Fermilab Technical Publications: Proposal Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1067 Liu, Ming Xiong Letter of Intent for a Direct Search for Dark Photon and Dark Higgs Particles with the SeaQuest Spec
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1063 Back, A.R. Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment (ANNIE): Preliminary Results and Physics Phase P
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1062 An Experimental Program in Neutrino Physics, Nucleon Decay, and Astroparticle Physics Enabled by the
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1061 CAPTAIN-MINERvA: Neutrino-Argon Scattering in a Medium-Energy Neutrino Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1060 CAPTAIN-BNB: Measuring Supernova Neutrino Cross Sections in Liquid Argon Detector at the off-axis of
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1059 Frisch, Henry J. T-1059: Optical Time-Projection Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1058 Schmidt, J.J. T-1058: Secondary Emission Calorimeter (SEC)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1057 Anokhina, Alexandra M. Prospects for the measurement of neutrino muon disappearance at the FNAL-Booster
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1056 Soha, Aria ATLAS DBM Module Qualification
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1055 Zhu, Ren-Yuan T-1055: Proton Induced Radiation Damage in Crystal Scintillators
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1054 Soha, Aria T-1054: sPHENIX PreShower
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1053 Adams, C. LAr1-ND: Testing Neutrino Anomalies with Multiple LAr TPC Detectors at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1051 Adamson, P. CHerenkov detectors In mine PitS (CHIPS) Letter of Intent to FNAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1050 Soha, Aria T-1050: CDRD High Rate Data Links Program
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1049 Soha, Aria T-1049: ATLAS Large Scale Thin Gap Chambers
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1047 Soha, Aria T-1047: CLAS12 Silicon Vertex Tracker Module Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1046 Andrews, Mike T-1046: LBNE-NuMI Muon Detectors
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1045 Bernstein, Bob T-1045: Mu2e Fast Extinction Monitor Tests Using Cherenkov Light from Quartz Cells
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1044 Mannel, Eric T1044: sPHENIX Calorimetry Tests
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1043 Hocker, Andy T-1043: Measurements of Photoelectron Yields for Prototype Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto Scintillation Counte
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1042 Rominsky, Mandy T-1042: Muon g-2 Straw Tracker
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1041 Bilki, Burak T-1041: CMS Forward Calorimetry R&D
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1040 Brice, S.J. Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nucleus Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1039 Brown, C. Letter of Intent for a Drell-Yan Experiment with a Polarized Proton Target
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1038 Lajoie, John T-1038: PHENIX Muon Piston Calorimeter (MPC) APD and Prototype MPC Extension (MPC-EX) Tests
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1037 Soha, Aria T-1037: FLYSUB-Consortium Tracking and RICH Performance Evaluation
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1036 Mersi, Stefano T-1036: Tests of a high rate pixel detector for CMS upgrade
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1034 Adamson, Phil T-1034: LArIAT: Liquid Argon TPC in a Test Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1033 Dharmapalan, R. Letter of Intent: A New Investigation of $\nu_\mu\rightarrow\nu_e$ Oscillations with Improved Sensit
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1032 Dharmapalan, R. Light Mass WIMP Searches with a Neutrino Experiment: A Proposal for Further MiniBooNE Running
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1031 Oreglia, Mark T-1031: ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Upgrade Electronics Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1030 Chen, H. A letter of Intent for a neutrino oscillation experiment on the Booster Neutrino Beamline: LAr1
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1029 Thomas, Jennifer GLADE Global Liquid Argon Detector Experiment: a letter of intent to FNAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1028 Adey, D. nuSTORM - Neutrinos from STORed Muons: Proposal to the Fermilab PAC
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1027 Isenhower, L.D. Polarized Drell-Yan measurements with the Fermilab Main Injector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1025 Tayloe, Rex T-1025 IU SciBath-768 detector tests in MI-12
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1022 Apollinari, Giorgio Intensity-Frontier Antiproton Physics with The Antiproton Annihilation Spectrometer (TAPAS) at Fermi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1021 Comfort, Joseph ORKA: Measurement of the $K^ \to \pi^+ \nu \bar{\nu}$ Decay at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1020 Maruyama, Reina T-1020 NaI crystal test for DM-Ice
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1019 Schwartz, Alan Performance confirmation of the Belle II imaging Time Of Propogation (iTOP) prototype counter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1018-UPDATE Trentalange, Stephen T-1018: UCLA Spacordion Tungsten Powder Calorimeter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1018 Trentalange, Stephen T-1018 UCLA Spacordion Tungsten Powder Calorimeter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1017 Collar, Juan T-1017 COUPP Iodine Recoil Threshold Experiment (CIRTE)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1016 Tzanankos, G. MINOS+: a Proposal to FNAL to run MINOS with the medium energy NuMI beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1015 Cauz, Diego T-1015 Dual Readout Calorimetry with Glasses
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1014 Soha, Aria T-1014 IU SciBath-768 Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1013 Lucas, Peter NOvA Near Detector On the Surface (NDOS)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1012 Russ, James Tauwer Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1011 Luukka, Panja Tests of Radiation-Hard Silicon Microstrip Sensors for CMS in S-LHC
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1010 Yu, Jaehoon Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) Chamber Characteristics Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1009 Collar, Juan A Proposal for a Ton Scale Bubble Chamber for Dark Matter Detection
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1008 Posocco, Mario SuperB Muon Detector Prototype
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1007 Chou, A. Optical Cavity Test Bench
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1006 Kwan, S. Response and Uniformity Studies of Directly Coupled Tiles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1005 Polly, Chris Muon g-2 Calorimeter Prototypes
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1004 Crisler, Mike Total Absorption Dual Readout Calorimetry
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1003 Paley, J. SciNOvA: A Measurement of Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering in a Narrow-Band Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1002 Stancu, I. Letter of Intent to Build a MiniBooNE Near Detector:BooNE
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1001 Alarcon, Ricardo MAX: Multi-Ton Argon and Xenon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-1000 Alton, Drew A Depleted Argon Dark Matter Search
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0999 Collar, Juan A Proposal to Operate the COUPP-60 Bubble Chamber at SNOLAB
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0998 Dejongh, Fritz QUIET Phase II: The Search for B-Mode Polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background Using Coherent
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0997 Mantsch, Paul M. Auger North: The Pierre Auger Observatory in the Northern Hemisphere
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0996 Comfort, Joseph Measurement of the K+ --> pi+nu anti-nu Decay at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0995 Development of Extruded Scintillator-Based Muon Counters
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0994 Nakashima, H. JASMIN in the Meson Test Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0993 Shielding and Radiation Effect Experiments II
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0992 Kwan, S. Tests of Radiation-Hard Sensors for the SLHC
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0991 Steffen, Jason Chameleon Afterglow Search (CHASE)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0990 Chou, Aaron The Fermilab Holometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0989 Carey, R.M. The New (g-2) Experiment: A proposal to measure the muon anomalous magnetic moment to +-0.14 ppm pre
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0988 Privitera, P. Air Flourescence Yield for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0987 Estrada, Juan Dark Matter in CCD's (DAMIC)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0986 Asner, David M. Medium-Energy Antiproton Physics with the Antiproton Annihilation Spectrometer (TApAS*) at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0984 Mannel, Eric PHENIX VTX Prototype
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0982 Baller, B. Letter of Intent: LAr5-A Liquid Argon Neutrino Detector for Long Baseline Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0981 Cronin, A.D. Letter of Intent: Antimatter Gravity Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0980 Mokhov, N. A Crystal Collimation Experiment (CCE) at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0979 Albrow, Michael PSEC Fast Timing Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0977 Gran, R. Test Beam Calibration of the MINERvA Detector Components
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0976 Wah, Y. CsI Gaussian Shaper Electronics and Detector Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0974 Chen, H. Proposal for a New Experiment Using the Booster and NuMI Neutrino Beamlines: MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0973 Carey, R.M. Proposal to search for $\mu^- N \to e^- N$ with a single event sensitivity below $10^{-16}$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0972 Nakashima, H. Shielding and Radiation Effect Experiments
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0971 Artuso, M. Tests of LHCb Silicon Detectors
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0970 Repond, J. T-970: DHCAL Detector Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0969 Chou, A. GammeV: A Gamma to Milli-eV Particle Search
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0968 Yokoyama, M. T2K Muon Monitor Prototype Test in the NuMI Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0967 McNabb, R. Muon g-2 Calorimeter Prototype
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0966 Battaglia, M. Test fo Monolithic Pixel Sensors and a Thin CMOS Pixel Beam Telescope
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0965 Wilson, R. Readout of Scintillator/WLS Detectors with Pixelated Silicon Photosensors
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0964 Yu, J. GEM Chamber Characteristics Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0963 Xu, Z. STAR Muon Telescope Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0962 Fleming, B. Mini Liquid Argon TPC in the NuMI Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0961 Collar, Juan COUPP - a search for dark matter with a continuously sensitive bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0960 Isenhower, D. Proposal to upgrade the MIPP experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0959 Hertel, N. Microparticle Shielding Assessment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0958 Brandt, A. The FP420 Fast Timing Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0957 Zutshi, Vishnu Northern Illinois University Tail-Catcher/Muon Tracker Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0956 Abrams, Robert ILC Muon Detector Tests
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0955 Underwood, David The RPC Detector Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0954 Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A. Bringing the SciBar detector to the booster neutrino beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0953 Northacker, David University of Iowa Cerenkov light test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0952 Kodama, K. Request for a Test Exposure of OPERA Targets in the NuMI Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0951 Awes, Terry ALICE Electromagnetic Calorimeter Prototype Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0950 Wah, Yau Vacuum Straw Tracker Test Beam Run
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0949 Kent, Stevens A Proposal by the Astrophysical Research Consortium to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0948 Isenhower, D. Proposal to upgrade the MIPP data acquisition system
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0947 Bauer, Dan SuperCDMS Development Project
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0946 Bugel, L. A letter of intent for a neutrino scattering experiment on the booster neutrino meanline: FINeSSE
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0945 Collar, J.I. COUPP, a Heavy-Liquid Bubble Chamber for WIMP Detection: First Tests in the MINOS Near-Detector Gall
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0943 Barbero, M. The Super B-Factory Monolithic Active Pixel Detector Prototype Group
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0942 Bartoszek, L. FLARE, Fermilab liquid argon experiments: Letter of intent
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0941 Northacker, David University of Iowa PPAC Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0940 Cooper, Peter S. Kplus - a cost effective and competitive precision measurement of the decay K+ --> pi+ Mu anti-Mu
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0939 Annis, J. A proposal for Fermilab to support the dark energy survey design and development phase
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0938 Drakoulakos, D. Proposal to Perform a High-Statistics Neutrino Scattering Experiment using a Fine-grained Detector i
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0937 Bugel, L. A Proposal for a near detector experiment on the booster neutrino beamline: FINeSSE: Fermilab intens
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0936 Atac, M. The US-CMS Forward Pixel Group
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0935 Artuso, M. BTeV RICH Detector Test Beam Run
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0934 Plunkett, Robert K. Proposal for a Cosmic Ray Veto Shield for the MINOS Far Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0933 Semenov, P. BTeV - EMCal Detector Test Beam Run
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0932 Worm, S. Diamond Detector Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0931 Johns, W. BTeV Muon Detector Test Beam Run
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0930 Hahn, A. BTeV Straw Prototype Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0929 Ayres, D.S. NOvA: Proposal to Build a 30 Kiloton Off-Axis Detector to Study $\nu_{\mu} \to \nu_e$ Oscillations i
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0928 Michael, Doug Proposal for Tests of a Prototype Veto Shield for MINOS
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0927 Appel, J.A. BTeV - Pixel Detector Test Beam Run
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0926 Allen, C. The Radio Ice Cerenkov Experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0925 Denisov, Dmitri S. D0 Run IIB Silicon Detector Upgrade: Technical Design Report
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0924 Lukens, Patrick T. The CDF IIb Detector Technical Design Report
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0923 Annis, Jim The PRIME Project: A Proposal for Fermilab to Join a NASA SMEX
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0922 Alexopoulos, T. A proposal for a precision measurement of the decay $K_{L} \to \pi^0$ neutrino anti-neutrino and oth
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0921 Frank, J. Charged Kaons at the Main injector (CKM): A proposal for a precision measurement of the decay K+ -->
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0920 Albrow, M.G. A Search for the Higgs Boson Using Very Forward Tracking Detectors with CDF
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0919 Flaugher, B. US CMS Silicon Tracker
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0918-A Drobychev, G.Y. Update to Proposal for an Experiment to Measure Mixing, CP Violation and Rare Decays in Charm and Be
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0918 Kulyavtsev, A. Proposal for an Experiment to Measure Mixing, CP Violation and Rare Decays in Charm and Beauty Parti
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0917 Gustafson, Richard Memorandum of Understanding
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0916 Albrow, Michael G. Further studies in hard diffraction and very forward physics
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0915 Adamson, P. The Hybrid Emulsion Detector for MINOS \& Proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0914 Smith, Gerald A. A Magnetic Degrading Spectrometer for Trapping of Low Energy Antiprotons at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0913 Swordy, Simon P. A Proposal for Calibration and Testing of a Transition Radiation Detector for Space Applications
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0912 Arisaka, Katsushi Beam Test of High-Performance Hadron Calorimeter for Future Linear Colliders
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0911 Conway, J. Fermilab Test Beam Proposal for Diamond Tracking Detectors
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0910 Anferov, V.A. Analyzing Power $A_n$ in 120 GeV high $P^2_\bot$ Squared Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0909 Konigsberg, Jacobo Proposal for Enhancement of the CDF II Detector: An Inner Silicon Layer and A Time of Flight Detecto
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0908 Denisov, Dmitri S. A Silicon Track Trigger for the D0 Experiment in Run II
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0907 Barnes, P.D., Jr. Proposal to Measure Particle Production in the Meson Area using Main Injector Primary and Secondary
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0906 Isenhower, L.D. Proposal for Drell-Yan Measurements of Nucleon and Nuclear Structure with the FNAL Main Injector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0905 Coleman, R. A Proposal for a Precision Measurement of the Decay $K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu\bar{\nu}$ and Other Rare $K^+
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0904 Ankenbrandt, Charles M. Ionization cooling research and development program for a high luminosity muon collider
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0903 Blanford, G. A Test experiment at the Fermilab Booster to study the feasibility of fast anti-hydrogen spectroscop
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0902 Armstrong, D. Particle Mass Measurements and Strong Interaction Studies with Exotic Atoms Using X-ray Crystal Spec
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0901 MacLachlan, Jim Recycler Medium Energy Elctron Coolinig Experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0900 Montgomery, Hugh E. Proposal for a Forward Proton Detector at D0
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0899 Del Signore, K.W. Particle production at 0 degrees from the collider
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0898 Church, E. A proposal for an experiment to measure muon-neutrino ---> electron-neutrino oscillations and muon-n
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0896 Cummings, M.A. Proposal to measure coherent radioemission from proton - induced electromagnetic showers at the main
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0895 Anderson, D. Pixel Detector Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0894 Bhat, C. An Experimental program to study CP violation and search for CPT violation in the K(L) ---> K(S) sys
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0893 Strait, J. Design and construction of interaction regions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0892 Green, D. The US CMS Collaboration at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0891 Dixon, Roger L. Cryogenic dark matter search (CDMS)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0890 Barov, N.A. Advanced accelerator test at the Fermilab electron source facility
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0889 Abashian, A. A Letter of intent
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0888 Kwaitkowski, K. Anti-p + A studies of the nuclear equation of state: Letter of intent
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0887 Pasquinelli, R. A RFQ linear accelerator for PET isotope production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0886 Melissinos, A. Compton scattering x-ray experiments at the Fermilab electron source facility
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0885 Kron, Richard G. Sloan Digital Sky Survey
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0884 Guzik, T.Gregory A Proposal for a beam test of the ATIC detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0883 Adams, James H., Jr. Measurements of high energy cosmic ray spectra above 100 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0882-ADD Kalbfleisch, George R. A Search for low mass monopoles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0882 Kalbfleisch, George R. A Search for low mass monopoles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0881 Cronin, J.W. Proposal for Auger project detector R&D
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0880 Artuso, M. Proposal for test beam running of the CLEO-III RICH detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0879 Butler, J. Tracking arrangement for a B collider test setup
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0878 Isenhower, Donald Spin structure function physics at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0877 Lee, Siu Au Measurement of the magnetically induced QED birefringence of the vacuum and an improved laboratory s
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0876 Deninno, M. Proposal for hard diffraction studies in CDF
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0875 Ables, E. P-875: A Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0874 Freeman, J. P874: A Proposal to measure the pi+ and pi- lifetimes at high-energy
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0873 Federspiel, F. Letter of intent to perform a neutrino experiment using the Fermilab 8 GeV booster
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0872 Lundberg, B. Measurement of Tau Lepton Production from the Process Tau-Neutrino + N -> Tau
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0871 Chan, A. Proposal to continue the study of hyperon CP violation in FY99
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0870 Green, D. Proposal for the testing of prototype detectors for the SDC at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0869 Barish, Barry Testing of components for the GEM detector at the Supercollider Laboratory: A Proposal to the Fermi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0868 Geer, S. Search for anti-proton decay at the Fermilab anti-proton accumulator: Proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0867 Alexopoulos, T. A Proposal to Continue the Study of Hidden Charm and Beauty States by Triggering on High Transverse
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0866 Garvey, G.T. Measurement of anti-d (x) / anti-u (x) in the proton: FNAL proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0865 Isenhower, L.D. Letter of Intent for a High - Sensitivity Study of Charm and Beauty Decays
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0864 Gao, Y.T. Maximum acceptance detector for the Fermilab collider (MAX)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0863 Akchurin, N. Nucleon spin structure studies with polarized proton and anti-proton beams: Proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0862 Munger, C.T. Detection of relativistic anti-hydrogen atoms produced by pair production with positron capture: Pro
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0861 Geer, Steve Test of Backgrounds for an Antiproton Decay Search Experiment at the Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0860 Lee, Won-Yong A Search for neutrino oscillations using the Fermilab debuncher
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0859 Hsueh, Shao Yuan Search for direct CP violation in anti-p + p ---> anti-Lambda + Lambda ---> anti-p pi+ + p pi-
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0858 Krisch, A.D. Spin effects in high $p($t$) ^{2} pp$ elastic scattering: Proposal to Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0857 Demianov, A.I. Spin - tensor
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0856 Parker, Sherwood Test beam request: An Integrated pixel detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0855 Kalbfleisch, G.R. Test beam request to directly measure dE/dx of high energy muons from 150 to 650 GeV/c in muon labor
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0854 Bross, Alan D. Proposal to measure the flux of circulating muons in the debuncher
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0853 Brown, H. Report of the super fixed target beauty facility working group on progress towards the SFT at the SS
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0852 Jernigan, J.G. Preliminary test results from a telescope of Hughes pixel arrays at FNAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0851 Margulies, S. Fiber irradiation studies in the C0 region
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0850 Franklin, M. Proposal for Fermilab test beam time of diamond radiation detectors
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0849 Woody, Craig Request for test beam time for BaF2 calorimeter development
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0848 Giokaris, N.D. High pressure sampling gas calorimetry for the SDC calorimeter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0847 Sulak, Lawrence R. Beam Test for Scintillating Fiber/Lead Alloy Calorimeter Prototype
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0846 Perera, Unil Search for Fractional Charge Impurities
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0845 Ellett, J. A dedicated beauty experiment for the Tevatron collider
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0844 Swordy, Simon P. Transition radiation detector/em shower counter calibration
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0843 Kim, C.O. Interactions of 600 GeV muons with emulsion nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0842 Underwood, David G. Proposed radiation measurement in the wideband neutral dump area
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0841 Rosenberg, E.I. Proposal for beam test of scintillator calorimeter prototypes at Fermilab during FY 1991
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0840 Para, Adam Spaghetti calorimetry in '91 test beam cycle
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0839 Atac, Muzzafer Scintillating fiber tracker - Beam test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0838 Beddo, M.E. Double - spin asymmetry (A(LL)) measurements in charmonium production at 200-GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0837 Marx, Michael EMPACT / Texas beam test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0836 Gabutti, Alberto Proposal for a beam test of a superconducting thin film strip particle detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0835 Armstrong, T.A. Continue the study of charmonium spectroscopy in proton - anti-proton annihilations: Proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0834 Slattery, Paul F. Letter of intent, direct photon production #834
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0833 Arisaka, K. Letter of intent to measure the branching ratio for the decay, K 0S --> pi0 e+e-
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0832 Arisaka, K. Proposal for a new Tevatron search for direct CP violation in the 2 pi decays of the neutral kaon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0831 Bianco, S. A High statistics study of states containing heavy quarks using the wide band photon beam and the E-
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0830A A Time-of-Flight System for CDF
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0830 Konigsberg, Jacobo Proposal for an upgraded CDF detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0829 Meadows, B. P829: Continued study of heavy flavors at TPL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0828 Artuso, M. Measure CP violation in B meson decay at the Fermilab Collider: Proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0827 Castro, H. Proposal for a B-physics experiment at TeV I: The MU BCD
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0825 Bensinger, J. Proposal for the Testing of Prototype Detectors for the SDC at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0824 Webster, Medford S. Neutrino beam from the proposed Main Injector to the DUMAND Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0823 Gomez, B. E823 (D0 upgrade): Magnetic tracking
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0822 Allison, W.W.M. Proposal for a Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment Using the Soudan 2 Neutrino Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0821 Johns, Kenneth A. Neutron measurements at NWA
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0819 Korytov, A. Empact muon telescope evaluation at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0818 Brabson, B. Proposal to use the NWA electron test beam at Fermilab for tests of a lead glass calorimeter prototy
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0817 Alexander, James P. Double - sided silicon strip detector prototype evaluation
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0816 Downing, R. SSC Detector Muon Subsystem Beam Tests
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0815 Bolton, T. Precision measurements of neutrino neutral current interactions using a sign - selected beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0814 Chaloupka, V. Search for Primakoff production of hybrid mesons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0813 Jones, Lawrence W. An Experimental test of the Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal effect
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0812 Bassalleck, B. Letter of intent to Fermilab: Precision tests of CPT and gravity using low energy antimatter at Ferm
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0811 Orear, Jay Physics at E0 for the 1991 - 92 Collider Run: Fermilab Proposal 811
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0810 Pipkin, F.M. Letter of intent for a precise and accurate measurement of nucleon structure functions (inelastic fo
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0809 Masaike, A. Proposal on the spin dependence in direct - gamma production at high PT using an upgraded MP beam li
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0808 Goldberg, Howard Letter of intent for the third Fermilab running period (1992-93) from members of the E672 and E706 C
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0807 Lui, J. Warm heavy liquid calorimetry: A Proposal to measure performance of candidate materials
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0806 Letter of intent: On the energy upgrade of the MP beam line and proposed experiments
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0805 Gajewski, W. A proposal for a long baseline oscillation experiment using a high intensity neutrino beam from the
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0804 Molzon, W. Letter of intent: High precision, high sensitivity K0 physics at the Main Injector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0803 Kodama, K. Muon-neutrino to tau-neutrino oscillations: Proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0802 Murphy, Thornton Proposal: Deep inelastic muon interaction with nuclear targets using emulsion telescope technique.
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0801 Arakelian, E.A. Measurement of the total cross section of real and virtual photon absorption on uranium nuclei at en
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0800 Johns, Kenneth A. Extension of Experiment 756 into the Next Running Period
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0799 Barker, T. A Proposal to Search for the Rare Kaon Decay Mode K$_L \to \pi^0e^+e^-$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0798 Petersen, Priscilla C. SSC generic R&D proposal to build a prototype synchrotron - radiation detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0797 Ball, R. Proposal to develop SSC detectors based on small - diameter, fast - drift proportional tubes
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0796 Sannes, F. Letter of intent: A Measurement of the CP violation parameter eta+-0 The Son of E621
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0795 Aubert, Bernard Fast hermetic calorimetry using warm liquids: Proposal for generic detector R&D for the SSC / LHC
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0794 van Bibber, K. Construction and operation of an axion helioscope
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0793 Davisson, R. Emulsion exposure to 1,000 GeV, or highest-energy protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0792 Sihver, Lembit Study of fragmentation products from the reaction 800 GeV p + Au-197
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0791 Anjos, J.C. P791: Continued study of heavy flavors at TPL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0790 Sciulli, Frank FNAL testbeam needs for U. S. Zeus collaboration
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0789 Alde, D.M. Study of non-charm di-hadron decay of neutral B mesons and Lambda b
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0788 Bernstein, R.H. A Proposal for a Neutrino Oscillation Experiment in a Tagged Neutrino Line
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0787 DeCarlo, V. Multi-signature search for quark - gluon plasma formation in high multiplicity pbar $p$ interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0786 Wilson, Richard A Future Program of Muon Scattering at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0785 Bonner, B.E. AntiMatter Physics at Low Energy (AMPLE)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0784 Castro, H. Proposal for Research and Development: Vertexing, Tracking, and Data Acquisition for the Bottom Coll
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0783 Volk, J.T. Letter of Intent for a Tevatron Collider Beauty Factory
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0782 Chen, A. A Muon Exposure in the Tohoku High Resolution Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0781 Russ, J. A proposal to construct SELEX: Segmented large-x baryon spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0780 Volk, J. Proposal to study charm produced by 850-GeV protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0779 Anderson, David F. Proposal to build a very high-rate calorimeter to be operated in conjunction with experiments E706 a
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0778 Chao, A. An Experimental study of the SSC magnet aperture criterion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0777 Elwyn, Alexander J. Neutron flux measurements in the Tevatron tunnel
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0776 Baker, S.I. A Proposal to measure nuclear calibration cross-sections for protons with energies greater than 400-
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0775 Diebold, R. Proposal for upgrading the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0774 Crisler, M. Electron Beam Dump Particle Search
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0773 Wah, Y.W. Measurement of the Phase Difference Between $\eta_{00}$ and $\eta_{+-}$ to a Precision of $1^0$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0772 Moss, J. Study of the Nuclear Antiquark Sea via p+N --> Dimuons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0771 Arenton, M. A Proposal to Study Beauty Production and Other Heavy Quark Physics Associated with Dimuon Productio
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0770 Smith, W. High statistics studies of charged current interactions using the Tevatron quad triplet beam - 2nd R
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0769 Anjos, J.C.C. Pion and Kaon Production of Charm and Charm-Strange States
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0768 Court, G.R. Spin Effects in High-$P\bot^2 p+p \to p+p$ at 800 to 900 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0767 Mitsui, K. Study of New Muon Energy Detector at Tevatron Muon Beam Line
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0766 McCaslin, Joseph B. Measurements of the Neutron Spectrum n the Tevatron Tunnel with Application to the SSC
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0765 Imaeda, K. Transverse Momentum Measurement of Secondary Particles in Proton-Emulsion Collisions at 800 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0764 Nanjo, H. The Exclusive Investigation of Multiple Production in Rapidity Space
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0763 Ogata, T. Proton-Nucleus Interactions at Tevatron Energy
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0762 Dake, S. Cascade Showers Originated in Proton-Nucleus Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0761 Vorobyov, A. An electroweak enigma: Hyperon radiative decays
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0760 Bharadwaj, V. A Proposal to Investigate the Formation of Charmonium States Using the PBAR Accumulator Ring
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0759 Abe, T. A Study of nuclear interactions of 800 GeV protons in emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0758 Kazuno, Mitsuko Study of the mechanism of multiparticle production in emulsion nuclei at 800 GeV protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0757 Pellett, David E. Prototype SSC magnetized iron muon detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0756 Luk, Kam-Biu Measurement of the magnetic moment of the omega minus hyperon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0755 Lucas, Peter A High sensitivity study of beauty and charm in hadroproduction at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0754 Alam, S. Crystal channeling tests in m-bottom including focusing with deformed crystals and studies of high Z
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0753 Forster, James S. Proposal to improve the deflection of high energy particle beams by channeling in bent crystals of s
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0752 Cronin, James W. Proposal to search for anomalously large hadron cross sections at short distances
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0751 Jain, Piyare L. Proposal to study 1 TeV proton interactions in emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0750 Shivpuri, R.K. A Proposal to study multiparticle production in interactions of 1 TeV protons with emulsion nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0749 Forster, James S. Letter of intent to study material and fabrication aspects of crystals used for channeling
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0748 Beringer, R. Letter of intent to study beauty and charm at the Tevatron using high resolution steamer chamber and
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0747 Hahn, Alan A. A Search for fractionally charged particles at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0746 Walker, James K. Letter of intent to search for new particles from the prompt beam facility
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0745 Brick, D. Muon neutrino experiment using the Tohoku high resolution one meter bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0744 Merritt, F. High statistics studies of charged current interactions using the Tevatron quad triplet beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0743 Lemonne, J. Charm Production in pp Collisions with LEBC-FMPS at 1 Tev(*)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0742 Lach, Joseph Proposal to measure omega minus polarization and magnetic moment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0741 Mishina, Masa Request for beam time at M-bottom CDF calorimeter for chamber test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0740 Cutts, D. Proposal to Study a Large Liquid Argon-Uranium Absorber Calorimeter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0739 Cue, N. Measurements of crystal - assisted electron - positron pair creation
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0738 Baltay, C. Letter of intent to run in the narrow band and beam at Tevatron II
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0737 Kotzer, P. Study of high energy neutrinos with a deep underwater detector of a mass > $10^{6}$ tons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0736 Larsen, R.C. A Proposal to conduct a quark search at the Fermilab collider
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0735 Carmony, D.D. Search for a deconfined quark gluon phase of strongly interacting matter in $\bar{p} p$ interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0734 Hynes, Michael V. Primakoff production of hyperon excited states
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0733 Bogert, D. Proposal to study high energy neutrino interactions with the Tevatron quadrupole triplet beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0732 Handler, R. A Search for the $|\Delta S|$ = 2 Weak Non-Leptonic Decay $\Xi^0 \to p\pi^-$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0731 Gollin, G. A Measurement of the magnitude of e prime / e in the neutral kaon system to a precision of .001
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0730 Krzywdzinski, S. Emulsion exposure to 250 GeV Sigma - minus
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0729 Aziz, T. A Proposal to study charm and multiparticle production in 1 TeV proton - emulsion collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0728 Green, Daniel R. Study of muons from pbar p collisions up to square root of s equal to 2 TeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0727 Rosen, Jerome L. D0 spectrometer design proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0726 Abolins, Maris A. A Proposal to study high energy anti-proton proton interactions at the Fermilab collider with a 4 pi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0725 Chapin, T.J. A Proposal to Measure Single and Double Diffraction Dissociation at the Fermilab $\bar{p}p$ Collider
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0724 Ball, R.C. Complete Calorimetric Detector for the D0 Area
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0723 Melissinos, A.C. Test of a gravitational detector in the FNAL collider
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0722 Kenney, V.Paul Streamer Chamber Experiment at the Tevatron Collider
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0721 Rosen, Jerome L. An Experiment to Study CP Violation in the Decay of K-Long Produced by Antiprotons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0720 Henning, W. Proposal to Search for +1/3e Stable Particles using Crygenic Sources
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0719 Cho, Y. Electron - Proton Interaction Experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0718 Erwin, Albert Study of $p\bar{p}$ Interactions using Calorimeters at D0
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0717 Bjorken, J.D. A Forward Looking Detector for the D0 Area
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0716 Childress, S. Proposal for Further Beam Dump Neutrino Running
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0715 Ankenbrandt, Charles Precision Measurement of the Decay $\Sigma^- \to ne^- \nu$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0714 Adams, M.R. Large Angle Particle D0 Group
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0713 Kinoshita, K. Proposal for a Search for Highly Ionizing Particles for the D0 Area at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0712 Green, Daniel Study of Muons from $\bar{p} p$ Collisions up to $\sqrt{s}$ = 2-TeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0711 Levinthal, David A. A Proposal to Measure the Energy, Angular and Charge Dependence of Massive Di-Hadron Production over
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0710 Giacomelli, G. Measurements of Elastic Scattering and Total Cross Sections at the Fermilab $\bar{p}p$ Collider
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0709 Ball, R.C. Proposal for a Forward Detector for the D0 Area
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0708 Cho, Y. Electron - Proton Interaction Experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0707 Cooper, P.S. Measurement of the Electron Asymmetry Parameter in Sigma Minus Beta Decay
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0706 Baker, W. A Proposal to Measure Direct Photon Production at Tevatron Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0705 Binkley, M. A Study of Charmonium and Direct Photon Production by 300 GeV/c Antiproton, Proton, $\pi^+$ and $\pi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0704 Ditzler, R. Integrated Proposal on First Round Experiments with the Polarized Beam Facility
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0703 Blackmore, E. Electron - Proton Collisions at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0702 Garelick, D. A Search for Particles with Anomalous Values of $M/_q$ and Extremely Short Interaction Lengths
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0701 Auchincloss, Priscilla S. A Search for Neutrino Oscillations with $\Delta m^{2} > 10 eV^{2}$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0700 Bullock, F.W. Fermilab Tevatron Proposal Study of Neutrino Oscillations and Search for the Tau Neutrino
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0699 Yokosawa, A. Study of Spin-Dependent Asymmetries using Calorimeter Triggered High $P_T$ Events with Polarized Bea
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0698 Brick, D. A Proposal to Study the Properties of Heavy Quark Production and Decay using a Microsonic Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0697 Lach, Joseph Hyperon Total Cross Section Measurements
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0696 Jenkins, E.W. Hadroproduced Charm Particles and Their Decay: A Proton-Proton FMPS Experiment at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0695 Biel, J. A Proposal to Measure Direct Photon Production at Tevatron Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0694 Brick, D. A Proposal to Study the Properties of Heavy Quark Production and Decay using a High Resolution Strea
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0693 Adolphsen, C.E. Letter of Intent for Lepton-Pair Production Studies at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0692 Ruchti, R.C. A Study of Charm and Beauty Production in Hadronic Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0691 Elliott, J. Proposal to D0 Photon Physics with the Tevatron at the Tagged Photon Spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0690 Church, M. Study of Hadronic Production and Spectroscopy of Strange, Charm and Bottom Particles at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0689 Colton, E. Measurement of the Asymmetry in Calorimeter Triggered High $P_T$ Events using a Polarized Proton Bea
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0688 Ditzler, R. Nuclear - Size Dependence of Single - Spin Asymmetries in High-$P_T$ Hadron Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0687 Cumalat, John P. High Energy Photoproduction of States Containing Heavy Quarks and Other Rare Phenomena
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0686 Cence, R.J. Proposal to Continue the Study of Neutrino and Antineutrino Interactions in the 15' Bubble Chamber u
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0685 Pretzl, K. Letter of Intent: An Investigation of the Behavior of the Photon in Deep Inelastic Photon Hadron Col
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0684 Chen, T.Y. Tevatron Proposal: A Search for New Massive States Decaying into $\phi^0 \phi^0 (n \pi), \Lambda \ba
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0683 Arenton, M. Photoproduction of High $P_T$ Jets
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0682 Ditzler, R. Study of the $P_T$ Dependence of $\pi^{\pm}$ Inclusive Production with a Polarized Proton Beam and T
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0681 Turkot, F. Proposal to Measure Proton - Proton and Proton - Deuterium Elastic and Inelastic Cross Sections in t
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0680 Turkot, F. Determination of Charge and Mass of Correlated Nuclear Fragments from P-Nucleus Collisions: A Search
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0679 Arenton, M. Jet Production in 1000 GeV Hadron Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0678 Hill, D. Proposal to Study the Spin Dependence in Inclusive $\pi^0$ and Direct Gamma Production at High $P_T$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0677 Ditzler, R. Proposal to Study the Spin Dependence in the Inclusive Production of Lambda Particles with the Polar
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0676 Hill, D. An Experiment to measure ${\Delta \sigma _L}^{Tot}$ in Proton - Proton and Antiproton Proton Scatter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0675 Ditzler, R. Asymmetry Measurements for Dimuon Production in the $J/\psi$ Mass Region
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0674 Ditzler, R. Asymmetries in Inclusive Pion and Kaon Production at Large-X with a Polarized Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0673 Bauer, Daniel A. E610 Proposal Update: Chi Meson Production by Hadrons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0672 Haggerty, H. A Study of Hadronic Final States Produced in Association with High-$P_t$ Jets and High - Mass Dimuon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0671 Pope, Bernard G. Dimuon Physics with the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0670 Goulianos, Konstantin A. Diffraction Dissociation And The Direct Hadronic Interaction of The Photon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0669 Binkley, Morris E. A Comparison of the Production of Direct Photons and Resonances Decaying to Lepton Pairs by Antiprot
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0668 Babecki, J. Study of Proton - Nucleus Interactions in Pure Emulsion Stacks and Emulsion Chambers at Energy above
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0667 Babecki, J. Study of Pion - Nucleus Interactions in Pure Emulsion Stacks and Emulsion Chambers at Energy above 5
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0666 Krzywdzinski, S. Emulsion Exposure to $\Sigma^-$ Beam at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0665 Hasert, F.J. Muon Scattering with Hadron Detection at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0664 Camerini, U. An Experiment to Search for Neutrino Oscillations using a Electron - Neutrino Enriched Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0663 Gourlay, S. Comparison of Polarizations of Inclusively Produced Lambdas and Antilambdas by Protons, Antiprotons,
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0662 Steinberg, E.P. Correlations among Nuclear Fragments in Relativistic Proton - Induced Breakup of Heavy Nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0661 Gutbrod, H.H. Energy and Momentum Dissipation in Nuclei in High Energy Hadron Nucleus Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0660 Carrigan, R. Proposal to Study the Effect of Bent Crystals on Channeling Near the Critical Radius of Bending
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0659 Cho, Y. Electron-Proton Interaction Experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0658 Eckardt, V. A Letter of Intent to Study Hadronic Final States in Deep Inelastic Lepton Scattering by the Additio
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0657 Voyvodic, L. Proposal for Studying Hadroproduction of Charmed Particles using the 30-Inch Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0656 Bogert, Dixon Proposal to Study Neutrino Interactions in a Beam Dump Experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0655 Camerini, U. An Experiment to Search for Muon-Neutrino/Electron-Neutrino ---> Tau-Neutrino Neutrino Oscillations
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0654 Atiya, M. Fully Active Neutrino Target Assembly
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0653 Ushida, N. A Proposal to Measure Charm and B Decays via Hadronic Production in a Hybrid Emulsion Spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0652 Blair, R. Neutrino Physics at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0651 Brisson, V. Neutrino - Proton and Neutrino - Neutron Interactions in the Fermilab 15-foot Bubble Chamber with a
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0650 Fitch, V.L. Request for a Continuation of E-567
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0649 Bogert, D. Proposal to Study Nucleon Structure Functions at High $Q^2$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0648 Bollini, D. Deep Inelastic Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions of Muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0647 Bingham, Harry H. Development of a Fermilab Neutrino Hybrid Spectrometer (FNHS) for Neutrino Physics at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0646 Bingham, H.H. Search for the $\nu_{\tau}$ and Study of $\nu_e$ and $\bar{\nu}_e$ Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0645 Garelick, D.A. Muon production in a Tevatron beam dump
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0644 Ball, R. Further Studies of Prompt Neutrinos with the E-613 Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0643 Kobrak, H.G.E. An Open Geometry Magnetic Spectrometer for the Tevatron Muon Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0642 Burnstein, R.A. Proposal for an Extension of Experiment E-545 to Study Neutrino Interactions in Deuterium in the 15-
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0641 Burnstein, R.A. A Tevatron Proposal: Neutrino - Deuterium and Antineutrino - Deuterium Interactions in the 15-foot B
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0640 Barnes, A.V. The Multimuon Spectrometer at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0639 Wright, S.C. Tevatron Proposal for a Study of Electroweak Interference in Deep Inelastic Muon Scattering at 600 a
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0638 Flaminio, E. Proposal for a Neutrino - Deuterium Experiment at Tevatron Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0637 Efremenko, V.I. Proposal to Study Neutrino and Antineutrino Interactions in Deuterium with 15-ft Bubble Chamber at T
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0636 Hafen, E.S. Neutrino Intraction Studies at Tevatron Energies using a Beam Dump Technique to Produce the Neutrino
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0635 Abashian, A. Proposal to Measure $\bar{\nu}_{\mu}e^-$ and $\nu_{\mu}e^-$ Elastic Scattering, Neutrino Oscillation
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0634 Proposal to Measure Neutrino and Antineutrino Interactions in a Large Magnetized Iron Detector with
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0633 Asratyan, A.E. Proposal for the Study of Neutrino Interactions in a Beam-Dump Experiment with 15 Foot Bubble Chambe
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0632 Bosetti, P.C. An Exposure of the 15 Foot Bubble Chamber with a Neon-Hydrogen Mixture to a Wideband Neutrino Beam f
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0631 Baker, S.I. A Proposal to Measure Nuclear Calibration Cross Sections for Protons between 100 and 1000 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0630 Cardello, T. Study of a B Particle and Charmed Particle Production and Decay using a High Resolution Streamer Cha
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0629 Biel, J. Proposal to Fermilab to Measure Direct Photon Production in Hadron - Nucleus Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0628 Ruchti, R. Proposal to Search for Beauty Particle Production in Hadronic Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0627 Holmes, Stephen D. A Proposal to Study High Mass Photoproduction
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0626 Abashian, A. Proposal to Measure the Cross Sections for $\bar{\nu}_{\mu} + e^- \to \bar{\nu}_{\mu} + e^-$ at Ferm
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0625 Fine, R. Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0624 Brick, D.H. Search for Short - Lived Particles and Study of Hadronic Jets using a Multiparticle Spectrometer wit
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0623 Abrams, R. Proposal to Study High Mass States Decaying into $\phi^0 \pi^{\pm}$ and $\phi^0 \phi^0$ Produced Cen
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0622 Gustafson, H.Richard Proposal to Search for Fractional Charge Particles from a Magnetized Beam Dump
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0621 Handler, R. A Measurement of the CP Violation Parameter $\eta_{+ - 0}$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0620 Pondrom, L. Proposal to Measure the Magnetic Moments of the $\Sigma^+, \Xi^-, \Sigma^-$ and $\Omega^-$ Hyperons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0619 Beretvas, A. A Measurement of the $\Sigma^0 - \Lambda^0$ Transition Magnetic Moment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0618 Futo, E. Muon and Neutrino Correlations and Production in 400 GeV Proton-Nucleus Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0617 Bernstein, R. A Study of Direct CP Violation in the Decay of the Neutral Kaon via a Precision Measurement of $| \e
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0616 Blair, R. Proposal to Measure Neutrino Structure Functions (Including R = $\sigma_L / \sigma_T$)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0615 Adolphsen, C. A Study of the Forward Production of Massive Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0614 Rosen, J. Study of High Mass Multiphoton States and Direct Photon Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0613 Roe, B.P. Proposal for a Prompt Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0612 Cool, R. A Proposal to Measure the Diffractive Photon Dissociation on Hydrogen
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0611 Brenner, A.E. Search for Massive Long - Lived Charged Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0610 Hicks, R.G. Pion Production of Heavy Quark Meson States Decaying into $\psi / J$ (3097)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0609 Corcoran, M.D. A Study of the Structure of High $P_T$ Hadronic Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0608 Brown, Charles N. A Search for $\eta_c$ in Hadronic Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0607 Gustafson, H.Richard Proposal to Search for Particles which have an Anomalous Interaction with Normal Matter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0606 Hahn, B. Search for Short - Lived Particles using a High Precision Mini - Bubble - Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0605 Rutherfoord, John P. A Study of 15-20 GeV Massive Muon Pairs
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0604 Gustafson, H.Richard A Sensitive Search for Massive Neutral Long-Lived Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0603 Reeder, D.D. A Search for the Production of Prompt Neutrinos in High Energy Proton Nucleus Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0602 Goodman, M. A Proposal to Study the Interactions of Neutrinos and Antineutrinos at the Energy Doubler/Saver
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0601 Harigel, G. Argonaut: A Novel Detector for Very High Energy Neutrino Interaction
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0600 Cronin, James W. Proposal to Study Neutrino-Electron and Antineutrino-Electron Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0599 Abashian, A. Proposal: A Prompt Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0598 Albright, John R. Proposal for a High-Statistics Study of $\bar{P}P$ and $\pi^- P$ Interactions at 50 GeV with the Fer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0597 Ansorge, R.E. Proposal for a High Statistics Study of $\bar{p}p$ Annihilations and a Comparison of $\bar{p},p, \pi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0596 Lederman, Leon M. On Searching for Heavy Stable Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0595 Barish, B.C. A Study of Charm and Other New Flavors Produced in Pion-Nucleon Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0594 Berge, P. Proposal for a New Neutrino Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0593 Fry, W.F. A Coordinated Approach to a Beam Dump Experiment at FNAL using the 15 Foot Bubble Chamber and the E-
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0592 Arefiev, A.V. Proposal for Experimental Study of the Relationship between Hadronic and Nuclear Scaling at Very Hig
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0591 Gutay, L.J. Broad Search for New Hadronic States Via High Resolution Charge and Mass Determination of Nuclear Fr
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0590 Carlini, R. Hadron Distributions in High Pt Collisions in a Very Large Acceptance Calorimeter (VLAC)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0589 Childress, S. Di-Muon Production with $\pi^+$ and $\pi^-$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0588 Brenner, A.E. Inclusive Power Law Distributions for Non-Leading Particles Produced in Hadron Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0587 Abe, K. Proposal to Study High Momentum Transfer $\Lambda^0, \bar{\Lambda}^0$ and Hadron Jets
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0586 Franzini, P. Study of Constituent Scattering in Hadronic Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0585 Edwards, K.W. A Proposal to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Exclusive KN Charge Exchange
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0584 Dimon, P. Proposal to Search for the Decay of New Long-Lived Neutral Particles with a Mass and Life Time Excee
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0583 Gustafson, H.Richard Proposal to Measure Asymmetries in Mu-Pair Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0582 Auer, P. Measurement of the Asymmetry in High-$p_{\perp}$ Events Using a Polarized Proton Beam and Target
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0581 Auer, I.P. Construction of Polarized Beams and an Enriched Antiproton Beam Facility in the Meson Laboratory and
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0580 Jenkins, E. A Search for Narrow and Broad Resonances Decaying into $\Lambda \bar{\Lambda}, \Lambda \bar\Lambda \
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0579 Gustafson, H.Richard Study of Polarization of Inclusively - Produced Neutrons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0578 Gustafson, H.Richard A Sensitive Search for Massive Long-Lived Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0577 Kalbach, R.M. Proposal to Measure $\pi p$ Elastic Scattering at Large Angles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0576 Hebert, Jacques 500 GeV Proton Interactions in Nuclear Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0575 Lord, Jere J. Proposal to Study 400 GeV Proton Interactions in Nuclear Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0574 Wolter, Wladyslaw A Study of the Mechanism for Multiple Production of Particles at or Above 300 GeV Pion Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0573 Ushida, N. A Search for Charmed Particles Produced by 300 GeV/c Negative Pions in Nuclear Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0572 Reeder, D.D. Proposal to Assemble a High Resolution - Electron Sensitive - Energy Flow Calorimeter in the NEULAND
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0571 Boyd, R. A Proposal to Search for Integer Charged Quarks
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0570 Brick, D. Proposal for a Study of Particle Production and Dynamics from X = 0 to X = 1 and the Dependence on I
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0569 Arefiev, A.V. A Study of Nuclear Scaling Phenomenon at High Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0568 Herbert, J. 300 GeV Pion Interactions in Nuclear Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0567 Cester, R. Search for Charm Production in 200 GeV/c Hadron Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0566 Baltay, C. Proposal to Measure the Neutral to Charged Current Ratio for Electron Neutrinos
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0565 Brick, D. A Study of the Detailed Characteristics of Hadron-Nucleus Collisions using the Fermilab Hybrid Spect
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0564 Smart, Wesley M. Direct Detection of Short-Lived Particles from Neutrino Interactions in Nuclear Emulsions Inside the
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0563 Berge, P. Proposal for a New Neutrino Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0562 Hyman, L.G. A Proposal to Build a High-Intensity Neutrino Beam and to Study Charm Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0561 Albers, J. A Study of Neutrino Interactions in a Large Water Target at Great Distances from the Neutrino Source
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0560 Elias, J. A Test of Muon-Electron Universality
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0559 Franzini, P. Study of Constituent Scattering in Hadronic Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0558 Biswas, N.N. Proposal for a High-Statistics Study of $\pi^{\pm} p$ and $K^+p$ Interactions at 100 GeV/c Utilizing
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0557 Bromberg, C. Proposal to Study Hadron Jets with the Calorimeter Triggered Multiparticle Spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0556 Ball, B. Search for the High $P_T$ Jets in Deep Inelastic Muon Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0555 Bunce, G. A Proposal to Study Cross Sections and Polarization in Neutral Strange Particle Production at High T
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0554 Baker, W. Proposal to Measure Large Angle $\pi-p$ Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0553 Friedlander, E.M. A Proposal to Search for Short - Lived Particles Produced by Antineutrinos and Neutrinos
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0552 Bomberowitz, R. A Proposal to Study pp Elastic and pd Coherent Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0551 Gustafson, H.Richard Measurement of Direct Photon Production from p-p Collisions at Large Transverse Momentum
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0550 Oganessian, A. A New External Hadron Identifier Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0549 Fairbank, William M. A Search for Fractional Charges using Accelerator and Low Temperature Techniques
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0548 Lai, K-W A Search for Narrow and Broad Resonances Decaying into $K^0_s K^0_s$ and $\Lambda \bar{\Lambda}$ fro
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0547 Jacquot, C. Angular Correlations Study in Proton-Nuclei Jets at 400 to 500 GeV using Emulsion Telescopes Techniq
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0546 Chrisman, Bruce L. High Energy Neutrino and Antineutrino Interactions in the 15 Foot Bubble Chamber using the Quadrupol
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0545 Burnstein, R.A. Proposal for an Extension of E151/227 to Study Neutrino Interactions in Deuterium in the 15-Foot Bub
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0544 Efremenko, V.I. Proposal to Study Antineutrino Interactions in Hydrogen and Nuclei with an Internal Target and Conve
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0543 Kitagaki, T. Proposal to Study Antineutrino Interactions in the Liquid Deuterium 15 Foot Bubble Chamber with a Co
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0542 Derrick, M. Proposal for an Extension of E(31) / (390) To Study $\bar{\nu} p/\bar{\nu} n$ Interactions in the 15
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0541 Eisenstein, Bob I. A Proposal to Study Neutral Current Neutrino and Anti-Neutrino Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0540 Longo, Michael J. A Search for New Metastable Particles Trapped in Matter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0539 Bingham, H.H. Proposal to Study Antineutrino Interactions in Deuterium and Nuclei with an Internal Converted and T
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0538 Fretter, William B. To Study ~100 GeV $\pi^- d$ Interactions in Conjunction with a Corresponding $\bar{p}d$ Exposure, al
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0537 Binkley, Morris E. Proposal to Study $\bar{p}N$ Interactions in the P-West High Intensity Laboratory
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0536 Fuchi, H. Study of Neutrino Interactions by Nuclear Emulsions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0535 Bartlett, David Proposal to Study the Interactions of $K^0_L$ Mesons in the Momentum Region above 50 GeV/c Using a P
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0534 Burnett, Thompson H. Hybrid Nuclear Emulsion: 15 Foot Bubble Chamber Experiment to Study Neutrino Produced Short Lived Pa
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0533 Aronson, S. Proposal to Measure the Rate of Formation of $\pi - \mu$ Atoms in $K^0_L \to \pi \mu \nu$ Decay
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0532 Appel, Jeffrey A. A Critical Test of the Quark Confinement Model
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0531 Errede, S.M. A Proposal to Study Weak Decay Lifetimes of Neutrino Produced Particles in a Tagged Emulsion Spectro
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0530 Cester, R. Search for Charm Production in 400 GeV/c Proton Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0529 Turkevich, Anthony Reactions of Complex Nuclei with Pions in the Hundred GeV Range
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0528 Bowen, T. Proposal for a Detector Development Study of Acoustic Calorimetry at Fermilab Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0527 Kass, R.D. Proposal to Study Annihilation and Non-Annihilation Processes in $\bar{p} d$ Collisions in the 15-Fo
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0526 Kass, R.D. Proposal for Anti-Proton Proton Studies in the Fermilab 15-Foot Hydrogen Bubble Chamber at 100 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0525 Lord, J.J. Proposal to Study Pion-Nucleus Interactions in Emulsion Plates with Embedded Metal Powder Granules a
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0524 Lord, J.J. Proposal to Study Proton-Neucleus Interactions in Emulsion Plates with Embedded Metal Powder Granule
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0523 Barnes, A. A Proposal to Study Multiparticle Peripheral Hadron Reactions Yielding Forward $\pi^0$ and $\eta^0$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0522 Corcoran, M. A Study of Inclusive Proton Polarization
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0521 Chapman, J.W. Dilepton Production by Neutrinos in Deuterium (15 Foot Bubble Chamber Proposal)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0520 Camerini, U. Search for New Phenomena Associated with High Energy Neutrinos using the Quadrupole Triplet Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0519 Erhan, S. Proposal to Study High Momentum Transfer Phenomena and Search for New States
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0518 Ohsugi, T. A Proposal to Measure Direct Electron Production in Proton - Proton Collisions from 100 to 400 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0517 Read, Anthony Lincoln A Proposal to Study Neutrino - Induced Di-Lepton Events using a Hybrid Emulsion-Electronic Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0516 Appel, J. Proposal to Study Photoproduction of Final States of Mass Above 2.5-GeV with a Magnet Spectrometer i
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0515 Buchholz, D. Proposal to Study Charm Particles Produced in Hadronic Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0514 Ohsugi, T. Proton - Proton Deep Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0513 DeMarzo, C. Semi-Inclusive Hadronic Interactions at High Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0512 Cleland, W.E. The Inclusive Production of Charged Hyperons by Pions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0511 Braun, Henri Proposal to Study $\bar{p}d$ Interactions at 200 GeV/c with the 30 Inch Hybrid Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0510 Fuchi, H. Study of Cascade Showers Initiated by Electrons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0509 Shirai, T. Search for the Large Angle Scattering of Muon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0508 Wolter, W. Study of Mechanism for Multiple Production of Particles at High Energies: Emulsion Exposure to 500 G
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0507 Gibson, W. Proposal to Study Channeling at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0506 Ito, H. Cascade Showers Originated in Jet Showers Due to Negative Pions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0505 Yamin, P. A Search for Proton Polarization in Inclusive Production at 300 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0504 Guljamov, U.G. A Proposal to Study Inelastic Interactions of $\pi ^{\pm}$ Mesons and Protons with Neon in 30-Inch B
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0503 Fumuro, F. Multiparticle Production in High Energy Pion Nucleus Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0502 Bartlett, D.F. Search for Monopoles Above the 15-Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0501 Lande, K. Proposal for a Measurement of the Transition Rate for CL (37) to Ar (37) Induced by Muons at Fermila
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0500 Childress, S. A High Precision Experiment to Measure Proton Anti-Proton Elastic Scattering and the Inelastic Inclu
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0499 Iwai, Junsuke A Study of Angular Distributions in Proton-Nucleus Collisions using Nuclear Emulsions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0498 Goldstone, P. A Measurement of the Relativistic Rise in the Most Probable Energy Loss in Thin Solid Films
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0497 Ankenbrandt, Charles Elastic Scattering of the Hyperons - Addundum to E-097
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0496 Chen, H.H. A Neutrino Detector Sensitive to Rare Processes
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0495 Heller, K. A Proposal to study $\Xi^0$ and $\bar{\Lambda}^0$ Production and Polarization
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0494 Lederman, L.M. Di-Hadron Mass Search
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0493 Cline, D. Search for New Phenomena Using Very High-Energy $pp$ and $\bar{p}p$ Colliding Beams Devices at Fermi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0492 Cline, D. Proposal to Construct an Anti-Proton Source for the Fermilab Accelerator
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0491 Johnson, R.P. Clashing Gigantic Synchrotrons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0490 Dine, M. Search for Short Lived Particles using a High Resolution Streamer Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0489 Berge, J.P. Proposal to Study Neutrino Interactions in Hydrogen and Nuclei with an Internal Target and Converter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0488 Brick, D. Proposal for a Study of Heavy Particle Production and Dynamics Near X = 0 and the Dependence on Inci
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0487 Loomis, W.A. A Proposal to Study the Origins of "Extra" Prompt Muons Produced in Deep Inelastic Muon-Nucleon Scat
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0486 Hoffnagle, J. Proposal to Study the Atomic Number Dependence of the Difference between Particle and Anti-Particle
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0485 Cleland, W.E. a Proposal to Investigate Exotic Reggeon Exchange in the Inclusive Production of Charged Hyperons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0484 Burnett, T. Proposal to Study $J/\psi$ Production using the E-416 Apparatus
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0483 Longo, Michael J. Proton - Proton Elastic Scattering at $\vert t \vert$ = 374 $(GeV/c)^2$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0482 Barish, Barry C. Study of Dimuon Events Produced in Neutrino Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0481 Takahashi, Y. Investigation of Multiple Production by $\pi^-$ Mesons with Emulsion Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0480 Mo, Luke W. Proposal 480: Proposal to Search for Heavy Bosons, Heavy Leptons, and Charmed Particles at SSR.
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0479 Roberts, Tom Fermilab Proposal Neutron-Deuteron Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0478 Huson, R. Proposal to Search for Intermediate Boson Production in Proton Proton Collisions at 200 GeV in the C
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0477 Faissler, W. Study of $\pi, K$ and $\bar{p}$ Production of High Mass Multi Muon States
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0476 Fung, S.Y. Proposal for Studying Anti-Neutrino Interactions in Neon with a Narrow Band Beam in the 15-foot Bubb
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0475 Collins, G.B. Search for Multiphoton Events Produced in Photon-Beryllium Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0474 Ball, B. A Detailed Study of "Extra Muon" Production in Deep Inelastic Muon Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0473 Bartlett, D.F. Search for Monopoles Above the 15-Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0472 Bintinger, D. Search for Heavy Particles Produced in Association with Prompt Muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0471 Hartmann, J. Proposal to Investigate the Nature of $\psi$ Production by Pions and Protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0470 Conetti, S. A Measurement of the A-Dependence of Hadron Production at Large Longitudinal and P Transverse
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0469 DeMarzo, C. Search for Heavy Long-Lived Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0468 Chang, C.Y. Search for Penetrating Massive Neutral Particles Produced in High Energy Proton Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0467 Freedman, Melvin S. Proposal for Parasitic Dual Target Irradiation with Muon Spill Beam Behind FNAL Experiment 319.
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0466 Kaufman, S.B. A Proposal for the Study of High-Energy Reaction Mechanisms by th Measurement of the Angular and Ene
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0465 Becker, U. Proposed Charm Search with Muon Trigger
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0464 Grard, F. A Proposal to Study Diffractive Processes in $K^+p$ Interactions at 150 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0463 Adamovich, M.I. A Proposal of the Experiment at the FNAL Accelerator: The Interactions of Protons in Nuclear Emulsio
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0462 Albini, E. Search for Short Lived Particles Produced by 300 GeV Protons in Emulsions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0461 Peaslee, D.C. Search for New Particles from 400 GeV Proton Collisions in Emulsions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0460 Harris, R. Proposal to Study Dilepton Neutrino Interactions with the Triplet Quadrupole Beam, the Phase 1 EMI,
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0459 Camerini, U. Search for New Phenomena Associated with High Energy Neutrinos Using the Quadrupole Triplet Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0458 Knapp, B. Photoproduction Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0457 Barton, D. Search for $\mu$'s $K^0$'s or Characteristic Hadron Signatures and Masses in Coincidence with Single
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0456 Dally, E. Measurement of the Kaon Form Factor
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0455 Cence, R.J. Bubble-Chamber Study of Dimuon Production by Neutrinos Using the Phase-2 EMI and a Dichromatic Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0454 Conger, G. Experiment to Measure Deep Inelastic Electron Scattering on Hydrogen and Deuterium with Seperation o
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0453 Buchholz, D. A Proposal to Continue Measurements of Direct Muon Production in the Forward Direction
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0452 Burnett, T. Proposal for a Streamer Chamber Facility to Study $\psi$ Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0451 de Marzo, C. Study of the A-Dependence of Inclusive Processes and Associated Multiplicity
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0450 Caldwell, David O. New Particle Physics at the Tagged Photon Laboratory
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0449 Abolins, M.A. A Proposal to Measure Coulomb and Diffractive Production of $K^+, \bar{K}^+$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0448 Wilson, Richard Proposal for the Investigation of Virtual Photoabsorption by Nuclear Matter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0447 Heller, M. A Proposal to Study $\bar{p}p$ Interactions at 150 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0446 Ankenbrandt, C. The Direct Determination of Kaon and Pion Form Factors
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0445 Bleser, E. Proposal to Study Multihadron Systems which Include Charged and Neutral Mesons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0444 Anderson, K.L. A Special Request for High-Priority Running to Measure High-Mass Muon Pairs
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0443 Anderson, K.J. A Proposal for Continued Studies of Hadron Induced Muon - Pairs in a Large Acceptance Spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0442 Turkot, F. Study of Nuclear Fragment Emission in Proton Heavy Nucleus Collision from 10 to 500 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0441 Bunce, G. A Proposal to Study $\Lambda^0$ Polarization in the Inclusive Reaction $p + p \to \Lambda^0$ + Anyth
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0440 Bunce, G. Proposal for a New Measurement of the Magnetic Moment of the $\Lambda^0$ Hyperon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0439 Garelick, D. High Sensitivity Search for New States which Decay into Muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0438 Jones, Lawrence W. Inelastic Cross Sections of Neutrons on Nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0437 Bleser, E. Proposal to Search for New Long-Lived Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0436 Adair, R.K. Determination of the Possible Di-Muon Character of the Prompt Muon Flux
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0435 Adair, R.K. Measurement of the Polarization of Prompt Muons at x = 0.14 at $p_t$ = 0 and $p_t$ = 1.5 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0434 Dake, S. Cascade Showers Originated in Jet Showers
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0433 Atac, M. A Proposal to Explore Multi Muon Production in Hadron Collisions (Multi Muon Spectrometer - MUMS the
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0432 Braun, H. Proposal to Study 50,000 $\Sigma^- n$ Multiprong Events at $\sim{240}$ GeV/c by Means of the 15 Foot
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0431 Erwin, A.R. 350 GeV/c $\pi^- p$ Experiemnt in the 15 Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0430 Morrison, D.R.O. Proposal to Search for New Short Lived Particles in 400 GeV/c $\pi^- p$ Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0429 Morrison, D.R.O. Proposal to Study Interactions of 100 GeV/c Negative Pions in the 15 Foot FNAL Hyrdogen Bubble Chamb
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0428 Hebert, J. 400 GeV Proton Interactions in Nuclear Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0427 Yuan, Luke C.L. A Proposal for Testing a Transition Radiation Detector and a High Energy Shower Detector for Cosmic
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0426 Enge, W. Proposal on the Study on Fragmentation Particles Created in Plastic Detector by 300 GeV Protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0425 Aronson, S.H. Proposal to Investigate Regeneration of Neutral K- Mesons at Very High Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0424 Wada, T. Multiple - Pion Production by 200 GeV/c Muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0423 Sugimoto, H. Search for New Particles in Emulsion Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0422 Fridman, A. Proposal to Study $\bar{p}$ Induced Reactions by Means of the 15 Foot Bubble Chamber, i.e.: - $\bar{
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0421 Dzelepov, V.P. Exposure of an Emulsion Chamber to 300 GeV/c Proton Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0420 Conger, G. High Precision Studies of Deep Scattering Phenomena from Protons, Pions, Electrons and Gamma-Rays on
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0419 Albini, E. Search for Short Lived Particles Produced by 300 GeV Protons in Emulsions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0418 Gross, D. Proposal for an Extension of E-363
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0417 Bartlett, D. A Measurement of the Longitudinal Polarization of Lambdas at Large Transverse Momenta in the reactio
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0416 Cook, V. Streamer Chamber Search for New States which Decay Semi-Leptonically
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0415 Pondrom, L. Measurements of $\pi^- Cu \to K^0_s, \Lambda^0$, and Neutron Inclusive Cross Sections for Proposal P
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0414 Faissler, W. Proposal to Observe the Proton Produced Dimuon Spectrum
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0413 Faissler, W. Proposal to Search for Proton Produced Particles Decaying Under Prompt Emission of One or More Muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0412 Faissler, W. Proposal to Observe $K^-, \pi^-$, and $\bar{p}$ Produced Dimuon Spectra
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0411 Faissler, W. Proposal to Search for Pion Produced Particles Decaying Under Prompt Emission of One or More Muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0410 Bugg, W.M. Hybrid Bubble Chamber Studies of $K^+ p$ and $K^- p$ Interactions at 75 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0409 Watts, Ternece L. $\pi^+p$ Collisions at 75 GeV/c in the 30 Inch Hybrid Chambers
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0408 Jones, M.D. Hybrid Bubble Chamber Study of $\bar{p}p$ Interactions at 75 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0407 Bugg, W.M. $\pi^+ p$ Interactions at 250 GeV/c in Improved FNAL 30 Inch Hybrid System
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0406 Ankenbrandt, C. Small Angle Hadron-Nucleus Scattering at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0405 Cook, V. In Situ Measurement of the Quark-Parton Charge Assignments
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0404 Jones, Lawrence W. Inclusive Neutron Production by Protons on Protons and Nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0403 Bunce, G. Search for $p+Cu \to \Lambda + \mu^\pm + \chi$ and $p+Cu \to K^0_s + \mu^\pm + \chi$ with 300-GeV Pr
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0402 Knapp, B. Photoproduction Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0401 Coleman, R. Photoproduction of High Mass Two-Body Final States
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0400 Binkley, Morris E. A Search for New Particles Produced in Association with the Hadronic Production of $\psi$ (3.1) Meso
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0399 Golden, Robert L. Production of Electromagnetic Cascade Showers by Several Hundred GeV Electrons in Emulsion Chambers
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0398 Anderson, H.L. A Proposal for a Further Study of Muon Nucleon Inelastic Scattering at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0397 Bleser, E. Proposal to Search for High Mass Particles Produced in Association with Prompt Muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0396 Cool, R. Elastic Scattering and Diffraction Dissociation at Small Momentum Transfer for $\pi^\pm, K^\pm, p^\p
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0395 Selove, W. Calorimeter - Array Study of High $P_T$ Events
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0394 Ansorge, R.E. Proposal for a High Statistics Study of Antiproton-Proton and Proton-Proton Interactions at 100 GeV/
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0393 Heller, M. Proposal to Study the Properties of the Forward-Going Photon Energy in the Two-Charged Prong Topolog
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0392 Ansorge, R.E. Proposal to Study Multiparticle Production at the Highest Available Momentum in Antiproton - Proton
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0391 Clark, A.R. Exploration of Rare Muon - Induced Processes (Addendum II to Fermilab Proposal 203)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0390 Barnes, V.E. Antineutrino Interactions in the Deuterium Filled 15 Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0389 Van Dam, Piet Proposal for Studying Neutrino Interactions in Neon with a Narrow Band Neutrino Beam in the 15 Foot
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0388 Cence, R.J. Proposal to Study Neutral Current Neutrino and Anti-Neutrino Interactions in the 15 Foot Bubble Cham
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0387 Florian, Joesph 100 to 300 GeV Pion Interactions in Emulsion and Heavy Element Targets
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0386 Lord, Jere J. A Search for Low Energy Neutral Particles and Particle Interactions Involving Small Energy Exchanges
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0385 Prakash, Y. Proposal for Exposure of a Stack of Nuclear Emulsions to Protons of 440 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0384 Bogert, D. Proposal to Study $\pi^- p$ Interactions at Highest Energy in the Fermilab 15 Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0383 Kobrak, H.G.E. A Proposal to Study the Inclusive Production of $K^0_s$ by $K^-$ on Hydrogen
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0382 Gottfried, K. A Search for Charmed Hadrons Produced by Muon Deep Inelastic Scattering in Tagged Nuclear Emulsions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0381 Jenkins, E. Measurement of the Real Part of the p-n and p-p Forward Scattering Amplitudes: Production of Low Mas
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0380 Baltay, C. Study of the Properties of Weak Neutral Currents in the Interactions of a Narrow Band Neutrino Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0379 Barish, B. Search for Short Lived States Decaying Weakly Via Leptonic Modes
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0378 Fong, D.G. A Proposal to Study Leading Particle Production in $\pi^- p$ Interactions at 75 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0377 Fong, D.G. A Precision Study of Leading Particle and Diffractive Effects in $\pi^- p$ Interactions at 300 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0376 Fong, D.G. Studies of $K^-$ - Meson Collisions with Protons at an Incident Momentum Close to 150 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0375 Fong, D.G. Studies of $K^+$- Meson Collisions with Protons at an Incident Momentum Close to 150 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0374 Davis, D.H. A Proposal to Search for Charmed Particles Originating from the Interactions of 300 GeV/c Protons in
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0373 Jain, P.L. Interaction of 50-100 GeV Muons with Emulsion Nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0372 Becker, U.J. Proposal to Search for Long Lived Particles at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0371 Joric, Mira Research Proposal: The Investigation of the Production of Heavy Fragments Induced by Particles of Hi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0370 Benvenuti, A. Continued Search for New Particle Production Using the ELA Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0369 Ascoli, G. Search for Charmed Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0368 Litt, L. Proposal to Search for Massive States Decaying into Muon Pairs and Produced by High Energy Muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0367 Telegdi, V.L. A Proposal to Study J and Charmed Meson Production in the M4 Neutral Beam Line
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0366 Barton, Jr., H.R. Study of Heavy, Narrow Mesons Using a Mass - Focusing Spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0365 Blanar, G. A Proposal to Search for the Production of Charmed Mesons in $\pi P$ Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0364 Sacton, J. A Proposal to Search for Charmed Particles Originating from the Interactions of 400 GeV/c Protons in
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0363 Gross, D. A Proposal to Search for Charmed Particle Production Near Threshold
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0362 Jain, P.L. Interaction of 200 - 400 GeV Pions with Emulsion Nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0361 Bunce, G. Precision Measurement of $\Lambda \to e^- \nu p$ Decay Parameters
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0360 Bartlett, D. A Study of the $K^0_L$ Strong Interactions in the Momentum Region 60 to 360 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0359 Faissler, W. Proposal to Observe the Pion Produced Di Muon Mass Spectrum
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0358 Knapp, B. Dimuon Production by Neutrons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0357 Jovanovic, D. A Proposal to Search for Charmed Particles and Measurements of Two-Particle Inclusive Cross Sections
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0356 Barish, B. Studies of Deep Inelastic Differential Distributions at High Energies for $\nu$,  $\bar{\nu}$ Beams
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0355 Barish, B.C. Measurement of Total $\nu$  $\bar{\nu}$ Cross Sections at High Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0354 Carroll, A.S. A Survey for Exotic Particles in the M1 Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0353 Ankenbrandt, C. Very Strange Hyperon Decays
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0352 Cence, R.J. Proposal to Study Neutral Current Neutrino and Anti-Neutrino Interactions in the 15 Foot Bubble Cham
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0351 Aronson, S.H. $K^0$ Regeneration at the Highest FNAL Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0350 Kenney, R. A Proposal to Study $\pi^0$ and $\eta$ Inclusive Production with Incident $\pi^-$ in the Triple Regg
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0349 Francis, W. Proposal for a Program of Muon Scattering at High Intensity
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0348 Loomis, T. Proposal to Study Scattering of Muons from Protons and Deuterons at Momentum Transfers up to $q^{2}
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0347 Carey, D. Proposal to Measure the Elastic Scattering of Hadrons at Large Momentum Transfer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0346 Ekspng, G. Search for Heavy, Shortlived Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0345 Ekspong, G. Proposal to Study Multiparticle Production in 100 GeV/c Antiproton-Deuterium Interactions with the N
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0344 Gutav, L. Proposal to Survey Central Collisions in the Reaction $\bar{p} + p \to$ Mesons between 30 and 60 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0343 Jaeger, K. Proposal to Study Neutral Particle Production in 250 GeV pp Interactions in the Fermilab 15 Foot Bub
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0342 Louttit, R. Proposal to Study Neutral Pion Production in 200 GeV/c $\pi^- p$ Interactions in the 15 Foot Bubble
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0341 Ko, W. Interactions of $\pi^+$ Mesons and Protons in a Hydrogen - Neon Mixutre
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0340 Dake, S. The Electron-Photon Cascade Shower in Lead Absorber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0339 Gierula, J. Cracow Emulsion Exposure to 200 GeV Pions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0338 Erwin, J. Pion - Deuteron Interactions at 200 GeV/c and 400 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0337 Eartly, David P. Measure of Di-Muon Events in the Meson Area
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0336 Fumero, F. Multiparticle Production in Nucleon - Nucleus Collisions at 400 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0335 Buchholz, D. A Search for Direct Muon Production in the Forward Direction
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0334 Ansorge, R.E. Proposal to Study High-Energy $\pi^+ K^+$ and $K^-$ Interactions in the NAL 15 Foot Hydrogen Bubble
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0333 Ansorge, R.E. Proposal to Study High-Energy $\pi^+ K^+$ and $K^-$ Interactions in the NAL 15 Foot Hydrogen Bubble
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0332 Cook, V. A Proposal to Explore Di-Lepton Production in the Large - $P_t$ Domain: Di-lepton Structure, Associa
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0331 Anderson, K. A Proposal for a Detailed Study of Dimuon Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0330 Gustafson, H.Richard Search for Massive Neutral Particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0329 Adamovich, M.I. The Interactions of Protons in Nuclear Emulsion at 400 (or 500) GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0328 Adamovich, M.I. The Interactions of $\pi^-$ - Mesons in Nuclear Emulsion at 200 GeV/c (or 300 GeV/c)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0327 Allison, W.W.M. Tests of Particle Identification by Ionization Loss (ISIS)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0326 Cronin, J.W. A Proposal to Measure Muon Pairs Produced at High Transverse Momentum by Pions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0325 Cronin, J.W. Study of Di-Muon Production at High Transverse Momenta
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0324 Beier, E.W. A Proposal to Study Single Particle Inclusive Spectra in High Energy Hadron-Hadron Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0323 Anderson, K. A Proposal for a Detailed Study of Dimuon Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0322 Anderson, K. Search for Direct Production of Mu - Pairs at CO
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0321 Childress, S. A High Precision Experiment to Measure the Inelastic p-p Cross Section and Its Associated forward Mu
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0320 Barish, B.C. Proposal to Measure Neutral Current Cross-Sections and Associated Inelastic Distributions in the Nar
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0319 Chang, C. Further Test of Scaling at High Momentum Transfers in Deep Inelastic Muon Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0318 Ascoli, G. Pion Diffraction Dissociation
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0317 Akimov, Y. Proton Diffraction Dissociation on Hydrogen and Deuterium
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0316 Nygren, David R. Gargantua: A New Facility for Neutrino Physics at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0315 Arbuzov, B.A. Proposal to Test the $\nu_\mu - \nu_e$ Universality in the 15 Foot Bubble Chamber and make a Prelimi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0314 Lobkowicz, F. A Proposal to Measure Neutral Weak Currents in Muon Nucleus Inclusive Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0313 Abshire, G.W. Polarization in p-p Elastic, Inelastic and Inclusive Reactions at NAL Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0312 Edelstein, R.M. Hadronic Interactions in Complex Nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0311 Ansorge, R.E. Proposal to Study Multiparticle Production in High Energy Antiproton - Proton Interactions with the
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0310-E Cline, D. Request for Extension of E-310
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0310 Benvenuti, A. Further Study of High Energy Neutrino Interactions at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0309 Erwin, A.R. A 15 Foot Bubble Chamber Proposal for 485 GeV/c $\pi^- p$ Interactions using a Track Sensitive Targe
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0308 Anderson, K. A Proposal for a Detailed Study of Dimuon Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0307 Clark, A.R. Muon - Nucleon Scattering with Extraordinary Momentum Transfer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0306 Barish, B.C. A Proposal to Search for Anomalous or 'Direct' Neutrino Production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0305 Bleser, E. Proposal to Study the Coherent Dissociation of Neutrons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0304 Walker, W.D. Revised Proposal for a Study of the Interaction of High Energy $\pi^\pm$ with Uranium
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0303 Chapman, J. NAL 15 Foot Hydrogen Bubble Chamber Proposal Diffraction Dissociation of Neutrons on Hydrogen
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0302 Cester, R. Test of C at Small Distances
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0301 Hartman, J. Measurements of Hadron - Hadron Elastic Scattering at Large Four - Momentum Transfer Squared
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0300 Cronin, J.W. Study of Particle Production at High Transverse Momenta using Hydrogen and Deuterium Targets
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0299 Fong, D. Precision Study of High Energy Collisions Induced by Incident 150-GeV/c Pions and Protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0298 Ganguli, S.N. A Proposal to Study Hadron - Nucleus Collisions at NAL Energies using 30 Inch Chamber Filled with Pu
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0297 Leipuner, L.B. Quark Search (By Measuring Ionization Energy Loss) using 400-500 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0296 Baltay, C. Study of Eletron - Neutrino ($\nu_e$ and $\bar{\nu}_e$) Interactions in a Liquid Neon Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0295 Fridman, A. A Study of $\pi^+ -d$ Interactions at 200 GeV/c in the 30 Inch Bubble Chamber at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0294 Coffin, C.T. Anti - Neutrino Interactions in Deuterium in the NAL 15 Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0293 Albright, J.R. 30 Inch Bubble Chamber Proposal $\pi^-$d Interactions at 200 GeV/c or 300 GeV/c (50k Photographs)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0292 Cohen, J. Multiparticle Production in Nuclei by Protons of Several Hundred GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0291 Voyvodic, L. Proposal to Study Multiparticle Production using a Highly-Enriched Neon Exposure in the 30 Inch Bubb
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0290 Baker, W.F. Backward Pion - Proton Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0289 Kuznetsov, A. Small Angle Proton-Helium Elastic and Inelastic Scattering from 8 to 500 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0288 Appel, J.A. A Study of Di-Lepton Production in Proton Collisions at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0287 Lander, R.L. Streamer Chamber Study of Large $P_T$ Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0286 Barnes, V.E. Proposal to Study the Interactions of 100 GeV $\pi^+$ Mesons with the Deuterons in the 30 Inch Deute
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0285 Lederman, L.M. A Search for a New State of Matter in the Analysis of a NAL Beam Dump
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0284 Carey, D. Survey of Particle Production in Proton Collisions at NAL (an Updated Version of NAL Proposal 63)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0283 Carey, D. A Proposal to Study Elastic Proton-Proton Scattering in the Range $0.1 < |t| < 3$(GeV/c)$^{2}$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0282 Gutay, L.J. Proposal to Study Central Collisions in $\bar{p} + p \to$ Mesons at 40 GeV/c in the 15 Foot NAL Hydr
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0281 Anderson, E.W. Proposal to Study High Energy Proton-Proton and $\pi^-$ Proton Interactions with the FNAL 30 inch Bu
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0280 Barish, S. Proposal to Study $pd$ Interactions at 205 GeV/c in the 30 Inch Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0279 Butt, J.E. The Interaction $pA \to pAe^+ e^-$ at 400 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0278 Barnes, V.E. Proposal to Study $\pi^+$ Interactions at 400 GeV in the NAL 30 inch Hydrogen Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0277 Barnes, V.E. Proposal to Study $\pi^+$ and $K^+$ Interactions at 300 GeV in the NAL 30 inch Hydrogen Bubble Chamb
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0276 Van Ginneken, A. A Search for Stable Integrally Charged Massive Particles (Han-Nambu Quarks)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0275 Enge, W. Exposure of Plastic Detector Stacks to a 300 GeV Proton Beam at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0274 Bingham, H.H. Study of 500 GeV $\pi^-p$ Interactions in the 30 Inch HBC
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0273 Alexander, G. Proposal for a Neon Exposure in the 30 Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0272 Koehler, P. Proposal to Measure Coherent Dissociation of $\pi^-$, $K^-$ and $\bar{p}$ into Two - Body Systems at
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0271 Cohen, J. Multiparticle Production in Nuclei by Protons of Several Hundred GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0270 Hafen, E.S. The Structure Functions of Neutron and Proton and Quark Model Comparisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0269 Dodd, W.P. Proposal for 100 GeV/c $\pi^-$ Exposure in the 15 foot NAL Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0268 Barnes, A. A Proposal to Study Meson Production at Large $p_\perp$ with a $\gamma$-Ray Detector
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0267 Morrison, D.R.O. Proposal to Study 100 GeV/c Negative Particle Interactions in the NAL 15 Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0266 Ayre, Cyril Inclusive Angle and Multiplicity Distributions of Charged Secondaries and of Neutral Pions Produced
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0265 Young, P.S. Exposure of Emulsions to 400 GeV Protons for New Determination of Mean Life $\pi^0$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0264 Young, P.S. Exposure of Emulsion to 200-300 GeV $\pi^-$ for New Determination of Mean Life of $\pi^0$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0263 Burger, J. A Proposal to Study Photoproduction of $\phi$ Mesons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0262 Barish, B.C. Neutral Current Investigations at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0261 Fischer, J. Proposal to Test Transition Counters at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0260 Fox, G. A Proposal to Study High $P_T$ Physics with a Multiparticle Spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0259 Barate, R. Backward Pion - Nucleon Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0258 Cronin, J.W. A Proposal to Measure Particles Produced at High Transverse Momentum by Pions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0257 Kirk, T. Proposal for the Investigation of Virtual Photoabsorption by Nuclear Matter
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0256 Frisch, David H. 2nd Generation Electronic Neutrino Detector at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0255 Jain, P.L. Exposure of Nuclear Emulsions to a Beam of 150 GeV Muons at the National Accelerator Laboratory
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0254 Kalbfleisch, G.R. Proposal to Search for a Second Muon Neutrino, $\lambda _\mu$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0253 Anderson, Herbert L. Neutrino - Electron Scattering at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0252 Bromberg, C.M. Evidence for a Diffractive Component in Multiparticle Production at 102 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0251 Ozaki, S. Phenomenological Study of Proton - Nucleus Collision at NAL Energies in Emulsion (400 GeV)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0250 Ozaki, S. Phenomenological Study of Proton - Nucleus Collision at NAL Energies in Emulsion (300 GeV)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0249 Gierula, J. Cracow Emulsion Exposure to 400 GeV Protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0248 Longo, Michael J. Neutron - Proton Diffraction Scattering and Neutron Total Cross Sections up to 200 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0247 Coremans-Bertrand, G. Proposal to Search for Short-lived Particles Produced in Neutrino Interactions in Emulsion using an
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0246A Selove, W. A Study of the Structure of High $P_t$ Hadronic Interaction
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0246 Selove, W. Search for Difference in Pion / Proton Internal Structure
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0245 Jain, P.L. Interaction of 400 GeV Proton in Nuclear Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0244 Jain, P.L. Interaction of 300 GeV Proton in Nuclear Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0243 Niu, K. Study of Secondary Particles Produced by 400 GeV Protons in Emulsion Chambers
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0242 Niu, K. Study of Secondary Particles Produced by 300 GeV Protons in Emulsion Chambers
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0241 Brabson, B.B. Energy Dependence of Backward $\pi^- p$ Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0240 Gustafson, H.Richard A Measurement of Proton - Proton Total Cross Sections
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0239 Frankel, S. Proposal for a Further Search for Long Lived Particles at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0238 Lord, J.J. Emulsion Exposure to 400 GeV Protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0237 Lord, J.J. Emulsion Exposure to 300 GeV Protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0236 Cook, V. A Proposal to Explore the Large $P_t$ Domain: Inclusive Cross Sections and Possible Jet Structure
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0235 Jones, Lawrence W. Neutron Small - Angle Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0234 Fowler, W. An Engineering Run for the NAL 15-ft Cryogenic Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0233 Hbert, Jacques 300 GeV (and 400 GeV) Proton Interactions in Nuclear Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0232 Butt, J.E. 400 GeV Protons on Complex Nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0231 Akimov, Y. p-p and p-d Elastic and Inelastic Scattering in the New CO Internal Target Laboratory
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0230 Burke, David L. A Search for 'Schein Events' and Events with a High Multiplicity of $\gamma's$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0229 Alley, P.W. A Proposal for Testing a Transition Radiation Detector at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0228 Chapman, J. Proposal to Extend the Energy Range of a Study of Multiparticle Production in pp Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0227 Engelmann, R. Proposal to Investigate Neutrino Interactions in Deuterium Using the NAL 15-Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0226 Rosenberg, E.I. Coherent $K_{S}$ Regeneration by Electrons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0225 Chen, K.W. Excited Muon, Lepton Pair Production, W Production, and Deep Inelastic Muon Scattering in High Energ
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0224 Jones, Lawrence W. Study of Diffraction Dissociation (Coherent and Incoherent) and Inclusive Parameters of the Interact
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0223 Lorenz, E. Proposal to Study High Transverse Momentum Energy Distributions and Correlations Using Total Absorpt
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0222 Frisch, Henry J. A Proposal to Study Hard Hadron-Hadron Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0221 Childress, S. p-p Inelastic Scattering in the Diffractive Region
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0220 Kitagaki, T. Experimental Proposal for NAL 30 Inch BC $\bar{p}p$ and $K^-p$ Interactions at 100 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0219 Birge, R. Detailed Study of Nucleon Dissociation and Particle Exchange Reactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0218 Erwin, J. Pion - Deuteron Interactions at 200 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0217 Erwin, J. A Comparision of 100 GeV and 200 GeV $\pi^\pm p$ Interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0216 Drickey, D. A Measurement of the Pion Form Factor by Direct Pion-Electron Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0215 Abrams, G. Study of 400 GeV $\pi^-p$ Interactions in the Bare 30-Inch Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0214 Ansorge, R.E. Proposal to Study High Energy Negative Hyperon Interactions with the NAL 15-Foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0213 Ansorge, R.E. Proposal to Study High-Energy $\pi^+ K^+$ and $K^-$ Interactions in the NAL 15 Foot Hydrogen Bubble
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0212 Barate, R. Measurement of Backward 2-Body and Quasi-2-Body Reactions Induced on Unpolarized and Polarized Proto
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0211 Wuster, H.O. Proposal for Radiation Measurements Around a Proton Beam Dump at 300 $GeV^*$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0210 Abe, K. Inclusive Production of $\pi^\pm$ in the Backward Direction from Complex Nuclear Targets
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0209 Dzierba, A. A Study of 300-GeV/c pd Interactions in the Thirty-Inch Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0208 Markov, M.A. A Proposal to Study Proton-Proton Interactions at the Energy of 300 GeV or Higher at the NAL Bubble
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0207 Engelmann, R. Proposal to Study pp Interactions at 500 GeV in the 30-Inch Bubble Chamber at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0206 Harris, F. Development of a Transition Radiation Detector for Discriminating between Pions and Kaons at NAL Ene
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0205 Ozaki, S. Phenomenological Study of Muon-Nucleon Collision at Energy More than 100 GeV in Emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0204 Eisenberg, Y. Proposal for a pd 200-GeV/c Bubble Chamber Experiment at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0203 Cester, R. Feasible Search for Heavy Neutral Muons Predicted by Gauge Theories
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0202 Bartlett, D.F. Search for Tachyon Monopoles in Cosmic Rays above 15-foot Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0201 Erber, T. Study of High Energy Magnetic Bremsstrahlung in Pulsed Megagauss Fields
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0200 Cheng, D. Search for High Transverse Momentum Jets with a Magnetic Spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0199 Frankel, S. Search for Weakly Produced Massive Long-Lived Particles at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0198 Nitz, D. A proposal for a magnetic recoil spectrometer for the gas jet target
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0197 Malamud, Ernest Multibody Final States in pp Collisions Up to 500 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0196 Edelstein, R. Proton-Deuteron Interactions in the Bare Thirty-Inch Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0195 Lim, Y.K. Proposal to Measure the Lifetime of the Neutral Pion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0194 Engelmann, R. Proposal to study proton - deuteron interactions in the 30 inch bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0193 Guiragossian, Z.G.T. NAL Proposal for Deep Inelastic Electron Scattering: Search for Intermediate Bosons, Heavy Leptons,
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0192 Guiragossian, Z.G.T. NAL Proposal for Study of Photons and Leptons Produced in Meson-Nucleon Collisions in the Deep Scatt
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0191 Orth, C.D. Total Absorption Shower Counter Test
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0190 Engelmann, R. Proposal to Study Multibody Final States in pp Collisions at 200 GeV/c Using the NAL 15-Foot Bubble
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0189 Ritson, David M. Nuclear Emulsion Exposures to 400 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0188 Aslpector, J. A Proposal to Measure Cross Sections for $pp \to pX, nX$ as a Function of s and $M^2_X$ Using the In
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0187 Lee, W. Phase 0.8 Search for Long-Lived Massive Objects (High Energy Calibration Run)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0186 Bartenev, V. A Proposal to Study Small Angle Proton-Deuteron Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0185 Braun, H. Proposal to study p n interactions at 205-GeV/c by means of the 30 inch deuterium filled bubble cham
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0184 Pilcher, J. Search for a New Class of Penetrating Massive Particles at C-0
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0183 Dobrotin, N.A. A Proposal of the Photoemulsion Experiment at the National Accelerator Laboratory (Batavia)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0182 Gidal, G. A 30" Bubble Chamber Proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0181 Cary, A.S. The Direct Production of Electron Pairs in Nuclear Emulsion by 100 and 200 GeV Protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0180 Arbuzov, B.A. A Study of Antineutrino Interactions in the NAL 15-FT Bubble Chamber, Filled with Hydrogen and Neon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0179 Diamond, R.N. K+ p Multiparticle Production in the 30" NAL Hybrid Chamber at the Highest Possible Energy
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0178 Busza, W. A Study of the Average Multiplicity and Multiplicity Distributions in Hadron-Nucleus Collisions at H
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0177 Orear, J. Early Measurement of 200 GeV PP Large Angle Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0176 Babcock, B. Proposal for an Experiment at the National Accelerator Laboratory Nuclear Levels as Analyzers of Hig
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0175 Margolis, B. Stage I to Proposal #144: A Simple Spectrometer to Measure Photoproduction of Vector Mesons and Pion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0174 Bird, L. Proposal to Study Electroproduction with Coincidence Techniques at High Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0173 Chapman, J.W. Proton-Deuteron Interactions in the Thirty-Inch Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0172 Bingham, H.H. Antineutrino Interactions in the 14' H(2)-Neon BC
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0171 Kotzer, Peter Proposed Emulsion Experiment Search for Short Lived Particles at High Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0170 McFarland, A. Search for Electromagnetic Production of Fractionally Charged Particles at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0169 Alard, J.P. Proposal for (p,p) and (p,n) Collision Experiments at Batavia by Use of Nuclear Emulsions and Electr
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0167 Bartlett, D.F. 'Static' electric and magnetic fields near the internal proton beam at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0166 Collins, C.B. Experimental proposal to the National Accelerator Laboratory to study multigamma and charged seconda
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0165 Anderson, R.L. Proposal to measure two - body and quasi two - body elastic scattering at large t - values and in th
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0164 Crawford, J.F. Proposal to study at NAL energies. I. Multi - gamma - ray final states using a negative beam on hydr
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0163 Walker, W.D. Proposal for a Study of the Interaction of High-Energy pi+- with Neon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0162 March, R. Note on K(S) ---> mu+ mu- search in the neutral hyperon beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0161 Benvenuti, A. Proposal to survey high-energy proton collisions in neon and to search for anomalous photon bundles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0160 Messner, Robert Proposal to search for the decay mode K(S) ---> mu+ mu-
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0159 Chaturvedi, S. Study of general features of particle production in proton proton collisions at 400-GeV and 100-GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0158 Sosnowski, Ryszard Proposal to study high-energy collisions in the 30 inch hydrogen bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0157 Dzierba, A. A Proposal to study high-energy diffractive N* production
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0156 Niu, K. Study of Secondary Particles Produced by 200 and 500 GeV Protons in Emulsion Chambers
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0155 Babaro-Galtieri, A. Test of the External Muon Identifier Efficiency
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0154 Fong, D.G. Test of Proportional Wire Chambers in Hybrid Systems
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0153 Kitagaki, T. Negative Pion - Proton Interactions at 200 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0152 Dorfan, D.E. Proposal to Build an Electron-Photon Facility at NAL and to Measure Photon Scattering at High Energi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0151 Snow, G.A. Preliminary Proposal to Study Neutrino Interactions with Neutrons and Protons Using the 15-Foot Bubb
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0150 Sauer, J. Study of Two Particle Distributions in the Secondaries Produced in Proton-Proton Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0149 Knasel, T.M. A Survey Measurement of Charged Hyperon Fluxes, Including a Search for New Particles in the Mass Ran
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0148 Ruddick, K. Coulomb Productioin of Vector Mesons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0147 Debeauvais, M. Proposal of an Experiment on the Fission of Very Heavy Nuclei Induced by 200 GeV Protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0146 Kaiser, R. A Study of Proton-Nuclei Interactions at Energies Higher than 100 GeV with Visual Solid Detectors
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0145 Walker, J.K. A Proposal to Study Photon Proton Interactions Between 20 and 250 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0144 Margolis, B. Proposal to Set up a Tagged Photon Facility and to Survey Photon Induced Reactions in 50-300 BeV Reg
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0143 Connolly, P.L. Proposal for a Rapid Systematic Study of All Interactions in a pi- p Exposure of the Bare 30" Chambe
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0142 Halperin, J. Proposal for a Search for Superheavy Elements by Irradiations at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0141 Charlton, G. Study of pp Interactions in the ANL 30-Inch Hydrogen Bubble Chamber at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0140 Bown, D. Proposal to Study High Mass States of pi-+, K-+ and p-+ with Masses up to 10 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0139 Cleland, W. A Measurement of the Electromagnetic Radius of the Kaon and the Difference Between the Pion and Kaon
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0138 Chapman, J. Study of Multiparticle Production in a 30" Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0137 Huson, F.R. Study of pi- +p Interactions at High Energy
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0136 Carpenter, D. A Study of High Energy pi - Nucleon Collisions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0134 Biswas, N.N. Study of Multiproton Production in High Energy pi- p Interaction at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0133 Biswas, N.N. Study of Multipion Production in High Energy pi- p Interactions at NAL Using the 30-Inch Hydrogen Bu
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0132 Fong, D.G. A General Survey of Pion-Proton and Proton-Proton Collisions in the 100-500 GeV/c Region
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0131 Barnes, V.E. NAL bubble chamber proposal: K-p and p anti-p interactions at 200 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0130 Panvini, R. Proposal to study pp interactions up to 500 GeV/c with the 30 inch bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0129 Benvenutti, a. An investigation of the components of the neutral beam produced by high energy protons at NAL using
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0128 Benvenutti, A. Search for Mossbauer type nuclear collisions with the high energy protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0127 Eisenstein, B. A proposal to study slow secondary particle distributions in pi -p and pp reactions in the 30 inch b
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0126 Barnes, V.E. Multipartle pi -p interactions at 130 GeV and at the highest energy
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0125 Besliu, T. Proposal to study pi -p reactions at 60 and 200 GeV/c in the 30 inch hydrogen bubble chamber at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0124 Aly, H.H. The nature of the momentum spectrum of the secondary particles from high-energy collision
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0123 Alvager, T.K.E. Proposal for a search for quark-matter at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0122 Volkov, A.A. On investigation of neutrino interaction in 14 foot bubble chamber at NAL Accelerator
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0121 Ko, W. A proposal to seach for very heavy strange particles using a small hydrogen bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0120 Rubbia, C. Early pi 0 particle production survey with the gas jet target
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0119 Batty, C.J. Production of heavy and super-heavy nuclei in targets irradiated by very high energy protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0118 Guerriero, L. Hadron spectra from high energy interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0117 Ozaki, S. Phenomenological study of 200 and 500 GeV/c proton-proton collisions in emulsion
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0116 Casas, J. Interaction of high energy protons in nuclear emulsions loaded with b 10 and LiF
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0115 Stevenson, M.L. Search for long lived particles (lifetime > 0.1 msec)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0114 Jain, P.L. Interaction of 200-500 GeV proton with emulsion nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0113 Meyer, Stuart L. Proposal to study the k+- charge exchange reactions at high energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0112 Longo, Michael J. Neutron diffraction dissociation and coulomb dissociation from various nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0111 Gomez, R. Proposal to study pi- p --> pi0 n and pi- p --> eta n at high energy
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0110 Dzierba, A. Proposal to study multiparticle-peripheral hadron physics at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0109 Eartly, David P. A proposal for a preliminary beam survey in the 3.5 mrad beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0108 Awschalom, M. A beam dump experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0107 Lai, K.W. Measurements of elastic and quasi-elastic scatterings of pp and -pp from ~ 20 to 40 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0106 Cork, Bruce Proposal for a study of multiparticle production at NAL using an array of wide-gap triggerable spark
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0105 Daniel, R.R. A proposal to study some characteristics of proton-nucleon and proton-nucleus collisions at 400 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0104 Cool, R.L. Measurement of total cross sections on hydrogen and deuterium
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0103 King, D.T. Intra-nuclear cascade produced by 200 GeV protons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0102 Frisken, William R. Proposal for an experiment to study the reaction k- p -> k-0 n at NAL energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0101 Gittelman, B. Elastic pi+ e- scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0100 Cronin, J.W. A proposal to study particle production at high transverse momenta
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0099 Ayres, D. A study of pi+ p --> K+ Sigma+ and pi+ p -> K+ Y*+ using the focusing spectrometer facility
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0098 Anderson, H.L. Muon-Proton Inelastic Scattering Experiment at the National Accelerator Laboratory
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0097 Atac, M. Elastic Scattering of the Hyperons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0096 Ayers, D. Focusing spectrometer facility
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0095 Chien, C.-Y. Proposal for examination of wide angle gamma rays at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0094 Goza, E.R. 100 GeV pion interactions in photographic emulsion: a parasitic experiment
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0093 Wahlig, Michael Small-angle charge exchange reactions pi- + p --> pi0 + n and pi- + p --> eta + n from 50 to 200 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0092 Barish, B. A neutrino experiment in the NAl 30m 3 bubble chamber using monoenergetic neutrinos
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0091 Madansky, L. Madansky Emulsion exposure
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0090 Gierula, J. Cracow nuclear emulsion exposures
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0089 Bingham, H.H. Interactions of 150 GeV pi- mesons in a large NAL bubble chamber filled with H2-Ne
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0088 Albright, John R. Search for fractionally charged particles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0087 Lee, W. Proposal to search for heavy leptons and intermediate bosons from photon-nucleon and photon-nuclei c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0086 Bastien, P.L. A proposal to study inelastic diffractive processes by observing coherent production of multipion fi
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0085 Barnes, V.E. Proposal for an Exposure of the 15 Foot Deuterium Filled Bubble Chamber to a Beam of Separated Pi+ M
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0084 Frisken, William R. Proposal for an experiment to study the reaction pi- p --> pi0 n at 30 to 150-GeV at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0083 Kitagaki, T. Experimental Proposal for NAL 15' Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0082 Aronson, S.H. Proposal to Investigate Regeneration of Neutral K - Mesons at Very High Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0081 Butler, G.W. Preliminary Survey of 200 GeV Proton Interactions with Complex Nuclei
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0080 Bromberg, C. Proposal to study multiparticle production processes utilizing the 30-inch bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0079 Buchanan, C.D. A measurement of the regeneration parameter in the 100 GeV/C range
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0078 Burnstein, R.A. Proposal to study multiparticle pi+ -p and p -p interactions from 70 GeV and above utilizing the 30-
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0077 Kopelman, J.B. Proposal to study high energy hyperon physics at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0076 Carrigan, R.A., Jr. Search for magnetic monopoles produced at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0075 Sculli, J. A proposal to search for fractionally charged quarks
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0074 Fleischer, R.L. Proposal to National Accelerator Laboratory for a search for magnetic monopoles
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0073 Anderson, R.L. Proposal to measure two body elastic and quasi-elastic scattering at high energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0072 Adair, R.K. Experimental proposal to N.A.L. quark search
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0071 Buchanan, C. A measurement of the pion radius
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0070 Lee, W. Study of lepton pairs from proton-nuclear interactions: search for intermediate bosons and lee-wick
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0069 Atac, M. Elastic scattering of the long-lived hadrons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0068 Anderson, H.L. Multiparticle production in $\pi^- p$ collisions at 100 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0067 Cohen, K. Search for Baryon Resonances up to 10 GeV Mass Produced in $p+p \to p +mm$ with a Resolution of $\pm
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0066 Chapman, J. Study of low-mass peripheral states in a small triggered bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0065 Crennel, D.J. KP and -kp interactions from ~ 20 - 60 GeV/c in a large liquid hydrogen bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0064 Diebold, R. Hadron spectra from high energy proton proton interactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0063 Atac, M. Survey of particle production in proton collisions at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0062 Chapman, J. Study of multiparticle production in a small bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0061 Hill, D. A Proposal to Measure Polarization in $pp$, $\pi^- p$ and $\pi^+ p$ Elastic Scattering at 50, 100, a
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0060 Brown, R. Very high energy kaon long experiments at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0059 Holloway, L. A proposal to study the reaction $\pi^- p \to \pi^-\pi^+ n$ at the National Accelerator Laboratory
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0058 Morris, T.W. Proposal to study multiparticle production with NAL bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0057 Foley, K.J. Behavior of high energy elastic scattering and total cross sections for $\pi^\pm p$, $K^\pm p$, $pp$
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0056 Cool, R.L. Measurement of total cross sections on hydrogen and deuterium
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0055 Tollestrup, A.V. Proposal to study $\pi^- p \to \pi^0 n$ and $\pi^- p \to \eta n$ at high energy
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0054 Dzierba, A. Quasi-two-body reactions at 50-200 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0053 Baltay, C. Search for the Intermediate Boson, Lepton Pair Production, and a Study of Deeply Inelastic Reactions
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0052 Beier, E.W. A proposal to study particle production spectra and multiplicities in high energy hadron-hadron coll
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0051 Bowen, D. Mass Spectrum and Decay Modes for Bosons in the 2.0 to 8.6 GeV/c$^2$ Mass Range
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0050 Mazur, P. Large Angle $\pi^{\pm} - P, K^{\pm} - P$, and $P^{\pm} - P$ Elastic Scattering at High Energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0049 Biswas, N.N. The Electromagnetic form-factor of the charged pion from pi+ e- elastic scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0048 Kasha, H. A Measurement of the Intensity and Polarization of Muons Produced Directly by the Interactions of Pr
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0047 Feld, B.T. Diffraction dissociation and elastic scattering processes with incident protons and negative pions i
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0046 Fowler, W.B. A study of high-energy pi- proton interactions with the NAL 14 - foot bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0045 Roe, B. Proposal to Study Neutrino Interactions with Protons using the 14-Foot Bubble Chamber at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0044 Roe, R. Proposal to study neutrino interactions with protons and neutrons using the 14 - foot bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0043 Barnes, V.E. Proposal to study single meson production in meson nucleon interactions at 50 and 100 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0042 Barnes, V.E. Neutrino interactions in the deuterium-neon 14 foot double bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0041 Loeffler, F.J. Very high energy proton proton interactions: exploratory survey in a bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0040 Barnes, V.E. Diffractive process in pi -p interactions at 100
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0039 Walker, W.D. Proposal for the use of a rapid cycling bubble chamber at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0038 Cho, Y. Production of w ' $s$ and study of deep inelastic reactions by very high energy neutrinos
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0037 Malamud, Ernest Multibody Final States in pp Collisions Up to 500 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0036 Cool, R.L. A proposal to study small angle p -p scattering at very high energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0035 Abrams, R. A proposal to study resonance production in pi- p --> x -p at 40 to 80 GeV/c
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0034 Huggett, R.W. Nuclear-Electromagnetic Cascade Development Study (Ionization Spectrometer Development)
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0033 Booth, N.E. Preliminary proposal to measure the hadrons in muon-proton inelastic scattering at the National Acce
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0032 Hofstadter, R. Test and calibrate a large NaI(T1) TANC detector and to measure neutral hadron total cross sections
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0031 Campbell, John Proposal to investigate anti- muon neutrino interactions in hydrogen at NAL bubble chamber groups fr
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0030 Kirk, T.B.W. Neutal kaon regeneration in liquid hydrogen from 40 GeV to 200 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0029 Kirk, T. Proposal for mu p scattering experiment at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0028 Benvenuti, A. Search for heavy leptons and hard penetrating radiation in the neutrino beam, study of diffraction s
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0027 Rosen, J. Proposal to study the small angle neutal beam using a v spectrometer
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0026 Chen, K.Wendell High momentum transfer inelastic muon scattering and test of scale invariance at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0025 Caldwell, David O. Measurement of the total photoabsorption cross section on h, d, c, cu, and pb for photon energies fr
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0024 Caldwell, David O. Measurement of inelastic Compton scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0023 Williams, R.W. Inclusive Pion - Proton Scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0022 Collins, G.B. Experimental proposal to the National Accelerator Laboratory for a search for multigamma
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0021 Sciulli, F. Neutrino physics at very high energies
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0020 Block, M.M. A study of elastic neutrino scattering using a deuterium bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0019 Tompkins, Donald R. A Cerenkov counter search for monopole production by 200-GeV protons / 100-GeV muons
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0018 Ash, W.W. Proposal to study the reactions p + p --> p + (p + pi+ + pi-) / (n + pi+) at 200-GeV and 500-GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0017 Bishop, J.M. anti-p d interactions from 20-GeV to 60-GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0016 Clark, A.R. p-p elastic and inelastic scattering at small momentum transfers
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0015 Carithers, W. Proposal for a measurement of the momentum dependence of the difference in forward scattering amplit
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0014 Franzini, P. Proposal to study inelastic high energy proton-proton collisions in the diffractive region
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0013 Balasubrahmanyan, V.K. Ionization spectrometer development and calibration
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0012 Reay, N.W. A study of neutron proton charge exchange scattering in the momentum range 50 - 200 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0011 Alvager, T.K.E. Search for fast particles produced at large lab angles at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0010 Baker, W.F. A proposal to measure the total cross-sections for pi+ / pi-, K+ / K-, p and anti-p
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0009 Cence, R. Proposal for a high-energy neutrino experiment in the NAL 30m$^{3}$ H$_{2}$, D$_{2}$ bubble chamber
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0008 March, R.H. Experiments in a Neutral Hyperon Beam
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0007 Akerlof, C. A Proposal to Measure pi+ / pi- - p and p-p Differential Elastic Scattering Cross Sections from 50 t
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0006 Ratner, L.G. 200-GeV proton-proton elastic scattering at high transverse momentum
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0005 Dieterle, B. Muon - proton inelastic scattering
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0004 Longo, Michael J. Neutron-Proton Diffraction Scattering and Neutron Total Cross Sections up to 200 GeV
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0003 Alvarez, L.W. Proposal for a Search for Magnetic Monopoles at NAL
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0002-A Glasser, R.G. Study of Multiparticle Proton-Proton Interactions from 100 GeV to 400 GeV with a 30 inch Bubble Cham
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0001-A Cline, D. NAL neutrino proposal
FERMILAB-PROPOSAL-0001 Cline, D. NAL neutrino proposal