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FERMILAB-CONF-21-495-QIS-T Bloch, JacquesEffective $\mathbb{Z}_{3}$ model for finite-density QCD with tensor networks
FERMILAB-PUB-21-489-T Gao, ChristinaStructure of Stellar Remnants with Coupling to a Light Scalar
FERMILAB-CONF-21-488-T Herren, FlorianHigher-order $\beta$-functions in the Standard Model and beyond
FERMILAB-PUB-21-486-AE Li, Ting S.Broken into Pieces: ATLAS and Aliqa Uma as One Single Stream
FERMILAB-PUB-21-485-AE Ruppin, F.Stability of Cool Cores during Galaxy Cluster Growth: A Joint Chandra/SPT Analysis of 67 Galaxy Clus
FERMILAB-PUB-21-484-AE Mutlu-Pakdıl, BurçınResolved Dwarf Galaxy Searches within ~5 Mpc with the Vera Rubin Observatory and Subaru Hyper Suprim
FERMILAB-PUB-21-483-T Gellersen, LeifDisentangling soft and collinear effects in QCD parton showers
FERMILAB-PUB-21-479-V Regan, Robert C.Half-quantum vortices in nematic and chiral phases of He3
FERMILAB-PUB-21-478-T Bernal, NicolásALP Dark Matter in a Primordial Black Hole Dominated Universe
FERMILAB-PUB-21-473-T Zhu, HanjueGravitational Self-force Errors of Poisson Solvers on Adaptively Refined Meshes
FERMILAB-PUB-21-471-T Davies, JoshuaGeneral Gauge-Yukawa-Quartic $\beta$-Functions at 4-3-2--Loop Order
FERMILAB-PUB-21-470-T Davies, JoshuaReal corrections to Higgs boson pair production at NNLO in the large top quark mass limit
FERMILAB-PUB-21-469-E O'Donnell, J.H.The DES Bright Arcs Survey: Candidate Strongly Lensed Galaxy Systems from the Dark Energy Survey 5,0
FERMILAB-PUB-21-469-E O'Donnell, J.H.The DES Bright Arcs Survey: Candidate Strongly Lensed Galaxy Systems from the Dark Energy Survey 5,0
FERMILAB-PUB-21-467-T Akçay, CihanMachine learning methods for probabilistic locked-mode predictors in tokamak plasmas
FERMILAB-PUB-21-465-AE-PPD Kuk, K.Projection imaging with ultracold neutrons
FERMILAB-PUB-21-460-AE Selub, NathanielAnomalies of Cosmic Anisotropy from Holographic Universality of Great-Circle Variance
FERMILAB-PUB-21-459-T Kelly, Kevin J.DUNE atmospheric neutrinos: Earth Tomography
FERMILAB-PUB-21-458-AE Hogan, CraigAngular correlations of causally-coherent primordial quantum perturbations
FERMILAB-PUB-21-456-T Campbell, JohnTesting parton distribution functions with t-channel single-top-quark production
FERMILAB-PUB-21-454-AE-E-SCD Tucker, DouglasSOAR/Goodman Spectroscopic Assessment of Candidate Counterparts of the LIGO--Virgo Event GW190814
FERMILAB-PUB-21-453-T de Gouvêa, AndréCharacterizing Heavy Neutral Fermions via their Decays
FERMILAB-PUB-21-450-T Brdar, VedranAn Altarelli Cocktail for the MiniBooNE Anomaly?
FERMILAB-PUB-21-448-AE Cordero, Juan P.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: Marginalisation over redshift distribution uncertainties using ra
FERMILAB-PUB-21-446-T Martinez-Soler, IvanMeasuring tau neutrino appearance probability via unitarity
FERMILAB-PUB-21-445-AD Kuksenko, ViacheslavRadiation induced hardening of beryllium during low temperature He implantation
FERMILAB-PUB-21-430-CMS Acar, B.Construction and commissioning of CMS CE prototype silicon modules
FERMILAB-PUB-21-429-CMS Pérez-Calero Yzquierdo, A.Reaching new peaks for the future of the CMS HTCondor Global Pool
FERMILAB-PUB-21-428-CMS Ivanchenko, VladimirCMS Full Simulation for Run 3
FERMILAB-PUB-21-427-CMS Banerjee, SunandaValidation of Physics Models of Geant4 Versions 10.4.p03, 10.6.p02 and 10.7.p01 using Data from the
FERMILAB-PUB-21-426-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPrecision luminosity measurement in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV in 2015 and 2016
FERMILAB-PUB-21-425-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for charged Higgs bosons produced in vector boson fusion processes and decaying into vector b
FERMILAB-PUB-21-424-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for W′ bosons decaying to a top and a bottom quark at s=13TeV in the hadronic final state
FERMILAB-PUB-21-423-CMS Abbott, R.Test beam characterization of sensor prototypes for the CMS Barrel MIP Timing Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-21-422-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on anomalous Higgs boson couplings to vector bosons and fermions in its production and d
FERMILAB-PUB-21-421-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy resonance decaying to a top quark and a W boson at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV in the ful
FERMILAB-PUB-21-420-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for long-lived particles decaying to jets with displaced vertices in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-419-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for lepton-flavor violating decays of the Higgs boson in the $\mu\tau$ and e$\tau$ final stat
FERMILAB-PUB-21-418-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenSearch for strongly interacting massive particles generating trackless jets in proton-proton collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-21-417-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenMeasurements of the pp $\to$ W$^\pm\gamma\gamma$ and pp $\to$ Z$\gamma\gamma$ cross sections at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-21-416-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenMeasurements of Z bosons plus jets using variables sensitive to double parton scattering in pp colli
FERMILAB-PUB-21-414-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenSearch for a heavy Higgs boson decaying into two lighter Higgs bosons in the $\tau\tau$bb final stat
FERMILAB-PUB-21-413-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenSearch for W$\gamma$ resonances in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV using hadronic de
FERMILAB-PUB-21-412-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenMeasurement of the electroweak production of Z$\gamma$ and two jets in proton-proton collisions at $
FERMILAB-PUB-21-411-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenFragmentation of jets containing a prompt J$/\psi$ meson in PbPb and pp collisions at $\sqrt{s_\math
FERMILAB-PUB-21-410-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenSearch for electroweak production of charginos and neutralinos in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt
FERMILAB-PUB-21-409-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenMeasurements of the electroweak diboson production cross sections in proton-proton collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-PUB-21-408-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenMeasurement of the inclusive and differential $\mathrm{t\overline{t}}\gamma$ cross sections in the s
FERMILAB-PUB-21-407-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenMeasurement of prompt open-charm production cross sections in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-21-406-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenSearch for long-lived particles decaying in the CMS endcap muon detectors in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-21-405-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenCombined searches for the production of supersymmetric top quark partners in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-21-404-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenMeasurement of the inclusive and differential Higgs boson production cross sections in the decay mod
FERMILAB-PUB-21-403-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenSearch for chargino-neutralino production in events with Higgs and W bosons using 137 fb$^{-1}$ of p
FERMILAB-PUB-21-402-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenSearch for new particles in events with energetic jets and large missing transverse momentum in prot
FERMILAB-PUB-21-401-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenProbing effective field theory operators in the associated production of top quarks with a Z boson i
FERMILAB-PUB-21-400-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenMeasurement of differential $\text{t}\overline{\text{t}}$ production cross sections in the full kine
FERMILAB-PUB-21-399-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on the Initial State of Pb-Pb Collisions via Measurements of $Z$-Boson Yields and Azimut
FERMILAB-PUB-21-398-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenObservation of tW production in the single-lepton channel in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-21-397-E Temples, Dylan J.Measurement of Charge and Light Yields for $^{127}$Xe L-Shell Electron Captures in Liquid Xenon
FERMILAB-PUB-21-396-CMS Tumasyan, ArmenObservation of B$^0_s$ mesons and measurement of the B$^0_s$/B$^+$ yield ratio in PbPb collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-21-391-ND Abud, A. AbedLow exposure long-baseline neutrino oscillation sensitivity of the DUNE experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-21-390-AE Bernardinelli, Pedro H.A search of the full six years of the Dark Energy Survey for outer Solar System objects
FERMILAB-PUB-21-389-T Hallin, AnnaClassifying Anomalies THrough Outer Density Estimation (CATHODE)
FERMILAB-PUB-21-387-QIS Li, Andy C.Y.Benchmarking variational quantum eigensolvers for the square-octagon-lattice Kitaev model
FERMILAB-CONF-21-386-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir D.Space-charge and other effects in Fermilab booster and iota rings’ ionization profile monitors
FERMILAB-PUB-21-384-T Ferreira, Pedro G.$R^2$/Higgs inflation and the hierarchy problem
FERMILAB-PUB-21-383-DI-ND-PPD Jangra, MamtaCharacterization of Silicon-Photomultipliers for a Cosmic Muon Veto detector
FERMILAB-PUB-21-382-AE-E Chintalapati, P.R.V.A Systematic Study of Projection Biases in Weak Lensing Analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-21-379-QIS-SCD Macridin, AlexandruBosonic field digitization for quantum computers
FERMILAB-PUB-21-376-SCD Gunny, AlecHardware-accelerated Inference for Real-Time Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
FERMILAB-PUB-21-375-T Andreoli, LorenzoElectron scattering on ${\mathbf{A=3}}$ nuclei from quantum Monte Carlo based approaches
FERMILAB-PUB-21-373-ND Acero, M.A.An Improved Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters by the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-21-372-T Chiu, Wen HanJet Timing
FERMILAB-CONF-21-369-TD Novitski, IgorUsing Additive Manufacturing technologies in high-field accelerator magnet coils
FERMILAB-PUB-21-368-T Gnech, AlexNuclei with up to $\boldsymbol{A=6}$ nucleons with artificial neural network wave functions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-365-T Campbell, John M.Towards NNLO+PS Matching with Sector Showers
FERMILAB-PUB-21-364-QIS-T Alam, M. SohaibQuantum Simulation of Dihedral Gauge Theories
FERMILAB-PUB-21-364-PPD Alam, M. SohaibQuantum Simulation of Dihedral Gauge Theories
FERMILAB-CONF-21-363-TD Giaccone, BiancaStudy of the Niobium Oxide Structure and Microscopic Effect of Plasma Processing on the Niobium Surf
FERMILAB-PUB-21-362-T Babu, K.S.Energy-Dependent Neutrino Mixing Parameters at Oscillation Experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-21-361-QIS-SCD-T Guzzi, MarcoNNLO constraints on proton PDFs from the SeaQuest and STAR experiments and other developments in the
FERMILAB-PUB-21-360-SCD-STUDENT Navarro, AlexanderImplementing the LSST Software Stack for DESGW processing and the Integration of Convolutional Neura
FERMILAB-PUB-21-359-AD-STUDENT Hoeksema, AmandaSelf-balancing, long reach robotic arm
FERMILAB-PUB-21-357-T Fernandez-Moroni, G.The physics potential of a reactor neutrino experiment with Skipper-CCDs: Searching for new physics
FERMILAB-PUB-21-356-E Abratenko, P.Calorimetric classification of track-like signatures in liquid argon TPCs using MicroBooNE data
FERMILAB-PUB-21-354-T Amarasinghe, SamanA variational study of two-nucleon systems with lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-21-353-AD-SCD Eldred, Jeffrey S.Derivative-Free Optimization of a Rapid-Cycling Synchrotron
FERMILAB-PUB-21-352-SCD-T Aiello, LorenzoConstraints on scalar field dark matter from twin co-located power-recycled Michelson interferometer
FERMILAB-CONF-21-351-TD Koshelev, SergeyDesign of the cryostat for High Field Vertical Magnet Testing Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-21-350-DI-TD  Dhuley, R.C.Development of a cryocooler conduction-cooled 650 MHz SRF cavity operating at ~10 MV/m cw accelerati
FERMILAB-PUB-21-349-AD Danilov, V.On the possibility of footprint compression with one lens in nonlinear accelerator lattice
FERMILAB-CONF-21-348-PPD Takeuchi, Y.Development of FD-SOI cryogenic amplifier for application to STJ readout in COBAND project
FERMILAB-PUB-21-347-T Battaglieri, M.Light dark matter searches with positrons
FERMILAB-CONF-21-346-V Brdar, VedranThe Neutrino Magnetic Moment Portal
FERMILAB-PUB-21-345-AD Collamati, FrancescoAdvanced assessment of Beam Induced Background at a Muon Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-21-344-T Blinov, NikitaTowards a Realistic Model of Dark Atoms to Resolve the Hubble Tension
FERMILAB-PUB-21-343-T Borsato, M.Unleashing the full power of LHCb to probe Stealth New Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-21-342-AE-SCD Jeffrey, N.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: curved-sky weak lensing mass map reconstruction
FERMILAB-PUB-21-341-T Bhattacharyya, SouradipThe Signatures of Self-Interacting Dark Matter and Subhalo Disruption on Cluster Substructure
FERMILAB-PUB-21-340-AE-SCD Moroni, Guillermo FernandezThe Skipper CCD for low-energy threshold particle experiments above ground
FERMILAB-PUB-21-339-AD-APC Burov, AlexeySpace Charge Effects for Collective Instabilities in Circular Machines
FERMILAB-PUB-21-338-CMS Govorkova, EkaterinaLHC physics dataset for unsupervised New Physics detection at 40 MHz
FERMILAB-CONF-21-337-SCD Muzakka, K.F.Impact of W and Z Production Data and Compatibility of Neutrino DIS Data in Nuclear Parton Distribut
FERMILAB-CONF-21-336-SCD Xie, KepingThe photon content of the proton in the CT18 global analysis
FERMILAB-CONF-21-335-TD Kaluzny, Joshua A.LCLS-II-HE Cryomodule Production Status at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-21-332-ND Abud, A. AbedDesign, construction and operation of the ProtoDUNE-SP Liquid Argon TPC
FERMILAB-CONF-21-330-TD Rabehl, Roger J.An upgraded cryogenic test stand for HL-LHC cryo-assemblies
FERMILAB-PUB-21-329-AE Mackewicz, KrisGravity of Two Photon Decay and its Quantum Coherence
FERMILAB-PUB-21-328-T Esteban, IvanProbing Secret Interactions of Astrophysical Neutrinos in the High-Statistics Era
FERMILAB-PUB-21-328-T Esteban, IvanProbing Secret Interactions of Astrophysical Neutrinos in the High-Statistics Era
FERMILAB-CONF-21-327-T Xie, KepingA general-mass scheme for prompt charm production at hadron colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-21-326-T Shanahan, PhialaLattice QCD calculation of the Collins-Soper kernel from quasi TMDPDFs
FERMILAB-PUB-21-325-T Carena, MarcelaCosmologically Degenerate Fermions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-322-LBNF-ND Abud, A. AbedSearching for Solar KDAR with DUNE
FERMILAB-PUB-21-321-AE-T Barenboim, GabrielaSmallest Remnants of Early Matter Domination
FERMILAB-CONF-21-320-TD Bafia, D.The Role of Oxygen Concentration in Enabling High Gradients in Niobium SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-21-319-E Cerny, W.Eridanus IV: an Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy Candidate Discovered in the DECam Local Volume Exploration
FERMILAB-PUB-21-318-T Nadler, Ethan O.The Effects of Dark Matter and Baryonic Physics on the Milky Way Subhalo Population in the Presence
FERMILAB-CONF-21-316-TD Hollister, MatthewA large millikelvin platform at Fermilab for quantum computing applications
FERMILAB-PUB-21-315-T Blinov, NikitaDensities of States and the CKN Bound
FERMILAB-PUB-21-314-ND Lu, X.-G.Exploring Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions in the GeV Regime using MINERvA
FERMILAB-PUB-21-313-T Holst, IanThe Simplest and Most Predictive Model of Muon $g-2$ and Thermal Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-21-311-AE Ferrero, I.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Galaxy mock catalogs for BAO analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-21-310-SCD Berkman, SophieOptimizing the Hit Finding Algorithm for Liquid Argon TPC Neutrino Detectors Using Parallel Architec
FERMILAB-PUB-21-309-T Banerjee, ArkaModeling Nearest Neighbor distributions of biased tracers using Hybrid Effective Field Theory
FERMILAB-PUB-21-308-ND-PPD-SCD Neubauer, Mark S.Learning from the Pandemic: the Future of Meetings in HEP and Beyond
FERMILAB-PUB-21-307-AD-E Gramellini, ElenaMeasurement of the ($\pi^-$, Ar) total hadronic cross section at the LArIAT experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-21-306-T Bayer, Adrian E.Beware of Fake $\nu$s: The Effect of Massive Neutrinos on the Non-Linear Evolution of Cosmic Structu
FERMILAB-PUB-21-304-T Cheek, AndrewPrimordial Black Hole Evaporation and Dark Matter Production: I. Solely Hawking radiation
FERMILAB-PUB-21-303-AE Golden-Marx, Jesse B.The Observed Evolution of the Stellar Mass - Halo Mass Relation for Brightest Central Galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-21-302-AD-APC Alexahin, Y.Landau Damping with Electron Lenses in Space-Charge Dominated Beams
FERMILAB-PUB-21-300-E-QIS-SCD Ruterbories, D.Measurement of inclusive charged-current $\nu_\mu$ cross sections as a function of muon kinematics a
FERMILAB-PUB-21-298-AE-T; LCTP-21-17 Tsai, Yu-DaiAsteroid astrometry as a fifth-force and ultralight dark sector probe
FERMILAB-PUB-21-298-AE-T Tsai, Yu-DaiAsteroid astrometry as a fifth-force and ultralight dark sector probe
FERMILAB-PUB-21-297-T Gardner, SusanThe Milky Way, coming into focus: Precision astrometry probes its evolution and its dark matter
FERMILAB-PUB-21-296-ND-T Acciarri, R.New Constraints on Tau-Coupled Heavy Neutral Leptons with Masses mN=280–970  MeV
FERMILAB-PUB-21-296-ND-T Acciarri, R.New Constraints on Tau-Coupled Heavy Neutral Leptons with Masses mN=280–970  MeV
FERMILAB-PUB-21-294-T Curtin, DavidResurrecting the Fraternal Twin WIMP Miracle
FERMILAB-PUB-21-293-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of the charge asymmetry of electrons from the decays of $W$ bosons produced in $p\bar{p}
FERMILAB-PUB-21-291-AE Sobrin, J.A.The Design and Integrated Performance of SPT-3G
FERMILAB-PUB-21-290-T Campbell, John M.Accelerating LHC phenomenology with analytic one-loop amplitudes: A C++ interface to MCFM
FERMILAB-PUB-21-289-SCD-T Höche, StefanA Study of QCD Radiation in VBF Higgs Production with Vincia and Pythia
FERMILAB-PUB-21-289-SCD-T Höche, StefanA Study of QCD Radiation in VBF Higgs Production with Vincia and Pythia
FERMILAB-PUB-21-288-AE Wetzell, V.Velocity Dispersions of Clusters in the Dark Energy Survey Y3 redMaPPer Catalog
FERMILAB-CONF-21-287-CMS Apresyan, ArturBuried Layer Low Gain Avalanche Diodes
FERMILAB-PUB-21-286-AE Rosell, A. CarneroDark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Galaxy Sample for BAO Measurement
FERMILAB-PUB-21-285-CMS Aarrestad, T.The Dark Machines Anomaly Score Challenge: Benchmark Data and Model Independent Event Classification
FERMILAB-PUB-21-284-AD-ND Bogomilov, M.Performance of the MICE diagnostic system
FERMILAB-PUB-21-283-AE-SCD Kilpatrick, Charles D.The Gravity Collective: A Search for the Electromagnetic Counterpart to the Neutron Star-Black Hole
FERMILAB-PUB-21-282-AD-SCD Acharya, A.$K^{0}_{S}$ meson production in inelastic $\textit{p+p}$ interactions at 158 GeV/c beam momentum mea
FERMILAB-PUB-21-281-ND-PPD Lopriore, E.Characterization and QC practice of 16-channel ADC ASIC at cryogenic temperature for Liquid Argon TP
FERMILAB-PUB-21-280-T Aviles, AlejandroClustering in Massive Neutrino Cosmologies via Eulerian Perturbation Theory
FERMILAB-PUB-21-279-T Denton, Peter B.Symmetries of neutrino oscillations in vacuum, matter, and approximation schemes
FERMILAB-PUB-21-278-E Barak, LironSENSEI: Characterization of Single-Electron Events Using a Skipper-CCD
FERMILAB-PUB-21-277-T Kelly, Kevin JamesMicroBooNE experiment, NuMI absorber, and heavy neutral leptons
FERMILAB-PUB-21-276-ND Acero, M.A.Extended search for supernovalike neutrinos in NOvA coincident with LIGO/Virgo detections
FERMILAB-PUB-21-275-AD-AE-SCD Napier, K.J.No Evidence for Orbital Clustering in the Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects
FERMILAB-PUB-21-274-AE-LDRD Martínez-Vázquez, C.E.RR Lyrae stars in the newly discovered ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Centaurus I
FERMILAB-PUB-21-274-AE-LDRD Martínez-Vázquez, C.E.RR Lyrae stars in the newly discovered ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Centaurus I
FERMILAB-PUB-21-273-E-ND-SCD Pavin, M.A measurement of proton-carbon forward scattering in a proof-of-principle test of the EMPHATIC spect
FERMILAB-PUB-21-273-E-ND-SCD Pavin, M.A measurement of proton-carbon forward scattering in a proof-of-principle test of the EMPHATIC spect
FERMILAB-PUB-21-272-QIS-T Hostetler, LeonClock model interpolation and symmetry breaking in O(2) models
FERMILAB-PUB-21-271-ND Acero, M.A.Search for active-sterile antineutrino mixing using neutral-current interactions with the NOvA exper
FERMILAB-CONF-21-269-AD-PIP2 Johnson, David E.Beam Collimation in the PIP-II Linac to Booster Transfer Line
FERMILAB-PUB-21-268-AE Shandonay, A.Expediting DECam Multimessenger Counterpart Searches with Convolutional Neural Networks
FERMILAB-PUB-21-268-AE Shandonay, A.Expediting DECam Multimessenger Counterpart Searches with Convolutional Neural Networks
FERMILAB-PUB-21-266-SCD-T Alvarez-Ruso, LuisRecent highlights from GENIE v3
FERMILAB-PUB-21-265-ND Duffy, Kirsty E.Neutrino Interaction Measurements with the MicroBooNE and ArgoNeuT Liquid Argon Time Projection Cham
FERMILAB-PUB-21-264-AE Zacharegkas, G.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: Galaxy-halo connection from galaxy-galaxy lensing
FERMILAB-PUB-21-263-T Bothmann, EnricoMany-gluon tree amplitudes on modern GPUs: A case study for novel event generators
FERMILAB-PUB-21-262-E Abratenko, P.Search for a Higgs Portal Scalar Decaying to Electron-Positron Pairs in the MicroBooNE Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-21-261-T  Bazavov, A.Semileptonic form factors for $B \to D^\ast\ell\nu$ at nonzero recoil from 2 + 1-flavor lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-21-260-T Chatterjee, Sabya SachiImpact of improved energy resolution on DUNE sensitivity to neutrino non-standard interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-259-T Giffin, PierceNeutron Star Quantum Death by Small Black Holes
FERMILAB-PUB-21-259-T Giffin, PierceNeutron Star Quantum Death by Small Black Holes
FERMILAB-CONF-21-257-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir D.General Approach to Physics Limits of Ultimate Colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-21-256-AD-APC Gourlay, Stephen AlanSnowmass'21 Accelerator Frontier
FERMILAB-PUB-21-255-AE Rodríguez-Monroy, M.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Galaxy clustering and systematics treatment for lens galaxy sampl
FERMILAB-PUB-21-254-T Peset, ClaraThe proton radius (puzzle?) and its relatives
FERMILAB-PUB-21-253-AE Secco, L.F.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Cosmology from Cosmic Shear and Robustness to Modeling Uncertaint
FERMILAB-PUB-21-252-T Acevedo, MasonMulti-track Displaced Vertices at B-Factories
FERMILAB-PUB-21-251-AE Porredon, A.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: Cosmological constraints from galaxy clustering and galaxy-galaxy
FERMILAB-PUB-21-250-AE Amon, A.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Cosmology from Cosmic Shear and Robustness to Data Calibration
FERMILAB-PUB-21-249-SCD-T Pandey, S.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Constraints on cosmological parameters and galaxy bias models fro
FERMILAB-PUB-21-248-AE Prat, J.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: High-precision measurement and modeling of galaxy-galaxy lensing
FERMILAB-PUB-21-247-AE Sánchez, CarlesDark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Exploiting small-scale information with lensing shear ratios
FERMILAB-PUB-21-246-T Bhattacharyya, SouradipThe Signatures of Self-Interacting Dark Matter and Subhalo Disruption on Cluster Substructure
FERMILAB-PUB-21-245-AE Wiseman, P.Rates and delay times of Type Ia supernovae in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-21-244-QIS Kim, DoojinDeep-Learned Event Variables for Collider Phenomenology
FERMILAB-CONF-21-243-AD-PIP2 Xiao, MeiqinLattice Design of the Beam Transfer Line (BTL) from PIP-II LINAC to the Booster at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-21-242-AD Li, R.Validating pyORBIT for Modeling Beam Dynamics in the IOTA Ring
FERMILAB-CONF-21-241-AD Madrak, Robyn LeighImproving Magnetic Materials for RCS Cavity Tuners
FERMILAB-PUB-21-240-AE Krause, E.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Multi-Probe Modeling Strategy and Validation
FERMILAB-PUB-21-239-T Atkinson, MackHeavy Neutrino searches through Double-Bang Events at Super-Kamiokande, DUNE, and Hyper-Kamiokande
FERMILAB-CONF-21-237-AD Lumpkin, Alex H.Investigation of long-range wakefield effects in a Tesla-Type cryomodule at fast
FERMILAB-PUB-21-232-T Tomalak, OleksandrQED radiative corrections to neutrino-nucleon elastic scattering
FERMILAB-CONF-21-230-AD-SCD Kafkes, D.Developing Robust Digital Twins and Reinforcement Learning for Accelerator Control Systems at the Fe
FERMILAB-CONF-21-228-AD Thurman-Keup, Randy MichaelObservation of Polarization-Dependent Changes in Higher-Order Mode Responses as a Function of Transv
FERMILAB-PUB-21-227-T Blondel, AlainZ-boson decays into Majorana or Dirac heavy neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-21-227-T Blondel, AlainZ-boson decays into Majorana or Dirac heavy neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-21-226-AE Shin, T.The mass and galaxy distribution around SZ-selected clusters
FERMILAB-PUB-21-225-T Martinez-Soler, IvanSN1987A still shining: A Quest for Pseudo-Dirac Neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-21-224-ND Acero, M.A.Seasonal variation of multiple-muon cosmic ray air showers observed in the NOvA detector on the surf
FERMILAB-PUB-21-223-AE DeRose, J.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: cosmology from combined galaxy clustering and lensing -- validati
FERMILAB-PUB-21-222-T Carena, MarcelaLattice Renormalization of Quantum Simulations
FERMILAB-PUB-21-221-AE Abbott, T.M.C.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Cosmological Constraints from Galaxy Clustering and Weak Lensing
FERMILAB-PUB-21-218-T Buckley, A.A comparative study of Higgs boson production from vector-boson fusion
FERMILAB-PUB-21-218-T Buckley, A.A comparative study of Higgs boson production from vector-boson fusion
FERMILAB-PUB-21-217-CMS-E-SCD Di Guglielmo, GiuseppeA reconfigurable neural network ASIC for detector front-end data compression at the HL-LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-21-216-TD Romanov, Gennady V.Dynamic of one-side multipactor on dielectric
FERMILAB-PUB-21-215-T Campbell, John M.The pp → W(→ lν) + γ process at next-to-next-to-leading order
FERMILAB-PUB-21-214-T Argüelles Delgado, Carlos AlbertoMillicharged Particles from the Heavens: Single- and Multiple-Scattering Signatures
FERMILAB-PUB-21-214-T Argüelles Delgado, Carlos AlbertoMillicharged Particles from the Heavens: Single- and Multiple-Scattering Signatures
FERMILAB-PUB-21-213-T Davies, JoshuaHiggs boson decay into photons at four loops
FERMILAB-CONF-21-212-SCD Rossi, Albert L.dCache: from Resilience to Quality of Service
FERMILAB-PUB-21-211 Segarra, E.P.Nucleon off-shell structure and the free neutron valence structure from A=3 inclusive electron scatt
FERMILAB-PUB-21-210-AE Dona, KristinDesign and performance of a multi-terahertz Fourier transform spectrometer for axion dark matter exp
FERMILAB-PUB-21-209-CMS Ball, A.Sensitivity to millicharged particles in future proton-proton collisions at the LHC with the milliQa
FERMILAB-PUB-21-208-ND Akimov, D.A D$_2$O detector for flux normalization of a pion decay-at-rest neutrino source
FERMILAB-PUB-21-207-AE Lee, S.Probing gravity with the DES-CMASS sample and BOSS spectroscopy
FERMILAB-PUB-21-206-AE Lee, S.Galaxy-galaxy lensing with the DES-CMASS catalogue: measurement and constraints on the galaxy-matter
FERMILAB-PUB-21-205-AE-LDRD Ferguson, P.S.DELVE-ing into the Jet: a thin stellar stream on a retrograde orbit at 30 kpc
FERMILAB-CONF-21-204-SCD Yu, HaiwangEvaluation of Portable Acceleration Solutions for LArTPC Simulation Using Wire-Cell Toolkit
FERMILAB-PUB-21-203-PPD Heller, R.Combined analysis of HPK 3.1 LGADs using a proton beam, beta source, and probe station towards estab
FERMILAB-PUB-21-202-AD-AE-SCD-TD Aab, AlexanderMeasurement of the Fluctuations in the Number of Muons in Extensive Air Showers with the Pierre Auge
FERMILAB-PUB-21-201-T Forero, David V.JUNO's prospects for determining the neutrino mass ordering
FERMILAB-PUB-21-200-T Dev, P.S. BhupalLight, long-lived B − L gauge and Higgs bosons at the DUNE near detector
FERMILAB-PUB-21-199-AD Perini, D.Design of high-performance guns for the HL-LHC HEL
FERMILAB-PUB-21-198-AD Redaelli, S.Hollow electron lenses for beam collimation at the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC)
FERMILAB-PUB-21-198-AD Redaelli, S.Hollow electron lenses for beam collimation at the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC)
FERMILAB-PUB-21-196-T Herren, FlorianOn ambiguities and divergences in perturbative renormalization group functions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-195-TD Möhler, OttmarThe Portable Ice Nucleation Experiment (PINE): a new online instrument for laboratory studies and au
FERMILAB-PUB-21-194-AE Andrade-Oliveira, F.Galaxy Clustering in Harmonic Space from the Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Data: Compatibility with Real
FERMILAB-PUB-21-193-AE Montgomery, J.Performance and characterization of the SPT-3G digital frequency-domain multiplexed readout system u
FERMILAB-PUB-21-192-AE Gambrel, A.E.The XFaster Power Spectrum and Likelihood Estimator for the Analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background
FERMILAB-PUB-21-191-AD Burov, AlexeyComment on “Fast-slow mode coupling instability for coasting beams in the presence of detuning imped
FERMILAB-PUB-21-190-T Brdar, VedranSemi-secretly interacting Axion-like particle as an explanation of Fermilab muon g − 2 measurement
FERMILAB-PUB-21-189-AE-T Fitzpatrick, Patrick J.New Thermal Relic Targets for Inelastic Vector-Portal Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-21-187-PPD-QIS Braga, DavideCryogenic Electronics development for High Energy Physics
FERMILAB-CONF-21-186-AD Garbincius, Peter H.Production of Exotic Hadrons in $p\overline{p}$ Collisions at 1.96 TeV at D0
FERMILAB-PUB-21-185-ND Abratenko, P.Measurement of the longitudinal diffusion of ionization electrons in the MicroBooNE detector
FERMILAB-PUB-21-184-T Baum, SebastianThe Tiny (g-2) Muon Wobble from Small-$\mu$ Supersymmetry
FERMILAB-PUB-21-183-E Albahri, T.Measurement of the anomalous precession frequency of the muon in the Fermilab Muon $g−2$ Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-21-182-T Hughes, SeanDeepfaked online content is highly effective in manipulating people’s attitudes and intentions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-180-T de Gouvêa, AndréThree-body decays of heavy Dirac and Majorana fermions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-179-QIS Barış Özgüler, A. Excitation dynamics in inductively coupled fluxonium circuits
FERMILAB-PUB-21-178-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for the rare decay of the W boson into a pion and a photon in proton-proton collisions at s=1
FERMILAB-PUB-21-177-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for nonresonant Higgs boson pair production in final states with two bottom quarks and two ph
FERMILAB-PUB-21-176-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for long-lived particles using displaced jets in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = $ 13
FERMILAB-PUB-21-175-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of differential cross sections for Z bosons produced in association with charm jets in p
FERMILAB-PUB-21-174-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for singly and pair-produced leptoquarks coupling to third-generation fermions in proton-prot
FERMILAB-PUB-21-173-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new physics in top quark production with additional leptons in proton-proton collisions a
FERMILAB-PUB-21-172-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MElectron and photon reconstruction and identification with the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-21-171-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in final states with two oppositely charged same-flavor leptons and missing
FERMILAB-PUB-21-170-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MFirst measurement of the cross section for top quark pair production with additional charm jets usin
FERMILAB-PUB-21-169-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the Z boson differential production cross section using its invisible decay mode (Z$\
FERMILAB-PUB-21-168-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MIn-medium modification of dijets in PbPb collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}} $ = 5.02 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-21-167-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of the differential cross sections of the production of Z + jets and $\gamma$ + jets an
FERMILAB-PUB-21-166-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the W$\gamma$ Production Cross Section in Proton-Proton Collisions at $\sqrt {s}$=13 
FERMILAB-PUB-21-165-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of a New Excited Beauty Strange Baryon Decaying to$\Xi^-_\mathrm{b} \pi^+ \pi^-$
FERMILAB-PUB-21-164-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPerformance of the CMS muon trigger system in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-21-163-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for top squarks in final states with two top quarks and several light-flavor jets in proton-p
FERMILAB-PUB-21-162-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy vector resonance decaying to a ${\mathrm{Z}}_{\mathrm{}}^{\mathrm{}}$  boson and
FERMILAB-PUB-21-161-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvidence for X(3872) in PbPb collisions and studies of its prompt production at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}
FERMILAB-PUB-21-160-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MFirst measurement of large area jet transverse momentum spectra in heavy-ion collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-159-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudy of Drell-Yan dimuon production in proton-lead collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} =$ 8.16 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-21-158-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for top squark production in fully-hadronic final states in proton-proton collisions at $\sqr
FERMILAB-PUB-21-157-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for resonant and nonresonant new phenomena in high-mass dilepton final states at $ \sqrt{s} $
FERMILAB-PUB-21-156-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MUsing Z boson events to study parton-medium interactions in PbPb collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-155-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of production cross sections of the Higgs boson in the four-lepton final state in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-21-154-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of Higgs boson production cross sections and couplings in the diphoton decay channel at
FERMILAB-PUB-21-153-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on the Initial State of Pb-Pb Collisions via Measurements of $Z$-Boson Yields and Azimut
FERMILAB-PUB-21-152-AE Agostini, M.Search for low-energy neutrinos from astrophysical sources with Borexino
FERMILAB-PUB-21-151-E Popov, A.V.Search for and Study of Exotic Hadrons in the Fermilab D0 Experiment: Recent Results
FERMILAB-PUB-21-150-AE Burns, JackA Lunar Farside Low Radio Frequency Array for Dark Ages 21-cm Cosmology
FERMILAB-PUB-21-149-AD-APC Hofmann, IngoEditorial announcements and information — ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter No. 81
FERMILAB-PUB-21-148-T Baxter, Eric J.Find the Gap: Black Hole Population Analysis with an Astrophysically Motivated Mass Function
FERMILAB-PUB-21-146-T Carena, MarcelaNew approach to electroweak symmetry nonrestoration
FERMILAB-PUB-21-145-SCD Sekmen, SezenAnalysis Description Languages for the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-21-144-AE Hooper, DanGUT Baryogenesis With Primordial Black Holes
FERMILAB-PUB-21-143-AD Wakai, EiichiIrradiation damages of structural materials under different irradiation environments
FERMILAB-PUB-21-142-AE Stanford, C.Photoelectric absorption cross section of silicon near the bandgap from room temperature to sub-Kelv
FERMILAB-PUB-21-141-T Szleper, MichalEFT validity issues in Vector Boson Scattering processes
FERMILAB-PUB-21-140-AE Lacy, M.A $Spitzer$ survey of Deep Drilling Fields to be targeted by the Vera C. Rubin Observatory Legacy Su
FERMILAB-PUB-21-139-AE Simon, Joshua D.Eridanus II: A Fossil from Reionization with an Off-Center Star Cluster
FERMILAB-PUB-21-138-TD Saini, ArunAssessment of operational availability for the PIP-II Superconducting Radio Frequency linear acceler
FERMILAB-PUB-21-137-AE Dutcher, D.Measurements of the E-mode polarization and temperature-E-mode correlation of the CMB from SPT-3G 20
FERMILAB-PUB-21-135-E Abratenko, P.Cosmic Ray Background Rejection with Wire-Cell LArTPC Event Reconstruction in the MicroBooNE Detecto
FERMILAB-PUB-21-134-TD Todesco, E.The High Luminosity LHC interaction region magnets towards series production
FERMILAB-PUB-21-133-E Albahri, T.Beam dynamics corrections to the Run-1 measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-21-132-E Abi, B.Measurement of the Positive Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment to 0.46 ppm
FERMILAB-PUB-21-131-AE Abolfathi, BelaDESC DC2 Data Release Note
FERMILAB-PUB-21-130-SCD Aarrestad, TheaFast convolutional neural networks on FPGAs with hls4ml
FERMILAB-PUB-21-129-AE Grandis, S.Exploring the contamination of the DES-Y1 Cluster Sample with SPT-SZ selected clusters
FERMILAB-PUB-21-128-AE Hochberg, YonitDetermining Dark-Matter–Electron Scattering Rates from the Dielectric Function
FERMILAB-PUB-21-127-TD Takala, E.Mechanical Comparison of Short Models of Nb$_3$ Sn Low-$\beta$ Quadrupole for the Hi-Lumi LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-21-126-TD Izquierdo Bermudez, SusanaProgress in the Development of the Nb$_3$Sn MQXFB Quadrupole for the HiLumi Upgrade of the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-21-125-TD Song, HonghaiMagnetic Field Measurements of First Pre-series Full-Length 4.2 m Quadrupole MQXFA03 Using PCB Rotat
FERMILAB-PUB-21-124-TD Ravaioli, EmmanueleQuench Protection Studies for the High Luminosity LHC Nb$_3$Sn Quadrupole Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-21-122-SCD Cerati, GiuseppeParallelizing the Unpacking and Clustering of Detector Data for Reconstruction of Charged Particle T
FERMILAB-PUB-21-121-T Hooper, DanEvidence of TeV Halos Around Millisecond Pulsars
FERMILAB-PUB-21-120-APC Ortino, M.Evolution of the superconducting properties from binary to ternary APC-Nb3Sn wires
FERMILAB-PUB-21-119-QIS Barry, PeteOpportunities for DOE National Laboratory-led QuantISED Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-21-118-SCD Boccali, T.Dynamic Distribution of High-Rate Data Processing from CERN to Remote HPC Data Centers
FERMILAB-PUB-21-117-AE Bleem, L.E.CMB/kSZ and Compton-$y$ Maps from 2500 square degrees of SPT-SZ and Planck Survey Data
FERMILAB-PUB-21-116-T Eichten, Estia J.Higgs alignment and the top quark
FERMILAB-PUB-21-115-E Akerib, D.S.Projected sensitivities of the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment to new physics via low-energy electron rec
FERMILAB-PUB-21-114-SCD Simón, A.Boosting background suppression in the NEXT experiment through Richardson-Lucy deconvolution
FERMILAB-PUB-21-112-AE Koushan, SoheilGAMA/DEVILS: constraining the cosmic star formation history from improved measurements of the 0.3–2.
FERMILAB-PUB-21-111-TD Wang, E.Long lifetime of bialkali photocathodes operating in high gradient superconducting radio frequency g
FERMILAB-PUB-21-110-SCD Wang, WenjingBROOD: Bilevel and Robust Optimization and Outlier Detection for Efficient Tuning of High-Energy Phy
FERMILAB-PUB-21-109-E Albahri, T.Magnetic-field measurement and analysis for the Muon $g−2$ Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-21-108-AE Di Cintio, AriannaPericentric passage-driven star formation in satellite galaxies and their hosts: CLUES from local gr
FERMILAB-PUB-21-107-AD Seiya, K.Accelerator Real-time Edge AI for Distributed Systems (READS) Proposal
FERMILAB-PUB-21-105-TD Balachandran, ShreyasDirect evidence of microstructure dependence of magnetic flux trapping in niobium
FERMILAB-PUB-21-103-SCD Hewes, JeremyGraph Neural Network for Object Reconstruction in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers
FERMILAB-PUB-21-102-AE Guns, S.Detection of Galactic and Extragalactic Millimeter-wavelength Transient Sources with SPT-3G
FERMILAB-PUB-21-101-E Ghosh, A.Neutral pion reconstruction using machine learning in the MINERvA experiment at $\langle E_\nu \rang
FERMILAB-PUB-21-100-SCD Ju, XiangyangPerformance of a geometric deep learning pipeline for HL-LHC particle tracking
FERMILAB-PUB-21-099-E Messerly, BenAn Error Analysis Toolkit for Binned Counting Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-21-098-QIS-TD Bafia, D.The Anomalous Resonant Frequency Variation of Microwave Superconducting Niobium Cavities Near $T_c$
FERMILAB-PUB-21-096-AD-AE-SCD-TD Aab, AlexanderExtraction of the muon signals recorded with the surface detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory us
FERMILAB-CONF-21-095-TD Barzi, EmanuelaTest of superconducting wires and Rutherford cables with high specific heat
FERMILAB-CONF-21-094-AD Johnstone, John A.H$^0$ Stark Stripping and Element Irradiation in Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-PUB-21-093-SCD  Natarajan, PriyamvadaQuasarNet: A new research platform for the data-driven investigation of black holes
FERMILAB-PUB-21-093-E-SCD Natarajan, PriyamvadaQuasarNet: A new research platform for the data-driven investigation of black holes
FERMILAB-PUB-21-092-SCD Wang, WenjingBROOD: Bilevel and Robust Optimization and Outlier Detection for Efficient Tuning of High-Energy Phy
FERMILAB-PUB-21-091-T Cohen, Thomas D.Quantum algorithms for transport coefficients in gauge theories
FERMILAB-PUB-21-090-SCD Wright, N.Transport Estimations of Final State Interaction Effects on Short-range Correlation Studies Using th
FERMILAB-CONF-21-089-TD Velev, G.V.Design and Construction of a High Field Cable Test Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-21-085-AD-SCD Mitchell, Chad E.Extracting dynamical frequencies from invariants of motion in finite-dimensional nonlinear integrabl
FERMILAB-PUB-21-084-AD-AE-SCD-TD Aab, AlexanderDeep-learning based reconstruction of the shower maximum $X_{max}$ using the water-Cherenkov detecto
FERMILAB-PUB-21-084-AD-AE-SCD-TD Aab, AlexanderDeep-learning based reconstruction of the shower maximum $X_{max}$ using the water-Cherenkov detecto
FERMILAB-PUB-21-083 Stancari, G.Beam physics research with the IOTA electron lens
FERMILAB-PUB-21-082-QIS-T Bassler, ScottThe de Sitter Instanton from Euclidean Dynamical Triangulations
FERMILAB-CONF-21-081-SCD Sakiotis, IoannisPAGANI: A Parallel Adaptive GPU Algorithm for Numerical
FERMILAB-CONF-21-080-SCD Fahim, Farahhls4ml: An Open-Source Codesign Workflow to Empower Scientific Low-Power Machine Learning Devices
FERMILAB-PUB-21-079-ND-SCD Acciarri, R.A deep-learning based raw waveform region-of-interest finder for the liquid argon time projection ch
FERMILAB-CONF-21-078-SCD Bockelman, BrianWLCG Token Usage and Discovery
FERMILAB-PUB-21-077-SCD Lin, Z.DeepSZ: identification of Sunyaev–Zel’dovich galaxy clusters using deep learning
FERMILAB-PUB-21-076-TD Baldini, MariaAssessment of MQXF Quench Heater Insulation Strength and Test of Modified Design
FERMILAB-PUB-21-075-AE-LDRD Drlica-Wagner, A.The DECam Local Volume Exploration Survey: Overview and First Data Release
FERMILAB-PUB-21-074-T Hill, Christopher T.Starobinksy inflation, gravitational contact terms, and the induced Brout-Englert-Higgs boson mass
FERMILAB-PUB-21-073-E Dove, J.The asymmetry of antimatter in the proton
FERMILAB-PUB-21-072-SCD Ćiprijanović, A.DeepMerge – II. Building robust deep learning algorithms for merging galaxy identification across do
FERMILAB-PUB-21-071-T Kanwar, GurtejReal-time lattice gauge theory actions: Unitarity, convergence, and path integral contour deformatio
FERMILAB-CONF-21-070-CCD-SCD Dykstra, DaveSecure Command Line Solution for Token-based Authentication
FERMILAB-PUB-21-069-AD-E Schreckenberger, A.P.The fast non-ferric kicker system for the Muon g−2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-21-068-SCD Krishnamoorthy, MohanApprentice for Event Generator Tuning
FERMILAB-PUB-21-067-E-LBNF-PPD-SCD-T Abed Abud, AdamDeep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) Near Detector Conceptual Design Report
FERMILAB-PUB-21-066-T Blanco, CarlosDark Matter Daily Modulation With Anisotropic Organic Crystals
FERMILAB-CONF-21-064-SCD Kortelainen, Matti J.Performance of CUDA Unified Memory in CMS Heterogeneous Pixel Reconstruction
FERMILAB-CONF-21-063-SCD Kortelainen, Matti J.Porting CMS Heterogeneous Pixel Reconstruction to Kokkos
FERMILAB-CONF-21-062-SCD Groh, MicahPandAna: A Python Analysis Framework for Scalable High Performance Computing in High Energy Physics
FERMILAB-CONF-21-061-SCD Mandrichenko, IgorMetaCat - metadata catalog for data management systems
FERMILAB-CONF-21-060-SCD Mambelli, MarcoArchival, anonymization and presentation of HTCondor logs with GlideinMonitor
FERMILAB-PUB-21-059-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of angular distance and momentum ratio distributions in three-jet and Z + two-jet final
FERMILAB-PUB-21-058-CMS-SCD Sirunyan, Albert MHard color-singlet exchange in dijet events in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-21-057-AD-SCD Park, C.S.Progress in space charge compensation using electron columns
FERMILAB-PUB-21-056-SCD Hawks, BenjaminPs and Qs: Quantization-aware pruning for efficient low latency neural network inference
FERMILAB-PUB-21-055-AD Cathey, B.Calculations of detuning with amplitude for the McMillan electron lens in the Fermilab Integrable Op
FERMILAB-CONF-21-054-AD Nagaitsev, SergeiCooling and diffusion rates in coherent electron cooling concepts
FERMILAB-CONF-21-053-SCD Lobato Pardavila, LorenaFTS3: Data Movement Service in containers deployed in OKD
FERMILAB-PUB-21-052-TD Muratore, JosephTest Results of the First Pre-Series Quadrupole Magnets for the LHC Hi-Lumi Upgrade
FERMILAB-PUB-21-049-AE Varga, T.N.Synthetic Galaxy Clusters and Observations Based on Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Data
FERMILAB-PUB-21-047-AD-SCD Stern, EricSelf-consistent PIC Simulations of Ultimate Space Charge Compensation with Electron Lenses.
FERMILAB-PUB-21-046-T Kelly, Kevin J.LEvEL: Low-Energy Neutrino Experiment at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-21-045-TD Wang, XiaorongDevelopment and performance of a 2.9 Tesla dipole magnet using high-temperature superconducting CORC
FERMILAB-CONF-21-044-T Hughes, CiaranTheory Overview of Heavy Exotic Spectroscopy
FERMILAB-PUB-21-043-ND Agnes, P.Separating ${^{39}\hbox {Ar}}$ from ${^{40}\hbox {Ar}}$ by cryogenic distillation with Aria for dark
FERMILAB-PUB-21-042 Akerib, D.S.Enhancing the sensitivity of the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) dark matter experiment to low energy signals
FERMILAB-PUB-21-041-T Chen, HuanqingRecovering Density Fields inside Quasar Proximity Zones at z ∼ 6
FERMILAB-PUB-21-039-SCD Morgan, Robertdeeplenstronomy: A dataset simulation package for strong gravitational lensing
FERMILAB-PUB-21-038-TD Song, HonghaiMagnetic Field Measurements of First Pre-series Full-Length 4.2 m Quadrupole MQXFA03 Using PCB Rotat
FERMILAB-PUB-21-037-QIS-T Dai, MingweiNewtonian binding from lattice quantum gravity
FERMILAB-CONF-21-036-TD Zlobin, A.V.Reassembly and Test of High-Field Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Demonstrator MDPCT1
FERMILAB-PUB-21-035-CMS-SCD-STUDENT-TD Hoang, DucIntelliquench: An Adaptive Machine Learning System for Detection of Superconducting Magnet Quenches
FERMILAB-PUB-21-033-AD-AE-E-TD Bertou, X.Calibration of the surface array of the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-21-032-AD-AE-E-TD Aab, AlexanderDesign and implementation of the AMIGA embedded system for data acquisition
FERMILAB-PUB-21-032-AD-AE-E-TD Aab, AlexanderDesign and implementation of the AMIGA embedded system for data acquisition
FERMILAB-PUB-21-031-AD-DI-FESS-QIS-T Abe, MahiroMatter-wave Atomic Gradiometer Interferometric Sensor (MAGIS-100)
FERMILAB-PUB-21-030-ND-SCD Uboldia, LorenzoA fast machine learning based method for recognizing and localizing signals in single-channel raw LA
FERMILAB-PUB-21-030-ND-SCD Uboldi, LorenzoExtracting low energy signals from raw LArTPC waveforms using deep learning techniques -- A proof of
FERMILAB-PUB-21-029-T Banerjee, ArkaCosmological cross-correlations and nearest neighbour distributions
FERMILAB-PUB-21-026-T Parreño, AssumptaAxial charge of the triton from lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-21-025-AD-E-TD Aab, AlexanderThe FRAM robotic telescope for atmospheric monitoring at the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-21-024-QIS-SCD-T Tena-Vidal, JúliaAGKY Hadronization Model Tuning in GENIE v3
FERMILAB-PUB-21-023-QIS-T Carney, DanielUsing an atom interferometer to infer gravitational entanglement generation
FERMILAB-PUB-21-021-AD-SCD Nagaitsev, S.McMillan electron lens in a system with space charge
FERMILAB-PUB-21-020-AE Palmese, AntonellaDo LIGO/Virgo Black Hole Mergers Produce AGN Flares? The Case of GW190521 and Prospects for Reaching
FERMILAB-PUB-21-018-QIS Shyamsundar, PrasanthNon-Boolean Quantum Amplitude Amplification and Quantum Mean Estimation
FERMILAB-PUB-21-017-E Hong, RanSystematic and Statistical Uncertainties of the Hilbert-Transform Based High-precision FID Frequency
FERMILAB-PUB-21-016-AE-E-LDRD-ND Flores, L.J.Physics reach of a low threshold scintillating argon bubble chamber in coherent elastic neutrino-nuc
FERMILAB-PUB-21-015-AE-T Blinov, NikitaDark Matter Microhalos From Simplified Models
FERMILAB-PUB-21-014-T Detmold, WilliamPath integral contour deformations for observables in $SU(N)$ gauge theory
FERMILAB-PUB-21-012-T Capdevilla, RodolfoA No-Lose Theorem for Discovering the New Physics of $(g-2)_\mu$ at Muon Colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-21-011-AD-TD Dhuley, R.C.Design of a compact, cryogen-free superconducting solenoid for the electron lens of the Fermilab Int
FERMILAB-PUB-21-010-AD Alexahin, Yu.On possibility of space-charge compensation in the Fermilab Booster with multiple electron columns
FERMILAB-PUB-21-009-AD-APC Shiltsev, V.Electron lenses: historical overview and outlook
FERMILAB-PUB-21-008-AD Fitterer, MiriamResonant and random excitations on the proton beam in the Large Hadron Collider for active halo cont
FERMILAB-PUB-21-007-AE Grandis, S.Exploring the contamination of the DES-Y1 Cluster Sample with SPT-SZ selected clusters
FERMILAB-PUB-21-006-T Song, NingqiangThe Future of High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrino Flavor Measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-21-005-SCD Kafkes, DianaBOOSTR: A Dataset for Accelerator Control Systems
FERMILAB-PUB-21-004-AE Abbott, T.M. C.The Dark Energy Survey Data Release 2
FERMILAB-PUB-21-003-AE Penton, AndrewOzDES Reverberation Mapping Program: Lag recovery reliability for 6-year CIV analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-21-002-T Gnedin, Nickolay Y.Natively Periodic Fast Multipole Method: Approximating the Optimal Green’s Function
FERMILAB-PUB-20-617-TD Baldini, MariaAssessment of MQXF Quench Heater Insulation Strength and Test of Modified Design
FERMILAB-PUB-18-084-AD-APC Fitterer, MiriamResonant and random excitations on the proton beam in the Large Hadron Collider for active halo cont
FERMILAB-PUB-21-076-TD Baldini, MariaAssessment of MQXF Quench Heater Insulation Strength and Test of Modified Design
FERMILAB-PUB-20-718-CMS Butler, Joel N.A MIP Timing Detector for the CMS Phase-2 Upgrade
FERMILAB-PUB-20-717-CMS Butler, Joel NathanStatus of the CMS Experiment, Highlights and Perspectives
FERMILAB-PUB-20-716-CMS Peña, Cristián H.Precision Timing with the CMS MIP Timing Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-20-715-CMS Dolgopolov, AlexanderCMS ECAL Upgrade Front End card: design and prototype test results
FERMILAB-PUB-20-714-CMS Di Ciaccio, LuciaRecent Standard Model measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-20-713-CMS Caratelli, AlessandroOT-$\mu$DTC, a test bench for testing CMS Outer Tracker Phase-2 module prototypes
FERMILAB-PUB-20-712-CMS Zabi, AlexandreThe Phase-2 Upgrade of the CMS Level-1 Trigger
FERMILAB-PUB-20-711-CMS Yzquierdo, Antonio Pérez-CaleroEvolution of the CMS Global Submission Infrastructure for the HL-LHC Era
FERMILAB-PUB-20-710-CMS Wang, BingranLongevity studies and Phase 2 electronics upgrade for CMS Cathode Strip Chambers in preparation for
FERMILAB-PUB-20-709-CMS Butz, ErikThe CMS Outer Tracker for the High-Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-708-CMS Shchablo, K.Performance of the CMS RPC upgrade using 2D fast timing readout system
FERMILAB-PUB-20-702-SCD Acharya, A.Measurements of $\pi^\pm$, $K^\pm$, $p$ and $\bar{p}$ spectra in $^7$Be+$^9$Be collisions at beam mo
FERMILAB-PUB-20-701 Aduszkiewicz, A.Two-particle correlations in azimuthal angle and pseudorapidity in central $^7\text{Be}+{}^9\text{Be
FERMILAB-PUB-20-700-T Janish, RyanMuon g-2 and EDM experiments as muonic dark matter detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-698-AE Deason, Alis J.Stellar splashback: the edge of the intracluster light
FERMILAB-PUB-20-697-CMS Adam, W.The CMS Phase-1 Pixel Detector Upgrade
FERMILAB-PUB-20-696-CMS-SCD Khachatryan, VardanThe very forward CASTOR calorimeter of the CMS experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-695-TD Baryshev, Sergey V.Cryogenic operation of planar ultrananocrystalline diamond field emission source in SRF injector
FERMILAB-CONF-20-687-DI Kroc, Thomas2020 Medical Device Sterilization Workshop: Continuing the Conversation, Summary Report
FERMILAB-PUB-20-686-TD Alimenti, AndreaMicrowave measurements of the high magnetic field vortex motion pinning parameters in Nb$_3$Sn
FERMILAB-PUB-20-685-AD Ainsworth, RobertHigh intensity operation using proton stacking in the Fermilab Recycler to deliver 700 kW of 120 GeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-684-CCD Monga, InderSoftware-Defined Network for End-to-end Networked Science at the Exascale
FERMILAB-PUB-20-683-T Martinez-Soler, IvanStandard versus Non-Standard CP Phases in Neutrino Oscillation in Matter with Non-Unitarity
FERMILAB-PUB-20-682-ESH Aharmim, B.Search for $hep$ solar neutrinos and the diffuse supernova neutrino background using all three phase
FERMILAB-PUB-20-681-TD Yin, ShijianDegradation of REBCO coated conductors due to a combination of epoxy impregnation, thermal cycles, a
FERMILAB-PUB-20-680-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MReconstruction of signal amplitudes in the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter in the presence of overla
FERMILAB-PUB-20-679-PPD-QIS Valivarthi, RajuTeleportation Systems Towards a Quantum Internet
FERMILAB-PUB-20-678-AD-E-TD Aab, AlexanderCalibration of the underground muon detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-20-677-AE-SCD Aguilar-Arevalo, A.Measurement of the bulk radioactive contamination of detector-grade silicon with DAMIC at SNOLAB
FERMILAB-PUB-20-676-AE Millea, M.Optimal CMB Lensing Reconstruction and Parameter Estimation with SPTpol Data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-675-DI-QIS Wu, Sau LanApplication of Quantum Machine Learning using the Quantum Variational Classifier Method to High Ener
FERMILAB-PUB-20-674-AD-E Ren, R.Design and characterization of a phonon-mediated cryogenic particle detector with an eV-scale thresh
FERMILAB-PUB-20-673-AD-APC Eldred, JeffBeam intensity effects in Fermilab Booster synchrotron
FERMILAB-PUB-20-670-AE Hartley, W.G.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Deep Field Optical + Near-Infrared Images and Catalogue
FERMILAB-PUB-20-669-E-SCD Everett, S.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Measuring the Survey Transfer Function with Balrog
FERMILAB-PUB-20-668-E Segarra, E.P.Extending nuclear PDF analyses into the high-$x$ , low-$Q^2$ region
FERMILAB-CONF-20-667-CMS-E Alyari, MaralTemperature Dependence of Infrared Laser Charge Deposition in Silicon
FERMILAB-PUB-20-666-ND Abratenko, P.High-performance Generic Neutrino Detection in a LArTPC near the Earth's Surface with the MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-PUB-20-665-T Bieringer, SebastianMeasuring QCD Splittings with Invertible Networks
FERMILAB-PUB-20-664-AE Cawthon, R.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Calibration of Lens Sample Redshift Distributions using Clusterin
FERMILAB-PUB-20-663-E-SCD-V Friedrich, O.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Covariance Modelling and its Impact on Parameter Estimation and Q
FERMILAB-PUB-20-662-AE Lemos, P.Assessing tension metrics with dark energy survey and Planck data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-659-AE Myles, J.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: redshift calibration of the weak lensing source galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-20-656-AD Lebedev, V.The design of Optical Stochastic Cooling for IOTA
FERMILAB-PUB-20-655-AE Gatti, M.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Clustering Redshifts -- Calibration of the Weak Lensing Source Re
FERMILAB-PUB-20-654-ND Abratenko, P.Semantic segmentation with a sparse convolutional neural network for event reconstruction in MicroBo
FERMILAB-PUB-20-653-AE Mucesh, S.A machine learning approach to galaxy properties: joint redshift–stellar mass probability distributi
FERMILAB-PUB-20-652-AD Romanov, AleksandrExperimental 3-dimensional tracking of the dynamics of a single electron in the Fermilab Integrable
FERMILAB-PUB-20-651-AE Santana-Silva, L.The environment of Lyman break analogues (ELBA) survey: star-forming galaxies in small groups
FERMILAB-PUB-20-650-T Fox, Patrick J.Beyond 4D Tracking: Using Cluster Shapes for Track Seeding
FERMILAB-PUB-20-649-ND Junk, Thomas R.Reproducibility and Replication of Experimental Particle Physics Results
FERMILAB-PUB-20-648-ND-SCD Kekic, M.Demonstration of background rejection using deep convolutional neural networks in the NEXT experimen
FERMILAB-PUB-20-647-AE Abitbol, Maximilian H.The Simons Observatory: gain, bandpass and polarization-angle calibration requirements for B-mode se
FERMILAB-PUB-20-646-SCD Fruitwala, NeelaySecond Generation Readout For Large Format Photon Counting Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-645-V Brdar, VedranAxionlike Particles at Future Neutrino Experiments: Closing the Cosmological Triangle
FERMILAB-PUB-20-644-AE Myles, J.Spectroscopic quantification of projection effects in the SDSS redMaPPer galaxy cluster catalogue
FERMILAB-PUB-20-643-SCD Lucie-Smith, LuisaDeep learning insights into cosmological structure formation
FERMILAB-CONF-20-642-CCD Constanta, PenelopeDevelopment of a Versatile, Full-featured Search Functionality for Indico
FERMILAB-PUB-20-641-ND Acciarri, R.Cosmic Background Removal with Deep Neural Networks in SBND
FERMILAB-CONF-20-640-SCD Bockelman, BrianThird-party transfers in WLCG using HTTP
FERMILAB-CONF-20-639-SCD Vaandering, EricTransitioning CMS to Rucio Data Managment
FERMILAB-CONF-20-638-SCD Canal, PhilippeGeant Exascale Pilot Project
FERMILAB-CONF-20-637-CMS Abed Abud, AdamLet’s get our hands dirty: a comprehensive evaluation of DAQDB, key-value store for petascale hot st
FERMILAB-CONF-20-636-SCD Lassnig, MarioRucio beyond ATLAS: experiences from Belle II, CMS, DUNE, EISCAT3D, LIGO/VIRGO, SKA, XENON
FERMILAB-CONF-20-635-SCD Green, ChrisSpackDev: Multi-Package Development with Spack
FERMILAB-CONF-20-634-SCD Lauret, JérômeExtreme Compression for Large Scale Data Store
FERMILAB-CONF-20-633-CMS Woźniak, Kinga AnnaNew Physics Agnostic Selections For New Physics Searches
FERMILAB-CONF-20-632-LDRD-SCD Gutsche, OliverStriped Data Analysis Framework
FERMILAB-PUB-20-631-APC Balbekov, V.Coherent transverse instability of bunched beams in circular accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-20-630-AD Lebedev, ValeriStochastic Cooling with Strong Band Overlap
FERMILAB-PUB-20-629-AE Vincenzi, M.The Dark Energy Survey supernova programme: modelling selection efficiency and observed core-collaps
FERMILAB-PUB-20-628-AE MacCrann, N.DES Y3 results: Blending shear and redshift biases in image simulations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-627-QIS Spentzouris, PanagiotisQuantum Computing: Advancing Fundamental Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-626-ND Abratenko, P.Measurement of the atmospheric muon rate with the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon TPC
FERMILAB-CONF-20-625-TD DiMarco, J.Field Measurement Results of the 15 T Nb3Sn Dipole Demonstrator
FERMILAB-PUB-20-624-QIS Peters, EvanMachine learning of high dimensional data on a noisy quantum processor
FERMILAB-CONF-20-623-TD DiMarco, j.A Full-length Quench Antenna for MQXFA Production Series Quadrupole Magnet Testing
FERMILAB-CONF-20-622-CMS-SCD Heintz, AneeshAccelerated Charged Particle Tracking with Graph Neural Networks on FPGAs
FERMILAB-PUB-20-621-AE-LDRD-SCD Tanoglidis, DimitriosDeepShadows: Separating Low Surface Brightness Galaxies from Artifacts using Deep Learning
FERMILAB-PUB-20-620-E-QIS-T  Estrada, JuanSearching for Dark Particles with Quantum Optics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-619-ND Yang, TingjunCalibration of calorimetric measurement in a liquid argon time projection chamber
FERMILAB-PUB-20-618-TD Ambrosio, GiorgioLessons learned from the prototypes of the MQXFA Low Beta Quadrupoles for HL-LHC and status of produ
FERMILAB-PUB-20-617-TD Baldini, MariaAssessment of MQXF Quench Heater Insulation Strength and Test of Modified Design
FERMILAB-PUB-20-615-QIS-SCD Otten, MatthewImpacts of noise and structure on quantum information encoded in a quantum memory
FERMILAB-PUB-20-615-QIS-SCD Otten, MatthewImpacts of noise and structure on quantum information encoded in a quantum memory
FERMILAB-PUB-20-613-AD Lobach, IharMeasurements of undulator radiation power noise and comparison with $ab initio$ calculations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-612-AD Lobach, IharTransverse beam emittance measurement by undulator radiation power noise
FERMILAB-PUB-20-611-T Gustafson, Erik J.Toward quantum simulations of $\mathbb{Z}_2$ gauge theory without state preparation
FERMILAB-PUB-20-610-AE Stringer, K.M.Identifying RR Lyrae Variable Stars in Six Years of the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-20-609-T Parke, Stephen JInterplay between the factorization of the Jarlskog invariant and location of the solar and atmosphe
FERMILAB-PUB-20-608-T Campbell, JohnSingle-top-quark production in the $t$-channel at NNLO
FERMILAB-PUB-20-605-AD-E-TD Aab, AlexanderDesign, upgrade and characterization of the silicon photomultiplier front-end for the AMIGA detector
FERMILAB-PUB-20-604-V Al Kharusi, S.SNEWS 2.0: a next-generation supernova early warning system for multi-messenger astronomy
FERMILAB-CONF-20-603-PPD-TD Zhang, WeiA Low-Power Time-to-Digital Converter for the CMS Endcap Timing Layer (ETL) Upgrade
FERMILAB-CONF-20-602-ND-SCD Aliaga, L.Summary of the NuSTEC Workshop on Neutrino-Nucleus Pion Production in the Resonance Region
FERMILAB-PUB-20-601-ND-PPD Agnes, P.Sensitivity of future liquid argon dark matter search experiments to core-collapse supernova neutrin
FERMILAB-PUB-20-600-AE Ade, P.A.R.A demonstration of improved constraints on primordial gravitational waves with delensing
FERMILAB-PUB-20-599-AE von Krosigk, BelinaEffect on dark matter exclusion limits from new silicon photoelectric absorption measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-20-598-AD-AE-SCD Chen, A.Constraints on dark matter to dark radiation conversion in the late universe with DES-Y1 and externa
FERMILAB-CONF-20-597-TD Krave, StevenExploring New Resin Systems for Nb$_3$Sn Accelerator Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-20-596-E-V Anastasi, A.An approach to light distribution for the calibration of high energy physics calorimeters
FERMILAB-PUB-20-595-AE Wan, ZhenThe tidal remnant of an unusually metal-poor globular cluster
FERMILAB-PUB-20-594-AD Simos, N.Low-temperature proton irradiation damage of isotropic nuclear grade IG-430 graphite
FERMILAB-PUB-20-593-SCD Feinstein, Adina D.Flare Statistics for Young Stars from a Convolutional Neural Network Analysis of TESS Data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-592-AE Shipp, NoraDiscovery of Extended Tidal Tails around the Globular Cluster Palomar 13
FERMILAB-PUB-20-588-T Kahn, YonatanDark Matter Detection with Bound Nuclear Targets: The Poisson Phonon Tail
FERMILAB-PUB-20-587-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMUSiC: a model-unspecific search for new physics in proton–proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13\,\tex
FERMILAB-PUB-20-586-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MAngular analysis of the decay B$^+$ $\to$ K$^*$(892)$^+\mu^+\mu^-$ in proton-proton collisions at $\
FERMILAB-PUB-20-585-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MDevelopment and validation of HERWIG 7 tunes from CMS underlying-event measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-20-584-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the Higgs boson production rate in association with top quarks in final states with e
FERMILAB-PUB-20-583-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of Forward Neutron Multiplicity Dependence of Dimuon Acoplanarity in Ultraperipheral Pb-
FERMILAB-CONF-20-582-SCD Ćiprijanović, A.Domain adaptation techniques for improved cross-domain study of galaxy mergers
FERMILAB-PUB-20-581-T Kelly, Kevin J.Heavy axion opportunities at the DUNE near detector
FERMILAB-PUB-20-578-ND Abratenko, P.Neutrino event selection in the MicroBooNE liquid argon time projection chamber using Wire-Cell 3D i
FERMILAB-PUB-20-577-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A.Diophantine equations with sum of cubes and cube of sum
FERMILAB-PUB-20-576-T Kelly, Kevin J.Intimate Relationship between Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter and ΔNeff
FERMILAB-CONF-20-575-V Katori, TeppeiMiniBooNE Neutrino Oscillation Search Results and Predicted Background Events
FERMILAB-PUB-20-574-AE Abolfathi, BelaThe LSST DESC DC2 Simulated Sky Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-20-573-AD-AE Bartram, C.Axion dark matter experiment: Run 1B analysis details
FERMILAB-PUB-20-572-ND Aimard, B.Study of scintillation light collection, production and propagation in a 4 tonne dual-phase LArTPC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-571-ND-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderA Search for Ultra-high-energy Neutrinos from TXS 0506+056 Using the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-20-570-AD-SCD Acharya, A.Measurement of the production cross section of 31 GeV/$c$ protons on carbon via beam attenuation in
FERMILAB-PUB-20-569-AE Sevilla-Noarbe, I.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Photometric Data Set for Cosmology
FERMILAB-PUB-20-568-E Abazov, V.M.Odderon Exchange from Elastic Scattering Differences between $pp$ and $p \bar{p}$ Data at 1.96 TeV a
FERMILAB-PUB-20-566-AD-AE Porredon, A.Dark Energy Survey Year 3 results: Optimizing the lens sample in a combined galaxy clustering and ga
FERMILAB-PUB-20-565-AD-E-QIS-SCD St. John, JasonReal-time artificial intelligence for accelerator control: A study at the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-PUB-20-564-TD Xu, X.The strong influence of Ti, Zr, Hf solutes and their oxidation on microstructure and performance of
FERMILAB-PUB-20-562-DI Kroc, Thomas K.Assessing potential induced radioactivity in materials processed with X-ray energy above 5 MeV: Asse
FERMILAB-PUB-20-561-DI Chang, YongInfrared MBE-Grown HgCdTe Focal Plane Arrays and Cameras After High Energy Neutron Irradiation
FERMILAB-PUB-20-560-AE-PPD-T Fitzpatrick, Patrick J.New Pathways to the Relic Abundance of Vector-Portal Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-20-559-T Raghavan, KrishnanMachine learning-based inversion of nuclear responses
FERMILAB-PUB-20-558-E Richardson, Jonathan W.Interferometric Constraints on Spacelike Coherent Rotational Fluctuations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-556-T Cline, James M.Late-Time Dark Matter Oscillations and the Core-Cusp Problem
FERMILAB-PUB-20-555-AE Fortino, W.F.Reducing Ground-based Astrometric Errors with Gaia and Gaussian Processes
FERMILAB-PUB-20-555-AE Fortino, W.F.Reducing Ground-based Astrometric Errors with Gaia and Gaussian Processes
FERMILAB-PUB-20-553-V Ji, Alexander P.The Southern Stellar Stream Spectroscopic Survey (S 5): Chemical Abundances of Seven Stellar Streams
FERMILAB-PUB-20-552-TD Reguera, LeslieCuICuII and AgIp-isocyanobenzoates as novel 1D semiconducting coordination oligomers
FERMILAB-PUB-20-551-T Lin, YinComputing Nucleon Charges with Highly Improved Staggered Quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-20-550-AE Doux, C.Consistency of cosmic shear analyses in harmonic and real space
FERMILAB-CONF-20-549-E Xu, JingjingA New Scheme of Redundant Timing Crosschecking for Frontend Systems
FERMILAB-PUB-20-548-ND-PPD-TD Aab, A.Direct measurement of the muonic content of extensive air showers between $\mathbf { 2\times 10^{17}
FERMILAB-PUB-20-547-AE Doux, C.Dark energy survey internal consistency tests of the joint cosmological probes analysis with posteri
FERMILAB-PUB-20-546-SCD Bocci, AndreaHeterogeneous reconstruction of tracks and primary vertices with the CMS pixel tracker
FERMILAB-PUB-20-545-AE Gatti, M.Dark energy survey year 3 results: weak lensing shape catalogue
FERMILAB-PUB-20-544-AD-AE-SCD Yang, QianDust Reverberation Mapping in Distant Quasars from Optical and Mid-infrared Imaging Surveys
FERMILAB-PUB-20-543-TD Petrushina, I.High brightness CW electron beams from Superconducting RF photoemission gun
FERMILAB-PUB-20-542-V Carmichael, J.R.A high-pressure flow through test vessel for neutron imaging and neutron diffraction-based strain me
FERMILAB-PUB-20-541-AD-AE-SCD Costanzi, M.Cosmological constraints from DES Y1 cluster abundances and SPT multiwavelength data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-539-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly S.Problems of nuclear technology and radiation safety
FERMILAB-PUB-20-538-PPD-SCD Fernandez Moroni, GuillermoInterleaved Readout of Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs) for Correlated Noise Reduction
FERMILAB-PUB-20-537-V Kim, Jae-YoungEvent Horizon Telescope imaging of the archetypal blazar 3C 279 at an extreme 20 microarcsecond reso
FERMILAB-PUB-20-536-TD Giaccone, BiancaField emission mitigation studies in the SLAC Linac Coherent Light Source II superconducting rf cavi
FERMILAB-PUB-20-535-AE Schrabback, T.Mass calibration of distant SPT galaxy clusters through expanded weak-lensing follow-up observations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-534-V Wielgus, MaciekMonitoring the Morphology of M87* in 2009-2017 with the Event Horizon Telescope
FERMILAB-PUB-20-533-AE Vega-Ferrero, J.Pushing automated morphological classifications to their limits with the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-20-531-SCD-T Tena-Vidal, JúliaNeutrino-nucleon cross-section model tuning in GENIE v3
FERMILAB-PUB-20-530-ND-SCD Barrow, Joshua L.Quasielastic electromagnetic scattering cross sections and world data comparisons in the GENIE Monte
FERMILAB-PUB-20-529-AE Muir, J.DES Y1 results: Splitting growth and geometry to test $\Lambda$CDM
FERMILAB-PUB-20-528-T Perez-Gonzalez, Yuber FAssessing the tension between a black hole dominated early universe and leptogenesis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-527-ND Abratenko, P.Convolutional neural network for multiple particle identification in the MicroBooNE liquid argon tim
FERMILAB-CONF-20-526-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirAccelerators for HEP: Challenges and R&D
FERMILAB-PUB-20-525-T Plestid, RyanHigh energy spectrum of internal positrons from radiative muon capture on nuclei
FERMILAB-PUB-20-524-T Tomalak, OleksandrFlavor-dependent radiative corrections in coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering
FERMILAB-PUB-20-523-T Harnik, RoniMillicharged cosmic rays and low recoil detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-522-T-V Plestid, RyanLuminous solar neutrinos II: Mass-mixing portals
FERMILAB-PUB-20-521-T-V Plestid, RyanLuminous solar neutrinos I: Dipole portals
FERMILAB-PUB-20-519-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for the lepton flavor violating decay $\tau$ $\to$ 3$\mu$ in proton-proton collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-20-517-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of B$_\mathrm{c}$(2S)$^+$ and B$_\mathrm{c}^*$(2S)$^+$ cross section ratios in proton-pr
FERMILAB-PUB-20-516-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MA search for bottom-type, vector-like quark pair production in a fully hadronic final state in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-20-515-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of electroweak production of W$\gamma$ with two jets in proton-proton collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-20-513-T Golterman, MaartenLow-energy constant $L_{10}$ in a two-representation lattice theory
FERMILAB-PUB-20-513-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MW$^+$W$^-$ boson pair production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-512-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of ${\mathrm{p}} {\mathrm{p}} \rightarrow {\mathrm{Z}} {\mathrm{Z}} $ production cross
FERMILAB-PUB-20-511-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvidence for Higgs boson decay to a pair of muons
FERMILAB-PUB-20-510-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudies of charm and beauty hadron long-range correlations in pp and pPb collisions at LHC energies
FERMILAB-PUB-20-509-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark Yukawa coupling from $\mathrm{t\bar{t}}$ kinematic distributions in the
FERMILAB-PUB-20-508-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of production cross sections of polarized same-sign W boson pairs in association with t
FERMILAB-PUB-20-507-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of prompt ${\mathrm{D^0}}$ and ${\mathrm{\overline{D}}{}^0}$ meson azimuthal anisotropy
FERMILAB-PUB-20-506-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark photons in Higgs boson production via vector boson fusion in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-20-505-AD-ND-SCD-TD Abratenko, P.Measurement of differential cross sections for $\nu_{\mu}$ -Ar charged-current interactions with pro
FERMILAB-PUB-20-504-ND Bagby, L.Overhaul and Installation of the ICARUS-T600 Liquid Argon TPC Electronics for the FNAL Short Baselin
FERMILAB-PUB-20-503-E Gudmundsson, Jon E.The Simons Observatory: modeling optical systematics in the Large Aperture Telescope
FERMILAB-CONF-20-502-QIS-T Lykken, Joseph D.Quantum Information for Particle Theorists
FERMILAB-PUB-20-501-T Blinov, NikitaCharacterizing Dark Matter Signals with Missing Momentum Experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-20-500-CCD-SCD Wu, WenjiROBIN (RuciO/BIgData Express/SENSE) A Next-Generation High-Performance Data Service Platform
FERMILAB-PUB-20-499-T Hill, Christopher T.Gravitational Contact Interactions and the Physical Equivalence of Weyl Transformations in Effective
FERMILAB-PUB-20-498-T Illa, MarcLow-energy scattering and effective interactions of two baryons at $m_{\pi}\sim 450$ MeV from lattic
FERMILAB-PUB-20-497-T Quigg, ChrisExploring Futures for Particle Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-496-AD-SCD Aduszkiewicz, A.Measurements of $\Xi^{-}$ and $\overline{\Xi}^{+}$ production in proton-proton interactions at $\sqr
FERMILAB-PUB-20-495-AE Di Valentino, EleonoraCosmology intertwined III: $f\sigma_8$ and $S_8$
FERMILAB-CONF-20-494-CMS-SCD Smith, NicholasCoffea: Columnar Object Framework For Effective Analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-493-AD-SCD Acharya, A.Measurements of multiplicity fluctuations of identified hadrons in inelastic proton–proton interacti
FERMILAB-PUB-20-492-V Fine, R.Data Preservation at MINERvA
FERMILAB-PUB-20-491-CMS-SCD-T Aicheler, M.A primary electron beam facility at CERN -- eSPS Conceptual design report
FERMILAB-PUB-20-490-T Baum, SebastianNucleation is More than Critical -- A Case Study of the Electroweak Phase Transition in the NMSSM
FERMILAB-PUB-20-489-AD Lebedev, V.Conceptual design report: a ring-based electron cooling system for the EIC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-487-AD-E-TD Aab, AlexanderReconstruction of events recorded with the surface detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-20-486-E Madhavacheril, Mathew S.The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Weighing Distant Clusters with the Most Ancient Light
FERMILAB-PUB-20-485-AE-LDRD Cerny, W.Discovery of an Ultra-faint Stellar System near the Magellanic Clouds with the DECam Local Volume Ex
FERMILAB-PUB-20-485-AE Cerny, W.Discovery of an Ultra-faint Stellar System near the Magellanic Clouds with the DECam Local Volume Ex
FERMILAB-PUB-20-484-ND-SCD Papadopoulou, A.Inclusive Electron Scattering And The GENIE Neutrino Event Generator
FERMILAB-PUB-20-483-T Fernandez-Moroni, GuillermoThe physics potential of a reactor neutrino experiment with Skipper CCDs: Measuring the weak mixing
FERMILAB-PUB-20-482-AE Palmese, AntonellaGW190521 from the Merger of Ultradwarf Galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-20-480-AE Wagoner, Erika L.Linear systematics mitigation in galaxy clustering in the Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-479-ND-SCD Alvarez-Ruso, L.Snowmass 2021 LoI: Neutrino-induced Shallow- and Deep-Inelastic Scattering
FERMILAB-PUB-20-478-SCD Gardiner, StevenNuclear de-excitations in low-energy charged-current $\nu_e$ scattering on $^{40}$Ar
FERMILAB-PUB-20-477-AE-PPD-T Foroughi-Abari, SaeidLooking forward to millicharged dark sectors at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-476-T Budge, LucyAnalytic results for scalar-mediated Higgs boson production in association with two jets
FERMILAB-PUB-20-474-AE Grayling, M.Understanding the extreme luminosity of DES14X2fna
FERMILAB-PUB-20-472-ND Acero, M.A.Search for slow magnetic monopoles with the NOvA detector on the surface
FERMILAB-PUB-20-470-SCD Acharya, A.Measurements of $\pi^-$ production in $^7$Be+$^9$Be collisions at beam momenta from 19$A$ to 150$A$G
FERMILAB-PUB-20-469-AE Griffin, Sinéad M.Silicon carbide detectors for sub-GeV dark matter
FERMILAB-PUB-20-468-AE-SCD Abazajian, KevorkCMB-S4: Forecasting Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves
FERMILAB-PUB-20-467-SCD Aarrestad, TheaHL-LHC Computing Review: Common Tools and Community Software
FERMILAB-PUB-20-466-T Detmold, WilliamLattice QCD Constraints on the Parton Distribution Functions of $^3$He
FERMILAB-PUB-20-465-AE To, C.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Cosmological Constraints from Cluster Abundances, Weak Lensing, a
FERMILAB-CONF-20-463-E Valetov, EremeyToward the Frontiers of Particle Physics With the Muon $g\textrm{-}2$ Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-20-463-E Valetov, EremeyToward the Frontiers of Particle Physics With the Muon $g\textrm{-}2$ Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-20-462-AD Thurman-Keup, Randy MichaelSubmicropulse Energy-Time Correlations of 40-MeV Electron Beams at FAST
FERMILAB-PUB-20-461-T Sakstein, JeremyBeyond the Standard Model Explanations of GW190521
FERMILAB-PUB-20-459-LBNF-ND Abi, B.Prospects for beyond the Standard Model physics searches at the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-458-AE Hilton, M.The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: A Catalog of >4000 Sunyaev–Zel’dovich Galaxy Clusters
FERMILAB-PUB-20-457-E MacKenzie, M.Search for $\mu^- \rightarrow e^+$ conversion: what can be learned from the SINDRUM-II positron data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-454-T Fuchs, ElinaCollider searches for scalar singlets across lifetimes
FERMILAB-PUB-20-452-AE Henghes, B.Machine Learning for Searching the Dark Energy Survey for Trans-Neptunian Objects
FERMILAB-PUB-20-451-AD Ishida, TakuTensile behavior of dual-phase titanium alloys under high-intensity proton beam exposure: Radiation-
FERMILAB-CONF-20-450-AD Ishida, TakuRadiation Damage Studies on Titanium Alloys as High Intensity Proton Accelerator Beam Window Materia
FERMILAB-PUB-20-449-CMS Dilsiz, KamuranQuality control of silicon pixel wafers for the CMS Phase-1 pixel upgrade
FERMILAB-PUB-20-448-CMS Belayneh, DawitCalorimetry with deep learning: particle simulation and reconstruction for collider physics
FERMILAB-CONF-20-447-TD Pei, LiujinThe dynamic synthesis time-lag control for the 1.3 GHz LCLS-II Cryomodule test at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-20-446-ND Abratenko, P.The continuous readout stream of the MicroBooNE liquid argon time projection chamber for detection o
FERMILAB-PUB-20-445-T Davoudi, ZohrehNuclear matrix elements from lattice QCD for electroweak and beyond-Standard-Model processes
FERMILAB-CONF-20-444-APC Hurd, JosephFermilab Cryogenic Test Facilities
FERMILAB-PUB-20-443-T Niro, VivianaSterile Neutrino Down but Not Completely Out
FERMILAB-CONF-20-442-AE Jois, ShriramHigh Resolution Data Analysis: Plans and Prospects
FERMILAB-PUB-20-440-AD Simos, N.Radiation damage from energetic particles at GRad-level of SiO 2 fibers of the Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-20-439-AD-ND-T Zyla, P.A.Review of Particle Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-438-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of the $W$ boson rapidity, helicity, double-differential cross sections, and charge asy
FERMILAB-PUB-20-437-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV in events with high-mome
FERMILAB-PUB-20-436-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark matter produced in association with a leptonically decaying Z boson in proton-proton
FERMILAB-PUB-20-435-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for top squark pair production using dilepton final states in ${\text {p}}{\text {p}}$ collis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-434-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvidence for electroweak production of four charged leptons and two jets in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-20-433-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of differential $\mathrm{t\bar{t}}$ production cross sections using top quarks at large
FERMILAB-PUB-20-432-E-TD Aab, AlexanderMeasurement of the cosmic-ray energy spectrum above $2.5{\times} 10^{18}$ eV using the Pierre Auger
FERMILAB-PUB-20-431-E-TD Aab, AlexanderFeatures of the Energy Spectrum of Cosmic Rays above 2.5×10$^{18}$ eV Using the Pierre Auger Observa
FERMILAB-PUB-20-430-T Chen, HuanqingThe Distribution and Evolution of Quasar Proximity Zone Sizes
FERMILAB-PUB-20-429-AE Kelsey, L.Skip Nav Destination The effect of environment on Type Ia supernovae in the Dark Energy Survey three
FERMILAB-PUB-20-428-ND-SCD Wang, MichaelGPU-accelerated machine learning inference as a service for computing in neutrino experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-20-427-SCD Pedro, KevinIntegration and Performance of New Technologies in the CMS Simulation
FERMILAB-CONF-20-426-SCD Rankin, Dylan SheldonFPGAs-as-a-Service Toolkit (FaaST)
FERMILAB-PUB-20-425-TD Zlobin, Alexander V.Conceptual Design of a HTS Dipole Insert Based on Bi2212 Rutherford Cable
FERMILAB-PUB-20-424-E Dixit, Akash V.Searching for Dark Matter with a Superconducting Qubit
FERMILAB-CONF-20-423-ND-SCD Barrow, JoshSummary of Workshop on Common Neutrino Event Generator Tools
FERMILAB-PUB-20-422-PPD-T Frieman, JoshuaA ``Tail" of Two Cities: Fatality-based Modeling of COVID-19 Evolution in New York City and Cook Cou
FERMILAB-PUB-20-421-AE Pandey, S.Perturbation theory for modeling galaxy bias: validation with simulations of the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-20-419-AE Aguena, M.The WaZP galaxy cluster sample of the dark energy survey year 1
FERMILAB-PUB-20-418-T Tomalak, OleksandrAxial and pseudoscalar form factors from charged current quasielastic neutrino-nucleon scattering
FERMILAB-PUB-20-417-AD Sanchez, BrendaLong Reach Robotic Arm
FERMILAB-PUB-20-416-CMS-E Lincoln, DViewing the core of the sun
FERMILAB-PUB-20-415-AD Stachowicz, EmilyRadioactive Cleaning Robot
FERMILAB-PUB-20-413-TD Kazi, SujayCharacterizing Acoustic Signals in the Buildup to a Magnet Quench
FERMILAB-CONF-20-412-AD Huanay, AntonioR&D of Remote Motion Table for DPA Experiment Report
FERMILAB-PUB-20-411-ND Chambers-Wall, GrahamCharge response and energy calibration of ProtoDUNE-SP
FERMILAB-PUB-20-409-E Krzyżańska, KatarzynaStudying the effects of overlapping objects in dark energy
FERMILAB-PUB-20-408-T Kowalczyk, ElizabethSimulation of Axion-like Particles at DarkQuest
FERMILAB-PUB-20-407-SCD-WDRS Garrett, Nathan JamesAdapting DESGW Single Epoch Image Differencing to the LSST Software Stack
FERMILAB-PUB-20-406-AD Hoeksema, AmandaCounterweight for Long Reach Robotic Arm
FERMILAB-PUB-20-405-E-SCD Iiyama, YutaroDistance-Weighted Graph Neural Networks on FPGAs for Real-Time Particle Reconstruction in High Energ
FERMILAB-PUB-20-404-TD Posen, S.Advances in Nb3Sn superconducting radiofrequency cavities towards first practical accelerator applic
FERMILAB-CONF-20-403-AD Johnstone, CarolA 15-Mev/nucleon Iso-Cyclotron for Security and Radioisotope Production
FERMILAB-PUB-20-402-TD Wandui, AlbertThermal kinetic inductance detectors for millimeter-wave detection
FERMILAB-PUB-20-401-AE Akerib, D.S.Simulations of Events for the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Dark Matter Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-400-CMS-SCD Summers, SioniFast inference of Boosted Decision Trees in FPGAs for particle physics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-399-AE Reichardt, C.L.An Improved Measurement of the Secondary Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies from the SPT-SZ +
FERMILAB-PUB-20-398-ND Acciarri, R.Construction of precision wire readout planes for the Short-Baseline Near Detector (SBND)
FERMILAB-CONF-20-395-CMS Rodrigues, EduardoThe Scikit HEP Project -- overview and prospects
FERMILAB-PUB-20-394-AE Aiola, SimoneThe Atacama Cosmology Telescope: DR4 Maps and Cosmological Parameters
FERMILAB-CONF-20-393-V Calvez, StevenDetails of the NOvA 3-flavor oscillation analysis
FERMILAB-CONF-20-392-V Fischer, V.ANNIE: Neutron multiplicity in neutrino interactions and new technologies
FERMILAB-PUB-20-391-PPD Atanov, N.The Mu2e e.m. Calorimeter: Crystals and SiPMs Production Status
FERMILAB-PUB-20-390-AE Fink, C.W.Characterizing TES Power Noise for Future Single Optical-Phonon and Infrared-Photon Detectors
FERMILAB-CONF-20-389-V Miscetti, StefanoStatus of the Mu2e experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-20-388-T Gao, ChristinaReexamining the Solar Axion Explanation for the XENON1T Excess
FERMILAB-CONF-20-387-PPD-QIS-SCD Choma, NicholasTrack Seeding and Labelling with Embedded-space Graph Neural Networks
FERMILAB-CONF-20-386-SCD Chaparro Amaro, Oscar R.Vectorization techniques for probability distribution functions using VecCore
FERMILAB-PUB-20-385-ND-SCD Ghosh, S.Dependence of polytetrafluoroethylene reflectance on thickness at visible and ultraviolet wavelength
FERMILAB-PUB-20-384-AE Choi, Steve K.The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: a measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background power spectra at 9
FERMILAB-PUB-20-383-TD Agostini, P.The Large Hadron-Electron Collider at the HL-LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-382-AD Njekeu, Terence(NOICE) Neural Optical Image Categorizer for the E-log
FERMILAB-PUB-20-380-LBNF Abi, B.Supernova neutrino burst detection with the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-379-SCD Hinkel, AustinAxial Asymmetry Studies in Gaia Data Release 2 Yield the Pattern Speed of the Galactic Bar
FERMILAB-PUB-20-378-QIS-T Carney, D.Mechanical Quantum Sensing in the Search for Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-20-377-AD Scheidt, KelseyAtom Source Preliminary Support Analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-374-T Jay, William I.Bayesian model averaging for analysis of lattice field theory results
FERMILAB-PUB-20-373-ND Psihas, FernandaA Review on Machine Learning for Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-20-372-AD-AE-SCD Macaulay, E.Weak Lensing of Type Ia Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-20-371-AE Alam, ShadabCompleted SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: Cosmological implications from t
FERMILAB-PUB-20-370-AE Nugent, A.E.The Distant, Galaxy Cluster Environment of the Short GRB 161104A at $z\sim 0.8$ and a Comparison to
FERMILAB-PUB-20-369-DI-TD Khabiboulline, T.Analysis of RF high power sources for 1MW – range, 10 MeV CW industrial accelerator.
FERMILAB-PUB-20-368-T Isaacson, JoshuaNew approach to intranuclear cascades with quantum Monte Carlo configurations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-367-ND Abratenko, P.Measurement of space charge effects in the MicroBooNE LArTPC using cosmic muons
FERMILAB-PUB-20-366-AD-APC Long, K.Muon colliders to expand frontiers of particle physics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-365-AE-T Tsai, Yu-DaiResonant Self-Interacting Dark Matter from Dark QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-20-364-T Ellis, Sebastian A.R.Current and Future Neutrino Oscillation Constraints on Leptonic Unitarity
FERMILAB-PUB-20-363-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichStudies of $X(3872)$ and $\psi(2S)$ production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at 1.96 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-362-T Wu, FengquanThe Tianlai dish pathfinder array: design, operation, and performance of a prototype transit radio i
FERMILAB-PUB-20-362-T Wu, FengquanThe Tianlai dish pathfinder array: design, operation, and performance of a prototype transit radio i
FERMILAB-CONF-20-361-PPD-TD Luongo, CarmelaThe Italian Summer Students Program at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and other US Laboratori
FERMILAB-PUB-20-360-V Sauls, J.A.Superfluidity in Disordered Neutron Stars Crusts
FERMILAB-PUB-20-359-TD Carlson, JaredAnalysis of magnetic vortex dissipation in Sn-segregated boundaries in Nb$_3$Sn superconducting RF c
FERMILAB-PUB-20-358-TD Checchin, MattiaVortex Dynamics and Dissipation Under High-amplitude Microwave Drive
FERMILAB-PUB-20-357-TD Checchin, MattiaHigh-Field Q-slope Mitigation due to Impurity Profile in Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-20-356-TD Spina, T.Development and Understanding of Nb$_3$Sn films for radiofrequency applications through a sample-hos
FERMILAB-CONF-20-355-V Fatima, A.Photon induced associated production near threshold
FERMILAB-PUB-20-354-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichStudy of the normalized transverse momentum distribution of $W$ bosons produced in $p \bar p$ collis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-353-T De Gouvêa, AndréFundamental physics with the diffuse supernova background neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-20-352-AE-T Smith, DanielRevisiting AGN as the source of IceCube’s diffuse neutrino flux
FERMILAB-PUB-20-351-TD Sayeed, Md. NizamProperties of Nb3Sn films fabricated by magnetron sputtering from a single target
FERMILAB-PUB-20-350-T Adams, CoreyVariational Monte Carlo Calculations of A≤4 Nuclei with an Artificial Neural-Network Correlator Ansa
FERMILAB-PUB-20-349-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for resonant pair production of Higgs bosons in the $bbZZ$ channel in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-20-348-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the azimuthal anisotropy of Image 1 and Image 2 mesons in PbPb collisions at sNN=5.02
FERMILAB-PUB-20-347-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPerformance of the CMS Level-1 trigger in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-346-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvidence for Top Quark Production in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-20-345-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of the Production of Three Massive Gauge Bosons at $\sqrt {s}$ =13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-344-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MInclusive search for highly boosted Higgs bosons decaying to bottom quark-antiquark pairs in proton-
FERMILAB-PUB-20-343-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the inclusive and differential Higgs boson production cross sections in the leptonic
FERMILAB-PUB-20-342-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the $CP$-violating phase $\phi_\mathrm{s}$ in the B$^0_\mathrm{s}\to$ J$/\psi\, \phi$
FERMILAB-PUB-20-341-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MInvestigation into the event-activity dependence of $\Upsilon$(nS) relative production in proton-pro
FERMILAB-PUB-20-340-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for decays of the 125 GeV Higgs boson into a Z boson and a $\rho$ or $\phi$ meson
FERMILAB-PUB-20-340-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for decays of the 125 GeV Higgs boson into a Z boson and a $\rho$ or $\phi$ meson
FERMILAB-PUB-20-338-E-SCD Krupa, JeffreyGPU coprocessors as a service for deep learning inference in high energy physics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-337-E Pagul, A.Hubble Frontier Field Clusters and Their Parallel Fields: Photometric and Photometric Redshift Catal
FERMILAB-CONF-20-335 Pronskikh, V.Engineering roles and identities in the scientific community: toward participatory justice
FERMILAB-PUB-20-333-PPD McCullough, LauraThe International Conferences for Women in Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-332-AD-ND-SCD Aduszkiewicz, A.$K^{*}(892)^0$ meson production in inelastic p+p interactions at 158 GeV/$c$ beam momentum measured
FERMILAB-PUB-20-331-AD-E-QIS Khatiwada, R.Axion Dark Matter eXperiment: Detailed Design and Operations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-330-T Kelly, Kevin J.Neutrino mass ordering in light of recent data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-329-AE To, Chun-HaoCombination of cluster number counts and two-point correlations: validation on mock Dark Energy Surv
FERMILAB-PUB-20-328-T Croon, DjunaNew physics and the black hole mass gap
FERMILAB-PUB-20-327-ND Adams, CoreyTITUS: Visualization of Neutrino Events in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers
FERMILAB-PUB-20-326-TD Holland, Eric T.Optimal Control for the Quantum Simulation of Nuclear Dynamics
FERMILAB-PUB-20-325-ND-SCD Woodruff, K.Radio frequency and DC high voltage breakdown of high pressure helium, argon, and xenon
FERMILAB-PUB-20-324-CMS Steinbruck, GeorgExperimental study of different silicon sensor options for the upgrade of the CMS Outer Tracker
FERMILAB-PUB-20-323-CMS Adam, W.Beam test performance of prototype silicon detectors for the Outer Tracker for the Phase-2 Upgrade o
FERMILAB-CONF-20-322-ND Luo, X.Ion transport model for large LArTPC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-321-PPD Otfinowski, P.FRIC—a 50 μm pixel-pitch single photon counting ASIC with Pattern Recognition algorithm in 40 nm CMO
FERMILAB-PUB-20-320-AD Decking, W.A MHz-repetition-rate hard X-ray free-electron laser driven by a superconducting linear accelerator
FERMILAB-PUB-20-319-AE-SCD Chierchie, FernandoDetailed modeling of the video signal and optimal readout of charge-coupled devices
FERMILAB-PUB-20-318-PPD Antonioli, M.A.The CLAS12 Silicon Vertex Tracker
FERMILAB-CONF-20-317-AE Osherson, B.Particle Response of Antenna-Coupled TES Arrays: Results from SPIDER and the Laboratory
FERMILAB-PUB-20-316-SCD Altmannshofer, WolfgangElectric dipole moments in a leptoquark scenario for the $B$-physics anomalies
FERMILAB-PUB-20-315-TD Fair, R.The CLAS12 superconducting magnets
FERMILAB-CONF-20-314-V Hamilton, PipRecent Cross-Section Results from MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-CONF-20-313-ND Ali-Mohammadzadeh, B.Measurement of Liquid Argon Scintillation Light Properties by means of an Alpha Source placed inside
FERMILAB-PUB-20-312-AE Everett, W.B.Millimeter-wave Point Sources from the 2500-square-degree SPT-SZ Survey: Catalog and Population Stat
FERMILAB-PUB-20-311-AD Carver, LaurenRealistic modeling of a particle–matter-interaction system for controlling the momentum spread of mu
FERMILAB-CONF-20-310-T de Romeri, ValentinaHunting for light dark matter with DUNE PRISM
FERMILAB-PUB-20-309-T Rocco, NoemiAb initio Calculations of Lepton-Nucleus Scattering
FERMILAB-CONF-20-308-SCD Shadura, OksanaROOT I/O compression improvements for HEP analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-307-AE Ghirardini, VittorioEvolution of the Thermodynamic Properties of Clusters of Galaxies out to Redshift of 1.8
FERMILAB-CONF-20-306-ND Ajmi, A.Baby MIND detector first physics run
FERMILAB-PUB-20-305-TD Padamsee, HasanHistory of gradient advances in SRF
FERMILAB-CONF-20-304-V Schellman, HeidiComputing for the DUNE Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-303-V Ngampruetikorn, VudtiwatImpurity-Induced Anomalous Thermal Hall Effect in Chiral Superconductors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-302-AD Pronskikh, V.Measurement Problems: Contemporary Discussions and Models
FERMILAB-PUB-20-302-AD Pronskikh, V.S.Measurement problems: contemporary discussions and models
FERMILAB-PUB-20-301-T Dayal, PratikaReionization with galaxies and active galactic nuclei
FERMILAB-PUB-20-300-CMS Prvan, MarinaA Vertex-Aligned Model for Packing 4-Hexagonal Clusters in a Regular Hexagonal Container
FERMILAB-PUB-20-299-ND-SCD Adams, C.Sensitivity of a tonne-scale NEXT detector for neutrinoless double beta decay searches
FERMILAB-PUB-20-298-CMS Ball, A.Search for millicharged particles in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-297-CMS Akchurin, N.Charge collection and electrical characterization of neutron irradiated silicon pad detectors for th
FERMILAB-PUB-20-296-AE-TD Amaral, D.W.Constraints on low-mass, relic dark matter candidates from a surface-operated SuperCDMS single-charg
FERMILAB-PUB-20-295-SCD Lantz, StevenSpeeding up particle track reconstruction using a parallel Kalman filter algorithm
FERMILAB-PUB-20-294-AE Khakhaleva-Li, ZimuWill LISA Detect Harmonic Gravitational Waves from Galactic Cosmic String Loops?
FERMILAB-PUB-20-293-CMS Apresyan, ArturMeasurements of an AC-LGAD strip sensor with a 120 GeV proton beam
FERMILAB-PUB-20-292-AE-PPD-TD Akerib, D.S.The LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) radioactivity and cleanliness control programs
FERMILAB-PUB-20-291-AE-SCD Millon, M.TDCOSMO - II. Six new time delays in lensed quasars from high-cadence monitoring at the MPIA 2.2 m t
FERMILAB-PUB-20-290-T Capdevilla, RodolfoDiscovering the physics of $(g-2)_\mu$ at future muon colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-20-290-T Capdevilla, RodolfoDiscovering the physics of $(g-2)_\mu$ at future muon colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-20-289-AD Simos, N.Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) irradiated with 140 MeV protons
FERMILAB-PUB-20-288-AD-ND Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A.Updated MiniBooNE neutrino oscillation results with increased data and new background studies
FERMILAB-PUB-20-287-AE Birrer, S.TDCOSMO - IV. Hierarchical time-delay cosmography – joint inference of the Hubble constant and galax
FERMILAB-PUB-20-286-AE Huang, Hung-JinDark energy survey year 1 results: Constraining baryonic physics in the Universe
FERMILAB-PUB-20-285-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderStudies on the response of a water-Cherenkov detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory to atmospheric
FERMILAB-PUB-20-284-E Aguilar-Arevalo, A.Results on low-mass weakly interacting massive particles from a 11 kg-day target exposure of DAMIC a
FERMILAB-PUB-20-283-E Rodrigues, DarioAbsolute measurement of the Fano factor using a Skipper-CCD
FERMILAB-PUB-20-282-AE-T Monteiro, FernandoSearch for composite dark matter with optically levitated sensors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-281-AD Webb, StephenAveraged Invariants in Storage Rings with Synchrotron Motion
FERMILAB-PUB-20-280-AE-T Shoemaker, Ian M.An Active-to-Sterile Neutrino Transition Dipole Moment and the XENON1T Excess
FERMILAB-PUB-20-279-AD Pronskikh, VitalySimulation as a sustainable trading zone: Aiming at intergenerational justice
FERMILAB-PUB-20-279 Pronskikh, VitalySimulation as a sustainable trading zone: Aiming at intergenerational justice
FERMILAB-PUB-20-278-E Fernandez-Moroni, GuillermoCharge-Collection Efficiency in Back-Illuminated Charge-Coupled Devices
FERMILAB-PUB-20-277-AE Nadler, E.O.Milky Way Satellite Census. III. Constraints on Dark Matter Properties from Observations of Milky Wa
FERMILAB-PUB-20-276-E Tesarek, R.J.A study of radiation tolerance in optical cements
FERMILAB-PUB-20-275-T Granelli, AlessandroULYSSES: Universal LeptogeneSiS Equation Solver
FERMILAB-PUB-20-274-T Höche, StefanTowards an all-orders calculation of the electroweak bubble wall velocity
FERMILAB-PUB-20-273-AD Pronskikh, VitalyModel uncertainty in accelerator application simulations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-272-T Becher, ThomasFiducial $q_T$ resummation of color-singlet processes at N$^3$LL+NNLO
FERMILAB-PUB-20-271-AE-T Cholis, IliasConstraining the Charge-Sign and Rigidity-Dependence of Solar Modulation
FERMILAB-PUB-20-270-T Croon, DjunaMissing in axion: Where are XENON1T’s big black holes?
FERMILAB-PUB-20-269-ND Coloma, PilarGeV-scale neutrinos: interactions with mesons and DUNE sensitivity
FERMILAB-PUB-20-268-TD Xu, X.Persistent compositions of non-stoichiometric compounds with low bulk diffusivity: A theory and appl
FERMILAB-PUB-20-267-ND-SCD Totani, D.A measurement of absolute efficiency of the ARAPUCA photon detector in liquid argon
FERMILAB-PUB-20-266-SCD Addazi, A.New high-sensitivity searches for neutrons converting into antineutrons and/or sterile neutrons at t
FERMILAB-PUB-20-265-ND-SCD Martínez-Lema, G.Sensitivity of the NEXT experiment to Xe-124 double electron capture
FERMILAB-PUB-20-264-AE Bianchini, F.Searching for Anisotropic Cosmic Birefringence with Polarization Data from SPTpol
FERMILAB-CONF-20-262-AD Sahai, A.Nanostructure Accelerators: Novel concept and path to its realization
FERMILAB-PUB-20-261-AE-PPD-T Tsai, Yu-DaiIs GW170817 a Multimessenger Neutron Star-Primordial Black Hole Merger?
FERMILAB-PUB-20-260-T Dev, AbhishSignatures of ultralight dark matter in neutrino oscillation experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-20-259-AD Andorf, M.B.Single-pass Cr:ZnSe amplifier for broadband infrared undulator radiation
FERMILAB-PUB-20-258-AD Mokhov, NikolaiSimulation of Particle-Material Interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-20-257-T Machado, PedroTau neutrinos at DUNE: New strategies, new opportunities
FERMILAB-PUB-20-256-T Gao, ChristinaAxion searches with two superconducting radio-frequency cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-20-255-AE Garcia, A.A DESGW Search for the Electromagnetic Counterpart to the LIGO/Virgo Gravitational Wave Binary Neutr
FERMILAB-PUB-20-254-AE Jarvis, M.Dark Energy Survey year 3 results: point spread function modelling
FERMILAB-PUB-20-253-ND Adamson, P.Precision Constraints for Three-Flavor Neutrino Oscillations from the Full MINOS+ and MINOS Dataset
FERMILAB-PUB-20-251-E-LBNF-ND-PIP2-SCD Abi, B.Long-baseline neutrino oscillation physics potential of the DUNE experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-250-A-AD-AE-SCD Pereira, M.E.S.μ⋆ masses: weak-lensing calibration of the Dark Energy Survey Year 1 redMaPPer clusters using stella
FERMILAB-PUB-20-249-T Harlander, Robert V.Hadronic vacuum polarization using gradient flow
FERMILAB-CONF-20-248-E Albrow, Michael G.A Forward Multiparticle Spectrometer for the LHC: Hadron spectra and Long-lived particle search
FERMILAB-PUB-20-247-T Boehm, CelineLight new physics in XENON1T
FERMILAB-PUB-20-246-A-T Croon, DjunaSupernova Muons: New Constraints on $Z$′ Bosons, Axions and ALPs
FERMILAB-PUB-20-245-SCD Gardiner, StevenSimulating low-energy neutrino interactions with MARLEY
FERMILAB-PUB-20-244-AD Bidhar, SujitFailure investigation of nuclear grade POCO graphite target in high energy neutrino physics through
FERMILAB-PUB-20-243-ND Acero, M.A.Adjusting neutrino interaction models and evaluating uncertainties using NOvA near detector data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-242-A Allahverdi, RouzbehThe First Three Seconds: a Review of Possible Expansion Histories of the Early Universe
FERMILAB-PUB-20-241-E Abi, B.Neutrino interaction classification with a convolutional neural network in the DUNE far detector
FERMILAB-PUB-20-240-QIS-T Tran, Minh C.Faster Digital Quantum Simulation by Symmetry Protection
FERMILAB-CONF-20-239-OCIO Gong, QianReal-time Intrusion Detection for High-bandwidth Research Networks using Unsupervised Deep Learning
FERMILAB-PUB-20-238-T Chacko, ZackariaNeutrino Masses from Low Scale Partial Compositeness
FERMILAB-PUB-20-237-AD-DI-TD Basti, A.Upgrade of the ILC Cryomodule
FERMILAB-PUB-20-236-SCD Cheng, Ting-YunOptimising Automatic Morphological Classification of Galaxies with Machine Learning and Deep Learnin
FERMILAB-PUB-20-236-SCD Cheng, Ting-YunOptimizing automatic morphological classification of galaxies with machine learning and deep learnin
FERMILAB-PUB-20-235-T Gambino, P.Challenges in semileptonic $B$ decays
FERMILAB-PUB-20-234-AE Liao, Wei-TingDiscovery of a Candidate Binary Supermassive Black Hole in a Periodic Quasar from Circumbinary Accre
FERMILAB-PUB-20-233-CMS Aad, GeorgesCombination of the W boson polarization measurements in top quark decays using ATLAS and CMS data at
FERMILAB-PUB-20-232-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of b jet shapes in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 5.02 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-231-TD Saini, ArunRF Heating in Cavity-Bellows of CW SRF Cryomodule
FERMILAB-PUB-20-230-ND Ali-Mohammadzadeh, B.Design and implementation of the new scintillation light detection system of ICARUS T600
FERMILAB-PUB-20-229-A-T Krnjaic, GordanDark Radiation from Inflationary Fluctuations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-228-AE Tanoglidis, D.Shadows in the Dark: Low-Surface-Brightness Galaxies Discovered in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-20-227-AD Wang, Li-JiaoBeam-beam effects in the Super Proton-Proton Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-20-226-ND Abratenko, P.First Measurement of Differential Charged Current Quasielastic-like $\nu_\mu$-Argon Scattering Cross
FERMILAB-PUB-20-225-TD Barzi, EmanuelaHeat Diffusion in High-C$_p$ Nb$_3$Sn Composite Superconducting Wires
FERMILAB-PUB-20-224-A Keith, CelesteConstraints on Primordial Black Holes From Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Revisited
FERMILAB-PUB-20-223-CMS-E Alyari, M.200 mm sensor development using bonded wafers
FERMILAB-PUB-20-222-T de Gouvêa, AndréReactor Antineutrino Oscillations at Super-Kamiokande
FERMILAB-PUB-20-219-AE Morgan, R.Constraints on the Physical Properties of GW190814 through Simulations Based on DECam Follow-up Obse
FERMILAB-PUB-20-218-TD Xu, XingchenHigh Critical Current Density in Internally-oxidized Nb3Sn Superconductors and its Origin
FERMILAB-CONF-20-217-AD-APC Burov, AlexeySpace Charge Effects for Transverse Collective Instabilities in Circular Machines
FERMILAB-PUB-20-216-AE Palmese, A.A statistical standard siren measurement of the Hubble constant from the LIGO/Virgo gravitational wa
FERMILAB-PUB-20-215-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCalibration of the CMS hadron calorimeters using proton-proton collision data at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-214-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPerformance of the reconstruction and identification of high-momentum muons in proton-proton collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-20-213-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements with silicon photomultipliers of dose-rate effects in the radiation damage of plastic s
FERMILAB-PUB-20-212-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of the B$^0_\mathrm{s}\to $X(3872)$\phi$ decay
FERMILAB-PUB-20-211-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MDependence of inclusive jet production on the anti-k$_{T}$ distance parameter in pp collisions at $
FERMILAB-PUB-20-210-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a light charged Higgs boson in the H$^\pm$ $\to $ cs channel in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-20-209-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a light pseudoscalar Higgs boson in the boosted $\mu\mu\tau\tau$ final state in proton-pr
FERMILAB-PUB-20-207-T Aoyama, T.The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon in the Standard Model
FERMILAB-PUB-20-206-AE Wiseman, P.The host galaxies of 106 rapidly evolving transients discovered by the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-20-205-AE-E Sampaio-Santos, H.Is diffuse intracluster light a good tracer of the galaxy cluster matter distribution?
FERMILAB-PUB-20-204-V Atanov, N.Construction status of the Mu2e crystal calorimeter
FERMILAB-PUB-20-202-T Fuchs, ElinaAnalytic techniques for solving the transport equations in electroweak baryogenesis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-201-E Acero, M.A.Supernova neutrino detection in NOvA
FERMILAB-PUB-20-200-SCD Amadio, G.GeantV: Results from the Prototype of Concurrent Vector Particle Transport Simulation in HEP
FERMILAB-PUB-20-199-SCD-V Ćiprijanović, A.DeepMerge: Classifying high-redshift merging galaxies with deep neural networks
FERMILAB-PUB-20-198-T Ji, YaoGluon Field Digitization via Group Space Decimation for Quantum Computers
FERMILAB-PUB-20-197-TD Frolov, D.Intrinsic Quality Factor Extraction of Multi-Port Cavity with Arbitrary Coupling
FERMILAB-PUB-20-195-T Lamm, HenrySuppressing Coherent Gauge Drift in Quantum Simulations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-194-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MThe production of isolated photons in PbPb and pp collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} =$ 5.02 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-193-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of quark- and gluon-like jet fractions using jet charge in PbPb and pp collisions at 5.0
FERMILAB-PUB-20-192-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for disappearing tracks in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-191-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MIdentification of heavy, energetic, hadronically decaying particles using machine-learning technique
FERMILAB-PUB-20-190-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of CKM matrix elements in single top quark $t$-channel production in proton-proton colli
FERMILAB-PUB-20-189-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of production cross sections of WZ and same-sign WW boson pairs in association with two
FERMILAB-PUB-20-188-A-AD-AE Cantu, Sarah A.A Deeper Look at DES Dwarf Galaxy Candidates: Grus i and Indus ii
FERMILAB-PUB-20-187-T King, Stephen F.Gravitational Waves and Proton Decay: Complementary Windows into Grand Unified Theories
FERMILAB-PUB-20-186-AD Gorzawski, A.Probing LHC halo dynamics using collimator loss rates at 6.5 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-185-AE Palmese, AntonellaProbing gravity and growth of structure with gravitational waves and galaxies’ peculiar velocity
FERMILAB-PUB-20-183-SCD-T Valassi, AndreaChallenges in Monte Carlo Event Generator Software for High‑Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-182-A Li, JiXiaThe Tianlai Cylinder Pathfinder array: System functions and basic performance analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-181-T Kelly, Kevin J.Origin of sterile neutrino dark matter via secret neutrino interactions with vector bosons
FERMILAB-PUB-20-180-AE-SCD Cancelo, GustavoLow Threshold Acquisition controller for Skipper CCDs
FERMILAB-PUB-20-179-AE Chen, Yu-ChingCandidate periodically variable quasars from the Dark Energy Survey and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-20-178-T Li, LingfengLearning physics at future $e^- e^+$ colliders with machine
FERMILAB-PUB-20-177-E-TD Aab, AlexanderSearch for magnetically-induced signatures in the arrival directions of ultra-high-energy cosmic ray
FERMILAB-PUB-20-176-AD Carneiro, J.P.Longitudinal beam dynamics studies at the PIP-II injector test facility
FERMILAB-CONF-20-175-AD Sahai, Aakash A.Solid-state tube wakefield accelerator using surface waves in crystals
FERMILAB-PUB-20-173-AE Sofo Haro, MiguelStudies on small charge packet transport in high-resistivity fully-depleted CCDs
FERMILAB-PUB-20-172-TD Kesgin, IbrahimFabrication and Testing of 10-Pole Short-Period Nb3Sn Superconducting Undulator Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-20-171-AD Sahai, Aakash A.Nanostructured Tube Wakefield Accelerator
FERMILAB-PUB-20-170-T Fatima, A.Photon induced $K\Lambda$ production on the proton in the low energy region
FERMILAB-PUB-20-169-A Kurinsky, NoahReply to Robinson and Michaud, arXiv:2002.08893
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FERMILAB-PUB-20-167-PPD-SCD Loncar, VladimirCompressing deep neural networks on FPGAs to binary and ternary precision with HLS4ML
FERMILAB-PUB-20-166-T Lovato, A.Ab initio study of $\boldsymbol{(\nu_\ell,\ell^-)}$ and $\boldsymbol{(\overline{\nu}_\ell,\ell^+)}$
FERMILAB-CONF-20-165-SCD Blomer, JakobEvolution of the ROOT Tree I/O
FERMILAB-PUB-20-164-PPD-SCD Gray, LindseyA Dynamic Reduction Network for Point Clouds
FERMILAB-CONF-20-163-PPD-QIS-SCD Ju, XiangyangGraph Neural Networks for Particle Reconstruction in High Energy Physics detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-162-SCD Amadio, GuilhermeSoftware Challenges For HL-LHC Data Analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-161-ND Sajjad Athar, M.Neutrino(antineutrino)–nucleus interactions in the shallow- and deep-inelastic scattering regions
FERMILAB-PUB-20-160-T Pascoli, SilviaMatter-antimatter symmetry violated
FERMILAB-PUB-20-159-TD Fedotov, A.V.Experimental Demonstration of Hadron Beam Cooling Using Radio-Frequency Accelerated Electron Bunches
FERMILAB-PUB-20-158-AE-E Barak, LironSENSEI: Direct-Detection Results on sub-GeV Dark Matter from a New Skipper-CCD
FERMILAB-PUB-20-157-SCD Caldeira, JoãoDeeply Uncertain: Comparing Methods of Uncertainty Quantification in Deep Learning Algorithms
FERMILAB-PUB-20-156-T Ellis, Sebastian A.R.Leptonic Unitarity Triangles
FERMILAB-PUB-20-155-PPD Aalseth, C.E.SiPM-matrix readout of two-phase argon detectors using electroluminescence in the visible and near i
FERMILAB-PUB-20-154-ND Acciarri, R.First measurement of electron neutrino scattering cross section on argon
FERMILAB-PUB-20-152-A Blinov, NikitaWarm Decaying Dark Matter and the Hubble Tension
FERMILAB-PUB-20-151-T Hughes, CiaranTeaching Quantum Computing to High School Students
FERMILAB-PUB-20-150-E Kim, OnReduction of coherent betatron oscillations in a muon $g$ − 2 storage ring experiment using RF field
FERMILAB-PUB-20-149-V Korzh, BorisDemonstration of sub-3 ps temporal resolution with a superconducting nanowire single-photon detector
FERMILAB-PUB-20-148-PPD Koziol, AnnaHigh rate proton detection with single photon counting hybrid pixel detector
FERMILAB-PUB-20-147-SCD Boscardin, M.Performance of new radiation-tolerant thin planar and 3D columnar n$^+$ on p silicon pixel sensors u
FERMILAB-CONF-20-146-PPD Atanov, N.Design and status of the Mu2e crystal calorimeter
FERMILAB-PUB-20-145-AE Minami, Y.Irradiation Tests of Superconducting Detectors and Comparison with Simulations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-144-AE Ponce, F.Modeling of Impact Ionization and Charge Trapping in SuperCDMS HVeV Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-143-E Eckert, K.Noise from Undetected Sources in Dark Energy Survey Images
FERMILAB-PUB-20-142-T Solaro, CyrilleImproved isotope-shift-based bounds on bosons beyond the Standard Model through measurements of the
FERMILAB-PUB-20-141-A Zuo, ShifanData Processing Pipeline For Tianlai Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-140-T Buchalla, G.Higgs-electroweak chiral Lagrangian: One-loop renormalization group equations
FERMILAB-PUB-20-139-AD-E Ramanathan, K.Ionization yield in silicon for eV-scale electron-recoil processes
FERMILAB-PUB-20-138-PPD Fahim, F.A pixel detector ROIC with a 3-bit, 40 Msps synchronous ADC per pixel for HL LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-137-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudy of central exclusive $\pi^+\pi^-$ production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 5.02
FERMILAB-PUB-20-136-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of top quark pair production in association with a Z boson in proton-proton collisions a
FERMILAB-PUB-20-135-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for direct pair production of supersymmetric partners to the $\tau$ lepton in proton-proton c
FERMILAB-PUB-20-134-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the $\Upsilon$(1S) pair production cross section and search for resonances decaying t
FERMILAB-PUB-20-133-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MA measurement of the Higgs boson mass in the diphoton decay channel
FERMILAB-PUB-20-132-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the cross section for electroweak production of a Z boson, a photon and two jets in p
FERMILAB-PUB-20-131-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of single-diffractive dijet production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-20-130-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPileup mitigation at CMS in 13 TeV data
FERMILAB-PUB-20-129-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the cross section for $\text{t}\bar{\text{t}}$ production with additional jets and b
FERMILAB-PUB-20-128-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of $\mathrm{t\bar{t}}H$ Production and the CP Structure of the Yukawa Interaction betwe
FERMILAB-PUB-20-127-ND-PPD-TD Aab, A.A Three Year Sample of Almost 1600 Elves Recorded Above South America by the Pierre Auger Cosmic‐Ray
FERMILAB-PUB-20-126-ND-PPD Galbiati, C.Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM): A Novel Mechanical Ventilator Designed for Mass Scale Production
FERMILAB-PUB-20-125-A-T Hooper, DanHot Gravitons and Gravitational Waves From Kerr Black Holes in the Early Universe
FERMILAB-PUB-20-124-T Borah, KaushikParametrization and applications of the low-$Q^2$ nucleon vector form factors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-123-T Beane, S.R.Charged multihadron systems in lattice QCD+QED
FERMILAB-PUB-20-122-AE Hinkel, AustinProbing Axial Symmetry Breaking in the Galaxy with Gaia Data Release 2
FERMILAB-PUB-20-121-T Witte, Samuel J.Dark photon dark matter in the presence of inhomogeneous structure
FERMILAB-PUB-20-120-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirSpace-charge effects in ionization beam profile monitors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-119-TD Takala, EelisPreload Characterization of Short Models of MQXF the Nb$_3$Sn Low-$β$ Quadrupole for the Hi-Lumi LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-20-118-TD Pan, HengFracture failure analysis for MQXFA magnet aluminum shells
FERMILAB-PUB-20-117-TD Cheng, Daniel W.Mechanical Performance of the First Two Prototype 4.5 m Long Nb$_3$Sn Low-$β$ Quadrupole Magnets for
FERMILAB-PUB-20-115-TD Muratore, J.Test Results of the First Two Full-Length Prototype Quadrupole Magnets for the LHC Hi-Lumi Upgrade
FERMILAB-PUB-20-114-A-T Blinov, NikitaInteracting radiation after Planck and its implications for the Hubble Tension
FERMILAB-PUB-20-112-T Kim, DoojinOptimizing Energetic Light Dark Matter Searches in Dark Matter and Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-20-111-AE-SCD Herner, Kenneth R.The updated DESGW processing pipeline for the third LIGO/VIRGO observing run
FERMILAB-CONF-20-110-ND-SCD Herner, Kenneth R.DUNE Production processing and workflow management software evaluation
FERMILAB-CONF-20-109-SCD Blomer, JakobA fully unprivileged CernVM-FS
FERMILAB-CONF-20-108-SCD Dykstra, DaveDistributing User Code with the CernVM FileSystem
FERMILAB-CONF-20-107-SCD Dykstra, DaveWeb Proxy Auto Discovery for Dynamically Created Web Proxies
FERMILAB-PUB-20-106-AE Hartley, W.G.The impact of spectroscopic incompleteness in direct calibration of redshift distributions for weak
FERMILAB-PUB-20-105-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirParticle beams behind physics discoveries
FERMILAB-PUB-20-104-V Corrodi, S.Design and performance of an in-vacuum, magnetic field mapping system for the Muon g-2 experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-103-AE Guo, HengxiaoDark Energy Survey Identification of A Low-Mass Active Galactic Nucleus at Redshift 0.823 from Optic
FERMILAB-PUB-20-102-T Shanahan, PhialaCollins-Soper kernel for TMD evolution from lattice QCD
FERMILAB-CONF-20-101-SCD Knoepfel, KyleLArSoft and Future Framework Directions at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-20-100-A Hogan, CraigCosmological Constant in Coherent Quantum Gravity
FERMILAB-PUB-20-099-A-AD-AE-SCD Grandis, S.Validation of Selection Function, Sample Contamination and Mass Calibration in Galaxy Cluster Sample
FERMILAB-PUB-20-098-ND-SCD Filkins, A.Double-differential inclusive charged-current $\nu_\mu$ cross sections on hydrocarbon in MINERvA at
FERMILAB-PUB-20-097-AE Zenteno, A.A joint SZ-Xray-optical analysis of the dynamical state of 288 massive galaxy clusters
FERMILAB-PUB-20-096-T Babu, K.S.Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions: Complementarity Between LHC and Oscillation Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-20-095-T Detmold, WilliamPath integral contour deformations for noisy observables
FERMILAB-PUB-20-094-AD Pronskikh, VitalyDoses and fluxes in the proton-irradiated Big Target: A MARS15 analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-20-093-TD Barzi, EmanuelaHeat Treatment Studies of Nb3Sn Wires for Superconducting Planar Undulators
FERMILAB-PUB-20-092-ND Adams, D.L.Design and performance of a 35-ton liquid argon time projection chamber as a prototype for future ve
FERMILAB-CONF-20-091-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Advanced Laser-driven Plasma Accelerator Electron-beam Diagnostics with COTR Techniques
FERMILAB-CONF-20-089-AD Lebedev, V.A.Damping rate limitations for transverse dampers in large hadron colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-20-087-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirSuperbeams and neutrino factories — Two paths to intense accelerator-based neutrino beams
FERMILAB-PUB-20-086-T Hill, Christopher T.Composite Higgs Bosons and Mini Black Holes
FERMILAB-PUB-20-085-TD Awida, Mohamed H.Modeling of Thermal Quench in Superconducting RF Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-20-084-AE Abbott, T.M.C.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Cosmological constraints from cluster abundances and weak lensing
FERMILAB-PUB-20-083-AE-ND-PPD-SCD Agnes, P.Effective field theory interactions for liquid argon target in DarkSide-50 experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-082-AE-SCD Buckley-Geer, E.J.STRIDES: Spectroscopic and photometric characterization of the environment and effects of mass along
FERMILAB-PUB-20-080-SCD Rogers, L.Mitigation of backgrounds from cosmogenic $^{137}$Xe in xenon gas experiments using $^{3}$He neutron
FERMILAB-CONF-20-079-E Giovannella, S.The Detectors of the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-20-078-A von Doetinchem, P.Cosmic-ray antinuclei as messengers of new physics: status and outlook for the new decade
FERMILAB-PUB-20-077-ND-SCD Coplowe, D.Probing nuclear effects with neutrino-induced charged-current neutral pion production
FERMILAB-PUB-20-076-ND-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderCosmic-ray anisotropies in right ascension measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-20-076 Aab, AlexanderCosmic-ray anisotropies in right ascension measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-CONF-20-075-SCD Cerati, GiuseppeReconstruction of Charged Particle Tracks in Realistic Detector Geometry Using a Vectorized and Para
FERMILAB-CONF-20-074-SCD Berkman, SophieReconstruction for Liquid Argon TPC Neutrino Detectors Using Parallel Architectures
FERMILAB-PUB-20-073-ND Abratenko, P.Vertex-finding and reconstruction of contained two-trackneutrino events in the MicroBooNE detector
FERMILAB-PUB-20-072-T Fuchs, Elina$CP$ violation from $\tau$, $t$ and $b$ dimension-6 Yukawa couplings - interplay of baryogenesis, ED
FERMILAB-CONF-20-071-T Quigg, ChrisBeauty at High Precision / Sensitivity
FERMILAB-PUB-20-070-AE Koposov, Sergey E.Discovery of a nearby 1700 km s−1 star ejected from the Milky Way by Sgr A*
FERMILAB-PUB-20-069-SCD Schulz, HolgerGrid-based minimization at scale: Feldman-Cousins corrections for SBN
FERMILAB-PUB-20-068-AE Burke, Colin J.The Curious Case of PHL 293B: A Long-Lived Transient in a Metal-Poor Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxy
FERMILAB-PUB-20-067-AD Gu, X.Halo removal experiments with hollow electron lens in the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-20-066-TD Baldini, MariaCharacterization of NbTi busbar for HL-LHC Interaction region quadrupoles
FERMILAB-PUB-20-065-A Kurinsky, NoahDark matter interpretation of excesses in multiple direct detection experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-20-064-PPD Xie, JunqiLarge area planar photocathode for MCP-based photodetectors
FERMILAB-PUB-20-063-A-AE-SCD Gutiérrez, C.P.DES16C3cje: A low-luminosity, long-lived supernova
FERMILAB-PUB-20-062-T Budge, LucyThe one-loop amplitudes for Higgs + 4 partons with full mass effects
FERMILAB-PUB-20-061-T King, G.B.Comparing event generator predictions and $ab$ $initio$ calculations of $\nu$-$^{12}$C neutral-curre
FERMILAB-CONF-20-060-CMS-SCD Dagenhart, DavidConcurrent conditions access across validity intervals in CMSSW
FERMILAB-PUB-20-059-AD-ESH-LBNF-ND-SCD Abi, B.First results on ProtoDUNE-SP liquid argon time projection chamber performance from a beam test at t
FERMILAB-PUB-20-058-TD Kovacs, C.J.A cable-scale experiment to explore new materials for optimizing superconductor accelerator magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-20-057-AE Scolnic, D.Supernova Siblings: Assessing the Consistency of Properties of Type Ia Supernovae that Share the Sam
FERMILAB-PUB-20-055-T Rosenlyst, MartinNatural top-bottom mass hierarchy in composite Higgs models
FERMILAB-PUB-20-054-ND Adamson, P.Improved Constraints on Sterile Neutrino Mixing from Disappearance Searches in the MINOS, MINOS+, Da
FERMILAB-PUB-20-053-ND Antonello, M.Study of space charge in the ICARUS T600 detector
FERMILAB-PUB-20-052-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Submicropulse electron-beam dynamics correlated with short-range wakefields in Tesla-type supercondu
FERMILAB-PUB-20-051-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for lepton flavour violating decays of a neutral heavy Higgs boson to $\mu\tau$ and e$\tau$ i
FERMILAB-PUB-20-050-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark pair production cross section in dilepton final states containing one $
FERMILAB-PUB-20-049-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy Higgs boson decaying to a pair of W bosons in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-20-048-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MA search for the standard model Higgs boson decaying to charm quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-20-047-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MDetermination of the strong coupling constant $\alpha_{S}(m_\mathrm{Z})$ from measurements of inclus
FERMILAB-PUB-20-046-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a Narrow Resonance Lighter than 200 GeV Decaying to a Pair of Muons in Proton-Proton Coll
FERMILAB-PUB-20-045-T Harmalkar, SiddharthaQuantum Simulation of Field Theories Without State Preparation
FERMILAB-PUB-20-044-A-T Plestid, RyanNew Constraints on Millicharged Particles from Cosmic-ray Production
FERMILAB-PUB-20-043-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MA Deep Neural Network for Simultaneous Estimation of b Jet Energy and Resolution
FERMILAB-PUB-20-042-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on the $\chi_\mathrm{c1}$ versus $\chi_\mathrm{c2}$ Polarizations in Proton-Proton Colli
FERMILAB-PUB-20-041-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for direct top squark pair production in events with one lepton, jets, and missing transverse
FERMILAB-PUB-20-040-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark forward-backward production asymmetry and the anomalous chromoelectric
FERMILAB-PUB-20-039-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MA deep neural network to search for new long-lived particles decaying to jets
FERMILAB-PUB-20-038-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for an excited lepton that decays via a contact interaction to a lepton and two jets in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-20-037-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudy of excited $\Lambda_\mathrm{b}^0$ states decaying to $\Lambda_\mathrm{b}^0\pi^+\pi^-$ in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-20-036-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the associated production of a $Z$ boson with charm or bottom quark jets in proton-pr
FERMILAB-PUB-20-035-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for charged Higgs bosons decaying into a top and a bottom quark in the all-jet final state of
FERMILAB-PUB-20-034-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for physics beyond the standard model in events with jets and two same-sign or at least three
FERMILAB-PUB-20-033-ND Adams, CoreyEnhancing neutrino event reconstruction with pixel-based 3D readout for liquid argon time projection
FERMILAB-PUB-20-032-AE Sugai, H.Updated Design of the CMB Polarization Experiment Satellite LiteBIRD
FERMILAB-CONF-20-031-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirDmitrii Ivanovich Mendeleev (1834-1907): The Periodic Table and Beyond
FERMILAB-PUB-20-030-T Costa, Davi B.Chiral Abelian gauge theories with few fermions
FERMILAB-PUB-20-029-AE Lidman, C.OzDES multi-object fibre spectroscopy for the Dark Energy Survey: Results and second data release
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FERMILAB-CONF-19-699-AD Lebedev, V.Plasma based acceleration in crystals and nanostructures: Advantages and limitations
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-594-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudies of charm quark diffusion inside jets using PbPb and pp collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} =
FERMILAB-PUB-19-591-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the Jet Mass Distribution and Top Quark Mass in Hadronic Decays of Boosted Top Quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-19-590-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of the $\Lambda_\mathrm{b}^0 \to$ J/$\psi \Lambda \phi$ decay in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-19-589-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new neutral Higgs bosons through the H$\to$ ZA $\to \ell^{+}\ell^{-} \mathrm{b\bar{b}}$ p
FERMILAB-PUB-19-588-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dijet resonances using events with three jets in proton-proton collisions at s=13TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-587-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for high mass dijet resonances with a new background prediction method in proton-proton colli
FERMILAB-PUB-19-586-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for physics beyond the standard model in multilepton final states in proton-proton collisions
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-555-AE-E Akerib, D.S.The LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Experiment
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FERMILAB-CONF-19-551-SCD Piparo, DaniloA Parallelised ROOT for Future HEP Data Processing
FERMILAB-CONF-19-550-SCD Piparo, DaniloRDataFrame: Easy Parallel ROOT Analysis at 100 Threads
FERMILAB-CONF-19-549-CMS da Silva Gomes, DiegoExperience with dynamic resource provisioning of the CMS online cluster using a cloud overlay
FERMILAB-CONF-19-548-E Casler, HelenkaMu2e Muon Beam Optimization
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-546-QIS-SCD Caldeira, JoãoRestricted Boltzmann Machines for galaxy morphology classification with a quantum annealer
FERMILAB-PUB-19-546-QIS-SCD Caldeira, JoãoRestricted Boltzmann Machines for galaxy morphology classification with a quantum annealer
FERMILAB-CONF-19-545-SCD Bocci, AndreaBringing heterogeneity to the CMS software framework
FERMILAB-CONF-19-544-AD Piekarz, HenrykRecord Fast Cycling Accelerator Magnet Based on High Temperature Superconductor
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-535-AE-PPD Bianchini, F.Constraints on Cosmological Parameters from the 500 deg$^2$ SPTpol Lensing Power Spectrum
FERMILAB-PUB-19-534-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Supersymmetry with a Compressed Mass Spectrum in Events with a Soft $\tau$ Lepton, a High
FERMILAB-PUB-19-533-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudy of J/$\psi$ meson production inside jets in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-532-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStrange hadron production in pp and pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}}= $ 5.02 TeV
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FERMILAB-CONF-19-528-PIP2 Prakash, R.Availability and Reliability Analysis of Proton Improvement Plan-II Superconducting Radio Frequency
FERMILAB-CONF-19-527-PIP2 Prakash, R.Acceptance Calculation and Study of Fault Scenarios in the PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-PUB-19-526-SCD Elvira, V.GEANT4 Parameter Tuning Using Professor
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-521-T Lunardini, CeciliaDirac and Majorana neutrino signatures of primordial black holes
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-519-A-SCD Bonvin, V.COSMOGRAIL - XVIII. time delays of the quadruply lensed quasar WFI2033−4723
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-517-AE Torrealba, G.The Hidden Giant: Discovery of an Enormous Galactic Dwarf Satellite in Gaia DR2
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-515-ESH Aharmim, B.Measurement of Neutron Production in Atmospheric Neutrino Interactions at the Sudbury Neutrino Obser
FERMILAB-PUB-19-514-T Gao, ChristinaAlmost Inert Higgs Bosons at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-19-513-AE Bleem, L.E.The SPTpol Extended Cluster Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-19-512-ND-SCD Adams, C.Reconstruction and Measurement of $\mathcal{O}$(100) MeV Energy Electromagnetic Activity from $\pi^0
FERMILAB-CONF-19-511-AD Neswold, R.The Web as the Primary Control System User Interface
FERMILAB-PUB-19-508-T de Gouvêa, AndréImpact of neutrino decays on the supernova neutronization-burst flux
FERMILAB-PUB-19-507-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for production of four top quarks in final states with same-sign or multiple leptons in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-19-506-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry using Higgs boson to diphoton decays at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-505-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a charged Higgs boson decaying into top and bottom quarks in events with electrons or muo
FERMILAB-PUB-19-504-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearches for physics beyond the standard model with the $M_\mathrm{T2}$ variable in hadronic final s
FERMILAB-PUB-19-503-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for low mass vector resonances decaying into quark-antiquark pairs in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-19-502-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of differential Z boson production cross sections in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqr
FERMILAB-PUB-19-501-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for electroweak production of a vector-like T quark using fully hadronic final states
FERMILAB-PUB-19-500-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the $\mathrm{t\bar{t}}\mathrm{b\bar{b}}$ production cross section in the all-jet fina
FERMILAB-PUB-19-499-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvidence for $\text {W}\text {W}$ production from double-parton interactions in proton–proton collis
FERMILAB-PUB-19-498-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for long-lived particles using delayed photons in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13
FERMILAB-PUB-19-497-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MRunning of the top quark mass from proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-496-ND Adams, C.A method to determine the electric field of liquid argon time projection chambers using a UV laser s
FERMILAB-PUB-19-495-APC Blondel, AlainPolarization and Centre-of-mass Energy Calibration at FCC-ee
FERMILAB-CONF-19-494-E Hong, RanMagnetic Field Measurement and Analysis for the Muon g-2 Experiment
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-490-T Khan, Amir N.Why matter effects matter for JUNO
FERMILAB-CONF-19-489-APC Xu, TianzheGeneration High-Charge of Flat Beams at the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-483-T Gao, ChristinaCollider Phenomenology of a Gluino Continuum
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-481-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirModern and Future Colliders
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FERMILAB-CONF-19-479-T Rosell, IgnasiEffective Theories and Resonances in Strongly-Coupled Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Scenarios
FERMILAB-PUB-19-478-SCD Yang, JingOptimal Measurements for Quantum Multiparameter Estimation with General States
FERMILAB-PUB-19-477-T Campbell, JohnPrecision Phenomenology with MCFM
FERMILAB-CONF-19-476-TD Zlobin, A.V.Development and First Test of the 15 T Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Demonstrator MDPCT1
FERMILAB-CONF-19-475-TD Strauss, T.First Field Measurements of the 15 T Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Demonstrator MDPCT1
FERMILAB-PUB-19-472-T Krovi, AnirudhHiggs Portal to Dark QED
FERMILAB-CONF-19-470-AD Wang, Li JiaoWeak-Strong Simulation of Beam-Beam Effects in Super Proton-Proton Collider
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FERMILAB-CONF-19-467-AD Lumpkin, Alex H.Single-Shot Diagnostics of Microbunched Electrons in Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerators and Free-Elect
FERMILAB-CONF-19-466-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Observations of Long-Range and Short-Range Wakefield Effects on Electron-Beam Dynamics in TESLA-type
FERMILAB-CONF-19-465-ND Crespo-Anadón, J.I.Continuous data acquisition for liquid argon time projection chamber neutrino detectors using FPGA-b
FERMILAB-PUB-19-464-APC Shiltsev, VladimirDmitri Mendeleev and the science of vodka
FERMILAB-PUB-19-462-T Denton, Peter BFibonacci Fast Convergence for Neutrino Oscillations in Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-19-461-T Barenboim, GabrielaLight neutrino masses from gravitational condensation: the Schwinger–Dyson approach
FERMILAB-PUB-19-460-ND Acciarri, RobertoThe Liquid Argon In A Testbeam (LArIAT) Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-19-460-ND Acciarri, R.The Liquid Argon In A Testbeam (LArIAT) Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-19-459-AD Harkay, KatherineHigh-Charge Injector for on-Axis Injection Into A High-Performance Storage Ring Light Source
FERMILAB-PUB-19-458-ND Asaadi, JonathanA New Concept for Kilotonne Scale Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers
FERMILAB-PUB-19-457-T; IFIC/19-37 Barenboim, GabrielaSterile Neutrinos, Black Hole Vacuum and Holographic Principle
FERMILAB-PUB-19-457-T Barenboim, GabrielaSterile Neutrinos, Black Hole Vacuum and Holographic Principle
FERMILAB-CONF-19-456-AD Brown, BruceDesign Considerations and Operational Features of the Collimators for the Fermilab Main Injector and
FERMILAB-CONF-19-455-AD Lobach, IharStudy of Fluctuations in Undulator Radiation in the IOTA Ring at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-19-454-TD Ferradas Troitino, J.On the mechanical behavior of a Nb$_3$Sn superconducting coil during a quench: Two-dimensional finit
FERMILAB-PUB-19-453-E-PPD Miryala, SandeepCDP1—A Data Concentrator Prototype for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-19-452-AD Bhat, Chandrashekhara M.Energy Spread Measurements for 400 MeV Linac Beam at Fermilab Booster Using a Laser Notcher System
FERMILAB-CONF-19-451-SCD Park, Chong ShikMultipass Simulations of Space Charge Compensation using Electron Columns at IOTA
FERMILAB-CONF-19-450-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir2019 Nishikawa Tetsuji Prize Talk
FERMILAB-CONF-19-449-APC Prebys, EricDevelopment of 211-Astatine Production in the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory Cyclotron
FERMILAB-CONF-19-448-TD Bross, A.Conceptual Design of DUNE Near Detector Superconducting Magnet System
FERMILAB-PUB-19-447-TD Kashikhin, VladimirHTS Quadrupole Magnet for the Persistent Current Mode Operation
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FERMILAB-CONF-19-445-TD Zlobin, A.V.Quench Performance and Field Quality of the 15 T Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Demonstrator MDPCT1 in the First Te
FERMILAB-CONF-19-444-AD Bhat, ChandraFoil Scattering Model for Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-PUB-19-443-AD Chen, A.Test Results of PIP2IT MEBT Vacuum Protection System
FERMILAB-CONF-19-443-AD Chen, A.Test Results of PIP2IT MEBT Vacuum Protection System
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FERMILAB-CONF-19-440-AD Shemyakin, A.Finding Beam Loss Locations in a Linac with Oscillating Dipole Correctors
FERMILAB-CONF-19-439-AD Shemyakin, A.Experience with Long-Pulse Operation of the PIP2IT Warm Front End
FERMILAB-CONF-19-438-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Coherent Optical Transition Radiation Imaging for Compact Accelerator Electron-Beam Diagnostics
FERMILAB-CONF-19-438-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Coherent optical transition radiation imaging for compact accelerator electron-beam diagnostics
FERMILAB-CONF-19-437-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Proposed Enhanced Imaging Station in the 6-GeV Booster-to-Storage Ring Transport Line for APS Upgrad
FERMILAB-PUB-19-436-A Baker, JohnThe Laser Interferometer Space Antenna: Unveiling the Millihertz Gravitational Wave Sky
FERMILAB-PUB-19-435-AE-ND-PPD-SCD Agnes, P.Measurement of the ion fraction and mobility of $^{218}$Po produced in $^{222}$Rn decays in liquid a
FERMILAB-PUB-19-434-AE Levi, Michael E.The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI)
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-432-AE-SCD Aguilar-Arevalo, A.Constraints on Light Dark Matter Particles Interacting with Electrons from DAMIC at SNOLAB
FERMILAB-PUB-19-431-AE-SCD Abazajian, KevorkCMB-S4 Science Case, Reference Design, and Project Plan
FERMILAB-CONF-19-430-AD Jarvis, J.D.Optical Stochastic Cooling Program at Fermilab’s Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
FERMILAB-PUB-19-429-AE Raghunathan, S.Detection of CMB-Cluster Lensing using Polarization Data from SPTpol
FERMILAB-PUB-19-428-AE Huang, N.Galaxy Clusters Selected via the Sunyaev–Zel’dovich Effect in the SPTpol 100-square-degree Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-19-427-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Physics beyond the Standard Model in Events with Overlapping Photons and Jets
FERMILAB-PUB-19-426-T Khan, Amir N.New physics from COHERENT data with an improved quenching factor
FERMILAB-PUB-19-424-AD Balabekyan, A.R.Spallation reactions induced by 4.4 GeV deuterons on lead isotopes
FERMILAB-PUB-19-423-AD-ND-SCD Aduszkiewicz, A.Measurement of $\phi $ meson production in $p + p$ interactions at 40, 80 and $158 \, \hbox {GeV}/c$
FERMILAB-PUB-19-422-T Lin, YinNucleon mass with highly improved staggered quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-19-421-AD Sen, TanajiFields and characteristic impedances of dipole and quadrupole cylindrical stripline kickers
FERMILAB-PUB-19-420-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for light pseudoscalar boson pairs produced from decays of the 125 GeV Higgs boson in final s
FERMILAB-PUB-19-419-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark Yukawa coupling from $\mathrm{t\bar{t}}$ kinematic distributions in the
FERMILAB-PUB-19-418-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for MSSM Higgs bosons decaying to μ + μ − in proton-proton collisions at s=13TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-417-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark polarization and $\mathrm{t\bar{t}}$ spin correlations using dilepton f
FERMILAB-PUB-19-416-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudy of the $ {\mathrm{B}}^{+}\to \mathrm{J}/\psi \overline{\Lambda}\mathrm{p} $ decay in proton-pr
FERMILAB-PUB-19-415-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of triple-differential cross sections for inclusive isolated-photon+jet events in pp co
FERMILAB-PUB-19-414-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of differential cross sections and charge ratios for t-channel single top quark producti
FERMILAB-PUB-19-413-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for anomalous triple gauge couplings in WW and WZ production in lepton + jet events in proton
FERMILAB-PUB-19-412-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for heavy Higgs bosons decaying to a top quark pair in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-19-411-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the average very forward energy as a function of the track multiplicity at central ps
FERMILAB-PUB-19-410-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark matter particles produced in association with a Higgs boson in proton-proton collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-19-409-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark photons in decays of Higgs bosons produced in association with Z bosons in proton-pr
FERMILAB-PUB-19-408-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV in final states with jets and missing
FERMILAB-PUB-19-407-TD Song, HonghaiVertical Magnetic Measurements of the First Full-Length Prototype MQXFAP2 Quadrupole for the LHC Hi-
FERMILAB-PUB-19-406-PPD Krzyżanowska, A.Addressing of imperfection of a hybrid pixel sensor for X-ray detection with a circuit for charge sh
FERMILAB-PUB-19-405-TD Kovacs, Chris J.A Tear-Drop Bifilar Sample Holder for Full Excitation and Stability Studies of HTS Cables at 4.2 K U
FERMILAB-PUB-19-404-TD Kesgin, IbrahimDevelopment of Short-Period Nb$_3$Sn Superconducting Planar Undulators
FERMILAB-PUB-19-403-TD Ferradas Troitino, Jose3-D thermal-electric finite element model of a Nb$_3$Sn coil during a quench
FERMILAB-PUB-19-402-TD Wang, XiaorongField Quality of HD3—A Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Magnet Based on Block Design
FERMILAB-PUB-19-401-TD Juchno, MariuszMechanical Utility Structure for Testing High Field Superconducting Dipole Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-19-400-TD Schoerling, DanielThe 16 T dipole development program for FCC and HE-LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-19-399-AD Lumpkin, Alex H.Observations on Microbunching of Electrons in Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerators and Free-Electron Las
FERMILAB-CONF-19-398-AD Lumpkin, Alex H.Observations of Short-Range Wakefield Effects in TESLA-Type Superconducting RF Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-19-397-T Martinez-Soler, IvanPhysics of parameter correlations around the solar-scale enhancement in neutrino theory with unitari
FERMILAB-PUB-19-396-AE Bressler, M.A buffer-free concept bubble chamber for PICO dark matter searches
FERMILAB-PUB-19-395-T Carena, MarcelaDark CP violation and gauged lepton or baryon number for electroweak baryogenesis
FERMILAB-PUB-19-394-AD-APC Burov, AlexeyTransverse Microwave Convective Instability at Transition Crossing
FERMILAB-PUB-19-393-A-PPD Tsai, Yu-DaiDark Photon and Muon $g-2$ Inspired Inelastic Dark Matter Models at the High-Energy Intensity Fronti
FERMILAB-CONF-19-392-AE-PPD Bender, A.N.On-Sky Performance of the SPT-3G Frequency-Domain Multiplexed Readout
FERMILAB-PUB-19-391-ND Foreman, W.Calorimetry for low-energy electrons using charge and light in liquid argon
FERMILAB-CONF-19-390-AD Leleux, KyleData Acquisition System for RF Cavity Hadron Monitor
FERMILAB-PUB-19-389-T Bhupal Dev, P.S.Signatures of Supersymmetry in Neutrino Telescopes
FERMILAB-PUB-19-388-CD-ND Fernandes, A.F.M.Low-diffusion Xe-He gas mixtures for rare-event detection: Electroluminescence Yield
FERMILAB-CONF-19-387-CD Cerati, G.Speeding up Particle Track Reconstruction in the CMS Detector using a Vectorized and Parallelized Ka
FERMILAB-PUB-19-386-AE Gupta, N.Fractional polarization of extragalactic sources in the 500 deg2 SPTpol survey
FERMILAB-PUB-19-385-CD Nagai, A.Silicon Photomultiplier for Medical Imaging -Analysis of SiPM characteristics-
FERMILAB-PUB-19-384-AE Conselice, Christopher J.Gravitational Waves from Black Holes in Merging Ultra-Dwarf Galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-19-383-CMS Apyan, AramOpportunities and challenges of Standard Model production cross section measurements in proton-proto
FERMILAB-PUB-19-382-AD-APC-ND-PPD Bogomilov, M.Demonstration of cooling by the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-19-381-AE Aartsen, M.G.Velocity Independent Constraints on Spin-Dependent DM-Nucleon Interactions from IceCube and PICO
FERMILAB-CONF-19-380-AD Tu, YishengConceptual design of a quadrupole kicker and study of beam dynamics for generating echoes in IOTA
FERMILAB-CONF-19-379-AD Yan, XuAC Dipole Requirements for Beam Extinction for the Fermilab Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-19-377-T Denton, Peter BEigenvectors from Eigenvalues: a survey of a basic identity in linear algebra
FERMILAB-PUB-19-376-CD Gong, QianRapid simulation of X-ray scatter measurements for threat detection via GPU-based ray-tracing
FERMILAB-CONF-19-375-AD Sims, BenjaminMagnetic Field Mapper
FERMILAB-PUB-19-374-AE Fang, Y.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: The Relationship between Mass and Light Around Cosmic Voids
FERMILAB-CONF-19-373-AD-TD Shegren, CalderUsing Microscopy and Magnetization Measurements to Characterize Electron Irradiation of Nb and Nb3Sn
FERMILAB-PUB-19-371-PPD Carini, Gabriella A.Hybridized MAPS with an in-pixel A-to-D conversion readout ASIC
FERMILAB-PUB-19-370-PPD Peña, C.A simulation model of front-end electronics for high-precision timing measurements with low-gain ava
FERMILAB-CONF-19-369-CMS Cenci, R.Performance of a high-throughput tracking processor implemented on Stratix-V FPGA
FERMILAB-PUB-19-368-TD Levitan, JeremyVerification Testing of MQXFA Nb$_3$Sn Wires Procured Under LARP
FERMILAB-CONF-19-367-AE Kilminster, B.Results from 2015 and the 2016 Upgrade of the CONNIE Experiment for Detecting Coherent Neutrino Nucl
FERMILAB-PUB-19-366-AE Sharon, Chelsea E.Resolved Molecular Gas and Star Formation Properties of the Strongly Lensed z = 2.26 Galaxy SDSS J09
FERMILAB-CONF-19-365-AE-E Agrawal, AnkurTunable High-Q Photonic Bandgap Cavity
FERMILAB-PUB-19-364-T Carney, DanielUltralight dark matter detection with mechanical quantum sensors
FERMILAB-CONF-19-362-AD Eldred, JeffreyNovel Approaches to High-Power Proton Beams
FERMILAB-PUB-19-361-AD Pronskikh, VitalyComputer Modeling and Simulation: Increasing Reliability by Disentangling Verification and Validatio
FERMILAB-PUB-19-360-PPD Moreno, Eric A.JEDI-net: a jet identification algorithm based on interaction networks
FERMILAB-PUB-19-359-AE Anderson, A.J.Performance of Al–Mn Transition-Edge Sensor Bolometers in SPT-3G
FERMILAB-PUB-19-358-A Krnjaic, GordanImplications of BBN Bounds for Cosmic Ray Upscattered Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-19-357-ND Adams, C.Calibration of the charge and energy loss per unit length of the MicroBooNE liquid argon time projec
FERMILAB-CONF-19-356-TD Tatkowski, G.Cryocooled cold trap system for the SuperCDMS dilution refrigerator
FERMILAB-CONF-19-355-AD-APC Shiltsev, V.D.Summary of the “Workshop on Beam Acceleration in Crystals and Nanostructures” (Fermilab, June 24–25,
FERMILAB-CONF-19-354-AD-APC Shiltsev, V.D.Ultimate Colliders for Particle Physics: Limits and Possibilities
FERMILAB-CONF-19-353-AD-APC Shiltsev, V.D.Experience with Crystals at Fermilab Accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-19-353-AD-APC Shiltsev, V.D.Experience with Crystals at Fermilab Accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-19-352-TD Wang, RenzhuoPIP-II Injector Test Cryogenic Transfer Line
FERMILAB-CONF-19-351-DI-LDRD-TD Dhuley, R.C.Demonstration of CW Accelerating Gradients on a Cryogen-Free Cryocooler Conduction-Cooled SRF Cavity
FERMILAB-PUB-19-350-PPD Chaudhary, GeetanjaliEFT triangles in the same-sign $WW$ scattering process at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-19-349-PPD Atanov, N.Mu2e Calorimeter Readout System
FERMILAB-PUB-19-348-T Khan, Amir N.Borexino and general neutrino interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-19-347-TD Posen, S.Ultralow Surface Resistance via Vacuum Heat Treatment of Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-19-346-ND Crespo-Anadón, J.I.The MicroBooNE Continuous Readout Stream for Detection of Supernova Neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-19-345-APC Halavanau, A.Tailoring of an Electron-Bunch Current Distribution via Space-to-Time Mapping of a Transversely-Shap
FERMILAB-PUB-19-344-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Coherent Optical Signature of Electron Microbunching in Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-19-343-TD Furuta, FumioFermilab EP Facility Improvement
FERMILAB-PUB-19-342-AE Morgan, R.A DECam Search for Explosive Optical Transients Associated with IceCube Neutrinos
FERMILAB-CONF-19-341-CD-QIS Amundson, JamesQuantum Computing
FERMILAB-CONF-19-340-AD-APC Kuklev, NikitaSynchrotron Radiation Beam Diagnostics at IOTA - Commissioning Performance and Upgrade Efforts
FERMILAB-CONF-19-339-AD Sadovich, SergeyElectron Beam Dynamics Simulation for Electron Lenses
FERMILAB-CONF-19-338-QIS Song, LinghaoDeep Learning for Vertex Reconstruction of Neutrino-Nucleus Interaction Events with Combined Energy
FERMILAB-CONF-19-337-AD Perini, DiegoThe development programme of cathodes and electron guns for the Hollow Electron Lenses of the High L
FERMILAB-PUB-19-335-AE Zheng, Zhen-YaDesign for the First Narrowband Filter for the Dark Energy Camera: Optimizing the LAGER Survey for z
FERMILAB-PUB-19-334-A Hogan, CraigPattern of perturbations from a coherent quantum inflationary horizon
FERMILAB-CONF-19-333-TD Soyars, W.Status of the LCLS-II Cryogenic Distribution System
FERMILAB-PUB-19-332-PPD Blazey, G.Radiation Tests of Hamamatsu Multi-Pixel Photon Counters
FERMILAB-PUB-19-331-A Blanco, CarlosZ′ mediated WIMPs: dead, dying, or soon to be detected?
FERMILAB-PUB-19-330-SCD Austin, Anthony P.Practical algorithms for multivariate rational approximation
FERMILAB-CONF-19-329-AD Butler, T.A.Development of a Marx Modulator for FNAL Linac
FERMILAB-CONF-19-327-ND Harris, D.A.Future Neutrino Facilities
FERMILAB-PUB-19-326-T Denton, Peter BNeutrino oscillations in matter via eigenvalues
FERMILAB-PUB-19-325-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a low-mass $\tau^+\tau^-$ resonance in association with a bottom quark in proton-proton c
FERMILAB-PUB-19-324-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for the production of W$^\pm$W$^\pm$W$^\mp$ events at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-323-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a light charged Higgs boson decaying to a W boson and a CP-odd Higgs boson in final state
FERMILAB-PUB-19-322-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for anomalous electroweak production of vector boson pairs in association with two jets in pr
FERMILAB-PUB-19-321-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCorrelations of azimuthal anisotropy Fourier harmonics with subevent cumulants in $pPb$ collisions a
FERMILAB-PUB-19-320-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Low-Mass Quark-Antiquark Resonances Produced in Association with a Photon at $\sqrt {s}$
FERMILAB-PUB-19-319-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Higgs and Z boson decays to J/ψ or Y pairs in the four-muon final state in proton-proton
FERMILAB-PUB-19-318-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for vector-like leptons in multilepton final states in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$
FERMILAB-PUB-19-317-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry with a compressed mass spectrum in the vector boson fusion topology with 1-
FERMILAB-PUB-19-316-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCombination of CMS searches for heavy resonances decaying to pairs of bosons or leptons
FERMILAB-PUB-19-315-CD Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for the production of four top quarks in the single-lepton and opposite-sign dilepton final s
FERMILAB-PUB-19-314-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MProduction of $\Lambda_\mathrm{c}^+$ baryons in proton-proton and lead-lead collisions at $\sqrt{s_\
FERMILAB-PUB-19-313-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MA multi-dimensional search for new heavy resonances decaying to boosted WW, WZ, or ZZ boson pairs in
FERMILAB-PUB-19-312-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for long-lived particles using nonprompt jets and missing transverse momentum with proton-pro
FERMILAB-PUB-19-311-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for pair production of vectorlike quarks in the fully hadronic final state
FERMILAB-PUB-19-310-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCombined search for supersymmetry with photons in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-CONF-19-309-ND Babicz, MartaScintillation Light DAQ and Trigger System for the ICARUS T600 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-19-308-ND Böser, SebastianStatus of Light Sterile Neutrino Searches
FERMILAB-CONF-19-307-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirFuture High Energy Frontier Colliders
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-305-T Rocco, NoemiElectroweak Pion-Production on Nuclei within the Extended Factorization Scheme
FERMILAB-PUB-19-304-T Babu, K.S.Non-Standard Interactions in Radiative Neutrino Mass Models
FERMILAB-CONF-19-303-E Quinn, B.CPT- and Lorentz-Violation Tests with Muon $g$-2
FERMILAB-PUB-19-302-CD-PPD Aguilar-Arevalo, AlexisExploring low-energy neutrino physics with the Coherent Neutrino Nucleus Interaction Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-19-301-CD Cerati, G.Parallelized Kalman-Filter-Based Reconstruction of Particle Tracks on Many-Core Architectures with t
FERMILAB-PUB-19-300-T Chen, TinghuaA Projective Phase Space Generator for Hadronic Vector Boson Plus One Jet Production
FERMILAB-CONF-19-299-T Bhupal Dev, P.S.Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions: A Status Report
FERMILAB-PUB-19-298-V Barrow, Joshua L.Progress and simulations for intranuclear neutron-antineutron transformations in ${}^{40}_{18} Ar$
FERMILAB-PUB-19-297-APC Burov, A.Comment on “Instability Studies at the CERN Proton Synchrotron during Transition Crossing”
FERMILAB-CONF-19-295-TD Saini, ArunThe Beam Dynamics Updates of the Fermilab PIP-II 800 MeV Superconducting LINAC
FERMILAB-CONF-19-294-TD Pischalnikov, Y.Operation of an SRF Cavity Tuner Submerged into Liquid Helium
FERMILAB-CONF-19-293-TD Pischalnikov, YuriyTesting of the Piezo-Actuators at High Dynamic Rate Operational Conditions
FERMILAB-CONF-19-292-TD Pischalnikov, YuriyPerformance of the 650 MHZ SRF Cavity Tuner for PIP-II Project
FERMILAB-PUB-19-290-AE Li, T.S.The southern stellar stream spectroscopic survey ($S^5$): Overview, target selection, data reduction
FERMILAB-PUB-19-287-AE Martínez-Vázquez, C.E.Search for RR Lyrae stars in DES ultrafaint systems: Grus I, Kim 2, Phoenix II, and Grus II
FERMILAB-CONF-19-285-TD Arkan, TugLCLS-II Cryomodules Production Experience and Lessons Learned at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-19-284-TD Berrutti, P.Plasma ignition and detection for in-situ cleaning of 1.3 GHz 9-cell cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-19-283-TD Wu, G.Magnetic Field Induced by Thermo Electric Current in LCLS-II Cryomodules
FERMILAB-CONF-19-282-TD Wu, GenfaOptimization of Clean Room Infrastructure and Procedure During LCLS-II Cryomodule Production at Ferm
FERMILAB-PUB-19-280-ND-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderProbing the origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with neutrinos in the EeV energy range using the
FERMILAB-PUB-19-279-ND-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderLimits on point-like sources of ultra-high-energy neutrinos with the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-19-278-T Heller, MatthiasLeading Order Corrections to the Bethe-Heitler Process in the $\gamma p\rightarrow l^+l^-p$ Reaction
FERMILAB-PUB-19-277-A Gnedin, Nickolay Y.Hierarchical Particle-Mesh: an FFT-accelerated Fast Multipole Method
FERMILAB-CONF-19-276-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirFuture Accelerator-Based Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-CONF-19-275-ND Kalra, D.Current Status for the Inclusive Neutral Current $\pi ^{0}$ Production Cross-Section Measurement wit
FERMILAB-PUB-19-274-T Sobczyk, J.E.Weak Production of Strange and Charmed Ground-State Baryons in Nuclei
FERMILAB-PUB-19-273-T Sobczyk, J.E.Polarization of Tau in Quasielastic (Anti)Neutrino Scattering: The Role of Spectral Functions
FERMILAB-PUB-19-272-ND Acero, M.A.First Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters using Neutrinos and Antineutrinos by NOvA
FERMILAB-PUB-19-271-A Stebbins, AlbertNew Limits on Charged Dark Matter from Large-Scale Coherent Magnetic Fields
FERMILAB-PUB-19-270-T Eichten, Estia J.Mesons with Beauty and Charm: New Horizons in Spectroscopy
FERMILAB-PUB-19-269-T Berger, JoshuaPhase of confined electroweak force in the early Universe
FERMILAB-PUB-19-268-T Das, ArindamLong-lived TeV-scale right-handed neutrino production at the LHC in gauged $U(1)_X$ model
FERMILAB-PUB-19-267-TD You, XinyuanCircuit quantization in the presence of time-dependent external flux
FERMILAB-PUB-19-266-T Marzani, SimoneFitting the Strong Coupling Constant with Soft-Drop Thrust
FERMILAB-CONF-19-265-T Vaquero, A.$B\to D^\ast\ell\nu$ at Non-Zero Recoil
FERMILAB-PUB-19-264-PPD Fahim, FarahDynamically Reconfigurable Data Readout of Pixel Detectors for Automatic Synchronization with Data A
FERMILAB-PUB-19-263-PPD Withdrawn
FERMILAB-PUB-19-262-PPD Gaponenko, AndreiA Practical Way to Regularize Unfolding of Sharply Varying Spectra with Low Data Statistics
FERMILAB-PUB-19-261-CD-ND Novella, P.Radiogenic Backgrounds in the NEXT Double Beta Decay Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-19-260-CD-ND Renner, J.Energy calibration of the NEXT-White detector with 1% resolution near Q$_{\beta \beta}$ of$^{136}$Xe
FERMILAB-PUB-19-259-CD-ND Ferrario, P.Demonstration of the event identification capabilities of the NEXT-White detector
FERMILAB-PUB-19-258-PPD Psihas, F.Context-Enriched Identification of Particles with a Convolutional Network for Neutrino Events
FERMILAB-PUB-19-257-A Baxter, DanielElectron Ionization via Dark Matter-Electron Scattering and the Migdal Effect
FERMILAB-PUB-19-256-CD-ND Valencia, E.Constraint of the MINER$\nu$A medium energy neutrino flux using neutrino-electron elastic scattering
FERMILAB-PUB-19-255-AE Pan, ZhaodiCompact millimeter-wavelength Fourier-transform spectrometer
FERMILAB-PUB-19-254-AE Amole, C.Data-Driven Modeling of Electron Recoil Nucleation in PICO C$_3$F$_8$ Bubble Chambers
FERMILAB-PUB-19-253-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichProperties of $Z_c^{\pm}(3900)$ Produced in $p \bar p$ Collision
FERMILAB-PUB-19-252-T Costa, Davi B.General Solution to the U(1) Anomaly Equations
FERMILAB-CONF-19-251-AE-CD Bauer, Amanda E.Petabytes to Science
FERMILAB-PUB-19-250-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirElectron Lenses, Tevatron and Selected Topics in Accelerators: 2019 Nishikawa Prize Talk
FERMILAB-PUB-19-250-AD-APC Shiltsev, VladimirNishikawa Prize Article: Electron Lenses, Tevatron, and Selected Topics in Accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-19-249-A Blanco, CarlosAnnihilation Signatures of Hidden Sector Dark Matter Within Early-Forming Microhalos
FERMILAB-PUB-19-248-T Brivio, I.Leptogenesis in the Neutrino Option
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-246-PPD Anastasi, A.The laser-based gain monitoring system of the calorimeters in the Muon $g-2$ experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-19-245-T Molina Sedgwick, SusanaMatter Density Profile Effects on Neutrino Oscillations at T2HK and T2HKK
FERMILAB-PUB-19-244-T Ferreira, Pedro G.Scale-independent $R^2$ inflation
FERMILAB-CONF-19-243-CD Riley, DanielMulti-Threaded Output in CMS using ROOT
FERMILAB-PUB-19-242-PPD Canepa, AnadiSearches for Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-19-241-T Esteban, IvanLooking at the axionic dark sector with ANITA
FERMILAB-CONF-19-239-TD Dalesandro, A.Design of the DUNE APATF cryogenic system
FERMILAB-PUB-19-238-AE Lee, S.Producing a BOSS-CMASS sample with DES imaging
FERMILAB-CONF-19-237-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir2019 Nishikawa Tetsuji Prize Talk
FERMILAB-CONF-19-236-CMS Strobbe, NadjaStrong SUSY at ATLAS and CMS
FERMILAB-PUB-19-235-ND Abratenko, P.First Measurement of Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged Current Differential Cross Sections on Argon at
FERMILAB-PUB-19-234-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MAzimuthal separation in nearly back-to-back jet topologies in inclusive 2- and 3-jet events in pp co
FERMILAB-PUB-19-233-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new physics in top quark production in dilepton final states in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-19-232-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MExtraction and validation of a new set of CMS PYTHIA8 tunes from underlying-event measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-19-231-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for resonances decaying to a pair of Higgs bosons in the $\mathrm{b\overline{b}q\overline{q}'
FERMILAB-PUB-19-230-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of $\mathrm{t\bar t}$ normalised multi-differential cross sections in pp collisions at $
FERMILAB-PUB-19-229-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMultiparticle correlation studies in pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} =$ 8.16 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-228-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of nuclear modifications in W$^\pm$ boson production in pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\math
FERMILAB-PUB-19-227-AE Mawdsley, B.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Wide Field Mass Maps via Forward Fitting in Harmonic Space
FERMILAB-CONF-19-226-ND Foppiani, NicolòSearch for a Low Energy Excess in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-PUB-19-225-AE Wu, W.L.K.A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Lensing Potential and Power Spectrum from 500 deg$^
FERMILAB-CONF-19-224-TD Velev, GueorguiMeasurements of Decay and Snapback in Nb₃Sn Accelerator Magnets at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-19-223-TD Velev, GueorguiFermilab Superconducting Nb₃Sn High Field Magnet R&D Program
FERMILAB-CONF-19-222-AD-DI Lobach, IharStudy of Fluctuations in Undulator Radiation in the IOTA Ring at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-19-221-AD-DI Nagaitsev, SergeiExperimental Study of a Single Electron in a Storage Ring via Undulator Radiation
FERMILAB-CONF-19-220-AD Stratakis, DiktysApplication of Passive Wedge Absorbers for Improving the Performance of Precision-Science Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-19-219-PPD Hoff, James R.Conflux: An Asynchronous Two-to-One Multiplexor for Time-Division Multiplexing and Clockless, Tokenl
FERMILAB-PUB-19-219-PPD Hoff, James R.Conflux – An Asynchronous 2-to-1 Multiplexor for Time-Division Multiplexing and Clock-less, Token-le
FERMILAB-PUB-19-218-T Bothmann, EnricoEvent Generation with Sherpa 2.2
FERMILAB-CONF-19-217-AD Alvarez, MatthewMu2e Electrostatic Septa Volumetric Exchange of FC-40 Dielectric in High Radiation Environments
FERMILAB-PUB-19-216-V Tomalak, OleksandrElectromagnetic proton–neutron mass difference
FERMILAB-PUB-19-215-ND Agarwalla, S.K.Constraints on flavor-diagonal non-standard neutrino interactions from Borexino Phase-II
FERMILAB-CONF-19-214-TD Kashikhin, VadimMagnet Design Optimization for Future Hadron Colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-19-213 Lari, LuisellaFLUKA-MARS15 simulations to optimize the Fermilab PIP-II movable beam absorber
FERMILAB-CONF-19-212-TD Apollinari, GiorgioUS Contributions to the High Luminosity LHC Upgrade - Focusing Quadrupoles and Crab Cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-19-211-AD Manczak, J.Passive Absorbers for Maximizing the Performance of the Mu2e-II Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-19-210-AD Stratakis, DiktysCommissioning and First Results of the Fermilab Muon Campus
FERMILAB-CONF-19-209-AD Ramirez, A.Measurement and Analysis of Beam Phase-Space Distributions for the Fermilab Muon Campus Accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-19-208-AD Stratakis, DiktysA Parameter Study for Improving the Performance of the Production Target for the Fermilab Muon g-2 E
FERMILAB-CONF-19-207-E Fienberg, A.T.The Status and Prospects of the Muon $g-2$ Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-19-205-AD Bartosik, NazarPreliminary Report on the Study of Beam-Induced Background Effects at a Muon Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-19-204-AE Gupta, N.Constraining radio mode feedback in galaxy clusters with the cluster radio AGNs properties to z ∼ 1
FERMILAB-PUB-19-201-AE Mocanu, L.M.Consistency of Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature Measurements in Three Frequency Bands in the
FERMILAB-CONF-19-200-AD Ader, C.R.Accelerator Vacuum Windows: A Review of Past Research and a Strategy for the Development of a New De
FERMILAB-PUB-19-199-T Carena, MarcelaReturn of the WIMP: Missing energy signals and the Galactic Center excess
FERMILAB-PUB-19-198-PPD Khaw, K.S.Performance of the Muon $g-2$ calorimeter and readout systems measured with test beam data
FERMILAB-PUB-19-197-A-T Blinov, NikitaDark matter targets for axionlike particle searches
FERMILAB-PUB-19-196-AD-FESS-TD Kazakevich, G.Stimulated Generation of Magnetrons powered below the Self-Excitation Threshold Voltage
FERMILAB-PUB-19-195-AE-CD Wang, M.Y.Rediscovery of the Sixth Star Cluster in the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
FERMILAB-CONF-19-194-AD Syphers, MichaelMuon g-2: An Interplay between Beam Dynamics and a Muon Decay Experiment at the Precision Frontier
FERMILAB-CONF-19-193-E Wu, JinyuanA Novel TDC Scheme: Combinatorial Gray Code Oscillator Based TDC for Low Power and Low Resource Usag
FERMILAB-PUB-19-192-T Höche, StefanSimulation of Vector Boson Plus Many Jet Final States at the High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-19-191-ND Del Tutto, MarcoCross Section Prospects for MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-PUB-19-190-T Hernandez-Cabezudo, AlvaroConstraint on the solar $\Delta m^2$ using 4000 days of short baseline reactor neutrino data
FERMILAB-PUB-19-189-T Campbell, John M.H + 1 jet production revisited
FERMILAB-PUB-19-188-PPD Fahim, FarahA Low Power, High Speed Readout for Pixel Detectors Based on an Arbitration Tree
FERMILAB-CONF-19-187-LBNF Creus, JoaquimDesign, Construction and Commissioning of the Proximity Cryogenics Systems Serving Two Large-Scale P
FERMILAB-PUB-19-186-A Hooper, DanDark Radiation and Superheavy Dark Matter from Black Hole Domination
FERMILAB-PUB-19-185-T Hussein, Moh'dA Study of the Role of the PDF Uncertainty on the LHC $W$-Boson Mass Measurement
FERMILAB-CONF-19-183-CD-CMS Elvira, V.DanielImpact of Detector Simulation in Particle Physics Collider Experiments - Highlights
FERMILAB-CONF-19-181-AD Deshpande, A.LBNF Hadron Absorber: Updated Mechanical Design and Analysis for 2.4 MW Operation
FERMILAB-CONF-19-180-E-PPD Keshavarzi, AlexanderThe Muon $g-2$ Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-19-179-ND Acero, M.A.Observation of seasonal variation of atmospheric multiple-muon events in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-19-178-A Hooper, DanSuperheavy dark matter and ANITA’s anomalous events
FERMILAB-PUB-19-177-AE Yang, QianSpectral variability of a sample of extreme variability quasars and implications for the Mg ii broad
FERMILAB-PUB-19-176-T Eichten, Estia JQuarkonium wave functions at the origin: an update
FERMILAB-PUB-19-175-A-T Blinov, NikitaConstraining the Self-Interacting Neutrino Interpretation of the Hubble Tension
FERMILAB-CONF-19-174-AD Freemire, BenThe Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
FERMILAB-PUB-19-173-T Lehner, ChristophOpportunities for Lattice QCD in Quark and Lepton Flavor Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-19-172-T Kronfeld, Andreas S.Lattice QCD and Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-168-AE Sluse, D.H0LiCOW – X. Spectroscopic/Imaging Survey and Galaxy-Group Identification Around the Strong Gravitat
FERMILAB-CONF-19-167-TD Pischalnikov, YuriyDesign of 650 MHz Tuner for PIP-II Project
FERMILAB-PUB-19-166-A Zhu, HanjueCosmic Reionization On Computers: Reionization Histories of Present-day Galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-19-165-A Liu, AdrianCosmology with the Highly Redshifted 21cm Line
FERMILAB-PUB-19-164-A-AE-CD Slosar, AnžeDark Energy and Modified Gravity
FERMILAB-PUB-19-163-A Furlanetto, StevenAstro2020 Science White Paper: Insights Into the Epoch of Reionization with the Highly-Redshifted 21
FERMILAB-PUB-19-162-AD-AE-CD Farahi, A.Mass Variance from Archival X-ray Properties of Dark Energy Survey Year-1 Galaxy Clusters
FERMILAB-PUB-19-161-A-AE Pandey, S.Constraints on the redshift evolution of astrophysical feedback with Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect cross
FERMILAB-PUB-19-160-A-CD Ferraro, SimoneInflation and Dark Energy from Spectroscopy at $z > 2$
FERMILAB-PUB-19-159-AE-CD Babusiaux, CarineThe Detailed Science Case for the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer, 2019 edition
FERMILAB-PUB-19-158-TD Somayazulu, MadduryEvidence for Superconductivity above 260 K in Lanthanum Superhydride at Megabar Pressures
FERMILAB-PUB-19-157-AE Chornock, RyanMulti-Messenger Astronomy with Extremely Large Telescopes
FERMILAB-PUB-19-156-ND Berner, RomanFirst Operation of a Resistive Shell Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber: A New Approach to Electri
FERMILAB-PUB-19-155-AD Simos, N.120 GeV Neutrino Physics Graphite Target Damage Assessment Using Electron Microscopy and High-Energy
FERMILAB-PUB-19-154-AE Akiyama, KazunoriFirst M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. II. Array and Instrumentation
FERMILAB-PUB-19-153-AE Akiyama, KazunoriFirst M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. I. The Shadow of the Supermassive Black Hole
FERMILAB-PUB-19-151-T Artz, JohannesResults and techniques for higher order calculations within the gradient-flow formalism
FERMILAB-PUB-19-150-ND Zaidi, F.Nucleon and Nuclear Structure Functions with Nonperturbative and Higher Order Perturbative QCD Effec
FERMILAB-PUB-19-149-T Martinez-Soler, IvanPerturbing Neutrino Oscillations Around the Solar Resonance
FERMILAB-PUB-19-148-T Höche, StefanMultijet Merging in a Variable Flavor Number Scheme
FERMILAB-PUB-19-147-T Eby, JoshuaLuminous Signals of Inelastic Dark Matter in Large Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-19-146-T De Gouvêa, AndréPhysics with Beam Tau-Neutrino Appearance at DUNE
FERMILAB-PUB-19-144-T Carena, Marcela$\nu$ solution to the strong CP problem
FERMILAB-PUB-19-143-T Hill, Christopher T.Where are the Next Higgs Bosons?
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-140-A Meerburg, P. DanielPrimordial Non-Gaussianity
FERMILAB-PUB-19-139-AE-PPD Akerib, D.S.Measurement of the gamma ray background in the Davis cavern at the Sanford Underground Research Faci
FERMILAB-PUB-19-138-A-T Berlin, AsherDark Sector Equilibration During Nucleosynthesis
FERMILAB-PUB-19-137-AD-APC Eldred, JeffreyRapid-Cycling Synchrotron for Multi-Megawatt Proton Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-19-136-T Kelly, Kevin JamesSub-GeV Atmospheric Neutrinos and CP-Violation in DUNE
FERMILAB-PUB-19-135-ND-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderMulti-Messenger Physics with the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-19-134-TD Dhuley, R.C.Pressed copper and gold-plated copper contacts at low temperatures – A review of thermal contact res
FERMILAB-PUB-19-133-AE Jacobs, C.An Extended Catalog of Galaxy–Galaxy Strong Gravitational Lenses Discovered in DES Using Convolution
FERMILAB-PUB-19-131-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCharged-particle angular correlations in XeXe collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_\mathrm{NN}}}=$ 5.44 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-130-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for $W$ boson decays to three charged pions
FERMILAB-PUB-19-129-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of Two Excited B$^+_\mathrm{c}$ States and Measurement of the B$^+_\mathrm{c}$(2S) Mass
FERMILAB-PUB-19-128-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of exclusive $\rho(770)^0$ photoproduction in ultraperipheral pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s
FERMILAB-PUB-19-127-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPseudorapidity distributions of charged hadrons in xenon-xenon collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} =
FERMILAB-PUB-19-125-CMS Aaboud, MoradCombinations of single-top-quark production cross-section measurements and |f$_{LV}$V$_{tb}$| determ
FERMILAB-PUB-19-124-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy pseudoscalar boson decaying to a Z and a Higgs boson at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-19-123-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MAn embedding technique to determine $\tau\tau$ backgrounds in proton-proton collision data
FERMILAB-PUB-19-122-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of electroweak production of a $\mathrm{W} $ boson in association with two jets in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-19-121-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for charged Higgs bosons in the H$^{\pm}$ $\to$ $\tau^{\pm}\nu_\tau$ decay channel in proton-
FERMILAB-PUB-19-120-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPerformance of missing transverse momentum reconstruction in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =
FERMILAB-PUB-19-119-T Neumann, TobiasOff-Shell Single-Top-Quark Production in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory
FERMILAB-PUB-19-118-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on anomalous $HVV$ couplings from the production of Higgs bosons decaying to $\tau$ lept
FERMILAB-PUB-19-117-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in final states with photons and missing transverse momentum in proton-prot
FERMILAB-PUB-19-116-T De Romeri, ValentinaDUNE-PRISM Sensitivity to Light Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-19-115-AE Inserra, C.The first Hubble diagram and cosmological constraints using superluminous supernovae
FERMILAB-PUB-19-114-AE Pieres, A.Modelling the Milky Way – I. Method and first results fitting the thick disc and halo with DES-Y3 da
FERMILAB-PUB-19-113-TD Barzi, E.Measurements and Modeling of Mechanical Properties of Nb$_3$Sn Strands, Cables, and Coils
FERMILAB-PUB-19-112-V Shaikh, ShabbirJoint Bayesian Analysis of Large Angular Scale CMB Temperature Anomalies
FERMILAB-PUB-19-111-CD Kashlinsky, A.Electromagnetic probes of primordial black holes as dark matter
FERMILAB-PUB-19-110-CD-PPD Alimena, JulietteSearching for long-lived particles beyond the Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-19-109-AE-CD Palmese, AntonellaGravitational Wave Cosmology and Astrophysics with Large Spectroscopic Galaxy Surveys
FERMILAB-PUB-19-108-AE Simon, Joshua D.Testing the Nature of Dark Matter with Extremely Large Telescopes
FERMILAB-PUB-19-107-AE Sanderson, Robyn E.The Multidimensional Milky Way
FERMILAB-PUB-19-106-AE Simon, Joshua D.Dynamical Masses for a Complete Census of Local Dwarf Galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-19-105-AE Mantz, Adam B.The Future Landscape of High-Redshift Galaxy Cluster Science
FERMILAB-PUB-19-104-AE Carnero Rosell, A.Brown dwarf census with the Dark Energy Survey year 3 data and the thin disc scale height of early L
FERMILAB-PUB-19-103-AE Palmese, A.Stellar Mass as a Galaxy Cluster Mass Proxy: Application to the Dark Energy Survey redMaPPer Cluster
FERMILAB-PUB-19-102-A Mirocha, JordanAstro2020 Science White Paper: First Stars and Black Holes at Cosmic Dawn with Redshifted 21-cm Obse
FERMILAB-PUB-19-101-T Lovato, A.Muon capture in nuclei: An ab initio approach based on Green's function Monte Carlo methods
FERMILAB-PUB-19-101- Lovato, A.Muon capture in nuclei: An ab initio approach based on Green's function Monte Carlo methods
FERMILAB-PUB-19-100-T Bellm, JohannesJet Cross Sections at the LHC and the Quest for Higher Precision
FERMILAB-PUB-19-099-A-AE-CD Green, DanielMessengers from the Early Universe: Cosmic Neutrinos and Other Light Relics
FERMILAB-CONF-19-098-TD Cloët, Ian C.Opportunities for Nuclear Physics & Quantum Information Science
FERMILAB-PUB-19-097-AE-E Hong, ZiqingSingle electron-hole pair sensitive silicon detector with surface event discrimination
FERMILAB-PUB-19-096-AD-APC Piekarz, HenrykRecord fast-cycling accelerator magnet based on HTS conductor
FERMILAB-PUB-19-095-CD Barisits, MartinRucio - Scientific data management
FERMILAB-PUB-19-094-AE-PPD Kuk, K.A boron-coated CCD camera for direct detection of Ultracold Neutrons (UCN)
FERMILAB-PUB-19-093-ND Stowell, P.Tuning the GENIE Pion Production Model with MINER$\nu$A Data
FERMILAB-PUB-19-092-PPD Valetov, EremeyComputation of the main and fringe fields for the electrostatic quadrupoles of the muon $g − 2$ stor
FERMILAB-PUB-19-091-A Cholis, IliasA Robust Excess in the Cosmic-Ray Antiproton Spectrum: Implications for Annihilating Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-19-090-V Villalpando, CarlosIndirect Probe of Quantum Gravity using Molecular Wave-packets
FERMILAB-PUB-19-089-PPD Yeh, C.-H.Studies of granularity of a hadronic calorimeter for tens-of-TeV jets at a 100 TeV $pp$ collider
FERMILAB-PUB-19-088-CD Ntampaka, MichelleThe Role of Machine Learning in the Next Decade of Cosmology
FERMILAB-PUB-19-087-A Garaldi, EnricoConstraining the Tail End of Reionization Using Lyman-$\alpha$ Transmission Spikes
FERMILAB-CONF-19-086-PPD Bhat, Pushpalatha C.Report of the International Committee for Future Accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-19-085-AD-APC Tarazona, D.A.Dynamical simulations of the Muon Campus at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-19-084-CD Higgins, Valerie J.The Importance of Archives
FERMILAB-PUB-19-083-T Ayyar, VenkiteshRadiative Contribution to the Composite-Higgs Potential in a Two-Representation Lattice Model
FERMILAB-PUB-19-082-AE-T Carney, DanielProposal for gravitational direct detection of dark matter
FERMILAB-PUB-19-080-TD Posen, S.Role of magnetic flux expulsion to reach $Q_0 > 3 \times 10^{10}$ in superconducting rf cryomodules
FERMILAB-PUB-19-079-ND-T Machado, Pedro ANThe Short-Baseline Neutrino Program at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-19-078-T Parke, Stephen JComment on Daya Bay's Definition and Use of $\Delta m^2_{ee}$
FERMILAB-PUB-19-077-T Aoki, S.FLAG Review 2019: Flavour Lattice Averaging Group (FLAG)
FERMILAB-PUB-19-076-T Tomalak, OleksandrTheory of elastic neutrino-electron scattering
FERMILAB-PUB-19-074-PPD-T Cepeda, M.Report from Working Group 2
FERMILAB-PUB-19-073-AE-E Amole, C.Dark Matter Search Results from the Complete Exposure of the PICO-60 C$_3$F$_8$ Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-PUB-19-072-T Denton, Peter BSimple and Precise Factorization of the Jarlskog Invariant for Neutrino Oscillations in Matter
FERMILAB-CONF-19-071-CD-CMS Jones, ChristopherImplementing Concurrent Non-Event Transitionsin CMS
FERMILAB-PUB-19-070-PPD-T Azzi, P.Report from Working Group 1
FERMILAB-PUB-19-069-E Lincoln, DonSpinning Muons and a Path to Discovery
FERMILAB-PUB-19-068-T Hill, Christopher T.Scalar Democracy
FERMILAB-PUB-19-067-PPD Aaltonen, Timo AnteroSearch for Higgs-like particles produced in association with bottom quarks in proton-antiproton coll
FERMILAB-CONF-19-066-T Krause, ClaudiusComplete One-Loop Renormalization of the Higgs-Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian
FERMILAB-PUB-19-065-E Kim, OnReduction of coherent betatron oscillations in a muon $g$ − 2 storage ring experiment using RF field
FERMILAB-PUB-19-064-T Davies, C.T.H.Hadronic-vacuum-polarization contribution to the muon’s anomalous magnetic moment from four-flavor l
FERMILAB-CONF-19-063-CD-ND Sousa, AlexandreImplementation of Feldman-Cousins Corrections and Oscillation Calculations in the HPC Environment fo
FERMILAB-PUB-19-062-LBNF-ND Altmannshofer, WolfgangNeutrino Tridents at DUNE
FERMILAB-PUB-19-061-CD Buckley, AndyMonte Carlo event generators for high energy particle physics event simulation
FERMILAB-PUB-19-060-ND-T Harnik, RoniMillicharged Particles in Liquid Argon Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-19-059-T Quigg, ChrisColloquium: A Century of Noether's Theorem
FERMILAB-PUB-19-058-TD Wang, XiaorongField Quality Measurement of a 4.2-m-Long Prototype Low-$\beta$ Nb$_3$Sn Quadrupole Magnet During th
FERMILAB-PUB-19-057-TD Pan, HengFailure Assessments for MQXF Magnet Support Structure with a Graded Approach
FERMILAB-PUB-19-056-TD Song, H.Vertical Magnetic Measurement System Commis-sioning and First Measurements of the First Full-Length
FERMILAB-PUB-19-055-TD Mangiarotti, Franco J.Test Results of the CERN HL-LHC Low $\beta$- Quadrupole Short Models MQXFS3c and MQXFS4
FERMILAB-PUB-19-054-TD Izquierdo Bermudez, S.Magnetic Analysis of the MQXF Quadrupole for the High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-19-053-TD Vallone, GiorgioAssembly of a Mechanical Model of MQXFB, the 7.2-m-Long Low-$\beta$ Quadrupole for the High-Luminosi
FERMILAB-PUB-19-052-TD Vallone, GiorgioSummary of the Mechanical Performances of the 1.5 m Long Models of the Nb$^3$Sn Low-$\beta$ Quadrupo
FERMILAB-PUB-19-051-TD Ravaioli, E.Quench Protection of the First 4-m-Long Prototype of the HL-LHC Nb$_3$Sn Quadrupole Magnet
FERMILAB-PUB-19-050-A-AD-AE-CD Hinton, S.R.Steve: A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Supernova Cosmology
FERMILAB-PUB-19-049-PPD Abouzaid, E.Measurement of the branching ratio of $\pi^0$ Dalitz Decay using $K_L \rightarrow \pi^0\pi^0\pi^0$ D
FERMILAB-PUB-19-048-A-AE Drlica-Wagner, AlexProbing the Fundamental Nature of Dark Matter with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
FERMILAB-PUB-19-047-ND Acero, M.A.Measurement of neutrino-induced neutral-current coherent $\pi^0$ production in the NOvA near detect
FERMILAB-PUB-19-046-AD-AE-CD Reed, S.L.Three new VHS–DES quasars at 6.7 < z < 6.9 and emission line properties at z > 6.5
FERMILAB-PUB-19-045-AE-CD Macaulay, E.First Cosmological Results using Type Ia Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey: Measurement of the
FERMILAB-PUB-19-044-CD Bracko, MarkoHEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group – Conditions Data
FERMILAB-PUB-19-043 Aihara, HiroakiThe International Linear Collider. A Global Project
FERMILAB-PUB-19-042-T Parke, Stephen JCompact Perturbative Expressions for Oscillations with Sterile Neutrinos in Matter
FERMILAB-CONF-19-041-T Li, Ruizi$D$ meson Semileptonic Decay Form Factors at $q^2 = 0$
FERMILAB-PUB-19-040-ND-PPD-TD Aab, A.Data-driven estimation of the invisible energy of cosmic ray showers with the Pierre Auger Observato
FERMILAB-PUB-19-039-AE Abramoff, OrrSENSEI: Direct-Detection Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark Matter from a Shallow Underground Run Using a P
FERMILAB-CONF-19-038-ND Woodruff, KatherineStudying Neutral Current Elastic Scattering and the Strange Axial Form Factor in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-PUB-19-037-CD-PPD Cremonesi, MatteoUsing Big Data Technologies for HEP Analysis
FERMILAB-CONF-19-035-CD Jun, S.Y.Vectorization of Random Number Generation and Reproducibility of Concurrent Particle Transport Simul
FERMILAB-PUB-19-034-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy resonance decaying to a top quark and a vector-like top quark in the lepton+jets
FERMILAB-PUB-19-033-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in events with a photon, jets, $\mathrm {b}$ -jets, and missing transverse
FERMILAB-PUB-19-032-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for contact interactions and large extra dimensions in the dilepton mass spectra from proton-
FERMILAB-PUB-19-031-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for vector-like quarks in events with two oppositely charged leptons and jets in proton-proto
FERMILAB-PUB-19-030-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the differential Drell-Yan cross section in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{\math
FERMILAB-PUB-19-029-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the $\mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}}$ production cross section, the top quark mass, a
FERMILAB-PUB-19-028-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark mass in the all-jets final state at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV and combination
FERMILAB-PUB-19-027-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for the pair production of light top squarks in the e$^{\pm}\mu^{\mp}$ final state in proton-
FERMILAB-PUB-19-026-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark matter produced in association with a single top quark or a top quark pair in proton
FERMILAB-PUB-19-025-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of the Higgs boson width and anomalous $HVV$ couplings from on-shell and off-shell prod
FERMILAB-PUB-19-024-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the single top quark and antiquark production cross sections in the $t$ channel and t
FERMILAB-PUB-19-023-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of the pp $\to$ WZ inclusive and differential production cross section and constraints
FERMILAB-PUB-19-022-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of electroweak WZ boson production and search for new physics in WZ + two jets events in
FERMILAB-PUB-19-020-AE-E Kurinsky, Noah AlexanderDiamond Detectors for Direct Detection of Sub-GeV Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-19-019-A-T Blanco, CarlosConstraining Sterile Neutrino Interpretations of the LSND and MiniBooNE Anomalies with Coherent Neut
FERMILAB-PUB-19-018-AE Hoormann, J.K.CIV Black Hole Mass Measurements with the Australian Dark Energy Survey (OzDES)
FERMILAB-PUB-19-017-AD Edelen, A.Opportunities in Machine Learning for Particle Accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-19-016-CMS Lubatti, HenryExplore the lifetime frontier with MATHUSLA
FERMILAB-PUB-19-015-TD Martinello, M.Field-Enhanced Superconductivity in High-Frequency Niobium Accelerating Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-19-014-ND Elkins, M.Neutron measurements from antineutrino hydrocarbon reactions
FERMILAB-PUB-19-013-AE-PPD Zhang, Y.Dark Energy Surveyed Year 1 results: calibration of cluster mis-centring in the redMaPPer catalogues
FERMILAB-CONF-19-012-LBNF Montanari, DavidOverview and Status of the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility Cryogenics System
FERMILAB-PUB-19-011-AE Buchs, R.Phenotypic redshifts with self-organizing maps: A novel method to characterize redshift distribution
FERMILAB-PUB-19-010-T Gehrlein, JuliaBi$\boldsymbol{\nu}$o Phenomenology at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-19-009-T Barenboim, GabrielaNeutrino Oscillation Probabilities through the Looking Glass
FERMILAB-PUB-19-008-TD Ferracin, PaoloThe HL-LHC Low-$\beta$ Quadrupole Magnet MQXF: From Short Models to Long Prototypes
FERMILAB-CONF-19-007-T Avilés-Casco, Alejandro Vaquero$B\to D^\ast\ell\nu$ at non-zero recoil
FERMILAB-PUB-19-006-TD Pollack, BrianModeling magnetic fields with helical solutions to Laplace’s equation
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FERMILAB-PUB-19-002-T Kelly, Kevin J.Mononeutrino at DUNE: New Signals from Neutrinophilic Thermal Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-19-001-A Escudero, MiguelCosmology with A Very Light L$_{\mu}$ − L$_{\tau}$ Gauge Boson
FERMILAB-PUB-21-008-AD Fitterer, MiriamResonant and random excitations on the proton beam in the Large Hadron Collider for active halo cont
FERMILAB-CONF-20-007-TD Posen, S.Nb3Sn Superconducting RF Cavities: R&D Progress at Fermilab and Opportunities
FERMILAB-CONF-18-822-E Wu, JinyuanRegister-Like Block RAM with Boundary Coverage and Its Applications for High Energy Physics Trigger
FERMILAB-PUB-18-814-V Sauls, J.A.Andreev bound states and their signatures
FERMILAB-CONF-18-813-PPD Wang, ZhehuiA compressed sensing X-ray camera with a multilayer architecture
FERMILAB-PUB-18-812-V Otfinowski, PiotrAsynchronous Approximation of a Center of Gravity for Pixel Detectors’ Readout Circuits
FERMILAB-PUB-18-811-ND-SCD-T Tanabashi, M.Review of Particle Physics
FERMILAB-CONF-18-810-AE Avva, J.S.Design and Assembly of SPT-3G Cold Readout Hardware
FERMILAB-PUB-18-809-TD Romanenko, A.Three-dimensional superconducting resonators at $T < 20$ mK with the photon lifetime up to $\tau=2$
FERMILAB-PUB-18-809-TD Romanenko, A.Three-dimensional superconducting resonators at $T < 20$ mK with the photon lifetime up to $\tau=2$
FERMILAB-PUB-18-808-PPD Dropiewski, K.Ultrafast Waveguiding Quantum Dot Scintillation Detector
FERMILAB-CONF-18-807-E Posen, S.Nb3Sn Superconducting RF Cavities: R&D Progress at Fermilab and Opportunities
FERMILAB-CONF-18-784-SCD Pedro, KevinCurrent and future performance of the CMS simulation
FERMILAB-PUB-18-783-AE Duivenvoorden, Adriaan J.Full-Sky Beam Convolution for Cosmic Microwave Background Applications
FERMILAB-PUB-18-782-AD Simos, N.Demagnetization of Nd2Fe14B, Pr2Fe14B, and Sm2Co17 Permanent Magnets in Spallation Irradiation Field
FERMILAB-CONF-18-781-TD Kokkinos, CharilaosFEA model and mechanical analysis of the Nb$_{3}$Sn 15-T dipole demonstrator
FERMILAB-PUB-18-780-AE Erkal, D.The Total Mass of the Large Magellanic Cloud from Its Perturbation on the Orphan Stream
FERMILAB-PUB-18-779-T Tomalak, OleksandrTwo-Photon Exchange Correction to the Lamb Shift and Hyperfine Splitting of S Levels
FERMILAB-PUB-18-778-TD Keckert, S.Critical Fields of Nb$_3$Sn Prepared for Superconducting Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-18-776-PPD Uchida, K.Results from the CBC3 readout ASIC for CMS 2S-modules
FERMILAB-CONF-18-775-ND Shaevitz, Michael H.Updated Electron Neutrino Appearance Results from MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-CONF-18-774-APC Webb, StephenTheoretical and Computational Modeling of a Plasma Wakefield BBU Instability
FERMILAB-PUB-18-773-ESH Aharmim, B.Constraints on Neutrino Lifetime from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-18-772-AE Koposov, S.E.Piercing the Milky Way: an all-sky view of the Orphan Stream
FERMILAB-CONF-18-771-T Martinez-Soler, IvanGlobal Status of the Three-Neutrino Mixing
FERMILAB-PUB-18-770-AE Moffatt, R.A.Spatial imaging of charge transport in silicon at low temperature
FERMILAB-PUB-18-769-CD Meeker, Seth R.DARKNESS: A Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector Integral Field Spectrograph for High-contrast Astr
FERMILAB-PUB-18-768-A Pace, Andrew B.Proper Motions of Milky Way Ultra-faint Satellites with Gaia DR2 × DES DR1
FERMILAB-PUB-18-767-TD Lee, JaeyelAtomic-scale analyses of Nb3Sn on Nb prepared by vapor diffusion for superconducting radiofrequency
FERMILAB-CONF-18-766-E Atanov, N.Electron beam test of the large area Mu2e calorimeter prototype
FERMILAB-PUB-18-765-ESH Aharmim, B.Tests of Lorentz invariance at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-18-764-T Höche, StefanResonance-Aware Subtraction in the Dipole Method
FERMILAB-CONF-18-763-TD Arkan, TugLCLS-II Cryomodules Production at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-762-TD Checchin, MattiaNew Insight on Nitrogen Infusion Revealed by Successive Nanometric Material Removal
FERMILAB-CONF-18-761-AD-TD Holzbauer, JeremiahPassive Microphonics Mitigation during LCLS-II Cryomodule Testing at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-760-TD Holzbauer, JeremiahPrecision Q0 Measurement of an SRF Cavity with a Digital RF Techniques
FERMILAB-CONF-18-759-TD Holzbauer, JeremiahProduction Tuner Testing for LCLS-II Cryomodule Production
FERMILAB-CONF-18-758-TD Solopova, AnnaLCLS-II Cavity Higher Order Modes Coupler Tuning Optimization and Challenges at Jefferson Lab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-757-A Semenov, Vadim A.What Sets the Slope of the Molecular Kennicutt–Schmidt Relation?
FERMILAB-PUB-18-756-TD Xiao, BinpingDesign and Test of 704 MHz and 2.1 GHz Normal Conducting Cavities for Low Energy RHIC Electron Coole
FERMILAB-PUB-18-755-TD Pfotenhauer, J.M.Regenerator design optimization: Results from REGEN 3.3
FERMILAB-PUB-18-754-CD Baker, BrianAdaptive rotating-wave approximation for driven open quantum systems
FERMILAB-CONF-18-753-PPD-TD Pischalnikov, YuriyModified Slow Tuner Design for Cavity 1 Inside LCLS II Cryomodules
FERMILAB-CONF-18-752-E Glenzinski, DouglasExploring for New Physics using Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
FERMILAB-PUB-18-751-T Rocco, NoemiNeutrino-Nucleus Cross Section within the Extended Factorization Scheme
FERMILAB-CONF-18-750-CD Amadio, G.Novel Functional and Distributed Approaches to Data Analysis Available in ROOT
FERMILAB-PUB-18-749-PPD Atanov, N.The Mu2e Calorimeter: Quality Assurance of Production Crystals and SiPMs
FERMILAB-CONF-18-748-ND Pocar, A.Solar Neutrino Measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-18-747-A Chen, HuanqingConstraints on the Duty Cycles of Quasars at z ∼ 6
FERMILAB-PUB-18-746-CD Li, Guang-WeiGD-1: The Relic of an Old Metal-poor Globular Cluster
FERMILAB-PUB-18-745-A Magill, GabrielDipole Portal to Heavy Neutral Leptons
FERMILAB-CONF-18-744-AE Everett, W.Design and Bolometer Characterization of the SPT-3G First-Year Focal Plane
FERMILAB-PUB-18-743-CD Rogers, L.High Voltage Insulation and Gas Absorption of Polymers in High Pressure Argon and Xenon Gases
FERMILAB-PUB-18-742-T Obul, PaziletImplications of CMS analysis of photon-photon interactions for photon PDFs
FERMILAB-PUB-18-741-AE-PPD Yefremenko, VolodymyrImpact of Electrical Contacts Design and Materials on the Stability of Ti Superconducting Transition
FERMILAB-PUB-18-740-PPD Hailey-Dunsheath, S.Development of Aluminum LEKIDs for Balloon-Borne Far-IR Spectroscopy
FERMILAB-PUB-18-739-AE Posada, C.M.Fabrication of Detector Arrays for the SPT-3G Receiver
FERMILAB-PUB-18-738-AE Carter, F.W.Tuning SPT-3G Transition-Edge-Sensor Electrical Properties with a Four-Layer Ti–Au–Ti–Au Thin-Film S
FERMILAB-PUB-18-737-AE Ding, J.Thermal Links and Microstrip Transmission Lines in SPT-3G Bolometers
FERMILAB-PUB-18-736-AD Ishida, T.Study of the radiation damage effect on Titanium metastable beta alloy by high intensity proton beam
FERMILAB-PUB-18-735-DI Grdanovska, SlavicaElectron Beam Driven Industrial Chemistries
FERMILAB-CONF-18-734-AD-APC Xu, TianzheOptimized Electron Bunch Current Distribution from a Radiofrequency Photo-Emission Source
FERMILAB-PUB-18-733-T Collins, Jack H.Extending the search for new resonances with machine learning
FERMILAB-CONF-18-732-CMS Lipton, Ronald3D Integration of Sensors and Electronics
FERMILAB-CONF-18-731-E Leone, SandraTop Quark Physics at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-CONF-18-730-CD Amadio, G.GeantV Alpha Release
FERMILAB-PUB-18-729-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for long-lived particles decaying into displaced jets in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s
FERMILAB-PUB-18-728-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a standard model-like Higgs boson in the mass range between 70 and 110 GeV in the diphoto
FERMILAB-PUB-18-728-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a standard model-like Higgs boson in the mass range between 70 and 110 GeV in the diphoto
FERMILAB-PUB-18-727-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCombination of searches for Higgs boson pair production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = $
FERMILAB-PUB-18-726-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for associated production of a Higgs boson and a single top quark in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-725-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for resonant production of second-generation sleptons with same-sign dimuon events in proton-
FERMILAB-PUB-18-724-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark matter in events with a leptoquark and missing transverse momentum in proton-proton
FERMILAB-PUB-18-723-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of associated production of a W boson and a charm quark in proton-proton collisions at $
FERMILAB-PUB-18-722-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MA search for pair production of new light bosons decaying into muons in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-721-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of inclusive very forward jet cross sections in proton-lead collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\ma
FERMILAB-PUB-18-720-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in events with a photon, a lepton, and missing transverse momentum in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-18-719-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the energy density as a function of pseudorapidity in proton-proton collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-PUB-18-718-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of Single Top Quark Production in Association with a $Z$ Boson in Proton-Proton Collisio
FERMILAB-PUB-18-717-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for an exotic decay of the Higgs boson to a pair of light pseudoscalars in the final state wi
FERMILAB-PUB-18-716-PPD Lincoln, DonIs Modern Cosmology in Crisis?
FERMILAB-PUB-18-716-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MInclusive search for supersymmetry in pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $ TeV using razor variables and
FERMILAB-PUB-18-715-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement and interpretation of differential cross sections for Higgs boson production at $\sqrt{s
FERMILAB-PUB-18-714-CD-ND Trindade, A.M.F.Study of the loss of Xenon Scintillation in Xenon-Trimethylamine Mixtures
FERMILAB-PUB-18-713-CD Cerati, GiuseppeParallelized and Vectorized Tracking Using Kalman Filters with CMS Detector Geometry and Events
FERMILAB-CONF-18-712-T Yamamoto, ShuheiDisconnected Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to the Muon g-2 with HISQ
FERMILAB-PUB-18-711-AE-CD Kovács, A.More out of less: an excess integrated Sachs-Wolfe signal from supervoids mapped out by the Dark Ene
FERMILAB-PUB-18-710-CD Bellis, MatthewHEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group – Visualization
FERMILAB-CONF-18-709-CMS Yeh, C.H.Jet Substructure Variables with the SiFCC Detector at 100 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-708-AE Matusch, B.Developing a Bubble Chamber Particle Discriminator Using Semi-Supervised Learning
FERMILAB-CONF-18-707-ND Acero, Mario A.Recent results from Long Baseline Neutrino experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-18-706-APC Antipov, S.A.Effect of crab cavity high order modes on the coupled-bunch stability of High-Luminosity Large Hadro
FERMILAB-CONF-18-705-E Wolcott, JeremyImpact of cross section uncertainties on NO$v$A oscillation analyses
FERMILAB-PUB-18-704-V Villalpando, CarlosMinimal length effect on the broadening of free wave-packets and its physical implications
FERMILAB-PUB-18-703-T Cerri, A.Report from Working Group 4
FERMILAB-PUB-18-702-AD-AE Boutan, C.Piezoelectrically Tuned Multimode Cavity Search for Axion Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-18-701-TD Batley, John RichardMeasurement of the form factors of charged kaon semileptonic decays
FERMILAB-PUB-18-700-AD-TD Wu, G.Achievement of Ultra-High Quality Factor in Prototype Cryomodule for LCLS-II
FERMILAB-PUB-18-698-T Davies, Christine T.H.Improving the kinetic couplings in lattice nonrelativistic QCD
FERMILAB-CONF-18-697-AD-APC Gianfelice-Wendt, ElianaSelf-Polarization in Storage Rings
FERMILAB-PUB-18-696-TD DiMarco, JosephCalibration technique for rotating PCB coil magnetic field sensors
FERMILAB-CONF-18-695-AD-APC Gianfelice-Wendt, ElianaPolarization Studies for the eRHIC Electron Storage Ring
FERMILAB-PUB-18-694-T Cid Vidal, XabierReport from Working Group 3
FERMILAB-PUB-18-693-CD Calafiura, PaoloHEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group - Data Processing Frameworks
FERMILAB-PUB-18-692-AE Bocquet, S.Cluster Cosmology Constraints from the 2500 deg$^2$ SPT-SZ Survey: Inclusion of Weak Gravitational L
FERMILAB-PUB-18-691-AD-DI Lebedev, ValeriMultiple intrabeam scattering in X-Y coupled focusing systrems
FERMILAB-PUB-18-690-APC Asfandiyarov, R.MAUS: the MICE analysis user software
FERMILAB-PUB-18-689-CD Margutti, RaffaellaTarget of Opportunity Observations of Gravitational Wave Events with LSST
FERMILAB-CONF-18-688-ND Dell'Acqua, AndreaFuture Opportunities in Accelerator-based Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-18-687-T D'Agnolo, Raffaele TitoDisorder and mimesis at hadron colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-18-686-A-ND-PPD-T Argüelles, Carlos A.Testing New Physics Explanations of the MiniBooNE Anomaly at Neutrino Scattering Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-18-683-T Bardeen, William A.Instanton Triggered Chiral Symmetry Breaking, the U(1) Problem and a Possible Solution to the Strong
FERMILAB-PUB-18-682-T Tomalak, OleksandrTwo-photon exchange on the neutron and the hyperfine splitting
FERMILAB-PUB-18-681-AE Varga, T.N.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 results: Validation of weak lensing cluster member contamination estimates
FERMILAB-PUB-18-680-AE Stringer, Katelyn M.Identification of RR Lyrae stars in multiband, sparsely-sampled data from the Dark Energy Survey usi
FERMILAB-CONF-18-679-ND Raaf, Jennifer L.Baryon Number Violation Searches in Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-18-678-ND Adams, C.Design and construction of the MicroBooNE Cosmic Ray Tagger system
FERMILAB-PUB-18-677-E Adams, C.Rejecting cosmic background for exclusive charged current quasi elastic neutrino interaction studies
FERMILAB-PUB-18-676-T Ayyar, VenkiteshPartial compositeness and baryon matrix elements on the lattice
FERMILAB-PUB-18-675-T Dye, Steven P.Elements of QED-NRQED Effective Field Theory: II. Matching of Contact Interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-674-A-AD-AE-SCD Klein, M.A new RASS galaxy cluster catalogue with low contamination extending to $z\sim1$ in the DES overlap
FERMILAB-PUB-18-672-AD Nagaslaev, V.Third integer resonance extraction with presence of higher multipoles
FERMILAB-PUB-18-671-CD Berzano, DarioHEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group -- Data Organization, Management and Acc
FERMILAB-PUB-18-670-AD Ammigan, K.Thermal shock experiment of beryllium exposed to intense high energy proton beam pulses
FERMILAB-PUB-18-669-AE Angus, C.R.Superluminous supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-18-668-A-PPD-T Kelly, Kevin J.Proton fixed-target scintillation experiment to search for millicharged dark matter
FERMILAB-CONF-18-667-CD Paterno, MarcParallel Event Selection on HPC Systems
FERMILAB-CONF-18-666-A Hooper, DanTASI Lectures on Indirect Searches For Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-18-665-A Krnjaic, GordanProbing Muonphilic Force Carriers and Dark Matter at Kaon Factories
FERMILAB-CONF-18-664-CD Herner, KennethAdvances and Enhancements in the Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-663-AE-E Zhang, Y.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 results: Detection of Intra-cluster Light at Redshift $\sim$ 0.25
FERMILAB-PUB-18-662-TD Stoynev, StoyanAnalysis of Nb$_3$Sn Accelerator Magnet Training
FERMILAB-CONF-18-661-E Pezzullo, G.Mu2e: A Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation in $\rm \mu N \to e N$ Conversion with a Sensitiv
FERMILAB-CONF-18-660-E Pezzullo, G.The Mu2e Tracker
FERMILAB-PUB-18-659-T Gori, StefaniaHeavy Higgs as a Portal to the Supersymmetric Electroweak Sector
FERMILAB-CONF-18-658-CD Mhashilkar, ParagHEPCloud, an Elastic Hybrid HEP Facility using an Intelligent Decision Support System
FERMILAB-CONF-18-657-E Andre,Jean-MarcThe CMS Event-Builder System for LHC Run 3 (2021-23)
FERMILAB-CONF-18-656-E Hegeman, JeroenDesign and development of the DAQ and Timing Hub for CMS Phase-2
FERMILAB-PUB-18-655-T Ballett, Peter$Z^\prime$s in neutrino scattering at DUNE
FERMILAB-PUB-18-654-AD Ainsworth, R.High intensity space charge effects on slip stacked beam in the Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-PUB-18-653-AE Mau, S.A faint halo star cluster discovered in the Blanco Imaging of the Southern Sky Survey
FERMILAB-CONF-18-652-T Rosell, IgnasiHeavy resonances and the electroweak effective theory
FERMILAB-PUB-18-651-AE Marshall, J.L.Chemical Abundance Analysis of Tucana III, the Second R-Process Enhanced Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy
FERMILAB-PUB-18-650-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for top quark partners with charge 5/3 in the same-sign dilepton and single-lepton final stat
FERMILAB-PUB-18-648-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new particles decaying to a jet and an emerging jet
FERMILAB-PUB-18-647-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for rare decays of Z and Higgs bosons to J$/\psi$ and a photon in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-646-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudies of Beauty Suppression via Nonprompt $D^0$ Mesons in Pb-Pb Collisions at $Q^2 = 4$ $\rm GeV^2
FERMILAB-PUB-18-645-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for low-mass resonances decaying into bottom quark-antiquark pairs in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-18-644-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for nonresonant Higgs boson pair production in the $\mathrm{b\overline{b}b\overline{b}}$ fina
FERMILAB-PUB-18-643-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvent shape variables measured using multijet final states in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-18-643-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvent shape variables measured using multijet final states in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-18-642-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for heavy neutrinos and third-generation leptoquarks in hadronic states of two $\tau$ leptons
FERMILAB-PUB-18-641-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for pair production of first-generation scalar leptoquarks at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-640-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for excited leptons in $\ell\ell\gamma$ final states in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-18-640-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for excited leptons in $\ell\ell\gamma$ final states in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-18-638-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of $\mathrm{t\overline{t}}$ differential cross sections in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-637-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a W′ boson decaying to a vector-like quark and a top or bottom quark in the all-jets fina
FERMILAB-PUB-18-636-T Carena, MarcelaElectroweak Baryogenesis from Dark-Sector CP Violation
FERMILAB-PUB-18-635-AD Stratakis, DiktysCommissioning and First Results of the Fermilab Muon Campus
FERMILAB-CONF-18-634-PPD Zimmerman, TomDevelopment of the FASPAX IC for a high burst rate X-ray imager with very high dynamic range (105) c
FERMILAB-PUB-18-633-ND-TD Aab, AlexanderMeasurement of the average shape of longitudinal profiles of cosmic-ray air showers at the Pierre Au
FERMILAB-PUB-18-632-AE D'Andrea, C.B.First Cosmology Results using Supernovae Ia from the Dark Energy Survey: Survey Overview, Performanc
FERMILAB-PUB-18-631-A Magill, GabrielMillicharged particles in neutrino experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-18-630-CD Hufnagel, DirkHPC resource integration into CMS Computing via HEPCloud
FERMILAB-PUB-18-629-AE Soares-Santos, M.First Measurement of the Hubble Constant from a Dark Standard Siren using the Dark Energy Survey Gal
FERMILAB-CONF-18-628-CMS-E-PPD Lipton, RonaldFast timing with induced current detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-18-627-A Blanco, CarlosConstraints on Decaying Dark Matter from the Isotropic Gamma-Ray Background
FERMILAB-PUB-18-626-AE Shin, T.Measurement of the splashback feature around SZ-selected Galaxy clusters with DES, SPT, and ACT
FERMILAB-PUB-18-625-A McDermott, Samuel D.Nuclear Kinetic Equilibrium During Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
FERMILAB-PUB-18-624-E Dukes, E.C.Performance of Wavelength-Shifting Fibers for the Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto Detector
FERMILAB-CONF-18-623-E Driutti, AStatus of the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-622-AE Samuroff, S.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Constraints on Intrinsic Alignments and their Colour Dependence f
FERMILAB-PUB-18-621-AE Yu, ZhefuQuasar Accretion Disk Sizes from Continuum Reverberation Mapping in the DES Standard-star Fields
FERMILAB-PUB-18-621-AE Yu, ZhefuQuasar Accretion Disk Sizes from Continuum Reverberation Mapping in the DES Standard-star Fields
FERMILAB-CONF-18-620-APC Tarazona, DavidRealistic Modeling of the Muon g-2 Experiment Beamlines at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-619-TD Xu, XingchenDevelopment and Study of Nb$_Sn$ Wires with High Specific Heat
FERMILAB-PUB-18-618-ND Ruterbories, D.Measurement of Quasielastic-Like Neutrino Scattering at $\langle{E_\nu}\rangle \sim 3.5$ GeV on a H
FERMILAB-PUB-18-615-T Hackett, Daniel C.Digitizing Gauge Fields: Lattice Monte Carlo Results for Future Quantum Computers
FERMILAB-CONF-18-614-AD-APC Lueangaramwong, AnusornDesign of the Low-energy DC Gun for Field-emission Cathode Investigation
FERMILAB-CONF-18-613-AD-APC Tan, Wei HouLongitudinal Beam-Shaping Simulation for Enhanced Transformer Ratio in Beam-Driven Accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-18-612-AD-TD Holzbauer, JeremiahActive Microphonics Compensation for LCLS-II
FERMILAB-CONF-18-611-TD Martinello, MartinaAnti-Q-slope enhancement in high-frequency niobium cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-18-610-TD Passarelli, DonatoTooling Systems for the Assembly and Integration of the SSR1 Cryomodule for PIP-II Project at Fermil
FERMILAB-CONF-18-609-AD Read, MichaelA 100 kW 1.3 GHz phase locked magnetron for accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-18-608-ND Adams, C.First measurement of $\nu_{\mu}$ charged-current $\pi^{0}$ production on argon with the MicroBooNE d
FERMILAB-CONF-18-607-TD Solyak, NikolayDesign and Test Results of the 3.9 GHz Cavity for LCLS-II
FERMILAB-CONF-18-606-TD Passarelli, DonatoPreparation and Qualification of Jacketed SSR1 Cavities for String Assembly at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-605-AD-TD Solyak, Nikolay3.9 GHz Power Coupler Design and Tests for LCLS-II Project
FERMILAB-CONF-18-604-AD Huang, GangLCLS-II Gun/Buncher LLRF System Design
FERMILAB-CONF-18-603-AD Szustkowski, SebastianDevelopment of a Gas Sheet Beam Profile Monitor for IOTA
FERMILAB-CONF-18-602-AD Cousineau, SarahTowards Operational Scalability for H⁻ Laser Assisted Charge Exchange
FERMILAB-PUB-18-601-PPD Doctor, Z.A Search for Optical Emission from Binary-Black-Hole Merger GW170814 with the Dark Energy Camera
FERMILAB-PUB-18-600-T Bai, YangDark Quark Nuggets
FERMILAB-CONF-18-599-ND Papavassiliou, VassiliNeutrino Scattering Studies in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-CONF-18-598-CD Farrell, StevenNovel deep learning methods for track reconstruction
FERMILAB-CONF-18-597-CMS Andre, J.M.DAQExpert - An expert system to increase CMS data-taking efficiency
FERMILAB-CONF-18-596-CD Tsaris, AristeidisThe HEP.TrkX Project: Deep Learning for Particle Tracking
FERMILAB-CONF-18-595-CMS Akchurin, N.First beam tests of prototype silicon modules for the CMS High Granularity Endcap Calorimeter
FERMILAB-PUB-18-594-A Ansari, RézaInflation and Early Dark Energy with a Stage II Hydrogen Intensity Mapping experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-18-593-AE Viero, M.P.Measurements of the Cross Spectra of the Cosmic Infrared and Microwave Backgrounds from 95 to 1200 G
FERMILAB-PUB-18-592-ND Agostini, M.Comprehensive measurement of $pp$-chain solar neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-18-591-AD-APC-PPD Adams, D.First particle-by-particle measurement of emittance in the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-18-590-AE Abbott, T.M.C.First Cosmology Results using Type Ia Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey: Constraints on Cosmolo
FERMILAB-PUB-18-589-AE Kessler, R.First Cosmology Results using Type Ia Supernova from the Dark Energy Survey: Simulations to Correct
FERMILAB-CONF-18-588-CMS Albrow, MichaelA Very Forward Hadron Spectrometer for the LHC and Cosmic Ray Physics
FERMILAB-CONF-18-587-CMS Albrow, MichaelTachyons as Dark Energy Quanta
FERMILAB-PUB-18-586-AE Raghunathan, S.Mass Calibration of Optically Selected DES clusters using a Measurement of CMB-Cluster Lensing with
FERMILAB-PUB-18-585-AE Abbott, T.M.C.Cosmological Constraints from Multiple Probes in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-CONF-18-583-CD Svatos, MichalUnderstanding the evolution of conditions data access through Frontier for the ATLAS Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-582-CD Dykstra, DaveThe Open High Throughput Computing Content Delivery Network
FERMILAB-CONF-18-581-TD Kashikhin, VladimirHigh Temperature Superconducting Quadrupole Magnets with Circular Coils
FERMILAB-PUB-18-580-TD Marinozzi, VittorioAnalysis of the short-to-ground event in the LARP-AUP MQXFAP1 magnet, and its implication on the pro
FERMILAB-CONF-18-579-TD Orozco, CharlesAssembly and Tests of Mechanical Models of the 15-T Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Demonstrator
FERMILAB-PUB-18-578-ND Le, T.Measurement of $\bar{\nu}_{\mu}$ Charged-Current Single $\pi^{-}$ Production on Hydrocarbon in the F
FERMILAB-CONF-18-577-CD Paterno, MarcData-parallel Python for High Energy Physics Analyses
FERMILAB-CONF-18-576-CD Green, ChrisSpack-Based Packaging and Development for HEP
FERMILAB-CONF-18-575-CD Dorier, MattieuA Methodology for the Rapid Development of Scalable HPC Data Services
FERMILAB-CONF-18-574-CD Sexton-Kennedy, E.HEP Software Development in the Next Decade; the Views of the HSF Community
FERMILAB-PUB-18-573-T An, FenfenPrecision Higgs physics at the CEPC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-572-TD Xu, XingchenTernary Nb3Sn superconductors with artificial pinning centers and high upper critical fields
FERMILAB-CONF-18-571-PPD Valetov, EremeyMain and Fringe Field Computations for the Electrostatic Quadrupoles of the Muon $g$-2 Experiment St
FERMILAB-PUB-18-570-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCombined measurements of Higgs boson couplings in proton–proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13\,\text {T
FERMILAB-PUB-18-569-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new physics in final states with a single photon and missing transverse momentum in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-18-568-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of prompt J/$\psi$ meson elliptic flow in high-multiplicity pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\
FERMILAB-PUB-18-568-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of prompt J/$\psi$ meson elliptic flow in high-multiplicity pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\
FERMILAB-PUB-18-566-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of B$^0_\mathrm{s}$ meson production in pp and PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}}
FERMILAB-PUB-18-564-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCentrality and pseudorapidity dependence of the transverse energy density in pPb collisions at $\sqr
FERMILAB-PUB-18-563-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for resonant $ \mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}} $ production in proton-proton collisions at $
FERMILAB-PUB-18-562-APC Balbekov, V.Effect of bunch shape on its transverse mode coupling instability spectrum and threshold with high s
FERMILAB-PUB-18-561-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A.Ultraheavy resonances at the LHC: beyond the QCD background
FERMILAB-PUB-18-560-APC Crease, Robert P.Fueling Peter’s Mill: Mikhail Lomonosov’s Educational Training in Russia and Germany, 1731–1741
FERMILAB-PUB-18-559-ND Acciarri, R.Demonstration of MeV-Scale Physics in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers Using ArgoNeuT
FERMILAB-PUB-18-558-PPD Bono, J.First measurement of $\Xi^-$ polarization in photoproduction
FERMILAB-CONF-18-557-AE Sobrin, J.A.Design and characterization of the SPT-3G receiver (Conference Presentation)
FERMILAB-PUB-18-556-TD Ngampruetikorn, VudtiwatThe Effect of Inhomogeneous Surface Disorder on the Superheating Field of Superconducting RF Cavitie
FERMILAB-PUB-18-555-AE McDonald, M.A Detailed Study of the Most Relaxed SPT-selected Galaxy Clusters: Properties of the Cool Core and C
FERMILAB-PUB-18-554-AE Costanzi, M.Methods for cluster cosmology and application to the SDSS in preparation for DES Year 1 release
FERMILAB-PUB-18-553-PPD Lincoln, DonSignatures of the Artist: The Vital Imperfections That Make Our Universe Habitable.
FERMILAB-PUB-18-552-AE Jacobs, C.Finding high-redshift strong lenses in DES using convolutional neural networks
FERMILAB-CONF-18-551-E Hong, RanExperiences from the Commissioning and First Physics Run of the Fermilab Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-18-550-T Krause, ClaudiusColorful Imprints of Heavy States in the Electroweak Effective Theory
FERMILAB-PUB-18-548-CD-T Heinrich, LukasConstraining A$_{4}$ leptonic flavour model parameters at colliders and beyond
FERMILAB-PUB-18-547-AE Prat, J.Cosmological lensing ratios with DES Y1, SPT and Planck
FERMILAB-PUB-18-546-AD-DI Nagaitsev, SergeiA Cost-Effective Rapid-Cycling Synchrotron
FERMILAB-CONF-18-545-TD Strauss, ThomasSuperconducting Magnet Performance for the LCLS-II Project
FERMILAB-PUB-18-544-ND-T Machado, A.C.B.Zee and Zee-Babu mechanisms in the minimal 331 model
FERMILAB-PUB-18-542-AE Khain, T.Dynamical Analysis of Three Distant Trans-Neptunian Objects with Similar Orbits
FERMILAB-PUB-18-541-AE Brout, D.First Cosmology Results Using Type Ia Supernovae From the Dark Energy Survey: Analysis, Systematic U
FERMILAB-PUB-18-540-AE Brout, D.First Cosmology Results Using Type Ia Supernovae From the Dark Energy Survey: Photometric Pipeline a
FERMILAB-CONF-18-539-T Neumann, TobiasRecent Developments in Gluon Fusion Higgs Calculations
FERMILAB-CONF-18-538-T Bazavov, A.B- and D-meson leptonic decay constants and quark masses from four-flavor lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-18-537-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for resonances in the mass spectrum of muon pairs produced in association with b quark jets i
FERMILAB-PUB-18-536-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for heavy resonances decaying into two Higgs bosons or into a Higgs boson and a W or Z boson
FERMILAB-PUB-18-535-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for pair-produced resonances decaying to quark pairs in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-18-534-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for long-lived particles with displaced vertices in multijet events in proton-proton collisio
FERMILAB-PUB-18-533-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvidence for the associated production of a single top quark and a photon in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-18-532-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for an $L_{\mu}-L_{\tau}$ gauge boson using Z$\to4\mu$ events in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-531-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for pair production of second-generation leptoquarks at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-530-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a charged Higgs boson decaying to charm and bottom quarks in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-529-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Measurement of jet substructure observables in $\mathrm{t\overline{t}}$ events from proton-proton co
FERMILAB-PUB-18-529-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Measurement of jet substructure observables in $\mathrm{t\overline{t}}$ events from proton-proton co
FERMILAB-PUB-18-528-A Hooper, DanActive Galactic Nuclei and the Origin of IceCube's Diffuse Neutrino Flux
FERMILAB-PUB-18-527-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Observation of Higgs boson decay to bottom quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-18-526-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCharged-particle nuclear modification factors in XeXe collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}} = 5.44
FERMILAB-PUB-18-525-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Search for physics beyond the standard model in high-mass diphoton events from proton-proton collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-18-524-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Performance of reconstruction and identification of $\tau$ leptons decaying to hadrons and $\nu_\tau
FERMILAB-PUB-18-523-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudies of ${\mathrm {B}} ^{*}_{\mathrm {s}2}(5840)^0 $ and ${\mathrm {B}} _{{\mathrm {s}}1}(5830)^0
FERMILAB-PUB-18-522-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for the associated production of the Higgs boson and a vector boson in proton-proton collisio
FERMILAB-PUB-18-521-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of exclusive $\Upsilon$ photoproduction from protons in pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\math
FERMILAB-PUB-18-520-AE Carrasco Kind, Matiaseasyaccess: Enhanced SQL command line interpreter for astronomical surveys
FERMILAB-PUB-18-519-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for invisible decays of a Higgs boson produced through vector boson fusion in proton-proton c
FERMILAB-PUB-18-518-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for leptoquarks coupled to third-generation quarks in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$
FERMILAB-PUB-18-517-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MJet Shapes of Isolated Photon-Tagged Jets in Pb-Pb and pp Collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} =$ 5.0
FERMILAB-PUB-18-516-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for single production of vector-like quarks decaying to a top quark and a W boson in proton-p
FERMILAB-PUB-18-515-A-CD Caldeira, JoãoDeepCMB: Lensing Reconstruction of the Cosmic Microwave Background with Deep Neural Networks
FERMILAB-PUB-18-514-AE Omori, Y.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Tomographic cross-correlations between Dark Energy Survey galaxie
FERMILAB-PUB-18-513-AE Omori, Y.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Cross-correlation between Dark Energy Survey Y1 galaxy weak lensi
FERMILAB-PUB-18-512-AE Abbott, T.M.C.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Joint Analysis of Galaxy Clustering, Galaxy Lensing, and CMB Lens
FERMILAB-CONF-18-511-AD Lumpkin, A. H.Observations of Coherent Optical Transition Radiation Interference Fringes Generated by Laser Plasma
FERMILAB-PUB-18-510-T Höche, StefanHadronic Final States in DIS at NNLO QCD with Parton Showers
FERMILAB-PUB-18-509-AE Khullar, G.Spectroscopic Confirmation of Five Galaxy Clusters at z > 1.25 in the 2500 deg2 SPT-SZ Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-18-508-APC Neuffer, D.On the feasibility of a pulsed 14 TeV c.m.e. muon collider in the LHC tunnel
FERMILAB-PUB-18-507-PPD Abbott, T.M.C.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Constraints on Extended Cosmological Models from Galaxy Clusterin
FERMILAB-PUB-18-506-T Carena, MarcelaSupersymmetry and LHC Missing Energy Signals
FERMILAB-PUB-18-505-AE Wang, M.Y.The morphology and structure of stellar populations in the Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy from Dark
FERMILAB-PUB-18-504 Bhat, Pushpalatha C.The International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA): History and the Future
FERMILAB-PUB-18-503-E Glasser, V.Data Analysis and Detector Troubleshooting for the Silicon Muon Scanner
FERMILAB-CONF-18-502-APC Ruan, JinhaoEmittance Measurements at FAST Facility
FERMILAB-CONF-18-501-APC Piot, PhilippeCoherent Stacking Scheme for Inverse-Compton Scattering at MHz Repetition Rates
FERMILAB-CONF-18-500 Rubin, DavidMuon Beam Dynamics and Spin Dynamics in the g-2 Storage Ring
FERMILAB-CONF-18-499-TD Berrutti, PaoloUpdate on Plasma Processing R$\&$D for LCLS-II
FERMILAB-CONF-18-498-AE-PPD Bender, Amy N.Year 2 instrument status from the SPT-3G cosmic microwave background receiver (Conference Presentati
FERMILAB-PUB-18-497-TD Chkhaidze, L.Study of azimuthal correlations in the target fragmentation region in p, d, He, C+C, Ta and C+Ne, Cu
FERMILAB-PUB-18-496-PPD-TD Clement, E.A High-performance Track Fitter for Use in Ultra-fast Electronics
FERMILAB-CONF-18-495-TD Barzi, EmanuelaAn Innovative Nb3Sn Film Approach and Its Potential for SRF Applications
FERMILAB-PUB-18-494-AD-AE-SCD Banda-Huarca, M.V.Astrometry and Occultation Predictions to Trans-Neptunian and Centaur Objects Observed within the Da
FERMILAB-PUB-18-493-AD-APC Burov, AlexeyTransverse Instabilities of a Bunch with Space Charge, Wake and Feedback
FERMILAB-PUB-18-492-AD Hanuka, A.Amplification of Flat Laser Pulse Train
FERMILAB-PUB-18-491-DI-TD Dhuley, R.C.Thermal link design for conduction cooling of SRF cavities using cryocoolers
FERMILAB-PUB-18-490-T McDermott, Samuel D.Deeply bound dibaryon is incompatible with neutron stars and supernovae
FERMILAB-PUB-18-488-AE Gruen, D.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: The effect of intracluster light on photometric redshifts for wea
FERMILAB-PUB-18-487-T Ge, Shao-FengScalar Nonstandard Interactions in Neutrino Oscillation
FERMILAB-PUB-18-486-T Bœhm, C.How high is the neutrino floor?
FERMILAB-CONF-18-485-TD Contreras-Martinez, CrispinDynamic Tuner Development for Medium β Superconducting Elliptical Cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-18-484-TD Xu, MengxinDesign of β=0.65, 5 Cells, 644 MHz Elliptical Cavity for FRIB Upgrade
FERMILAB-CONF-18-483-TD Kahn, StephenNb3Sn Thin Films for the Production of Higher Gradient SRF Cavities at Reduced Cost
FERMILAB-CONF-18-482-TD Tippey, KristinImproving the Work Function of Nitrogen-Doped Niobium Surfaces for SRF Cavities by Plasma Processing
FERMILAB-CONF-18-481-TD Kahn, StephenNano-engineering of Nb3Sn Thin Films to Improve Wire Performance and Reduce Cost
FERMILAB-CONF-18-480-TD De Silva, SubashiniRoom Temperature Measurements of Higher Order Modes for the SPS Prototype RF-Dipole Crabbing Cavity
FERMILAB-CONF-18-479-TD Holzbauer, JeremiahTesting of SSR1 Production Tuner for PIP-II
FERMILAB-CONF-18-478-TD Holzbauer, JeremiahTuner Testing of a Dressed 3.9 GHz Cavity for LCLS-II at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-477-TD Posen, SamDevelopment of Nb3Sn Coatings for Superconducting RF Cavities at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-476-TD Roger, VincentDesign Update of the SSR1 Cryomodule for PIP-II Project
FERMILAB-CONF-18-475-TD Parise, MattiaA New Design for the Hilumi Radio-Frequency Dipole Bare Cavity
FERMILAB-CONF-18-474-APC Webb, StephenEffects of Synchrotron Motion on Nonlinear Integrable Optics
FERMILAB-CONF-18-473-APC Andorf, MatthewSimulations of Optical Stochastic Cooling with ELEGANT
FERMILAB-CONF-18-472-APC Andorf, MatthewPlanned Detection and Amplification of Infared Synchrotron Radiation for Electron-Beam Diagnostics a
FERMILAB-CONF-18-471-APC Lueangaramwong, AnusornApplication of Transverse-to-Longitudinal Phase-Space-Exchanged Beam Produced from a Nano-Structure
FERMILAB-CONF-18-470-AD-PPD Ganguly, SudeshnaLost Muon Studies for the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-469-APC Burov, AlexeyLandau Damping by Electron Lenses
FERMILAB-CONF-18-468-AD Bradley, JosephInitial Studies into Longitudinal Ionization Cooling for the Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-467-AD Hazelwood, KyleAutomating Orbit Correction in the Main Injector 8 GeV Line
FERMILAB-CONF-18-466-PPD Crnkovic, JasonCommissioning the Muon g-2 Experiment Electrostatic Quadrupole System
FERMILAB-PUB-18-465-A Mandelbaum, RachelThe LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) Science Requirements Document
FERMILAB-PUB-18-464-CD Higgins, Valerie J.It Takes a Village: The Contributions of Non-Scientific Staff to Scientific Research
FERMILAB-CONF-18-463 Kuklev, NikitaSynchrotron Radiation Beam Diagnostics for the Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-18-462-AD-PPD Froemming, NathanCommissioning the Superconducting Magnetic Inflector System for the Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-461-CD Meschini, M.Pixel Detector Developments for Tracker Upgrades of the High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-18-460-AD Bradley, JosephApplication of Quad-Scan Measurement Techniques to Muon Beams in the Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-459-AD-APC-PPD Balcazar, MarioTunable Q-Factor Gas-Filled RF Cavity
FERMILAB-CONF-18-458-AD Balcazar, MarioHadron Beam Monitor Design with Gas-Filled RF Resonators in Intense Neutrino Source
FERMILAB-CONF-18-457-AD-APC-PPD Yonehara, KatsuyaIntense Neutrino Source Front End Beam Diagnostics System R$\&$D
FERMILAB-CONF-18-456-AD Goddard, BrennanOptimization of Diffuser (Pre-Scatterer) Configurations for Slow Extraction Loss Reduction at Electr
FERMILAB-CONF-18-455-APC Eldred, JeffreySimulation of Integrable Synchrotron with Space-charge and Chromatic Tune-shifts
FERMILAB-CONF-18-454-AD-TD Saini, ArunDesign of PIP-II Medium Energy Beam Transport
FERMILAB-CONF-18-453-TD Saini, ArunBeam Optics Measurements in Medium Energy Beam Transport at PIP-II Injector Test Facility
FERMILAB-CONF-18-452-TD Ohuchi, NorihitoFinal-focus Superconducting Magnets for SuperKEKB
FERMILAB-CONF-18-451-AD-TD Solyak, NikolayPerformance of the First LCLS-II Cryomodules: Issues and Solutions
FERMILAB-CONF-18-450-AD Lumpkin, AlexHigher-Order-Mode Effects in Tesla-Type Superconducting RF Cavities on Electron Beam Quality
FERMILAB-CONF-18-449-APC Ptitsyn, VadimeRHIC Design Status
FERMILAB-CONF-18-448-AD Kostromin, SergeyIBS Near Transition Crossing in NICA Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-18-447-AE Nadolski, A.Broadband anti-reflective coatings for cosmic microwave background experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-18-446-AE Dutcher, D.Characterization and performance of the second-year SPT-3G focal plane
FERMILAB-CONF-18-445-T Chen, NingNew physics implication of Higgs precision measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-18-444-ND-T Khan, Amir N.$\sin ^{2}\theta _{W}$ Estimate and Neutrino Electromagnetic Properties from Low-Energy Solar Data
FERMILAB-PUB-18-443-AE Lasker, J.First Cosmology Results Using Type Ia Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey: Effects of Chromatic C
FERMILAB-CONF-18-442-AD Johnson, DavidMEBT Laser Notcher (Chopper) for Booster Loss Reduction
FERMILAB-PUB-18-441-AD-CD-ND Abgrall, N.Measurements of $\pi ^\pm $ , $K^\pm $ and proton double differential yields from the surface of the
FERMILAB-PUB-18-440-T DeTar, CarletonSplittings of low-lying charmonium masses at the physical point
FERMILAB-PUB-18-439-T Bazavov, A.$|V_{us}|$ from $K_{\ell 3}$ decay and four-flavor lattice QCD
FERMILAB-CONF-18-438-ND Pate, S.F.Simulations for the global quantum efficiency of MicroBooNE optical units
FERMILAB-PUB-18-437-A Essig, RouvenConstraining Dissipative Dark Matter Self-Interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-436-ND Radovic, AlexanderMachine learning at the energy and intensity frontiers of particle physics
FERMILAB-PUB-18-435-AE Agnese, R.Search for Low-Mass Dark Matter with CDMSlite Using a Profile Likelihood Fit
FERMILAB-PUB-18-434-CD Li, Guang-WeiNew Oe Stars in LAMOST DR5
FERMILAB-PUB-18-433-T de Gouvêa, AndréDark Tridents at Off-Axis Liquid Argon Neutrino Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-18-432-CD-ND Perdue, G.N.Reducing model bias in a deep learning classifier using domain adversarial neural networks in the MI
FERMILAB-CONF-18-431-AD Lebedev, ValeriBeam Physics Limitations for Damping of Instabilities in Circular Accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-18-430-AD Garcia, FernandaFermilab - The Proton Improvement Plan (PIP)
FERMILAB-PUB-18-429-AE Strazzullo, V.Galaxy populations in the most distant SPT-SZ clusters - I. Environmental quenching in massive clust
FERMILAB-CONF-18-428-CMS Kreis, BenjaminParticle Flow and PUPPI in the Level-1 Trigger at CMS for the HL-LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-427-A Chang, ChihwayA Unified Analysis of Four Cosmic Shear Surveys
FERMILAB-CONF-18-426-ND Godat, EricPDF Flavor Determination and the nCTEQ PDFs: $W^±/Z$ vector boson production in heavy ion collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-424-PPD Bernstein, R.H.The Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-422-TD Izquierdo Bermudez, SusanaOverview of the Quench Heater Performance for MQXF, the Nb$_{3}$Sn Low-$\beta$ Quadrupole for the Hi
FERMILAB-CONF-18-421-LBNF Haaf, K.Overview and status of the Long Baseline Neutrino Facility cryogenics system
FERMILAB-PUB-18-420-AD-APC Burov, AlexeyCore-Halo Collective Instabilities
FERMILAB-PUB-18-418-T Balantekin, A. BahaAddressing the Majorana vs. Dirac Question with Neutrino Decays
FERMILAB-PUB-18-417-AD-APC Gao, Q.Observation of High Transformer Ratio of Shaped Bunch Generated by an Emittance-Exchange Beam Line
FERMILAB-PUB-18-416-CMS Bilki, B..Radioactive source calibration test of the CMS Hadron Endcap Calorimeter test wedge with Phase I upg
FERMILAB-PUB-18-415-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPrecision measurement of the structure of the CMS inner tracking system using nuclear interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-414-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Measurements of the differential jet cross section as a function of the jet mass in dijet events fro
FERMILAB-CONF-18-412-E Chen, AndrewProbing nucleon’s spin structures with polarized Drell-Yan in the Fermilab SpinQuest experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-18-410-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Searches for pair production of charginos and top squarks in final states with two oppositely charge
FERMILAB-PUB-18-409-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a W' boson decaying to a $\tau$ lepton and a neutrino in proton-proton collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-18-408-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for narrow H$\gamma$ resonances in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-406-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for production of Higgs boson pairs in the four b quark final state using large-area jets in
FERMILAB-PUB-18-398-T Kou, E.The Belle II Physics Book
FERMILAB-PUB-18-396-A-AD-AE-CD Salvador, A.I.Measuring Linear and Non-linear Galaxy Bias Using Counts-in-Cells in the Dark Energy Survey Science
FERMILAB-PUB-18-395-CD-ND Renner, J.Initial results on energy resolution of the NEXT-White detector
FERMILAB-PUB-18-394-APC Mokhov, N.V.Detector Backgrounds at the Higgs Factory Muon Collider: MARS $vs$ FLUKA
FERMILAB-PUB-18-393-ND-PPD-TD Aab, A.Large-scale cosmic-ray anisotropies above 4 EeV measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-18-392-T Seo, Seon-HeeConstraints on the solar $\Delta m^2$ using Daya Bay and RENO data
FERMILAB-PUB-18-391-APC Hyun, J.Micro-bunching for generating tunable narrow-band THz radiation at the FAST photoinjector
FERMILAB-PUB-18-390-ND Babicz, M.Test and characterization of 400 Hamamatsu R5912-MOD photomultiplier tubes for the ICARUS T600 detec
FERMILAB-PUB-18-389-PPD Willis, ChristopherNew method for reducing parton distribution function uncertainties in the high-mass Drell-Yan spectr
FERMILAB-PUB-18-388-AD-APC Burov, A.Beam Breakup Mitigation by Ion Mobility in Plasma Acceleration
FERMILAB-PUB-18-387-AE-CD Camacho, H.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Measurement of the Galaxy Angular Power Spectrum
FERMILAB-PUB-18-386-T Carena, Marcela$ {R}_{D^{\left(*\right)}} $ in custodial warped space
FERMILAB-PUB-18-385-CMS Adam, W.Test beam demonstration of silicon microstrip modules with transverse momentum discrimination for th
FERMILAB-PUB-18-384-APC Broemmelsiek, D.Record High-Gradient SRF Beam Acceleration at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-383-TD Parise, M.A mathematical model to systematically align superconducting radio frequency cavities employing the
FERMILAB-PUB-18-382-T Moffat, K.Leptogenesis from Low Energy $CP$ Violation
FERMILAB-PUB-18-381-T Bertuzzo, EnricoNeutrino Masses and Mixings Dynamically Generated by a Light Dark Sector
FERMILAB-PUB-18-380-AE-CD Dey, ArjunOverview of the DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys
FERMILAB-CONF-18-379-ND Valencia-Rodriguez, EdgarRecent results from the MINERvA experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-378-AE-CD Martini, PaulOverview of the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument
FERMILAB-CONF-18-377-E Lusiani, AlbertoMuon $g-2$, Current Experimental Status and Future Prospects
FERMILAB-PUB-18-376-V Cerri, O.Identification of Long-lived Charged Particles using Time-Of-Flight Systems at the Upgraded LHC dete
FERMILAB-PUB-18-375-PPD Adrian, P.H.Search for a dark photon in electroproduced $e^{+}e^{-}$ pairs with the Heavy Photon Search experime
FERMILAB-PUB-18-374-T Kelly, Kevin J.Multimessenger Astronomy and New Neutrino Physics
FERMILAB-CONF-18-373-TD Lunin, AndreiStatistical Analysis of the Eigenmode Spectrum in the SRF Cavities with Mechanical Imperfections
FERMILAB-PUB-18-372-A-AE-CD Tarsitano, F.A catalogue of structural and morphological measurements for DES Y1
FERMILAB-PUB-18-371-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of the differential cross sections for W -boson production in association with jets $p\b
FERMILAB-CONF-18-370-CMS-E-PPD Duarte, JavierFast Reconstruction and Data Scouting
FERMILAB-CONF-18-369-CD Mkrtchyan, TigrandCache - storage for advanced scientific use cases and beyond
FERMILAB-CONF-18-369-CD Millar, Paul A.Storage for Advanced Scientific Use-Cases and Beyond
FERMILAB-PUB-18-368-APC Shiltsev, VladimirCommentary: Journal Physics–Uspekhi celebrates its centennial
FERMILAB-CONF-18-367-APC Witte, HolgerAnalysis of the Training Behavior of the MICE Spectrometer Solenoid
FERMILAB-PUB-18-366-A Li, HuiStar Cluster Formation in Cosmological Simulations. II. Effects of Star Formation Efficiency and Ste
FERMILAB-PUB-18-365-A Semenov, Vadim A.How Galaxies Form Stars: The Connection between Local and Global Star Formation in Galaxy Simulation
FERMILAB-CONF-18-364-PPD Mott, JamesThe Muon $g − 2$ experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-363-TD Belomestnykh, SergeyComment on “Higher order reentrant post modes in cylindrical cavities” [J. Appl. Phys. 122, 144501 (
FERMILAB-PUB-18-362-T Pascoli, SilviaBaryogenesis via leptonic CP-violating phase transition
FERMILAB-CONF-18-361-TD Tommasini, DavideStatus of the 16 T Dipole Development Program for a Future Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-18-360-CMS Adam, W.The CMS high level trigger
FERMILAB-PUB-18-359-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the inelastic proton-proton cross section at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-358-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for heavy neutral leptons in events with three charged leptons in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-357-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for third-generation scalar leptoquarks decaying to a top quark and a $\tau$ lepton at $\sqrt
FERMILAB-PUB-18-356-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy resonance decaying into a Z boson and a vector boson in the $ \nu \overline{\nu}\
FERMILAB-PUB-18-355-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for $\mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}}$H production in the all-jet final state in proton-proton
FERMILAB-PUB-18-354-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of differential cross sections for the production of top quark pairs and of additional j
FERMILAB-PUB-18-353-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Search for dark matter produced in association with a Higgs boson decaying to $\gamma\gamma$ or $\ta
FERMILAB-PUB-18-352-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Measurements of properties of the Higgs boson decaying to a W boson pair in pp collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-18-351-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Search for supersymmetric partners of electrons and muons in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$
FERMILAB-PUB-18-350-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Search for the decay of a Higgs boson in the $\ell\ell\gamma$ channel in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-349-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for heavy Majorana neutrinos in same-sign dilepton channels in proton-proton collisions at $
FERMILAB-PUB-18-348-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Measurement of differential cross sections for Z boson pair production in association with jets at $
FERMILAB-PUB-18-347-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Measurement of charged particle spectra in minimum-bias events from proton–proton collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-18-346-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of differential cross sections for inclusive isolated-photon and photon+jets production
FERMILAB-PUB-18-345-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Search for supersymmetry in events with a $\tau$ lepton pair and missing transverse momentum in prot
FERMILAB-PUB-18-344-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Study of the underlying event in top quark pair production in $\mathrm {p}\mathrm {p}$ collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-343-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Search for heavy resonances decaying into a vector boson and a Higgs boson in final states with char
FERMILAB-PUB-18-342-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Measurement of inclusive and differential Higgs boson production cross sections in the diphoton deca
FERMILAB-PUB-18-341-T Basak, S.Lattice computation of the electromagnetic contributions to kaon and pion masses
FERMILAB-PUB-18-340-A Zuo, ShifanAn Eigenvector-based Method of Radio Array Calibration and Its Application to the Tianlai Cylinder P
FERMILAB-CONF-18-339-CD Miller, Timothy N.Fabrication of the DESI corrector lenses
FERMILAB-CONF-18-338-CD Honscheid, KlausThe DESI instrument control systems: status and early testing
FERMILAB-PUB-18-337-CMS-DI-PPD Lincoln, DonThe Beauty of Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-18-336-T Bertuzzo, EnricoDark Neutrino Portal to Explain MiniBooNE excess
FERMILAB-PUB-18-335-AD-APC Bowring, D.Operation of normal-conducting RF cavities in multi-tesla magnetic fields for muon ionization coolin
FERMILAB-PUB-18-334-ND Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A.Dark Matter Search in Nucleon, Pion, and Electron Channels from a Proton Beam Dump with MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-CONF-18-333-ND Dell'Oro, S.Search for creation of electrons in lab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-332-CD Gainer, James S.Adding pseudo-observables to the four-lepton experimentalist’s toolbox
FERMILAB-PUB-18-331-AE Shajib, A.J.Is every strong lens model unhappy in its own way? Uniform modelling of a sample of 13 quadruply+ im
FERMILAB-PUB-18-330-T Pascoli, SilviaLeptogenesis via a varying Weinberg operator: a semi-classical approach
FERMILAB-PUB-18-329-T Turner, JessicaLeptogenesis via Varying Weinberg Operator: the Closed-Time-Path Approach
FERMILAB-CONF-18-328 Möller, A.Preliminary cosmological constraints from the Dark Energy Survey Supernova Program using the 3 year
FERMILAB-PUB-18-327-AD-APC Burov, A.Convective Instabilities of Bunched Beams with Space Charge
FERMILAB-PUB-18-326-T Krovi, AnirudhBroadening Dark Matter Searches at the LHC: Mono-X versus Darkonium Channels
FERMILAB-PUB-18-325-AE Costanzi, M.Modelling projection effects in optically selected cluster catalogues
FERMILAB-PUB-18-324-A Åkesson, TorstenLight Dark Matter eXperiment (LDMX)
FERMILAB-PUB-18-323-E Bernstein, R.H.Comment on arXiv:1408.0288v2 [hep-ph] and Phys. Rev. D 90, 085017 (2014), "A new evaluation of the a
FERMILAB-CONF-18-321-AD Romanov, AlexanderBeam Phase Space Tomography at Fast Electron Linac at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-320-AD Romanov, AlexanderCommissioning and Operation of FAST Electron Linac at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-319-AE Bulbul, EsraX-Ray Properties of SPT-selected Galaxy Clusters at 0.2 < z < 1.5 Observed with XMM-Newton
FERMILAB-PUB-18-318-CD-DI-PPD Albertsson, KimMachine Learning in High Energy Physics Community White Paper
FERMILAB-CONF-18-317-E Gutierrez, GastonAs-built new Mayall telescope top end for the DESI project
FERMILAB-PUB-18-316-PPD Dukes, E.C.The NOvA Power Distribution System
FERMILAB-PUB-18-315-E Freytsis, MaratProspects for a Measurement of the $W$ Boson Mass in the All-Jets Final State at Hadron Colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-18-314-AD-APC Freemire, BenSpace-Charge Compensation Using Electron Columns at IOTA
FERMILAB-CONF-18-313-AD-APC Freemire, BenSimulations of the Electron Column in IOTA
FERMILAB-CONF-18-312-CD Gong, QianGoldenEye: stream-based network packet inspection using GPUs
FERMILAB-CONF-18-311-AD-APC Mirarchi, D.Hollow electron-lens assisted collimation and plans for the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-310-A Berlin, AsherDark Matter, Millicharges, Axion and Scalar Particles, Gauge Bosons, and Other New Physics with LDMX
FERMILAB-PUB-18-309-A Keith, Celeste511 keV excess and primordial black holes
FERMILAB-PUB-18-309-A Hooper, DanCan the Inflaton Also Be a Weakly Interacting Massive Particle?
FERMILAB-PUB-18-307-E-PPD Aaltonen, T.Search for standard-model Z and Higgs bosons decaying into a bottom-antibottom quark pair in proton-
FERMILAB-PUB-18-306-AD Bradley, JoeFirst Measurement of Traverse Beam Optics for the Fermilab Muon Campus using a Magnet Scanning Techn
FERMILAB-PUB-18-305-T Quigg, ChrisDream Machines
FERMILAB-PUB-18-304-AD Di Benedetto, V.A Study of Muon Collider Background Rejection Criteria in Silicon Vertex and Tracker Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-18-303-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichEvidence for $Z_c^{\pm}(3900)$ in semi-inclusive decays of $b$-flavored hadrons
FERMILAB-PUB-18-302-TD Todesco, EzioProgress on high luminosity LHC Nb$_{3}$Sn magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-18-301-APC Alexahin, Y.Muon Collider Lattice Concepts
FERMILAB-PUB-18-300-APC Mokhov, N.V.The Higgs Factory Muon Collider Superconducting Magnets and Their Protection Against Beam Decay Radi
FERMILAB-PUB-18-299-PPD Apresyan, A.Studies of Uniformity of 50 $\mu$m Low-Gain Avalanche Detectors at the Fermilab Test Beam
FERMILAB-PUB-18-298-CMS André, Jean-MarcThe CMS Data Acquisition System for the Phase-2 Upgrade
FERMILAB-CONF-18-297-AD Madrak, R.The FNAL Booster Second Harmonic RF Cavity
FERMILAB-PUB-18-296-T Isaacson, JoshuaStochastically sampling color configurations
FERMILAB-PUB-18-295-A Jordan, Johnathon R.Severe Constraints on New Physics Explanations of the MiniBooNE Excess
FERMILAB-PUB-18-294-AE Lin, Hsing WenEvidence for Color Dichotomy in the Primordial Neptunian Trojan Population
FERMILAB-PUB-18-293-LBNF-PPD-T Jurkovich, H.Shadowing Neutrino Mass Hierarchy with Lorentz Invariance Violation
FERMILAB-CONF-18-292-ND Van De Pontseele, WouterFlash-Matching for the $\nu_e$ Selection in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-PUB-18-291-AE Agnese, R.Energy Loss Due to Defect Formation from $^{206}$Pb Recoils in SuperCDMS Germanium Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-18-290-CD Henriques, C.A.O.Electroluminescence TPCs at the Thermal Diffusion Limit
FERMILAB-PUB-18-289-AE Agnese, R.Production Rate Measurement of Tritium and Other Cosmogenic Isotopes in Germanium with CDMSlite
FERMILAB-PUB-18-288-APC Alexahin, YuriHelical FOFO Snake for Initial Six-Dimensional Cooling of Muons
FERMILAB-PUB-18-287-T Chakraborty, BipashaHigher-Order Hadronic-Vacuum-Polarization Contribution to the Muon G-2 from Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-18-286-T Denton, Peter B.The effective $\Delta m^2_{ee}$ in matter
FERMILAB-PUB-18-284-AD-TD Kazakevich, G.Resonant interaction of the electron beam with a synchronous wave in controlled magnetrons for high-
FERMILAB-PUB-18-282-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Search for narrow resonances in the b-tagged dijet mass spectrum in proton-proton collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-18-281-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MJet properties in PbPb and pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{N}\;\mathrm{N}}}=5.02 $ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-280-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurements of differential cross sections of top quark pair production as a function of kinematic
FERMILAB-PUB-18-278-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of proton-tagged, central (semi)exclusive production of high-mass lepton pairs in pp col
FERMILAB-PUB-18-277-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvidence for associated production of a Higgs boson with a top quark pair in final states with elect
FERMILAB-PUB-18-276-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for high-mass resonances in dilepton final states in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$
FERMILAB-PUB-18-275-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for additional neutral MSSM Higgs bosons in the $\tau\tau$ final state in proton-proton colli
FERMILAB-PUB-18-274-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new physics in dijet angular distributions using proton–proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$
FERMILAB-PUB-18-272-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy resonance decaying into a Z boson and a Z or W boson in 2ℓ2q final states at $ \s
FERMILAB-PUB-18-271-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of nuclear modification factors of $\Upsilon$(1S), $\Upsilon$(2S), and $\Upsilon$(3S) me
FERMILAB-PUB-18-270-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the production cross section for single top quarks in association with W bosons in pr
FERMILAB-PUB-18-269-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Search for a singly produced third-generation scalar leptoquark decaying to a $\tau$ lepton and a bo
FERMILAB-PUB-18-268-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Search for resonant pair production of Higgs bosons decaying to bottom quark-antiquark pairs in prot
FERMILAB-CONF-18-267-CD Biery, KurtFlexible and Scalable Data-Acquisition Using the artdaq Toolkit
FERMILAB-CONF-18-266-CD Biery, KurtThe Fermilab Test Beam Facility Data Acquisition System Based on $otsdaq$
FERMILAB-PUB-18-265-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Observation of the Z$\to\psi\ell^+\ell^-$ decay in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-264-T Curtin, DavidLong-Lived Particles at the Energy Frontier: The MATHUSLA Physics Case
FERMILAB-CONF-18-262-AD Ainsworth, RobertHigh Intensity Proton Stacking at Fermilab: 700 kW Running
FERMILAB-PUB-18-260-APC Andorf, MatthewComputation and Numerical Simulation of Focused Undulator Radiation for Optical Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PUB-18-259-ND Aab, AlexanderObservation of inclined EeV air showers with the radio detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-18-257-ND Aimard, B.A 4 tonne demonstrator for large-scale dual-phase liquid argon time projection chambers
FERMILAB-PUB-18-256-AE Guarnieri, PierandreaCandidate massive galaxies at z ∼ 4 in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-18-254-A Hooper, DanLife Versus Dark Energy: How An Advanced Civilization Could Resist the Accelerating Expansion of the
FERMILAB-PUB-18-253-CMS Ghrear, MajdEdge Modes and Teleportation in a Topologically Insulating Quantum Wire
FERMILAB-PUB-18-252-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for an exotic decay of the Higgs boson to a pair of light pseudoscalars in the final state wi
FERMILAB-PUB-18-251-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on models of scalar and vector leptoquarks decaying to a quark and a neutrino at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-18-250-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Observation of the $\chi_\mathrm{b1}$(3P) and $\chi_\mathrm{b2}$(3P) and measurement of their masses
FERMILAB-PUB-18-249-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for beyond the standard model Higgs bosons decaying into a $\mathrm{b\overline{b}}$ pair in p
FERMILAB-PUB-18-248-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Higgs boson pair production in the $\gamma\gamma\mathrm{b\overline{b}}$ final state in pp
FERMILAB-PUB-18-247-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MAngular analysis of the decay B$^+\to$ K$^+\mu^+\mu^-$ in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 8
FERMILAB-PUB-18-246-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for narrow and broad dijet resonances in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $ TeV and
FERMILAB-PUB-18-245-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Measurement of the weak mixing angle using the forward-backward asymmetry of Drell-Yan events in pp
FERMILAB-PUB-18-244-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Search for pair-produced resonances each decaying into at least four quarks in proton-proton collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-18-242-V Craig, TimothySNOM Imaging of a Crypt-Like Feature in Adenocarcinoma Associated with Barrett’s Oesophagus
FERMILAB-PUB-18-241-T Chala, MikaelSignals of the electroweak phase transition at colliders and gravitational wave observatories
FERMILAB-CONF-18-239-A Das, SantanuProgress in the Construction and Testing of the Tianlai Radio Interferometers
FERMILAB-PUB-18-237-TD Groll, N.R.Insight into bulk niobium superconducting RF cavities performances by tunneling spectroscopy
FERMILAB-PUB-18-236-AE Anguita, T.The STRong lensing Insights into the Dark Energy Survey (STRIDES) 2016 follow-up campaign – II. New
FERMILAB-PUB-18-235-AD Yonehara, KatsuyaHelical Six-Dimensional Muon Ionization Cooling Channel with Gas-Filled RF Cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-18-234-APC Mohayai, Tanaz AngelinaA Wedge Test in MICE
FERMILAB-CONF-18-233-APC Mohayai, Tanaz AngelinaA Non-parameteric Density Estimation Approach to Measuring Beam Cooling in MICE
FERMILAB-PUB-18-232-V Lagrange, J.B.Racetrack FFAG muon decay ring for nuSTORM with triplet focusing
FERMILAB-PUB-18-231-ND Adams, C.Deep neural network for pixel-level electromagnetic particle identification in the MicroBooNE liquid
FERMILAB-CONF-18-229-AD Shemyakin, AlexanderDesign of 162-MHz CW Bunch-by-Bunch Chopper and Prototype Testing Results
FERMILAB-CONF-18-228-AD Shemyakin, AlexanderExperimental Study of Beam Dynamics in the PIP-II MEBT Prototype
FERMILAB-PUB-18-227-ND Escobar, Carlos OurivioA invenção dos pártons
FERMILAB-PUB-18-226-AD Edelen, J.P.RF transient analysis and stabilization of the phase and energy of the proposed PIP-II LINAC
FERMILAB-CONF-18-224-AD Pfeffer, H.High Burst Rate Charging System for the Lithium Lens Power Supply
FERMILAB-PUB-18-223-ND Acero, M.A.New constraints on oscillation parameters from $\nu_e$ appearance and $\nu_\mu$ disappearance in the
FERMILAB-PUB-18-222-T Ipek, SeydaAssessing Perturbativity and Vacuum Stability in High-Scale Leptogenesis
FERMILAB-CONF-18-221-CD Thapa,SuchandraHomogenizing OSG and XSEDE: Providing Access to XSEDE Allocations through OSG Infrastructure
FERMILAB-PUB-18-220-A-AD-AE-SCD Pollina, G.On the relative bias of void tracers in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-18-219-AD-PPD-ND Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A.Significant Excess of ElectronLike Events in the MiniBooNE Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-218-AD Frolov, DaniilSimultaneous Switching of Multiple GaN Transistors in a High-Speed Switch
FERMILAB-PUB-18-217-AD-APC Lemery, F.Passive Ballistic Microbunching of Nonultrarelativistic Electron Bunches Using Electromagnetic Wakef
FERMILAB-CONF-18-216-E Kim, OnReduction of Coherent Betatron Oscillations Using RF Electric Fields in the Fermilab Muon g-2 Experi
FERMILAB-PUB-18-215-CD-T Macridin, AlexandruDigital quantum computation of fermion-boson interacting systems
FERMILAB-CONF-18-214-PPD Diehl, H.T.Dark energy survey operations: years 4 and 5
FERMILAB-PUB-18-213-T Denton, Peter B.Rotations Versus Perturbative Expansions for Calculating Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities in Matte
FERMILAB-PUB-18-212-T Chen, XuanPrecise QCD Description of the Higgs Boson Transverse Momentum Spectrum
FERMILAB-PUB-18-211-ND Bagby, L.New read-out electronics for ICARUS-T600 liquid Argon TPC. Description, simulation and tests of the
FERMILAB-PUB-18-210-AD-CD-ND Aduszkiewicz, A.Measurements of total production cross sections for $\pi^{+}$+C, $\pi^{+}$+Al, $K^{+}$+C, and $K^{+}
FERMILAB-PUB-18-209-TD Arpaia, P.A high-precision miniaturized rotating coil transducer for magnetic measurements
FERMILAB-CONF-18-208-ND Betancourt, M.Comparisons and Challenges of Modern Neutrino Scattering Experiments (TENSIONS2016 Report)
FERMILAB-PUB-18-207-TD Verdú-Andrés, S.Design and vertical tests of double-quarter wave cavity prototypes for the high-luminosity LHC crab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-206-E Tuchming, BorisRecent Top Quark Results from the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-18-205-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy right-handed W boson and a heavy neutrino in events with two same-flavor leptons
FERMILAB-PUB-18-204-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for high-mass resonances in final states with a lepton and missing transverse momentum at $ \
FERMILAB-PUB-18-203-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a new scalar resonance decaying to a pair of Z bosons in proton-proton collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-18-202-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of $\mathrm{t\overline{t}}$H production
FERMILAB-PUB-18-201-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurements of Higgs boson properties in the diphoton decay channel in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-18-200-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for $ \mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}}\mathrm{H} $ production in the $ \mathrm{H}\to \mathrm{b
FERMILAB-PUB-18-199-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Performance of the CMS muon detector and muon reconstruction with proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt
FERMILAB-PUB-18-198-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of differential cross sections for Z boson production in association with jets in proton
FERMILAB-PUB-18-197-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for disappearing tracks as a signature of new long-lived particles in proton-proton collision
FERMILAB-PUB-18-196-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Elliptic flow of charm and strange hadrons in high-multiplicity pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_\mathrm
FERMILAB-PUB-18-195-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark mass with lepton+jets final states using $\mathrm {p}$ $\mathrm {p}$ co
FERMILAB-PUB-18-194-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of prompt $\psi$(2S) production cross sections in proton-lead and proton-proton collisio
FERMILAB-PUB-18-193-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraining gluon distributions in nuclei using dijets in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-192-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the groomed jet mass in PbPb and pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}=5.02 $ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-191-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for vector-like T and B quark pairs in final states with leptons at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-18-190-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for an exotic decay of the Higgs boson to a pair of light pseudoscalars in the final state of
FERMILAB-PUB-18-189-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for top squarks decaying via four-body or chargino-mediated modes in single-lepton final stat
FERMILAB-PUB-18-188-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for black holes and sphalerons in high-multiplicity final states in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-187-T Figy, Terrance M.A Forward Branching Phase Space Generator for Hadron colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-18-186-T Kayser, BorisAddressing the Majorana vs. Dirac Question Using Neutrino Decays
FERMILAB-PUB-18-184-APC Eldred, J.Space-Charge Simulation of Integrable Rapid Cycling Synchrotron
FERMILAB-CONF-18-183-AD-APC Johnstone, John A.Prospects for a Muon Spin Resonace Facility in the Fermilab MuCool Test Area
FERMILAB-CONF-18-182-AD Jarvis, J.D.Optical Stochastic Cooling Experiment at the Fermilab IOTA Ring
FERMILAB-PUB-18-180-T Collins, Jack H.Anomaly Detection for Resonant New Physics with Machine Learning
FERMILAB-PUB-18-179-ND Lu, X.G.Measurement of final-state correlations in neutrino muon-proton mesonless production on hydrocarbon
FERMILAB-PUB-18-178-A Hogan, CraigNonlocal Entanglement and Directional Correlations of Primordial Perturbations on the Inflationary H
FERMILAB-CONF-18-177 Veberič, DarkoThe IceCube Neutrino Observatory, the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array: Joint Contri
FERMILAB-PUB-18-176-T Jana, SudipDisplaced vertex signature of type-I seesaw model
FERMILAB-PUB-18-175-TD Wu, Q.Operation of the 56 MHz Superconducting RF Cavity in RHIC with Higher Order Mode Damper
FERMILAB-CONF-18-174-AE Pan, Z.Optical Characterization of the SPT-3G Camera
FERMILAB-PUB-18-173-T Liu, JiaEnhancing Long-Lived Particles Searches at the LHC with Precision Timing Information
FERMILAB-CONF-18-172-AD Ader, ChristineOverview of Fabrication Techniques and Lessons Learned with Accelerator Vacuum Windows
FERMILAB-CONF-18-170-AD Gupta, L.Design of a one-dimensional sextupole using semi-analytic methods
FERMILAB-CONF-18-169-AD Papadimitriou, VaiaDesign Status of the LBNF/DUNE Beamline
FERMILAB-CONF-18-168-AD-APC Neveu, NicoleBunch Length Measurements Using CTR at the AWA with Comparison to Simulation
FERMILAB-CONF-18-167-E Schreckenberger, A.P.New Fast Kicker Results from the Muon g-2 E-989 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-18-166-AD-APC Halavanau, A.Coherent Transition Radiation Generated from Transverse Electron Density Modulation
FERMILAB-CONF-18-165-AD-APC Chuchurka, StasisTheoretical Modeling of Electromagnetic Field from Electron Bunches in Periodic Wire Medium
FERMILAB-CONF-18-164-AD-APC Halavanau, A.Electron Beam Pattern Rotation as a Method of Tunable Bunch Train Generation
FERMILAB-CONF-18-163-AD-APC Halavanau, A.Bunch Compression of Flat Beams
FERMILAB-CONF-18-162-AD-APC Halavanau, A.Magnetized and Flat Beam Generation at the Fermilab's FAST Facility
FERMILAB-CONF-18-161-AD-APC Halavanau, A.Transverse-To-Longitudinal Photocathode Distribution Imaging
FERMILAB-CONF-18-160-AD-APC Wisniewski, Eric E.Demonstration Of Fast, Single-Shot Photocathode QE Mapping Method Using Mla Pattern Beam
FERMILAB-PUB-18-159-T Vega, RobertoLight (and darkness) from a light hidden Higgs
FERMILAB-CONF-18-158-PPD Wu, WanweiUsing Time Evolution of the Bunch Structure to Extract the Muon Momentum Distribution in the Fermila
FERMILAB-PUB-18-157-CMS-E-T Lincoln, DonAnd So Ad Infinitum: The Search for Quark and Lepton Substructure
FERMILAB-PUB-18-156-AE-CD Torrealba, G.Discovery of two neighbouring satellites in the Carina constellation with MagLiteS
FERMILAB-PUB-18-155-AE Bergemann, MariaTwo chemically similar stellar overdensities on opposite sides of the plane of the Galactic disk
FERMILAB-PUB-18-154-ND Baibussinov, B.Operation of a LAr-TPC equipped with a multilayer LEM charge readout
FERMILAB-CONF-18-153-AD Lobach, I.McMillan Lens in a System with Space Charge
FERMILAB-CONF-18-152-ND-PPD-TD Homola, PiotrSearch for Ultra-High Energy Photons with the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-18-151-A-AE Bonvin, V.COSMOGRAIL XVII: Time Delays for the Quadruply Imaged Quasar PG 1115+080
FERMILAB-PUB-18-150-AE Agnese, R.First Dark Matter Constraints from a SuperCDMS Single-Charge Sensitive Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-18-149-T Baha Balantekin, A.On the Properties of Neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-18-148-A Jordan, Johnathon R.Signatures of Pseudo-Dirac Dark Matter at High-Intensity Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-18-147-T Dulat, FalkoLeading-Color Fully Differential Two-Loop Soft Corrections to QCD Dipole Showers
FERMILAB-CONF-18-146-AD-TD Serrano, CarlosRF Controls for High-Q Cavities for the LCLS-II
FERMILAB-CONF-18-145-APC-CD Macridin, AlexandruParticle Tracking Simulation of Collective Modes-Parametric Landau Damping Off Coupling Resonance
FERMILAB-CONF-18-144-AD Saewert, G.First Performance Results of the PIP2IT MEBT 200 Ohm Kicker Prototype
FERMILAB-CONF-18-143-TD Kostin, R.Operation Regime Analysis of Conduction Cooled Cavities through Multi-Physics Simulation
FERMILAB-PUB-18-142-ND Acciarri, R.First measurement of the cross section for $\nu_\mu$ and $\bar{\nu}_\mu$ induced single charged pion
FERMILAB-CONF-18-141-APC Hyun, J.Micro-Bunched Beam Production at FAST for Narrow Band THz Generation Using a Slit-Mask
FERMILAB-CONF-18-140-AD-APC Gianfelice-Wendt, ElianaPolarization Studies for the eRHIC Electron Storage Ring
FERMILAB-CONF-18-138-AD Alvarez, Matthew L.High Voltage Design Considerations for the Electrostatic Septum for the Mu2e Beam Resonant Extractio
FERMILAB-CONF-18-137-APC-CD Stern, EricNumerical Simulations of Space Charge Compensation with an Electron Lens
FERMILAB-CONF-18-136-TD Zlobin, A.V.Large-Aperture High-Field Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-18-135-AE Becker, J.C.Discovery and Dynamical Analysis of an Extreme Trans-Neptunian Object with a High Orbital Inclinatio
FERMILAB-CONF-18-134-TD Zlobin, A.V.Conceptual Design of a 17 T Nb$_3$Sn Accelerator Dipole Magnet
FERMILAB-CONF-18-133-TD Zlobin, A.V.Advantages and Challenges of Nb$_3$Sn Superconducting Undulators
FERMILAB-CONF-18-132-APC-CD Stern, EricSuppression of Instabilities Generated by an Anti-Damper with a Nonlinear Magnetic Element in IOTA
FERMILAB-PUB-18-131-PPD McClintock, T.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Weak Lensing Mass Calibration of redMaPPer Galaxy Clusters
FERMILAB-CONF-18-130-AD-APC-TD Kazakevich, GrigoryImproved Magnetron Stability and Reduced Noise in Efficient Transmitters for Superconducting Acceler
FERMILAB-CONF-18-129-AD-APC-TD Kazakevich, G.Phase Grouping of Larmor Electrons By a Synchronous Wave In Controlled Magnetrons
FERMILAB-PUB-18-128-A-PPD Troxel, M.A.Survey geometry and the internal consistency of recent cosmic shear measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-18-127-T Gehrlein, JuliaNatural and Dynamical Neutrino Mass Mechanism at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-126-TD Sung, Z.H.Evidence for preferential flux flow at the grain boundaries of superconducting RF-quality niobium
FERMILAB-PUB-18-125-T Ghosh, TathagataNeutrino mass from Higgs quadruplet and multicharged Higgs searches at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-124-ND-TD Adams, D.L.Photon detector system timing performance in the DUNE 35-ton prototype liquid argon time projection
FERMILAB-PUB-18-123-PPD Kogler, RomanJet Substructure at the Large Hadron Collider: Experimental Review
FERMILAB-CONF-18-122-CD-T Andersen, J.R.Les Houches 2017: Physics at TeV Colliders Standard Model Working Group Report
FERMILAB-CONF-18-121-AD Varghese, P.LLRF System for the Fermilab Muon g-2 and Mu2e Projects
FERMILAB-PUB-18-120-TD Parise, M.Prediction of the Lorentz Force Detuning and Pressure Sensitivity for a Pillbox Cavity
FERMILAB-CONF-18-119-AD Lari, LuisellaPreliminary Modelling of Radiation Levels at the Fermilab PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-PUB-18-118-A Chown, R.Maps of the Southern Millimeter-wave Sky from Combined 2500 deg$^2$ SPT-SZ and Planck Temperature Da
FERMILAB-PUB-18-117-V Kunz, JosiahHybrid methods for muon accelerator simulations with ionization cooling
FERMILAB-PUB-18-116-AE-PPD Crisler, MichaelSENSEI: First Direct-Detection Constraints on sub-GeV Dark Matter from a Surface Run
FERMILAB-PUB-18-115-CD Simón, A.Electron drift properties in high pressure gaseous xenon
FERMILAB-PUB-18-114-CD Martínez-Lema, G.Calibration of the NEXT-White detector using $^{83m}\mathrm{Kr}$ decays
FERMILAB-PUB-18-113-CD Monrabal, F.The Next White (NEW) Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-18-112-AE-PPD Sevilla-Noarbe, I.Star–galaxy classification in the Dark Energy Survey Y1 data set
FERMILAB-CONF-18-111-TD Kashikhin, V.Superconducting Magnet Performance in LCLS-II Cryomodules
FERMILAB-PUB-18-110-AE-PPD Li, T.S.Ships Passing in the Night: Spectroscopic Analysis of Two Ultra-faint Satellites in the Constellatio
FERMILAB-PUB-18-109-AE-PPD Erkal, D.Modelling the Tucana III stream – a close passage with the LMC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-107-AE-PPD Li, T.S.The First Tidally Disrupted Ultra-faint Dwarf Galaxy?: A Spectroscopic Analysis of the Tucana III St
FERMILAB-PUB-18-106-SCD Domínguez Sánchez, H.Transfer learning for galaxy morphology from one survey to another
FERMILAB-PUB-18-103-TD Holzbauer, J.P.Improved RF Measurements of SRF Cavity Quality Factors
FERMILAB-PUB-18-102-APC Hyun, J.Simulations of Beam Optics and Bremsstrahlung for High Intensity and Brightness Channeling Radiation
FERMILAB-PUB-18-101-AD-AE Du, N.A Search for Invisible Axion Dark Matter with the Axion Dark Matter Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-18-100-T Moffat, K.Three-flavored nonresonant leptogenesis at intermediate scales
FERMILAB-CONF-18-099-T Quigg, ChrisStable Tetraquarks
FERMILAB-PUB-18-097-DI-TD Dhuley, R.C.Thermal resistance of pressed contacts of aluminum and niobium at liquid helium temperatures
FERMILAB-PUB-18-096-ND Adams, C.Ionization electron signal processing in single phase LArTPCs. Part II. Data/simulation comparison a
FERMILAB-CONF-18-095-CD Higgins, ValerieIt Takes a Village: Documenting the Contributions of Non-Scientific Staff to Scientific Research
FERMILAB-PUB-18-094-TD Bajas, HuguesTest Result of the Short Models MQXFS3 and MQXFS5 for the HL-LHC Upgrade
FERMILAB-PUB-18-093-CD-ND Novella, P.Measurement of radon-induced backgrounds in the NEXT double beta decay experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-092-AD-AE-DI-PPD-T-TD Ahmed, ZeeshanQuantum Sensing for High Energy Physics
FERMILAB-CONF-18-091-APC Haughey, MagnusNovel MCP-Based Electron Source Studies
FERMILAB-CONF-18-090-APC Shiltsev, VladimirOn the Feasibility of a Pulsed 14 TeV C.M.E. Muon Collider in the LHC Tunnel
FERMILAB-PUB-18-089-E Duarte, JavierFast inference of deep neural networks in FPGAs for particle physics
FERMILAB-PUB-18-088-A Hogan, CraigValue of the Cosmological Constant in Emergent Quantum Gravity
FERMILAB-PUB-18-087-A Kahn, YonatanM$^{3}$: a new muon missing momentum experiment to probe (g − 2)$_{μ}$ and dark matter at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-18-086-T Dentler, MonaUpdated Global Analysis of Neutrino Oscillations in the Presence of eV-Scale Sterile Neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-18-085-APC Delahaye, J.-P.The NuMAX Long Baseline Neutrino Factory Concept
FERMILAB-PUB-18-084-AD-APC Fitterer, MiriamResonant and random excitations on the proton beam in the Large Hadron Collider for active halo cont
FERMILAB-PUB-18-083-ND Gran, R.Antineutrino Charged-Current Reactions on Hydrocarbon with Low Momentum Transfer
FERMILAB-CONF-18-082-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar C.T.High Power Electron Gun for Metal Additive Manufacturing Based on Superconducting Technology
FERMILAB-CONF-18-081-AE Dixit, AkashDetecting Axion Dark Matter with Superconducting Qubits
FERMILAB-PUB-18-080-A-AD-AE-SCD MacCrann, N.DES Y1 Results: Validating Cosmological Parameter Estimation Using Simulated Dark Energy Surveys
FERMILAB-PUB-18-079-T Ferreira, Pedro G.Inflation in a scale invariant universe
FERMILAB-PUB-18-078-AE-CD-E Agnese, R.Nuclear-Recoil Energy Scale in CDMS II Silicon Dark-Matter Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-18-077-ND Adams, C.Comparison of $\nu_\mu$-Ar multiplicity distributions observed by MicroBooNE to GENIE model predicti
FERMILAB-PUB-18-076-T Hill, Christopher T.Inertial Symmetry Breaking
FERMILAB-PUB-18-075-T Chacko, ZackariaCosmological Signatures of a Mirror Twin Higgs
FERMILAB-PUB-18-074-CD Kuznetsov, ValentinThe Archive Solution for Distributed Workflow Management Agents of the CMS Experiment at LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-073-CD Brower, Richard C.Multigrid algorithm for staggered lattice fermions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-072-CD Albrecht, JohannesHEP Community White Paper on Software Trigger and Event Reconstruction: Executive Summary
FERMILAB-PUB-18-071-CD Albrecht, JohannesHEP Community White Paper on Software Trigger and Event Reconstruction
FERMILAB-CONF-18-070-AE-CD-E Annis, JamesObservations of GW170817 by DESGW and the DECam GW-EM Collaboration
FERMILAB-PUB-18-069-A Hooper, DanMillisecond Pulsars, TeV Halos, and Implications For The Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
FERMILAB-PUB-18-068-PPD Pursiainen, M.Rapidly Evolving Transients in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-18-067-T Coloma, PilarDecoherence in Neutrino Propagation Through Matter, and Bounds from IceCube/DeepCore
FERMILAB-PUB-18-066-A Berlin, AsherSeverely Constraining Dark Matter Interpretations of the 21-cm Anomaly
FERMILAB-CONF-18-065-ND Cancelo, G.Increasing the efficiency of photon collection in LArTPCs: the ARAPUCA light trap
FERMILAB-PUB-18-064-AE Treu, T.The STRong lensing Insights into the Dark Energy Survey (STRIDES) 2016 follow-up campaign – I. Overv
FERMILAB-CONF-18-063-ND Escobar, C.O.Near-Infrared Scintillation of Liquid Argon: Recent Results Obtained with the NIR Facility at Fermil
FERMILAB-PUB-18-062-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the $\Lambda_b$ polarization and angular parameters in $\Lambda_b\to J/\psi\, \Lambda
FERMILAB-PUB-18-060-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy resonance decaying to a pair of vector bosons in the lepton plus merged jet final
FERMILAB-PUB-18-059-AD Lumpkin, A.H.First Point-Spread Function and X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging Results with an 88-mm Diameter Single C
FERMILAB-PUB-18-058-T de Blas, JorgeCurrent and Future Constraints on Higgs Couplings in the Nonlinear Effective Theory
FERMILAB-PUB-18-057-A-T Balaji, BhaskaranAnalyzing the Gamma-Ray Sky with Wavelets
FERMILAB-PUB-18-056-ND-PPD Adams, C.Ionization electron signal processing in single phase LArTPCs. Part I. Algorithm Description and qua
FERMILAB-PUB-18-055-T Wise, Mark B.Lepton Flavorful Fifth Force and Depth-dependent Neutrino Matter Interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-054-AE-PPD Akerib, D.S.Projected WIMP sensitivity of the LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-18-053-AD-AE-CD-E Agnes, P.DarkSide-50 532-day Dark Matter Search with Low-Radioactivity Argon
FERMILAB-PUB-18-052-AD-AE-CD-E Agnes, P.Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark-Matter–Electron Scattering from the DarkSide-50 Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-18-051-CD Altunay, MineIntelligently-Automated Facilities Expansion with the HEPCloud Decision Engine
FERMILAB-PUB-18-050-CD-T Macridin, AlexandruElectron-Phonon Systems on a Universal Quantum Computer
FERMILAB-PUB-18-049-PPD Atanov, N.Design and Status of the Mu2e Crystal Calorimeter
FERMILAB-PUB-18-048-AE-E-PPD Agnes, P.Low-Mass Dark Matter Search with the DarkSide-50 Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-18-046-TD Lunin, A.Resonant excitation of high order modes in the 3.9 GHz cavity of the Linac Coherent Light Source
FERMILAB-PUB-18-045-A-AE Baxter, E.J.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Methodology and Projections for Joint Analysis of Galaxy Clusteri
FERMILAB-PUB-18-044-AD-APC Lumpkin, A.H.Submacropulse electron-beam dynamics correlated with higher-order modes in Tesla-type superconductin
FERMILAB-PUB-18-043-E Agnes, P.Electroluminescence pulse shape and electron diffusion in liquid argon measured in a dual-phase TPC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-042-TD Holik, Eddie FrankTwo-Layer 16 Tesla Cosθ Dipole Design for the FCC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-041-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Combined search for electroweak production of charginos and neutralinos in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-040-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of Medium-Induced Modifications of Jet Fragmentation in Pb-Pb Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN
FERMILAB-PUB-18-039-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark matter in events with energetic, hadronically decaying top quarks and missing transv
FERMILAB-PUB-18-038-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MComparing transverse momentum balance of b jet pairs in pp and PbPb collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm
FERMILAB-PUB-18-037-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for lepton-flavor violating decays of heavy resonances and quantum black holes to eμ final st
FERMILAB-PUB-18-036-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for single production of vector-like quarks decaying to a b quark and a Higgs boson
FERMILAB-PUB-18-035-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for natural and split supersymmetry in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $ TeV in fin
FERMILAB-PUB-18-034-T Neumann, TobiasNLO Higgs+jet production at large transverse momenta including top quark mass effects
FERMILAB-PUB-18-033-E Kalinowski, JanSame-sign WW scattering at the LHC: can we discover BSM effects before discovering new states?
FERMILAB-PUB-18-032-A Hooper, DanRobust Constraints and Novel Gamma-Ray Signatures of Dark Matter That Interacts Strongly With Nucleo
FERMILAB-PUB-18-031-APC Balbekov, V.Transverse Mode Coupling Instability of the Bunch with Oscillating Wake Field and Space Charge
FERMILAB-CONF-18-028-AD Balcazar, Mario D.Analytical \& Experimental Study of Radio Frequency Cavity Beam Profile Monitor
FERMILAB-CONF-18-027-AD Kuharik, J.Garnet Ring Measurements For The Fermilab Booster 2nd Harmonic Cavity
FERMILAB-CONF-18-026-AD Madrak, R.Progress on the Construction of the Perpendicularly Biased 2nd Harmonic Cavity for the Fermilab Boos
FERMILAB-PUB-18-025-A Gnedin, Nickolay Y.Enforcing the Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy condition in explicitly conservative local time stepping schem
FERMILAB-CONF-18-024-PPD Pezzullo, G.Design, status and perspective of the Mu2e crystal calorimeter
FERMILAB-PUB-18-023-AD Cousineau, SarahHigh Efficiency Laser-Assisted $H^-$ Charge Exchange for Microsecond Duration Beams
FERMILAB-PUB-18-022-A-AD-AE-CD Wethers, C.F.UV-luminous, star-forming hosts of z ∼ 2 reddened quasars in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-CONF-18-021-PPD Anders, C.F.Vector boson scattering: Recent experimental and theory developments
FERMILAB-PUB-18-020-T Berryman, Jeffrey M.Lepton-Number-Charged Scalars and Neutrino Beamstrahlung
FERMILAB-PUB-18-019-T Kelly, Kevin J.Matter Density Profile Shape Effects at DUNE
FERMILAB-PUB-18-018-T Campbell, John M.Direct photon production and PDF fits reloaded
FERMILAB-CONF-18-017-AD Prost, Lionel R.PIP-II Injector Test Warm Front End: Commissioning Update
FERMILAB-CONF-18-016-CD Chang, JinStriped Data Server for Scalable Parallel Data Analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-18-015-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroTevatron Run II combination of the effective leptonic electroweak mixing angle
FERMILAB-PUB-18-014-T Denton, Peter B.Addendum to ``Compact perturbative expressions for neutrino oscillations in matter''
FERMILAB-PUB-18-013 Pronskikh, V.Linguistic Privilege and Justice: What can we learn from STEM?
FERMILAB-CONF-18-012-APC Mohsen, O.Initial Beam Dynamics Simulations of a High-Average-Current Field-Emission Electron Source in a Supe
FERMILAB-PUB-18-011-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new physics in events with two soft oppositely charged leptons and missing transverse mom
FERMILAB-PUB-18-010-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the $\mathrm{Z}\gamma^{*} \to \tau\tau$ cross section in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} =
FERMILAB-PUB-18-009-AD-ND-PPD Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A.First Measurement of Monoenergetic Muon Neutrino Charged Current Interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-18-008-T Ferreira, Pedro G.Inertial Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Quantum Scale Invariance
FERMILAB-CONF-18-007-E Atanov, N.The Mu2e undoped CsI crystal calorimeter
FERMILAB-PUB-18-005-T Fox, Patrick J.Top-philic $Z'$ forces at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-18-004-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for decays of stopped exotic long-lived particles produced in proton-proton collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-PUB-18-002-CD-ND Patrick, C.E.Measurement of the Muon Antineutrino Double-Differential Cross Section for Quasielastic-like Scatter
FERMILAB-PUB-18-001-PPD Jeffrey, N.Improving Weak Lensing Mass Map Reconstructions using Gaussian and Sparsity Priors: Application to D
FERMILAB-PUB-17/492-T Bazavov, A.Up-, down-, strange-, charm-, and bottom-quark masses from four-flavor lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-17/491-T Bazavov, A.$B$- and $D$-meson leptonic decay constants from four-flavor lattice QCD
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-724-CMS Klein, K.The Phase-2 Upgrade of the CMS Tracker
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-722-CMS Oramus, P.Continuous and fast calibration of the CMS experiment: design of the automated workflows and operati
FERMILAB-PUB-17-721-CMS Balcas, J.Connecting restricted, high-availability, or low-latency resources to a seamless Global Pool for CMS
FERMILAB-PUB-17-720-CMS Balcas, J.Effective HTCondor-based monitoring system for CMS
FERMILAB-PUB-17-719-CMS Hufnagel, DirkCMS use of allocation based HPC resources
FERMILAB-PUB-17-718-CMS Banerjee, SunandaValidation of physics models of Geant4 using data from CMS experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-17-717-CMS Jones, C.D.CMS event processing multi-core efficiency status
FERMILAB-PUB-17-716-CMS Mecionis, AudriusA web-based application for the collection, management and release of alignment and calibration conf
FERMILAB-PUB-17-715-CMS Meoni, MarcoXRootD popularity on hadoop clusters
FERMILAB-PUB-17-714-CMS Hildreth, M.Upgrades for the CMS simulation
FERMILAB-PUB-17-712-CMS Chlebana, FrankChallenges of particle flow reconstruction in the CMS High-Granularity Calorimeter at the High-Lumin
FERMILAB-PUB-17-710-TD Ostroumov, P.N.Elliptical superconducting RF cavities for FRIB energy upgrade
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-707-ND Marcocci, S.The Monte Carlo simulation of the Borexino detector
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-705-TD Ravaioli, E.Modeling of Interfilament Coupling Currents and Their Effect on Magnet Quench Protection
FERMILAB-CONF-17-704-AE Bebek, C.J.Status of the CCD development for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument
FERMILAB-PUB-17-703-SCD Akchurin, N.On the timing performance of thin planar silicon sensors
FERMILAB-PUB-17-702-TD Ostroumov, P.N.Suppression of multipacting in high power RF couplers operating with superconducting cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-17-701-AD Kuksenko, V.Irradiation effects in beryllium exposed to high energy protons of the NuMI neutrino source
FERMILAB-PUB-17-700-TD Fiscarelli, L.Magnetic Measurements on the First CERN-Built Models of the Insertion Quadrupole MQXF for HL-LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-17-699-ND Aguilar-Arevalo, Alexis A.MiniBooNE-DM: a dark matter search in a proton beam dump
FERMILAB-CONF-17-698-CD Santi, LucioGQLink: an implementation of Quantized State Systems (QSS) methods in Geant4
FERMILAB-CONF-17-697-AE Anderson, A.J.SPT-3G: A Multichroic Receiver for the South Pole Telescope
FERMILAB-CONF-17-696-ND Bays, KirkCross-Sections and Neutrino Oscillations in NOvA
FERMILAB-CONF-17-695 Dinardo, M.E.The INFN R&D: New Pixel Detector for the High Luminosity Upgrade of the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-17-694-E Driutti, A.The Muon $g - 2$ experiment
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-691-A Matthews, CharlesUmbrella sampling: a powerful method to sample tails of distributions
FERMILAB-PUB-17-690-T Jana, SudipNew Physics Scale from Higgs Observables with Effective Dimension-6 Operators
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-685-PPD Singh, ARapid communication: $K_{S}^{0}$ Production from beryllium target using 120 $\hbox {GeV}/\hbox {c}$
FERMILAB-PUB-17-684 Pronskikh, VitalyBook Review: What Makes a Good Experiment? Reasons and Roles in Science
FERMILAB-PUB-17-683-AD Carrigan, Richard A.Edwin Leo Goldwasser
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-679-APC Wang, JinlongTime-Resolved Electron-Bunch Diagnostics Using Transverse Wakefields
FERMILAB-CONF-17-678-AD Eddy, NathanTransverse Damper Using Diodes for Slip Stacking in the Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-PUB-17-677-APC-TD Pronskikh, Vitaly S.Energy Production Demonstrator and Material Testing Station optimization for Megawatt proton beams
FERMILAB-CONF-17-676-APC Warner, ArdenDevelopment of the Electromagnetic Boom and MOP System (EMOP)
FERMILAB-CONF-17-675-APC Szustkowski, SebastianGas Jet Profile Monitor for Use in IOTA Proton Beam
FERMILAB-CONF-17-674-TD Huque, NaeemResults of Accelerated Life Testing of LCLS-II Cavity Tuner Motor
FERMILAB-CONF-17-673-TD Zaplatin, EvgenyMicrophonics Passive Damping
FERMILAB-CONF-17-672-TD Seth, SudeshnaTest Result of 650 MHz, Beta 0.61 Single Cell Niobium Cavity
FERMILAB-CONF-17-671-AD Doolittle, LawrenceHigh Precision RF Control for SRF Cavities in LCLS-II
FERMILAB-CONF-17-670-PPD Prydderch, Mark L.CBC3: a CMS microstrip readout ASIC with logic for track-trigger modules at HL-LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-17-669-APC Mihalcea, DanielHigh Spectral Density Compton Back-Scattered Gamma-Ray Sources at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-17-668-AD-APC Shin, Young-MinBeam-Dynamics Analysis of Long-Range Wakefield Effects on the SCRF Cavities at the Fast Facility
FERMILAB-CONF-17-667-PPD Wu, WanweiBeam Dynamics in g-2 Storage Ring
FERMILAB-CONF-17-666-AD-APC Warner, ArdenMachine Protection System Research and Development for the Fermilab PIP-II Proton Linac
FERMILAB-CONF-17-665-CMS Racz, AttilaCMS DAQ Current and Future Hardware Upgrades Up to Post Long Shutdown 3 (LS3) Times
FERMILAB-CONF-17-664-PPD Brooijmans, G.Les Houches 2017: Physics at TeV Colliders New Physics Working Group Report
FERMILAB-CONF-17-663-CD Drakopoulou, EvangeliaANNIE Phase II Reconstruction Techniques
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-660-TD Gonnella, D.Industrialization of the nitrogen-doping preparation for SRF cavities for LCLS-II
FERMILAB-CONF-17-659-CD Schuman, Catherine D.Neuromorphic Computing for Temporal Scientific Data Classification
FERMILAB-CONF-17-658-AD Neswold, RichardPreventing Run-Time Bugs at Compile-Time Using Advanced C++
FERMILAB-PUB-17-657-PPD Atanov, N.Quality Assurance on Undoped CsI Crystals for the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-17-656-T Chacko, ZackariaTesting the Scalar Sector of the Twin Higgs Model at Colliders
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-653-E Donghia, R.The Mu2e experiment at Fermilab: Design and status
FERMILAB-CONF-17-652-E Agnes, P.Status and Perspective of the DarkSide Experiment at LNGS
FERMILAB-CONF-17-651-TD Orozco, C.Hall Probe Calibration System Design for the Mu2e Solenoid Field Mapping System
FERMILAB-PUB-17-650 Riahi, HassenIntegration of End-User Cloud Storage for CMS Analysis
FERMILAB-CONF-17-649 Bonacorsi, DanieleProgress in Machine Learning Studies for the CMS Computing Infrastructure
FERMILAB-PUB-17-648-ND Pate, S.F.A Model for the Global Quantum Efficiency for a TPB-Based Wavelength-Shifting System used with Photo
FERMILAB-CONF-17-647-CD Mkrtchyan, T.dCache on Steroids - Delegated Storage Solutions
FERMILAB-CONF-17-646-CD Lyon, A.L.Integrating Visualization Applications, such as ParaView, into HEP Software Frameworks for In-situ E
FERMILAB-CONF-17-645-E Lysák, RomanTop Quark Properties at Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-17-644-T Eby, JoshuaExpansion in Higher Harmonics of Boson Stars using a Generalized Ruffini-Bonazzola Approach, Part 1:
FERMILAB-PUB-17-643-PPD Gizhko, A.Running of the Charm-Quark Mass from HERA Deep-Inelastic Scattering Data
FERMILAB-PUB-17-642-TD Ye, LiyangStrain control of composite superconductors to prevent degradation of superconducting magnets due to
FERMILAB-CONF-17-641-CD Timm, S.Virtual Machine Provisioning, Code Management, and Data Movement Design for the Fermilab HEPCloud Fa
FERMILAB-CONF-17-640-E Popov, AlexeiSearch for Multi-quark Exotic States with Heavy Flavor at D0 Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-17-639-TD Ferradas Troitino, JoseApplied metrology in the production of superconducting model magnets for particle accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-17-637-ND Clark, D.B.LHC Data and its Impact on nCTEQ15 PDFs
FERMILAB-PUB-17-634-TD Feher, S.Operational Experience with the MICE Spectrometer Solenoid System
FERMILAB-PUB-17-633-TD Feher, S.Mu2e Solenoid Field Mapping System Design
FERMILAB-PUB-17-632-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for gauge-mediated supersymmetry in events with at least one photon and missing transverse mo
FERMILAB-PUB-17-631-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new long-lived particles at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-630-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudy of jet quenching with isolated-photon+jet correlations in PbPb and pp collisions at $\sqrt{s_{
FERMILAB-PUB-17-629-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for pair production of excited top quarks in the lepton + jets final state
FERMILAB-PUB-17-628-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on the double-parton scattering cross section from same-sign W boson pair production in
FERMILAB-PUB-17-627-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Search for new physics in final states with an energetic jet or a hadronically decaying $W$ or $Z$ b
FERMILAB-PUB-17-626-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for the flavor-changing neutral current interactions of the top quark and the Higgs boson whi
FERMILAB-PUB-17-625-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the associated production of a single top quark and a Z boson in pp collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-PUB-17-624-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Z$\gamma$ resonances using leptonic and hadronic final states in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-17-623-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MAzimuthal correlations for inclusive 2-jet, 3-jet, and 4-jet events in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}= $
FERMILAB-PUB-17-622-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Search for the X(5568) state decaying into $\mathrm{B}^{0}_{\mathrm{s}}\pi^{\pm}$ in proton-proton c
FERMILAB-PUB-17-621-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Identification of heavy-flavour jets with the CMS detector in pp collisions at 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-620-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for lepton flavour violating decays of the Higgs boson to $\mu\tau$ and e$\tau$ in proton-pro
FERMILAB-PUB-17-619-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MBose-Einstein correlations in $pp, p\mathrm{Pb}$, and PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{{s}_{NN}}=0.9-7$ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-618-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Physics Beyond the Standard Model in Events with High-Momentum Higgs Bosons and Missing T
FERMILAB-PUB-17-617-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for $R$-parity violating supersymmetry in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = $ 13 TeV using b jets
FERMILAB-PUB-17-616-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of prompt and nonprompt charmonium suppression in $\text {PbPb}$ collisions at 5.02 $\,\
FERMILAB-PUB-17-615-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MElectroweak production of two jets in association with a Z boson in proton–proton collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-17-614-AE Shipp, N.Stellar Streams Discovered in the Dark Energy Survey
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-611-T Baum, SebastianHiggs portals for thermal Dark Matter. EFT perspectives and the NMSSM
FERMILAB-PUB-17-610-APC Lemery, FrancoisSynchronous acceleration with tapered dielectric-lined waveguides
FERMILAB-PUB-17-609-TD Abreu, P.MARTA: a high-energy cosmic-ray detector concept for high-accuracy muon measurement
FERMILAB-PUB-17-608-AE Simard, G.Constraints on Cosmological Parameters from the Angular Power Spectrum of a Combined 2500 deg$^2$ SP
FERMILAB-PUB-17-607-CD Albrecht, JohannesA Roadmap for HEP Software and Computing R&D for the 2020s
FERMILAB-PUB-17-606-APC-PPD Denisov, DmitriUltra-Fast Hadronic Calorimetry
FERMILAB-PUB-17-605-A Villanueva-Domingo, PabloWas there an early reionization component in our universe?
FERMILAB-PUB-17-604-PPD Kmon, P.Active Feedback With Leakage Current Compensation for Charge Sensitive Amplifier Used in Hybrid Pixe
FERMILAB-PUB-17-603-AE-E Abbott, T.M.C.The Dark Energy Survey Data Release 1
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-601-PPD Gorringe, TimFermilab Muon g-2 Experiment
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-599-AD Prost, L.Low Emittance Growth in a LEBT with Un-Neutralized Section
FERMILAB-CONF-17-598-T Parke, Stephen J.Analytic Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities in Matter: Revisited
FERMILAB-CONF-17-597-ND-PPD Howard, B.Liquid Argon Scintillation Detection Utilizing Wavelength-Shifting Plates and Light Guides
FERMILAB-CONF-17-595 Herner, KennethCosmology with Gravitational Waves in DES and LSST
FERMILAB-PUB-17-594-AE Cawthon, R.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Calibration of redMaGiC Redshift Distributions in DES and SDSS fr
FERMILAB-CONF-17-593-E Holzbauer, J.L.The Muon g-2 Experiment Overview and Status
FERMILAB-PUB-17-592-CD Clark, M.A.Pushing Memory Bandwidth Limitations Through Efficient Implementations of Block-Krylov Space Solvers
FERMILAB-CONF-17-591-AE Butler, Robert E.DESGW: Optical Follow-up of BBH LIGO-Virgo Events with DECam
FERMILAB-PUB-17-590-A-AD-AE Chan, K.C.BAO from Angular Clustering: Optimization and Mitigation of Theoretical Systematics
FERMILAB-PUB-17-589-PPD Krzyżanowska, A.Characterization of the Photon Counting CHASE Jr., Chip Built in a 40-nm CMOS Process With a Charge
FERMILAB-CONF-17-588-TD Lombardo, V.Production of Aluminum Stabilized Superconducting Cable for the Mu2e Transport Solenoid
FERMILAB-PUB-17-587-A-AD-AE-SCD Avila, S.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: galaxy mock catalogues for BAO
FERMILAB-PUB-17-586-A-AD-AE-SCD Abbott, T.M.C.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Measurement of the Baryon Acoustic Oscillation scale in the distr
FERMILAB-PUB-17-585-A-AD-AE-SCD Crocce, M.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Galaxy Sample for BAO Measurement
FERMILAB-CONF-17-584-APC Lemery, FrancoisA Phase Matching, Adiabatic Accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-17-583 Ellison, JamesProgress on Beam-Plasma Effect Simulations in Muon Ionization Cooling Lattices
FERMILAB-CONF-17-582-AD Ammigan, KavinThe RaDIATE High-Energy Proton Materials Irradiation Experiment at the Brookhaven Linac Isotope Prod
FERMILAB-CONF-17-581-APC Eldred, JeffreyBeam Tests of Diamond-Like Carbon Coating for Mitigation of Electron Cloud
FERMILAB-CONF-17-580-AD Taylor, JordanHEATHER - HElium Ion Accelerator for RadioTHERapy
FERMILAB-CONF-17-579-TD Yakovlev, VyacheslavThe Energy Efficiency of High Intensity Proton Driver Concepts
FERMILAB-CONF-17-578-CD Silva, J.M.D.Efficient Monitoring of CRAB Jobs at CMS
FERMILAB-CONF-17-577-PPD Bornheim, A.Precision Timing with shower maximum detectors based on pixelated micro-channel plates
FERMILAB-CONF-17-576-PPD Bornheim, A.Precision Timing with Silicon Sensors for Use in Calorimetry
FERMILAB-CONF-17-575-AD Sosa, A.Implementation of Design Changes Towards a More Reliable, Hands-off Magnetron Ion Source
FERMILAB-CONF-17-574-E Bornheim, A.LYSO based precision timing calorimeters
FERMILAB-PUB-17-573-TD Xu, X.Improvement of Stability of $Nb_3Sn$ Superconductors by Introducing High Specific Heat Substances
FERMILAB-PUB-17-572-A Long, Andrew J.Neutrino Mass Priors for Cosmology from Random Matrices
FERMILAB-PUB-17-571-AE Capasso, R.Galaxy kinematics and mass calibration in massive SZE-selected galaxy clusters to $z$ = 1.3
FERMILAB-CONF-17-570-AE Gualtieri, R.SPIDER: CMB Polarimetry from the Edge of Space
FERMILAB-PUB-17-569-AD Stratakis, DiktysAccelerator performance analysis of the Fermilab Muon Campus
FERMILAB-PUB-17-568-A Blanco, CarlosNovel Gamma-Ray Signatures of PeV-Scale Dark Matter
FERMILAB-CONF-17-567-CD-ND Young, Steven R.Evolving Deep Networks Using HPC
FERMILAB-CONF-17-566-AD Edelen, J.P.Adaptive beam loading compensation in room temperature bunching cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-17-565-AD Edelen, J.P.Automatic phase calibration for RF cavities using beam-loading signals
FERMILAB-CONF-17-564-AD-TD Edelen, J.P.Low Level RF Control for the PIP-II Accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-17-563-AD Ammigan, K.Status and update of the RaDIATE Collaboration R&D Program
FERMILAB-PUB-17-562-PPD Agrawal, PrateekA Flavorful Factoring of the Strong CP Problem
FERMILAB-PUB-17-561-E Lincoln, DonGod’s Thoughts: Practical Steps Toward a Theory of Everything
FERMILAB-CONF-17-560-CD Herner, K.The FabrIc for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab: Computing for Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-17-559-T Jackson Kimball, D. F.Searching for axion stars and Q-balls with a terrestrial magnetometer network
FERMILAB-PUB-17-558-A-AE Agnello, A.DES meets Gaia: discovery of strongly lensed quasars from a multiplet search
FERMILAB-PUB-17-557-AE Dietrich, J.P.Sunyaev–Zel’dovich effect and X-ray scaling relations from weak lensing mass calibration of 32 South
FERMILAB-CONF-17-556-APC Andorf, M.B.Wave-Optics Modeling of the Optical-Transport Line for Passive Optical Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PUB-17-555-T Bai, YangCollider Tests of the Renormalizable Coloron Model
FERMILAB-CONF-17-554-E-PPD Karuza, M.The Fermilab Muon g-2 experiment: laser calibration system
FERMILAB-PUB-17-553-CMS Celik, A.Search for dark matter and supersymmetry in the vector boson fusion topology in proton-proton collis
FERMILAB-PUB-17-552-CMS Chatrchyan, S.Brightness and uniformity measurements of plastic scintillator tiles at the CERN H2 test beam
FERMILAB-PUB-17-551-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for pair production of vector-like quarks in the bW$\overline{\mathrm{b}}$W channel from prot
FERMILAB-PUB-17-550-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MNon-Gaussian elliptic-flow fluctuations in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{\smash[b]{s_{_\text{NN}}}} = 5.
FERMILAB-CONF-17-549-PPD Atanov, N.Quality Assurance on a Custom SiPMs Array for the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-17-547-T Hughes, C.New methods for B meson decay constants and form factors from lattice NRQCD
FERMILAB-PUB-17-545-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudy of dijet events with a large rapidity gap between the two leading jets in pp collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-PUB-17-544-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of angular parameters from the decay $\mathrm{B}^0 \to \mathrm{K}^{*0} \mu^+ \mu^-$ in p
FERMILAB-PUB-17-543-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for a massive resonance decaying to a pair of Higgs bosons in the four b quark final state in
FERMILAB-PUB-17-542-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPseudorapidity and transverse momentum dependence of flow harmonics in pPb and PbPb collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-17-541-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurement of differential cross sections in the kinematic angular variable $\phi^*$ for inclusive
FERMILAB-PUB-17-540-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of b hadron lifetimes in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-539-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in events with at least three electrons or muons, jets, and missing transve
FERMILAB-PUB-17-538-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MPseudorapidity distributions of charged hadrons in proton-lead collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_\mathrm{NN}}
FERMILAB-PUB-17-537-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for standard model production of four top quarks with same-sign and multilepton final states
FERMILAB-PUB-17-536-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurement of quarkonium production cross sections in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-535-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV using identified top quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-17-534-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for new physics in events with a leptonically decaying Z boson and a large transverse momentu
FERMILAB-PUB-17-533-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for top squarks and dark matter particles in opposite-charge dilepton final states at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-17-532-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurement of associated Z + charm production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = $ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-531-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurement of the underlying event activity in inclusive Z boson production in proton-proton collis
FERMILAB-PUB-17-530-A Hooper, DanMeasuring the Local Diffusion Coefficient with H.E.S.S. Observations of Very High-Energy Electrons
FERMILAB-PUB-17-529-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the cross section for top quark pair production in association with a W or Z boson in
FERMILAB-PUB-17-528-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurement of the inclusive $ \mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}} $ cross section in pp collisions at $
FERMILAB-PUB-17-527-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for ZZ resonances in the 2$\ell$2$\nu$ final state in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-526-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for excited quarks of light and heavy flavor in $\gamma +$ jet final states in proton–proton
FERMILAB-PUB-17-525-PPD Mugoni, C.Structure and luminescence properties of Dy 2 O 3 doped bismuth-borate glasses
FERMILAB-PUB-17-524-AE Morganson, E.The Dark Energy Survey Image Processing Pipeline
FERMILAB-PUB-17-523-T Altmannshofer, WolfgangLight resonances and the low-q$^{2}$ bin of $ {R}_{K^{*}} $
FERMILAB-CONF-17-522-PPD Marchese, LuigiMeasurement of $Z \to b \bar b$ cross section and search for a Higgslike particle produced in associ
FERMILAB-PUB-17-521-ND McDonald, A.D.Demonstration of Single Barium Ion Sensitivity for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay using Single Molec
FERMILAB-PUB-17-520-PPD Krnjaic, GordanFreezing In, Heating Up, and Freezing Out: Predictive Nonthermal Dark Matter and Low-Mass Direct Det
FERMILAB-PUB-17-519-PPD Happacher, F.The Mu2e crystal calorimeter
FERMILAB-CONF-17-518 Di Falco, S.Components Qualification for a Possible use in the Mu2e Calorimeter Waveform Digitizer
FERMILAB-CONF-17-517-E Meddage, VarunaElectron Attenuation Measurement using Cosmic Ray Muons at the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-CONF-17-516-ND Edayath, SijithSterile Neutrino Search in the NOvA Far Detector
FERMILAB-CONF-17-515-E Kalra, DaisyCurrent Status for the Inclusive Neutral Current $\pi^{0}$ production Cross Section Measurement with
FERMILAB-CONF-17-514-E Behera, BiswaranjanStatus of a Deep Learning Based Measurement of the Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged-current Cross Sec
FERMILAB-CONF-17-513-E Behera, BiswaranjanEvent Reconstruction in the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-17-512-E Behera, BiswaranjanTracking Detector Performance and Data Quality in the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-17-511-E Brandt, OlegDirect measurement of the top quark mass in $p\bar p$ collisions at D0
FERMILAB-PUB-17-510-AD Young, SamanthaCharacterization of the IOTA Proton Source
FERMILAB-PUB-17-509-APC Gross, AxelBeam echoes in the presence of coupling
FERMILAB-PUB-17-508-AE-CD Kent, Stephen M.Non-Axisymmetric Aberration Patterns from Wide-Field Telescopes using Spin-weighted Zernike Polynomi
FERMILAB-PUB-17-507-T Alte, StefanConsistent Searches for SMEFT Effects in Non-Resonant Dijet Events
FERMILAB-PUB-17-506-E Mudd, D.Quasar Accretion Disk Sizes from Continuum Reverberation Mapping from the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-17-505-T Grossman, YuvalSelf-Destructing Dark Matter
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-418-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Higgsino pair production in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV in final states with
FERMILAB-PUB-17-417-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for electroweak production of charginos and neutralinos in multilepton final states in proton
FERMILAB-PUB-17-416-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MInclusive search for a highly boosted Higgs boson decaying to a bottom quark-antiquark pair
FERMILAB-PUB-17-415-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of electroweak production of same-sign W boson pairs in the two jet and two same-sign le
FERMILAB-PUB-17-414-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of top quark production in proton-nucleus collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-17-413-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MEvidence for the Higgs boson decay to a bottom quark–antiquark pair
FERMILAB-PUB-17-412-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of the $\mathrm {p}\mathrm {p}\rightarrow \mathrm{Z}\mathrm{Z}$ production cross sectio
FERMILAB-PUB-17-411-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new phenomena in final states with two opposite-charge, same-flavor leptons, jets, and mi
FERMILAB-PUB-17-410-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of Correlated Azimuthal Anisotropy Fourier Harmonics in $pp$ and $p+Pb$ Collisions at th
FERMILAB-PUB-17-409-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for supersymmetry in events with one lepton and multiple jets exploiting the angular correlat
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-374-TD Vallone, GiorgioMechanical Design Analysis of MQXFB, the 7.2-m-long low-$\beta$ Quadrupole for the High-Luminosity L
FERMILAB-PUB-17-373-TD Izquierdo Bermudez, SusanaGeometric Field Errors of Short Models for MQXF, the Nb$_{3}$Sn low-$\beta$ Quadrupole for the High
FERMILAB-PUB-17-372-TD Cheng, Daniel W.Fabrication and Assembly Performance of the First 4.2 m MQXFA Magnet and Mechanical Model for the Hi
FERMILAB-PUB-17-371-TD Ravaioli, E.Quench Protection Performance Measurements in the First MQXF Magnet Models
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-368-AD Thurman-Keup, R.Commissioning and first results of the Electron Beam Profiler in the Main Injector at Fermilab
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-364-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurement of normalized differential $ \mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}} $ cross sections in the dil
FERMILAB-PUB-17-363-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Evidence of the Type-III Seesaw Mechanism in Multilepton Final States in Proton-Proton Co
FERMILAB-PUB-17-362-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for heavy resonances decaying to a top quark and a bottom quark in the lepton+jets final stat
FERMILAB-PUB-17-361-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MProbing the chiral magnetic wave in $pPb$ and PbPb collisions at $\sqrt {s_{NN}}$ =5.02TeV using cha
FERMILAB-PUB-17-360-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the Splitting Function in $pp$ and Pb-Pb Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_{\mathrm{NN}}}} =$
FERMILAB-PUB-17-359-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry with Higgs boson to diphoton decays using the razor variables at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-17-358-ND-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderAn Indication of anisotropy in arrival directions of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays through compariso
FERMILAB-PUB-17-357-ND-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderInferences on mass composition and tests of hadronic interactions from 0.3 to 100 EeV using the wate
FERMILAB-CONF-17-356-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Diagnostics upgrades for investigations of HOM effects in Tesla-type SCRF cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-17-355 Aab, AlexanderSpectral Calibration of the Fluorescence Telescopes of the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-17-354 Aab, AlexanderObservation of a Large-scale Anisotropy in the Arrival Directions of Cosmic Rays above $8 \times 10^
FERMILAB-PUB-17-353-AE Stein, MatthewRadon Daughter Plate-Out Measurements at SNOLAB for Polyethylene and Copper
FERMILAB-CONF-17-352-E Chapelain, AntoineThe Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-348-T Gu, JiayinLearning from Higgs Physics at Future Higgs Factories
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-343-T Hill, Richard J.Nucleon Axial Radius and Muonic Hydrogen — A New Analysis and Review
FERMILAB-PUB-17-342-T Bernal, NicolásHot Leptogenesis from Thermal Dark Matter
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-340-TD Novitski, IgorHigh-Field Nb$_3$Sn Cos-theta Dipole with Stress Management
FERMILAB-PUB-17-339-CMS Adam, W.Characterisation of irradiated thin silicon sensors for the CMS phase II pixel upgrade
FERMILAB-PUB-17-338-T Carena, MarcelaNeutrinos in Large Extra Dimensions and Short-Baseline $\nu_e$ Appearance
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-336-APC Adey, D.Overview of the Neutrinos from Stored Muons Facility - nuSTORM
FERMILAB-CONF-17-335-E De Rijck, SimonLatest Results from MINOS and MINOS+
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-333-CMS Sirunyan, A. M.Search for vectorlike light-flavor quark partners in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt s$ =8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-332-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of vector boson scattering and constraints on anomalous quartic couplings from events wi
FERMILAB-PUB-17-331-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of prompt $D^0$ meson azimuthal anisotropy in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{{s}_{NN}}$ = 5.
FERMILAB-PUB-17-330-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for resonant and nonresonant Higgs boson pair production in the $ \mathrm{b}\overline{\mathrm
FERMILAB-PUB-17-329-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MNuclear modification factor of D$^0$ mesons in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} = 5.02$ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-328-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for massive resonances decaying into $WW$, $WZ$, $ZZ$, $qW$, and $qZ$ with dijet final states
FERMILAB-PUB-17-327-AE-CD Marshall, PhilScience-Driven Optimization of the LSST Observing Strategy
FERMILAB-CONF-17-326-CD Farrell, StevenThe HEP.TrkX Project: deep neural networks for HL-LHC online and offline tracking
FERMILAB-CONF-17-325-CD Fields, LauraA Toolkit to Study Sensitivity of the Geant4 Predictions to the Variations of the Physics Model Para
FERMILAB-CONF-17-323-PPD Marchese, L.Measurement of low-$p_T$ $D^+$ meson production cross-section at CDF II
FERMILAB-PUB-17-322-AE-E Agnes, P.The Electronics, Trigger and Data Acquisition System for the Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber of
FERMILAB-PUB-17-321-AD Yu, KwangminSimulation of beam-induced plasma in gas-filled rf cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-17-320-TD Awida, Mohamed H.Development of Low $\beta$ Single-Spoke Resonators for the Front End of the Proton Improvement Plan-
FERMILAB-CONF-17-319-CD Zhang, LiangMDTM: Optimizing Data Transfer using Multicore-Aware I/O Scheduling
FERMILAB-CONF-17-318-TD Stoynev, StoyanSummary of Test Results of MQXFS1—The First Short Model 150 mm Aperture Nb$_3$Sn Quadrupole for the
FERMILAB-PUB-17-317-A-AE Gatti, M.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Cross-Correlation Redshifts – Methods and Systematics Characteriz
FERMILAB-PUB-17-316-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in events with at least one photon, missing transverse momentum, and large
FERMILAB-PUB-17-315-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MObservation of the Higgs boson decay to a pair of $\tau$ leptons with the CMS detector
FERMILAB-PUB-17-314-DI Kroc, Thomas K.Accelerator-driven Medical Sterilization to Replace Co-60 Sources
FERMILAB-PUB-17-313-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the differential cross sections for the associated production of a $W$ boson and jets
FERMILAB-PUB-17-312-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for the pair production of third-generation squarks with two-body decays to a bottom or charm
FERMILAB-PUB-17-311-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for a light pseudoscalar Higgs boson produced in association with bottom quarks in pp collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-17-310-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for single production of a vector-like T quark decaying to a Z boson and a top quark in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-17-309-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on the chiral magnetic effect using charge-dependent azimuthal correlations in $p\mathrm
FERMILAB-PUB-17-308-T Coloma, PilarCOHERENT Enlightenment of the Neutrino Dark Side
FERMILAB-CONF-17-307-CD Gong, QianDeep Packet/Flow Analysis using GPUs
FERMILAB-PUB-17-306-ND Acciarri, R.The Pandora multi-algorithm approach to automated pattern recognition of cosmic-ray muon and neutrin
FERMILAB-PUB-17-305-AD-APC-CD Zolkin, TimofeyRotation number of integrable symplectic mappings of the plane
FERMILAB-PUB-17-304-AD-CD Zolkin, T.TMCI and Space Charge
FERMILAB-PUB-17-303-T Campbell, John M.$Z\gamma$ Production at NNLO Including Anomalous Couplings
FERMILAB-PUB-17-300-AE Nagasawa, D.Q.Chemical Abundance Analysis of Three α-poor, Metal-poor Stars in the Ultrafaint Dwarf Galaxy Horolog
FERMILAB-PUB-17-299-AD Simos, N.Proton irradiated graphite grades for a long baseline neutrino facility experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-17-298-PPD Aalseth, C.E.DarkSide-20k: A 20 tonne two-phase LAr TPC for direct dark matter detection at LNGS
FERMILAB-PUB-17-297-AE Henning, J.W.Measurements of the Temperature and E-Mode Polarization of the CMB from 500 Square Degrees of SPTpol
FERMILAB-PUB-17-296-T Chakraborty, BipashaThe hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to $a_{\mu}$ from full lattice QCD
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-290-A-AE Zuntz, J.Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: Weak Lensing Shape Catalogues
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-288-PPD Bhat, Pushpalatha C.Optimizing Event Selection with the Random Grid Search
FERMILAB-PUB-17-287-T Coloma, PilarDouble-Cascade Events from New Physics in Icecube
FERMILAB-PUB-17-285-T De Romeri, ValentinaDark Matter and the elusive $Z′$ in a dynamical Inverse Seesaw scenario
FERMILAB-PUB-17-284-AE Davis, C.Cross-Correlation Redshift Calibration without Spectroscopic Calibration Samples in DES Science Veri
FERMILAB-CONF-17-282-AE-PPD-T Battaglieri, MarcoUS Cosmic Visions: New Ideas in Dark Matter 2017: Community Report
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-274-AD-APC Rossi, AdrianaProgress with Long-Range Beam-Beam Compensation Studies for High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-17-273-AD-APC Jo, Y. H.Control of the diocotron instability of a hollow electron beam with periodic dipole magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-17-272-TD Rane, TejasParametric Study for use of Stainless Steel as a Material for Thermal Shield in PIP2IT Transferline
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-270-APC Antonova, M.Baby MIND: A Magnetised Spectrometer for the WAGASCI Experiment
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-268-AD-ND Aduszkiewicz, A.Measurement of meson resonance production in $\pi ^-+$ C interactions at SPS energies
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-265-AE Agnese, R.Low-mass dark matter search with CDMSlite
FERMILAB-PUB-17-264-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for new phenomena with multiple charged leptons in proton–proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}= 13$
FERMILAB-PUB-17-263-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for single production of vector-like quarks decaying to a Z boson and a top or a bottom quark
FERMILAB-PUB-17-262-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the cross section for electroweak production of Z$\gamma$ in association with two jet
FERMILAB-PUB-17-261-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark mass in the dileptonic $t\bar{t}$ decay channel using the mass observab
FERMILAB-PUB-17-260-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for physics beyond the standard model in events with two leptons of same sign, missing transv
FERMILAB-PUB-17-259-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for supersymmetry in multijet events with missing transverse momentum in proton-proton collis
FERMILAB-PUB-17-258-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for black holes in high-multiplicity final states in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=$
FERMILAB-PUB-17-257-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the triple-differential dijet cross section in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=
FERMILAB-PUB-17-256-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Charged Higgs Bosons Produced via Vector Boson Fusion and Decaying into a Pair of $W$ and
FERMILAB-PUB-17-255-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new phenomena with the $M_{\mathrm {T2}}$ variable in the all-hadronic final state produc
FERMILAB-PUB-17-254-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Supersymmetry in $pp$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13\text{ }\text{ }\mathrm{TeV}$ in the Sing
FERMILAB-PUB-17-253-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the ${B}^{\pm}$ Meson Nuclear Modification Factor in Pb-Pb Collisions at $\sqrt{{s}_{
FERMILAB-PUB-17-252-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCombination of searches for heavy resonances decaying to WW, WZ, ZZ, WH, and ZH boson pairs in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-17-251-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of $t\bar{t}$ cross sections in association with $b$ jets and inclusive jets and their
FERMILAB-PUB-17-250-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Low Mass Vector Resonances Decaying to Quark-Antiquark Pairs in Proton-Proton Collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-17-249-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for top quark partners with charge 5/3 in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-248-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for dark matter produced in association with heavy-flavor quark pairs in proton-proton collis
FERMILAB-PUB-17-247-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for pair production of vector-like T and B quarks in single-lepton final states using boosted
FERMILAB-PUB-17-246-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new physics in the monophoton final state in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $
FERMILAB-PUB-17-245-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearches for W′ bosons decaying to a top quark and a bottom quark in proton-proton collisions at 13
FERMILAB-PUB-17-244-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for top squark pair production in pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $ TeV using single lepton ev
FERMILAB-PUB-17-243-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Particle-flow reconstruction and global event description with the CMS detector
FERMILAB-PUB-17-242-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of jet charge with dijet events in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=8$ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-241-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSuppression of Excited $\Upsilon$ States Relative to the Ground State in Pb-Pb Collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-17-240-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the semileptonic $ \mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}} $ + γ production cross section in
FERMILAB-PUB-17-239-CMS Khachatryan, VardanExclusive and semi-exclusive pi+pi- production in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-238-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for a heavy composite Majorana neutrino in the final state with two leptons and two quarks at
FERMILAB-PUB-17-237-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for electroweak production of charginos and neutralinos in WH events in proton-proton collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-17-236-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of properties of the Higgs boson decaying into the four-lepton final state in pp collis
FERMILAB-PUB-17-235-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of charged pion, kaon, and proton production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13
FERMILAB-PUB-17-234-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Higgs boson pair production in the $bb\tau\tau$ final state in proton-proton collisions a
FERMILAB-PUB-17-233-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MConstraints on anomalous Higgs boson couplings using production and decay information in the four-le
FERMILAB-PUB-17-231-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for heavy resonances that decay into a vector boson and a Higgs boson in hadronic final state
FERMILAB-PUB-17-230-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for Higgs boson pair production in events with two bottom quarks and two tau leptons in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-17-229-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for direct production of supersymmetric partners of the top quark in the all-jets final state
FERMILAB-PUB-17-228-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for natural supersymmetry in events with top quark pairs and photons in pp collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-17-227-APC Dorey, PatrickBoundary scattering in the ϕ$^{4}$ model
FERMILAB-PUB-17-225-CD-ND Henriques, C.A.O.Secondary scintillation yield of xenon with sub-percent levels of CO$_2$ additive for rare-event det
FERMILAB-PUB-17-224-TD Chakravarty, AnindyaPIP-II Cryogenic System and the evolution of Superfluid Helium Cryogenic Plant Specifications
FERMILAB-PUB-17-223-A Mohammed, IrshadBaryonic Effects in Cosmic Shear Tomography: PCA Parameterization and the Importance of Extreme Bary
FERMILAB-PUB-17-222-TD Sung, Z.H.Development of low angle grain boundaries in lightly deformed superconducting niobium and their infl
FERMILAB-PUB-17-221-AE Ramanathan, K.Measurement of Low Energy Ionization Signals from Compton Scattering in a Charge-Coupled Device Dark
FERMILAB-PUB-17-220-ND Altinok, O.Measurement of $\nu_{\mu}$ charged-current single $\pi^{0}$ production on hydrocarbon in the few-GeV
FERMILAB-PUB-17-219-CD Simón, A.Application and performance of an ML-EM algorithm in NEXT
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-205-APC Antonova, M.Baby MIND Experiment Construction Status
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-203-A Blanco, CarlosHigh-Energy Gamma Rays and Neutrinos from Nearby Radio Galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-17-202-PPD-T Fischer, NadineCombining states without scale hierarchies with ordered parton showers
FERMILAB-PUB-17-200-TD Vallone, GiorgioMechanical Performance of Short Models for MQXF, the Nb3Sn Low-β Quadrupole for the Hi-Lumi LHC
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-196-T Bazavov, A.Short-distance matrix elements for $D^0$-meson mixing for $N_f=2+1$ lattice QCD
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-186-E Roy, AshimSimulation study of energy resolution, position resolution and $\pi^0$-$\gamma$ separation of a samp
FERMILAB-PUB-17-185-AD-ND Aduszkiewicz, A.Measurements of $\pi ^\pm $ , K$^\pm $ , p and ${\bar{\text {p}}}$ spectra in proton-proton interact
FERMILAB-PUB-17-183-AE-E-PPD Tiffenberg, JavierSingle-electron and single-photon sensitivity with a silicon Skipper CCD
FERMILAB-PUB-17-182-TD Checchin, M.Electron mean free path dependence of the vortex surface impedance
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-175-AD Stratakis, D.Instrumentation and its Interaction with the Secondary Beam for the Fermilab Muon Campus
FERMILAB-CONF-17-174-AD Stratakis, D.Phase-Space Analysis using Tomography for the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-167-E Pezzullo, GianantonioThe Mu2e experiment at Fermilab: a search for lepton flavor violation
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-165-AD-TD Kuharik, J.Static Magnetization Properties Of AL800 Garnet Material
FERMILAB-CONF-17-164-TD Terechkine, I.Tuner of a Second Harmonic Cavity of the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-PUB-17-162-A-AE Ross, Ashley J.Optimized Clustering Estimators for BAO Measurements Accounting for Significant Redshift Uncertainty
FERMILAB-CONF-17-160-AD Seiya, K.Injection Bucket Jitter Compensation Using Phase Lock System At Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-CONF-17-159-TD Kashikhin, V.V.Design Studies and Optimization of High-Field Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Magnets for a Future Very High Energy
FERMILAB-CONF-17-158-ND Geynisman, M.Design of the cryogenic systems for the Near and Far LAr-TPC detectors of the Short-Baseline Neutrin
FERMILAB-CONF-17-156-AD Ostiguy, J.-F.A Tool for Longitudinal Beam Dynamics in Synchrotrons
FERMILAB-CONF-17-155-AD Papadopoulou, S.Modelling and measurements of bunch profiles at the LHC
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-153-AD Fitterer, M.Hollow Electron Beam Collimation for HL-LHC - Effects on the Beam Core
FERMILAB-PUB-17-152-T Lindert, J.M.Precise predictions for $V+$ jets dark matter backgrounds
FERMILAB-PUB-17-151-CD Zhang, LiangMDTM: Optimizing Data Transfer using Multicore-Aware I/O Scheduling
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-146-AD Shemyakin, AlexanderStatus of the warm front end of PIP-II injector test
FERMILAB-PUB-17-145-PPD Deptuch, Gregorz W.An Algorithm of an X-ray Hit Allocation to a Single Pixel in a Cluster and Its Test-Circuit Implemen
FERMILAB-PUB-17-144-CMS Hu, Z.Review of bottomonium measurements from CMS
FERMILAB-CONF-17-143-AD Ainsworth, R.Transition Crossing in the Main Injector for PIP-II
FERMILAB-CONF-17-141-APC Eldred, JeffreySpace-Charge Simulation of Integrable Rapid Cycling Synchrotron
FERMILAB-PUB-17-140-AE Omori, Y.A 2500 deg$^2$ CMB Lensing Map from Combined South Pole Telescope and Planck Data
FERMILAB-CONF-17-139-AD Yonehara, K.R&D of a Gas-Filled RF Beam Profile Monitor for Intense Neutrino Beam Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-17-138-PPD Diehl, H.T.The DES Bright Arcs Survey: Hundreds of Candidate Strongly Lensed Galaxy Systems from the Dark Energ
FERMILAB-CONF-17-137-AD Tan, C.Y.Status of the Perpendicular Biased 2nd Harmonic Cavity for the Fermilab Booster
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-132-AE-E-PPD Lippincott, HughIncreasing the sensitivity of LXe TPCs to dark matter by doping with helium or neon
FERMILAB-PUB-17-131-T Campbell, JohnInterference in the $gg\rightarrow h \rightarrow \gamma\gamma$ On-Shell Rate and the Higgs Boson Tot
FERMILAB-PUB-17-129-APC Shiltsev, VladimirFermilab Proton Accelerator Complex Status and Improvement Plans
FERMILAB-CONF-17-128-PPD Fahim, FarahVertically Integrated Edgeless Photon Imaging Camera
FERMILAB-CONF-17-127-ND Tsai, Yun-TseMicroBooNE and its Cross Section Measurement
FERMILAB-PUB-17-126-AE Westerdale, ShawnQuenching Measurements and Modeling of a Boron-Loaded Organic Liquid Scintillator
FERMILAB-PUB-17-125-A Semenov, VadimThe physical origin of long gas depletion times in galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-17-124-AE Collett, Thomas E.Core or Cusps: The Central Dark Matter Profile of a Strong Lensing Cluster with a Bright Central Ima
FERMILAB-CONF-17-123-CD Zhang, LiangmdtmFTP and Its Evaluation on ESNET SDN Testbed
FERMILAB-PUB-17-122-T Höche, StefanTriple collinear emissions in parton showers
FERMILAB-PUB-17-121-CMS Sirunyan, Albert M.Measurement of the $t \bar t$ production cross section using events with one lepton and at least one
FERMILAB-PUB-17-119-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for single production of vector-like quarks decaying into a b quark and a W boson in proton-p
FERMILAB-PUB-17-118-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the inclusive energy spectrum in the very forward direction in proton-proton collisio
FERMILAB-PUB-17-117-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Azimuthal anisotropy of charged particles with transverse momentum up to 100 GeV/ c in PbPb collisio
FERMILAB-PUB-17-116-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MStudy of Jet Quenching with $Z+\text{jet}$ Correlations in Pb-Pb and $pp$ Collisions at ${\sqrt{s}}_
FERMILAB-PUB-17-115-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for associated production of a Z boson with a single top quark and for tZ flavour-changing in
FERMILAB-PUB-17-114-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of prompt and nonprompt $\mathrm{J}/{\psi }$ production in $\mathrm {p}\mathrm {p}$ and
FERMILAB-PUB-17-112-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Search for standard model production of four top quarks in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ =
FERMILAB-PUB-17-111-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of double-differential cross sections for top quark pair production in pp collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-17-110-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark matter produced with an energetic jet or a hadronically decaying W or Z boson at $ \
FERMILAB-PUB-17-109-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the top quark mass using single top quark events in proton-proton collisions at $\sqr
FERMILAB-PUB-17-108-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for third-generation scalar leptoquarks and heavy right-handed neutrinos in final states with
FERMILAB-PUB-17-107-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for associated production of dark matter with a Higgs boson decaying to $ \mathrm{b}\overline
FERMILAB-PUB-17-106-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for anomalous couplings in boosted $\mathrm{ WW/WZ }\to\ell\nu\mathrm{ q \bar{q} }$ productio
FERMILAB-PUB-17-105-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurement of the jet mass in highly boosted ${\mathrm{t}}\overline{\mathrm{t}}$ events from pp col
FERMILAB-PUB-17-104-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for a heavy resonance decaying to a top quark and a vector-like top quark at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $
FERMILAB-PUB-17-103-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for new physics with dijet angular distributions in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13
FERMILAB-PUB-17-102-CMS Sirunyan, A.M.Measurements of the pp $\to W\gamma\gamma$ and pp $\to Z\gamma\gamma$ cross sections and limits on a
FERMILAB-PUB-17-101-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for $ \mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}} $ resonances in highly boosted lepton+jets and fully ha
FERMILAB-CONF-17-100-AD-TD Kazakevich, G.Methods of phase and power control in magnetron transmitters for superconducting accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-17-099-APC Ha, G.Precision Control of the Electron Longitudinal Bunch Shape Using an Emittance-Exchange Beam Line
FERMILAB-CONF-17-098-E Augsten, KamilMeasurement of Top Quark Polarization in $t\bar{t}$ Lepton + Jets Final States at D0
FERMILAB-PUB-17-097-AD-APC Liu, AoA FODO racetrack ring for nuSTORM: design and optimization
FERMILAB-PUB-17-096-AD-APC Stratakis, DiktysConcepts for a Muon Accelerator Front-End
FERMILAB-CONF-17-095-DI Kroc, Thomas K.A Compact Superconducting RF Accelerator for Electron Beam and X-ray Irradiation
FERMILAB-PUB-17-094-AE Hou, Z.A Comparison of Maps and Power Spectra Determined from South Pole Telescope and Planck Data
FERMILAB-PUB-17-093-TD Matsushita, TeruoRound Robin Test of Residual Resistance Ratio of Nb$_3$Sn Composite Superconductors
FERMILAB-PUB-17-092-CD Holzman, BurtHEPCloud, a New Paradigm for HEP Facilities: CMS Amazon Web Services Investigation
FERMILAB-PUB-17-091-PPD Aidala, C.A.Design and Beam Test Results for the sPHENIX Electromagnetic and Hadronic Calorimeter Prototypes
FERMILAB-PUB-17-089-E Childress, M.J.OzDES multifibre spectroscopy for the Dark Energy Survey: 3-yr results and first data release
FERMILAB-PUB-17-088-AD-AE-SCD Fausti Neto, AngeloDES Science Portal: II- Creating Science-Ready Catalogs
FERMILAB-PUB-17-087-APC Bogomilov, M.Lattice design and expected performance of the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment demonstration of i
FERMILAB-PUB-17-086-TD Xu, XingchenA review and prospects for Nb3Sn superconductor development
FERMILAB-PUB-17-085-T Campbell, John M.Driving missing data at the LHC: NNLO predictions for the ratio of $\gamma+j$ and $Z+j$
FERMILAB-PUB-17-084-AD-APC Romanov, A.Correction of Magnetic Optics and Beam Trajectory Using LOCO Based Algorithm with Expanded Experimen
FERMILAB-PUB-17-083-AD Edelen, J.P.Current transmission and nonlinear effects in un-gated thermionic cathode RF guns
FERMILAB-PUB-17-082-AD Edelen, J.P.First Principles Modeling of RFQ Cooling System and Resonant Frequency Responses for Fermilab’s PIP-
FERMILAB-PUB-17-080-A Linden, TimUsing HAWC to discover invisible pulsars
FERMILAB-PUB-17-079-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichCombination of D0 measurements of the top quark mass
FERMILAB-PUB-17-078-CD Sehrish, SabaSpark and HPC for High Energy Physics Data Analyses
FERMILAB-PUB-17-077-T Berengut, Julian C.Probing New Long-Range Interactions by Isotope Shift Spectroscopy
FERMILAB-PUB-17-076-ND Abratenko, P.Determination of muon momentum in the MicroBooNE LArTPC using an improved model of multiple Coulomb
FERMILAB-PUB-17-075-PPD Hounsell, R.Simulations of the WFIRST Supernova Survey and Forecasts of Cosmological Constraints
FERMILAB-CONF-17-074-E Gioiosa, AntonioCentral exclusive $K^+K^−$ production in CDF
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-072-AE McDonald, M.The Remarkable Similarity of Massive Galaxy Clusters from z ∼ 0 to z ∼ 1.9
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-068-PPD Izaguirre, EderTesting Light Dark Matter Coannihilation With Fixed-Target Experiments
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-066-CD Biery, Kurt$artdaq$: DAQ Software Development Made Simple
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-064-CMS-E Chekanov, S.V.Initial performance studies of a general-purpose detector for multi-TeV physics at a 100 TeV pp coll
FERMILAB-CONF-17-063-CMS Lopez-Perez, Juan AntonioThe Web Based Monitoring project at the CMS experiment
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-061-A Hooper, DanHAWC Observations Strongly Favor Pulsar Interpretations of the Cosmic-Ray Positron Excess
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-054-CD Retzke, K.GRACC: New Generation of the OSG Accounting
FERMILAB-PUB-17-053-PPD Aaltonen, T.Measurement of the inclusive-isolated prompt-photon cross section in $p\bar{p}$ collisions using the
FERMILAB-CONF-17-052-CD Snider, E.L.LArSoft: Toolkit for Simulation, Reconstruction and Analysis of Liquid Argon TPC Neutrino Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-17-051-PPD Dhuley, R.C.Thermal conductance characterization of a pressed copper rope strap between 0.13 K and 10 K
FERMILAB-CONF-17-050-CD Genser, KrzysztofA Software Toolkit to Study Systematic Uncertainties of the Physics Models of the Geant4 Simulation
FERMILAB-CONF-17-048-TD Marchevsky, MaximMagnetic Quench Antenna for MQXF Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-PUB-17-047 Banik, NilanjanNew astrophysical bounds on ultralight axionlike particles
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-044-CD Dotti, AndreaSoftware Aspects of the Geant4 Validation Repository
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-024-CD Dykstra, DWeb proxy auto discovery for the WLCG
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FERMILAB-CONF-17-022-AD Papadimitriou, VaiaDesign of the LBNF Beamline
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FERMILAB-PUB-17-014-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in the all-hadronic final state using top quark tagging in pp collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-17-013-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMechanical stability of the CMS strip tracker measured with a laser alignment system
FERMILAB-PUB-17-012-CMS Khachatryan, V.Search for light bosons in decays of the 125 GeV Higgs boson in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-17-011-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dark matter and unparticles in events with a Z boson and missing transverse momentum in p
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FERMILAB-PUB-16-774-T Quigg, ChrisJohn David Jackson
FERMILAB-PUB-16-773-E Lincoln, DonReply to "Gravitational waves and angular momentum"
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-769-CD Mubarak, MisbahScidac-Data: Enabling Data Driven Modeling of Exascale Computing
FERMILAB-PUB-16-768-TD Combs, S.K.Gas Gun Model and Comparison to Experimental Performance of Pipe Guns Operating with Light Propella
FERMILAB-PUB-16-768-TD Combs, S.K.Gas Gun Model and Comparison to Experimental Performance of Pipe Guns Operating with Light Propellan
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-764-CD Rossi, A.L.Data Resilience in the dCache Storage System
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-760-PPD De Filippis, N.The CMS Data Analysis School Experience
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-758-PPD Andre, J.M.New Operator Assistance Features in the CMS Run Control System
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-756-CD Ciangottini, D.A Comparison of Different Database Technologies for the CMS AsyncStageOut Transfer Database
FERMILAB-CONF-16-755-CD Perez-Calero Yzquierdo, A.CMS Readiness for Multi-Core Workload Scheduling
FERMILAB-CONF-16-754-CD Balcas, J.Stability and Scalability of the CMS Global Pool: Pushing HTCondor and GlideinWMS to New Limits
FERMILAB-CONF-16-753-CD Wolf, M.Use of DAGMan in CRAB3 to Improve the Splitting of CMS User Jobs
FERMILAB-CONF-16-752-CD Lyons, GastonGrid site availability evaluation and monitoring at CMS
FERMILAB-CONF-16-751-CD Alandes, MariaConsolidating WLCG topology and configuration in the Computing Resource Information Catalogue
FERMILAB-CONF-16-750 Woody, C.Status and New Results for the sPHENIX Calorimeter Systems
FERMILAB-CONF-16-749-CD Dinu, N.Breakdown voltage and triggering probability of SiPM from IV curves at different temperatures
FERMILAB-CONF-16-748-TD Lunin, AndreiMonopole HOMs Dumping in the LCLS-II 1.3 GHz Structure
FERMILAB-CONF-16-747-TD Lunin, AndreiRedesign of the End Group in the 3.9 GHz LCLS-II Cavity
FERMILAB-CONF-16-746-TD Saini, ArunStatus Of the ILC Main Linac Design
FERMILAB-CONF-16-745-T-TD Gonin, IvanThermal-Mechanical Study of 3.9 GHz CW Coupler and Cavity for LCLS-II Project
FERMILAB-CONF-16-744-AD-APC-TD Harms, ElvinCommissioning And First Results From The Fermilab Cryomodule Test Stand
FERMILAB-CONF-16-743-TD Kostin, RomanSuperconducting Traveling Wave Cavity Tuning Studies
FERMILAB-CONF-16-742-TD Schappert, WarrenResonance Control for Future Linear Accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-16-741-TD Arkan, TugLCLS-II Cryomodules Production at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-740-TD Martinello, MartinaImpurity Content Optimization to Maximize Q-Factors of Superconducting Resonators
FERMILAB-CONF-16-739-TD Checchin, MattiaEnhancement of the Accelerating Gradient in Superconducting Microwave Resonators
FERMILAB-CONF-16-738-CD Piparo, D.Expressing Parallelism with ROOT
FERMILAB-CONF-16-737 Psihas, FernandaThe Convolutional Visual Network for Identification and Reconstruction of NOvA Events
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-735-CD Bonacorsi, D.Exploiting Analytics Techniques in CMS Computing Monitoring
FERMILAB-CONF-16-734-CD Alef, M.The Machine / Job Features Mechanism
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FERMILAB-PUB-16-726-PPD Saracino, GiulioThe MURAVES muon telescope: technology and expected performances
FERMILAB-PUB-16-725-PPD Noli, PasqualeMuography of the Puy de Dôme
FERMILAB-PUB-16-724-A Tomozeiu, MihaiMicrolensing as a Possible Probe of Event-Horizon Structure in Quasars
FERMILAB-PUB-16-723-A Hearin, Andrew P.Forward Modeling of Large-Scale Structure: An open-source approach with Halotools
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-721-AD Lumpkin, AlexFrom Relativistic Electrons To X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging
FERMILAB-CONF-16-720-AD Lumpkin, AlexFeasibility of OTR Imaging For Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerator Electron-Beam Diagnostics
FERMILAB-CONF-16-719-AD Lumpkin, AlexInitial Demonstration Of 9-MHz Framing Camera Rates On The FAST Drive Laser Pulse Trains
FERMILAB-CONF-16-718-AD Lumpkin, A.H.Initial observations of micropulse elongation of electron beams in a SCRF accelerator
FERMILAB-PUB-16-717-ND Moss, Z.A Factor of Four Increase in Attenuation Length of Dipped Lightguides for Liquid Argon TPCs Through
FERMILAB-CONF-16-716-E Timmons, AshleySearching for Sterile Neutrinos with MINOS
FERMILAB-CONF-16-715-E Van Kooten, R.Search for Violation of CPT and Lorentz Invariance in $B^0_s$ Meson Oscillations using the D0 Detect
FERMILAB-CONF-16-714-PPD Shin, Kyung-WookOptimizing Floating Guard Ring Designs for FASPAX N-in-P Silicon Sensors
FERMILAB-CONF-16-713-AE-CD Annis, JamesExperimentally, How Dark Are Black Hole Mergers?
FERMILAB-PUB-16-712-AE Najita, JoanMaximizing Science in the Era of LSST: A Community-Based Study of Needed US Capabilities
FERMILAB-PUB-16-711-APC Lueangaramwong, AnusornNumerical Simulations of Early-Stage Dynamics of Electron Bunches Emitted from Plasmonic Photocathod
FERMILAB-CONF-16-710-DI Biron, LaurenProceedings for Lunch and Learn: Making science fun and exciting through social media
FERMILAB-PUB-16-709-TD Bottura, LucaSuperconducting Magnets for Particle Accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-16-708 Lucchini, M.T.Double side read-out technique for mitigation of radiation damage effects in PbWO(4) crystals
FERMILAB-CONF-16-707-AD-APC Romanov, AlexanderAdaptive Matching Of The IOTA Ring Linear Optics For Space Charge Compensation
FERMILAB-CONF-16-706-AD-APC Romanov, AlexanderTesting of Advanced Technique For Linear Lattice and Closed Orbit Correction By Modeling Its Applica
FERMILAB-CONF-16-705-AD-APC Romanov, AlexanderLinear Lattice and Trajectory Reconstruction and Correction at FAST Linear Accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-16-704-AD-APC Romanov, AleksandrLaser-driven injector of electrons for IOTA
FERMILAB-PUB-16-703-APC Beaudoin, B.L.Longitudinal Bunch Shaping of Picosecond High-Charge MeV Electron Beams
FERMILAB-CONF-16-702-AE Kamai, BrittanyTesting Fundamental Properties of Space with the Fermilab Holometer
FERMILAB-PUB-16-701-AE Nurgaliev, D.Testing for X-ray-SZ Differences and Redshift Evolution in the X-ray Morphology of Galaxy Clusters
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FERMILAB-PUB-16-698-TD Chkhaidze, L.Study of collective flows of protons and $\pi^{-}$ -mesons in p(C, Ta) and He(Li, C) collisions at m
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-694-APC Luo, TianhuanProgress on the MICE RF Module at LBNL
FERMILAB-CONF-16-693-AD-APC Bowring, DanielResonant Control for Fermilab's PXIE RFQ
FERMILAB-CONF-16-692-AD-APC-PPD Bowring, DanielVacuum RF Breakdown of Accelerating Cavities in Multi-Tesla Magnetic Fields
FERMILAB-CONF-16-691-E Aguilar-Arevalo, A.The CONNIE experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-16-690-PPD Hoff, J.R.VIPRAM$\_$L1CMS: a 2-Tier 3D Architecture for Pattern Recognition for Track Finding
FERMILAB-PUB-16-689-AE-CD Pieres, A.A stellar overdensity associated with the Small Magellanic Cloud
FERMILAB-PUB-16-688-A Li, HuiStar cluster formation in cosmological simulations. I. Properties of young clusters
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-686-CD-PPD Yu, Shin-ShanStudy Of Boosted W-Jets And Higgs-Jets With the SiFCC Detector
FERMILAB-CONF-16-685-AD Read, MichaelAdvanced, phase-locked, 100 kW, 1.3 GHz magnetron
FERMILAB-CONF-16-684-CD-PPD Sen, SouravDetectors for Superboosted $\tau$-leptons at Future Circular Colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-16-683 Haro, MiguelTaking the CCDs to the ultimate performance for low threshold experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-16-682-APC-PPD Pronskikh, Vitaly S.Mu2e upgrade physics reach optimization studies for the PIP-II era
FERMILAB-CONF-16-681-T Liu, ZhenProbing the Higgs with angular observables at future $e^+e^−$ colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-16-680-WDRS Bardeen, MarjorieForging New, Non-traditional Partnerships Among Physicists, Teachers and Students
FERMILAB-CONF-16-679-APC Oliveros, S.J.High Luminosity 100 TeV Proton-Antiproton Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-16-678-T Eby, JoshuaCollapse of Axion Stars
FERMILAB-CONF-16-677-ND Maan, Kuldeep K.Constraints on the Neutrino Flux in NOvA using the Near Detector Data
FERMILAB-CONF-16-676 Savary, FredericProgress on the Development of the Nb$_3$Sn 11T Dipole for the High Luminosity Upgrade of LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-675-AD Madrak, R.L.Measurements of the Properties of Garnet Material for Tuning a 2nd Harmonic Cavity for the Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-674-AD Madrak, R.L.Progress on the Design of a Perpendicularly Biased 2nd Harmonic Cavity for the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-CONF-16-673-ND Davies, Gavin S.Searches for Sterile Neutrinos with NOvA
FERMILAB-PUB-16-672-AE Russell, H.R.ALMA observations of massive molecular gas filaments encasing radio bubbles in the Phoenix cluster
FERMILAB-CONF-16-671-E Zuzel, G.The DarkSide Experiment: Present Status and Future
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FERMILAB-CONF-16-666-E D'Angelo, D.The DarkSide physics program and its recent results
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FERMILAB-PUB-16-663-CD Auger, M.A Novel Cosmic Ray Tagger System for Liquid Argon TPC Neutrino Detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-16-661-CMS Khachatryan, V.Dose rate effects in the radiation damage of the plastic scintillators of the CMS Hadron Endcap Calo
FERMILAB-CONF-16-660-TD Yamanaka, MasashiHydroforming SRF Three-cell Cavity from Seamless Niobium Tube
FERMILAB-CONF-16-659-CD Herner, K.Optical Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Triggers with DECam
FERMILAB-CONF-16-658-CD Herner, K.Advances in Grid Computing for the Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-657 Aab, AlexanderSearch for photons with energies above 10$^{18}$ eV using the hybrid detector of the Pierre Auger Ob
FERMILAB-PUB-16-656-AD-CD-TD Aab, A.Muon counting using silicon photomultipliers in the AMIGA detector of the Pierre Auger observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-16-655 Aab, AlexanderA targeted search for point sources of EeV photons with the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-16-654-A Witte, Samuel J.Prospects for Distinguishing Dark Matter Models Using Annual Modulation
FERMILAB-PUB-16-653-TD Ravaioli, EmmanueleTowards an Optimized Coupling-loss Induced Quench Protection System (CLIQ) for Quadrupole Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-16-653 Singh, B.Feasibility studies of time-like proton electromagnetic form factors at $\overline{\rm P}$ANDA at FA
FERMILAB-CONF-16-652-CD Amadio, G.Electromagnetic Physics Models for Parallel Computing Architectures
FERMILAB-PUB-16-651-AE Bayliss, M.B.SPT-GMOS: A Gemini/GMOS-South Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxy Clusters in the SPT-SZ Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-16-650 Aduszkiewicz, A.Two-particle correlations in azimuthal angle and pseudorapidity in inelastic p + p interactions at t
FERMILAB-CONF-16-649-PPD Otfinowski, P.Comparison of allocation algorithms for unambiguous registration of hits in presence of charge shari
FERMILAB-CONF-16-648-AD-APC Edstrom Jr., D.50-MeV Run of the IOTA/FAST Electron Accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-16-647-AD-APC Gerity, JamesSimulations of space charge neutralization in a magnetized electron cooler
FERMILAB-PUB-16-646-AE Schrabback, T.Cluster mass calibration at high redshift: HST weak lensing analysis of 13 distant galaxy clusters f
FERMILAB-PUB-16-645-CD Takanashi, N.Photometric properties of intermediate-redshift Type Ia supernovae observed by the Sloan Digital Sky
FERMILAB-PUB-16-644-AE Zackrisson, ErikThe spectral evolution of the first Galaxies. III. Simulated James Webb Space Telescope spectra of r
FERMILAB-CONF-16-643-CD Fuess, S.The HEPCloud Facility: elastic computing for High Energy Physics – The NOvA Use Case
FERMILAB-CONF-16-642-APC Eldred, JeffreyIntegrable RCS as a Proposed Replacement for Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-CONF-16-641-AD-E Lumpkin, A.H.First Indirect X-Ray Imaging Tests With An 88-mm Diameter Single Crystal
FERMILAB-CONF-16-640-ND Palamara, OrnellaExclusive Muon Neutrino Charged Current Pion-less Topologies. ArgoNeuT Results and Future Prospects
FERMILAB-CONF-16-639-AD-DI Kroc, Thomas K.Illinois Accelerator Research Center
FERMILAB-CONF-16-638-CD Clark, M.A.Accelerating Lattice QCD Multigrid on GPUs Using Fine-Grained Parallelization
FERMILAB-CONF-16-637-ND Betancourt, M.Muon Neutrino CCQE at MINERvA
FERMILAB-PUB-16-635-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearches for pair production of third-generation squarks in $\sqrt{s}=13$ $\,\text {TeV}$ pp collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-16-634-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for electroweak production of a vector-like quark decaying to a top quark and a Higgs boson u
FERMILAB-PUB-16-633-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MMeasurements of the charm jet cross section and nuclear modification factor in pPb collisions at $\s
FERMILAB-PUB-16-632-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for massive resonances decaying into WW, WZ or ZZ bosons in proton-proton collisions at $\sqr
FERMILAB-PUB-16-631-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of electroweak-induced production of W$\gamma$ with two jets in pp collisions at $ \sqrt
FERMILAB-PUB-16-630-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for heavy gauge W' boson in events with an energetic lepton and large missing transverse mome
FERMILAB-PUB-16-629-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for high-mass $\mathrm{ Z }\gamma$ resonances in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$ 8 an
FERMILAB-CONF-16-628-ND Golan, TomaszMINERvA's Flux Prediction
FERMILAB-CONF-16-626-ND Bian, JianmingRecent Results of Electron-Neutrino Appearance Measurement at NOvA
FERMILAB-CONF-16-625-CD Amadio, G.GeantV: from CPU to accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-16-624-CMS Amouzegar, M.Liquid scintillator tiles for calorimetry
FERMILAB-CONF-16-623-CMS Cenci, RiccardoFirst Results of an “Artificial Retina” Processor Prototype
FERMILAB-CONF-16-622-PPD Demaria, N.Recent progress of RD53 Collaboration towards next generation Pixel Read-Out Chip for HL-LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-621-AD-APC Arduini, G.High Luminosity LHC: challenges and plans
FERMILAB-CONF-16-620-ND Schukraft, AnneThe Fermilab Short-Baseline Program: MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-PUB-16-619-PPD-TD Aab, AlexanderSearch for photons with energies above 10$^{18}$ eV using the hybrid detector of the Pierre Auger Ob
FERMILAB-PUB-16-618 Aab, AlexanderCombined fit of spectrum and composition data as measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-16-617-CMS Green, DanielU.S. Involvement in the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-616-TD Kashikhin, VladimirPerformance of Superconducting Magnet Prototypes for LCLS-II Linear Accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-16-615-PPD Schwienhorst, ReinhardSelected Topics from Top Mass Measurements at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-16-614-AE Pan, Y.C.DES15E2mlf: a spectroscopically confirmed superluminous supernova that exploded 3.5 Gyr after the bi
FERMILAB-PUB-16-613-ND Acciarri, R.Design and Construction of the MicroBooNE Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-16-612-AD Antipov, S.A.Fast Instability Caused by Electron Cloud in Combined Function Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-16-611-ND Amhis, Y.Averages of $b$-hadron, $c$-hadron, and $\tau$-lepton properties as of summer 2016
FERMILAB-PUB-16-610-AE Bayliss, Matthew.B.Velocity Segregation and Systematic Biases In Velocity Dispersion Estimates With the SPT-GMOS Spectr
FERMILAB-PUB-16-609-A Haggard, DarylLow Mass X-Ray Binaries in the Inner Galaxy: Implications for Millisecond Pulsars and the GeV Excess
FERMILAB-PUB-16-608-T Liu, ZhenExotic decays of the 125 GeV Higgs boson at future $e^+e^-$ lepton colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-16-607-TD Barzi, EmanuelaHeat Treatment Optimization of Rutherford Cables for a 15-T Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Demonstrator
FERMILAB-PUB-16-606-TD Pan, H.Mechanical Design Studies of the MQXF Long Model Quadrupole for the HiLumi LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-605-A Escudero, MiguelUpdated Collider and Direct Detection Constraints on Dark Matter Models for the Galactic Center Gamm
FERMILAB-CONF-16-604-ND-PPD Howard, BruceDeveloping Detectors for Scintillation Light in Liquid Argon for DUNE
FERMILAB-CONF-16-603-AD Edelen, AuraleeNeural Network Model Of The PXIE RFQ Cooling System and Resonant Frequency Response
FERMILAB-CONF-16-602-AD Edelen, AuraleeFirst Steps Toward Incorporating Image Based Diagnostics into Particle Accelerator Control Systems U
FERMILAB-CONF-16-601-AD Edelen, A.L.Resonant Frequency Control For the PIP-II Injector Test RFQ: Control Framework and Initial Results
FERMILAB-CONF-16-600-AD Bhat, C. M.Proton Beam Intensity Upgrades for the Neutrino Program at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-599 Sweigart, David A.A new MicroTCA-based waveform digitizer for the Muon g-2 experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-16-596-PPD Chekanov, S.V.Initial performance studies of a general-purpose detector for multi-TeV physics at a 100 TeV pp coll
FERMILAB-PUB-16-595-ND Ren, L.Measurement of the antineutrino to neutrino charged-current interaction cross section ratio in MINER
FERMILAB-PUB-16-594-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for heavy resonances decaying into a vector boson and a Higgs boson in final states with char
FERMILAB-PUB-16-593-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearches for invisible decays of the Higgs boson in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7, 8, and 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-592-CMS Chatrchyan, SergueiMeasurement of the mass difference between top quark and antiquark in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 8
FERMILAB-PUB-16-591-CMS Khachatryan, VardanA search for new phenomena in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13\,\text {TeV} $ in final states with mi
FERMILAB-PUB-16-590-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MRelative Modification of Prompt ψ(2S) and J/ψ Yields from pp to PbPb Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=5.
FERMILAB-PUB-16-589-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSuppression of $\Upsilon(1S), \Upsilon(2S)$ and $\Upsilon(3S)$ production in PbPb collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-16-588-CMS Khachatryan, VardanCharged-particle nuclear modification factors in PbPb and pPb collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{N}\;\
FERMILAB-PUB-16-587-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MSearch for dijet resonances in proton–proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV and constraints on da
FERMILAB-PUB-16-586-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurements of differential production cross sections for a Z boson in association with jets in pp
FERMILAB-PUB-16-585-T Campbell, John M.Direct Photon Production at Next-to–Next-to-Leading Order
FERMILAB-PUB-16-584-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the $t\bar{t}$ production cross section using events in the e$\mu$ final state in pp
FERMILAB-PUB-16-583-CMS Khachatryan, V.Measurements of the associated production of a Z boson and b jets in pp collisions at ${\sqrt{s}} =
FERMILAB-PUB-16-582-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for heavy resonances decaying to tau lepton pairs in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=1
FERMILAB-PUB-16-581-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in events with photons and missing transverse energy in pp collisions at 13
FERMILAB-PUB-16-580-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for CP violation in $ t\overline{t} $ production and decay in proton-proton collisions at $ \
FERMILAB-PUB-16-579-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for single production of a heavy vector-like T quark decaying to a Higgs boson and a top quar
FERMILAB-PUB-16-578-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for heavy neutrinos or third-generation leptoquarks in final states with two hadronically dec
FERMILAB-PUB-16-577-CD-E Aguilar-Arevalo, A.First Direct-Detection Constraints on eV-Scale Hidden-Photon Dark Matter with DAMIC at SNOLAB
FERMILAB-CONF-16-575-ND Nutini, IreneThe First Pion-Ar Cross-Section Measurement with the LArIAT Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-16-574-APC Fasso, A.Update On The Code Intercomparison and Benchmark For Muon Fluence and Absorbed Dose Induced By An 18
FERMILAB-PUB-16-573-AD-APC Mihalcea, D.Development of a Watt-level Gamma-Ray Source based on High-Repetition-Rate Inverse Compton Scatterin
FERMILAB-PUB-16-572-PPD Akiba, K.LHC Forward Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-16-571-APC Zhang, XiaomeiParticle-in-cell simulation of x-ray wakefield acceleration and betatron radiation in nanotubes
FERMILAB-PUB-16-570-AE-PPD Reed, S.L.Eight new luminous z $\geq$ 6 quasars discovered via SED model fitting of VISTA, WISE and Dark Energ
FERMILAB-PUB-16-569-TD Crawford, Anthony C.Demagnetization of a Complete Superconducting Radiofrequency Cryomodule: Theory and Practice
FERMILAB-PUB-16-568 Patrignani, C.Review of Particle Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-16-567-AE Garcia-Fernandez, M.Weak lensing magnification in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification Data
FERMILAB-PUB-16-566-AD Simos, N.Radiation Damage and Thermal Shock Response of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Materials to Intense High-Ene
FERMILAB-PUB-16-565-T Canepa, AnadiThe Search for Electroweakinos
FERMILAB-PUB-16-565-T Han, TaoUnblinding the dark matter blind spots
FERMILAB-PUB-16-564-TD Wang, XiaorongAnalysis of Field Errors for LARP Nb$_3$ Sn HQ03 Quadrupole Magnet
FERMILAB-PUB-16-563-TD Ravaioli, E.Quench Protection System Optimization for the High Luminosity LHC Nb $_3$Sn Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-PUB-16-562-AD-APC Antipov, SergeiIOTA (Integrable Optics Test Accelerator): Facility and Experimental Beam Physics Program
FERMILAB-PUB-16-561-AE Doctor, Z.A Search for Kilonovae in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-16-560 Del Viva, Maria M.Chromatic Information and Feature Detection in Fast Visual Analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-16-559-AD-APC Panuganti, H.Observation of Two-photon Photoemission from Cesium Telluride Photocathodes Excited by a Near-infrar
FERMILAB-PUB-16-558-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A.Exotic Signals of Vectorlike Quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-16-556-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderMulti-resolution anisotropy studies of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays detected at the Pierre Auger Obs
FERMILAB-PUB-16-555-T Chacko, ZackariaCosmology in Mirror Twin Higgs and Neutrino Masses
FERMILAB-PUB-16-554-T Flacke, ThomasElectroweak Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter
FERMILAB-CONF-16-553-CD Box, D.The FIFE Project at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-552-CD Amerio, S.Data preservation at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-CONF-16-551-AD-APC Syphers, M.J.Landscape of Future Accelerators at the Energy and Intensity Frontier
FERMILAB-CONF-16-550-ND Wolcott, J.Recent Cross Section Work From NOvA
FERMILAB-PUB-16-549-APC Gianfelice-Wendt, E.Investigation of beam self-polarization in the future $e^{+}e^{-}$ circular collider
FERMILAB-CONF-16-548-ND Hamilton, PipFirst Measurement of Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-CONF-16-547-ND Hamilton, PipLArIAT: Worlds First Pion-Argon Cross-Section
FERMILAB-PUB-16-546-AE-E Agnes, P.CALIS—A CALibration Insertion System for the DarkSide-50 dark matter search experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-16-545-T Komijani, J.Decay constants $f_B$ and $f_{B_s}$ and quark masses $m_b$ and $m_c$ from HISQ simulations
FERMILAB-CONF-16-544-T Gámiz, E.Kaon semileptonic decays with $N_f=2+1+1$ HISQ fermions and physical light-quark masses
FERMILAB-CONF-16-543-APC Mokhov, N.V.MARS15 Simulation Of Radiation Environment At The ESS Linac
FERMILAB-CONF-16-542-APC-TD Mokhov, Nikolai V.Dark Current and Radiation Shielding Studies for the ILC Main Linac
FERMILAB-CONF-16-541-APC Gianfelice, E.Simulations of Polarization Levels and Spin Tune Biases in High Energy Leptons Storage Rings
FERMILAB-CONF-16-540-PPD Leone, SandraMeasurement of WW and WZ Production in the Lepton Plus Heavy Flavor Jets Final State at CDF
FERMILAB-CONF-16-539-E Roy, AshimSimulation of $\pi^0-\gamma$ Separation Study for Proposed CMS Forward Electromagnetic Calorimeter
FERMILAB-CONF-16-537-APC Shiltsev, VladimirFermilab Accelerator R&D Program Towards Intensity Frontier Accelerators: Status and Progress
FERMILAB-CONF-16-536-APC Shiltsev, VladimirConsiderations On Energy Frontier Colliders After LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-535-PPD Albrow, MichaelHadron Spectroscopy in Double Pomeron Exchange Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-16-534-T Kearney, John$Z$ boson mediated dark matter beyond the effective theory
FERMILAB-CONF-16-533-E Gohn, W.Data Acquisition with GPUs: The DAQ for the Muon $g$-$2$ Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-532-CD Guo, DiA 4×8-Gbps VCSEL array driver ASIC and integration with a custom array transmitter module for the LH
FERMILAB-PUB-16-530-PPD Zhang, QingtengSubmillisecond X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy from a pixel array detector with fast dual gati
FERMILAB-CONF-16-529-E Gohn, W.The muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-528 Chou, AaronThe Holometer: An Instrument to Probe Planckian Quantum Geometry
FERMILAB-PUB-16-527 Chou, AaronInterferometric Constraints on Quantum Geometrical Shear Noise Correlations
FERMILAB-CONF-16-526-CD Genser, KrzysztofA Software Toolkit to Study Systematic Uncertainties of the Physics Models of the Geant4 Simulation
FERMILAB-CONF-16-525-APC-CD Park, Chong ShikSpace Charge Compensation Using Electron Columns and Electron Lenses at IOTA
FERMILAB-PUB-16-524-A Jennings, EliseA New Approach for Obtaining Cosmological Constraints from Type Ia Supernovae using Approximate Baye
FERMILAB-PUB-16-523 Pronskikh, Vitaly S.E-36: The First Proto-Megascience Experiment at NAL
FERMILAB-PUB-16-522-ND Marshall, C.M.Measurement of neutral-current $K^+$ production by neutrinos using MINERvA
FERMILAB-CONF-16-521-TD Novitski, I.Development and Comparison of Mechanical Structures for FNAL 15 T $Nb_3Sn$ Dipole Demonstrator
FERMILAB-CONF-16-520-TD Strauss, T.Field Quality Measurements in the FNAL Twin-Aperture 11 T Dipole for LHC Upgrades
FERMILAB-CONF-16-519-TD Kashikhin, V.V.Persistent Current Effect in 15-16 T Nb$_3$Sn Accelerator Dipoles and its Correction
FERMILAB-PUB-16-518-AE Aghamousa, AmirThe DESI Experiment Part II: Instrument Design
FERMILAB-PUB-16-517-AE Aghamousa, AmirThe DESI Experiment Part I: Science,Targeting, and Survey Design
FERMILAB-PUB-16-516-E-PPD Kaspar, J.Design and performance of SiPM-based readout of PbF$_2$ crystals for high-rate, precision timing app
FERMILAB-CONF-16-515-ND Nutini, IreneThe LArIAT Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-514-T Campbell, JohnWW + jet at 14 and 100 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-513-AE-PPD Agnes, P.Effect of Low Electric Fields on Alpha Scintillation Light Yield in Liquid Argon
FERMILAB-PUB-16-511-ND Nutini, IreneThe LArIAT Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-16-510-T Goncalves, DorivalSimplified Models for Dark Matter Face their Consistent Completions
FERMILAB-CONF-16-509-APC Johnstone, J. A.Delivery Ring Lattice Modifications For Transitionless Deceleration
FERMILAB-CONF-16-508-CD Wenzel, HansDoSSiER: Database of Scientific Simulation and Experimental Results
FERMILAB-PUB-16-507-CMS Green, Daniel R.Multiboson interactions at the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-506-AD Convery, M. E.Fermilab's Accelerator Complex: Current Status, Upgrades and Outlook
FERMILAB-CONF-16-505-PPD Holzbauer, J.L.The Muon g-2 Experiment Overview and Status as of June 2016
FERMILAB-PUB-16-504-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderTesting Hadronic Interactions at Ultrahigh Energies with Air Showers Measured by the Pierre Auger Ob
FERMILAB-PUB-16-503-A Semenov, Vadim A.Non-universal star formation efficiency in turbulent ISM
FERMILAB-PUB-16-502-CMS Bagnaschi, E.Likelihood Analysis of the Minimal AMSB Model
FERMILAB-CONF-16-501-CMS-E Strobbe, N.The upgrade of the CMS hadron calorimeter with silicon photomultipliers
FERMILAB-CONF-16-500-PPD De Causmaecker, KarenExploring the Squark Flavour Structure of the MSSM
FERMILAB-PUB-16-499-PPD Altmannshofer, WolfgangCollider Signatures of Flavorful Higgs Bosons
FERMILAB-PUB-16-498-E Lincoln, DonRipples in Reality
FERMILAB-PUB-16-497-A Kim, Ji-hoonThe AGORA High-Resolution Galaxy Simulations Comparison Project. II: Isolated Disk Test
FERMILAB-PUB-16-496-CMS Khachatryan, VardanObservation of $\Upsilon$(1S) pair production in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=8 $ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-495-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the total and differential inclusive $B^+$ hadron cross sections in pp collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-16-494-CMS Khachatryan, VardanDecomposing transverse momentum balance contributions for quenched jets in PbPb collisions at $ \sqr
FERMILAB-PUB-16-493-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement and QCD analysis of double-differential inclusive jet cross sections in pp collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-16-492-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of inclusive jet cross sections in $pp$ and PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ 2.76 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-491-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for narrow resonances in dilepton mass spectra in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13
FERMILAB-PUB-16-490-CMS Khachatryan, V.Measurement of the WZ production cross section in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 7$ and 8 $\,\text{TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-489-CMS Khachatryan, VardanInclusive search for supersymmetry using razor variables in pp collisions at $\sqrt s=$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-488-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for long-lived charged particles in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt s=$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-487-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in events with one lepton and multiple jets in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-16-486-CMS Khachatryan, VardanObservation of charge-dependent azimuthal correlations in $p$-Pb collisions and its implication for
FERMILAB-PUB-16-485-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSuppression and azimuthal anisotropy of prompt and nonprompt ${\mathrm{J}}/\psi $ production in PbPb
FERMILAB-PUB-16-484-CMS Sirunyan, Albert MCross section measurement of $t$-channel single top quark production in pp collisions at $\sqrt s =$
FERMILAB-PUB-16-483-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for high-mass Z$\gamma$ resonances in $\mathrm{ e }^{+}\mathrm{ e }^{-}\gamma $ and $ \mu^{+}
FERMILAB-PUB-16-482-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for anomalous Wtb couplings and flavour-changing neutral currents in t-channel single top qua
FERMILAB-PUB-16-481-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of differential cross sections for top quark pair production using the lepton+jets final
FERMILAB-PUB-16-480-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurements of differential cross sections for associated production of a W boson and jets in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-16-479-AE-PPD Li, T.S.Farthest Neighbor: The Distant Milky Way Satellite Eridanus II
FERMILAB-PUB-16-478-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for top quark decays via Higgs-boson-mediated flavor-changing neutral currents in pp collisio
FERMILAB-PUB-16-477-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for electroweak production of charginos in final states with two τ leptons in pp collisions a
FERMILAB-PUB-16-476-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for R-parity violating supersymmetry with displaced vertices in proton-proton collisions at $
FERMILAB-PUB-16-474-A Robinson, Alan E.The Coherent Photon Scattering Background in Sub-GeV/$c^2$ Direct Dark Matter Searches
FERMILAB-PUB-16-473-PPD Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of the $D^+$- Meson Production Cross Section at Low Transverse Momentum in $p\bar{p}$ Co
FERMILAB-PUB-16-472 Tie, S.S.A Study of Quasar Selection in the Supernova Fields of the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-16-471-T Gavela, M.B.The linear–non-linear frontier for the Goldstone Higgs
FERMILAB-PUB-16-470-A Hooper, DanGamma Rays From Dark Matter Subhalos Revisited: Refining the Predictions and Constraints
FERMILAB-CONF-16-469-AD-APC-TD Kazakevich, G.A Novel Technique of Power Control In Magnetron Transmitters For Intense Accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-16-468-AE Melchior, P.Weak-lensing mass calibration of redMaPPer galaxy clusters in Dark Energy Survey Science Verificatio
FERMILAB-PUB-16-467-AE Agnese, R.Projected Sensitivity of the SuperCDMS SNOLAB experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-16-466-ND Acciarri, R.First Observation of Low Energy Electron Neutrinos in a Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber
FERMILAB-PUB-16-465-T Hill, Richard J.Nucleon spin-averaged forward virtual Compton tensor at large $Q^2$
FERMILAB-CONF-16-463-AD-APC Piot, P.Development of Short Undulators for Electron-Beam-Radiation Interaction Studies
FERMILAB-CONF-16-461-APC Halavanau, A.Commissioning and First Results From a Channeling-Radiation Experiment at FAST
FERMILAB-CONF-16-460-APC Halavanau, A.A Simple Method for Measuring the Electron-Beam Magnetization
FERMILAB-CONF-16-459-AD-APC Neuffer, DavidWedge Absorbers for Muon Cooling with a Test Beam at MICE
FERMILAB-PUB-16-458-T Ferreira, Pedro G.Weyl Current, Scale-Invariant Inflation and Planck Scale Generation
FERMILAB-CONF-16-457-AD-APC Neuffer, D.Accomplishments of the Heavy Electron Particle Accelerator Program
FERMILAB-PUB-16-456-T DiFranzo, AnthonyMulti-component Dark Matter through a Radiative Higgs Portal
FERMILAB-CONF-16-455-PPD Oshinowo, Babatunde O.Geometry Survey of the Time-of-Flight Neutron-Elastic Scattering (Antonella) Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-16-454-AE Simon, J.D.Nearest Neighbor: The Low-Mass Milky Way Satellite Tucana III
FERMILAB-PUB-16-453-CMS Bagnaschi, E.Likelihood Analysis of Supersymmetric SU(5) GUTs
FERMILAB-CONF-16-452-AD Vivoli, A.PIP-II Transfer Lines Design
FERMILAB-CONF-16-451-T Meyer, Aaron S.Calculation of the Nucleon Axial Form Factor Using Staggered Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-16-450-AE Zhang, YuanyuanM32 Analogs? A Population of Massive Ultra Compact Dwarf and Compact Elliptical Galaxies in intermed
FERMILAB-PUB-16-449-AE Chou, Aaron S.MHz Gravitational Wave Constraints with Decameter Michelson Interferometers
FERMILAB-PUB-16-448 Kovács, A.Imprint of DES superstructures on the cosmic microwave background
FERMILAB-PUB-16-447-CD Allison, J.Recent developments in Geant4
FERMILAB-CONF-16-445-AD-APC Mihalcea, D.Design of a Gamma-Ray Source Based on Inverse Compton Scattering at the FAST Superconducting LINAC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-444-AD-APC Lueangaramwong, A.Structured electron beams from nano-engineered cathodes
FERMILAB-CONF-16-443-AD-APC Lueangaramwong, A.Experimental Development of Low-emittance Field-emission Electron Sources
FERMILAB-CONF-16-442-AD-APC Mihalcea, DanielHigh brightness gamma-ray production at Fermilab Accelerator Science and Technology (FAST) facility
FERMILAB-PUB-16-441-E-PPD Anastasi, A.Electron beam test of key elements of the laser-based calibration system for the muon $g$ $-$ $2$ ex
FERMILAB-CONF-16-440-TD Ambrosio, G.First Test Results of the 150 mm Aperture IR Quadrupole Models for the High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-438-AD Convery, Mary E.Recent Progress in High Intensity Operation of the Fermilab Accelerator Complex
FERMILAB-CONF-16-436-AD Ainsworth, R.Resistive Wall Growth Rate Measurements in the Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-CONF-16-435-AD Frolov, D.A 600 Volt Multi-Stage, High Repetition Rate GaN FET Switch
FERMILAB-CONF-16-434-AD Baffes, C.Installation Progress at the PIP-II Injector Test at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-433-AD-APC-ESH-ND Tariq, S.Design of the LBNF Beamline Target Station
FERMILAB-CONF-16-432-AD Petersen, TroyFermilab Cryomodule Test Stand RF Interlock System
FERMILAB-CONF-16-430-AD Petersen, T.Fermilab Switchyard Resonant Beam Position Monitor Electronics Upgrade Results
FERMILAB-PUB-16-429-T Campbell, John M.Top-quark loop corrections in Z+jet and Z + 2 jet production
FERMILAB-CONF-16-428-AD Antipov, Sergey A.Model of Electron Cloud Instability In Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-CONF-16-427-AD Antipov, Sergey A.Electron Cloud Trapping In Recycler Combined Function Dipole Magnets
FERMILAB-CONF-16-426-ND-PPD Kasetti, Siva PrasadSearch for short-baseline oscillations at the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-CONF-16-425-AD Brown, B.C.Fermilab Recycler Collimation System Design
FERMILAB-CONF-16-424-AD Korostelev, MaximEnd-to-End Beam Simulations for the New Muon G-2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-423-A Berlin, AsherAxion-Assisted Production of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-16-422-CD Renner, J.Background rejection in NEXT using deep neural networks
FERMILAB-CONF-16-421 Alexander, JimDark Sectors 2016 Workshop: Community Report
FERMILAB-PUB-16-420-A Perko, AshleyBiased Tracers in Redshift Space in the EFT of Large-Scale Structure
FERMILAB-CONF-16-419-TD Nogiec, J. M.Superconducting Coil Winding Machine Control System
FERMILAB-CONF-16-418-TD Nogiec, J.M.EMMA: a new paradigm in configurable software
FERMILAB-CONF-16-417-AD Xiao, M.Beam Extraction from the Recycler Ring to P1 Line at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-416-APC Alexahin, Y.On the Possibility of Using Nonlinear Elements for Landau Damping in High-Intensity Beams
FERMILAB-CONF-16-415-AD Edelen, J. P.Analytical Modeling Of Electron Back-bombardment Induced Current Increase In Un-gated Thermionic Cat
FERMILAB-CONF-16-414-AD Edelen, J. P.Observation Of Repetition-Rate Dependent Emission From an Un-Gated Thermionic Cathode RF Gun
FERMILAB-CONF-16-413-ND Kryczynski, PawelLiquid argon scintillation light studies in LArIAT
FERMILAB-PUB-16-412-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderEvidence for a mixed mass composition at the ‘ankle’ in the cosmic-ray spectrum
FERMILAB-PUB-16-411-APC Eldred, JeffreyEnhanced Dynamical Stability with Harmonic Slip-stacking
FERMILAB-PUB-16-409-APC Holtzapple, R.L.Observation of Electron Cloud Instabilities and Emittance Dilution at the Cornell Electron-Positron
FERMILAB-PUB-16-408-AE Caputo, ReginaSearch for Gamma-ray Emission from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Small Magellanic Cloud with the F
FERMILAB-PUB-16-407-CD Benaglia, AndreaSpace-Time Development of Electromagnetic and Hadronic Showers and Perspectives for Novel Calorimetr
FERMILAB-CONF-16-406-AD Ammigan, KavinPost Irradiation Examination Results of the NT-02 Graphite Fins Numi Target
FERMILAB-CONF-16-405-AD Ammigan, K.Experimental results of beryllium exposed to intense high energy proton beam pulses
FERMILAB-PUB-16-404-APC Billing, M.G.The Conversion of CESR to Operate as the Test Accelerator, CesrTA, Part 3: Electron Cloud Diagnostic
FERMILAB-PUB-16-403-CMS Adams, T.Beam test evaluation of electromagnetic calorimeter modules made from proton-damaged PbWO$_4$ crysta
FERMILAB-PUB-16-402-AE Narayan, GauthamLight Curves of 213 Type Ia Supernovae from the ESSENCE Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-16-400-T Blennow, MattiasNon-Unitarity, sterile neutrinos, and Non-Standard neutrino Interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-16-399-TD Izquierdo Bermudez, SusanaQuench Protection Studies of the 11-T $Nb_3Sn$ Dipole for LHC Upgrades
FERMILAB-CONF-16-398-APC Halavanau, A.Measurement of the Transverse Beam Dynamics in a TESLA-Type Superconducting Cavity
FERMILAB-CONF-16-397-E Alonzi, L.P.The calorimeter system of the new muon g -2 experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-396-TD Marinozzi, VittorioQuench Protection Study of the Updated MQXF for the LHC Luminosity Upgrade (HiLumi LHC)
FERMILAB-PUB-16-395-TD Sorbi, MassimoMeasurements and Analysis of Dynamic Effects in the LARP Model Quadrupole HQ02b During Rapid Dischar
FERMILAB-CONF-16-394-AD Kendziora, K. R.The Use of KF Style Flanges in Low Particlulate Applications
FERMILAB-CONF-16-393-CD-ND Fields, LauraRecent Results from MINER$\nu$A
FERMILAB-PUB-16-392-APC Sen, TanajiDiffusion measurement from observed transverse beam echoes
FERMILAB-PUB-16-391-APC-CD Macridin, AlexandruParametric Landau damping of space charge modes
FERMILAB-CONF-16-390-TD Rowe, AllanCavity Processing and Preparation of 650 MHz Elliptical Cell Cavities for PIP-II
FERMILAB-PUB-16-389-AE Prat, J.Galaxy bias from galaxy–galaxy lensing in the DES science verification data
FERMILAB-CONF-16-388-AD Johnson, David E.The Linac Laser Notcher for the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-CONF-16-387-AD Fitterer, M.Hollow Electron Beam Collimation For HL-LHC - Effect On The Beam Core
FERMILAB-CONF-16-386-PPD Forward-Backward Asymmetries in Top-Antitop Quark Production at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-16-385-PPD Kahn, YonatanLight Weakly Coupled Axial Forces: Models, Constraints, and Projections
FERMILAB-PUB-16-384-ND-PPD Acciarri, R.Construction and Assembly of the Wire Planes for the MicroBooNE Time Projection Chamber
FERMILAB-CONF-16-383-PPD Czakon, M.Measurement of the Pole Mass of the Top Quark using Differential $t\bar{t}$ Cross Sections in $p\bar
FERMILAB-CONF-16-382-AD Watts, A.Computed Tomography of Transverse Phase Space
FERMILAB-CONF-16-381-TD Shin, Young minUltra-High Gradient Channeling Acceleration in Nanostructures: Design/Progress of Proof-of-Concept (
FERMILAB-CONF-16-381-APC Shin, Young minUltra-High Gradient Channeling Acceleration in Nanostructures: Design/Progress of Proof-of-Concept (
FERMILAB-PUB-16-380-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the mass of the top quark in decays with a $J/\psi$ meson in pp collisions at 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-379-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the production cross section of a W boson in association with two b jets in pp collis
FERMILAB-PUB-16-377-CMS Khachatryan, VardanThe CMS trigger system
FERMILAB-PUB-16-375-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for high-mass diphoton resonances in proton–proton collisions at 13 TeV and combination with
FERMILAB-PUB-16-374-CMS Khachatryan, VardanStudies of inclusive four-jet production with two $b$-tagged jets in proton-proton collisions at 7 T
FERMILAB-PUB-16-373-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderSearch for ultrarelativistic magnetic monopoles with the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-CONF-16-372-APC Shiltsev, VladimirUS Accelerator R&D Program Toward Intensity Frontier Machines
FERMILAB-PUB-16-370-A Escudero, MiguelToward (Finally!) Ruling Out Z and Higgs Mediated Dark Matter Models
FERMILAB-CONF-16-369-APC Shiltsev, VladimirWill There Be Energy Frontier Colliders After LHC?
FERMILAB-PUB-16-368-ND Devan, J.Measurements of the Inclusive Neutrino and Antineutrino Charged Current Cross Sections in MINERvA Us
FERMILAB-CONF-16-367-TD Posen, SamMagnetic Flux Expulsion Studies in Niobium SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-16-366-TD Posen, S.Efficient expulsion of magnetic flux in superconducting RF cavities for high $Q_0$ applications
FERMILAB-PUB-16-365-AE-CD-E Aguilar-Arevalo, A.Search for low-mass WIMPs in a 0.6 kg day exposure of the DAMIC experiment at SNOLAB
FERMILAB-PUB-16-364-CD Artamonov, A.V.Search for the rare decay $K^+\to\mu^+\nu\bar\nu\nu$
FERMILAB-PUB-16-363-ND Furmanski, Andrew P.Neutrino energy reconstruction from one muon and one proton events
FERMILAB-PUB-16-362-TD Martinello, M.Effect of Interstitial Impurities on the Field Dependent Microwave Surface Resistance of Niobium
FERMILAB-CONF-16-361-TD Martinello, MartinaTailoring Surface Impurity Content to Maximize Q-factors of Superconducting Resonators
FERMILAB-CONF-16-360-AD Sipahi, TaylanSimulations of High Current NuMI Magnetic Horn Striplines at FNAL
FERMILAB-CONF-16-359-APC Freemire, BenBeam Test of a Dielectric Loaded High Pressure RF Cavity for Use in Muon Cooling Channels
FERMILAB-CONF-16-358-TD Savary, F.The 11 T Dipole for HL-LHC: Status and Plan
FERMILAB-CONF-16-357-TD Giunchi, GiovanniFeasibility Study of a MgB$_2$ Superconducting Magnetic Cloak
FERMILAB-PUB-16-356-AD-AE-CD-TD Collica, LauraMeasurement of the Muon Production Depths at the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-CONF-16-355-AD Dalesandro, Andrew A.Thermodynamic Analyses of the LCLS-II Cryogenic Distribution System
FERMILAB-CONF-16-354-AD Derwent, P.F.PIP-II Injector Test: Challenges and Status
FERMILAB-PUB-16-353-AE Drlica-Wagner, A.An Ultra-Faint Galaxy Candidate Discovered in Early Data from the Magellanic Satellites Survey
FERMILAB-CONF-16-352-AD Bollinger, D. S.Overview of Recent Studies and Design Changes for the FNAL Magnetron Ion Source
FERMILAB-CONF-16-351-AD Karns, Patrick R.Recent Operation of the FNAL Magnetron $H^{-}$ Ion Source
FERMILAB-CONF-16-350-AD Shemyakin, A.PIP-II Injector Test's Low Energy Beam Transport: Commissioning and Selected Measurements
FERMILAB-CONF-16-349-TD Yu, MiaoCoil End Parts Development Using BEND and Design for MQXF by LARP
FERMILAB-CONF-16-348-AD Sosa, A.Performance Characterization of a Solenoid-type Gas Valve for the $H^{-}$ Magnetron Source at FNAL
FERMILAB-CONF-16-347-TD DiMarco, J.Magnetic Measurements of the First Nb3Sn Model Quadrupole (MQXFS) for the High-Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-346-TD Holik, Eddie FrankFabrication of First 4-m Coils for the LARP MQXFA Quadrupole and Assembly in Mirror Structure
FERMILAB-PUB-16-345-TD Holik, Eddie FrankField Quality and Fabrication Analysis of HQ02 Reconstructed Nb3Sn Coil Cross Sections
FERMILAB-CONF-16-344-TD Cooley, L.D.Conductor Specification and Validation for High-Luminosity LHC Quadrupole Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-16-343-APC-ESH Grebe, A.The MARS15-based FermiCORD Code System for Calculation of the Accelerator-Induced Residual Dose
FERMILAB-CONF-16-342-TD Xu, XingchenRecent Progress in Application of Internal Oxidation Technique in Nb3Sn Strands
FERMILAB-CONF-16-341-TD Stoynev, StoyanQuench Performance and Field Quality of FNAL Twin-Aperture 11 T Nb$_3$Sn Dipole Model for LHC Upgrad
FERMILAB-CONF-16-340-TD Chlachidze, GGuramPerformance of the First Short Model 150-mm-Aperture Nb$_3$Sn Quadrupole MQXFS for the High-Luminosi
FERMILAB-CONF-16-339-CMS-E-PPD Strobbe, Nadja C.Search for third generation squarks in pp collisions at 13 TeV with CMS
FERMILAB-CONF-16-338-TD Orris, DarrylImprovements and Performance of the Fermilab Solenoid Test Facility
FERMILAB-PUB-16-337-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderUltrahigh-Energy Neutrino Follow-Up of Gravitational Wave Events GW150914 and GW151226 with the Pier
FERMILAB-CONF-16-336-T Campbell, John M.Theory Overview of Electroweak Physics at Hadron Colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-16-335-TD Krave, S.Fabrication and Test of Model Superconducting Inflector for g-2 at FNAL
FERMILAB-PUB-16-334-A Jennings, E.astroABC : An Approximate Bayesian Computation Sequential Monte Carlo sampler for cosmological para
FERMILAB-CONF-16-333-TD Xiao, BinpingRF Design of Normal Conducting 704 MHz and 2.1 GHz Cavities for LEReC Linac
FERMILAB-CONF-16-332-TD Xiao, BinpingHOM Consideration of 704 MHz and 2.1 GHz Cavities for LEReC Linac
FERMILAB-PUB-16-330 Montanari, D.Status of the LBNF Cryogenic System
FERMILAB-CONF-16-329-TD Ptitsyn, VadimThe ERL-based Design of Electron-Hadron Collider eRHIC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-328-APC Balbekov, V.Transverse mode coupling instability threshold with space charge and different wakefields
FERMILAB-PUB-16-327-E-TD Lopes, MauricioMu2e Transport Solenoid Cold-Mass Alignment Issues
FERMILAB-CONF-16-326-CD Pordes, RuthThe Liquid Argon Software Toolkit (LArSoft): Goals, Status and Plan
FERMILAB-CONF-16-325-PPD Atanov, N.Energy and time resolution of a LYSO matrix prototype for the Mu2e experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-16-323-APC Mokhov, N.V.Beam-Material Interaction
FERMILAB-PUB-16-322-A-AE-PPD-T Banik, NilanjanThe Formation of Supermassive Black Holes from Population III.1 Seeds. I. Cosmic Formation Histories
FERMILAB-CONF-16-321-APC Shiltsev, VladimirImprovement Plans of Fermilab’s Proton Accelerator Complex
FERMILAB-CONF-16-320-AD Serrano, CarlosLLRF Control of High Loaded-Q Cavities for the LCLS-II
FERMILAB-CONF-16-319-E-ND-PPD Lu, X.-G.Probing nuclear effects using single-transverse kinematic imbalance with MINERvA
FERMILAB-PUB-16-318-A Berlin, AsherThermal Dark Matter From A Highly Decoupled Sector
FERMILAB-CONF-16-317-ND Gran, RichardMINERvA Measurement of Neutrino Charged-Current Cross Section Ratios of Nuclei C, Fe, and Pb to CH a
FERMILAB-CONF-16-316-E Atanov, N.Design and status of the Mu2e electromagnetic calorimeter
FERMILAB-PUB-16-315-A-AE-PPD-T Banik, NilanjanGalactoseismology and the Local Density of Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-16-314-T Campbell, John M.Study of weak corrections to Drell-Yan, top-quark pair, and dijet production at high energies with M
FERMILAB-PUB-16-313-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the transverse momentum spectra of weak vector bosons produced in proton-proton colli
FERMILAB-PUB-16-312-CMS Khachatryan, VardanObservation of the decay $B^+ \to \psi(2S) \phi(1020) K^+$ in pp collisions at $\sqrt s =$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-311-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for lepton flavour violating decays of the Higgs boson to $e \tau$ and $e \mu$ in proton–prot
FERMILAB-PUB-16-310-CMS Khachatryan, VardanJet energy scale and resolution in the CMS experiment in pp collisions at 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-309-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for dark matter in proton-proton collisions at 8 TeV with missing transverse momentum and vec
FERMILAB-PUB-16-308-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the WZ production cross section in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-307-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of electroweak production of a W boson and two forward jets in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-16-306-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the ZZ production cross section and Z $\to \ell^+\ell^-\ell'^+\ell'^-$ branching frac
FERMILAB-PUB-16-305-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for new phenomena in events with high jet multiplicity and low missing transverse momentum in
FERMILAB-PUB-16-304-PPD Chen, YiGolden Probe of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
FERMILAB-PUB-16-303-A MacCrann, N.Inference from the Small Scales of Cosmic Shear with Current and Future Dark Energy Survey Data
FERMILAB-PUB-16-302-AD Lebedev, ValeriLuminosity Limitations of Linear Colliders Based on Plasma Acceleration
FERMILAB-PUB-16-301-T Bramante, JosephInelastic frontier: Discovering dark matter at high recoil energy
FERMILAB-PUB-16-300-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the direct CP violating charge asymmetry in $B^\pm \rightarrow \mu^\pm \nu_\mu D^{0}$
FERMILAB-CONF-16-299-CMS-LDRD-PPD Anderson, DustinPrecision timing calorimeter for high energy physics
FERMILAB-CONF-16-298-E Combination of CDF and D0 results on the mass of the top quark using up $9.7\:{\rm fb}^{-1}$ at the
FERMILAB-PUB-16-297-AD-APC Freemire, B.Pressurized rf cavities in ionizing beams
FERMILAB-PUB-16-296-T Golling, T.Physics at a 100 TeV pp collider: beyond the Standard Model phenomena
FERMILAB-CONF-16-295-E Combination of the CDF and D0 Effective Leptonic Electroweak Mixing Angles
FERMILAB-PUB-16-294 Luque, E.The Dark Energy Survey view of the Sagittarius stream: Discovery of two faint stellar system candida
FERMILAB-PUB-16-293-PPD Apresyan, A.Direct tests of a pixelated microchannel plate as the active element of a shower maximum detector
FERMILAB-CONF-16-292-APC Mohayai, TanazSimulated Measurements of Cooling in Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-16-291-A Hooper, DanThe Density of Dark Matter in the Galactic Bulge and Implications for Indirect Detection
FERMILAB-PUB-16-290-A Gnedin, Nickolay Y.On the Proper Use of the Reduced Speed of Light Approximation
FERMILAB-PUB-16-287-AE Whitmore, Bradley C.Version 1 of the Hubble Source Catalog
FERMILAB-PUB-16-286-A Ricotti, MassimoA Common Origin for Globular Clusters and Ultra-faint Dwarfs in Simulations of the First Galaxies
FERMILAB-PUB-16-285-A Gnedin, Nickolay Y.Cosmic Reionization On Computers. Properties of the Post-reionization IGM
FERMILAB-PUB-16-284-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of top quark polarization in $t \overline{t}$ lepton+jets final states
FERMILAB-PUB-16-283-AE Ahnen, M.L.Limits to Dark Matter Annihilation Cross-Section from a Combined Analysis of MAGIC and Fermi-LAT Obs
FERMILAB-PUB-16-282-ND Wang, Z.First evidence of coherent $K^{+}$ meson production in neutrino-nucleus scattering
FERMILAB-PUB-16-281-A Tenneti, AnanthImpact of Baryonic Physics on Intrinsic Alignments
FERMILAB-CONF-16-280-TD Checchin, MattiaUltimate Gradient Limitation in Niobium Superconducting Accelerating Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-16-279-AD Burov, AlexeyCoupled-Beam and Coupled-Bunch Instabilities
FERMILAB-PUB-16-278-T Carena, MarcelaDouble peak searches for scalar and pseudoscalar resonances at the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-277-AD Adamson, P.Reuse Recycler: High Intensity Proton Stacking at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-276-AD-APC Wagner, JoschkaFirst Attempts at using Active Halo Control at the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-275-AD Bonnal, PierreopenSE: A Systems engineering framework particularly suited to particle accelerator studies and deve
FERMILAB-CONF-16-274-PPD Martini, MatteoDesign, status and test of the Mu2e crystal calorimeter
FERMILAB-CONF-16-273-APC Ha, GwanghuiDemonstration of Current Profile Shaping using Double Dog-Leg Emittance Exchange Beam Line at Argonn
FERMILAB-CONF-16-272-AD-APC Torun, YagmurFinal Commissioning of the MICE RF Module Prototype with Production Couplers
FERMILAB-CONF-16-271-AD-CD Einstein, JoshuaFEL Simulation Using Distributed Computing
FERMILAB-CONF-16-270-APC Andorf, MatthewNonlinear Phase Distortion in a Ti:Sapphire Optical Amplifier for Optical Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-CONF-16-269-APC Andorf, MatthewLight Optics for Optical Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-CONF-16-268-AD Konoplev, IvanUH-FLUX: Compact, Energy Efficient Superconducting Asymmetric Energy Recovery LINAC for Ultra-high F
FERMILAB-PUB-16-267-T Kling, FelixMaximizing the significance in Higgs boson pair analyses
FERMILAB-PUB-16-266-AE-PPD Agnes, P.The Electronics and Data Acquisition System for the DarkSide-50 Veto Detectors
FERMILAB-CONF-16-265-CD Gutsche, OliverDark Matter and Super Symmetry: Exploring and Explaining the Universe with Simulations at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-264-A Hogan, CraigStatistical Model of Exotic Rotational Correlations in Emergent Space-Time
FERMILAB-PUB-16-263-A Poh, JasonLine-of-Sight Extrapolation Noise in Dust Polarization
FERMILAB-PUB-16-262-T Carena, MarcelaChallenges and opportunities for heavy scalar searches in the $ t\overline{t} $ channel at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-261-T Greco, MarioISR effects for resonant Higgs production at future lepton colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-16-260-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the transverse momentum spectrum of the Higgs boson produced in pp collisions at $ \s
FERMILAB-PUB-16-259-CMS Aad, GeorgesMeasurements of the Higgs boson production and decay rates and constraints on its couplings from a c
FERMILAB-PUB-16-258-CMS Khachatryan, VardanPhenomenological MSSM interpretation of CMS searches in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 and 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-257-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Resonant Production of High-Mass Photon Pairs in Proton-Proton Collisions at $\sqrt s$ =8
FERMILAB-PUB-16-255-CMS Khachatryan, VardanEvidence for collectivity in pp collisions at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-254-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearches for $R$-parity-violating supersymmetry in $pp $collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 8 TeV in final st
FERMILAB-PUB-16-253-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the differential cross sections for top quark pair production as a function of kinema
FERMILAB-PUB-16-252-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for new physics in final states with two opposite-sign, same-flavor leptons, jets, and missin
FERMILAB-PUB-16-251-T Dutta, DebajyotiCapabilities of long-baseline experiments in the presence of a sterile neutrino
FERMILAB-PUB-16-250-T East, William E.Spacetime Dynamics of a Higgs Vacuum Instability During Inflation
FERMILAB-PUB-16-249-TD Fabbricatore, P.Mu2e Transport Solenoid Prototype Design and Manufacturing
FERMILAB-PUB-16-248-TD Marchevsky, M.Localization of Quenches and Mechanical Disturbances in the Mu2e Transport Solenoid Prototype Using
FERMILAB-PUB-16-247-A Mohammed, IrshadPerturbative approach to covariance matrix of the matter power spectrum
FERMILAB-CONF-16-246-AD Bhat, C.M.R&D On Beam Injection and Bunching Schemes In The Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-PUB-16-245-A Hooper, DanThe Gamma-Ray Pulsar Population of Globular Clusters: Implications for the GeV Excess
FERMILAB-CONF-16-244-AD-APC McGee, MikeElectron Lens Construction for the Integrable Optics Test Accelerator at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-243-APC Velotti, FrancescoAnalysis of the SPS Long Term Orbit Drifts
FERMILAB-CONF-16-242-TD DiMarco, J.Superconducting Focusing Lenses for the SSR1 Cryomodule of PXIE Test Stand at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-241-PPD Oktyabrsky, SergeIntegrated Semiconductor Quantum Dot Scintillation Detector: Ultimate Limit for Speed and Light Yiel
FERMILAB-CONF-16-240-AD Bhat, C.M.Fermilab Booster Transition Crossing Simulations and Beam Studies
FERMILAB-CONF-16-239-AD-APC Tarazona, DavidMuon Beam Tracking and Spin-Orbit Correlations for Precision g-2 Measurements
FERMILAB-CONF-16-238-AD Lagrange, Jean-BaptisteThe MICE Demonstration of Muon Ionization Cooling
FERMILAB-CONF-16-237-AD Lagrange, J.-B.Neutrinos from STORed Muons, nuSTORM
FERMILAB-CONF-16-236-AD Lagrange, Jean-BaptistenuSTORM FFAG Decay Ring
FERMILAB-CONF-16-235-AD Lagrange, Jean-BaptisteFFAG Beam Line for nuPIL - Neutrinos from PIon Beam Line
FERMILAB-PUB-16-234-ND Adamson, P.Limits on Active to Sterile Neutrino Oscillations from Disappearance Searches in the MINOS, Daya Bay
FERMILAB-PUB-16-233-ND Adamson, P.Search for Sterile Neutrinos Mixing with Muon Neutrinos in MINOS
FERMILAB-PUB-16-232-AE Mudd, DaleDiscovery of a z = 0.65 post-starburst BAL quasar in the DES supernova fields
FERMILAB-PUB-16-231-AE Bufanda, E.The Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei in Clusters of Galaxies from the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-16-230-PPD-T Alioli, S.Precision studies of observables in $p p \rightarrow W \rightarrow l\nu _l$ and $ pp \rightarrow \ga
FERMILAB-PUB-16-229-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of the $WW$ and $WZ$ production cross section using final states with a charged lepton a
FERMILAB-PUB-16-228-ND McGivern, C.L.Cross sections for $\nu_\mu$ and $\bar \nu_\mu$ induced pion production on hydrocarbon in the few-Ge
FERMILAB-CONF-16-227-APC Freemire, BenHigh Powered Tests of Dielectric Loaded High Pressure RF Cavities for Use in Muon Cooling Channels
FERMILAB-PUB-16-226-ND Fava, A.Experimental Investigation of the Thriving Mystery of Sterile Neutrinos
FERMILAB-PUB-16-225-T Coloma, PilarNeutrino masses from a pseudo-Dirac Bino
FERMILAB-CONF-16-223-AD Nelson, JovanOnline measurement of the energy spread of multi-turn beam in the Fermilab Booster at injection
FERMILAB-PUB-16-222-T Hill, Christopher T.Theorem: A Static Magnetic N-pole Becomes an Oscillating Electric N-pole in a Cosmic Axion Field
FERMILAB-PUB-16-221-TD Shen, TengmingFeasible voltage-tap based quench detection in a Ag/Bi-2212 coil enabled by fast 3D normal zone prop
FERMILAB-PUB-16-220 Ostrovski, FernandaVDES J2325−5229 a z = 2.7 gravitationally lensed quasar discovered using morphology-independent supe
FERMILAB-PUB-16-219-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the Top Quark Mass Using the Matrix Element Technique in Dilepton Final States
FERMILAB-PUB-16-218-AE-PPD Cowperthwaite, P.S.A DECam Search for an Optical Counterpart to the LIGO Gravitational Wave Event GW151226
FERMILAB-PUB-16-217-AE Chou, Aaron S.First Measurements of High Frequency Cross-Spectra from a Pair of Large Michelson Interferometers
FERMILAB-PUB-16-216-TD Ye, LiyangQuench degradation limit of multifilamentary AgBi2Sr2CaCu2Ox round wires
FERMILAB-PUB-16-215-APC Adam, J.Study of secondary neutron interactions with $^{232}$Th, $^{129}$I, and $^{127}$I nuclei with the ur
FERMILAB-CONF-16-214-APC Halavanau, AliakseiPreliminary Measurement of the Transfer Matrix of a TESLA-type Cavity at FAST
FERMILAB-CONF-16-213-APC Halavanau, AliakseiGeneration of Homogeneous and Patterned Electron Beams using a Microlens Array Laser-Shaping Techniq
FERMILAB-CONF-16-212-E Bartoš, P.Top and Electroweak Measurements at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-16-210-PPD-T Dawson, S.Resummation of jet veto logarithms at N$^3$LL$_a$ + NNLO for $W^+ W^-$ production at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-209-AE-PPD Gupta, N.High Frequency Cluster Radio Galaxies: Luminosity Functions and Implications for SZE Selected Cluste
FERMILAB-CONF-16-208-AE-PPD Diehl, H.T.The Dark Energy Survey and Operations: Years 1 to 3
FERMILAB-PUB-16-207-AD Boi, S.Hamamatsu PMT R7056 Study for the Extinction Monitoring System of the Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-206-AE-CD Kent, StephenImpact of optical distortions on fiber positioning in the dark energy spectroscopic instrument
FERMILAB-CONF-16-205-WDRS Bardeen, Marjorie G.E-Labs - Learning with Authentic Data
FERMILAB-PUB-16-204-CMS Khachatryan, VardanEvidence for exclusive $\gamma\gamma \to W^+ W^-$ production and constraints on anomalous quartic ga
FERMILAB-PUB-16-203-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for lepton flavour violating decays of heavy resonances and quantum black holes to an e$\mu$
FERMILAB-PUB-16-202-CMS Khachatryan, VardanPseudorapidity dependence of long-range two-particle correlations in $p$Pb collisions at $\sqrt {s_{
FERMILAB-PUB-16-201-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for narrow resonances in dijet final states at $\sqrt{s}=$ 8 TeV with the novel CMS technique
FERMILAB-PUB-16-200-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the integrated and differential $t \bar t$ production cross sections for high-$p_t$ t
FERMILAB-PUB-16-199-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Higgs boson off-shell production in proton-proton collisions at 7 and 8 TeV and derivatio
FERMILAB-PUB-16-198-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for new physics in same-sign dilepton events in proton–proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 13\,\
FERMILAB-PUB-16-197-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the double-differential inclusive jet cross section in proton–proton collisions at $\
FERMILAB-PUB-16-196-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=13 $ TeV in the single-lepton final state us
FERMILAB-PUB-16-195-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMultiplicity and rapidity dependence of strange hadron production in pp, pPb, and PbPb collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-16-194-CMS Khachatryan, VardanCoherent $J/\psi$ photoproduction in ultra-peripheral PbPb collisions at $\sqrt {s_{NN}} =$ 2.76 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-192-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the W boson helicity fractions in the decays of top quark pairs to lepton $+$ jets fi
FERMILAB-PUB-16-190-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A.Multi-step production of a diphoton resonance
FERMILAB-PUB-16-189-AD-APC Neuffer, DavidComments on Ionization Cooling Channels
FERMILAB-PUB-16-188-AD-APC Neuffer, DavidFront End for a Neutrino Factory or Muon Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-16-187-AD-APC Roberts, ThomasMuSim, a Graphical User Interface for Multiple Simulation Programs
FERMILAB-PUB-16-186-CD Mrenna, S.Automated Parton-Shower Variations in Pythia 8
FERMILAB-PUB-16-185-ND-T Meyer, Aaron S.Deuterium target data for precision neutrino-nucleus cross sections
FERMILAB-PUB-16-184-CMS Abba, A.An 'artificial retina' processor for track reconstruction at the full LHC crossing rate
FERMILAB-PUB-16-183-AE Asorey, J.Galaxy clustering with photometric surveys using PDF redshift information
FERMILAB-PUB-16-182-AE Friedrich, O.Performance of internal Covariance Estimators for Cosmic Shear Correlation Functions
FERMILAB-PUB-16-181-AD Burov, AlexeyEfficiency of feedbacks for suppression of transverse instabilities of bunched beams
FERMILAB-PUB-16-180-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the Inclusive $t\bar{t}$ Production Cross Section in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-16-179-AE Charles, E.Sensitivity Projections for Dark Matter Searches with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
FERMILAB-PUB-16-178-A Hooper, DanA Case for Radio Galaxies as the Sources of IceCube's Astrophysical Neutrino Flux
FERMILAB-PUB-16-177-AD-APC Zobov, MikhailSimulation of Crab Waist Collisions in DA$\Phi$NE with KLOE-2 Interaction Region
FERMILAB-PUB-16-176-PPD Anderson, DustinPrecision Timing Calorimeter for High Energy Physics
FERMILAB-CONF-16-175-PPD-T Andersen, J.R.Les Houches 2015: Physics at TeV Colliders Standard Model Working Group Report
FERMILAB-PUB-16-174-AE-E McDonald, M.Star-Forming Brightest Cluster Galaxies at $0.25 < z < 1.25$: A Transitioning Fuel Supply
FERMILAB-PUB-16-173-AE Sanchez, C.Cosmic Voids and Void Lensing in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification Data
FERMILAB-PUB-16-172-ND Adamson, P.Constraints on Large Extra Dimensions from the MINOS Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-16-171-ND Adamson, P.Search for flavor-changing nonstandard neutrino interactions using $\nu_{e}$ appearance in MINOS
FERMILAB-PUB-16-169-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderMeasurement of the Radiation Energy in the Radio Signal of Extensive Air Showers as a Universal Esti
FERMILAB-PUB-16-168-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetries in the Production of Ξ and Ω Baryons in $p\overline{
FERMILAB-CONF-16-167-FESS Campbell, Ryan E.Results from Four Decades of Successional Prairie Restoration and an Update on Ecological Land Manag
FERMILAB-PUB-16-165-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of $\sin^2\theta^{\rm lept}_{\rm eff}$ using $e^+e^-$ pairs from $\gamma^*/Z$ bosons pro
FERMILAB-PUB-16-164-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderPrototype muon detectors for the AMIGA component of the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-CONF-16-163-AD Papadimitriou, VaiaDesign of the LBNF Beamline
FERMILAB-CONF-16-162-AD Ostiguy, Jean-FrancoisModeling Longitudinal Dynamics in the Fermilab Booster Synchrotron
FERMILAB-PUB-16-161-AE Clerkin, L.Testing the lognormality of the galaxy and weak lensing convergence distributions from Dark Energy S
FERMILAB-CONF-16-160-AD Lagrange, J.B.Neutrinos from PIon Beam Line, nuPIL
FERMILAB-CONF-16-159-AD-PPD Garbincius, P.H.Recent Tevatron Results on Heavy Flavors
FERMILAB-PUB-16-158-AE-PPD Crawford, T.M.Maps of the Magellanic Clouds from Combined South Pole Telescope and Planck Data
FERMILAB-PUB-16-157-A Bertone, GianfrancoHistory of dark matter
FERMILAB-CONF-16-156-AD Ainsworth, RobertSpace Charge Simulations in the Fermilab Recycler for PIP-II
FERMILAB-CONF-16-155-AD Ainsworth, RobertEstimating the Transverse Impedance in the Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-CONF-16-154-AD Ainsworth, RobertSimulations and Measurements of Stopbands in the Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-CONF-16-152-AD-TD McGee, MikeInvestigation of Thermal Acoustic Effects on SRF Cavities within CM1 at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-151-AD McGee, MikeMechanical Stability Study for Integrable Optics Test Accelerator at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-150-AD-TD McGee, MikeCryomodule Test Stand Reduced-Magnetic Support Design At Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-149-AE-E Abbott, B.P.Supplement: Localization and broadband follow-up of the gravitational-wave transient GW150914
FERMILAB-PUB-16-148-AE-E Abbott, B.P.Localization and broadband follow-up of the gravitational-wave transient GW150914
FERMILAB-CONF-16-147-APC Yonehara, KatsuyaGas Filled RF Resonator Hadron Beam Monitor for Intense Neutrino Beam Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-16-146-A-AE Kwan, J.Cosmology from large-scale galaxy clustering and galaxy–galaxy lensing with Dark Energy Survey Scien
FERMILAB-PUB-16-145-ND Adamson, P.Measurement of single $\pi^0$ production by coherent neutral-current $\nu$ Fe interactions in the MI
FERMILAB-CONF-16-144-AD Antipov, SergeyStudy of Fast Instability in Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-PUB-16-142-PPD Adams, B.W.A Brief Technical History of the Large-Area Picosecond Photodetector (LAPPD) Collaboration
FERMILAB-CONF-16-141-AD Stratakis, DiktysPerformance Analysis for the New g-2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-16-140-APC Sen, TanajiParametric X-rays at FAST
FERMILAB-CONF-16-139-APC Sen, TanajiExpected Results From Channeling Radiation Experiments at Fast
FERMILAB-CONF-16-138-AD-APC Antipov, SergeyDesign of Octupole Channel for Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
FERMILAB-PUB-16-137-AD-APC Antipov, Sergey A.Single-Particle Dynamics in a Nonlinear Accelerator Lattice: Attaining a Large Tune Spread with Octu
FERMILAB-CONF-16-136-AD-TD McGee, MikeTransport of LCLS-II 1.3 Ghz cryomodule to SLAC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-135-AD-APC Neuffer, D.Phase Rotation of Muon Beams for Producing Intense Low-Energy Muon Beams
FERMILAB-CONF-16-134-AD-APC Neuffer, DavidA Muon Source Proton Driver At JPARC-Based Parameters
FERMILAB-CONF-16-133-AD-APC Neuffer, DavidWedge Absorbers in Final Cooling for a High-Energy High Luminosity Lepton Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-16-132-E Saro, A.Optical–SZE scaling relations for DES optically selected clusters within the SPT-SZ Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-16-131-T Altmannshofer, Wolfgang$L_\mu - L_\tau$ theory of Higgs flavor violation and $(g-2)_\mu$
FERMILAB-CONF-16-130-AD Tan, Cheng-YangOptics Corrections with LOCO in the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-CONF-16-129-AD Tan, Cheng-YangDesign of a Perpendicular Biased 2nd Harmonic Cavity for the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-PUB-16-128-A Hooper, DanRadio Galaxies Dominate the High-Energy Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background
FERMILAB-CONF-16-127-ND Frank, M.J.First Neutrino Oscillation Results from NO$\nu$A
FERMILAB-PUB-16-126-T Denton, Peter B.Compact Perturbative Expressions For Neutrino Oscillations in Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-16-125-T Kim, Jeong HanProbing TeV scale Top-Philic Resonances with Boosted Top-Tagging at the High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-124-AE-PPD Gupta, Ravi R.Host Galaxy Identification for Supernova Surveys
FERMILAB-PUB-16-123-DI Rubinstein, RoyThe International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA): 1976 to the Present
FERMILAB-PUB-16-122-E Cohen, TimothyDissecting Jets and Missing Energy Searches Using $n$-body Extended Simplified Models
FERMILAB-PUB-16-121-AD Edelen, A.L.Neural Networks for Modeling and Control of Particle Accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-16-120-T Boughezal, RadjaColor singlet production at NNLO in MCFM
FERMILAB-PUB-16-119-AE-E Whitehorn, N.Millimeter Transient Point Sources in the SPTpol 100 Square Degree Survey
FERMILAB-CONF-16-118-AD Xiao, MeiqinSpin tracking of polarized protons in the Main Injector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-16-117-A Gnedin, Nickolay Y.Cosmic Reionization On Computers: The Faint End of the Galaxy Luminosity Function
FERMILAB-PUB-16-116-AE Strader, M.J.Search for Optical Pulsations in PSR J0337+1715
FERMILAB-PUB-16-115-T Coloma, PilarGeneralized mass ordering degeneracy in neutrino oscillation experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-16-114 Pronskikh, V.Dreams of a Super Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-16-113-T Campbell, John M.Two loop correction to interference in $gg \to ZZ$
FERMILAB-PUB-16-111-A-T Berlin, AsherMixed Dark Matter in Left-Right Symmetric Models
FERMILAB-PUB-16-110-PPD Krnjaic, GordanCan the Baryon Asymmetry Arise From Initial Conditions?
FERMILAB-PUB-16-109-ND Marshall, C.M.Measurement of $K^{+}$ production in charged-current $\nu_{\mu}$ interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-16-108-ND Wolcott, J.Evidence for Neutral-Current Diffractive $\pi^0$ Production from Hydrogen in Neutrino Interactions o
FERMILAB-PUB-16-107-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for direct pair production of supersymmetric top quarks decaying to all-hadronic final states
FERMILAB-PUB-16-106-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the differential cross section and charge asymmetry for inclusive $\mathrm {p}\mathrm
FERMILAB-PUB-16-105-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for heavy Majorana neutrinos in e$^{±}$e$^{±}$+ jets and e$^{±}$ $\mu^{±}$+ jets events in pr
FERMILAB-PUB-16-104-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the t-tbar production cross section in the e-mu channel in proton-proton collisions a
FERMILAB-PUB-16-103-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for s channel single top quark production in pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=7 $ and 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-102-CMS Khachatryan, Vardan$\Upsilon(\mathrm{nS})$ polarizations versus particle multiplicity in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$
FERMILAB-PUB-16-101-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for neutral resonances decaying into a Z boson and a pair of b jets or $\tau$ leptons
FERMILAB-PUB-16-100-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for new physics with the M$_{T2}$ variable in all-jets final states produced in pp collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-16-099-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurements of $t \bar t$ charge asymmetry using dilepton final states in pp collisions at $\sqrt s
FERMILAB-PUB-16-098-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the top quark mass using charged particles in pp collisions at $\sqrt s =$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-097-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for two Higgs bosons in final states containing two photons and two bottom quarks in proton-p
FERMILAB-PUB-16-096-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for dark matter particles in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=8 $ TeV using the razor v
FERMILAB-CONF-16-095-APC-E Pronskikh, V.A Study Of The Energy Dependence Of Radiation Damage In Superconducting Coils For a Next Generation
FERMILAB-PUB-16-094-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderAzimuthal Asymmetry in the Risetime of the Surface Detector Signals of the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-16-093-T Kling, FelixAnatomy of Exotic Higgs Decays in 2HDM
FERMILAB-PUB-16-092-T Ipek, SeydaBaryogenesis via Particle-Antiparticle Oscillations
FERMILAB-PUB-16-091-ND Aliaga, L.Neutrino Flux Predictions for the NuMI Beam
FERMILAB-PUB-16-090-PPD-T Li, YeAn exponential regulator for rapidity divergences
FERMILAB-PUB-16-089-T Howe, KielDiphotons from electroweak triplet-singlet mixing
FERMILAB-PUB-16-088-AE Clampitt, J.Galaxy–galaxy lensing in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data
FERMILAB-PUB-16-087-TD Checchin, M.Quench-Induced Degradation of the Quality Factor in Superconducting Resonators
FERMILAB-PUB-16-086-A-AE-PPD McDonald, M.The Evolution of the Intracluster Medium Metallicity in Sunyaev-Zel'dovich-Selected Galaxy Clusters
FERMILAB-PUB-16-085-A-AE-PPD de Haan, T.Cosmological Constraints from Galaxy Clusters in the 2500 square-degree SPT-SZ Survey
FERMILAB-CONF-16-084-CMS Vernieri, CaterinaPixel Sensors with slim edges and small pitches for the CMS upgrades for HL-LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-083-A Mohammed, IrshadQuantifying substructures in Hubble Frontier Field clusters: comparison with ΛCDM simulations
FERMILAB-PUB-16-082-ND Aurisano, A.A Convolutional Neural Network Neutrino Event Classifier
FERMILAB-CONF-16-081-CD Calderon, A.Open access to high-level data and analysis tools in the CMS experiment at the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-080 Pronskikh, Vitaly S.E-36: First Proto-Megascience Experiment at NAL
FERMILAB-PUB-16-079-APC Balbekov, V.Transverse mode coupling instability threshold with space charge and different wakefields
FERMILAB-CONF-16-077-AD Johnstone, Carol J.A Variable-Energy CW Compact Accelerator for Ion Cancer Therapy
FERMILAB-PUB-16-076-T Harnik, RoniTadpole-Induced Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and pNGB Higgs Models
FERMILAB-PUB-16-075-AD-CD Zolkin, TimofeySector magnets or transverse electromagnetic fields in cylindrical coordinates
FERMILAB-PUB-16-074-T Campbell, John M.Predictions for diphoton production at the LHC through NNLO in QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-16-074-T Campbell, John M.Predictions for diphoton production at the LHC through NNLO in QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-16-073-AE Albert, A.Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation in Recently Discovered Milky Way Satellites with Fermi-LAT
FERMILAB-CONF-16-072-CD Sehrish, SabaExploring the Performance of Spark for a Scientific Use Case
FERMILAB-PUB-16-071-E Abazov, Victor Mukhamedovich$B^{0}_{s}$ lifetime measurement in the CP-odd decay channel $B^{0}_{s} \to J/\psi f_{0}(980)$
FERMILAB-PUB-16-070-A Baxter, E.Joint measurement of lensing–galaxy correlations using SPT and DES SV data
FERMILAB-PUB-16-068-T Drewes, M.A White Paper on keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-16-067-PPD-T Li, YeBootstrapping Rapidity Anomalous Dimensions for Transverse-Momentum Resummation
FERMILAB-CONF-16-066-AD Prost, LionelThe PXIE LEBT Design Choices
FERMILAB-CONF-16-065-AD Prost, LionelLow Emittance Growth In a LEBT With Un-Neutralized Section
FERMILAB-PUB-16-064-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of inclusive jet production and nuclear modifications in pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{_\m
FERMILAB-PUB-16-063-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV in final states with boosted W bosons a
FERMILAB-PUB-16-062-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for direct pair production of scalar top quarks in the single- and dilepton channels in proto
FERMILAB-PUB-16-061-CMS Khachatryan, VardanCombined search for anomalous pseudoscalar HVV couplings in VH(H $\to b \bar b$) production and H $\
FERMILAB-PUB-16-060-TD Pan, H.Assembly Tests of the First Nb3Sn Low-Beta Quadrupole Short Model for the Hi-Lumi LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-059-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for R-parity violating decays of a top squark in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 8 T
FERMILAB-PUB-16-058-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of dijet azimuthal decorrelation in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=8\,\mathrm{TeV} $
FERMILAB-PUB-16-057-TD Izquierdo Bermudez, S.Second Generation Coil Design of the Nb3Sn low-beta Quadrupole for the High Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-16-056-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in the multijet and missing transverse momentum final state in pp collision
FERMILAB-PUB-16-055-TD Rochepault, E.Dimensional Changes of Nb3Sn Rutherford Cables During Heat Treatment
FERMILAB-PUB-16-054-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the $ \mathrm{ Z } \gamma \rightarrow \nu \bar{\nu} \gamma$ production cross section
FERMILAB-PUB-16-053-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for heavy resonances decaying to two Higgs bosons in final states containing four b quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-16-052-TD Juchno, M.Mechanical Qualification of the Support Structure for MQXF, the Nb3Sn Low-Beta; Quadrupole for the H
FERMILAB-PUB-16-051-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in electroweak production with photons and large missing transverse energy
FERMILAB-PUB-16-050-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurements of the $\mathrm{t}\overline{\mathrm{t}}$ production cross section in lepton+jets final
FERMILAB-PUB-16-049-TD Marchevsky, M.Protection Heater Design Validation for the LARP Magnets Using Thermal Imaging
FERMILAB-PUB-16-048-TD Ferracin, P.Development of MQXF: The Nb$_{3}$Sn Low-$\beta$ Quadrupole for the HiLumi LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-16-047-CD Teheran, JenyBringing Federated Identity to Grid Computing
FERMILAB-PUB-16-046-PPD Dolen, JamesThinking outside the ROCs: Designing Decorrelated Taggers (DDT) for jet substructure
FERMILAB-PUB-16-045-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of the forward–backward asymmetry of top-quark and antiquark pairs using the full CDF Ru
FERMILAB-CONF-16-044-CD Sexton-Kennedy, E.A Review of Event Processing Frameworks used in HEP
FERMILAB-PUB-16-043-AE Barbosa de Souza, E.First search for a dark matter annual modulation signal with NaI(Tl) in the Southern Hemisphere by D
FERMILAB-PUB-16-042-PPD Ronzhin, AnatolyHigh time-resolution photodetectors for PET applications
FERMILAB-PUB-16-041-AE Balbinot, E.The Phoenix Stream: A Cold Stream in the Southern Hemisphere
FERMILAB-PUB-16-040-A Berlin, AsherPeV-Scale Dark Matter as a Thermal Relic of a Decoupled Sector
FERMILAB-PUB-16-039-TD Barzi, E.Nb$_3$Sn RRP Strand and Rutherford Cable Development for a 15 T Dipole Demonstrator
FERMILAB-PUB-16-038-E Abazov, V.M.Evidence for a $B_s^0 \pi^\pm$ state
FERMILAB-PUB-16-037-A Saldanha, R.Model Independent Approach to the Single Photoelectron Calibration of Photomultiplier Tubes
FERMILAB-PUB-16-036-AE Soergel, B.Detection of the kinematic Sunyaev–Zel'dovich effect with DES Year 1 and SPT
FERMILAB-PUB-16-035-T Ferreira, Pedro G.Scale-Independent Inflation and Hierarchy Generation
FERMILAB-PUB-16-034-AD D'Arcy, R.Characterisation of the PXIE Allison-Type Emittance Scanner
FERMILAB-CONF-16-033-T Quigg, ChrisFuture Colliders Symposium in Hong Kong: Scientific Overview
FERMILAB-PUB-16-032-AE-PPD Annis, J.A Dark Energy Camera Search for Missing Supergiants in the LMC After the Advanced LIGO Gravitational
FERMILAB-PUB-16-031-AE-PPD Soares-Santos, M.A Dark Energy Camera Search for an Optical Counterpart to the First Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave
FERMILAB-PUB-16-030-T Bazavov, A.$B^0_{(s)}$-mixing matrix elements from lattice QCD for the Standard Model and beyond
FERMILAB-PUB-16-029-AE Robinson, Alan E.Reanalysis of radioisotope measurements of the $^9$Be$(\gamma,n)^8$Be cross-section
FERMILAB-PUB-16-028-AE-E-PPD Amole, C.Improved dark matter search results from PICO-2L Run 2
FERMILAB-PUB-16-027-CMS Khachatryan, VardanCorrelations between jets and charged particles in PbPb and pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}
FERMILAB-PUB-16-026-CMS Khachatryan, V.Measurements of t t-bar spin correlations and top quark polarization using dilepton final states in
FERMILAB-PUB-16-024-CMS Khachatryan, VardanForward–backward asymmetry of Drell–Yan lepton pairs in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 8$ $\,\mathrm{T
FERMILAB-PUB-16-023-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for massive WH resonances decaying into the $\ell \nu \mathrm{b} \overline{\mathrm{b}} $ fina
FERMILAB-PUB-16-022-CMS Khachatryan, VardanAzimuthal decorrelation of jets widely separated in rapidity in pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=7 $ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-16-021-AE Hennig, C.Galaxy populations in massive galaxy clusters to z = 1.1: colour distribution, concentration, halo o
FERMILAB-PUB-16-020-T Parke, StephenWhat is $\Delta m^2_{ee}$ ?
FERMILAB-PUB-16-019-A Gnedin, Nickolay Y.Cosmic Reionization On Computers: Numerical and Physical Convergence
FERMILAB-PUB-16-018-A Khakhaleva-Li, ZimuCosmic Reionization On Computers. Ultraviolet Continuum Slopes and Dust Opacities in High Redshift G
FERMILAB-PUB-16-017-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of the forward-backward asymmetry in low-mass bottom-quark pairs produced in proton-anti
FERMILAB-CONF-16-016-ND Harris, Deborah A.Prospects for Precision Neutrino Cross Section Measurements
FERMILAB-CONF-16-015-ND Yadav, NitinCosmic Muon induced EM Showers in NO$\nu$A Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-16-014-T Albright, Carl H.Unification of Gauge, Family, and Flavor Symmetries Illustrated in Gauged SU(12) Models
FERMILAB-PUB-16-013-CD Wang, Michael H.L.S.Using the automata processor for fast pattern recognition in high energy physics experiments—A proof
FERMILAB-PUB-16-012-E-PPD Rykoff, E.S.The redMaPPer Galaxy Cluster Catalog From DES Science Verification Data
FERMILAB-PUB-16-011-APC Bogomilov, M.Pion Contamination in the MICE Muon Beam
FERMILAB-PUB-16-010-AE Chang, C.Galaxy bias from the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data: combining galaxy density maps and
FERMILAB-PUB-16-009-AE Nord, Brian D.SPOKES: an End-to-End Simulation Facility for Spectroscopic Cosmological Surveys
FERMILAB-PUB-16-008-E-PPD Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of the $B_c^{\pm}$ Production Cross Section in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$
FERMILAB-PUB-16-007-ND Adamson, P.First measurement of muon-neutrino disappearance in NOvA
FERMILAB-CONF-16-006-T Campbell, John$W^+W^−$ + jet: compact analytic results
FERMILAB-PUB-16-005-T Kearney, JohnHigh-Scale Axions without Isocurvature from Inflationary Dynamics
FERMILAB-PUB-16-003-AE Abbott, T.The Dark Energy Survey: more than dark energy – an overview
FERMILAB-PUB-16-002-AE Palmese, A.Comparing Dark Energy Survey and HST–CLASH observations of the galaxy cluster RXC J2248.7−4431: impl
FERMILAB-PUB-16-001-T Campbell, John M.Associated production of a Higgs boson at NNLO
FERMILAB-PUB-15-521-A-AD-AE-CD-PPD Chou, Aaron S.First Measurements of High Frequency Cross-Spectra from a Pair of Large Michelson Interferometers
FERMILAB-PUB-16-217-AE Chou, Aaron S.First Measurements of High Frequency Cross-Spectra from a Pair of Large Michelson Interferometers
FERMILAB-PUB-15-700-PPD Ronzhin, A.Study of the timing performance of micro-channel plate photomultiplier for use as an active layer in
FERMILAB-PUB-15-699-TD Apollinari, G.High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider HL-LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-15-697-T Kumar, NilanjanaVectorlike Leptons at the Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-15-696-T Martin, Stephen P.Four-Loop Standard Model Effective Potential at Leading Order in QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-15-695-T Martin, Stephen P.Nonstandard Supersymmetry Breaking and Dirac Gaugino Masses without Supersoftness
FERMILAB-PUB-15-694-T Martin, Stephen P.$Z$-Boson Pole Mass at Two-Loop Order in the Pure $\overline{MS}$ Scheme
FERMILAB-PUB-15-693-T Martin, Stephen P.Pole Mass of the W Boson at Two-Loop Order in the Pure $\overline {MS}$ Scheme
FERMILAB-CONF-15-692-AD Biedron, Sandra2016 Special Issue Dedicated to Particle Accelerators: Comments by the Editors
FERMILAB-PUB-15-691 Pronskikh, V.Allan Franklin, Shifting Standards. Experiments in Particle Physics in the Twentieth century
FERMILAB-PUB-15-691 Pronskikh, VitalyBook review: Allan Franklin,Shifting Standards: Experiments in Particle Physics in the Twentieth Cen
FERMILAB-CONF-15-690-ND Bu, XuebingMeasurement of Electron Neutrino Charged-Current Inclusive Cross Section in 1-3 GeV Energy Region wi
FERMILAB-CONF-15-689-E Gatto, CorradoStatus of Dual-readout R&D for a Linear Collider in T1015 Collaboration
FERMILAB-PUB-15-688-APC Zavorka, L.Validation of Monte Carlo simulation of neutron production in a spallation experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-687-APC Tang, JingyuConcept for a Future Super Proton-Proton Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-15-686-TD Sung, Z.H.Evidence of incomplete annealing at 800 °C and the effects of 120 °C baking on the crystal orientati
FERMILAB-PUB-15-685-PPD De Causmaecker, KarenGeneral squark flavour mixing: constraints, phenomenology and benchmarks
FERMILAB-CONF-15-684-AD-TD White, Michael J.Cryogenic System for the Cryomodule Test Stand at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-15-683-TD Martinello, M.Cooling Dynamics Through Transition Temperature of Niobium SRF Cavities Captured by Temperature Mapp
FERMILAB-PUB-15-682-APC Webb, Stephen D.Chromatic and Dispersive Effects in Nonlinear Integrable Optics
FERMILAB-CONF-15-681-CD Timm, SteveVirtual Facility at Fermilab: Infrastructure and Services Expand to Public Clouds
FERMILAB-PUB-15-680-TD Posen, S.Proof-of-principle demonstration of Nb$_3$Sn superconducting radiofrequency cavities for high $Q_0$
FERMILAB-PUB-15-679-TD Li, PeiStudy of grain boundary transparency in(Yb$_{1−x}$Ca$_x$)Ba$_2$Cu$_3$O bicrystal thin films over a w
FERMILAB-CONF-15-678-CMS Okumura, YasuyukiATCA-based ATLAS FTK input interface system
FERMILAB-PUB-15-677-AE DiGiovine, B.Bubble Chambers for Experiments in Nuclear Astrophysics
FERMILAB-PUB-15-676-AE Carlin, Jeffrey L.Estimation of distances to stars with stellar parameters from LAMOST
FERMILAB-PUB-15-675-AE Durret, FlorenceGalaxy clusters in the SDSS Stripe 82 based on photometric redshifts
FERMILAB-PUB-15-674-T Kotwal, A.V.Double Higgs Boson Production in the 4$\tau$ Channel from Resonances in Longitudinal Vector Boson Sc
FERMILAB-PUB-15-673-AE Ackermann, M.Updated search for spectral lines from Galactic dark matter interactions with pass 8 data from the F
FERMILAB-PUB-15-672-AE Keisler, R.Measurements of Sub-degree B-mode Polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background from 100 Square De
FERMILAB-PUB-15-671-AE Posada, C.M.Fabrication of Large Dual-Polarized Multichroic TES Bolometer Arrays for CMB Measurements with the S
FERMILAB-PUB-15-670-CMS Adams, D.Towards an Understanding of the Correlations in Jet Substructure
FERMILAB-CONF-15-669-TD Teryaev, V.E.Compact Low-Voltage, High-Power, Multi-beam Klystron for ILC: Initial Test Results
FERMILAB-CONF-15-668-TD Teryaev, Vladimir E.Multi-beam linear accelerator EVT
FERMILAB-CONF-15-667 Sánchez, Luis Rodolfo PerezMuon Lifetime Measurement in Chiapas and the Escaramujo project
FERMILAB-CONF-15-666-E Agnes, P.The DarkSide-50 Experiment: a Liquid Argon Target for Dark Matter Particles
FERMILAB-PUB-15-665-AD-PPD Anastassopoulos, V.A Storage Ring Experiment to Detect a Proton Electric Dipole Moment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-664-PPD Naimuddin, Md.Development of a proton Computed Tomography Detector System
FERMILAB-PUB-15-663-A-AE Comparat, J.SDSS-IV eBOSS emission-line galaxy pilot survey
FERMILAB-PUB-15-662-A Sebesta, KevinTesting light-traces-mass in Hubble Frontier Fields Cluster MACS-J0416.1-2403
FERMILAB-CONF-15-661-CMS Abduracmanov, DavidOptimizing CMS build infrastructure via Apache Mesos
FERMILAB-CONF-15-660-CMS Hufnagel, DirkEnabling opportunistic resources for CMS Computing Operations
FERMILAB-CONF-15-659-CMS Bonacorsi, D.Monitoring data transfer latency in CMS computing operations
FERMILAB-CONF-15-658-CMS Hasegawa, S.Prototypes and system test stands for the Phase 1 upgrade of the CMS pixel detector
FERMILAB-PUB-15-657-APC Wang, M-H.Design of a 6 TeV Muon Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-15-656-ND Ghosh, AnushreeCharged Current Quasielastic Analysis from MINERνA
FERMILAB-PUB-15-655-A Pieres, A.Physical properties of star clusters in the outer LMC as observed by the DES
FERMILAB-PUB-15-653-APC-PPD Ambrosino, F.Joint measurement of the atmospheric muon flux through the Puy de Dôme volcano with plastic scintill
FERMILAB-PUB-15-652-T Briceno, R.A.Issues and Opportunities in Exotic Hadrons
FERMILAB-PUB-15-651-A Naidoo, KrishnaCould multiple voids explain the Cosmic Microwave Background Cold Spot anomaly?
FERMILAB-CONF-15-650 Caldwell, A.Path to AWAKE: Evolution of the concept
FERMILAB-CONF-15-649-ND Wolcott, J.Electron Neutrino Charged-Current Quasielastic Scattering in the MINERvA Experiment
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-647-AD-TD Kazakevich, G.An Efficient Magnetron Transmitter for Superconducting Accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-15-646-APC Métral, E.Beam Instabilities in Hadron Synchrotrons
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-643-AE Dawson, Kyle S.The SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: Overview and Early Data
FERMILAB-CONF-15-642-AD-APC Antipov, Sergey A.Stripline kicker for integrable optics test accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-15-641-CD-CMS Jones, C.D.Using the CMS Threaded Framework In A Production Environment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-639-CD Kutschke, Robert K.Breaking the Silos: The art Documentation Suite
FERMILAB-PUB-15-638-TD Martinello, M.Magnetic Flux Dynamics in Horizontally Cooled Superconducting Cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-15-637-AD Adamson, Philip700 kW Main Injector Operations for NOvA at FNAL
FERMILAB-CONF-15-636-APC-CD Stern, EricSimulations of the Fermilab Recycler for Losses and Collimation
FERMILAB-CONF-15-635-TD Verweij, A.Retraining of the 1232 Main Dipole Magnets in the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-15-634-E Ronzhin, AnatolySilicon Timing Response to Particles and Light
FERMILAB-CONF-15-633-TD Luongo, CesarThe CLAS12 Torus Detector Magnet at Jefferson Laboratory
FERMILAB-PUB-15-632-AE Morrison, Heather L.Globular and Open Clusters Observed by SDSS/SEGUE: the Giant Stars
FERMILAB-CONF-15-630-AD Crawford, DarrenFirst Beam and High-Gradient Cryomodule Commissioning Results of the Advanced Superconducting Test A
FERMILAB-CONF-15-629-APC Yonehara, KatsuyaNew Hadron Monitor By Using A Gas-Filled RF Resonator
FERMILAB-CONF-15-628-TD Awida, MohamedRF Modeling of a Helical Kicker for Fast Chopping
FERMILAB-CONF-15-627-TD Berrutti, PaoloTransverse Field Perturbation For PIP-II SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-PUB-15-626-APC Brunetti, E.Laser Stripping of Hydrogen Atoms by Direct Ionization
FERMILAB-CONF-15-625-CD Andronis, AnastasiosThe Diverse use of Clouds by CMS
FERMILAB-CONF-15-624-AD Nagaslaev, VladimirMARS Tracking Simulations for the Mu2e Slow Extracted Proton Beam
FERMILAB-PUB-15-622-T Agrawal, PrateekSkew-Flavored Dark Matter
FERMILAB-CONF-15-621-CD Sexton-Kennedy, E.Implementation of a Multi-Threaded Framework for Large-Scale Scientific Applications
FERMILAB-CONF-15-618-CD Jayatilaka, B.The OSG Open Facility: A Sharing Ecosystem
FERMILAB-CONF-15-617-TD Awida, M. H.Modeling of Electromagnetic Heating in RF Copper Accelerating Cavities
FERMILAB-CONF-15-616-TD Awida, M.H.Multiphysics Analysis of Frequency Detuning in Superconducting RF Cavities for Proton Particle Accel
FERMILAB-PUB-15-615-AE Campa, JuliaMeasuring the scatter of the mass-richness relation in galaxy clusters in photometric imaging survey
FERMILAB-PUB-15-614-APC Adams, D.Electron-Muon Ranger: performance in the MICE Muon Beam
FERMILAB-CONF-15-613-CD Fajardo, E.M.How Much Higher Can HTCondor Fly?
FERMILAB-PUB-15-612-CMS Adam, W.Impact of low-dose electron irradiation on $n^{+}p$ silicon strip sensors
FERMILAB-CONF-15-611-ND Strait, JamesDUNE Physics
FERMILAB-CONF-15-610-T d'Enterria, DavidProceedings, High-Precision $\alpha_s$ Measurements from LHC to FCC-ee
FERMILAB-PUB-15-609-APC Pham, Alfonse N.Method of Phase Space Beam Dilution Utilizing Bounded Chaos Generated by RF Phase Modulation
FERMILAB-PUB-15-608-CD Dodelson, ScottExploring Two Approaches for an End-to-End Scientific Analysis Workflow
FERMILAB-CONF-15-607-CD Perez-Calero Yzquierdo, A.Evolution of CMS Workload Management Towards Multicore Job Support
FERMILAB-CONF-15-606-CD Mascheroni, M.CMS distributed data analysis with CRAB3
FERMILAB-CONF-15-605-CD Riahi, H.AsyncStageOut: Distributed User Data Management for CMS Analysis
FERMILAB-CONF-15-604-CD Balcas, J.Pushing HTCondor and glideinWMS to 200K+ Jobs in a Global Pool for CMS before Run 2
FERMILAB-CONF-15-603-CD Balcas, J.Using the GlideinWMS System as a Common Resource Provisioning Layer in CMS
FERMILAB-CONF-15-602-E Andre, J.M.A Scalable Monitoring for the CMS Filter Farm Based on Elasticsearch
FERMILAB-CONF-15-601-E Andre, J.M.File-Based Data Flow in the CMS Filter Farm
FERMILAB-CONF-15-600-E Andre, J.M.Online Data Handling and Storage at the CMS Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-599-CD Dotti, AndreaGeant4 Computing Performance Benchmarking and Monitoring
FERMILAB-CONF-15-598-CD Amadio, G.The GeantV project: preparing the future of simulation
FERMILAB-CONF-15-597-CD Amadio, G.First experience of vectorizing electromagnetic physics models for detector simulation
FERMILAB-PUB-15-596-CD Ratnikova, N.Comprehensive Monitoring for Heterogeneous Geographically Distributed Storage
FERMILAB-PUB-15-595-CMS Khachatryan, VardanEvent generator tunes obtained from underlying event and multiparton scattering measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-15-594-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for narrow resonances decaying to dijets in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-593-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the inclusive jet cross section in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 2.76\,\text {TeV}$
FERMILAB-PUB-15-592-CMS Khachatryan, VardanStudy of Z boson production in pPb collisions at $\sqrt {s_{NN}} = 5.02$ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-591-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in events with soft leptons, low jet multiplicity, and missing transverse e
FERMILAB-PUB-15-590-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of differential and integrated fiducial cross sections for Higgs boson production in the
FERMILAB-CONF-15-589-T Leskovec, LukaPositive Parity $D_s$ Mesons
FERMILAB-CONF-15-588-APC Wang, M-H.Design of a 6 TeV Muon Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-15-587-T Bailey, Jon A.Update on Heavy-Meson Spectrum Tests of the Oktay--Kronfeld Action
FERMILAB-PUB-15-586-E Kirk, D.Cross-correlation of gravitational lensing from DES Science Verification data with SPT and Planck le
FERMILAB-PUB-15-585-AE-E Agnes, P.The veto system of the DarkSide-50 experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-584-AE Li, T.S.Assessment of Systematic Chromatic Errors that Impact Sub-1% Photometric Precision in Large-Area Sky
FERMILAB-PUB-15-583-T Low, IanImplications of Gauge Invariance on a Heavy Diphoton Resonance
FERMILAB-PUB-15-582-PPD Denisov, DmitriTime and Position Resolution of the Scintillator Strips for a Muon System at Future Colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-15-581-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of Spin Correlation between Top and Antitop Quarks Produced in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at
FERMILAB-CONF-15-579-ND Szelc, A.M.Developing LAr Scintillation Light Collection Ideas in the Short Baseline Neutrino Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-15-578-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroSearch for a Low-Mass Neutral Higgs Boson with Suppressed Couplings to Fermions Using Events with Mu
FERMILAB-PUB-15-577-AE Smith, M.DES14X3taz: A Type I Superluminous Supernova Showing a Luminous, Rapidly Cooling Initial Pre-Peak Bu
FERMILAB-CONF-15-576-AD-E Kim, SeungCheonOverview of the Fermilab Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-575-ND Park, J.Measurement of Neutrino Flux from Neutrino-Electron Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-CONF-15-574-CMS Linacre, JacobSpin measurement in top quark events at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-15-573-T Gu, JiayinPhysics implications of the diphoton excess from the perspective of renormalization group flow
FERMILAB-PUB-15-572-PPD Apresyan, A.Test Beam Studies of Silicon Timing for Use in Calorimetry
FERMILAB-PUB-15-570-A-AE-PPD-T Banik, NilanjanRecombination Era Magnetic Fields from Axion Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-15-569-T Craig, NathanielBeyond Higgs Couplings: Probing the Higgs with Angular Observables at Future e$^{+}$ e$^{−}$ Collide
FERMILAB-PUB-15-568-ND Adamson, P.Measurement of the Multiple-Muon Charge Ratio in the MINOS Far Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-15-567-CD Bubna, M.Laboratory and Testbeam Results for Thin and Epitaxial Planar Sensors for HL-LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-15-566-AE Kacprzak, T.Cosmology constraints from shear peak statistics in Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data
FERMILAB-CONF-15-565-ND Foreman, W.Light-Based Triggering and Reconstruction of Michel Electrons in LArIAT
FERMILAB-CONF-15-564-ND Kryczynski, PawelScintillation Light Detection System in LArIAT
FERMILAB-PUB-15-563-A Manzotti, AlessandroExternal priors for the next generation of CMB experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-15-562-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichStudy of double parton interactions in diphoton + dijet events in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-CONF-15-561-AD-APC Yoshikawa, C.Design and Simulation of a Matching System into the Helical Cooling Channel
FERMILAB-PUB-15-560-AD-CD-TD Aab, A.Nanosecond-level time synchronization of autonomous radio detector stations for extensive air shower
FERMILAB-PUB-15-559-A Hooper, DanThe Gamma-Ray Luminosity Function of Millisecond Pulsars and Implications for the GeV Excess
FERMILAB-CONF-15-558-ND-PPD Kusina, A.nCTEQ15 - Global analysis of nuclear parton distributions with uncertainties
FERMILAB-CONF-15-557-PPD Agnes, P.Direct Search for Dark Matter with DarkSide
FERMILAB-PUB-15-556-ND Mousseau, J.Measurement of Partonic Nuclear Effects in Deep-Inelastic Neutrino Scattering using MINERvA
FERMILAB-PUB-15-555 Sanami, T.Methodology for the neutron time of flight measurement of 120-GeV proton-induced reactions on a thic
FERMILAB-PUB-15-554 Sekimoto, S.Measurements of Production Cross Sections of $^{10}$Be and $^{26}$Al by 120GeV and 392 MeV Proton Bo
FERMILAB-PUB-15-553-E McDonald, MichaelDeep Chandra, HST-COS, and Megacam Observations of the Phoenix Cluster: Extreme Star Formation and A
FERMILAB-PUB-15-552-ND Whitehead, Leigh H.Neutrino Oscillations with MINOS and MINOS+
FERMILAB-PUB-15-551-T DiFranzo, AnthonyVector Dark Matter through a Radiative Higgs Portal
FERMILAB-PUB-15-550-A Krnjaic, GordanProbing Light Thermal Dark-Matter With a Higgs Portal Mediator
FERMILAB-PUB-15-549-PPD Maruyama, ShoStochastic mass-reconstruction: a new technique to reconstruct resonance masses of heavy particles d
FERMILAB-PUB-15-548-TD Posen, S.RF Magnetic Field Limits of Nb and Nb$_3$Sn
FERMILAB-PUB-15-547-TD Posen, SamShielding Superconductors with Thin Films as Applied to rf Cavities for Particle Accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-15-546-ND Kudryavtsev, Vitaly A.Underground physics with DUNE
FERMILAB-PUB-15-545-AE Acero, F.The First Fermi LAT Supernova Remnant Catalog
FERMILAB-PUB-15-544-TD Apollinari, GiorgioProgress with High-Field Superconducting Magnets for High-Energy Colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-15-543-T Bramante, JosephTowards the Final Word on Neutralino Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-15-542-A Zablocki, AlanExtreme data compression for the CMB
FERMILAB-PUB-15-541-TD Barzi, Emanuela15 Years of R&D on High Field Accelerator Magnets at FNAL
FERMILAB-CONF-15-540-AD-APC Liu, A.Applications of an MPI Enhanced Simulated Annealing Algorithm on nuSTORM and 6D Muon Cooling
FERMILAB-PUB-15-539-APC Fartoukh, StéphaneCompensation of the Long-Range Beam-Beam Interactions as a Path Towards New Configurations for the H
FERMILAB-CONF-15-538-PPD Zurek, MariaExclusive Central $π^+π^−$ Production in Proton Antiproton Collisions at the CDF
FERMILAB-PUB-15-537-T Bauer, MartinCreating the fermion mass hierarchies with multiple Higgs bosons
FERMILAB-PUB-15-536-AD Seiya, K.Development of the Beam Extraction Synchronization System at the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-PUB-15-535-T Coloma, PilarDark matter beams at LBNF
FERMILAB-CONF-15-534-E Bian, JianmingFirst Results of $\nu_e$ Appearance Analysis and Electron Neutrino Identification at NOvA
FERMILAB-CONF-15-533-CD Abdurachmanov, DavidFuture Computing Platforms for Science in a Power Constrained Era
FERMILAB-CONF-15-532-APC Shiltsev, VladimirOn the Future High Energy Colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-15-531-AE Cherwinka, J.Measurement of Muon Annual Modulation and Muon-Induced Phosphorescence in NaI(Tl) Crystals with DM-I
FERMILAB-CONF-15-530-PPD Herrmann, BjörnAn MCMC Study of General Squark Flavour Mixing in the MSSM
FERMILAB-CONF-15-529-E Bloom, KennethRecent Results on Top-Quark Physics at D0
FERMILAB-CONF-15-528-CD Schröck, MarioAccelerating Twisted Mass LQCD with QPhiX
FERMILAB-CONF-15-527-AE-PPD Aguilar-Arevalo, A.Status of the DAMIC Direct Dark Matter Search Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-526-T Garcia Garcia, IsabelNatural Scherk-Schwarz Theories of the Weak Scale
FERMILAB-CONF-15-525-ND Wolcott, JeremyElectron Neutrino Charged-Current Quasielastic Scattering in the MINERvA Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-524-AD-APC Neuffer, DavidFinal Cooling for a High-Energy High-Luminosity Lepton Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-15-523-AD-APC Neuffer, D.Front End and HFOFO Snake for a Muon Facility
FERMILAB-PUB-15-522-TD Cullinan, F.J.Long Bunch Trains Measured Using a Prototype Cavity Beam Position Monitor for the Compact Linear Col
FERMILAB-PUB-15-521-A-AD-AE-CD-PPD Chou, Aaron S.First Measurements of High Frequency Cross-Spectra from a Pair of Large Michelson Interferometers
FERMILAB-PUB-15-520-AD-AE-CD-TD Aartsen, M.G.Search for correlations between the arrival directions of IceCube neutrino events and ultrahigh-ener
FERMILAB-PUB-15-519-T Boughezal, RadjaZ-boson production in association with a jet at next-to-next-to-leading order in perturbative QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-15-518-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of Top Quark Polarisation in T-Channel Single Top Quark Production
FERMILAB-PUB-15-517-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for dark matter and unparticles produced in association with a Z boson in proton-proton colli
FERMILAB-PUB-15-516-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Excited Leptons in Proton-Proton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-514-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a Low-Mass Pseudoscalar Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a $b\bar{b}$ Pair in $pp
FERMILAB-PUB-15-513-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Anomalous Single Top Quark Production in Association with a Photon in $pp$ Collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-15-512-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of Spin Correlations in $t\bar{t}$ Production using the Matrix Element Method in the Muo
FERMILAB-CONF-15-511-E-ND Alexander, T.Near-infrared scintillation of liquid argon
FERMILAB-PUB-15-510-A Kaurov, Alexander A.The Effects of Dark Matter Annihilation on Cosmic Reionization
FERMILAB-PUB-15-509-AE Nord, B.Observation and Confirmation of Six Strong Lensing Systems in The Dark Energy Survey Science Verific
FERMILAB-PUB-15-508-T Carena, M.CP Violation in Heavy MSSM Higgs Scenarios
FERMILAB-CONF-15-507-E-PPD Hertzog, David W.Next Generation Muon $g − 2$ Experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-15-506-PPD Wu, JinyuanThe Machine Protection System for the Fermilab Accelerator Science and Technology Facility
FERMILAB-PUB-15-505-TD Holzbauer, J.P.Systematic Uncertainties in RF-Based Measurement of Superconducting Cavity Quality Factors
FERMILAB-PUB-15-504-T McDermott, Samuel D.Wavelet-Based Techniques for the Gamma-Ray Sky
FERMILAB-CONF-15-503-CMS Kreis, B.Run 2 Upgrades to the CMS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger
FERMILAB-PUB-15-501-T Coloma, PilarNon-Standard Interactions in propagation at the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-500-CD Hufnagel, DirkThe CMS TierO goes Cloud and Grid for LHC Run 2
FERMILAB-CONF-15-499-CD Hufnagel, DickEnabling opportunistic resources for CMS Computing Operations
FERMILAB-PUB-15-498-ND Rodrigues, P.A.Identification of nuclear effects in neutrino-carbon interactions at low three-momentum transfer
FERMILAB-PUB-15-497-T Catterall, SimonSpontaneous supersymmetry breaking in two dimensional lattice super QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-15-496-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the forward-backward asymmetry of $\Lambda$ and $\bar{\Lambda}$ production in $p \bar
FERMILAB-CONF-15-495-AD-AE-CD-TD Abbasi, R.U.Pierre Auger Observatory and Telescope Array: Joint Contributions to the 34th International Cosmic R
FERMILAB-CONF-15-494-AD-AE-CD-TD Aartsen, M.G.The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array: Joint Contri
FERMILAB-PUB-15-493-A Kaurov, Alexander A.Cosmic Reionization On Computers. Mean and Fluctuating Redshifted 21 cm Signal
FERMILAB-CONF-15-492-APC Luo, TianhuanThermal and Lorentz Force Analysis of Beryllium Windows for the Rectilinear Muon Cooling Channel
FERMILAB-CONF-15-490-ND-PPD Whittington, DenverPhoton Detection System Designs for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-488-ND-PPD Whittington, DenverScintillation Light from Cosmic-Ray Muons in Liquid Argon
FERMILAB-PUB-15-487 Melchior, P.Crowdsourcing quality control for Dark Energy Survey images
FERMILAB-PUB-15-485-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichEvidence for simultaneous production of $J/\psi$ and $\Upsilon$ mesons
FERMILAB-PUB-15-484-T Blennow, MattiasThe MOMENT to search for CP violation
FERMILAB-CONF-15-483-CD-PPD Primer, Thomas$D$-Meson Semileptonic Form Factors at Zero Momentum Transfer in (2+1+1)-Flavor Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-CONF-15-482-CD-T Bazavov, A.Decay Constants $f_B$ and $f_{B_s}$ from HISQ Simulations
FERMILAB-PUB-15-480-A-AE-PPD Banik, NilanjanEvolution of Velocity Dispersion along Cold Collisionless Flows
FERMILAB-PUB-15-479-ND Acciarri, R.Measurement of $\nu_{\mu}$ and $\bar{\nu}_{\mu}$ neutral current $\pi^{0} \rightarrow \gamma\gamma$
FERMILAB-CONF-15-478-APC-CMS-PPD Bhat, PushpalathaFuture HEP Accelerators: The US Perspective
FERMILAB-PUB-15-477-A Cholis, IliasA Predictive Analytic Model for the Solar Modulation of Cosmic Rays
FERMILAB-CONF-15-476-APC Witte, HolgerPartial Return Yoke for MICE Step IV and Final Step
FERMILAB-CONF-15-475-APC Bross, Alan D.Status of the nuSTORM Facility and a Possible Extension for Long-Baseline $\nu$ Oscillation Experime
FERMILAB-CONF-15-474-E-ND-PPD Mina, R.A First Look at Data from the NO$\nu$A Upward-Going Muon Trigger
FERMILAB-PUB-15-473-CMS Khachatryan, VardanTransverse momentum spectra of inclusive b jets in pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = $ 5.02 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-472-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the top quark mass using proton-proton data at ${\sqrt{(s)}}$ = 7 and 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-471-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for $W' \to tb$ in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = $ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-CONF-15-470-PPD Vellidis, CostasRecent QCD Results from the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-15-469-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of transverse momentum relative to dijet systems in PbPb and pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s_
FERMILAB-PUB-15-468-CMS Khachatryan, VardanObservation of top quark pairs produced in association with a vector boson in pp collisions at $ \sq
FERMILAB-PUB-15-467-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearches for a heavy scalar boson H decaying to a pair of 125 GeV Higgs bosons hh or for a heavy pse
FERMILAB-PUB-15-466-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of long-range near-side two-particle angular correlations in pp collisions at $\sqrt s =
FERMILAB-PUB-15-465-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of $\mathrm {t}\overline{\mathrm {t}}$ production with additional jet activity, includin
FERMILAB-PUB-15-463-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a light charged Higgs boson decaying to $ \mathrm{c}\overline{\mathrm{s}} $ in pp collisi
FERMILAB-PUB-15-462-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the top quark pair production cross section in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-15-461-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a very light NMSSM Higgs boson produced in decays of the 125 GeV scalar boson and decayin
FERMILAB-PUB-15-460-CMS Khachatryan, VardanReconstruction and identification of τ lepton decays to hadrons and ν$_τ$ at CMS
FERMILAB-CONF-15-459-CD-CMS-E Bauerdick, LotharDesigning Computing System Architecture and Models for the HL-LHC era
FERMILAB-PUB-15-458-ND Baller, BruceLiquid argon TPC signal formation, signal processing and reconstruction techniques
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-455-AE Luque, E.Digging Deeper into the Southern Skies: A Compact Milky-Way Companion Discovered in First-Year Dark
FERMILAB-PUB-15-454-APC Zhu, XiaofangTheoretical and Numerical Analyses of a Slit-Masked Chicane for Modulated Bunch Generation
FERMILAB-PUB-15-453-ND Yoo, J.Scalability Study of Solid Xenon
FERMILAB-PUB-15-452-CD Kotwal, A.V.Comparison of HORACE and PHOTOS Algorithms for Multiphoton Emission in the Context of $W$ Boson Mass
FERMILAB-PUB-15-451-AE Jouvel, S.Photometric redshifts and clustering of emission line galaxies selected jointly by DES and eBOSS
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FERMILAB-CONF-15-447-CD Apyan, A.Pooling the resources of the CMS Tier-1 sites
FERMILAB-CONF-15-446-AD-APC Stancari, G.Electron Lenses and Cooling for the Fermilab Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
FERMILAB-CONF-15-445-TD DiMarco, J.Test Results of the LARP Nb$_3$Sn Quadrupole HQ03a
FERMILAB-CONF-15-444-TD Krave, S.Overview of Torus Magnet Coil Production at Fermilab for the Jefferson Lab 12-GeV Hall B Upgrade
FERMILAB-CONF-15-443-CD Garzoglio, G.Diversity in Computing Technologies and Strategies for Dynamic Resource Allocation
FERMILAB-CONF-15-442-TD Novitski, I.Development of a 15 T Nb$_3$Sn Accelerator Dipole Demonstrator at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-15-440-TD Lombardo, VitoDevelopment of Aluminum Stabilized Superconducting Cables for the Mu2e Detector Solenoid
FERMILAB-CONF-15-439-TD Kashikhin, V.S.Longitudinal Gradient Dipole Magnet Prototype for APS at ANL
FERMILAB-PUB-15-438-T Hill, Christopher T.Reply to "Comment on `Axion induced oscillating electric dipole moments' " [1]
FERMILAB-CONF-15-437-TD Velev, G.V.Summary of the Persistent Current Effect Measurements in Nb3Sn and NbTi Accelerator Magnets at Fermi
FERMILAB-PUB-15-436-AE-E Agnes, P.Results From the First Use of Low Radioactivity Argon in a Dark Matter Search
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FERMILAB-CONF-15-432-AD Diamond, J.Managing a Real-Time Embedded Linux Platform with Buildroot
FERMILAB-PUB-15-431-AD Bollinger, Daniel S.A Cookbook for Building a High-Current Dimpled H$^-$ negatiMagnetron Source for Accelerators
FERMILAB-PUB-15-430-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A.Signals of a 2 TeV $W'$ boson and a heavier $Z'$ boson
FERMILAB-PUB-15-429-AE Chiu, I.Detection of Enhancement in Number Densities of Background Galaxies due to Magnification by Massive
FERMILAB-CONF-15-428-T Basak, S.Electromagnetic effects on the light hadron spectrum
FERMILAB-CONF-15-427-E Holzbauer, J.L.Measurements of W Charge Asymmetry
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-425-T Du, DapingPhenomenology of semileptonic B-meson decays with form factors from lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-15-424-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for pair production of first and second generation leptoquarks in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-15-423-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for single production of scalar leptoquarks in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 8$ $Te
FERMILAB-PUB-15-422-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the inelastic cross section in proton–lead collisions at $\sqrt {s_{NN}}=$ 5.02 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-420-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for vector-like charge 2/3 T quarks in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-419-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the $\mathrm{t}\overline{{\mathrm{t}}}$ production cross section in the all-jets fina
FERMILAB-PUB-15-418-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for the production of an excited bottom quark decaying to $tW$ in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-15-417-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for the associated production of a Higgs boson with a single top quark in proton-proton colli
FERMILAB-PUB-15-416-E Boos, EduardThe top quark (20 years after its discovery)
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-411-A Bertoni, BridgetIs The Gamma-Ray Source 3FGL J2212.5+0703 A Dark Matter Subhalo?
FERMILAB-PUB-15-410-A Hogan, CraigExotic Rotational Correlations in Quantum Geometry
FERMILAB-CONF-15-409-AD Thurman-Keup, RandyInstallation Status of the Electron Beam Profiler for the Fermilab Main Injector
FERMILAB-PUB-15-408-AD Davenne, T.Segmented beryllium target for a 2 MW super beam facility
FERMILAB-PUB-15-407-T Carena, MarcelaAlignment limit of the NMSSM Higgs sector
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-400-TD Franz, S.Electrochemical Synthesis of Nb3Sn Coatings on Cu Substrates
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FERMILAB-CONF-15-395-E Garbincius, Peter H.Recent D0 Measurements of Forward-Backward Asymmetries for $p\overline{p}\rightarrow B^\pm, \Lambda_
FERMILAB-PUB-15-394-AE Agnese, R.New Results from the Search for Low-Mass Weakly Interacting Massive Particles with the CDMS Low Ioni
FERMILAB-PUB-15-393-AE Schneck, K.Dark matter effective field theory scattering in direct detection experiments
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-390-PPD Oh, S.H.An X-ray mapper for the Mu2e experiment
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FERMILAB-CONF-15-388-TD Lopes, M.L.Alternative Methods for Field Corrections in Helical Solenoids
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-383-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in events with a photon, a lepton, and missing transverse momentum in pp co
FERMILAB-PUB-15-382-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for neutral MSSM Higgs bosons decaying to $\mu^{+} \mu^{-}$ in pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s} =$
FERMILAB-PUB-15-381-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the charge asymmetry in top quark pair production in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 8
FERMILAB-PUB-15-380-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for W' decaying to tau lepton and neutrino in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-379-CMS Khachatryan, VardanStudy of B Meson Production in p$+$Pb Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=5.02$ TeV Using Exclusive Hadron
FERMILAB-PUB-15-378-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry in the vector-boson fusion topology in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-15-377-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a charged Higgs boson in pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=8 $ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-376-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of differential cross sections for Higgs boson production in the diphoton decay channel
FERMILAB-PUB-15-375-ND-PPD-T Kovarik, K.nCTEQ15 - Global analysis of nuclear parton distributions with uncertainties in the CTEQ framework
FERMILAB-PUB-15-374-T Blennow, MattiasGlobal constraints on vector-like WIMP effective interactions
FERMILAB-PUB-15-373-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichInclusive Production of the X(4140) State in $p \overline p$ Collisions at D0
FERMILAB-CONF-15-372-TD Vostrikov, AlexanderModifications of Superconducting Properties of Niobium Caused by Nitrogen Doping Recipes for High Q
FERMILAB-CONF-15-371-ND Hatzikoutelis, AthanasiosLight Dark Matter in the NO$\nu$A Near Detector, a First Look at the New Data
FERMILAB-CONF-15-370-APC Halavanau, A.Simulation of Cascaded Longitudinal-Space-Charge Amplifier at the Fermilab Accelerator Science \& Te
FERMILAB-PUB-15-368 Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of vector boson plus $D^{*}(2010)^+$ meson production in $\bar{p}p$ collisions at $\sqrt
FERMILAB-PUB-15-366-AD-APC Backfish, MichaelBeam Tests of Beampipe Coatings for Electron Cloud Mitigation in Fermilab Main Injector
FERMILAB-CONF-15-365-AD-APC Eldred, J.Proposed Cavity for Reduced Slip-Stacking Loss
FERMILAB-CONF-15-364-AD-APC Eldred, Jeffrey ScottElectron Cloud Measurements in Fermilab Main Injector and Recycler
FERMILAB-PUB-15-363-T Parke, StephenUnitarity and the three flavor neutrino mixing matrix
FERMILAB-CONF-15-362-TD McEwen, E.A.Status of LCLS - II QA Systems Collaboration for Cyromodule Construction at TJNAF and FNAL
FERMILAB-PUB-15-361-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroStudy of the energy dependence of the underlying event in proton-antiproton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-15-359-A Berlin, AsherDark matter elastic scattering through Higgs loops
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FERMILAB-CONF-15-357-AD Bollinger, D.S.A new solid state extractor pulser for the FNAL magnetron ion source
FERMILAB-CONF-15-356-TD Li, PeiRRR and thermal conductivity of Ag and Ag-0.2 wt.%Mg alloy in Ag/Bi-2212 wires
FERMILAB-CONF-15-355-E-TD Kiuchi, KenjiDevelopment FD-SOI MOSFET Amplifiers for Integrated Read-Out Circuit of Superconducting-Tunnel-Junct
FERMILAB-PUB-15-354-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderEnergy Estimation of Cosmic Rays with the Engineering Radio Array of the Pierre Auger Observatory
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FERMILAB-CONF-15-345-CD Zhang, L.mdtmFTP
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-340-AE Kessler, R.The Difference Imaging Pipeline for the Transient Search in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-15-339-A Jennings, EliseDisentangling redshift-space distortions and non-linear bias using the 2D power spectrum
FERMILAB-PUB-15-338-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichPrecise measurement of the top quark mass in dilepton decays using optimized neutrino weighting
FERMILAB-PUB-15-337-AE-PPD Rozo, E.redMaGiC: Selecting Luminous Red Galaxies from the DES Science Verification Data
FERMILAB-PUB-15-336-CMS Khachatryan, VardanProduction of leading charged particles and leading charged-particle jets at small transverse moment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-335-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for exotic decays of a Higgs boson into undetectable particles and one or more photons
FERMILAB-PUB-15-334-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for supersymmetry with photons in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$=8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-333-CMS Bagnaschi, E.A.Supersymmetric Dark Matter after LHC Run 1
FERMILAB-PUB-15-332-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a Higgs boson decaying into $\gamma^* \gamma \to \ell \ell \gamma$ with low dilepton mass
FERMILAB-PUB-15-331-CMS Khachatryan, VardanInclusive and differential measurements of the $t\overline{t}$ charge asymmetry in pp collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-15-330-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the ${{\mathrm{W} }^{+} }\mathrm{W}^{-} $ cross section in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-15-329-CMS Khachatryan, VardanPseudorapidity distribution of charged hadrons in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-328-CMS Khachatryan, VardanLimits on the Higgs boson lifetime and width from its decay to four charged leptons
FERMILAB-PUB-15-327-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for pair-produced vectorlike B quarks in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$=8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-326-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the underlying event activity using charged-particle jets in proton-proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-15-325-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the CP-violating weak phase $\phi_s$ and the decay width difference $\Delta \Gamma_s$
FERMILAB-PUB-15-324-CMS Khachatryan, VardanAngular analysis of the decay $B^0 \to K^{*0} \mu^+ \mu^-$ from pp collisions at $\sqrt s = 8$ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-323-T Gandhi, RajThe impact of sterile neutrinos on CP measurements at long baselines
FERMILAB-PUB-15-322-T Wang, BoUsing $X(3823)\to J/\psi\pi^+\pi^-$ to identify coupled-channel effects
FERMILAB-CONF-15-321-AE Wood, MatthewDark Matter Searches with the Fermi-LAT in the Direction of Dwarf Spheroidals
FERMILAB-PUB-15-320-T Ankowski, Artur M.Missing energy and the measurement of the CP-violating phase in neutrino oscillations
FERMILAB-CONF-15-319-E Albrow, MichaelMeasurement of Central Exclusive $\pi^+ \pi^-$ Production in $p-\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 0
FERMILAB-PUB-15-318-A Davoudiasl, HoomanInflatable Dark Matter
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-315-A-CD-E Aguilar-Arevalo, A.Measurement of radioactive contamination in the high-resistivity silicon CCDs of the DAMIC experimen
FERMILAB-CONF-15-314-PPD Fahim, FarahModeling and Analysis of Hybrid Pixel Detector Deficiencies for Scientific Applications
FERMILAB-CONF-15-313-PPD Fahim, FarahDesign methodology: edgeless 3D ASICs with complex in-pixel processing for pixel detectors
FERMILAB-PUB-15-312-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichSimultaneous measurement of forward-backward asymmetry and top polarization in dilepton final states
FERMILAB-PUB-15-311-A Park, Y.Joint analysis of galaxy-galaxy lensing and galaxy clustering: Methodology and forecasts for Dark En
FERMILAB-PUB-15-310-A-AE Leistedt, B.Mapping and simulating systematics due to spatially-varying observing conditions in DES Science Veri
FERMILAB-PUB-15-309-AE Jarvis, M.The DES Science Verification Weak Lensing Shear Catalogues
FERMILAB-PUB-15-308-AE Giannantonio, T.CMB lensing tomography with the DES Science Verification galaxies
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-305 Crocce, M.Galaxy clustering, photometric redshifts and diagnosis of systematics in the DES Science Verificatio
FERMILAB-CONF-15-304-E Albrow, Michael G.The CMS-TOTEM Precision Proton Spectrometer: CT-PPS
FERMILAB-PUB-15-303-AE Becker, M.R.Cosmic shear measurements with Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data
FERMILAB-PUB-15-302-ND Nakaya, TsuyoshiNeutrino Oscillations with the MINOS, MINOS+, T2K, and NOvA Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-15-301-T Ankowski, Artur M.Comparison of the calorimetric and kinematic methods of neutrino energy reconstruction in disappeara
FERMILAB-PUB-15-300-AE Gruen, D.Weak lensing by galaxy troughs in DES Science Verification data
FERMILAB-PUB-15-299-AE Gerdes, D.W.Observation of Two New L4 Neptune Trojans in the Dark Energy Survey Supernova Fields
FERMILAB-PUB-15-297-TD Passarelli, DonatoMethodology for the structural design of single spoke accelerating cavities at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-15-296-PPD Ronzhin, A.Direct Tests of Micro Channel Plates as the Active Element of a New Shower Maximum Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-15-295-AE Saro, A.Constraints on the richness–mass relation and the optical-SZE positional offset distribution for SZE
FERMILAB-PUB-15-294-A Melandri, A.The high-redshift gamma-ray burst GRB 140515A - A comprehensive X-ray and optical study
FERMILAB-PUB-15-293-ND Carls, BenjaminDesign and Operation of A Setup with A Camera and Adjustable Mirror to Inspect the Sense-Wire Planes
FERMILAB-PUB-15-292-A DiFranzo, AnthonySearching for MeV-Scale Gauge Bosons with IceCube
FERMILAB-CONF-15-291-E Peters, R.Y.Recent Results of Top Quark Physics from the Tevatron
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-289-ND Adamson, P.Precision Measurement of the Speed of Propagation of Neutrinos using the MINOS Detectors
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-287-AE-CD Fix, Mees B.Discovery of a New Blue Quasar: SDSS J022218.03-062511.1
FERMILAB-PUB-15-286-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A.Heavy Higgs bosons and the 2 TeV W$^{′}$ boson
FERMILAB-PUB-15-285-AE Abbott, T.Cosmology from cosmic shear with Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-283-CD Abdallah, JalalSimplified Models for Dark Matter Searches at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-15-282-CD Abercrombie, DanielDark Matter benchmark models for early LHC Run-2 Searches: Report of the ATLAS/CMS Dark Matter Forum
FERMILAB-PUB-15-281-A Park, YoungsooCombining Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing and Galaxy Clustering
FERMILAB-PUB-15-280-T Krog, JensIs the Higgs Boson Composed of Neutrinos?
FERMILAB-PUB-15-279-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for the standard model Higgs boson produced through vector boson fusion and decaying to $b \o
FERMILAB-PUB-15-278-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a massive resonance decaying into a Higgs boson and a W or Z boson in hadronic final stat
FERMILAB-PUB-15-277-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for diphoton resonances in the mass range from 150 to 850 GeV in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} =
FERMILAB-PUB-15-276-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for resonant $t \bar t$ production in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt s=$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-275-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for neutral MSSM Higgs bosons decaying into a pair of bottom quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-15-274-TD Barzi, EmanuelaResearch and Development of $Nb_3Sn$ Wires and Cables for High-Field Accelerator Magnets
FERMILAB-CONF-15-273-AD Koratzinos, M.FCC-ee: Energy Calibration
FERMILAB-CONF-15-272-AD Charitonidis, NikolaosStatus and Planned Experiments of the Hiradmat Pulsed Beam Material Test Facility at CERN SPS
FERMILAB-CONF-15-271-AD Kain, V.Changes to the Transfer Line Collimation System for the High-Luminosity LHC Beams
FERMILAB-CONF-15-269-TD Kashikhin, V.V.Magnetic and Structural Design of a 15 T Nb$_3$Sn Accelerator Depole Model
FERMILAB-PUB-15-268-A Hogan, Craig J.Statistical Measures of Planck Scale Signal Correlations in Interferometers
FERMILAB-PUB-15-267-APC Sen, TanajiSpectral Brilliance of Parametric X-Rays at the FAST Facility
FERMILAB-PUB-15-265-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A.W′ Boson near 2 TeV: Predictions for Run 2 of the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-15-264-AD Pei, L.Fermilab Muon Campus g-2 Cryogenic Distribution Remote Control System
FERMILAB-CONF-15-263-PPD Tatkowski, G.Forced Two-Phase Helium Cooling Scheme for the Mu2e Transport Solenoid
FERMILAB-PUB-15-262-ND Adamson, P.First measurement of electron neutrino appearance in NOvA
FERMILAB-CONF-15-261-AD Zwaska, R.The Sinuous Target
FERMILAB-PUB-15-260-ND Lockwitz, SarahA Study of Dielectric Breakdown Along Insulators Surrounding Conductors in Liquid Argon
FERMILAB-PUB-15-259-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A.Leptophobic Boson Signals with Leptons, Jets and Missing Energy
FERMILAB-PUB-15-258-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichSearch for Violation of $CPT$ and Lorentz Invariance in ${B_s^0}$ Meson Oscillations
FERMILAB-PUB-15-257-T Campbell, John M.Next-to-Leading Order Predictions for WW+Jet Production
FERMILAB-PUB-15-256-T Flynn, J.M.The $B^*B\pi$ Coupling Using Relativistic Heavy Quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-15-255-A Cholis, IliasThe Galactic Center GeV Excess from a Series of Leptonic Cosmic-Ray Outbursts
FERMILAB-CONF-15-254-ND Harris, Deborah A.The State of the Art of Neutrino Cross Section Measurements
FERMILAB-PUB-15-253-AD-FESS-ND Adamson, P.The NuMI Neutrino Beam
FERMILAB-PUB-15-252-APC Liu, A.Optimization of the magnetic horn for the nuSTORM non-conventional neutrino beam using the genetic a
FERMILAB-PUB-15-251-T Bauer, MartinFlavor from the Electroweak Scale
FERMILAB-PUB-15-250-APC Balbekov, V.Single bunch transverse instability in a circular accelerator with chromaticity and space charge
FERMILAB-PUB-15-249-CMS Adam, W.Trapping in proton irradiated p$^+$-n-n$^+$ silicon sensors at fluences anticipated at the HL-LHC ou
FERMILAB-PUB-15-248-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the differential cross section for top quark pair production in pp collisions at $\sq
FERMILAB-PUB-15-247-CMS Khachatryan, VardanComparison of the Z/$\gamma^{∗}$ + jets to $\gamma$ + jets cross sections in pp collisions at $ \sqr
FERMILAB-PUB-15-246-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for neutral color-octet weak-triplet scalar particles in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-15-245-PPD Anderson, DustinPrecision Timing Measurements for High Energy Photons
FERMILAB-PUB-15-244-CMS Khachatryan, V.A search for pair production of new light bosons decaying into muons
FERMILAB-PUB-15-243-PPD Anderson, D.On Timing Properties of LYSO-Based Calorimeters
FERMILAB-PUB-15-241-CD Macridin, AlexandruSimulation of Transverse Modes with Their Intrinsic Landau Damping for Bunched Beams in the Presence
FERMILAB-CONF-15-240 Pronskikh, V.S.Computer Modeling and Simulation
FERMILAB-CONF-15-239-AE Calkins, RobertPrototyping an Active Neutron Veto for SuperCDMS
FERMILAB-CONF-15-238-TD Savary, F.Status of the 11 T Nb$_{3}$Sn Dipole Project for the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-15-237-CD Bridle, S.CosmoSIS
FERMILAB-PUB-15-236-A Stebbins, AlbertAre Crab Nanoshots Schwinger Sparks?
FERMILAB-PUB-15-235-A Taylor, Andrew M.Indications of Negative Evolution for the Sources of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
FERMILAB-CONF-15-234-TD Kaluzny, J.A.Stainless Steel to Titanium Bimetallic Transitions
FERMILAB-CONF-15-233-AD Sosa, A.An overview of the new test stand for H$^−$ ion sources at FNAL
FERMILAB-PUB-15-232-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir D.Accelerator physics and technology challenges of very high energy hadron colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-15-231-AD-ND Papadimitriou, V.Design of the LBNF Beamline
FERMILAB-CONF-15-230-APC Andorf, M.B.Development of a Single-Pass Amplifier for an Optical Stochastic Cooling Proof-of-Principle Experime
FERMILAB-CONF-15-229-APC Mihalcea, D.Channeling Radiation Experiment at Fermilab ASTA
FERMILAB-CONF-15-228-APC Mihalcea, DanielSimulations of Field-Emission Electron Beams from CNT Cathodes in RF Photoinjectors
FERMILAB-CONF-15-227-CMS-E Whitbeck, A.The CMS Central Hadron Calorimeter DAQ System Upgrade
FERMILAB-CONF-15-226-APC Halavanau, A.Numerical Investigation of a Cascaded Longitudinal Space-Charge Amplifier at the Fermilab's Advanced
FERMILAB-CONF-15-225-APC Halavanau, A.Numerical Study of Three Dimensional Effects in Longitudinal Space-Charge Impedance
FERMILAB-CONF-15-224-CD Canal, PhillipeROOT 6 and beyond: TObject, C++14 and many cores.
FERMILAB-CONF-15-223-PPD Gohn, WesleyData Acquisition for the New Muon $g$-$2$ Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-15-222-AE-E-PPD Xu, JingkeScintillation Efficiency Measurement of Na Recoils in NaI(Tl) Below the DAMA/LIBRA Energy Threshold
FERMILAB-CONF-15-220-CD Box, DennisProgress on the Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermialb
FERMILAB-CONF-15-219-CD Boyd, J.Data Preservation at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-CONF-15-218-A-CD Zuntz, JoeCosmoSIS: A System for MC Parameter Estimation
FERMILAB-CONF-15-216-AD-APC Summers, DonFinal Muon Emittance Exchange in Vacuum for a Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-15-215-AD-APC Stratakis, DiktysUtilizing Gas Filled Cavities for the Generation of an Intense Muon Source
FERMILAB-CONF-15-214-AD-APC Stratakis, DiktysDesign of an Intense Muon Source with a Carbon and Mercury Target
FERMILAB-CONF-15-213-ND Patrick, CherylRecent Results From MINERvA
FERMILAB-CONF-15-211-CD Dykstra, D.Engineering the CernVM-Filesystem as a High Bandwidth Distributed Filesystem for Auxiliary Physics D
FERMILAB-PUB-15-210-T Boughezal, RadjaHiggs boson production in association with a jet at NNLO using jettiness subtraction
FERMILAB-PUB-15-209-PPD Camarda, S.QCD analysis of $W$- and $Z$-boson production at Tevatron
FERMILAB-CONF-15-208-PPD Jung, Andreas W.Top Quark Physics at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-CONF-15-207-E Jones, M.Characterization of Silicon Detector Readout Electronics
FERMILAB-CONF-15-206-E Albertsson, K.A New Event Builder for CMS Run II
FERMILAB-PUB-15-205-PPD Szafron, RobertHigh-energy electrons from the muon decay in orbit: radiative corrections
FERMILAB-CONF-15-203-ND Aurisano, A.The NOvA simulation chain
FERMILAB-CONF-15-202-ND Aurisano, A.Data handling with SAM and art at the NOvA experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-201-ND Habig, AlecIntegration of the Super Nova Early Warning System with the NO$\nu$A Trigger
FERMILAB-CONF-15-200-CD-ND Davies, G.S.Software Management for the NO$\nu$A Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-199-CD-ND-PPD Group, CraigFermilab Computing at the Intensity Frontier
FERMILAB-CONF-15-198-CD-ND Habig, AlecRecent Evolution of the Offline Computing Model of the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-197-ND Mina, R.Implementation of an Upward-Going Muon Trigger for Indirect Dark Matter Searches at the NO$\nu$A Far
FERMILAB-PUB-15-196-T Minakata, HisakazuSimple and Compact Expressions for Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities in Matter
FERMILAB-CONF-15-195-APC Shiltsev, V.Accelerator Physics and Technology Research Toward Future Multi-MW Proton Accelerators
FERMILAB-CONF-15-194-CD Timm, S.Cloud Services for the Fermilab Scientific Stakeholders
FERMILAB-CONF-15-192-AD Holmes, StephenPIP-II Status and Strategy
FERMILAB-PUB-15-191-PPD Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of the Production and Differential Cross Sections of $W^{+}W^{-}$ Bosons in Association
FERMILAB-PUB-15-190-E Aaltonen, T.Measurement of the top-quark mass in the ${t\bar{t}}$ dilepton channel using the full CDF Run II dat
FERMILAB-CONF-15-189-CD Wenzel, H.The Geant4 Physics Validation Repository
FERMILAB-CONF-15-188-PPD Mahajan, SonamParticle Production Measurements Using the MIPP Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-15-187-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a Higgs boson in the mass range from 145 to 1000 GeV decaying to a pair of W or Z bosons
FERMILAB-PUB-15-186-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for the production of dark matter in association with top-quark pairs in the single-lepton fi
FERMILAB-PUB-15-185-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the Z boson differential cross section in transverse momentum and rapidity in proton–
FERMILAB-PUB-15-184-CMS Khachatryan, VardanAngular coefficients of Z bosons produced in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 8 TeV and decaying to $\m
FERMILAB-PUB-15-183-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a pseudoscalar boson decaying into a Z boson and the 125 GeV Higgs boson in $ℓ^+ℓ^−b\over
FERMILAB-CONF-15-182-AD Edelen, A.L.Initial experimental results of a machine learning-based temperature control system for an RF gun
FERMILAB-PUB-15-181-PPD Demina, ReginaReconstructing $t\bar{t}$ events with one lost jet
FERMILAB-CONF-15-180-AD D'Arcy, R.Beam Instrumentation of the PXIE LEBT Beamline
FERMILAB-CONF-15-179-TD Zlobin, A.V.Design Concept and Parameters of a 15 T Nb$_{3}$Sn Dipole Demonstrator for a 100 TEV Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-15-178-TD Zlobin, A.V.Quench Performance of the First Twin-aperture 11 T Dipole for LHC upgrades
FERMILAB-CONF-15-177-AD Shemyakin, AlexanderScheme for a low Energy Beam Transport with a Non-Neutralized Section
FERMILAB-CONF-15-176-AD Prost, LionelPxie Low Energy Beam Transport Commissioning
FERMILAB-CONF-15-175-APC Rakhno, IgorEnergy Deposition and Radiological Studies for the LBNF Hadron Absorber
FERMILAB-CONF-15-174-APC Rakhno, IgorModeling Proton- and Light Ion-Induced Reactions at Low Energies in the MARS15 Code
FERMILAB-PUB-15-173-AE Agnese, R.Improved WIMP-search reach of the CDMS II germanium data
FERMILAB-CONF-15-171-APC Valishev, A.Numerical Analysis of Parasitic Crossing Compensation with Wires in DA$\Phi$NE
FERMILAB-CONF-15-170-APC Zobov, M.Simulation of Crab Waist Collisions in DAΦNE with KLOE-2 Interaction Region
FERMILAB-CONF-15-169-APC Fartoukh, StephaneAn Alternative High Luminosity LHC with Flat Optics and Long-Range Beam-Beam Compensation
FERMILAB-CONF-15-168-APC Prebys, EricProton Injection into the Fermilab Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA)
FERMILAB-CONF-15-167-APC Prebys, EricBeam Extinction Monitoring in the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-166-APC Prebys, E.J.Out-of-Time Beam Extinction in the MU2E Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-15-165-AD Hartsell, BrianDesign of a Compact Fatigue Tester for Testing Irradiated Materials
FERMILAB-CONF-15-164-AD-ND Hartsell, B.LBNF Hadron Absorber: Mechanical Design and Analysis for 2.4MW Operation
FERMILAB-CONF-15-163-AD Ammigan, K.Examination of Beryllium Under Intense High Energy Proton Beam at CERN's HiRadMat Facility
FERMILAB-CONF-15-161-AD-APC Neuffer, D.Final Cooling For a High-luminosity High-Energy Lepton Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-15-160-AD Seiya, K.Beam Studies for the Proton Improvement Plan (PIP) - Reducing Beam Loss at the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-CONF-15-159-AD Tan, C.Y.A Perpendicular Biased 2nd Harmonic Cavity for the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-PUB-15-153-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroFirst measurement of the forward-backward asymmetry in bottom-quark pair production at high mass
FERMILAB-CONF-15-152-TD Romanov, GennadySimulation of Multipacting in SC Low Beta Cavities at FNAL
FERMILAB-CONF-15-151-AD Jensen, Chris. C.Kicker Pulsers for Recycler NOVA Upgrades
FERMILAB-PUB-15-150-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderImproved limit to the diffuse flux of ultrahigh energy neutrinos from the Pierre Auger Observatory
FERMILAB-CONF-15-149-ND Acciarri, R.Summary of the Second Workshop on Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Research and Development in t
FERMILAB-PUB-15-148-AE Vikram, V.Wide-field lensing mass maps from Dark Energy Survey science verification data: Methodology and deta
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FERMILAB-PUB-15-137-T Bishara, FadyDark Matter and Gauged Flavor Symmetries
FERMILAB-CONF-15-136-AD-APC Stancari, G.Electron Lenses for Experiments on Nonlinear Dynamics with Wide Stable Tune Spreads in the Fermilab
FERMILAB-CONF-15-135-AD-APC Redaelli, S.Plans for Deployment of Hollow Electron Lenses at the LHC for Enhanced Beam Collimation
FERMILAB-PUB-15-134-T Bishara, FadyNonstandard Yukawa Couplings and Higgs Portal Dark Matter
FERMILAB-CONF-15-133-AD Brown, Bruce C.Relating Beam Loss, Activation and Residual Radiation for 400 kW Operation of the Fermilab Main Inje
FERMILAB-PUB-15-132-T Moortgat-Pick, G.Physics at the e+ e- Linear Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-15-131-AD Kroc, T.K.Industrial Accelerators - Beyond Transformers and Cyclotrons, More Power
FERMILAB-PUB-15-130-T Quigg, ChrisViewpoint: A More Precise Higgs Boson Mass
FERMILAB-CONF-15-129-DI Kephart, RobertCompact Superconducting Radio-frequency Accelerators and Innovative RF Systems
FERMILAB-CONF-15-128-AD Bhat, C.M.A New Beam Injection Scheme for the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-CONF-15-127-AD Bhat, C.M.Energy Spread of the Proton Beam in the Fermilab Booster at its Injection Energy
FERMILAB-PUB-15-126-AE Zhang, Y.Galaxies in X-ray Selected Clusters and Groups in Dark Energy Survey Data I: Stellar Mass Growth of
FERMILAB-CONF-15-125-E-T Hinchliffe, IanLuminosity goals for a 100-TeV pp collider
FERMILAB-PUB-15-124-A Bertoni, BridgetExamining The Fermi-LAT Third Source Catalog In Search Of Dark Matter Subhalos
FERMILAB-PUB-15-123-PPD Aaltonen, Timo AnteroSearch for Resonances Decaying to Top and Bottom Quarks with the CDF Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-122-T Giele, Walter T.Improved Partonic Event Generators at Lepton Colliders
FERMILAB-PUB-15-121-PPD Flaugher, B.The Dark Energy Camera
FERMILAB-CONF-15-120-ND Adams, C.The Intermediate Neutrino Program
FERMILAB-PUB-15-118-CMS Khachatryan, VardanEvidence for Collective Multiparticle Correlations in p-Pb Collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-15-117-CMS Khachatryan, VardanEvidence for transverse momentum and pseudorapidity dependent event plane fluctuations in PbPb and p
FERMILAB-PUB-15-116-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for vector-like T quarks decaying to top quarks and Higgs bosons in the all-hadronic channel
FERMILAB-PUB-15-115-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for resonant pair production of Higgs bosons decaying to two bottom quark–antiquark pairs in
FERMILAB-PUB-15-114-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurements of the $\mathrm{Z}$ $\mathrm{Z}$ production cross sections in the $2\mathrm{l} 2\nu $ c
FERMILAB-PUB-15-113-CMS Khachatryan, VardanStudy of W boson production in pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}} =$ 5.02 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-112-CMS Aad, GeorgesCombined Measurement of the Higgs Boson Mass in $pp$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7$ and 8 TeV with the A
FERMILAB-PUB-15-111-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearches for third-generation squark production in fully hadronic final states in proton-proton coll
FERMILAB-PUB-15-110-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of diffraction dissociation cross sections in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-109-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Third-Generation Scalar Leptoquarks in the t$\tau$ Channel in Proton-Proton Collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-15-108-T Bailey, Jon A.$|V_{ub}|$ from $B\to\pi\ell\nu$ decays and (2+1)-flavor lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-15-107-T Bailey, Jon A.B→Dℓν form factors at nonzero recoil and |V$_{cb}$| from 2+1-flavor lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-15-106-TD Gupta, Prabhat KumarDesign Guidelines for Avoiding Thermo-Acoustic Oscillations in Helium Piping Systems
FERMILAB-PUB-15-105-T Hill, Christopher T.Axion Induced Oscillating Electric Dipole Moments
FERMILAB-PUB-15-104-ND Bromberg, C.Design and Operation of LongBo: a 2 m Long Drift Liquid Argon TPC
FERMILAB-CONF-15-103-ND Szelc, AndrzejRecent Results from ArgoNeuT and Status of MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-PUB-15-102-ND Adamson, P.Observation of Seasonal Variation of Atmospheric Multiple-Muon Events in the MINOS Near and Far Dete
FERMILAB-PUB-15-101-T Han, TaoImproving Higgs Coupling Measurements Through ZZ Fusion at the ILC
FERMILAB-PUB-15-100-CMS de Vries, K.J.The pMSSM10 after LHC Run 1
FERMILAB-PUB-15-099-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderMeasurement of the Cosmic Ray Spectrum above 4 $\times$ 10$^{18}$ eV Using Inclined Events Detected
FERMILAB-PUB-15-098-APC Adey, DavidnuSTORM and A Path to a Muon Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-15-097-E Brandt, OlegRecent top quark production results from the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-15-096-T Anderson, Adam J.Halo-Independent Direct Detection Analyses Without Mass Assumptions
FERMILAB-PUB-15-095-APC Mokhov, N.V.Energy deposition studies for the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider inner triplet magnets
FERMILAB-CONF-15-094-AD Butler, T.A.Design of a Marx-Topology Modulator for FNAL Linac
FERMILAB-PUB-15-093-A Hooper, DanOn The Gamma-Ray Emission From Reticulum II and Other Dwarf Galaxies
FERMILAB-CONF-15-092-AD-ND Crowley, C.LBNF 1.2 MW Target: Conceptual Design \& Fabrication
FERMILAB-PUB-15-091-T Chen, YiNew opportunities in h → 4ℓ
FERMILAB-PUB-15-090-T Kearney, JohnIs a Higgs Vacuum Instability Fatal for High-Scale Inflation?
FERMILAB-PUB-15-089-T Anastasiou, CharalamposSoft expansion of double-real-virtual corrections to Higgs production at N$^{3}$LO
FERMILAB-PUB-15-088-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroTevatron Combination of Single-Top-Quark Cross Sections and Determination of the Magnitude of the Ca
FERMILAB-PUB-15-087-T Liu, ZhenThe Fate of Long-Lived Superparticles with Hadronic Decays after LHC Run 1
FERMILAB-PUB-15-086-E Denisov, DmitriThe Top Quark, 20 Years After Its Discovery
FERMILAB-PUB-15-085-APC Shin, Y.M.TeV/m Nano-Accelerator: Investigation on Feasibility of CNT-Channeling Acceleration at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-15-084-T Lang, C.B.Vector and scalar charmonium resonances with lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-15-083-APC Lemery, FrancoisTailored Electron Bunches with Smooth Current Profiles for Enhanced Transformer Ratios in Beam-Drive
FERMILAB-PUB-15-082-AE Drlica-Wagner, A.Search for Gamma-Ray Emission from DES Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Candidates with Fermi-LAT Data
FERMILAB-PUB-15-081-AE Ackermann, M.Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation from Milky Way Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies with Six Years of Fe
FERMILAB-PUB-15-080-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in $Λ_b^0$ and $\bar{Λ}_b^0$ Baryon Production in $p\b
FERMILAB-PUB-15-079-E Mohlabeng, GopolangDark Matter Directionality Revisited with a High Pressure Xenon Gas Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-15-078-PPD Hoff, James R.Cryogenic Lifetime Studies of 130 nm and 65 nm nMOS Transistors for High-Energy Physics Experiments
FERMILAB-PUB-15-077-TD Trenikhina, Y.Nanostructural Features Degrading the Performance of Superconducting Radio Frequency Niobium Cavitie
FERMILAB-PUB-15-076-TD Barzi, E.Superconductor Requirements and Characterization for High Field Accelerator Magnets
FERMILAB-PUB-15-075-ND Le, T.Single Neutral Pion Production by Charged-Current $\bar{\nu}_\mu$ Interactions on Hydrocarbon at $\l
FERMILAB-PUB-15-074-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Decays of Stopped Long-Lived Particles Produced in Proton–Proton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=
FERMILAB-PUB-15-073-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Supersymmetry Using Razor Variables in Events with $b$-Tagged Jets in $pp$ Collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-15-072-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for a Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a Top-Quark Pair and Decaying t
FERMILAB-PUB-15-071-CMS Khachatryan, VardanConstraints on the pMSSM, AMSB model and on other models from the search for long-lived charged part
FERMILAB-PUB-15-070-CMS Khachatryan, VardanPerformance of Electron Reconstruction and Selection with the CMS Detector in Proton-Proton Collisio
FERMILAB-PUB-15-069-CMS Khachatryan, VardanPerformance of Photon Reconstruction and Identification with the CMS Detector in Proton-Proton Colli
FERMILAB-PUB-15-068-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of J/ψ and ψ(2S) Prompt Double-Differential Cross Sections in pp Collisions at $\sqrt{s}
FERMILAB-PUB-15-067-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearches for Supersymmetry using the M$_{T2}$ Variable in Hadronic Events Produced in pp Collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-15-066-CMS Khachatryan, VardanDistributions of Topological Observables in Inclusive Three- and Four-Jet Events in pp Collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-15-065-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Narrow High-Mass Resonances in Proton–Proton Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 8 TeV Decaying to
FERMILAB-PUB-15-064-CMS Khachatryan, VardanNuclear Effects on the Transverse Momentum Spectra of Charged Particles in pPb Collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-PUB-15-063-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the Zγ Production Cross Section in pp Collisions at 8 TeV and Search for Anomalous Tr
FERMILAB-PUB-15-062-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Physics Beyond the Standard Model in Events with Two Leptons, Jets, and Missing Transvers
FERMILAB-PUB-15-061-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Lepton-Flavour-Violating Decays of the Higgs Boson
FERMILAB-PUB-15-060-CMS Khachatryan, VardanStudy of Final-State Radiation in Decays of Z Bosons Produced in $pp$ Collisions at 7 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-15-059-T Agrawal, PrateekA Couplet from Flavored Dark Matter
FERMILAB-PUB-15-058-T Quigg, ChrisElectroweak Symmetry Breaking in Historical Perspective
FERMILAB-CONF-15-057-PPD Roy, T.QIE: Performance Studies of the Next Generation Charge Integrator
FERMILAB-PUB-15-054-PPD Nigmatkulov, G.A.The Transverse Momentum Dependence of Charged Kaon Bose–Einstein Correlations in the SELEX Experimen
FERMILAB-PUB-15-053-A Lin, Henry W.Cool Core Bias in Sunyaev–Zel’dovich Galaxy Cluster Surveys
FERMILAB-PUB-15-052-A Ackermann, M.Limits on Dark Matter Annihilation Signals from the Fermi LAT 4-year Measurement of the Isotropic Ga
FERMILAB-PUB-15-051 Gorchtein, MikhailForward Compton Scattering with Weak Neutral Current: Constraints from Sum Rules
FERMILAB-CONF-15-050-PPD Pezzullo, GianantonioProgress Status for the Mu2e Calorimeter System
FERMILAB-PUB-15-049-ND-PPD Talaga, R.L.PVC Extrusion Development and Production for the NOvA Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-048-ND-PPD Mufson, S.Liquid scintillator production for the NOvA experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-047-AE Bechtol, K.Eight New Milky Way Companions Discovered in First-Year Dark Energy Survey Data
FERMILAB-CONF-15-046-E Gatto, C.Status of ADRIANO R&D in T1015 Collaboration
FERMILAB-PUB-15-045-AE Balbinot, EduardoThe LMC Geometry and Outer Stellar Populations from Early DES Data
FERMILAB-PUB-15-044-A Barreira, AlexandreGalaxy cluster lensing masses in modified lensing potentials
FERMILAB-PUB-15-043-T Campbell, John M.A Multi-Threaded Version of MCFM
FERMILAB-PUB-15-042-CD Park, Chong ShikTracking Simulation of Third-Integer Resonant Extraction for Fermilab's Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-040-PPD Deptuch, Grzegorz W.Fully 3D-Integrated Pixel Detectors for X-Rays
FERMILAB-PUB-15-039-AE Buckley, Matthew R.Search for Gamma-ray Emission from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Large Magellanic Cloud with the F
FERMILAB-CONF-15-038-PPD Fahim, FarahPixellated readout IC: Analysis for single photon infrared detector for fast time of arrival applica
FERMILAB-CONF-15-037-A Calore, FrancescaThe GeV Excess Shining Through: Background Systematics for the Inner Galaxy Analysis
FERMILAB-PUB-15-036-ND Conrad, J.The Photomultiplier Tube Calibration System of the MicroBooNE Experiment
FERMILAB-PUB-15-035-A Jain, B.The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts: Optimizing the Joint Science Return from LSST, Eucli
FERMILAB-PUB-15-034-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderThe Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory
FERMILAB-PUB-15-033-PPD Aaltonen, Timo AnteroMeasurement of central exclusive $\pi^+ \pi^-$ production in $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 0.
FERMILAB-PUB-15-032-A Jennings, EliseNon-linear stochastic growth rates and redshift space distortions
FERMILAB-CONF-15-031-ND Lebrun, Paul L.G.On LBNE Neutrino Flux Systematic Uncertainties
FERMILAB-PUB-15-030-T Campbell, John M.Higgs Constraints from Vector Boson Fusion and Scattering
FERMILAB-PUB-15-029-E Aaltonen, T.Tevatron Constraints on Models of the Higgs Boson with Exotic Spin and Parity Using Decays to Bottom
FERMILAB-PUB-15-028-E Agnes, P.The Electronics and Data Acquisition System of the DarkSide Dark Matter Search
FERMILAB-PUB-15-027-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for resonances and quantum black holes using dijet mass spectra in proton-proton collisions a
FERMILAB-PUB-15-026-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for heavy Majorana neutrinos in $\mu^\pm \mu^\pm+$ jets events in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-15-025-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the ratio $B(B^0_s \to J/\psi f_0(980))$ / $B(B^0_s \to J/\psi \phi(1020))$ in pp col
FERMILAB-PUB-15-024-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurements of the $\Upsilon$(1S), $\Upsilon$(2S), and $\Upsilon$(3S) differential cross sections i
FERMILAB-PUB-15-023-TD Shen, TengmingHigh-field quench behavior and dependence of hot spot temperature on quench detection voltage thresh
FERMILAB-PUB-15-022-AE Wiesner, Matthew P.Mass calibration of galaxy clusters at redshift 0.1–1.0 using weak lensing in the Sloan Digital Sky
FERMILAB-PUB-15-021-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichPrecision measurement of the top-quark mass in lepton$+$jets final states
FERMILAB-PUB-15-020-AE-PPD Papadopoulos, A.DES13S2cmm: The First Superluminous Supernova from the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-15-019-T Flynn, J.M.$B \to \pi \ell \nu$ and $B_s \to K \ell \nu$ form factors and $|V_{ub}|$ from 2+1-flavor lattice QC
FERMILAB-PUB-15-018-ND Aliaga, L.MINERvA neutrino detector response measured with test beam data
FERMILAB-CONF-15-016-CD Norman, A.The NO$\nu$A Experiment, The First 12 Months of Commissioning, Operations and Physics Data
FERMILAB-PUB-15-015-A Kaurov, Alexander A.Cosmic Reionization On Computers III. The Clumping Factor
FERMILAB-PUB-15-014-E Krohn, M.Radiation tolerance of 65 nm CMOS transistors
FERMILAB-PUB-15-013-E Abazov, V.M.Measurement of the ratio of inclusive cross sections $\sigma (p\bar{p} \rightarrow Z+2~b \text{jets}
FERMILAB-PUB-15-012-E Aaltonen, Timo AnteroConstraints on Models of the Higgs Boson with Exotic Spin and Parity using Decays to Bottom-Antibott
FERMILAB-CONF-15-011-E Grange, JosephThe New Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PUB-15-010-T Röntsch, RaoulProbing top-Z dipole moments at the LHC and ILC
FERMILAB-PUB-15-009-A Berlin, Asher3.55 keV line from exciting dark matter without a hidden sector
FERMILAB-PUB-15-008-TD Ford, Denise C.First-principles Study of Carbon and Vacancy Structures in Niobium
FERMILAB-CONF-15-007 Gruen, DanielCharacterization and Correction of Charge-Induced Pixel Shifts in DECam
FERMILAB-PUB-15-006-A Kwon, OhkyungInterferometric Tests of Planckian Quantum Geometry Models
FERMILAB-CONF-15-005-PPD Zurek, MariaCentral exclusive $\pi^{+}\pi^{-}$ production in $p \bar{p}$ collisions at $\mathbf{\sqrt{s}}$~=~0.9
FERMILAB-PUB-15-004-PPD Amhis, Y.Averages of $b$-hadron, $c$-hadron, and $\tau$-lepton properties as of summer 2014
FERMILAB-PUB-15-003-T Cohen, TimothyNatural Supersymmetry without Light Higgsinos
FERMILAB-PUB-15-002-T Lang, C.B.Predicting positive parity B$_s$ mesons from lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-15-001-T Petrov, Alexey A.Role of low-energy observables in precision Higgs boson analyses
FERMILAB-PUB-14-413-E Whittington, DenverScintillation Light from Cosmic-Ray Muons in Liquid Argon
FERMILAB-PUB-15-488-ND-PPD Whittington, DenverScintillation Light from Cosmic-Ray Muons in Liquid Argon
FERMILAB-PUB-14-617-AD Maloney, J.A.Numerical Studies of Optimization and Aberration Correction Methods for the Preliminary Demonstratio
FERMILAB-PUB-14-616-E Kim, H.A new time calibration method for switched-capacitor-array-based waveform samplers
FERMILAB-PUB-14-615-E Acciarri, R.Detection of Back-to-Back Proton Pairs in Charged-Current Neutrino Interactions with the ArgoNeuT De
FERMILAB-PUB-14-614-TD Gonnella, D.Nitrogen-Doped 9-Cell Cavity Performance in a Test Cryomodule for LCLS-II
FERMILAB-PUB-14-613-CD Scibelli, SamanthaCensus of blue stars in SDSS DR8
FERMILAB-PUB-14-612-TD Romanenko, A.Ultra-high quality factors in superconducting niobium cavities in ambient magnetic fields up to 190
FERMILAB-CONF-14-611-CMS Abba, A.Simulation and performance of an artificial retina for 40 MHz track reconstruction
FERMILAB-CONF-14-610-CMS Abba, A.The artificial retina processor for track reconstruction at the LHC crossing rate
FERMILAB-PUB-14-609-E Artamonov, A.V.Search for heavy neutrinos in $K^+\to\mu^+\nu_H$ decays
FERMILAB-PUB-14-608-ND Kahn, YonatanDAEδALUS and dark matter detection
FERMILAB-PUB-14-607-PPD Battaglieri, M.The Heavy Photon Search Test Detector
FERMILAB-PUB-14-606-T Auerbach, B.Sensitivity to new high-mass states decaying to $t\bar{t}$ at a 100 TeV collider
FERMILAB-PUB-14-605-CMS Buchmueller, O.The NUHM2 after LHC Run 1
FERMILAB-PUB-14-604-AE Grabowski, KathleenFixing the Reference Frame for PPMXL Proper Motions Using Extragalactic Sources
FERMILAB-PUB-14-603-CMS Alekhin, S.HERAFitter
FERMILAB-PUB-14-602-PPD Yakimov, M.Picosecond UV Single Photon Detectors with Lateral Drift Field: Concept and Technologies
FERMILAB-PUB-14-601-TD Romanenko, A.Dependence of the residual surface resistance of superconducting RF cavities on the cooling dynamics
FERMILAB-PUB-14-600-APC Huang, DazhangAnalysis of the microbunching instability in a mid-energy electron linac
FERMILAB-CONF-14-599-AD Thurman-Keup, R.Terahertz and Optical Measurement Apparatus for the Fermilab ASTA Injector
FERMILAB-CONF-14-598-AD Thurman-Keup, R.Electron Beam Profiler for the Fermilab Main Injector
FERMILAB-CONF-14-597-ND Yadav, NitinCosmic Muon Induced EM Showers in NO$\nu$A
FERMILAB-CONF-14-596-AD Pfeffer, H.Protection of Hardware: Powering Systems (Power Converter, Normal Conducting, and Superconducting Ma
FERMILAB-CONF-14-595-CMS Jindariani, SergoMeasurements of top quark properties in top pair production and decay at the LHC using the CMS detec
FERMILAB-CONF-14-594-CMS Bawej, TomaszAchieving High Performance With TCP Over 40 GbE on NUMA Architectures for CMS Data Acquisition
FERMILAB-CONF-14-593-CMS Bawej, TomaszThe New CMS DAQ System for Run-2 of the LHC
FERMILAB-CONF-14-592-CMS Lange, D.J.Upgrades for the CMS simulation
FERMILAB-CONF-14-591-CD Apostolakis, J.Towards a High Performance Geometry Library for Particle-Detector Simulations
FERMILAB-CONF-14-590-CD Apostolakis, J.Adaptive Track Scheduling to Optimize Concurrency and Vectorization in GeantV
FERMILAB-PUB-14-584-T Bhattacharya, AtriThe Direct Detection of Boosted Dark Matter at High Energies and PeV events at IceCube
FERMILAB-CONF-14-583-E Lincoln, D.Multiple parton interaction studies at DØ
FERMILAB-CONF-14-582 Herner, KennethHiggs Boson Studies at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-CONF-14-581-CD Doel, PeterThe DESI Wide Field Corrector Optics
FERMILAB-CONF-14-580-ND Miller, JonathanRecent Results from MINERvA
FERMILAB-CONF-14-579-PPD Denisov, D.S.Future particle-physics projects in the United States
FERMILAB-PUB-14-578-AE Zhang, YuanyuanCrowded Cluster Cores: An Algorithm for Deblending in Dark Energy Survey Images
FERMILAB-CONF-14-577-AD Chou, WeirenCost Consideration and a Possible Construction Timeline of the CEPC-SPPC
FERMILAB-CONF-14-576-CD Strelchenko, AlexeiExtending the QUDA Library with the eigCG Solver
FERMILAB-CONF-14-575-AE-E Amole, C.PICASSO, COUPP and PICO - Search for Dark Matter with Bubble Chambers
FERMILAB-CONF-14-574-T Brown, NathanGradient Flow Analysis on MILC HISQ Ensembles
FERMILAB-CONF-14-573-T Basak, SubhasishFinite-volume effects and the electromagnetic contributions to kaon and pion masses
FERMILAB-CONF-14-572-TD Wiseman, M.Design and Manufacture of the Conduction Cooled Torus Coils for The Jefferson Laboratory 12-GeV Upgr
FERMILAB-PUB-14-570-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the cross section ratio $\sigma_\mathrm{t \bar{t} b \bar{b}} / \sigma_\mathrm{t \bar{
FERMILAB-PUB-14-569-CMS Khachatryan, V.Search for disappearing tracks in proton-proton collisions at $ \sqrt{s}=8 $ TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-14-568-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Long-Lived Neutral Particles Decaying to Quark-Antiquark Pairs in Proton-Proton Collision
FERMILAB-CONF-14-567-T Primer, ThomasKaon and D Meson Semileptonic Form Factors from Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-CONF-14-566-AD-APC Eldred, JeffreyFast Transverse Instability and Electron Cloud Measurements in Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-CONF-14-565-APC Eldred, JeffreySlip-stacking Dynamics and the 20 Hz Booster
FERMILAB-CONF-14-564-E Brandt, OlegRecent Results in the Top Quark Sector from the D0 Experiment
FERMILAB-CONF-14-563-ND Coelho, João A.B.Status of NuMI experiments: MINOS+ and NO$\nu$A
FERMILAB-CONF-14-562-E Albrow, Michael G.Double Pomeron Exchange: the early years
FERMILAB-PUB-14-561-T Archer, Paul R.Higgs Production and Decay in Models of a Warped Extra Dimension with a Bulk Higgs
FERMILAB-PUB-14-560-A Abdo, A.A.Gamma-Ray Flaring Activity from the Gravitationally Lensed Blazar PKS 1830-211 Observed by Fermi LAT
FERMILAB-CONF-14-559-E Schwienhorst, R.Summary of Single top quark production at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-CONF-14-558-PPD Ronzani, ManfrediSingle Top Quark Measurements at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-14-557-AD-APC Stratakis, DiktysCompact Muon Production and Collection Scheme for High-Energy Physics Experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-14-556-CMS Abdurachmanov, DavidHeterogeneous High Throughput Scientific Computing with APM X-Gene and Intel Xeon Phi
FERMILAB-PUB-14-555-AD-APC Bogomilov, M.Neutrino Factory
FERMILAB-PUB-14-554-CMS Khachatryan, VardanPrecise determination of the mass of the Higgs boson and tests of compatibility of its couplings wit
FERMILAB-PUB-14-549-AE George, E.M.A Study of Al-Mn Transition Edge Sensor Engineering for Stability
FERMILAB-PUB-14-548-AE Bleem, L.E.Galaxy Clusters Discovered via the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect in the 2500-square-degree SPT-SZ survey
FERMILAB-PUB-14-547-AE Hlavacek-Larrondo, J.X-ray cavities in a sample of 83 SPT-selected clusters of galaxies: Tracing the evolution of AGN fee
FERMILAB-PUB-14-545-AE Crites, A.T.Measurements of E-Mode Polarization and Temperature-E-Mode Correlation in the Cosmic Microwave Backg
FERMILAB-PUB-14-544-AE Story, K.T.A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Gravitational Lensing Potential from 100 Square Deg
FERMILAB-PUB-14-542-AE Chiu, I.Baryon content of massive galaxy clusters at 0.57 < z < 1.33
FERMILAB-CONF-14-541-AE Fix, Mees B.Spectroscopic Determination of White Dwarf Candidates for the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-14-540-PPD Aaltonen, T.Search for production of an $\Upsilon$(1S) meson in association with a W or Z boson using the full 1
FERMILAB-CONF-14-539-PPD Zurek, MariaCentral Exclusive $\pi^{+}\pi^{-}$ Production in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 0.9$ and 1.96
FERMILAB-PUB-14-538-A Baxter, E.J.A Measurement of Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Galaxy Clusters Using D
FERMILAB-CONF-14-537-ND Thornton, R.T.Accelerator-Produced Dark Matter Search using MiniBooNE
FERMILAB-PUB-14-536-TD Shen, TengmingHigh Strength Kiloampere Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_x$ Cables for High-Field Magnet Applications
FERMILAB-PUB-14-535-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for long-lived particles that decay into final states containing two electrons or two muons i
FERMILAB-PUB-14-534-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for stealth supersymmetry in events with jets, either photons or leptons, and low missing tra
FERMILAB-PUB-14-533-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurements of differential and double-differential Drell-Yan cross sections in proton-proton colli
FERMILAB-PUB-14-532-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the inclusive 3-jet production differential cross section in proton–proton collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-14-531-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearches for supersymmetry based on events with b jets and four W bosons in pp collisions at 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-14-530-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for physics beyond the standard model in dilepton mass spectra in proton-proton collisions at
FERMILAB-PUB-14-529-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for pair-produced resonances decaying to jet pairs in proton–proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} =
FERMILAB-CONF-14-528-PPD Hoff, J.An On-Chip Charge Cluster Reconstruction Technique in the miniVIPIC Pixel Readout Chip for X-Ray Cou
FERMILAB-PUB-14-527-APC Mihalcea, D.Ampère-Class Pulsed Field Emission from Carbon-Nanotube Cathodes in a Radiofrequency Resonator
FERMILAB-PUB-14-526-E-PPD Fienberg, A.T.Studies of an array of PbF$_2$ Cherenkov crystals with large-area SiPM readout
FERMILAB-PUB-14-525-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the $W+b$-jet and $W+c$-jet differential production cross sections in $p\bar{p}$ coll
FERMILAB-CONF-14-524-E Jung, Andreas WernerTop quark properties at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-14-522-PPD Schmitt, R.L.Thermal Conductance Measurements of Bolted Copper Joints for SuperCDMS
FERMILAB-CONF-14-521-T Kronfeld, Andreas S.Leptonic B- and D-Meson Decay Constants with 2+1 Flavors of Asqtad Fermions
FERMILAB-CONF-14-520-T Bouchard, Chris M.Neutral B-Meson Mixing Parameters in and beyond the SM with 2+1 Flavor Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-CONF-14-519-T Chang, Chia ChengUpdate on a short-distance $D^0$-meson mixing calculation with $N_f=2+1$ flavors
FERMILAB-CONF-14-518-T Du, Daping$B\to\pi\ell\nu$ semileptonic form factors from unquenched lattice QCD and determination of $|V_{ub}
FERMILAB-PUB-14-517-T Bramante, JosephRelic Neutralino Surface at a 100 TeV Collider
FERMILAB-CONF-14-516-APC Kaplan, Daniel M.Muon Colliders and Neutrino Factories
FERMILAB-CONF-14-515-PPD Margaroli, FabrizioHiggs physics at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-14-514-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the electron charge asymmetry in $\boldsymbol{p\bar{p}\rightarrow W+X \rightarrow e\n
FERMILAB-PUB-14-513-CMS-E Albrow, MichaelForward shower counters for diffractive physics at the LHC
FERMILAB-PUB-14-512-E Albrow, MichaelDouble Pomeron Exchange at the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings and $Sp\bar{p}S$ Collider
FERMILAB-PUB-14-511-E Albrow, MichaelCentral Exclusive Production Issue: Introduction
FERMILAB-CONF-14-510-CMS-E Albrow, M.Small angle detectors for study diffractive processes with CMS
FERMILAB-CONF-14-509-PPD Jiang, PengSearch for Standard Model $ZH \to \ell^+\ell^-b\bar{b}$ at DØ
FERMILAB-CONF-14-508-E-PPD Youn, S.W.Top quark mass measurements at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PUB-14-507-T Bertuzzo, EnricoNatural SM-like 126 GeV Higgs boson via nondecoupling D terms
FERMILAB-CONF-14-506-ND Betancourt, M.Quasi-Elastic Scattering and Pion Production at MINER$\nu$A
FERMILAB-CONF-14-505-T Prelovsek, SasaLattice QCD simulation of the $Z_c^+$ channel
FERMILAB-PUB-14-504-T Campbell, John M.Top-Pair Production and Decay at NLO Matched with Parton Showers
FERMILAB-CONF-14-503-ND Badgett, WilliamUpgrade of the Minos+ Experiment Data Acquisition for the High Energy NuMI Beam Run
FERMILAB-CONF-14-502-ND Wilson, Robert J.Future Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillations: View from North America
FERMILAB-CONF-14-501-CD Amerio, S.Many-core applications to online track reconstruction in HEP experiments
FERMILAB-CONF-14-500-CD Wang, Z.Software Trigger Algorithms to Search for Magnetic Monopoles with the NO$\nu$A Far Detector
FERMILAB-CONF-14-499-CD Zalesak, JaroslavThe NO$\nu$A Far Detector Data Acquisition System
FERMILAB-CONF-14-498-AD Dobbs, A.The Reconstruction Software for the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment Trackers
FERMILAB-CONF-14-497-CD Huang, C.-H.Request for All - A Generalized Request Framework for PhEDEx
FERMILAB-CONF-14-496-CD Millar, A.P.dCache: Big Data storage for HEP communities and beyond
FERMILAB-CONF-14-495-CD Huang, C.-H.Re-designing the PhEDEx Security Model
FERMILAB-CONF-14-494-CD Campana, S.WLCG and IPv6 - the HEPiX IPv6 working group
FERMILAB-PUB-14-493-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for new phenomena in monophoton final states in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt s =$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-14-492-CMS Khachatryan, VardanPerformance of the CMS missing transverse momentum reconstruction in pp data at $\sqrt{s}$ = 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-14-491-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for quark contact interactions and extra spatial dimensions using dijet angular distributions
FERMILAB-PUB-14-490-CMS Khachatryan, VardanConstraints on the spin-parity and anomalous HVV couplings of the Higgs boson in proton collisions a
FERMILAB-PUB-14-489-CMS Khachatryan, VardanObservation of the rare $B^0_s\to\mu^+\mu^-$ decay from the combined analysis of CMS and LHCb data
FERMILAB-PUB-14-488-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderLarge Scale Distribution of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Detected at the Pierre Auger Observatory W
FERMILAB-PUB-14-487-AD-AE-CD-TD Aab, AlexanderSearches for Anisotropies in the Arrival Directions of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays Detected by th
FERMILAB-PUB-14-486-AD Nagaitsev, S.Fermilab 4.3 MeV electron cooler
FERMILAB-PUB-14-485-T Altmannshofer, WolfgangDark Matter Signals in Dilepton Production at Hadron Colliders
FERMILAB-CONF-14-484-E Garvey, G.T.Recent Advances and Open Questions in Neutrino-induced Quasi-elastic Scattering and Single Photon Pr
FERMILAB-CONF-14-483-E Albrow, Michael G.Double Pomeron Exchange: the Early Years
FERMILAB-CONF-14-482-T Bailey, Jon A.Heavy-Meson Spectrum Tests of the Oktay--Kronfeld Action
FERMILAB-CONF-14-481-T Zhou, RanDynamical QCD+QED simulation with staggered quarks
FERMILAB-PUB-14-480-E Lewis, JonathanReview of Physics Results from the Tevatron: Heavy Flavor Physics
FERMILAB-PUB-14-479-AE Chang, C.Modeling the Transfer Function for the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-PUB-14-478-E-PPD Liu, T.Design and testing of the first 2D Prototype Vertically Integrated Pattern Recognition Associative M
FERMILAB-PUB-14-477-A Calore, FrancescaA Tale of Tails: Dark Matter Interpretations of the Fermi GeV Excess in Light of Background Model Sy
FERMILAB-PUB-14-476-A Armengaud, E.Conceptual Design of the International Axion Observatory (IAXO)
FERMILAB-PUB-14-475-TD Li, PeiThermal-Mechanical Properties of Epoxy-Impregnated Bi-2212/Ag Composite
FERMILAB-CONF-14-474-T Bazavov, AlexeiCharmed and light pseudoscalar meson decay constants from HISQ simulations
FERMILAB-PUB-14-473-A Hooper, Dan$Z^\prime$ Mediated Dark Matter Models for the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
FERMILAB-PUB-14-472-E Abazov, Victor MukhamedovichMeasurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in the Production of $B^{\pm}$ Mesons in $p\bar{p}$ Co
FERMILAB-PUB-14-471-T Burdman, GustavoColorless Top Partners, a 125 GeV Higgs, and the Limits on Naturalness
FERMILAB-CONF-14-470-CD Pais Pitta de Lacerda Ruivo, TiagoExploring Infiniband Hardware Virtualization in OpenNebula towards Efficient High-Performance Comput
FERMILAB-CONF-14-469-CD Kim, HyunwooX.509 Authentication/Authorization in FermiCloud
FERMILAB-CONF-14-467-CD Wu, HaoOverhead-Aware-Best-Fit (OABF) Resource Allocation Algorithm for Minimizing VM Launching Overhead
FERMILAB-PUB-14-466-CD Sadooghi, ImanUnderstanding the Performance and Potential of Cloud Computing for Scientific Applications
FERMILAB-CONF-14-465-CD Garzoglio, GabrieleModeling the Virtual Machine Launching Overhead under Fermicloud
FERMILAB-PUB-14-464-CD Wu, HaoA Reference Model for Virtual Machine Launching Overhead
FERMILAB-CONF-14-463-AD-APC Neuffer, DavidNew Approaches to Final Cooling
FERMILAB-CONF-14-462-AD-APC Neuffer, DavidNuSTORM $\mu$ Ring – Design and Injection Optimization
FERMILAB-PUB-14-461-T Anastasiou, CharalamposHiggs Boson GluonFfusion Production Beyond Threshold in N$^{3}LO$ QCD
FERMILAB-CONF-14-460-T Mohler, DanielLow lying charmonium states at the physical point
FERMILAB-CONF-14-458-E Leo, SabatoSearch for CP violation in $D^0 \to h^+h^-$ decays at CDF
FERMILAB-CONF-14-457-AD-CD-E-ND Niner, E.Synchronization of the 14 kTon NO$\nu$A neutrino detector with the Fermilab NuMI beam
FERMILAB-PUB-14-456-AE-E Amole, C.Dark Matter Search Results from the PICO-2L C$_3$F$_8$ Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-CONF-14-455-CD Perez-Calero Yzquierdo, AntonioCMS multicore scheduling strategy
FERMILAB-CONF-14-454-E Peters, Reinhild YvonneTevatron Top-Quark Combinations and World Top-Quark Mass Combination
FERMILAB-CONF-14-452-APC Carneiro, J.P.Transmission efficiency measurement at the FNAL 4-rod RFQ
FERMILAB-PUB-14-451-E Wu, X.Strip Detectors Processed on High-Resistivity 6-Inch Diameter Magnetic Czochralski Silicon (MCz-Si)
FERMILAB-CONF-14-450-AD-APC Stancari, GiulioMeasurements of beam halo diffusion and population density in the Tevatron and in the Large Hadron C
FERMILAB-CONF-14-449-T Lee, Song-haengSearching for the $X(3872)$ and $Z_c^+(3900)$ on HISQ Lattices
FERMILAB-CONF-14-448-T Leskovec, LukaStudy of the $Z_c^+$ channel in lattice QCD
FERMILAB-PUB-14-447-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearch for Monotop Signatures in Proton-Proton Collisions at $\sqrt s =$ 8 TeV
FERMILAB-PUB-14-446-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of the W boson helicity in events with a single reconstructed top quark in pp collisions
FERMILAB-PUB-14-445-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of Prompt $\psi(2S) \to J/\psi$ Yield Ratios in Pb-Pb and $p-p$ Collisions at $\sqrt {s_
FERMILAB-PUB-14-444-CMS Khachatryan, VardanSearches for heavy Higgs bosons in two-Higgs-doublet models and for $t→ch$ decay using multilepton a
FERMILAB-PUB-14-443-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurement of electroweak production of two jets in association with a Z boson in proton-proton col
FERMILAB-PUB-14-442-CMS Khachatryan, VardanIdentification techniques for highly boosted W bosons that decay into hadrons
FERMILAB-PUB-14-441-CMS Chatrchyan, SergueiStudy of Z production in PbPb and pp collisions at $ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}=2.76 $ TeV in the dimuon
FERMILAB-PUB-14-440-CMS Khachatryan, VardanMeasurem