE: the Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0268-V Sutton, Andrew Latest Results from the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0267-TD Kashikhin, Vadim V. HTS Magnet Activity at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0265-ND Oh, Sung Bin ProtoDUNE-SP's Performance, Physics status, and Future Plans
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0264-PPD Horyn, Lesya Dibosons and other EWK measurements
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0263-AD Bidhar, Sujit Compact scalable nanofiber mass production using electrospinning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0262-AD Arora, Gaurav Advanced Material Development for Next Generation Accelerators Target Facilities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0261-AD Stancari, Giulio Beam Physics Research in IOTA/FAST at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0258-PPD Botti, A.M. The 先生 (SENSEI†) Experiment: sub-GeV dark matter searches with skipper-CCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0257-AD Nagaslaev, Vladimir Feasibility of using crystal channeling for the beam loss mitigation in Slow Extraction at 8GeV
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0254-TD Bafia, Daniel High Gradient and Q-factor SRF Performance at 1.3 GHz and 650 MHz
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0253-ETD Kroc, Thomas Permanent Magnet E-beam/X-ray Horn
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0248-AD Arora, Gaurav High-Power Targetry R&D for Next-Generation Accelerator Facilities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0246-AD Eldred, Jeff ACE: Proton beam upgrade plan at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0243-ND Zettlemoyer, Jacob Physics Opportunities at a Beam Dump Facility at PIP-II and Beyond
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0240-TD Baldini, Maria FNAL test facility
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0239-TD Baldini, Maria Fiber optic sensing for strain and temperature
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0237-V Labe, Kevin Muon Precession Lessons Learned
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0221-TD Stoynev, Stoyan Quench conditioning device. Vibrational quench conditioning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0220-PPD Saffold, Nate Oscura: Dark Matter search with 10 kg of skipper-CCDs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0219-CMS-PPD Madrid, Christopher First survey of centimeter-scale AC-LGAD strip sensors with a 120 GeV proton beam
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0218-PPD Gandrakota, Abhijith Search for New Resonances at CMS and ATLAS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0217-T Ireland, Aurora Supermassive Black Holes from Direct Inflationary Collapse
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0216-AD-PPD Marques, Gabriela DES-Y3 galaxies & ACT DR4 CMB lensing tomography
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0215-PPD Apresyan, Artur Solid State Detectors Dedicated to Fast Timing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0215-PPD Apresyan, Artur Solid State Detectors Dedicated to Fast Timing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0215-PPD Apresyan, Artur Solid State Detectors Dedicated to Fast Timing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0214-LBNF Montanari, David Overview and Status of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility Far Detectors Cryogenics System
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0213-TD Yakovlev, Vyacheslav Technology development for modern SRF accelerators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0212-CSAID Tucker, Douglas L. The Vera C. Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space & Time (LSST): An Astronomical Data Set for th
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0211-TD Pischalnikov, Yuriy Frequency stability of the SRF cavities (microphonics)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0210-T Bernreuther, Elias Light long-lived particles at colliders
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0209-PPD Drlica-Wagner, Alex Studying dark matter with observations of small-scale structure
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0208-T Parke, Stephen Theory Challenges in Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0206-CSAID Paterno, Marc Computing Challenges in Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0205-PPD Bernstein, R. The Advanced Muon Facility at Fermilab: Physics and Relationship to the Muon Collider
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0204-PPD Bernstein, Robert Fermilab Upgrades and a Future Muon Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0203-STUDENT Swaminathan, Shrijan Automated benchmarking for resource provisioning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0203-STUDENT Swaminathan, Shrijan Automated benchmarking for resource provisioning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0202-AD Boi, Steven The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0201-T Grebe, Anthony V. Nucleon-Pion Spectroscopy from Sparsened Correlators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0200-T Lamm, Hank The Price of Minkowski Lattice Gauge Theories
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0199-SQMS Roy, Tanay Qudit-based quantum computing with SRF cavities at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0198-STUDENT Wimber, Christian CMS: HGCAL Upgrade
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0197-STUDENT Jalkut, Daniel Quality Control of Silicon Wafers at the IERC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0196-STUDENT Fallico, Dominic Searching Applications of Benford’s Law to Investigate Beam Jitter
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0195-STUDENT kao, Hiu Network Calculus and Mu2e event building Network
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0194-STUDENT Debarlaben, Anita F. FermiLab TRAC Presentation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0193-STUDENT Burcham, Brian From Bits to Behemoth: 3D Printing Mockup Marvels
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0191-STUDENT Grimm, Sofia Quarknet Project: Simulating Double-Source Plane Lenses and Einstein Rings for Domain Adaptation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0190-STUDENT Coonradt, Jensen Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Visualization of Muon Tomography in the El Castillo Pyramid at Chich
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0189-STUDENT Imran, Aiman Testing the BREAD Reflector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0188-STUDENT Mattur, Yashas Developments on Wire Chambers and Beam Profile Monitoring
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0187-STUDENT Li, Brian 3D Visualization and Analysis of Kukulkan Pyramid Using Muon Tomography
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0186-STUDENT Gallagher, Andrew Chasing Neutrinos: A Hands-on Journey with LArTPCs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0185-PPD Venanzoni, Graziano New Results from the Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0184-CMS-PPD Dickinson, Jennet Boosted Higgs production via vector boson fusion with the CMS experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0183-SQMS Hollister, Matthew Cryogenics for Superconducting Quantum Information Science
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0182-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly Pidgin and Creole Simulation Codes in High-Energy Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0180-PPD Dickinson, Jennet Elizabeth Smart Pixels with Data Reduction at Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0178-T Quigg, Chris The big picture
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0174 Sung, Z-H Fundamental Superconductivity of Nb films for Quantum Computing Application
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0173-SQMS Giaccone, Bianca Ultra-high Q cavity-based search for the Dark Photon: new exclusion limit from Dark SRF phase 1 and
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0172-PPD Barlas-Yucel, Esra Muon g-2 Experiment and SM
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0171-TD Martinez, Alex Overview and Status of the PIP-II Cryogenic System
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0170-TD Kashikhin, Vadim Accelerator Magnet Development Based on COMB Technology with STAR® Wires
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0169-CSAID Coimbra, Bruno Generalizing HEPCloud Split Starter for Multiple Sites and Experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0168-CSAID Bruno Coimbra Refactoring GlideinWMS Credentials
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0167-CSAID Urs, Namratha Tracing Service for Tracing-Driven Glidein Optimizations
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0166-CSAID Bhat, Shreyas Transitioning Users to SciTokens and Getting them Closer to HTCondor with Jobsub_lite
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0165-TD White, Mike Conservation of Helium while Maintaining High System Purity
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0164-SQMS Cervantes, Raphael SERAPH: Wavelike Dark Matter Searches with SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0163-ETD-PPD Temples, Dylan J. Performance of a Phonon-Mediated MKID Device at the NEXUS Low-Background Facility
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0162-ETD Kroc, Thomas K. The Physics of Sterilization by Radiation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0161-CSAID Khan, Farrukh HTCondor at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0160-ND Xiao, Yiwen Measurement of Neutrino-electron Elastic Scattering in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0159-TD Subedi, Jeewan Nitrogen Precooling Heat Exchanger replacement and control system upgrade in Superfluid Cryoplant at
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0158-CMS-V Fidalgo, Guillermo Software Training with HSF and IRIS-HEP
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0157-SQMS-TD Murthy, Akshay SQMS Center -- Recent Achievements & Looking Ahead
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0156-SQMS Roy, Tanay Advances in SRF qubit architectures for quantum computing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0155-PPD-STUDENT Knirck, Stefan First Results from BREAD: Broadband Reflector Experiment for Axion Detection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0154-ND Mohayai, Tanaz A. TPC Test-stands: An Overview & Future Prospects
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0153 Singh, Prabhjot Physics of Neutrino Oscillations and Neutrino Cross Sections using the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0152-ND Fields, Laura Recent Results From MINERVA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0151-AD Romanov, Aleksandr Beam optics tuning with 6dsim framework
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0150-PPD Habig, Alec Current Results from the NOνA Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0147-V Sutton, Andrew The Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0145-CMS Ozek, Beren Measurement of the top quark-antiquark pair charge asymmetry in events with highly boosted top quark
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0144-V Gurung, Gajendra Baseline Monitoring for SBND PDS Trigger
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0141-PPD Gibbons, Lawrence The Run 1 spin on the µ+ precession frequency analysis
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0140-PPD Charity, Saskia Precision measurement of the magnetic field in run 1 of the g-2 experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0138-V Duenas, David NOvA in 10 Minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0136-STUDENT Garcia Badaracco, Erica High Yield Muon Catalyzed Fusion
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0133-V Yu, Byungchul Overview of the Muon 𝑔 − 2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0132-V Yu, Byungchul Dark Matter Search in the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0128 Taniuchi, Natsumi MicroBooNE in 10 minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0127-PIP2 Stanek, Rich PIP-II Overview and Status
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0126-SQMS Giaccone, Bianca Dark Matter and Gravitational Waves Experiments with SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0123-ETD Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Compact, high-power superconducting electron linear accelerators for environmental and industrial ap
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0121-TD Posen, Sam Review of Thermal Treatments: Effects, Reliability, and Open Questions
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0119-V Niu Tong, Leon Exploring the Dark Sector in MicroBooNE Through e+e- Final States
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0118-V Nicolas Arnaldos, Francisco Javier Tagging Neutrino Events with the SBND's Photon Detection System
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0117-V Cicala, Maria Flavia Commissioning the Time Projection Chambers of the SBND experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0116-V Vu Chi Lan, Nguyen Heavy Neutral Lepton Searches at the Short Baseline Near Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0115-ND Li, Jiaoyang What Physics Can We Learn about in SBND from its "Prehistoric Era"?
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0114-V Slater, Beth Sterile Neutrino Oscillation Searches using VALOR at SBN
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0112-V Battaglia, Dominic NA61/SHINE Hadron Production Measurements for Long-baseline Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0111-ND Raofa, Tasnim Raofa Dopant R&D in LArTPCs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0109-ND Hernandez Morquecho, Miguel Angel Detection of MEV-scale Gammas from Pion/muon Nuclear Capture with the Lariat Liquid Argon TPC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0106-STUDENT Medoff, Jonah Searching for Dwarf Galaxies Satellites of Isolated, Low-Mass Hosts
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0105-T Robinson, David The Dependence of Cooling and Heating Functions on Local Radiation Fields
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0104-ND Andrade, Diego Demonstrating Calorimetry and Particle Discrimination at MeV Energy Scales with Ambient Backgrounds
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0103-V Lay, Henry SBND in 10 minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0102-V Moreno-Granados, Guadalupe Perspectives for measuring NuMI n-Ar cross-section @ ICARUS and cosmic background constraints in the
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0099-V Girotti, Paolo The Muon g-2 Experiment - in 10 minutes -
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0098-SQMS-TD Posen, Sam Applications of SRF Cavities Other than Big Accelerators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0097-AD-TD Belomestnykh, Sergey 8 GeV SRF linac-based Booster replacement: accelerator and beam physics considerations
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0096-SQMS Hollister, Matthew An Update on the Colossus mK Platform at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0095-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir FCC-hh and Magnets: Summary
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0094-SQMS-T Liu, Zhen Journey with Sourced Millicharged Particles and Dark Photons
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0093-TD Berrutti, Paolo Plasma Cleaning at FNAL: LCLS-II HE vCM Results and Ongoing Studies on Spoke Resonators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0092-T Grebe, Anthony V. Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay from Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0091-AD Ibrahim, M.A. FPGA Architectures for Distributed ML Systems for Real-Time Beam Loss De-Blending
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0090-CMS-CSAID Bocci, Andrea Adoption of the alpaka performance portability library in the CMS software
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0089-TD Chouhan, V. Electropolishing study on nitrogen-doped niobium surface
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0088-TD Stoynev, Stoyan Introduction to quench detection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0087-AD Zwaska, Robert Welcome to Fermilab and the Fermilab Accelerator Complex
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0086-AD Diamond, John Exploring Browser Frameworks: A Comparative Analysis and Deployment Demo
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0085-AD Hanlet, Pierrick Phoebus Workshop Summary
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0084-AD King, Charlie Data Pool Management Across Multiple Architectures
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0083-AD Diamond, John Fermilab Web-based Controls Application Framework R&D
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0082-AD Hanlet, Pierrick EPICS Deployment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0081-AD Hartsell, Brian Accelerator Directorate Robotics Initiative
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0080-AD Ibrahim, M.A. FPGA-Based Architectures & DAQ Pathways for Distributed ML Systems
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0080-AD Ibrahim, M.A. FPGA-Based Architectures & DAQ Pathways for Distributed ML Systems
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0079-AD Santucci, Robert Ethernet as a Fieldbus: Scaling Distributed Systems Interfacing with EPICS and ACNET
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0078-AD Gottschalk, Erik ACORN Project
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0077-AD Harms, E. EPICS for Fermilab’s Flagship Project – PIP-II
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0076-T Quigg, Chris Doubly Heavy Tetraquarks: Heavy Quark Symmetry & Beyond
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0075-SQMS Giaccone, Bianca Dark SRF, a cavity-based search for the Dark Photon: new exclusion limit and path forward
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0074-T Quigg, Chris From the “Nuclear Mill” to the LHC and Beyond: High-Energy Collisions in the Mel Shochet Era
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0073-SQMS Huang, Ziwen Decoherence Modeling for Non-Periodically Driven Quantum Systems
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0072-AD Fox, Patrick Options for DIMUS: Di-Muon-Spectroscopy Collider
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0071-TD Belomestnykh, Sergey A. Overview of [SRF] accelerator technology development relevant to ILC and other future lepton linear
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0070-SQMS-TD Giaccone, Bianca Progress with plasma processing and plans
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0069-SQMS Johnson, Hans Exploration of Optimizing FPGA-based Qubit Controller for Experiments on Superconducting Quantum Com
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0068-CSAID Ali, Sajid HEPnOS: a Specialized Data Service for High Energy Physics Analysis
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0066-AD Stancari, Giulio Accelerator and Beam Physics Research at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0065-SQMS Grassellino, Anna Accelerator technology for Quantum Computing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0064-TD Saini, Arun Overview of Low Emittance Transport and Beam Dynamics Studies of ILC Linac
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0063-CSAID Ali, Sajid ICARUS Signal Processing With HEPnOS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0062-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. US Contributions to the Future Circular Collider
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0061-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Landscape of Accelerators, Snowmass’21 Planning for Future, and Ultimate Colliders
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0060-CMS Smith, Nick Object Stores for CMS data
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0059-CMS-CSAID-PPD Pedro, Kevin AI and Beyond: New Techniques for Simulation and Design in HEP
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0057-ND Wu, Wanwei Recent Results from MicroBooNE’s Low Energy Excess Search
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0056-CSAID-TD Barzi, Emanuela Involving the new generations in Fermilab endeavors
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0055-CSAID Mambelli, Marco Transitioning GlideinWMS, a multi domain distributed workload manager, from GSI proxies to tokens an
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0054-AD Sharankova, Ralitsa Time-Drift Aware RF Optimization with Machine Learning Techniques
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0053-CSAID Knoepfel, Kyle J. Meld: Exploring the feasibility of a framework-less framework
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0052-PPD Amram, Oz Fast & Accurate Calorimeter Simulation With Diffusion Models
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0051-TD Barzi, Emanuela Beyond the Textbook: Ethics Education in Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0049-CSAID Cerati, G. MicroBooNE Public Data Sets: a Collaborative Tool for LArTPC Software Development
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0048-AD Mwaniki, M. Measurement of Beam Energy in the Fermilab's Linac taken at the transfer Line
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0047-CMS Dickinson, Jennet Smart pixels with data reduction at source: possible applications for linear e+e- colliders
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0046-AD Miceli, Tia Machine Learning Operations for Accelerator Control
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0045-AD Miceli, Tia MLOps for Digital Twins
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0043-CMS-CSAID Gutsche, Oliver The U.S. CMS HL-LHC R&D Strategic Plan
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0042-CSAID Hufnagel, Dirk Commissioning of US HPC GPU resources for CMS Data Reconstruction
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0041-CSAID Yarba, Julia Optimizing Geant4 Hadronic Model Parameters
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0040-CSAID Timm, Steven Scale Tests of the New DUNE Data Pipeline
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0039-CSAID Kowalkowski, J.B. Connecting HEPCloud with quantum applications using the Rigetti platform
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0038-CMS-CSAID Andriotis, N. Evaluating Performance Portability with the CMS Heterogeneous Pixel Reconstruction code
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0037-CMS-CSAID Bocci, Andrea Performance of Heterogeneous Algorithm Scheduling in CMSSW
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0036-T Grebe, Anthony V. Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay from Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0035-T Gustafson, Erik J. Quantum mean estimation for lattice field theory
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0034-ND Wu, Wanwei A deep-learning based charged-current electron neutrino interaction identification in the ArgoNeuT e
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0030-SQMS Roy, Tanay Advances in quantum computing and sensing using SRF technology
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0029-V Manrique Plata, Maria Calorimetric Detector Response in NOvA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0028-SQMS Cervantes, Raphael Wavelike Dark Matter Searches with SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0026-SQMS Giaccone, Bianca Ultra-high Q cavity-based search for the Dark Photon: new exclusion limit from Dark SRF phase 1 and
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0025-ETD Lykken, Joe Wormholes in the Laboratory
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0024-SQMS-TD Murthy, Akshay Systematic Improvements in Transmon Qubit Coherence Enabled by Comprehensive Investigation of Defect
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0022-PPD Rodriguez, Fatima A. Measuring the Radial Component of the Magnetic Field in the Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0021-SQMS-TD Lunin, Andrei QMiR Crab Cavity for ILC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0020-AD Stancari, Giulio Beam Physics Research at the Fermilab IOTA/FAST Facility
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0019-CSAID Rossi, Albert L. A Brief History of the dCache Xroot Implementation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0017-CSAID Lobato Pardavila, Lorena FTS3 at FNAL
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0016-CSAID Ciprijanoivc, Aleksandra Towards flexible domain adaptation methods for cross-datasets studies of galaxies
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0015-ETD Kroc, Thomas K. High Power 650 MHz Magnetron RF Power Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0013-QIS Li, Andy C.Y. Simulating scalar field theories on quantum computers with limited resources
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0012-AD Pronskikh, V. Design of a Mu2e upgrade Target Station with the optimal physics performance for the 100-kW proton b
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0011 Wenzel, Hans Geant4/CaTS/Opticks: optical photon propagation on a GPU
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0010-SQMS Gustafson, Erik Preparing quantum many-body scar states on quantum computers
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0009-LBNF Zeller, Sam LBNF/DUNE: The Science, The Facility, The Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0008-PPD Kessler, David Kicker Transient Field Measurements for Muon g-2
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0007-PPD Wu, Jinyuan Pseudo Thyristor and Regenerating Current Mirror
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0004-ND Wu, Wanwei Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers for Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0003-AD Gianfelice-Wendt, Eliana The polarization of the EIC electron beam
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0002-T Quigg, Chris Highlights of the 2022 Physics Beyond Colliders Workshop at CERN
FERMILAB-SLIDES-23-0001-T Quigg, Chris The Big Picture
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0240-V Ascencio-Sosa, Marvin Vladimir ANNIE in 10 minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0239-PPD Ravera, Fabio The CMS Outer Tracker for the High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0238-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. National Future Collider R&D Program: Scope and Drivers
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0237-V Singh, Ishwar Impact of High Energy Electron Neutrino (Anti-neutrino) Events on NOvA Oscillation Sensitivities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0237-PPD Ravera, Fabio The CMS Outer Tracker for the High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0236-ND-V Sharma, Richa Latest Results from the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0235-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly Stanislavovich Is an experimentalist the same as an engineer in large-scale science?
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0234-ND Mohayai, Tanaz Angelina A Gaseous Argon-Based Near Detector for DUNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0231-CMS-PPD Dickinson, Jennet Elizabeth Smart pixels with data reduction at source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0230-PPD Braga, Davide Chip Development Toward 12 bit 10 GSPS Cryogenic ADC for Multiplexed Quantum Readout
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0229-PPD-SCD England, Troy MIDNA: Sub-electron skipper-CCD readout with multichannel cryogenic low-noise readout ASICs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0227-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Landscape of Accelerators and Snowmass 21 Planning for Future.
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0226-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly History and Philosophy of Science in Education: development of critical thinking
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0225-AD Pellemoine, Frederique R&D Program for HEP High-Power Targets at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0224-AD Pellemoine, Frederique Advanced Materials Studies for High Intensity Proton Production Targets and Windows
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0223-AD Pellemoine, Frederique Radiation Concerns and Mitigation Schemes for Accelerator Facility Components
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0222-AD Pellemoine, Frederique R&D Program for HEP High-Power Targets at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0221-AD Ammigan, Kavin High Power Targetry R\&D for Next-Generation Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0220-ND Sanchez-Falero, Sebastian Status of the νμ Charged-Current Zero Mesons Cross-Section Measurement in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0219-AD Gourlay, Steve Snowmass’21 Accelerator Frontier Planning for Future
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0218-PPD Xu, David Neural network accelerator for quantum control
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0214-SCD White, Brandon Fermilab Rucio Operations for ICARUS, DUNE, and the Rubin Observatory
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0213-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Plasma Wakefield Accelerator-Based Low Emittance Muon Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0210-T Quigg, Chris Unanswered Questions in the Electroweak Theory (Before and After the Higgs-Boson Discovery)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0209-TD Ambrosio, Giorgio Challenges and Lessons Learned from fabrication, test and analysis of ~10 MQXFA Low Beta Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0207-TD Sung, Z.-H. Fundamental understanding of magnetic vortex dynamics on superconducting qubits for quantum computin
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0205-OCIO Scott, Rennie Realigning the Enterprise Architecture Practice to achieve lab missions
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0204-ND Lackey, Teresa Hadron Production Measurements with EMPHATIC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0203-TD Stoynev, Stoyan Assessment and Performance of Flexible Quench Antenna Array Diagnostics for Superconducting Magnets
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0202-SQMS-TD Eremeev, Grigory First measurements of HiPIMS Nb film-coated 3D cavity at 1.3 GHz down to 40 mK
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0200-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Landscape of Accelerators and Snowmass ’21 Planning for Future
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0200-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir Landscape of Accelerators and Snowmass’21 Planning for Future
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0199-OCIO Whited, Tammy Fermilab’s data driven approach with Affiliations to drive Science and business processes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0197-DI Kroc, Thomas K. Progress in High-Power Linacs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0196-TD Belomestnykh, Sergey SRF activities discussed within Snowmass and European HEP strategy process
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0195-AD Miceli, Tia Sustainable Implementation of Machine Learning for Particle Accelerators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0194-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Conduction-cooled SRF accelerator development for industrial applications at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0193-TD Boffo, C. Design of the Superconducting Undulator for EuPRAXIA@SPARC_Lab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0193-DI-TD Dhuley, Ram C. Progress on a conduction cooled SRF cryomodule at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0189-PIP2 Pozdeyev, Eduard PIP-II
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0188-ESH Niner, Evan ITA Workshop Future Facility
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0187-ESH Schoell, Maddie Sample Handling Post-Irradiation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0186-ESH Niner, Evan ITA Facility Infrastructure Upgrades
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0185-ESH Francis, Meka Radionuclide Analysis Facility (RAF) Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0184-AD Glochowsky, M. Tungsten Targets in the MTA Hall And PIP-II
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0183-PPD Rubinov, Paul Irradiation Test Area “Diode position monitor”
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0182-AD Perez, Alex The MTA primary beamline description and performance
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0181-ESH Schoell, Maddie Radiation Safety Introduction & Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0180-PPD Niner, Evan ITA Workshop Introduction and Operations Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0179-AD Harrison, Beau Strategy for Modernizing a 40-Year-Old Accelerator Control System (WEO13)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0178-AD Diamond, John Fermilab Controls & ACORN GUI Strategies
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0177-AD Lynch, Kevin The search for CLFV with the Mu2e and COMET Experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0176-SCD Yarba, Julia Computing Performance Task: Summary, Status, and Future Updates
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0175-SCD Genser, Krzysztof Open and new requirements - HEP Intensity and Cosmic Frontier experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0174-AD Rakhno, Igor L. Radiation Shielding Analysis for the PIP-II
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0173-AD Rakhno, Igor Optimization Studies for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0172-SCD Yarba, Julia Update on Tuning FTF Model Parameters: Exploring Quark Exchange Model Parameters for the Pion Projec
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0171-PPD Wu, Jinyuan TDC with Uncontrolled Delay Lines: Calibration Approaches and Precision Improvement Methods
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0169-PPD Baxter, Daniel Development of new techniques for low-mass dark matter detection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0168-SCD Wenzel, Hans Integration of Opticks1 and Geant4 (an advanced example: CaTS)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0166-CCD Pasetes, Ray Completing the Transition to IPv6 – OMB M-21-07
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0165-V Diurba, Richard The Role ProtoDUNE-SP Plays in Future DUNE Oscillation Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0164-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Realization, Timeline, Challenges and Ultimate Limits of Future Colliders
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0162-ND Mohayai, Tanaz Angelina An Overview of Future Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0158-SCD Kortelainen, Matti Heterogeneous hardware adoption and portability
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0157-SCD Canal, Philippe Upcoming Storage Features in ROOT
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0156-PPD Elvira, V. Daniel Enabling the Physics Goals – Computational Frontier
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0155-ND Del Tutto, Marco The Virtual Environment for Neutrinos
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0154-PPD Polly, Chris Future flavor physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0153-DI Carena, Marcela Introduction to the Neutrino Theory Network - NTN
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0152-PPD Elvira, V. Daniel Computational Frontier Report
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0151-PPD Dickinson, Jennet Physics at the High Luminosity LHC with ATLAS and CMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0150-PPD Bernstein, R. A New Muon Program at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0149-T Lamm, Hank Quantum Algorithms for HEP
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0148-T Karagiorgi, Georgia Overview: Neutrino Experimental Anomalies (NF02)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0147-T Wagman, Michael Nucleons and nuclei for BSM searches and neutrino physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0146-T Wagman, Michael Neutrino Theory and Nuclear Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0145-SCD Harris, Robert M. EF09 New Bosons and Heavy Resonances
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0144-AD Bowring, D. Low-background quantum sensing at Fermilab's underground facility
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0143-PPD Miranda, Vivian CF6 Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: Complementarity of Probes and New Facilities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0142-SCD Cerati, Giuseppe Overview of CompF1 Report
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0141-SCD Jayatilaka, Bo CompF4 Storage Summary
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0140-SCD Deiana, Allison McCarn Fast Machine Learning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0139-PPD Affolder, T. IF03: Solid State Detectors and Tracking White Paper Status
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0138-T Kronfeld, Andreas S. αs from Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0137-PPD Drlica-Wagner, Alex CF03: Cosmic Probes of Dark Matter Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0136-AD Gianfelice, Eliana Overview of Fermilab “SiteFiller” and LEP3
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0135-ND Zennamo, Joseph Improving LArTPC Performance With Photosensitive Dopants
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0134-ND Raaf, Jennifer High-Pressure Gaseous TPCs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0133-QIS Peña, Cristián H. Detectors for Long-lived Particle Searches
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0132-ND Psihas, Fernanda Photosensitive dopants and DUNE Phase-II
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0131-ND Raaf, Jennifer ND-GAr R&D
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0130-QIS-SCD Kowalkowski, Jim Simulations for the Development of Quantum Computational Devices for HEP
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0129-QIS Perdue, Gabriel CompF6 Report Summary
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0128-PPD Affolder, T. IF03: Solid State Detectors and Tracking Key Points
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0128-PPD Affolder, T. IF03: Solid State Detectors and Tracking White Paper Status
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0127-T Kronfeld, Andreas S. Enabling Precision Quark- and Lepton-flavor Physics with Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0126-SCD Tran, Nhan How can ML go beyond traditional project/frontier boundaries?
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0125-SCD Annis, Jim CF04: Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration in the Modern Universe
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0124-SCD Boyle, Peter CompF2 Recommendations
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0123-SCD Genser, Krzysztof Detector Simulation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0122-DI Merminga, Lia Building for Discovery: Overview of the Fermilab Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0121-AD Gourlay, Stephen Beams, Accelerator R&D and Future Facilities: Accelerator Frontier Vision
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0120-PPD Bernstein, R. Rare and Precision Frontier: Status and Goals
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0118-AD Lynch, Kevin The Future of Experimental Muon Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0117-DI Kroc, Thomas K. Alternative Technologies for Medical Device Sterilization using Radiation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0116-DI-TD Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Compact, High-Power Superconducting Electron Linear Accelerators for MW Industrial Applications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0115-STUDENT Brown, Anthony Directional Dark Matter Detection With Scintillating Crystals
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0115-SCD Tran, Nhan How can ML go beyond traditional project/frontier boundaries?
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0113-PPD Drlica-Wagner, Alex CF03: Cosmic Probes of Dark Matter Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0111-AD Jarvis, Jonathan Demonstration of Optical Stochastic Cooling in an Electron Storage Ring
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0110-ND Rameika, Gina Report on LBNF/DUNE-US Project Plan
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0109-SCD Mitrevski, Jovan ML algorithms on FPGAs: Recent developments in hls4ml
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0108-AD Wickremasinghe, Athula Machine Learning Applications to Maintain the NuMI Neutrino Beam Quality at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0107-SCD Meza, Andy hls4ml Demo Lab for DEFCON 30
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0106-SCD Ketchum, Wes Electro-nuclear scattering measurements for neutrinos with LDMX
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0105-PPD Butler, Joel Greetings from DPF and Snowmass Meeting Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0104-ND Wolcott, Jeremy Recent Results From NOvA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0103-ND Wu, Wanwei Energy Reconstruction and Calibration of the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0102-TD Boffo, C. Superconducting Undulator Development At Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0101-ND Mohayai, Tanaz Angelina A Gaseous Argon-Based Near Detector to Enhance the Physics Capabilities of DUNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0100-STUDENT Antu, Santanu A Simulation of Neutrino Interactions in Detectors
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0099-AD Schreckenberger, Adam Paul Electron Cloud Simulations In The Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0098-AD Stancari, Giulio Accelerators and Beam Physics Research
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0097-ND Sztuc, Artur A Bayesian Look at 3-flavor Oscillations in NOvA: Drilling Deeper into PMNS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0096-ND Zettlemoyer, Jacob Searches for New Physics at an Upgraded Fermilab Accelerator Complex: PIP2-BD and SBN-BD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0094-AD Boi, Steven Fermilab’s Muon Campus: Status, Experiments, and Future
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0093-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir Snowmass 21 Accelerator Frontier: Summary of Discussions on Future HEP Facilities in the US
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0092-AD Pronskikh, V. Pion-Production Target for Mu2e-II: Simulation Design and Prototype
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0091-AD-DI Nagaitsev, S. Considerations for Fermilab Multi-MW Proton Facility in the DUNE/LBNF era
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0090-AD-DI Nagaitsev, Sergei First Experimental Demonstration of Optical Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0089-PPD Chistov, R. Review of CMS contributions to Hadron Spectroscopy and planning forward
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0081-V Granados, Everardo CC nu_mu 1 pi+ production at MINERvA tracker
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0077-QIS Temples, Dylan J. Searches for Ultralight Dark Matter and New Forces with MAGIS-100
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0076-V Kuruppu, Chatura Status of the measurement of the muon neutrino charged-current coherent pion production in the NOvA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0075-V Singh, Ishwar Constraining High Energy Intrinsic Beam Background of the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0074-V Oza, Nupur Measuring the Neutral Current π0 Cross-Section on Argon in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0073-V Manrique Plata, Maria NOvA in 10 minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0070-V Deck, E.E. Modeling and Analysis of Ionization Laser Calibration for the DUNE Time Projection Chamber
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0068-V Hedges, Michael The Mu2e Experiment — Searching for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0067-V Hicks, Rebecca Ionization Laser Calibration for the DUNE Time Projection Chamber
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0066 Chithirasreemadam, N. Mu2e Event Visualisation Development
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0064-PPD Kessler, David Muon g-2: An Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0059-PPD-QIS Temples, Dylan J. NEXUS: A low-background, cryogenic facility for detector development and calibration
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0057-AD Jarvis, Jonathan Experimental Demonstration of Optical Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0051-SCD Danilov, E. Estimating Parameters of Gravitationally Lensed Quasars with Simulation-Based Inference and SplineCN
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0040-T Quigg, Chris The 50th Anniversary
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0038-PPD-QIS Baxter, Daniel Leveraging Quantum Sensors for Dark Matter Detection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0037-PPD Baxter, Daniel Review of dark matter detection experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0036-PPD Baxter, Daniel Photographing dark matter with CCDs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0035-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles High power SRF accelerators: Research and Development and application opportunities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0034-ND Fava, Angela LArTPC R&D
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0033-SCD Mambelli, Marco HEPCloud: provisioning heterogeneous resources using GlideinWMS and HTCondor
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0033-SCD Mambelli, Marco HEPCloud: provisioning heterogeneous resources using GlideinWMS and HTCondor
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0030-SQMS Li, Andy C.Y. VQE for the square-octagon-lattice Kitaev model
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0029-T Isaacson, Joshua How to measure the W Mass: A Theory Perspective
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0028-T Isaacson, Joshua How to measure the W Mass: A Theory Perspective
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0026-SCD Mambelli, Marco HEPCloud, an elastic virtual cluster from heterogeneous computing resources
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0025-V Diurba, Richard Energy reconstruction and calibration of the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0024-SCD Rocha, Rafael Fermilab Site Report and Plans
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0022-SCD Schumacher, Ken Fermilab Facilities Report
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0020-DI Kroc, Thomas Comparing and Contrasting Existing Sterilization Methods to Determine Which Modality is Most Appropr
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0019-DI-TD Kroc, Thomas High Power 650 MHz Magnetron RF Power Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0018-DI Marcum, Richard Path Forward (Next Year and Beyond) for Project Management Standing Committee (PMSC)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0017-SCD Timm, Steven Building the DUNE International Computing Facility
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0016-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Accelerators for Dark Matter/Rare Processes Searches : Activities at Fermilab and in “Vicinity” (Sno
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0015-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Machine Learning/AI for Accelerators : Activities at Fermilab and “vicinity”
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0014 Kroc, Thomas Efficiency – The Second Most Important Parameter in Industrial Applications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0013-T Quigg, Chris Big Questions
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0012-QIS Shyamsundar, Prasanth Non-Boolean Quantum Amplitude Amplification and ML applications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0011-T Quigg, Chris Symmetries and Dynamics: Theoretical Keys to Hadron Spectroscopy
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0009-SCD Bauer, Ren Evaluation of CTA for use at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0008-SQMS You, Xinyuan Improving Qubit Coherence by Engineering TLS Dissipation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0007-QIS-SQMS Li, Andy Cheong Yiu Benchmarking VQE for the square-octagon-lattice Kitaev model
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0006-T Gustafson, Erik Joseph Noise reduction in quantum simulations of scalar QED via qudit encodings: Why physics has a qudit bi
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0004-AD Lebedev, Valery Colliders for High Energy and Nuclear Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0003-AD Stancari, Giulio Beam Physics Research at IOTA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0002-SCD Riehecky, Pat Tracking Kernel Rate of Change
FERMILAB-SLIDES-22-0001-AD-PPD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Global Planning for Colliders: EPPSU, Snowmass, China, Russia…
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0127-AD Miceli, Tia AI/ML Efforts at Fermilab and Plans for Future Accelerator Operations
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0126-V Diurba, R. Towards an Inelastic Cross Section Measurement of 6 GeV Kaons on Argon at ProtoDUNE Single-Phase
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0125-V Diurba, Richard Techniques Developed Calibrating ProtoDUNE-SP Using a Cosmic Ray Tagger (CRT)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0124-V Diurba, Richard Optimizing the Neutrino Interaction Simulation of MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0123-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Tobin High power superconducting electron linear accelerators for industrial applications: Technology dev
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0122-TD Posen, Samuel Elliott Cryomodule Test
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0121-DI-TD Dhuley, Ram C. Cryocooler conduction-cooled SRF cavities for compact particle accelerators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0120-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly Stanislavovich Engineering roles and identities in the scientific community: toward participatory justice
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0119-DI Kroc, Thomas K. Motivation and Development of a Compact Superconducting Accelerator for X-ray Medical Device Sterili
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0118-V de Jesus Sánchez Falero, Sebastián Status of the $\nu_\mu$ Charged-Current (CC) Zero Mesons Cross-Section Measurement in the NOvA Near
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0117-QIS-TD Lunin, Andrei Alternate Crab Cavity Design
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0116-QIS-TD Lunin, Andrei QMiR Crab Cavity for ILC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0115-PPD Sun, Quan ETROC1: the First Full Chain Precision Timing Prototype for CMS MTD Endcap Timing Layer
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0113-QIS England, Troy A multi-channel cryogenic low-noise skipper-CCD readout ASIC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0112-SCD Kowalkowski, James B. The Story of HDF5 in High Energy Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0111-SCD Timm, Steven Charles DUNE Rucio Deployment and Issues
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0110-DI Kroc, Thomas K. Superconducting Accelerators for High-Power X-ray production
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0109-AD-LBNF Gollwitzer, Keith Edwin Status of LBNF Beam
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0108-E Wu, Jinyuan A 3D FPGA Track Segment Seeding Engine Based on the Tiny Triplet Finder
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0107-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly Stanislavovich Accelerator-Driven System Options: Value Analysis and Practical Implications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0106-SCD Wenzel, Hans Joachim Integration of Opticks1 and Geant4 (an advanced example: CaTS)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0105-SCD Yarba, Julia Comments on Several FTF Annihilation Model Parameters
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0104-SCD Yarba, Julia Exploring FTF Quark Exchange Model Parameters: Quark Exchange without Excitation of Participants
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0103-SCD Yarba, Julia Example of Using Pythia8 to Decay Resonances in Geant4
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0102-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Accelerator Technologies and Science: Progress and Outlook
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0101-AD Ammigan, Kavin High Power Targets: Challenges for next-generation high-intensity neutrino beams
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0100-SCD Genser, Krzysztof L. Open and new requirements - HEP Intensity and Cosmic Frontier experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0099-V Diurba, Richard Status of the DUNE Near Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0092-E Hossain, Forhad Transverse Single Spin Asymmetry in $J/\psi$ production in $p\vec{p}$ Interactions at SpinQuest
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0091-V Leung, Ching Him Measurement of the Sivers asymmetry at SpinQuest experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0090-ND Dolce, Michael Fitting NOvA cross-section parameters with Markov Chain Monte Carlo
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0084-QIS-TD Giaccone, Bianca Applied Physics and Superconducting Technology
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0083-TD Giaccone, Bianca Overview of the progress of plasma processing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0082-V Young, Peter Z boson production in association with at least two b jets in pp collisions at 13 TeV: signal versus
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0081-V Souhrada, Kevin Thermal Runaway Studies for the CMS TFPX Phase-II Upgrade
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0078-V Golec, Joey Metamaterial Anti-Reflection Coating Alumina Optics for CMB-S4
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0077-V Andriamirado, Manoa Limit on sub-GeV dark matter from PROSPECT experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0074-SCD Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra Miodrag Scientific Computing Division and Me
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0071-TD Kaluzny, Joshua A. LCLS-II-HE Cryomodule Production Status at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0070-V Lay, Henry Neutrino Interaction Vertex Reconstruction in the Short Baseline Near Detector (SBND)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0062-ND Papadopoulou, Afroditi Towards The First Measurement Of Differential νμ-Argon Charged Current Single Transverse Variable Sc
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0060-QIS-T Asaduzzaman, Muhammad Recent work on tessellations of hyperbolic geometries
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0059-QIS-T Bloch, Jacques Effective Z3 model for finite-density QCD with tensor networks
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0058-TD Krave, Steven T. R&D needs for "cold" electronics for superconducting magnets - Fermilab perspective
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0057-AD-PPD-V Casler, Helenka Irene Pion Production Optimization for the Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0055-T Isaacson, Joshua Matrix Element Calculations on the GPU
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0054-TD Hollister, Matthew I. A large mK platform at Fermilab for quantum computing applications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0053-TD Hollister, Matthew I. Cryogenic infrastructure for quantum computing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0052-TD Hollister, Matthew I. Dilution Refrigerators for Quantum Science
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0051-E Valetov, Eremey Vladimirovich First Results From the Fermilab Muon g−2 Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0049-E Wu, Jinyuan Rethinking “Well-known” Concepts in TDC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0048-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Tobin SRF accelerators for industrial applications: USPAS Lecture 2021
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0047-CCD Bobyshev, Andrey Fermilab Network Architecture and Implementation Experience
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0046-CMS Banerjee, S. Validation of Physics Models of Geant4 using data from CMS Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0045-SCD Stoughton, Chris A New Measurement of the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment to 0.43 ppm
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0043-SCD Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra Miodrag Domain Adaptation for Cross-Domain Studies in Astronomy: Merging Galaxies Identification
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0041-PPD Canepa, Anadi SUSY at the LHC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0039-T Wagman, Michael L. Exploring large charge density systems with lattice QCD+QED
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0038-T Wagman, Michael L. Nuclear and Nucleon Matrix Elements
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0037-T Wagman, Michael L. Lattice QCD for Neutrino Programs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0036-T Wagman, Michael L. Towards robust constraints on nuclear effective field theory from lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0035-T Wagman, Michael L. Collins-Soper Kernel for TMD Evolution from Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0034-T Wagman, Michael L. Lattice QCD and νA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0033-T Wagman, Michael L. Real time lattice gauge theory actions
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0032-T Wagman, Michael L. Sign(al-to-noise) Problems in Lattice Gauge Theory
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0031-E-SCD Kwok, Martin Performance of CUDA Unified Memory in CMS Heterogeneous Pixel Reconstruction
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0030-E-SCD Childers, Taylor Porting CMS Heterogeneous Pixel Reconstruction to Kokkos
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0028-E Kiburg, Brendan E. First results from the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0027-T Tomalak, Oleksandr QED radiative corrections to charged-current neutrino-nucleon elastic scattering for accelerator neu
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0025-SCD Rossi, Albert L. dCache: From Resilience to QoS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0024 Lobato Pardavila, Lorena FTS3: Data Movement Service in containers deployed in OKD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0023-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly Stanislavovich The First Experimental Chain at NAL: Collaborating Despite Global Differences
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0022-SCD Lyon, Adam Leonard First Results from the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0020-SCD Riehecky, Pat Thinking About Binary Compatibility and CentOS Stream
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0019-DI Kroc, Thomas K. High Power 650 MHz Magnetron RF Power Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0018-ND Del Tutto, Marco SBND-PRISM: Sampling Multiple Off-Axis Fluxes with the Same Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0017-ND Mohayai, Tanaz Angelina A High-Pressure Gaseous-Argon TPC (HPgTPC) as a Component of the DUNE Near Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0016-T Tomalak, Oleksandr Measurements on H/D targets
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0015-T Tomalak, Oleksandr Radiative corrections
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0014-QIS Li, Andy Cheong Yiu Simulating $\phi^4$ scalar field on quantum computers
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0013-SCD Wenzel, Hans Joachim Status of hadronic calorimetry in GEANT4
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0011-V Diurba, R Techniques Developed Calibrating ProtoDUNE SP Using a Cosmic Ray Tagger (CRT)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0009-SCD Lobato Pardavila, Lorena FTS3: Data Movement Service in containers deployed in OKD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0008-SCD Lu, Qiming Achieving Maintainable Cross-Platform Performance in the Particle-in-Cell Accelerator Modeling Code
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0007-ND-SCD-V Wu, Wanwei A deep-learning based waveform region-of-interest finder for the liquid argon time projection chambe
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0006-ND Mohayai, Tanaz Angelina Capabilities of the DUNE Near Detector Complex
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0005-ND Wospakrik, Marianette Detector Performance of the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0004-SCD Mambelli, Marco GlideinWMS's use of cvmfsexec
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0003-SCD Mambelli, Marco GlideinWMS and IAM
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0002-AD Lumpkin, Alex Mitigation of Emittance Dilution Due to Wakefields in Accelerator Cavities Using Advanced Diagnostic
FERMILAB-SLIDES-21-0001-AE-SCD Buckley-Geer, Elizabeth Spectroscopic Confirmation of Dark Energy Survey Strong Lensing Systems and Spectra for Photometric
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0807-V Freemire, Ben Low RF loss conductive ceramic for high power input coupler windows for SRF cavities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0133-AD Aasman, Jordan MAGIS-100 Laser Transport Vacuum Simulations and LED Atom Tracker
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0132-V Diurba, Richard Measuring Free Electron Lifetimes in the ProtoDUNE-SP Single Phase Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0131-T Wagman, Michael L. Charged hadron interactions in QCD+QED
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0130-T Wagman, Michael L. Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering Brief
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0129-T Wagman, Michael L. Connecting QCD to neutrino-nucleus scattering
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0128-T Wagman, Michael L. Nuclei from lattice QCD
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0127-E Pun, Abinash GenFit2 for SpinQuest Tracking
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0126-E Ayuso, Catherine The Online Reconstruction Software at the E1039/SpinQuest Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0125-E Wuerfe, Noah The Polarized-Target System for the SpinQuest Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0124-E Akbar, Zulkaida The Polarized-Target System for the SpinQuest Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0123-E Hossain, Forhad Systematic Study of Potential False Azimuthal Asymmetries in SpinQuest
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0122-E Kim, Minjung SpinQuest/E1039 FPGA Trigger
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0121-E Herwig, Christian Design of a reconfigurable autoencoder algorithm for detector front-end ASICs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0120-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Compact, high-power superconducting electron linacs for industrial applications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0119-SCD Wenzel, Hans Using Geant4 and Opticks to simulate liquid Argon TPC’s
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0118-TD Ambrosio, Giorgio Lessons learned from the prototypes of the MQXFA Low Beta Quadrupoles for HL-LHC and plans for produ
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0117-AD Stancari, Giulio La fisica degli acceleratori di particelle
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0116-AD Pellemoine, Frederique Behind the High Power Targetry R&D at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0115-DI-LDRD-TD Dhuley, Ram C. Conduction cooled Nb3Sn SRF at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0113-T Isaacson, Joshua Quantum Monte Carlo Based Approach to Intranuclear Cascades
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0111-CCD-SCD Wu, Wenji Rucio/BigData Express/SENSE (ROBIN): A Next Generation High Performance Data
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0110-E Wu, Jinyuan Achieving High Performance Using Low Tech: Topics and Examples on FPGA and ASIC TDC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0109-SCD Wenzel, Hans G4Opticks for liquid Argon TPC's
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0108-SCD Stern, Eric Achieving Perlmutter Readiness for the Synergia Accelerator Modeling Framework with Kokkos
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0107-SCD Aleksandra Ciprijanovic Multi-Messenger Studies of Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in Galaxy Cluster Accretion Shocks
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0103-E Hossain, Forhad Systematic Study of Spectrometer-Induced Azimuthal Asymmetries for SpinQuest
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0100-V Devilbiss, Mackenzie Mu2e Event Reconstruction: Tuning for Cosmic Events
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0095-AD Stachowicz, Emily Radioactive Cleaning Robot Presentation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0093-TD Kazi, Sujay Characterizing Acoustic Signals in the Buildup to a Magnet Quench
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0092-AD Huanay, Antonio R&D of Motion Table for DPA Experiment and Making a power supply that produces 1000 A with ripple of
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0088-SCD Tuttle, Ethan Updating Hadron Models to Better Predict Neutrino Flux for DUNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0087-AD Hoeksema, Amanda Long Reach Robotic Arm
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0084-AD Scheidt, Kelsey MAGIS-100 Atom Source Support Preliminary Design
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0083-PPD Logsdon, Morgan Developing Sample Management Tools for the Irradiation Test Area (ITA)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0082-QIS Guy, Khalil Optimizing Quantum Circuit Layout Using Reinforcement Learning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0081-ND Welch, Tabitha Exploring the Great Pyramid
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0080-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir Accelerators for HEP: Challenges and R&D
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0078-SCD Cerati, G. Parallelization for HEP Reconstruction
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0077-V Diurba, Richard Energy calibration of the ProtoDUNE-SP TPC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0076-V Keshavarzi, Alex The muon $g$-2 and $\Delta \alpha$ connection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0075-T Tomalak, Oleksandr Radiative corrections to neutrino-nucleon scattering in effective field theory
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0073-SCD Reinsvold Hall, Allison Searches for long-lived particles in CMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0072-WDRS Cerny, William Searching for Ultra-Faint Milky Way Satellites with the DELVE Survey
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0072-WDRS Cerny, William Searching for Ultra-Faint Milky Way Satellites with the DELVE Survey
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0070-LBNF Dolce, Michael NOvA central value tuning and uncertainties for the hN FSI model in GENIE 3
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0064-ND Olivier, Andrew Neutrons from MINERvA’s Nuclear Targets
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0061-T Isaacson, Joshua Event Generation on GPUs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0057-ND-SCD Wospakrik, Maya Why I’m Excited to work in Computing Division in “10 minutes”
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0053-E-ND Sheshukov, Andrey NOvA in 10 minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0050-E-V Nieslony, Michael The future of ANNIE in 10 minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0049-E Khatiwada, Rakshya Tuning the axion radio with Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0047-QIS Li, Andy C.Y. Simulating high-energy physics on a quantum computer
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0043-AD Wickremasinghe, Don Athula The Future of the Fermilab Accelerator Division in 10 minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0041-PPD Sanchez, Javier LSST in 10 minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0030-ND Papadopoulou, A. First Measurement of Differential Charged Current Quasielastic--like $\nu_{\mu}$--Argon Scattering C
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0029-LBNF-V Bostan, Nilay Neutrino Flux Analysis and Monitoring for Power Improvements in NuMI
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0026-LBNF-V Bostan, Nilay Performance of Photon Detectors in ProtoDUNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0025-T Rocco, Noemi Historical Review and Future Program for Neutrino Cross-Section Measurements and Calculations
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0024-T Parke, Stephen International Neutrino Commission (INC)* Report:
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0024-T Parke, Stephen International Neutrino Committee (INC)* Report
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0023-ND Duffy, Kirsty Neutrino Interaction Measurements on Argon
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0020-ND Himmel, Alexander New Oscillation Results from the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0018-DI-LDRD-TD Dhuley, Ram Cryocooler conduction-cooled SRF cavities for compact particle accelerators
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0016-QIS Li, Andy C.Y. Quantum Computing for Neutrino-nucleus Scattering with NISQ Devices
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0014-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir 2019 High Intensity Proton Beam Physics Studies at the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0013-APC Tarazona, David A. E-Field/Pitch corrections for Run-1 of the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0011-AD Syphers, M.J. Understanding Particle Loss Rates in the Muon g-2 Experiment Storage Ring
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0010 Hempstead, Jason B. Measuring the anomalous precession frequency $\omega_a$ for the Muon $g-2$ Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0008-SCD Caldeira, Joao Deeply Uncertain: Comparing Methods of Uncertainty Quantification in Deep Learning Algorithms
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0007-SCD Wu, Wenji BigData Express: Toward Schedulable, Predictable, and High-Performance Data Transfer
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0006-E Valetov, Eremey V. Toward the Frontiers of Particle Physics with the Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0004-QIS Li, Andu C.Y. Approaching scalable VQE of interacting bosons with NISQ devices
FERMILAB-SLIDES-20-0002-DI-DLRD-TD Dhuley, R.C. Developing Conduction-Cooled SRF Cavities and First Test Results
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0125-T Pinetti, Elena A new path for dark matter searches: Cross-correlation between $\gamma$rays and neutral hydrogen
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0124-V Diurba, Richard Evaluating ProtoDUNE Single Phase Detector Response with a Cosmic Ray Tagger (CRT)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0123-E Jen, Chun-Min E1039/SpinQuest Polarized Drell-Yan Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0122-E Conover, Arthur Measuring the Sea Quark Sivers Asymmetry with Polarized Drell-Yan Interaction
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0121-E Liu, Ming Probing Sea Quark TMD with Drell-Yan at SpinQuest/E0139 at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0120-E Hoskins, Joshua High Luminosity Spin-Polarized Target for the SpinQuest Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0119-E Jen, Chun-Min E1039/SpinQuest Polarized Drell-Yan Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0118-E Yurov, M. Fermilab SpinQuest/E1039 experiment with Transversely Polarized Target
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0117-E Papavassiliou, Vassii Exploration of the Dark Sector with the Fermilab Dimuon Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0116-E Lorenzon, Wolfgang Fixed-target Drell Yan -- Present & Future
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0115-E Nakano, Kenichi Measurement of Polarized Drell-Yan Process at FNAL E1039/SpinQuest
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0114-E Akbar, Zulkaida Thermal Analysis and Simulation of the Superconducting Magnet for the SpinQuest Experiment at FermiL
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0113-CMS Abercrombie, Daniel Robert Automatic log analysis with NLP for the CMS workflow handling
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0112-V Pierini, M. Interaction Network for Jet Characterization at the LHC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0111-SCD Smith, Nick COFFEA - Columnar Object Framework For Effective Analysis
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0110-SCD Vaandering, Eric Transitioning CMS to Rucio Data Management
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0109-SCD Pedro, Kevin Integration and Performance of New Technologies in the CMS Simulation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0108-SCD Millar, Paul Third-party transfers in WLCG using HTTP
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0107-SCD Mkrtchyan, Tigran Keeping up With the Evolution of Science
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0106-SCD Yang, Wei Xrootd Thirty Party Copy for WLCG and HL-LHC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0105-SCD Patrick Fuhrmann A global R&D storage platform implementing distributed Quality of Service
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0104-SCD-V Duarte, Javier hls4ml: deploying deep learning on FPGAs for L1 trigger and Data Acquisition
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0103-SCD Dykstra, D. Distributing User Code with the CernVM FileSystem
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0102-SCD Knoepfel, Kyle LArSoft and Future Framework Directions at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0101-SCD Schellman, Heidi DUNE computing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0100-SCD Morschel, Lea dCache: Efficient Message Encoding For Inter-Service Communication
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0099-APC-SCD Stern, Eric Simulation of Space Charge Compensation with Electron Lenses
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0098-AD Bidhar , Sujit Fatigue Performance of Proton Irradiated Ti6Al4V Alloy
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0097-AD Bidhar, Sujit Irradiation Induced Failure Analysis of NuMI Target
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0096-AD Eldred, Jeffrey Novel Approaches to High-Power Proton Beams
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0095-CCD Constanta, Penelope Development of a Versatile, Full-Featured Search Functionality for Indico
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0094-SCD Berkman, Sophie Reconstruction for Liquid Argon TPC Neutrino Detectors Using Parallel Architectures
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0092-SCD Herner, Ken Production Processing and Workflow Management Software Evaluation in the DUNE Collaboration
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0091-E Valetov, Emerey The Muon g-2 Experiment: Validation of the Standard Model by Measuring the Muon Anomalous Magnetic D
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0090-E Valetov, Eremey V. Simulations, Field Modeling, and Systematic Analyses for Muon g-2 and EDM
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0089-E Flay, David Measuring the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment to High Precision
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0087-E Barker, Jana Alignment of the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0086-E Jenkins, Merrill A Search for the Neutrinoless Conversion of Negative Muons into Positrons at Mu2e
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0085-E Ambrose, Dan The Mu2e Experiment: A Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0084-E Casler, Helenka A Beam-Based Production Monitor for the Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0083-E Mueller, Stefan Probing Charged Lepton Flavor Violation with the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0082-E Song, William Neutrinoless Muon-to-Positron Conversion at Mu2e
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0081-FESS Middleton, Sophie The Mu2e: The Muon to Electron Conversion Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0080-E Pezzullo, Giani Mu2e: A Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation in $\mu^- N \to e^- N$ Conversion with a Sensitiv
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0079-E Casler, Helenka Mu2e Muon Beam Optimization
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0078-ND Bonventre, Richard Searching for Muon to Electron Conversion: The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0077-E Donghia, Raffaella The Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0076-E Di Falco, Stefano The Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0075-PPD Ray, Ron Mu2e at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0074-AD Werkema, Steve The Fermilab Muon Campus: Present Operation and Future Plans
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0073-E Herwig, Christian Particle Flow at 40MHz with the CMS L1 Trigger
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0072-PIP2 Merminga, Nikolitsa Status \& Progress of Fermilab’s PIP-II Project.
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0071-T Quigg, Chris Quarkonium Off & On the Lattice
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0070-SCD Kennedy, Liz Sexton Geant Exascale / GPU Pilot Project
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0069-SCD Bocci, A. Bringing heterogeneity to the CMS software framework
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0068-CMS-SCD Jones, Christopher Using OpenMP for HEP Framework Algorithm Scheduling
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0067-T Quigg, Chris Narrow $(c\bar{c})$ above Flavor Threshold, $B_c$ Excited States,(Stable) Doubly Heavy Tetraquarks
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0066-SCD Kennedy, Liz Sexton SpackDev: Multi-Package Development with Spack
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0063-T Perez-Gonzalez, Yuber F. Dirac and Majorana Neutrino Signatures of Primordial Black Holes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0062-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir WHY GENIUS? WHAT'S GENIUS? Dmitrii Mendeleev: The Table and Beyond
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0061-T Quigg, Chris Beauty at High Precision / High Sensitivity
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0060-AD Eldred, Jeffrey Physics Studies for High Intensity Proton Beams at the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0059-AD Lebedev, Valeri Plasma Wake-field Collider Issues and Advantages / Disadvantages of Having Muons and Crystals/CNTs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0058-AD Lumplin, Alex Coherent Optical Transition Radiation Imaging for Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerator Electron-Beam Diag
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0057-PIP2 Merminga, Lia Status of FNAL and the PIP-II Project
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0056-TD Strauss, Thomas First Field Quality Measurements of a 15 T Nb3Sn Dipole Demonstrator
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0055-DI Compact, High-Power Superconducting Electron Linacs as Irradiators for Materials and Radiation Proce
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0054-SCD Wu, Wenji BigData Express: Toward Predictable, Schedulable, and High-Performance Data Transfer
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0053-SCD Wu, Wenji Advanced Network Research at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0052-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Accelerator Research and Technology Developments for Industrial Applications (excluding medicine)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0051-AD Lobach, Ihar Study of Fluctuations in Undulator Radiation in the IOTA Ring at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0050-AD Brown, Bruce C. Design Considerations and Operational Features of the Collimators for the Fermilab Main Injector and
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0048-T Quigg, Chris Perspectives and Questions: Meditations on the Future of Particle Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0046-AD Lumpkin, Alex Observations of Long- and Short-Range Wakefield Efects on e-Beam Dynamics in TESLA-type SCRF Cavitie
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0044-AD-DI-LDRD-TD Dhuley, R.C. A Conduction-Cooled SRF Cavity: Apparatus and First Results
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0043-T Quigg, Chris A Century of Noether's Theorem
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0042-TD Dhuley, R.C. Thermal contact resistance
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0040-QIS Li, Andy C.Y. Variational Quantum Simulation of Interacting Bosons on NISQ Devices
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0039-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir Versatile Electron Lenses: New Accelerator "Swiss Knife"
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0037-CD Pudelek, Jessie End-User Security: A Cornerstone of Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity Solutions
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0036-CD Clegg, Melissa Fermilab Technical Publications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0035-CD Jones, Christopher Static Analyzer Non-Comprehensive Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0034-CD Jones, Christopher Accelerator Integration in CMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0033-CD Conway, Kevin Migrating Office 365 from ADFS to Ping Federate
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0032-FESS Kujawa, Mark FAMIS and AppTree: Mobile Device Work Order Utilization
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0031-CD Gonzalez, Saul Implementing the Yubikey at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0030-ND Palamara, Ornella MeV-Scale Physics in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers using ArgoNeuT
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0029-T Harnik, Roni Millicharged Particles in Liquid Argon Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0028-T Martinez Soler, Ivan Jesus The Global Three-Neutrino Oscillation Picture
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0027-T Hill, Richard Elementary Amplitudes with Near Detectors
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0026-T Perez-Gonzalez, Yuber F Neutrino Tridents at Near Detectors
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0025-ND Mohayai, Tanaz High-Pressure Gas TPC for DUNE Near Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0024-T Zhang, Yue Dark Tridents at Off-Axis Neutrino Detectors
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0023-A Tsai, Yu-Dai Fixed-Target Minicharge Searches: FerMINI and Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0022-T Krnjaic, Gordan Severe Constraints on New Physics Explanations of the MiniBooNE Excess
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0021-ND Bross, Alan The DUNE Near Detector Complex
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0020-ND Paley, Jonathan EMPHATIC: A New Hadron Production Experiment for Improved Neutrino Flux Predictions
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0019-FESS Countryman, Jason Performance Evaluation and Measurement
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0018-CMS Strobbe, Nadja Strong SUSY at ATLAS and CMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0017-T Quigg, Chris In Leon's Company, It Seemed that Anything Might be Possible
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0016-CMS-E-PPD Landsberg, Greg Heavy-Flavor Spectroscopy in ATLAS and CMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0015-AD-DI Kroc, Thomas K. A Compact Superconducting RF Accelerator for Electron Beam and X-Ray Irradiation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0014-ND Wu, Wanwei Overview of the MicroBooNE LArTPC Detector Calibration
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0013-PPD Pedro, Kevin Searches for New Physics with Unconventional Signatures at ATLAS and CMS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0012-CD-ND Zeller, Sam Fermilab STI
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0011-AD Johnson, Jamal A Concept for Ultra-High Energy Electron and Positron Test Beams at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0010-CD Bocci, A. CMS Patatrack Project
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0009-CD Elvira, V. Daniel Physics Models in Detector Simulation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0008-CD Kirby, Michael Neutrino Experiment Simulation Overview
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0007-T Smith, Nick The Case for Columnar Analysis (a Two-Part Series)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0006-PPD Duarte, Javier FPGAs as a Service to Accelerate Machine Learning Inference
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0005-CD Herner, Ken The FIFE Project: Supporting Non-LHC Experiments at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0004-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Tobin Compact, High-Power Superconducting Electron Linacs as Irradiators for Materials and Radiation Proce
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0003-QIS Li, Cheong Yiu Variational Quantum Eigensolver of Interacting Bosons with NISQ Devices
FERMILAB-SLIDES-19-0002-FESS McWha, Dawn Streamlining FIMS/CAIS Data Validation with GIS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0167-E Lorenzon, Wolfgang Opportunities with fixed-target Drell-Yan
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0166-E Chen, Andrew Probing nucleon's spin structures with polarized Drell-Yan in the Fermilab E1039 experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0165-E Daugherity, Mike Fermilab E1039 Beyond Sea Quark Sivers
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0164-E Yu, Haiwang Software/Simulation effort at E1039 experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0163-E Yurov, M. The Measurement of the Seaquark Sivers Asymmetry in Fermilab E1039 Polarized Drell-Yan
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0162-E Nakano, Kenichi Measurements of Parton Structure of Nucleons and Nuclei via Drell-Yan Process at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0161-E Miyachi, Yoshiyuki Measurement of proton induced Drell-Yan with the polarized nucleon targets at Fermilab-E1039
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0160-E Kargiantoulakis, Manolis The Mu2e Experiment: A Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0159-E Mueller, Stefan Probing Charged Lepton Flavor Violation with the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0158-E Echenard, Bertrand Charged Lepton Flavor Violation and the New Mu2e and COMET Experiments
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0157-E Bernstein, Robert Charged Lepton Flavor Violation: μ⁻ N → e⁻ N and μ⁻ N → e⁺ N
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0156-E Caron, Jean-Francois The Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0155-E Donghia, Raffaella Design and Test of the Mu2e Undoped CsI + SiPM Crystal Calorimete
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0154-E Miyashita, Tomo The Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0153-E Bernstein, Robert Charged Lepton Flavor Violation: $\mu^- N \to e^- N$
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0152-E Bono, Jason The Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0151-E Archer, Avery The Mu2e Experiment: Target Extinction Monitor
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0150-E Ciampa, Kate Design of the Mu2e Straw Tracker
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0149-E Castiglia, Emma Mu2e Calorimeter Clustering Studies
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0148-E Miyashita, Tomo The Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0147-E Pezullo, Giani Mu2e: A Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0146-E Pezullo, Giani The Mu2e Tracker
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0145-E Diociaiuti, Eleonora The Mu2e Calorimeter
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0144-E Boi, Steven The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0143-E You, Zhengyun Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Search on Mu2e at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0142-ND Bonventre, Richie Searching for Muon to Electron Conversion: The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0141-DI Schmidt, Cherri J. Partnerships \& Technology Transfer: Accessing National Laboratory Resources
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0140-AE-E Lippincott, Hugh Doping Liquid Xenon with Light Elements
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0139-TD Lunin, A. Statistical Analysis of the Eigenmode Spectrum in the SRF Cavities with Mechanical Imperfections
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0138-ND Hewes, Jeremy Long-Baseline Searches for Sterile Neutrinos using Neutral Current Interactions in NOvA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0136-ND Abratenko, Polina Evaluating the Performance of Multiple Coulomb Scattering-Based Momentum Reconstruction with MicroBo
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0134-PPD Forster, Gary 200 Kg of Underground Argon: The Struggle for Radiopurity
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0133-E Neogi, Orgho Search for Dark Matter in a Coannihilation Codex Model With CMS Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0132-AD-APC Eldred, Jeffrey RCS for Multi-MW Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0131-AD Eldred, Jeffrey Advanced Proton Booster Design (Integrable Optics for High Intensity Beams)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0130-AD-APC Stancari, Giulio Detecting Single Electrons in IOTA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0129-TD Xu, Xingchen Recent Progress with APC $Nb_3Sn$ Conductors
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0126-ND Doyle, Derek Accelerating Feldman-Cousins for NOvA using NERSC Supercomputers
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0123-CD Lilianstrom, Al The Long, Long Road to True Single Sign On at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0122-CD Gong, Qian GoldenEye:Stream-Based Network Packet Inspection using GPUs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0121-TD Lunin, Andrei Status of High Order Modes Spectra Measurements in 1.3 GHz Cavities for LCLS-II
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0120-T Quigg, Chris Introducing The Future of Particle Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0119-CD Terlyga, Olga Centralized Authorization in Non-Uniform Federation: Communities of Interest
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0118-ND Ciampa, Kate Design of the Mu2e Straw Tracker
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0117-E Yaeggy, Barbara Proton and Neutral Pion Identification at ME in MINERvA-Scintillator $\nu_{\mu} + N \to \mu^- + \pi^
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0116-CD Sexton-Kennedy, Elizabeth S. Quantum Computing
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0115-AE Smith, J.A. Calibrating the Dark Energy Survey: The Role of DA White Dwarfs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0114-AD Augustine, David The Operation of the Tevatron Vacuum System
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0113-CD Sexton-Kennedy, Elizabeth S. The Future of Software and Computing for HEP: Pushing the Boundaries of the Possible
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0112-E Fidalgo Rodriguez, Guillermo A. Using Machine Learning Techniques for Data Quality Monitoring
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0111-ND Doyle, Derek Accelerating Feldman-Cousins on NOvA using NERSC Supercomputers
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0110-E Deptuch, G. Ultimate 3D for a Pixel Detector - Tests of X-Rays Detection
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0109-LDRD Thompson, Jessica Suzanne Simulation of Conduction Cooled SRF Cavity
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0108-E Osofsky, Rachel Magnetic Field Status of the Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0106-CD Lilianstrom, Al The Long, Long Road to True Single Sign On at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0105-CD Terlyga, Olga Centralized Authorization in Non-Uniform Federation: Communities of Interest
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0104-CD Lilianstrom, Al Office 365 Integration at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0102-CD Lilianstrom, Al Federation at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0101 Stenico, Gabriela Vitti A Short Travel for Neutrinos in Large Extra Dimensions
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0100-AD Prost, Lionel PIP-II Injector Test Warm Front End: Commissioning Update
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0099-E Splettstoesser, Megan DES in 10 Minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0098-AD-APC Stancari, Giulio Physics and Technology of Electron Lenses for the Fermilab Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0095-PPD Flay, David The Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0094-E Grannis, Paul Tevatron Highlights
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0093-ND-PPD Hugon, Justin Fermilab Test Beam Facility and LArIAT Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0091-LBNF-ND Torbunov, Dmitrii NOvA Muon Neutrino and Antineutrino Disappearance Results 2018
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0088-ND Howard, Bruce New $\nu_e + \bar{\nu}_e$ Appearance Results from NOvA
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0086-E Pezzullo, Gianantonio The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab: A Search for Lepton Flavor Violation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0085-PPD Castiglia, Emma Mu2e Calorimeter Clustering Studies
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0084-LBNF-ND Rehak, Tyler J. Working Toward a Precision Neutrino Beam
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0083 Lu, Jeremy PROSPECT In a Nutshell
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0082-E Archer, Avery Mu2e Experiment: The Target Extinction Monitor
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0081-PPD Islam, Wasikul Performance of b Jet Identification at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV with the ATLAS Detector at CERN
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0080-ND Kleykamp, Jeffrey Preliminary Analysis in MINERvA's Nuclear Targets for CCQE-like Events
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0079 March, Marisa Cristina Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Parameter Inference with Missing Data: Supernova Cosmology Case Stu
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0078-ND O'Flaherty, Marcus S. ANNIE in 10 Minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0075-ND Groh, Micah NOvA Reconstruction using Deep Learning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0073-PPD Sullivan, Hunter LArIAT In 10 Minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0070 Chen, Xuan FSPA Report
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0069-CMS Roozbahani, Bahareh Simulation of CMS Phase 2 Pixel Tracker for HL-LHC
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0068 Pasquini, Pedro S. Exploring the Potential of Short-Baseline Physics at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0067-AD Ainsworth, Rob High Intensity Proton Stacking at Fermilab: 700 kW Running
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0065-ND Guenette, Roxanne MicroBooNE and the Future SBN Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0065-AE Hong, Ziquing SuperCDMS in 10 Minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0064-ND Huang, En-Chuan Excess of Electron-Like Events in MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0063-T Parke, Stephen J. International Neutrino Commission Report \& Neutrino 2018
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0060-CD Wu, Wenji BigData Express: Toward Predictable, Schedulable, and High-Performance Data Transfer
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0059-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Tobin Compact, High Power SRF Accelerators for Industrial Applications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0058-LBNF Bermeo, Laura Gomez DUNE in 10 Minutes
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0055-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Compact SRF Accelerator Applications: USPAS Lecture
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0054-ND Papadopoulou, Afroditi Electrons for Neutrinos
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0050-CD Flumerfelt, Eric Flexible and Scalable Data-Qcquisition Using the $artdaq$ Toolkit
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0049-AE-CD Tucker, Douglas The Photometric and Astrometric Properties of DECam as Enablers of Precision Science
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0048-DI Cooper, Charlie Use of E-Beams to Treat Waste Water
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0045-CD Whited, Tammy Driving Strategic Alliance — with Best Practices
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0044-AD Ader, Christine R. Overview of Fabrication Techniques and Lessons Learned With Accelerator Vacuum Windows
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0043-PPD Wu, Wanwei Electric Field Effects on the Muon Anomalous Precession Frequency in the Fermilab Muon g-2 Experimen
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0041-CD Higgins, Valerie It Takes a Village: Documenting the Contributions of Non-Scientific Staff to Scientific Research
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0040-T Quigg, Chris John David Jackson: Physicist, Teacher, Citizen
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0039-T Quigg, Chris Fermilab's Greatest Hits: Scientific Highlights of the First Fifty Years
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0038-T Quigg, Chris I Would Like to Know...
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0037-T Quigg, Christ Stable Tetraquarks
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0036-T Quigg, Chris Fermilab's Greatest Hits: Highlights from the First Fifty Years
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0035-T Quigg, Chris Stable, Doubly Heavy Tetraquark Mesons
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0034-T Quigg, Chris Stable, Doubly Heavy Tetraquark Mesons
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0033-T Quigg, Chris Physics Beyond Colliders Annual Workshop
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0032-T Quigg, Chris The Future of Particle Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0031-T Parke, Stephen Why We Need Precision in Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0030-T Parke, Stephen Analytic Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities in Matter Revisited
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0029-T Denton, Peter B. Addendum to "Compact Perturbative Expressions for Neutirno Oscillations in Matter"
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0028-DI Thangaraj, Charles State of EB Accelerator Technologies \& Future Opportunities
FERMILAB-SLIDES-18-0025-DI Cooper, Charlie Presentation for ISTC and ISWS
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0025-ND Del Tutto, Marco VENu: The Virtual Environment for Neutrinos
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0024-AD Gregory, Ruth Performance Characterization of LCLS-II Superconducting Radiofrequency Cryomodules
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0023-AD Young, Samantha Characterization of the IOTA Proton Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0022-APC Gross, Axel Beam Echoes in the Presence of Coupling
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0021-AD Einstein-Curtis, Joshua A. Microphonics and Active Compensation
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0020-CD Zhang, Liang MDTM: Optimizing Data Transfer using Multicore-Aware I/O Scheduling
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0019-AD Sosa, Alejandro Garcia Implementation of Design Changes Towards a More Reliable, Hands-off Magnetron Ion Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0018-AD Nagaitsev, Sergei Longitudinal Effects in Space Charge Dominated Cooled Bunched Beams
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0017-AD Bidhar, Sujit Electrospun Nanofiber Materials for High Power Target Applications
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0016-DI Sauers, Aaron G. DITAC FASPAX / ASIC Development
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0015-LBNF Montanari, David The Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0014-CD Genser, K.L. A Toolkit tot Study Sensitivity of the Geant4 Predictions to the Variations of the Physics Model Par
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0012-AE-E Lippincott, Hugh PICO Results and Future Plans
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0011-AE-E Lippincott, Hugh Searching for Dark Matter with LZ
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0010-AD Ammigan, Kavin Status and Update of the RaDIATE Collaboration R&D Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0009-CCD Lee, Sandra L. National Labs Update for Librarians
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0008-TD Rane, Tejas Parametric study for use of stainless steel as a material for thermal shield in PIP2IT transferline
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0006-DI Cooper, Charlie Illinois Accelerator Research Center (IARC)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-17-0002-DI Sauers, Aaron G. Software Management
FERMILAB-SLIDES-10-0003-PPD Tschirhart, R. Nuts and Bolts of the Measurement
FERMILAB-SLIDES-10-0002-PPD Bryman, Douglas Measurement of $K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu\bar{\nu}$ at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-10-0001-CD-E Wenzel, Hans Simulation of total absorption dual readout calorimetry
FERMILAB-SLIDES-09-0003-PPD Chou, Aaron S. The Fermilab Holometer: A Program to Measure Planck Scale Indeterminacy
FERMILAB-SLIDES-09-0002-PPD Jaffe, David E. Measurement of the $K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu \bar{\nu}$ Decay at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-09-0001-PPD Ritchie, Jack Measurement of $K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu \bar{\nu}$ at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0052-AD Martens, Mike Fermilab Neutrino Beamline to DUSEL
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0051-AD Svoboda, R. The DUSEL Long Baseline Science Collaboration
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0050-AD Saoulidou, N. Physics Potential of the DUSEL Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0049-AD Verzocchi, Marco Tevatron Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0048-PPD Brice, Steve Overview of Neutrino Programs (MiniBooNE, SciBooNE, MINERva, MINOS, AND NOVA)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0047-PPD Fleming, Bonnie Tamminga ArgoNeuT and MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0046-PPD Bernstein, R. Answers to PAC Questions: Issues from Director's Review Committee
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0045-PPD Tschirhart, Robert S. ILC Detector & Physics R&D at Fermilab... Hit by an Ominbus
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0044-PPD Varnes, Erich Ward Status of the D0 Experiment
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0043-PPD Glenzinski, Doug Status of CDF
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0042-PPD Jackson, Dr. Gerald P. P-981 Antimatter Gravity Experiment: Accelerator Augmentations and Civil Construction
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0041-PPD Phillips, Thomas Antimatter Gravity Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0040-PPD Fisher, Peter NuSOnG: Physics at the Terascale
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0039-PPD Tschirhart, Robert S. Prospects for Future Kaon Physics at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0038-PPD Prebys, Eric MUON Physics Program at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0037-PPD Saoulidou, N. Project X and Neutrino Oscillation Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0036-DI Kim, Young-Kee Fermilab Plan with a High Intensity Proton Source
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0035-PPD Rameika, Regina Abby P-982 LAr5 - A Liquid Argon Neutrino Detector for Long Baseline Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0034-PPD Fleming, Bonnie Tamminga MicroBooNE Update on Proposal P974
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0033-PPD Brice, Steve MiniBooNE Update Since Last PAC Meeting (Nov 2007)
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0032-PPD Tanaka, Hide-Kazu SciBooNE (E954) Update
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0031-PPD Sanchez, Mayly MINOS Status and Prospects
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0030-AD Dixon, R. Accelerator Performance and Status
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0029-DI Chattopadhyay, Swapan AAA Closeout Report
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0028-DI Kephart, Robert D. Director's Review of Liquid Argon TPC R&D Towards a - 100 KT Detector
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0027-A Gottschalk, Erik Edward SNAP Science and Operations Center
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0026-CMS Berryhill, Jeffrey Wayne CMS Status and the Fermilab CMS Center
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0025-AD Bortoletto, Daniela The LHC Upgrade
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0024-PPD Louis, W.C. Searching for New Particles Beyond the Standard Model: NewBooNE
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0023-DI Kim, Young-Kee Status: Resource Planning
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0022-CS White, Victoria Ann Computing Needs for Experiments at Colliders and Neutrino Programs
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0021-SCD Spentzouris, Panagiotis Computing R&D Initiatives: The Laboratory Role
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0020-PPD Demarteau, Marcel Detector R&D Initiatives: The Laboratory Role
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0019-A Sonnenschein, Andrew Harry Experimental Particle Astrophysics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0018-A Unknown, A. Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0017-AD Appel, Jeffrey A. Machine-Experiments Interface Study Group and DUSEL Beamline Working Group
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0016-PPD Tschirhart, Robert S. Prospects for Future Kaon Physics at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0014-PPD Miller, Jim The Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0013-A Kent, Stephen M. SNAP at Fermilab: Context and Hardware R&D
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0012-DI Oddone, Piermaria Jorge Context and Overview of Fermilab's Strategic Plan
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0011-DI Holmes, Stephen D. Project X Facility Description and Plan
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0010-DI Kim, Young-Kee Physics with High Intensity Proton Sources
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0009-PPD Appel, Jeffrey A. Current and Near-Term Physics Research Program
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0008-AD Gottschalk, Erik Concept for a JDEM Science Operations Center
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0007-CMS Tully, Chris Fermilab's Role in CMS Physics
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0006-CMS Bauerdick, Lothar A.T. Fermilab's Role on CMS: CMS Operations and Upgrade
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0005-PPD Miller, J. Mu2e: a Proposal to Search for $\mu$ N $\to$ eN with a Single Event Sensitivity Below 10$^{-16}$
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0004-A Hogan, Craig Fermilab: The Cosmic Frontier
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0002-PPD Bernstein, R. R&D for Mu2e
FERMILAB-SLIDES-08-0001-PPD Ray, Ron Mu2e Cost and Schedule
FERMILAB-SLIDES-0074-CSAID Ciprijanovic, Aleksandra Miodrag Cosmic Algorithms: Unveiling Mysteries of the Universe with Artificial Intelligence