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FERMILAB-POSTER-23-293-TD Stoynev, S. Effect of CLIQ on training of HL-LHC quadrupole magnets
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-292-PPD Chavez, C.R. Scalable Skipper-CCD Analog Readout Electronics (SSCARE) for the Massive Multichannel OSCURA Experim
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-291-TD Strauss, T. AUP first Pre-series Cold Mass Installation into the Cryostat
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-290-SQMS Giaccone, B. Nb SRF cavities applied to searches for beyond the standard model physics
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-289-AD Babacan, B. The Ionization Profile Monitors in the Recycler Ring
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-288-TD Ambrosio, G. Analysis of the MQXFA Low Beta Quadrupoles for HL-LHC after 50% magnet assembly complete +
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-287-ND Singh, Prabhjot Neutrino Scattering in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-286-STUDENT Miedema, Sawyer Testing Job Submission to FermiGrid via Dask on the Fermilab Elastic Analysis Facility
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-284-TD Nikolic, V. Status of the Top Plate and Anticryostat for High Field Cable Test Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-283-V Yu, Y. Machine learning algorithms based on muon monitor data and simulation
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-282-PPD Botti, A.M. Novel multi-channel skipper-CCD packagesfor dark-matter searches
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-280 Hagaman, Lee Progress Towards An Investigation Of The MiniBooNE Low Energy Excess Using Neutral-Current Delta-Lik
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-279-AD Milton, Evan CHG0 to HERO An Update to the Fermilab Booster DCCT
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-278-ND Granados, Everardo CC νμ → 1 π+ + X production at MINERνA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-277-SQMS Johnson, Hans Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) for Quantum Readout Signals Using Adaptive Hardware Filters on
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-276-V Hart, Akeem Leonardo MINERνA Data Preservation: Enabling Muon Fuzz Analysis
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-275-STUDENT Swaminathan, Shrijan Automated Benchmarking of computer resources
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-274-TD Pischalnikov, Y. Review of available piezo based nano positioners for operation a t milli Kelvin temperature range
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-273-STUDENT-V Tyndall, John D. GlideinWMS: Implementing Tracing
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-272-ND Eduardo, Moreno Palacios Oscar Applying Machine Learning to Vertex Recognition for Neutrino Interactions
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-271-STUDENT Silva, Juan Truly EMPHATIC: Simulation Analysis & Testing of SSDs
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-270-SQMS Markovic, Jovan Deep Learning Aided SRF Cavity Optimization for Quantum Computing
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-269-V Guo, Flynn Data-Driven Geometric Efficiency Correction for DUNE-PRISM Analysis
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-267-SQMS-STUDENT Gates, Sarah R. Niobium Shielding for ARIADNE Axion Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-266-V Zhang, Shuaixiang Software Contribution to the L-CAPE project
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-264-T Fleming, George T. Beyond Generalized Eigenvalues
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-263-SQMS Wang, Mingxuan Novel Fast Qubit Readout Approaches Enabled By Qubit Cloaking
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-261-SQMS-STUDENT Bautista-Cortezano, Pablo Single-Photon Detector & Counter for Transduction
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-260-LBNF Stokes, Tyler D. Baryon Number Violation Searches in DUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-259-V Fang, Chuyue Optimal Transport for Particle Classification in LArTPC Neutrino Experiments
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-258-STUDENT Muse, Amiin AD – Elog Data Search Using Natural Language Processing Techniques
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-257-STUDENT Szczech, Sebastian Differential Scanning Calorimetry Calibration and Heat Capacity
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-256-LBNF-V Ingratta, Gianfranco Quasi-Elastic Neutrino Interactions in the SAND Detector of DUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-255-STUDENT Khan, Waleed Automating Proofpoint PhishAlarm URL Blocking
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-254-STUDENT Ahmed, Saud RSpec Testing in Beholder
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-253-ND-STUDENT Alves, M.G.M. Electromagnetic shower separation in LArTPCs
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-252-STUDENT Quadri, Fazal Quantum Computing – Real-Time Data Processing from a Dilution Refrigerator
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-251-STUDENT Rasheed, Hammad Implementation of a Web Interface to Display Real-Time Statistics of a Dilution Refrigerator
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-250-STUDENT Thomas, Kristofer Strain Measurements of Nb3Sn Composites using Distributed Fiber Sensing
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-248-LBNF Meazza, Luca Optical simulation of the “SuperCell” Milano-Bicocca test setup for the DUNE FD1 Photon Detection Sy
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-247-STUDENT Kong, Livia Search for leptophobic bosons decaying into µµ, b jets, and MET with the CMS experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-246-AD-STUDENT Winter, Wesley Low Energy Muon Capture and Transport from a Heavy Target
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-245-STUDENT Khan, Mysha Jahin Higgs event classification using Machine Learning
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-244-ISD-STUDENT Washington, Davion 5-year Infrastructure plan at FNAL
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-243-STUDENT-V Greenblatt, Simon Refactoring the Beholder Dashboard
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-242-STUDENT McCauley, K. Examining the effects of the surface oxide layer on Nb and Ta superconducting films for quantum devi
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-240-T Everett, Noah Search for Dark Photon Decay Via $A'$ $\ell$+$\ell$- in SciBooNE and ANNIE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-239-V Sanih, Fatima Unlocking Seamless Access: Enabling Single Sign On (SSO) for Beholder
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-238-STUDENT Peete, Sean, II Absolute Relative Photometry For DES
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-237-STUDENT Ninan, Z. Simulation of Multipaction in LB650 Cavity with Weld Profile
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-236-STUDENT Najjuma, Brenda Upgrade of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of otsdaq
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-235-V Blum, Ethan Improving Knowledge Base with Network Architecture Diagrams
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-234-STUDENT Zorigtbaatar, Boro Anomaly Detection of Quenches in Superconducting Magnets Acoustic Data
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-233-STUDENT Porter, Meagan Transformation Coefficients between SDSS and DES Magnitudes
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-232-SQMS-STUDENT Dougherty, Sean Hardware-Efficient Decomposition of Qudit Gates
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-231-STUDENT Bacon, Sasha Relationship Between Conductivity and Temperature in ADMX RF Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-230-STUDENT Meza Quintero, Oscar 3D Display of Events on a Stack of CCDs and OSCURA MCMs Copper Box Redesign
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-230-STUDENT Meza Quintero, Oscar 3D Display of Events on a Stack of CCDs and OSCURA MCMs Copper Box Redesign
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-229-PPD-STUDENT Herron, Kai Weak-Lensing in the DELVE Survey
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-228-STUDENT Pantor, Makesi Training CNN Architecture on Real Gravitational Lens Data
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-227-STUDENT Nolan, Eileen Benchmarking Neural Network Architectures for Strong Gravitational Lens Classification
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-226-STUDENT Svoboda, Arman The Kilonova Data Challenge
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-225-SQMS-STUDENT Delgado, Julian Ultrahigh-precision Mechanical Platform for Quantum Transduction
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-224-STUDENT Nath, Moinak Microwave Range Relative Permittivity Measurements using a Rectangular Waveguide for Axion Dark Matt
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-223-STUDENT Zhao, Larry Measurement of Rayleigh Scattering in Liquid Argon at Vacuum Ultraviolet Wavelengths
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-222-STUDENT D'Antonio, Lucas Beholder: Updating and Maintaining Cybersecurity Software
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-220-STUDENT Novotny, Andrew Potential segregation of unwanted phases such as Nb-carbides in Nb3Sn-based SRF cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-219-V Bakker, Isabelle E. Update to the Statistical Output of a Cybersecurity Monitor
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-218-AD-STUDENT Fu, Daniel Final Cooling with Thick Wedges for a Muon Collider
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-217-STUDENT Matrecito Salcedo, Liza Investigating the Effects of Garolite in ArgonCube
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-216-AD-STUDENT Wilkinson, Elijah 3D Printed Drivetrain Development for Inspection Robot
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-215-STUDENT Ali, Mohamud ETROC2– Endcap Timing Read Out Chip
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-214-STUDENT La Rotta, Pedro Leandro Improvements on the Mu2e Remote Handling System
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-213-STUDENT Garcia Gonzalez, Josue Emanuel Cable management design for Inspection Robot
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-212-STUDENT Macoretta, Antonella Benchmarking Simulated Gravitational Lensing Classification with Neural Nets
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-211-STUDENT Marinich, Faith Scintillators: Designing Long Lasting and Efficient Scintillators for LongDuration Muon Tomography
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-210-STUDENT McGee, Carissma Advancing Particle Track Imaging with Machine Learning Applications for Modern Modular Bubble Chambe
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-209-STUDENT Zhou, Jiayang Design of a Nanophotonic Hybrid Coupler
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-208-STUDENT Shah, Riya Identifying Michel Electrons in Liquid Argon TPCs Using Machine Learning
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-207-STUDENT Alvarado, Efrain Work on neutrino cross sections for the NOvA and MMBC experiments
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-206-STUDENT Rositas, Jonathan Coherent Pion Production to Constrain DUNE Flux
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-205-LBNF Allison, Kyle Hadron Production Measurements at NA61/SHINE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-204-STUDENT Khalid, Anna Kilonova Detection
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-203-STUDENT Lutfi, Hamza Quick Testing of Skipper-CCD Packages
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-203-STUDENT Lutfi, Hamza Quick Testing of Skipper-CCD Packages
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-202-STUDENT Labnine, Aya Neutral Pion Interactions in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-201-STUDENT Herbst, Lilly Cryomodule Compressed Air Panels
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-200-STUDENT D'Angelo, Nicki SPT-SLIM Calibrator Box
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-199-STUDENT Delgado, Amii Matamoros Simulating target tests at AP0 facility for Mu2e
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-198-ND-STUDENT Patino, Nicolas Examining ICARUS Cosmic Muon Signal Shapes
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-197-STUDENT Jaime, Trino Sensor Testing for DarkNESS
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-196-STUDENT Dewey, Brianna Timing Distribution Test for Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-195-STUDENT Wells, David Separating beam-induced and cosmogenic muon backgrounds in the ICARUS detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-194-V Bae, Wonseok The Wavelength Shifting Plate on the LEGEND Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-193-STUDENT Chen, Meng-Wei Classification Algorithm for Dark Matter Search using Skipper-CCD
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-192-T Alves, Gustavo New limits on WR from meson decays
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-191-STUDENT Loer, Bereket Study of Cathode and Cavity Geometries in Electropolishing (EP): Electric Field Simulation
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-190-STUDENT Scheuermann, Elizabeth Uncertainty Analysis of the NOvA Test Beam Wire Chambers
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-189-STUDENT Hoeksema, Amanda Prototyping High Mobility Inspection Robot
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-188-STUDENT Baines, Demetric Vlasov Project: 4D Code Development
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-187-STUDENT Kharchilava, George V. Time-Delay Cosmography: Spectroscopy of Galaxies in the Environment of the J1537 Lensed Quasar Syste
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-186-STUDENT Ayyildiz, Onat Digital Image Correlation Strain Field Analysis of Materials for Target Systems
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-185-STUDENT Nisa, Kuvvetn Strain measurements of Nb₃Sn coils with optical fibers
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-184-STUDENT Peng, Danming Analysis of Magnet Quench Antenna Data
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-183-STUDENT Folan, T. State of Substances in Diamond Anvil
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-182-STUDENT Abdelhamid, Maan NuMI Hadron Monitor – Calibration Stand
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-181-STUDENT Dixon, Ajeya Interfacial Width Analysis of Metal Capping Layers and Niobium in Superconducting Qubits
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-180-STUDENT Blas, Efren MTA Removable Beam Absorber
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-178-STUDENT Green, Nehemyah Diagnostic and Testing of the Ceph Filesystem
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-177-STUDENT Baakkonen, Katie Investigating Cryogenic Pump Lifetime and Exploring Alternative Designs
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-176-STUDENT Sas-Pawlik, Stefana Instrumentation development for measuring background radiation in the MTA Hall
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-175-STUDENT Yashinsky, Ariela Reconstruction of Boosted di-jets from di-Higgs Boson Decay into Four Bottom Quarks
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-174-STUDENT Fultz, Christopher SRF Cavity Emulator for PIP-II LLRF Development
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-173-STUDENT Birgen, Isaac R. Refactoring Beholder’s Dashboard
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-172-STUDENT Kelly, Anthony Investigating Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-171-AD Tang, Jasmine Software Contribution to the L-CAPE project
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-170-STUDENT Moreno, Kate Dynamic Aperture of the PIP-II Accumulator Ring (PAR)
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-169-STUDENT Jurewicz, Abby Automations for Database Services Group
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-168-STUDENT Marmolejos, Sarah Streaming Infrastructure for Frequency Multiplexed Sensors
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-167-STUDENT Medina Pérez, Loaiza Eliminating Bottlenecks in GPP Processes: Improving Documentation Flow
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-166-STUDENT Sandhu, Anmol An Event Display for the Light Dark Matter eXperiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-164-STUDENT Weston, Jacob Simulating and Optimizing Quantum State Transport
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-163-STUDENT Beato, Eunice Tiny TPC: Enhancing LAr Performance with Photosensitive Dopants
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-161-STUDENT Ahmed, Shiza Secondary Pion Production using the LINAC Beam on Graphite and Tungsten Targets
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-159-PIP2-STUDENT Lapuente, Alex Signal Simulation and Analysis for PIP-II RWCM and DCCT Systems
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-157-STUDENT Alvarado-Anderson, Chase Psychrometric Analysis for New NuMI Evaporator Weather Station
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-156-STUDENT Luke, Ben Electron beam echoes in the IOTA ring
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-155-STUDENT Outangoun, Brenton Supernova Detection With DUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-153-STUDENT Alexis, Minani Code Compliance of APS-TD Lifting Devices
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-151-STUDENT Jones, Evan PID Temperature Controller Autotuning for Skipper-CCDs
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-150-CMS Amram, Oz Jet Substructure Correction with Lund Jet Plane Reweighting
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-149-STUDENT Medoff, Jonah Detecting Dwarf Galaxies Around NGC 55
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-148-LBNF-STUDENT Robbins, David Evaluation of Capping Methods at Homestake Open Cut Mine
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-147-TD Sung, Zuhawn Oxidized structure and Compositional properties of 1144 phase FBS by analytical electron microscopy
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-146-TD White, M. Installation, commissioning, and testing of the HB650 CM at PIP2IT
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-145-TD Pei, L. The Fermilab SSR1 and HB650 Synoptic/EPICS remote cryogenic control system
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-144-PPD-TD Subedi, Jeewan Design of Muon Campus Full Flow Purifier for Varying Operational Conditions and Horizontal Shipping
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-143-TD Bruce, Romain Cryogenic and safety design of the future High Field Cable Test Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-141-TD Creus-Prats, J. PIPII cryoplant non thermal cycling updates
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-140-TD Soyars, William Pressure safety approach for PIP-II cryogenic distribution system and cryomodules
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-139-DI-TD Dhuley, R.C. Cryogenics design of a compact, cryocooler conduction-cooled SRF accelerator for e-beam production
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-138-ND Koshelev, Sergey Flow rate optimization for a small liquid argon system at Fermilab.
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-137-TD Pudasaini, U. First Results from Nanoindentation of Vapor Diffused Nb3Sn Films on Nb
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-136-TD Tiskumara, J.K. Surface properties and RF performance of Vapor Diffused Nb3Sn on Nb after sequential anneals below 1
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-135-TD Petersen, T.B. Demonstration of Niobium Tin in 218 MHz Low-beta Quarter Wave Accelerator C
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-134-TD Shakel, M.S. First Results From Nb3Sn Coatings of 2.6 GHz Nb SRF Cavities Using DC Cylindrical Magnetron Sputteri
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-133-TD Passarelli, D. Impact of solenoid induced residual magnetic fields on the prototype SSR1 CM performance
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-132-CMS Ozek, Beren Forward Pixel Detector for the Phase 2 Upgrade of CMS And Module Testing at UIC
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-130-STUDENT Sebastian, Szczech Differential Scanning Calorimetry(DSC) Calibration and Measurement
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-129 Neogi, Orgho Logistics of High Throughput Data Transfer in HEP
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-128-CMS-V Haag, Mary Automation and Quality Control for CMS Outer Tracker Module Assembly at Fermilab’s SiDet
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-127-CSAID-ETD Sultana, Nik In-Network DAQ Functions
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-126-STUDENT Blas, Efren MTA Beam Absorber
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-125-STUDENT Habibeh, Mohammad Harmonic Slip-Stacking
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-125-STUDENT Habibeh, Mohammad Slip-Stacking
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-124-STUDENT Ahmed, Shiza MTA Secondary Beamline Production and Optics Optimization
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-122-STUDENT Moreno, Kate Dynamic Aperture of the Proton Accumulator Ring (PAR)
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-121-V Tung, Lynn Signal Processing with WireCell in SBND
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-120-STUDENT Garcia Badaracco, Erica Muon-Catalyzed Fusion
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-117-SQMS-TD Giaccone, B. Two-Tone Spectroscopy of 3D SRF Cavities to Understand Two-Level System Loss
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-116-TD Ristori, L. Development and Performance of RFD Crab Cavity Prototypes for HL-LHC AUP
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-115-TD Narug, C. Design Status of BCC Cryomodule for LCLS-II HE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-113-SQMS Lee, Jaeyel Analysis of Microscopic Defects in Nb thin films for superconducting qubits and SRF cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-112-ND-V Moreno-Granados, Guadalupe NuMI n-Ar cross-section measurements @ ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-111-ND Foreman, William A Measurement of the Ambient Radon Rate and MeV-Scale Calorimetry in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-110-TD Solyak, N. Testing of PIP-II pre-production 650 MHz couplers in warm test stand and in cryomodule
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-108-SQMS Lunin, A. Compact Multicell SRF Crab Cavity for ILC
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-107-V Niu Tong, Leon Exploring the Dark Sector in MicroBooNE Through e+e- Final States
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-106-AD Wickremasinghe, Athula Uniform Beam Simulation Technique for Beam Scans and Machine Learning Studies at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-105-TD Netepenko, A. Commissioning of SRF Cavity Analyzer System
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-104-TD Kulyavtsev, P.A. Commissioning of dedicated furnace for Nb3Sn coatings of 2.6GHz single cell cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-103-TD Helsper, J. Design Manufacturing, Assembly, and Lessons Learned of the ppSSR2 325MHz PIP-II Couplers
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-102-TD Helsper, J. Transportation Fatigue Testing of the pHB650 Power Coupler Antenna for PIP-II at FNAL
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-101 Bruner, Thomas Photon Detectors for the DUNE Vertical Drift Module-0
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-100-CMS Fidalgo Rodríguez, Guillermo A. New Trigger Studies for Emerging Jets at CMS Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-099-PIP2 Pathak, Abhishek Exploring the Dynamics of Transverse Inter-planar Coupling in the SC Section of the PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-098-ND Raofa, Raisa Tasnim Dopant R&D in LArTPCs
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-097-TD Cravatta, A. Multipacting Processing in Cryomodules for LCLS-II and LCLS-II-HE
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-096-TD Ring, T. Low Particulates Nitrogen Purge and Backfill During pHB650 Cryomodule String Assembly
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-094-PIP2-TD Holzbauer, J. The Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of LB650 cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-093-TD Wu, G. Medium Temperature Furnace Baking of Low-beta 650 MHz Five-cell Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-092-TD Kaluzny, Joshua LCLS-II-HE Status at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-091-V Heindel, Alex Power Over Fiber for the DUNE Vertical Drift PDS
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-090-TD Cano, A. Thermal Stability of Nb3Sn Surface Oxide Layer
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-089-PIP2-TD Bernardini, J. Final design of the production SSR1 cryomodule for PIP-II project at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-088-TD Rabehl, R. C1Po2D-04: Cryogenic Testing of the First HL-LHC Q1/Q3 Cryo-Assembly at
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-087-TD McGee, K. Flux expulsion studies of niobium material for 650 MHz cavities for PIP-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-086-AD Ganguly, Sudeshna Neutrino Beam Instrumentation (NBI) for LBNF
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-085-TD McGee, K. Fundamental R&D for high-Q0 650 MHz SRF cavities for hadron linacs
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-084-SQMS-TD Murthy, Akshay A. Improvements in Qubit Coherence through Niobium Surface Encapsulation
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-083-PPD Plesniak, Pawel M. Mu2e stopping target monitor data flow
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-082-TD Furuta, F. Development of 3-cell traveling wave SRF cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-081-ND Heggestuen, Anna Identification of Cosmic Rays in the ICARUS Experiment Using Precision Timing
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-080-AD-DI Ganguly, Sudeshna Application of Precision Time Structure in On-Axis Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-079 Dutta, Irene Survey of centimeter-scale AC-LGAD sensors with a 120 GeV proton beam
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-078-PPD Borrel, Léo The (Z,A) Dependence of μ → e Conversion
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-077-TD Grassellino, Laura Commissioning of new CVD/ALD Furnace at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-076-PPD-V Bressler, Matthew Magnetometry Cross-Calibration for Muon g-2 Experiments
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-075-TD Contreras-Martinez, C. Testing of the 2.6 GHz SRF Cavity Tuner For The Dark Photon Experiment at 2 K
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-074-TD Contreras-Martinez, C. PI Loop Resonance Control For The Dark Photon Experiment at 2 K Using A 2.6 GHz SRF Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-073-TD Contreras-Martinez, C. Study of Different Piezoelectric Material Stroke Displacement with Respect to Temperature Using SRF
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-072-TD Howard, K. Exploration of Parameters that Affect High Field Q-Slope
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-071-TD Howard, K. The Collaborative Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Impurities in Low RRR SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-069-TD Hu, Hannah Comparing the Effectiveness of Low Temperature Bake in EP and BCP Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-068-TD Chouhan, V. Visual, Optical and replica insections: Surface preparation of 650 MHz Nb cavity for PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-067-TD Chouhan, V. Latest development of electropolishing optimization for 650 MHz Niobium cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-066-CSAID Stoughton, Chris Extreme Quantitative Science
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-065-TD Pischalnikov, Y. Review of the application piezoelectric actuators for SRF cavity tuners
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-064-CMS-V Nibigira, Emery Containerization of Phase-2 Tracker Data Acquisition and Control Framework
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-063-ETD-PPD Temples, Dylan J. Optical Strain Sensing for HEP and QIS
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-062-CSAID Yesilyurt, O. Implementing machine learning methods on QICK hardware for qubit readout & control
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-061-CMS Parpillon, Benjamin Readout IC with 40 MSPS in-pixel ADC for future vertex detector upgrades of Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-060-AD Bidhar, Sujit Kumar Advanced Material Studies for High Intensity Proton Production Targets and Windows
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-058-ETD Cooper, Charlie IEDO: Degradation of Poly-and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in Water via High Power, Energy-Effi
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-057-CMS-PPD Madrid, Christopher Survey of AC-LGADs for future 4D trackers with a proton beam
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-056-AD Romanov, A. Experimental Single Electron 4D Tracking in IOTA
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-055-TD-V McGee, K. Flux expulsion and material properties of Nb
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-054-TD Barzi, Emanuela What is Needed for Bisco to Work in A Dipole Insert for 20 Tesla Hybrid Accelerator Magnets
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-053-TD Barzi, Emanuela High Energy & High Luminosity $\gamma$$\gamma$ Colliders
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-052-AD Edstrom, D., Jr. IOTA Proton Injector Beamline Installation*
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-050-TD Zlobin, A.V. Large-aperture High-field Nb3Sn Magnets for the 2nd EIC Interaction Region
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-049-AD Wieland, J.N. Improved Measurements of Nonlinear Integrable Optics at IOTA
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-046-AD Stanton, John Beam loss monitoring with fixed and translating scintillation detectors along the Fermilab Drift-Tub
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-045-AD-PPD-SQMS-TD Belomestnykh, S. HELEN: Traveling Wave SRF Linear Collider Higgs Factory
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-044-SQMS-TD Giaccone, Bianca Review of SRF technology developed for accelerators applied to searches for dark matter and other be
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-043-SQMS-TD Giaccone, Bianca Plasma cleaning efforts at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-042-TD Howard, K. The Collaborative Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Impurities in Low RRR SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-041-CSAID Chodak, J. dCache integration with CERN Tape Archive
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-040-TD Hu, Hannah Origins of Quench in Buffered Chemical Polished and Low Temperature Baked SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-039-AD Bossard, M.K. Thermionic Sources for Electron Cooling at IOTA
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-038-AD Banerjee, Nilanjan Incoherent Dynamics of Intense Proton Beams under Electron Cooling
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-037-AD Kladov, S. Commissioning of the Low Energy Electron Gun Test Stand at the University of Chicago
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-036-AD Jarvis, J. The Optical Stochastic Cooling Program at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-035-AD Dick, A.J. Modeling the Amplfied OSC Experiment at IOTA
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-034-CSAID Rossi, Albert The Bulk service and WLCG TAPE API support in dCache
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-033-CSAID Litvintsev, Dmitr Quota management in dCache or making a perfectly normal file system normal
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-032-TD Posen, S. A Booster Replacement Linac for the Future of High Energy Physics at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-031-CMS-CSAID Jones, Christopher CMSSW Scaling Limits on Many-Core Machines
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-029-CMS-CSAID Gartung, Patrick Vectorization of CMSSW offline software
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-028-AD-PIP2 Wijethunga, S.A.K. Electron Cloud Measurements in Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-027-AD-STUDENT Szeliga, Krystian Characterizing the Radiation Environment in the Fermilab MeV Test Area Enclosure during Beam Operati
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-026-TD Viklund, Eric Improving Nb3Sn Cavity Performance Using Centrifugal Barrel Polishing
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-025-STUDENT Garcia Badaracco, Erica Python in Quantum Transduction
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-023-ND Sánchez Falero, Sebastián Status of the muon neutrino charged-current zero mesons cross section measurement in the NOvA near d
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-022-SQMS Johnson, Hans Investigation of Optimizations for FPGA-based Controls Hardware for Experiments using Superconductin
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-022-SQMS Johnson, Hans Investigation of Optimizations for FPGA-based Controls Hardware for Experiments using Superconductin
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-021-PPD-V Chintalapati, Prudhvi Raj Varma Systematic study of projection biases in weak lensing analysis
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-020-PPD Baxter, Daniel Calibrating the Migdal Effect in Semiconductors
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-017-TD Apollinari, G. Experience from the US Contribution to HL-LHC: Nb3Sn Focusing Quadrupoles and SRF Crab Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-016-ETD Kroc, Thomas K. High Power 650 MHz Magnetron RF Power Source
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-015-LDRD-QIS Temples, Dylan J. Toward a DM Search with Phonon-Mediated MKID Devices at NEXUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-014-STUDENT Mason, Eddie Can We Lower the Voltage of a Silicon Module and Still Make It Just as Efficient?
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-012-AD-STUDENT Tang, Jasmine Optimization of secondary beamline using G4beamline
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-011-AD Boi, Steven Delivery of Low Momentum Muons for Muon EDM Studies at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-010-AD Boi, Steven Upstream Collimation in the M4 Line: Optimization, Extinction, and Mu2e Calibration
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-009-AD Boi, Steven Fermilab’s Muon Campus: Status, Experiments, and Future
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-008-ND Schwartz, F. Design Improvements in Liquid Argon Purification Techniques in DUNE Cold Electronics Test Cryostat (
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-007-SQMS James, C. Helium-3 Piping and Gas Handling Implementation for the Colossus milli-Kelvin Platform at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-006-CMS-PPD Madrid, Christopher Building and Testing the CMS Endcap MIP Timing Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-005-SQMS Tatkowski, G. Cryogenic Plant Integration for the Colossus milli-Kelvin Platform at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-005-SQMS Tatkowski, G. Cryogenic Plant Integration for the Colossus milli-Kelvin Platform at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-004-PPD England, Troy ROIC for High Dynamic Range X-ray Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-003-PPD England, Troy Readout Electronics for Detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-002-PPD England, Troy A High Framerate Readout IC with in-Pixel ADC for X-Ray Detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-23-001-SCD Dunn, Marina M. Galaxy Morphology Classification Using Bayesian Neural Networks for LSST
FERMILAB-POSTER-23- 221-STUDENT Ellis, Justin H.E.R.M.E.S – HElpful Robotic MESsenger
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-244-SQMS Wang, Changqing High-efficiency microwave-optical transduction for quantum sensing and computing
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-243-PPD Agrawal, Ankur Detecting Dark Matter with a Qubit
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-242-V Mehta, B. Reducing Flux Uncertainties of NuMI Beamline
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-241-SCD Poh, Jason Strong Lensing Parameter Estimation on Ground-Based Imaging Data Using Simulation-Based Inference
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-240-SCD Danilov, Egor Neural Inference of Gaussian Processes for Time Series Data of Quasars
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-239-SCD Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Cross-Survey Galaxy Morphology Classification and Anomaly Dete
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-236-SQMS Wang, Changqing High-efficiency microwave-optical quantum transduction based on a long-coherence-time cavity electro
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-235-ND-SCD Buchanan, N. Analyzing NOvA Neutrino Data with the Perlmutter Supercomputer
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-234-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly Group mind in scientific collaborations: The role of plural self-awareness
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-233-SQMS Bornman, Nicholas Simulating financial derivative pricing on a qudit-based quantum computer
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-231-PPD Woodworth, Kyle Front-End Evaluation for Pixelated Liquid-Argon Particle Detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-230-TD Baldini, M. Application of Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensors to LMQXFA Cold Mass Welding
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-228-TD Sung, Zuhawn Fundamental Understanding of Heavy Ion Irradiation effects on Fe-based Superconductors
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-227-PPD-SCD Smith, Nick Object Stores for CMS data
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-225-AD St. John, Jason Continuous Anomaly Detection and Labeling for the Fermilab Linac
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-223-TD Netepenko, A. AMR Magnetic Sensors in Flux Expulsion Studies
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-222-TD Kashikhin, V.V. HTS accelerator dipole magnet development based on COMB technology with round REBCO conductors
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-221-DI Dhuley, R.C. Design of a superconducting RF electron beam accelerator for wastewater treatment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-220-DI Kroc, Thomas K. Monte Carlo investigation of the equivalency of the Electron and Photon Spectra of e-beam, x-ray, an
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-219-PPD Quinn, A. A Cryogenic Readout IC with 100 KSPS in-Pixel ADC for Skipper CCD-in-CMOS Sensors
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-218-DI Polkinghorne, Christine N. Exploring the Efectveness of Electron Beam Treatment for Ballast Water Management at Fermi Natonal A
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-217-SCD Mitrevski, Jovan Exploring FPGA in-storage computing for Supernova Burst detection in LArTPCs
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-216-PPD Herwig, Christian System Design and Prototyping for the CMS Level-1 Trigger at the High-Luminosity LHC
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-215-AD Santucci, R. A Modern Ethernet Data Acquisition Architecture for Fermilab Beam Instrumentation
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-214-PPD Mantilla Suárez, Cristina Ana Design and first test results of the CMS HGCAL on-detector ECON-T ASIC with a reconfigurable encoder
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-213-SQMS-T-TD Giaccone, B. SQMS axion searches based on Q0~10 10 multimode superconducting cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-212-SQMS-TD Giaccone, B. Results of plasma processing applied to the LCLS-II-HE vCM cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-211-LDRD-PPD Hoff, Jim The COLDATA Concentrator ASIC for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-210-AD-PPD-SCD A. Warner Experience with Machine Protection Systems at PIP2IT
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-209-PPD-V Cervantes Vergara, Brenda Aurea Characterization of the first fabrication run of skipper-CCDs in 200 mm diameter wafers for Oscura
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-208-TD Belomestnykh, S. HELEN: A Linear Collider Base on Advanced SRF Technology
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-207-TD Helsper, J. Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing, and Lessons Learned of the Prototype 650 MHz Couplers
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-206-AD Carneiro, J.-P. Beam Dynamics Studies at the PIP-II Injector Test Facility
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-205-AD Seiya, K. Operation of the H- Linac at FNAL
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-201-PPD-SCD Duarte, J. FastML Science Benchmarks: Accelerating Scientific Edge ML
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-200-STUDENT Sajid, Muhammad Omer Using variational methods and hyperbolic lattices to find the ground state of gapless systems
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-199-STUDENT Heredia, Lici Modeling the Low-Energy MTA Secondary Production Beamline in G4Beamline
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-198-STUDENT Wang, Brillina Measuring the Relative Performance of LINAC Beam Outages with L-CAPE Anomaly Detection (Gaussian Mix
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-195-STUDENT Barden V, William J. Application of Machine Learning for Low Energy Electron LArTPC Reconstruction
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-192-AD Wieland, J.N. Characterization of Octupole Elements for IOTA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-191-STUDENT Pitocco, Johnny Characterizing Feedhorns for CMB-S4
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-190-AD Berlioz, J.R. Synchronous High-Frequency Distributed Readout for Edge Processing at the Fermilab Main Injector and
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-189-STUDENT Aboushadi, Rami Evaluation of the components of a distributed workload managers on new platforms
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-188 Ji, Y. Experiments on a conduction cooled superconducting radio frequency cavity with field emission cathod
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-187-STUDENT Wyatt, Jason Rucio: Open-source Scientific Data Curation
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-185-STUDENT Aboushadi, Rami Project: Glideinwms Task: installing and testing DE 2.0 on REHL8 Glideinwms Unit tests python3.9
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-184-STUDENT-T Wang, Sherry Improving Simulation of Tau Neutrinos Using Polarization Information
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-183-OCIO D'Antonio, Lucas Computing Node Scanning Tool for Collaborative Science
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-181-STUDENT Loe, Trevor Beam Optics Analysis from the Mu2e External Line Commissioning
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-179-STUDENT Baines, Demetric Particle Tracking Code Development
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-178-STUDENT Brand-Baugher, Lukas Error Mitigation Methods in Track Reconstruction of ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-177-STUDENT Erkoc, Muhammet Enes Distributed Scientific Computing Monitoring and Tracing
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-176-AD-STUDENT Dyulgerov, Aleksandar Study of clustering methods of Linac outages: K-Means vs G.M.M
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-175-STUDENT Woolford, Christopher Monte Carlo Simulation of the EMPHATIC Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-174-STUDENT Saarinen, Talia Simulation Tuning on the ICARUS Neutrino Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-173-TD Chouhan, V. Effect of electropolishing on nitrogen doped and undoped niobium surfaces
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-172-AD-STUDENT Wilensky, Jara Design Study of Photonic Band Gap Structures for Axion Detection
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-171-STUDENT D'Alessandro, Jonah Superconducting Undulator - Design and Validation
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-170-ND-STUDENT Surdutovich, Joseph Eliminating Cosmic Ray Backgrounds for SBND’s sub-GeV Dark Matter Search
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-169-AD Perez, Alex Optimization of the MTA Primary Beam Line
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-168-STUDENT Robinson Rey, Rebecca Projections for Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) Telescope’s Detection of Ne
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-167-STUDENT Lee, Calvin GlideinWMS Credentials Revision
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-166-ND-STUDENT Knusel, Alex Understanding and Presenting Scientific Data Storage Usage
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-165-AD-STUDENT Glochowsky, Michael Muon Beams: Tungsten Targetry Analysis for MTA and PIP-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-163-SCD-STUDENT Abdelaziz, Ebtihal Cluster Cosmology
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-162-SCD-V Swaminathan, Shrijan Evaluation and Optimization of Cloud Resources
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-161-TD Chouhan, V. Study on Electropolishing Conditions for 650 MHz Niobium SRF Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-160-PPD-STUDENT Herron, Kai Angular Power Spectra Analysis of Large-Scale Structure
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-159-AD Sharankova, R. Diagnostics for Linac Optimization with Machine Learning
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-158-SCD-STUDENT Himley, Aidan Containerization and IPv6 for GlideinWMS
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-157-AD-STUDENT Soto, Jorge J. Accumulator Ring Beam Optics
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-156-AD-STUDENT Zinnerman, Baijing Designing of a Beam Position Monitor for Additive Manufacturing
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-155-ND-STUDENT Patino, Nicolas Lepton-Nucleus Quasielastic Scattering
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-154-TD Contreras-Martinez, C. Simulated Lorentz Force Detuning Compensation With A Double Lever Tuner On A Dreassed ILC/1.3 GHz Ca
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-150-TD Pischalnikov, Yu. 2.6GHz SRF Cavity Tuner for DarkPhoton Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-148-ND-STUDENT Barbera, Thomas GENIE Adaptations for Electron Beam and Simulation Comparisons
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-147-STUDENT Kulkarni, Atharva Towards a Better Quench Instrumentation
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-146-STUDENT-TD La Rotta, Pedro Leandro Cleanroom Automation of SRF Cavity String Assembly
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-144-TD Pischalnikov, Yu. Accelerated Lifetime Test of the SRF Cavity Tuner/Dressed Cavity System for the LCLS II He Project
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-143-CCD-STUDENT Aylay, Lewhat DUNE workflows on the EAF for analyzing data from ProtoDUNE-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-142-AD Cathey, Brandon Symplectic Particle Tracking in a Thick Nonlinear McMillan Lens for the Fermilab Integrable Optics T
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-141-STUDENT Beaudoin, Liam Finding the Optimal Signal for a 2-cell SRF Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-140-STUDENT Tasneem, Amna The Kilonova Data Challenge (KDC)
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-139-STUDENT Majethia, Krish B. First Look at Cosmic Ray Tagging (CRT) Track Reconstruction at ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-138-PPD-STUDENT Subedi, Divas Quantum Sensor for detection of Dark Matter
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-137-STUDENT Rositas, Jonathan Clustering High-Energy Neutron Hits in the LDMX Hcal
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-136-STUDENT Li, Yuqian Comparison of Electron and Neutrino Modeling
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-135-SQMS-STUDENT Smith, Keston Searching for Axion/Dark Photon Conversion Signals
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-134-PIP2-STUDENT-TD Hayman, Jay Developing Instrumentation for Magnetic Field Measurement
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-133-STUDENT Akouedjinoude, Kodjo Mechanical Design of the OSCURA Vessel
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-132-STUDENT Coil, Sydney Quasielastic Scattering in Pion+ Liquid Argon Interactions
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-131-STUDENT-T Janni, Anna Gluon Representation for Lattice QCD Computer Simulations
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-130-STUDENT Delgado, Julian Optical and RF Component Testing Platform for Quantum Transduction Technology
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-129-ESH-STUDENT Leahy, Ellyn Tritium Load at Indian Creek Spillway
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-128-STUDENT Sajid, Omer Investigating the ground state of a hyperbolic lattice for Anti-De Sitter / Conformal Field Theory c
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-127-STUDENT Peiro, Silvia Temperature Prediction at FAST using LSTMs
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-126-ND-STUDENT Neely-Brown, LeRayah Energy Reconstruction of Low Energy Events in LArTPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-125-STUDENT Rodriguez, Fatima Measuring the Radial Field of Muon g-2
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-124-STUDENT Washington, Davion Anomaly Detection in the LINAC
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-123-AD-STUDENT Meinking, Arianna Simulating Qubits Coupled to a Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-122-STUDENT Roberts, Alisha Quantum Simulating Neutrino Oscillations
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-121-LBNF Larsen, Tyler Rock Handling System Optimization Study
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-120-LBNF Hernandez, Victor Winch Pull Force Calculation at Ross Shaft 4850L Station
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-119-STUDENT Terwilliger, Clifton Multi-Threaded Graph Processing Framework For Dune
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-118-AD-STUDENT Hazelton, Edward Booster Cavity Tuner Optimization
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-117-STUDENT Morrissette, James LAPPD Performance Analysis for the ANNIE Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-116-STUDENT Olberding, Maxwell Searching for Axions with Superconducting Nanowires
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-115-STUDENT Clark, Malachi DUNE VDTPC Raw Signal Analysis using Machine Learning
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-114-PPD-STUDENT Krishnan, Achintya SPT-SLIM Electronics Rack
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-112-STUDENT Brown, Trey High Pressure Rinsing of Accelerator Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-111-STUDENT Koliadko, Noah D. Studies of DIS Models of ν-A Scattering
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-110-STUDENT Perez, Giana N. Exploring Electron Scattering in LDMX - Developing a Selection to Improve Neutrino Interaction Model
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-109-STUDENT Raofa, Raisa Tasnim Building Tiny LArTPC to Measure Low Energy Events
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-108-STUDENT Toure, Oumou A Study On Metaoptics
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-107-STUDENT Herbst, Lilly Gravity Offload Tool for PIP-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-106-STUDENT Farnsworth, Russell Tau Polarization in Novel Neutrino Event Generator
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-105-STUDENT Bahnke, Brayden 650 MHz Coupler Test Stand Redesign
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-104-STUDENT Hinnen, Sarah Study of NuMI Beam Spot Size to Build a Regression Model
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-102-STUDENT Upadhyay, Param Low Energy Neutron Reconstruction - LDMX
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-101-FESS-STUDENT Suliman, Soka Industrial Cooling Water Simulation and Analysis
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-101-FESS-STUDENT Suliman, Soka ICW Model Update and Analysis using WaterGems
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-100-STUDENT Hoeksema, Amanda RVR Electrical Hardware and Software
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-099-STUDENT Alexis, Minani Transverse Beam Echoes In The IOTA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-098-AD-STUDENT Cox, Carrie Understanding NuMI Device Performances with a ML Technique
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-097-STUDENT Stachowicz, Emily AD Robotics – RVR Top Plate and Gantry Arm
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-095-AD-STUDENT Fatima, Maryum 3D Stereoscopic Inspection Camera
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-092-STUDENT Sarna, Magdalena W. RVR Wheel System and Gantry Arm
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-090-STUDENT Brown, Anthony Directional Dark Matter Detection With Scintillating Crystals
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-089-STUDENT Al Bahadli, Ayat Big data analysis of data transfers in multi petabyte distributed storage system
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-088-PPD Knirck, Stefan BREAD: Broadband Reflector Experiment for Axion Detection
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-087-AD Wickremasinghe, Don Athula Muon Monitor Signal to Predict NuMI Beam Parameters and Horn Current by Applying Machine Learning Te
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-086-ND-V Behera, Biswaranjan Cosmogenic Background Rejection at ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-085-ND Kalra, Daisy Real-time intelligent data processing for the next generation of particle imaging detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-084-PPD Stifter, Kelly Low energy calibration of novel dark matter detectors with a scanning laser device
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-083-QIS Temples, Dylan J. Probes of New Physics with MAGIS-100
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-082-ND Zettlemoyer, Jacob PIP2-BD: Searches for new physics with a stopped-pion source at the Fermilab accelerator complex
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-080-V Diurba, Richard Recent MicroBooNE cross-section results: neutrino-induced baryon production
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-080 Morrissette, Alena DuPage County Motorcycle Helmet Design for Improved Comfort and Safety
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-079-V Singh, Ishwar Constraining High Energy Intrinsic Beam Background of the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-078-AD-LBNF Davidson, Matthew Design Challenges in High-Current Pulsed Striplines
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-077-AD-TD Jensen, C.C. Pulsed Power Supply for Magnet Quench Training
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-076-AD Jensen, C.C. A 300 kA Pulsed Power Supply for LBNF
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-073-LBNF-V Deck, Eric Emerson Modeling and Analysis of Ionization Laser Calibration for the DUNE Far Detector Time Projection Cham
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-071-V Chen, Cheng An improved pulse-fitting procedure for calorimeter event reconstruction in the Muon g-2 experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-070-V Batell, B. Phenomenological Demonstration of Deep Neural Networks in the Search for BSM Physics w/ LArTPCs
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-069-LBNF-V Hicks, Rebecca Ionization Laser Calibration for the DUNE Time Projection Chamber
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-067-PIP2 Lari, Luisella In-Kind Contributions: The Proton Improvement Plan II (PIP-II) Project at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-066-V Aliaga, Leo Measurement of the muon-neutrino charged-current interactions with low hadronic activity at the NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-065-V Devilbiss, Mackenzie Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto Aging Studies
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-064-ND Veeraraghavan, Venkatesh Timing Characterization of LAPPDs in ANNIE Using Laser Calibration
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-063-CMS Dubnowski, Max Performance of Highly Irradiated SiPMs Coupled to LYSO:Ce Crystals For the CMS MTD Barrel Timing Lay
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-062-V Hu, Tianqi Search for a permanent muon electric dipole moment at the Fermilab Muon g-2 experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-061-V Horoho, Tyler Searches for Dark Matter with the Light Dark Matter eXperiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-060-PPD Gioiosa, A. TDAQ and slow control production systems installation in the Mu2e experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-059-V Gauch, Anja ArCLight: Development of a novel light detector for modular liquid Argon detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-058-ND Heggestuen, Anna Overview of the Short Baseline Neutrino Program Far Detector (ICARUS)
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-057 Chithirasreemadam, N. Mu2e Event Visualisation Development using TEve and Eve-7
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-056-V Kuruppu, Chatura Status of the measurement of the muon neutrino charged-current coherent pion production in the NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-055-AD-ND Drakopoulou, Evangelia Reconstruction Techniques in ANNIE
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-054-V Ng, Jun Kai Machine Learning Model for Positron Detection in Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-053-PPD Kessler, David Field Studies with Faraday Magnetometers for Muon g-2
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-052-V Oza, Nupur Measuring the Neutral Current π0 Cross-section on Argon in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-051-ND Poonthottathil, Navaneeth Status of the Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment (ANNIE)
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-050-V Israel, Scott mu2e Track Quality Selection in Python/Sklearn
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-048-ND Calvez, Steven The Profiled Feldman-Cousins method for confidence interval estimation in the presence of nuisance p
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-047-ND-V Wu, Wenjie Purity monitoring for ProtoDUNE-SP
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-046-ND Sánchez Falero, Sebastián de Jesús Status of the muon neutrino charged-current zero mesons cross section measurement in the NOvA near d
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-043-ND-V Sztuc, Artur A. Bayesian neutrino oscillation analysis with the NOvA experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-042-ND Poppi, Francesco The Top Cosmic Ray Tagger of the SBN Far Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-041-V Pasqualini, Laura Short-Baseline neutrino oscillation searches with the ICARUS detector at FNAL
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-040 Chatla, Akshay Context Enriched Prong CNN performance studies in NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-039-ND-V Groh, Micah Treatment of Systematic Uncertainties on the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-038-ND Mueller, Justin First Studies of ICARUS Cosmic/Neutrino Data
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-037-ND Scarpelli, Andrea Design, commissioning, and performance of the trigger system for the ICARUS experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-036-V Cherdack, D. (#160) Understanding the NuMI Neutrino Flux at ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-033-ND Kleykamp, Jeffrey Non-standard interactions at NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-032-ND Aurisano, Adam J. Tau Neutrino Physics at DUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-031-ND-V Johnson, Connor Muon Anti-Neutrino Charged-Current Inclusive Cross Sections Using the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-030-ND Behera, Biswaranjan Cosmogenic Background Rejection at the ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-028-V Bat, Ayse A Measurement of the Electron Antineutrino Charged-Current Inclusive Cross Section with NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-027-ND-V Dolce, Michael Constraining NOvA physics model parameters with the Near Detector using Frequentist and Bayesian sta
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-026-ND Betancourt, Minerba ν-Ar Cross-Section Measurements Using NuMI Neutrino Beam @ ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-025-ND-V Elkins, Miranda J. Data-Driven Methods to Quantify NOvA Far Detector Backgrounds
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-023-ND Hewes, V. Two-Detector Search for 3+1 Active-to-Sterile Neutrino Oscillations in NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-022-V Singh, Ishwar Impact of High Energy events on NOvA Oscillation Sensitivities
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-021-ND-V Kralik, Robert NOvA Test Beam Detector Calibration
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-020-ND-V Sutton, Andrew Latest Long-baseline 3-flavor Neutrino Oscillation Results from the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-019-V Olson, Travis Grant Double-Differential Cross Section and 2p2h Contribution using ν CC Interactions in the NOvA Ne
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-018-V Bowles, Reed Scott Neutrino Tridents in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-017-LBNF Thakore, Tarak Sensitivity study to Neutrino Mass Ordering and sterile neutrino model parameters with atmospheric n
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-016-V Hall, Anna Data-Driven cross checks for electron (anti)neutrino selection efficiency in NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-014-PPD Stifter, Kelly Scanning laser device for low energy characterization of cryogenic devices
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-013-LDRD-QIS Temples, Dylan J. Direct Dark Matter Search with Kinetic Inductance Detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-011-ND Mueller, Justin Investigating Short-Baseline Neutrino Anomalies with ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-009-ND-V Wu, Wanwei A deep-learning based charged-current electron neutrino interaction identification in the ArgoNeuT e
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-008-V Manrique Plata, Maria Measuring the $\pi^{0}$ invariant mass in NOvA using photon identification
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-005-DI-TD Kroc, T. Wall plug efficiency analysis of a compact SRF industrial accelerator
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-004-ND-V Haejun Oh, Stella ExplorinCosmic Background Events Appearing in NOvA Far Detector Neutral Current Selection
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-002-DI-TD Kroc, T. Wall plug efficiency analysis of a compact SRF industrial accelerator
FERMILAB-POSTER-22-001-TD Abdisatarov, B. Characterization of Nb films with varying RRR values at low temperatures
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-139-STUDENT-T Mishra, Nishant Constraints on the Epoch of Reionization from the Cosmic Microwave Background using the CROC suite o
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-137-STUDENT Smith, Jacob Understanding v Interactions with e– Scattering Data
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-136-STUDENT Beas-Gonzalez, Julian Implementing a convolutional neural network in the DESGW pipeline
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-135-STUDENT Da Silva, Vinicius Identifying Standard Candles in Liquid Argon TPC at MeV Energies
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-134-STUDENT Reising, Kiernan Analyzing Acoustic Data From Quench Training
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-133-STUDENT Brand-Baugher, Lukas Jon Sub GeV Proton-Pion Identification in the Recoil Tracker and Calorimeter of the LDMX
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-132-AD-STUDENT Novara, Alexander Enabling Measurements of Qubit Errors at NEXUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-131-STUDENT Antonakis, Alexander A High-Accuracy Technique to Measure the Phase-Space of a Dispersive Particle Beam
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-130-STUDENT Zvonarek, Kevin J. Coherent Ray-tracing for BREAD
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-128-CMS-SCD Banerjee, Sunanda Denoising Convolutional Networks to Accelerate Detector Simulation
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-127-AD Pronskikh, Vitaly Stanislavovich Experiment as Theseus’s Ship: Which Experiments Preserve Diachronic Identity?
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-126-TD Nogiec, Jerzy M. Designing a Magnetic Measurement Data Acquisition and Control System with Reuse in Mind: A Rotating
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-125-TD Nogiec, Jerzy M. Software Architecture and Hardware Organization in Mu2e Solenoid Field Mapping System
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-124-SCD Ciprijanoivc, A. Robustness of deep learning algorithms in astronomy - galaxy morphology studies
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-123-TD Rabehl, Roger J. Fermilab’s Horizontal Test Stand Cryogenic System Upgrade and Commissioning
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-122-SCD Otten, Matthew Qudits as Quantum Memory
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-119-TD Nogiec, Jerzy M. Architecture of a Multi-Channel Data Streaming Device with an FPGA as a Coprocessor
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-118-TD Giaccone, Bianca Study of the niobium oxide structure and microscopic effect of plasma processing on the Nb surface
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-117-TD Giaccone, Bianca Study of the Niobium Oxide Structure and Microscopic Effect of Plasma Processing on the Nb Surface
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-116-AD Bryant, Draten Material and Vacuum Characterization of 3D Printed Stainless Steel
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-113-STUDENT Wynne, Meg Searches for New Particles at DarkQuest
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-111-ND Lawrence-Sanderson, Benjamin Metalenses as Light Concentrators for Liquid Argon Detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-108-E-STUDENT Vega, Justin Performance of ADRIANO2 calorimeter prototype with 120GeV protons
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-107-E-STUDENT Guo, Christopher Track Triggers for Exotic Signatures at the LHC
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-106-STUDENT Malaker, Matthew Tolerancing Tera-BREAD Using Ray-Tracing Simulations
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-105-STUDENT Leininger, Tara AI Acceleration of HEP Collider Simulation
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-103-V Barden, William Calibration of ICARUS Detector Walls
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-102-SCD-STUDENT Navarro, Alexander Preparing the DESGW software pipeline for LVK’s O4
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-100-E Dighamber, Mohit Hunting Gravitational Wave Mergers with Cosmic Surveys
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-099-AD-STUDENT Gao, Shiwei Network Quality of Service Test Methodology for 5G
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-098-STUDENT Gasior, Brett Lambda Plate Seal for HFVMTF Anticryostat
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-097-STUDENT McDonald, Tom Characterizing the Geometry and Footprint of the DELVE Survey
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-096-AD-STUDENT Hoeksema, Amanda Counterweight for Long Reach Robotic Arm
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-095-AD-STUDENT Rupsis, Joseph Low-Energy, High-Intensity Muon Beam (LEHIM-B)
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-094-T English, Samuel Tackling DIS Region Using Spectral Function Formalism
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-093-STUDENT Whalen, Clare Data Analytics – The ICW System
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-092-PPD-STUDENT Krynicki, Holly Redshift Calibration of DELVE Galaxy Survey
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-091-AD-STUDENT Sanchez, Brenda AD Robotics – Long Reach Robot Arm
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-090-STUDENT Yu, Felix Simulation Study of SiPM Sensitivity to Rayleigh Scattering Measurement in the TallBo Chamber
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-088-STUDENT Toure, Oumou Hadron Monitor Test Stand Controller – Raspberry Pi based CNC Control System
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-087-STUDENT Heredia, Lici MTA Pion Production Target Studies
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-086-ND-STUDENT Chambers-Wall, Graham Analysis of electron scattering data to constrain neutrino scattering
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-084-STUDENT Vayninger, Michael Reconstructing Crossing Muons in ICARUS Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-083-STUDENT Sarna, Magdalena AD Robotics - 3D Printer Enclosure
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-082-AD Stachowicz, Emily AD Robotics - 3D Printer Enclosure
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-081-STUDENT Butler, Tonie Simulating and Testing the Damping of Targets in Accelerator Based Experiments
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-080-CMS-E Dickinson, Jennet Design and Prototype Performance of Macro-Pixel Sub-Assemblies for the CMS Outer Tracker Upgrade
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-079-E-STUDENT Abdelaziz, Ebtihal Searching for Cosmic Strings Using SPT-3G data
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-078-STUDENT Levy, Caleb Detecting Low Surface Brightness Galaxies with Mask R-CNN
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-077-FESS-STUDENT Hanna, Caitlynn DWS Model Update and Analysis Using WaterGEMS
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-074-ND-STUDENT Neely-Brown, LeRayah Impacts of Energy Reconstruction on SBN Oscillation Measurements
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-073-STUDENT Hoppesch, Matthew H- Injection Simulations for Multi-MW Upgrade (PIP-III)
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-072-V Ally, Danel How to Limit the Beam-Induced Background in a Muon Collide
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-071-AD Muldrow, Nicolette Progress on a Study of Target-Horn System for Muon Colliders
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-070-PIP2-STUDENT Hayman, Jay Thermal Profiling of PIP-II Radio Wave Distribution
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-069-V Martoff, Charles J. Analysis of Gamma Ray Emisssions From Fission Product Contributors to the Antineutrino Spectrum
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-068-V Peets, Emrys The Light Dark Matter Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-067-AE Zhang, Zhuowen Incorporating Galaxy Cluster Triaxiality in Stacked Cluster Weak Lensing Analyses
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-066-V Sánchez Falero, Sebastián de Jesús Status of the muon neutrino charged-current zero mesons cross section measurement in the NOvA near d
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-065-STUDENT Xu, Yueling Kathryn Sample Selection and Bright Star Masking in DELVE
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-064-STUDENT Zichi, Laura Neutrino Interaction Modeling with Electron Scattering in LDMX
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-063-ESH-STUDENT Murray, Anne The Possible Impacts of Climate Change on Fermilab’s Radioactive Air Emissions
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-061-STUDENT Xing, Zhenzhong Gas Argon Time Projection Chamber Optimization
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-060-ND Truong, Syrian Implement Spectral Function Model Into GENIE via Wrapper
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-059-STUDENT Feigelson, David Beam Dynamics in IOTA using PyORBIT
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-058-STUDENT-T Lopez Gutierrez, Diego Automatic Leptonic Tensor Generation for Beyond the Standard Model Theories
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-057-V Gioiosa, Antonio Slow control and data acquisition development in the Mu2e experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-056-V Rafique, Aleena Identification and Reconstruction of Michel Electrons in ProtoDUNE-SP
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-055-STUDENT Delgado, Jullian Mock-ups to Predict Beam Axis Displacements of Cavities and Solenoids in PIP-II SSR2 Cryomodule
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-054-STUDENT Greenstein, Chloe Simulated Photo-nuclear Kaon Production for LDMX
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-053-STUDENT Blum, Ashlae A Temporal Approach to Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-052-AE Avila, Marcelo The Kilonova Data Challenge
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-051-ND Elkins, Miranda NOvA’s Latest 3-Flavor Neutrino Oscillation Results
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-049-CMS Bright-Thonney, Samuel Efficiently Cooling Radiation-Damaged Silicon Pixel Sensors in the CMS HL-LHC Inner Tracker
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-048-V King, Matt Ongoing Measurement of Pion Absorption Cross Section in Liquid Argon with LArIAT
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-047-E Barzi, Emanuela Z. Involving the new generations in Fermilab endeavours
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-046 Chithirasreemadam, S. Mu2e Event Display Development – Using the TEve Framework
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-045-V Mehta, Bhumika Straw tube studies and prototype Assembly
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-044-ND Sullivan, Cullen Investigating Improvements to the NOvA Event Selection Efficiency for Events in the Mass-hierarchy-s
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-043 Newmark, Darcy A. Ionization Laser Calibration System for DUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-041 Chatla, Akshay Context Enriched Prong CNN performance studies in NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-039-V Ge, Guanqun Search for a Single-Photon Anomalous Excess in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-038-LBNF Schwan, Aaron Guide Shoe Cart Combination
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-037-V Carpenter, Luke A New HLT Trigger Based on Track Multiplicity for SUEPs Analysis
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-036-ND Meddage, Varuna Time of Flight (ToF) Studies in SBND Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-034-STUDENT Chavez, Elise Measuring the Energy Resolution of MicroBooNE at the MeV-Scale
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-033-STUDENT Douglas, Thomas Optimization of Dilution Refrigerator Mechanical Supports
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-032-SCD-STUDENT Paton, Lisa Monitoring DUNE Data Streaming Efficiency
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-030-LBNF Nesbitt, Phil The Search for Air Overpressure During Blasting Operations
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-029-PIP2-TD Helsper, Joshua Frank Transportation Analysis of the Fermilab High-Beta 650 MHz Cryomodule
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-027-TD Koshelev, S. Design of the cryostat for High Field Vertical Magnet Testing Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-025-TD Rabehl, Roger J. An Upgraded Cryogenic Test Stand for HL-LHC Cryo-Assemblies
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-024-TD Bafia, D. The Role of Oxygen Concentration in Enabling High Gradients in Niobium SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-022-TD Chouhan, Vijay Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation for Electrolyte Flow in Horizontal EP of Nb SRF Elliptical Ca
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-021-AD Fang, I. Pion-production target design for Mu2e-II: radiation damage and thermal analysis
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-020-AD Gourlay, Stephen Alan “Snowmass’21” Accelerator Frontier
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-019-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. General Approach to Physics Limits of Ultimate Colliders
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-018-AD Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Space-Charge Effects in Ionization Beam Profile Monitors
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-017-AD Wickremasinghe, Don Athula Abeyarathna Status of the Measurement of Neutrino-Electron Elastic Scattering in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-015-AD Madrak, R. Improving Magnetic Materials for RCS Cavity Tuners
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-013-AD Lumpkin, Alex H. Investigations of Long-Range Wakefield Effects in a TESLA-type Cryomodule at FAST
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-012-AD Lumpkin, Alex H. Observations on Submicropulse Electron-Beam Effects From Short-Range Wakefields in Tesla-Type Superc
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-011-AD Lumpkin, Alex H. Observations of Long-Range Wakefield Effects Downstream of an Off-resonance TESLA-type Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-010-SCD Ćiprijanović, Aleksandra Miodrag Domain Adaptation for Cross-Domain Studies of Merging Galaxies
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-009-AD-SCD Kafkes, Diana Developing Robust Digital Twins and Reinforcement Learning for Accelerator Control Systems at the Fe
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-008-AD Thurman-Keup, Randy Michael Observation of Polarization-Dependent Changes in Higher Order Mode Responses as a Function of Transv
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-007-TD Romanov, Gennady V. Dynamics of One-Side Multipactor on Dielectrics
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-006-SCD-STUDENT Urs, Namratha Using Pilot Jobs and CernVM File System for Simplified Use of Containers and Software Distribution
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-005-AD Lynch, Kevin Richard R&D toward design for a pion-production target for Mu2e-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-004-AD Cathey, B. Progress on the Electron Gun Design for a Millan electron lens in IOTA
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-002 Ozguler, A. Baris Excitation dynamics in galvanically coupled fluxonium circuits
FERMILAB-POSTER-21-001 Ozguler, A. Baris Response of a quantum disordered spin system to a local periodic drive
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-131-SCD Ciprijanovic, A. DeepMerge: Studying Distant Merging Galaxies with Deep Neural Networks
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-129-AD Huanay, Antonio Making a power supply that produces 1000 A with ripple of 50 parts per million.
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-128-DI Griggs, jAMES SRF Fixture Design and HOM analysis
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-127-TD Miranda, Llovizna Digital Application Specific Integrated Circuit Design
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-126-PPD Price, Tiffany Energy Audit of MC-1
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-125-ND Reesman, G. Double-beta decay searches at a theoretical DUNE 4th module
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-124-PPD Mishra, Nishant\ Characterizing complex impedance in TES Detectors for SuperCDMS
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-123-SCD Franklin, Lena AI Denoising to Accelerate Detector Simulation
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-122-PPD Coronel, Ruben The Ellipticity of Galaxy Clusters at a Large Radius
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-121-AD Azar, Kate Simulation of and Antenna Design for a Reflector-based Broadband Axion Search
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-120-AD Njekeu, Terence Franck Hyper Parameter Tuning in Neural Optical Image Categorizer for the E-log (NOICE
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-118-PPD O'Neil, Judah Astro Skipper-CCD Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-117-SCD Neely-Brown, LeRayah Constructing a Testing Application for GWMS
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-116-PPD Collins, Eboni Understanding the Effects of Overlapping Galaxies in Dark Energy Probes
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-115-SCD Youssef, Rahaf Measuring and Simulating T1 and T2 for Qubits
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-114-SCD Yancey, Mirica Pilot Log Anonymization in GlideinMonitor
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-113-TD Matos, Alejandro Prominent Loss Mechanisms in Superconducting Qubits
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-111-AD Stachowicz, Emily Radioactive Cleaning Robot
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-108-AD Leone, Giovani Deep Ensemble Confidence Levels for Multi-hot Categorization
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-105-QIS Guy, Khalil Using Reinforcement Learning to Optimize Quantum Circuits in the Presence of Noise
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-104-ND Chavez, Elise DUNE’s Potential to Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-103-T Lopez Gutierrez, Diego Automatic Leptonic Tensor Calculation for Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) Theories
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-101-ND Papadopoulou, Afroditi First Measurement of Differential Charged Current Quasielastic–like $\nu_\mu$ -Argon Scattering Cros
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-097-SCD Pham, Linh Single Transverse Variables in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-096-AD Huether, Joel Assessing Systematic Errors in Simulation Studies of Mu2e
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-095-FESS Lopez, Ruben Shrubland Restoration
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-094-AD Hoeksema, Amanda AD Robotics - Long Reach Robotic Arm
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-093-QIS Zaidel, Michael Characterization and Automation of Quantum Electronics for Qubit-based Dark Matter Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-091-E Krzyzanska, Katarzyna Studying the Effects of Overlapping Objects in Dark Energy
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-090-TD Kazi, Sujay Characterizing Acoustic Signals in the Buildup to a Magnet Quench
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-089-AD Scheidt, Kelsey MAGIS-100 Atom Source Support Preliminary Design
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-087-ND Chambers-Wall, Graham Charge response and energy calibration of ProtoDUNE-SP
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-087-ND Wu, Wanwei Charge response and energy calibration of ProtoDUNE-SP
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-085-PPD Logsdon, Morgan Sample Management Tools for the Irradiation Test Area (ITA)
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-084-SCD Tuttle, Ethan Analysis of Hadron Models to Better Predict Neutrino Flux for DUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-083-AD Roberts, Grace Optimizing muon injection for the Muon g-2 experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-082-T Kowalczyk, Elizabeth Simulation of Axion-like Particles at DarkQuest
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-081-ND Welch, Tabitha Exploring the Great Pyramid
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-080-SCD Schefke, Tristan DeepBench: Open-Source Tools for A.I. in the Sky
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-078-ND Chambers-Wall, Graham Charge response and energy calibration of ProtoDUNE-
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-077-AD Aasman, Jordan Laser Transport Vacuum Simulations and LED Atom Tracker
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-076-DI-SCD-WDRS Garrett, Nathan Adapting DESGW Single Epoch Image Differencing to the LSST Software Stack
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-074-V Sutton, Andrew Neutrino Energy Reconstruction in NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-073-E Cerny, William Discovery and Characterization of a New Ultra-Faint Stellar System with the DELVE Survey
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-072-ND Ginnett, Isabella Analysis of the impact of different hit finding techniques on charge and energy reconstruction for I
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-070-LBNF Diurba, Richard Purity monitoring for ProtoDUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-068-V Michaels, Kelli Neutrino Tridents in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-063-ND-V Calvez, Steven Accelerating Calculation of Confidence Intervals for NOvA's Neutrino Oscillation Parameter Estimatio
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-062-T Isaacson, Joshua A Novel Approach for the Intranuclear Cascade
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-059-T Berryman, Jeffrey M. Searches for Dark Sector Mediators in the DUNE Multi-Purpose Near Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-058-ND Howell, Ryan Prospects of Neutrino Cross Section Measurements Using the NuMI off axis at ICARUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-057-ND Strait, M. The Astrophysics Program of NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-056-ND-SCD Wospakrik, Marianette Constraining Systematic Uncertainties for the Electron-Neutrino Search at MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-054-SCD Bathe-Peters, Lars Comparing generator predictions of single transverse variables in neutrino-argon scattering
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-053-E Bashyal, Amit High Statistics CCQE Like cross-section measurements on CH Target with E_{\nu} ~ 6 GeV
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-052-ND Yallappa Dombara, Abhilash Wrong sign Contamination in NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-051-V Duenas Tonguino, David Design and Operation of a Charged Particle Beamline for the NOvA Test Beam Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-050-AD-LBNF-V Bostan, Nilay Neutrino Flux Analysis and Monitoring for Power Improvements in NuMI
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-048-V Dolce, Michael NOvA central value tuning and uncertainties for the hN FSI model in GENIE 3
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-047-AD Wickremasinghe, Don Athula Study of Muon Monitor Data to Maintain the Quality of the NuMI Neutrino Beam at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-045-ND Olivier, Andrew Double-Diferential $\nu_\mu$ Charged Current Quasi-Elastic-Like Cross Section on Plastic Scintillato
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-044-TD Posen, S. Nb3Sn Superconducting RF Cavities: R&D Progress at Fermilab and Opportunities
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-043-QIS-T Carena, Marcella QIS for Applied Quantum Field Theory
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-042-QIS-SCD Adachi, Steven HEP ML/Optimization Go Quantum – QuantISED Pilot
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-041-QIS-SCD Spentzouris, Panagiotis Illinois-Express Quantum Networks (IEQNET)
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-040-QIS Plunkett, Rob MAGIS-100: 100 m Atomic Interferometry at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-039-QIS-SCD Lyon, Adam L. Large Scale Simulations of Quantum Systems on HPC with Analytics for HEP Algorithms
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-038-AD DiMeo, Michael Radiation Mapping UAV
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-037-QIS Li, Andy C. Y. Scalable boson encoding for VQE
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-036-DI Cooper, Charlie Destruction of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs)
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-035-DI Cooper, Charlie E-Beam Destruction of Contaminants in Water
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-034-TD $Nb_3Sn$ Superconducting RF Cavities: R&D Progress at Fermilab and Opportunities
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-033-TD Posen, Samuel Elliott SRF Cavity R&D - Enabling New Frontiers in High Energy Physics and Quantum Science
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-032-TD Blowers, Jamie APS-TD Quality Facilities and Tools
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-031-ND-SCD Bitter, Olivia Meredith Online and Offline Monitoring of the ICARUS Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-030-TD Zorzetti, Silvia Computer vision technology for the alignment monitoring of the prototype SSR1 cryomodule
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-028-TD Barzi, E. Development and First Test of the 15 T $Nb_3Sn$ Dipole Demonstrator MDFCT1
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-027-TD Martinello, Martina Tailoring Impurity Profile to Maximize Cavity Performance
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-026-TD Checchin, Mattia Versatile CVD/ALD system
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-025-TD Eremeev, Grigory Vertical Cavity Test Facility
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-024-TD Passarelli, Donato Fermilab’s Next Flagship Accelerator Proton Improvement Plan-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-023-TD Parise, Mattia Single Spoke Resonators: String Assembly and Mechanical Design
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-022-TD Ristori, L. US Contribution to CERN: RF Dipole Crab Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-021-TD Tartaglia, M. Magnet Test Facilities
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-020-TD Badgley, Karie Magnets for the Mu2e experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-019-AD-TD Hartsell, Brian D. Cryomodules for LCLS-II High Energy
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-018-TD Frolov, Daniil Quantum Measurement and Characterization
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-017-TD Chandrasekaran, Saravan K. $\beta$ = 0.61 \& 0.92 Systems for PIP-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-016-TD Spina, Tiziana Iron Based Superconductors at FNAL: Ultra High-Field Superconductor at Low-Cost
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-014-TD Roger, V. HB650 Prototype Cryomodule
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-013-TD Marinozzi, V. US High-Luminosity LHC Accelerator Upgrade Program (AUP)
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-012-TD Hollister, Matt Millikelvin Cryogenics at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-011-TD Giaccone, Bianca Plasma Processing to Mitigate Field Emission in LCLS-II 1.3 GHz SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-010-TD Furuta, F. Cavity Processing Laboratory for SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-009-TD Krave, Steve Accelerator Magnet R&D at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-008-TD Bice, D. APS-TD Cleanroom Facilities
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-007-TD Holland, Eric Accelerating Quantum Technologies Through Fermilab SRF Expertise
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-006-TD APS-TD Helium Cryogenic Facilities
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-005-TD Posen, Samuel Elliott Science Opportunities and Capabilities Enabled by LCLS-II and LCLS-II HE
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-004-TD Xu, Xingchen Development of Advanced $Nb_3Sn$ Superconductors for Future Energy-Frontier Colliders
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-003-TD Stanek, Richard LCLS-II Fermilab’s Contribution to Next Generation CW Light Source
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-002-TD Bafia, Daniel Peter High Gradient Cryomodule Prototype for the International Linear Collider
FERMILAB-POSTER-20-001-TD Boffo, Cristian Superconducting Undulator Technology
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-145-E Laffan, Clair Trigger Rate of High Energy Electrons in the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-144-E Whalen, Michael Trigger for Momentum Calibration and Beam Position Monitoring by Means of Decay-in-Orbit $\mu$ in th
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-143-E Duarte, Javier Accelerated Machine Learning as a Service for Particle Physics Computing
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-142-PIP2 Prakash, Ram Acceptance Calculation and Study of Fault Scenarios in the PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-141-PIP2 Prakash, Ram Beam Dynamics Study of PIP-II Superconducting Linac in the Presece of Misalignment Errors
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-140-PIP2 Prakash, Ram Availability and Reliability analysis of Proton Improvement Plan-II Superconducting Radio Frequency
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-139-AD Bidhar, Sujit Improvised Electrsopinning Set Up for Thicker Ceramic Nanofiber Mat for High Power Targets
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-138-AD-LDRD Bidhar, Sujit Kumar Production and Mechanical Characterization of Electrospun Ceramic/Metallic Nanofiber
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-137-SCD Mandrichenko, Igor V. Conditions Databases at FNAL
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-136-SCD Gutsche, Oliver Striped Data Analysis Framework
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-135-AE-SCD Herner, Ken The Updated DESGW Processing Pipeline for the Third LIGO/VIRGO Observing Run
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-134-E-QIS Khatiwada, Rakshya Qubit Based Single Photon Sensors for Dark Matter Searches
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-133-TD Li, Andy C.Y. Variational Quantum Simulator of Interacting Bosons
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-132-QIS. Braga, Davide NECQST: Novel Electronics for Cryogenic Quantum Sensors Technology
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-131-QIS Plunkett, Rob MAGIS-100: 100 m Atomic Interferometry at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-130-LBNF Barrow, Joshua Studies of Intranuclear Model Systematics for $n \to \bar{n}$ Transformations in $^{40}_{18} Ar$
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-129-CMS-SCD Dagenhart, W.David Concurrent Conditions Access across Validity Intervals in CMSSW
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-128-AE-SCD Caldeira, J. DeepCMB: Saliency for Image-to-Image Regression
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-127-TD Fiscarelli, L. Magnetic Measurements on the First CERN-built Models of the Insertion Quadrupole MQXF for HL-LHC
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-126-SCD Guo, Y. Production Operations Management System
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-125-QIS-SCD Caldeira, J. D-Wave for High Energy Physics
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-124-AD Lobach, Ihar Study of Fluctuations in Undulator Radiation in the IOTA Ring at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-122-DI-SCD Nagaitsev, Sergei Betatron Frequencies and the Poincare Rotation Number
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-120-PPD Deptuch, G.W. Analysis of Time of Arrival Measurement with Low-Gain-Avalanche-Diode
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-119-E Liu, Tiehui The ETROC Project: Precision Timing ASIC Development for LGAD-based CMS Endcap Timing Layer (ETL) Up
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-118-CMS Seddon-Stettler, Sadie LeptonJet Categorization with Decision Tree
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-117-AD Piekarz, Henryk Record Fast-Cycling Accelerator Magnet Based on High-Temperature Superconductor
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-116-AD Butler, Trevor A. Development of a Marx Modulator for FNAL Linac
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-115-AD Lumpkin, A.H. Single-Shot Diagnostics of Microbunched Electrons in Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerators and Free-Elect
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-114-AD Lumpkin, A.H. Observations of Long-Range and Short-Range Wakefield Effects on Electron-Beam Dynamics in TESLA-type
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-113-AD Lumpkin, A.H. Proposed Enhanced Imaging Station in the 6-GeV Booster-to-Storage Ring Transport Line for APS Upgrad
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-112-AD Jarvis, J. Optical Stochastic Cooling Program at Fermilab's Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-111-AD Lumpkin, A.H. Observations on Microbunching of Electrons in Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerators and Free-Electron Las
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-110-AD Lumpkin, A.H. Observations of Short-Range Wadefield Effects in Tesla-Type Superconducting RF Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-109-CD Zhang, Yunchong Blind Denoising by Self-Supervised Neural Networks in Astronomical Datasets
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-108-CD Balaji, Praveen Detecting Stellar Streams through Deep Learning
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-106-CD Jain, Anand Neural ODEs for Light Curves Classifying and Approximating Light Curves
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-105-CD Christ, Callista Fast Inference on FPGAs and TPUs Classifying Gravitational Lensing Images Efficiently
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-104-ND Duenas, David The NOvA Test Beam Program
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-103-AD Seiya, K. Injection Bucket Jitter Compensation using Phase Lock System at Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-102-PPD Fassnacht, Malena Analyzing Gas Diffusion in LXe-TPCs for Upcoming Hydrogen Doping Studies
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-101-PPD Medepalli, Praneeth Studies of Front-End Electronics for High-Precision Timing Measurements with LGADs
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-100-ND Castiglioni, Whitmaur Simulation Studies Of Photon Signal Reconstruction In The DUNE Single Phase Far Detector With Xe Dop
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-099-ND Rice, Logan Clutch Jackson Neutron Transport Simulations in DUNE Using LArSoft
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-098-ND Beever, Zachary Modeling of Charge Amplification in LArTPCs
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-097-CMS Grenert, Austin Probing the Tri-Linear Higgs Self-Coupling
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-096-CMS-PPD Campanella, Michael Characterization of CMS High Granularity Calorimeter Silicon Sensors
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-095-AE Spahn, Gabriel Vibration and EMF Backgrounds at NEXUS
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-094-AD Leleux, Kyle Data Acquisition System for RF Cavity Hadron Monitor
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-093-PPD Hoshino, Gabriel 3D Printing Prototypes for a Reflector-Based Broadband Axion Search
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-092-ND Patel, Sameer Tau Neutrinos and Upward-Going Air Showers:Stochastic Vs. Continuous Energy Loss
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-091-ND Rizzo, Griffen Time Dependence of MicroBooNE CRT-TPC Clock Frequency Difference
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-090-ND Bitter, Olivia Meredith Online Monitor Analysis of the ICARUS-T600 Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-089-CD Damman, Brandt Unification of Monitoring in the Fermi File Transfer Service
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-088-PPD Jaos, Leo Characterization of LVDS Transmission Data Integrity
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-087-AD Maamari, Karime Implementing Secondary Vertexing for the REDTOP Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-086-AD Sims, Benjamin Magnetic Field Mapper
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-085-ND Swanson, Alaina M. Xenon Doping of Liquid Argon
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-084-ND Nambrath, Anjali Studying the use of e- data and resonant interactions for DUNE energy reconstruction
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-083-AD Tu, Yisheng Theory and Conceptual design of kickers
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-082-AD Xu, Yan AC Dipole Requirements for Beam Extinction for the Fermilab Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-081-CMS-PPD Israel, Scott Characterization of Silicon Sensors for HGCal
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-080-PPD Smith, Dylan Using Charge-Coupled Devices to Characterize Neutron Events
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-079-AD Carver, Lauren Numerical Study of a Passive Wedge Absorber System for Momentum Selection of Muon Beams
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-077-PPD Noufele,Emmanuel Improving the Event Data Server of the Fermilab Test Beam Data Acquisition System (OTSDAQ)
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-072-AD-TD Sheagren, Calder Computer Vision and Cavity Cutouts
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-062-ND Lopez, Gutierrez, D. $\nu_e$ CC Event Identification Based on Shower Energy Profiles in LArTPCs
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-061-DI Marquez, Jose Manuel Beamline Extension for the Accelerator Applications Development and Demonstration at IARC
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-060-ND Chavez, Elise Marianna Predicting the Flux: Models and Simulation for NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-059-CD Segura, Antonio Thomas Improving FERRY: Visualization, Refactoring, and Testing
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-058-CMS Wamorkar, Tanvi Test Beam Characterization of Hamamatsu LGADs for the CMS Endcap Timing Layer
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-057-ND Mason, Katie Using a Convolutional Neural Network to Reconstruct Dead Channels in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-056-TD Furuta, F. Fermilab-EP Facility Improvements
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-055-ND Martinez-Casales, Maria Cross section model tuning and multiplicity studies in NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-054-ND Lackey, Teresa The NOvA Test Beam Program
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-052-E Haslund-Gourley, Alexandra Improving the Tracker Seeded Reconstruction Algorithm
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-051-PPD Bhalla-Ladd, India Improving the Calorimeter-Seeded Track Trigger
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-050-PPD Sherry, Derek Tracker and Calorimeter Based Veto Development
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-049-TD Berrutti, P. Low RF Power Plasma Ignition and Detection for In-situ Cleaning of 1.3 GHZ 9-Cell Cavities
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-048-E Apresyan, Artur Studies of the FBK Low-Gain Avalanche Detectors for the CMS Endcap Timing Layer
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-047 Veillette, John Unsupervised Deep Learning Can Identify Physical Parameters
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-046-AD-APC Zhiltsev, Vladimir 2019 UNESCO International Year of Periodic Table
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-043-AE-CD-LDRD Caldeira, J. DeepCMB: Lensing Reconstruction of the CMB with Deep Neural Networks
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-042-ND Calvez, Steven Status of the Muon-Neutrino-Induced Charged Current Pion Production Measurement with NOvA
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-041-AE Lin, Zhen Classification of Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Galaxy Clusters using Deep Learning
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-040-ND Bhat, Avinay MeV Scale Physics in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-039-CMS Wamorkar, Tanvi Test Beam Characterization of Hamamatsu LGADs for the CMS Endcap Timing Layer
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-038-ND Ponce, Iris MicroBooNE's Continuous Readout for Supernova Neutrinos
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-037-PPD Hossain, Forhad Commissioning Trigger for the SpinQuest/E1039 Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-036-ND Fine, Rob Measurement of the Medium Energy Flux at MINER$\nu$A Using the High-$\nu$ Method
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-035-APC-TD Mohsen, O. Simulations for Field-Enhanced Conduction-Cooled Superconducting RF Electron Source
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-034-ND Goodwin, Owen Search for Heavy Neutral Leptons in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-033-ND Rivera, David Orlando A Flexible Trigger for SBND
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-032-AD Kuklev, N. Experimental Demonstration of the Henon-Heiles Quasi-Integrable System at IOTA
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-031 Hempstead, Jason Preparing the Muon g-2 Calorimeters for Run 2
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-029-PPD Laffan, Claire Trigger Rate of High Energy Electrons in the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-028-ND Phan, Dung duc The NOvA Test Beam Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-027-PPD Whalen, Michael Calibration Trigger and Beam Monitoring for the Mu2e Experiment by Means of Decay-in-Orbit $\mu$
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-026-ND-PPD Judah, Matthew Status of the Inclusive Electron Neutrino Charged-Current Cross-Section Measurement in the NOvA Near
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-025-PPD Cao, Haichuan Measuring the Denominator of the Muon-to-Electron Conversion Rate: A Study Using Compton Scattering
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-024-CMS Poudyal, N. Test Beam Analysis of Silicon Microstrip Module with Transverse Momentum Discrimination for CMS HL-L
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-023-ND Brooks, Tom Reconstruction and Selection Tools for Charged-Current Muon Neutrino Cross Sections in SBND
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-022-ND Behera, Biswaranjan Calorimetric Energy Measurement for Supernova Neutrinos using the DUNE Photon Detection System
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-021-ND Lepetic, Ivan Search for Millicharged Particles Using ArgoNeuT
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-020-CD Hawks, Benjamin Real-Time Machine Learning Inferencing with Edge Computing Devices from Google and Intel
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-019-PPD Wuerfel, Noah E-1039 "SpinQuest" FPGA Trigger
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-018-PPD Hernandez, Israel On the Efficiency $\eta$ and the Homogeneity of TiN Kinetic Inductance Detectors Produced through At
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-017-ND Sosa, Marvin Ascencio $\nu_{\mu}$ -Low Recoil Analysis in Medium Energy Era at MINERvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-016-ND Sword-Fehlberg, Samantha Searching for Short-Range Correlations in $^{40}AR$
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-015-ND Sutton, Kathryn MicroBooNE's Search for Photon-Like Low Energy Excess Under a Neutral Current $\Delta \to N_{\gamma}
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-014-ND Mogan, Andrew Constraining the Neutral Current $\pi^0$ Background for MicroBooNE's Single-Photon Search
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-013-AE-CD-LDRD Alba Hernandez, A.F. Sky Survey Scheduling Using Reinforcement Learning
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-012-AD Wickremasinghe, Athula Muon Monitor Data To Maintain The Quality Of The NuMI Neutrino Beam at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-011-E Lukicov, Gleb High Precision Track-Based Alignment of the Tracking Detector of the g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-010 Huang, Shihua Lanthanum Bromide Detector System for Mu2e Stopping Target Monitor
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-009-PPD Diociaiuti, E. Production and Quality Assurance of Mu2e Calorimeter CsI Crystals
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-007-AD Eldred, Jeffrey Rapid-Cycling Synchrotron for Multi-Megawatt Proton Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-006-ND Basque, Vincent Scintillation Light Triggering Efficiency in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-005-E-PPD Morgan, Andrew Constraining the Neutral Current Pi0 Background for MicroBooNE's Single-Photon Search
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-004-E Apresyan, Artur Studies of the FBK Low-Gain Avalanche Detectors for the CMS Endcap Timing Layer
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-003 Lari, L. FLUKA-MARS15 Simulations to Optimize Fermilab PIP-II Movable Beam Absorber
FERMILAB-POSTER-19-002-AD Anderson, K. LBNF Hadron Absorber: Updated Mechanical Design and Analysis for 2.4 MW Operation
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-042-E Caiulo, Davide Mu2e Calorimeter Readout System
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-041-DI Grdanovska, Slavica Application of Novel Electron Beam Accelerator for Treatment of Military Contaminants
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-040-TD Xu,Xingchen Enhancing Specific Heat of Nb3Sn Superconductors to Improve Stability and Reduce Training
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-039-TD Marinozzi, Vittorio Analysis of the Short To-Ground Event in the LARP-AUP MQXFAP1 Magnet, and Its Implication on the Pro
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-038-DI Grdanovsk, Slavica Water Treatment via High Power Electron Beam Accelerator
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-037-ND De Rijck, Simon Searching for Large Extra Dimensions with MINOS and MINOS+
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-036-CD Terlyga, Olga Kerberos at Fermilab: Upgrade Story
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-035-TD Strauss, Thomas Superconducting Magnet Performance for the LCLS-II Project
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-034-CD Buchanan, Norman Supporting HEP Data as the Exascale Era Approaches
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-033-AD Connolly, Thomas Axion Detection with Nonlinear Dielectric Materials
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-032-E Kim, On Reduction of the Coherent Betatron Oscillation Amplitude by the RF Electric Field for the Fermilab M
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-031-AE-CD Smith, J. Allyn Interesting Objects Found while Searching for Hot DAs
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-030-CD Austin, A. Event Generator Tuning Using HPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-029-CD Buchanan, N. HPC and Data Management for HEP
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-028-DI Grdanovska, Slavica Increased Highway Life via Electron Beam Initiated Polymer Modification
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-027-PPD Khaw, Kim Siang Muon Anomalous Precession Frequency Measurement Using Lead Fluoride Calorimeters in the Muon g-2 Exp
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-026-CD Altunay, Mine FERRY Frontier Experiments RegistRY
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-025-AD Lari, Luisella Preliminary Modelling of Radiation Levels at the Fermilab PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-024 Diaz, Alejandro Updated MiniBooNE Neutrino Oscillation Results within the Context of Global Fits to Short-Baseline N
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-023-E-ND Torbunov, Dmitrii NOvA Neutrino Disappearance Results 2018
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-022-ND Kleykamp, Jeffrey Measuring Transverse Momentum Imbalance in MINERvA's Nuclear Targets
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-021-CMS Dutta, Irene Precision Timing with Silicon Photomultipliers
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-020-ND Meddage, Varuna Detector Calibration Using Through Going and Stopping Muons in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-019-ND Yates, L. Progress Toward a Deep-Learning-Based Search for Low-Energy Electron Neutrinos in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-018-ND Mogan, Andrew Towards Measuring Longitudinal Electron Diffusion in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-017-A Georgiadou, Antigoni Emulating Baryonic Effects in Weak Lensing Measurements
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-016-PPD Halewood-Leagas, Tabitha The Muon g-2 Straw Tracking Detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-015-E Osofsky, Rachel Improving Magnetic Field Uniformity in the Muon g-2 Storage Ring
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-014-ND Papadopoulou, Afroditi Electrons for Neutrinos
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-013-ND Warburton, Karl Muon Neutrinos and Anti-Neutrinos in the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-012-ND Carroll, Thomas Three Flavor Oscillation Results from MINOS and MINOS+
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-011-CD Flumerfelt, Eric The Fermilab Test Beam Facility Data Acquisition System Using $otsdaq$
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-010-ND Moon, Jarrett Hunting Muon Neutrinos in MicroBooNE With Deep Learning Techniques
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-009-ND Fitzpatrick, Rory S. First Measurement of Monoenergetic Muon Neutrino Charged Current Interactions
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-008-ND Tiras, Emrah ANNIE: Phase I Physics Results and Phase II Plans
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-007-E Schreckenberger, A.P. New Fast Kicker Results from the Muon g-2 E-989 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-006-PPD Wu, W. Using Time Evolution of the Bunch Structure to Extract the Muon Momentum Distribution in the Fermila
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-005-PPD Wu, Wanwei Beam Dynamics in g-2 Storage Ring
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-004-CD Zhang, L. Continuing Efforts on Efficiency and Performance Improvement of mdtmFTP
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-003-AD Balcazar, Mario D. Tunable Q-Factor RF Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-002-AD Kuharik, J. Garnet Ring Measurements for the Fermilab Booster 2nd Harmonic Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-001-AD Madrak, R.L. Progress on the Construction of the Perpendicularly Biased 2nd Harmonic Cavity for the Fermilab Boos
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-029-V Becerra, Jose Antonio Neutrino Trident Production at the MINERvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-028-AD Young, Samantha Characterization of the IOTA Proton Source
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-027-APC Gross, Axel Beam Echoes in the Presence of Coupling
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-026-AD Chase, Brian Modular Low-Noise Piezoamplifier Driver for SRF Applications
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-025-AD Chase, Brian SoC Architectures in LLRF at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-024-TD Strauss, T. Quench Location in the LARP MQXFS1 Prototype
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-023-TD Strauss, Thomas The Mu2e Solenoid Cold Mass Position Monitor System
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-022-APC Lopez Lemus, Ricardo Lemus Calculating Residual Dose in Mu2e DS Hall
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-021-CD Gong, Qian Deep Packet/Flow Analysis using GPUs
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-020-TD Kaplan, A. Nanoscale Investigation of Nitrogen Treatment for SRF Cavities (Temperature Dependence and Other Nov
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-019-PPD Keith, Celeste A Microlensing Search for Primordial Black Holes in Dark Energy Survey Date
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-018-ND Ewart, Kevin D. Validating Nuclear Models for Neutrino Scattering Using Electron Data
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-017-AD-APC Cammarota, Justin REDTOP Beam Modeling for Raised Transition Energy and Third Integer Resonance Extraction
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-016-PPD Cotter, Cory Data Quality Software for the South Pole Telescope
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-015-AE Trask, Makayla Inner-Shell Electron Recoil Discrimination in Xenon
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-014-PPD Marchan, Miguelangel Analyzing Noise for the Muon Silicon Scanner
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-013-ND Tilly, Elizabeth Near-Infrared Scintillation of Liquid Argon
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-012-ND Bowles, Reed Progress Towards a Neutral Current $\pi^0$ Cross Section Analysis in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-011-ND Barron, Olivia Dip-Coated Light Guide Production and Testing for DUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-010-ND Safford, Twymun K. Neural Network Analysis on the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-009-AD Seleznev, Daniel Extraction of the Muon Beam Frequency Distribution via the Fourier Analysis of the Fast Rotation Sig
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-008-CMS Silverio, Diana Leon Signal Study of the Pair Production of Z’ Bosons Decaying to Dark Matter and Boosted Jets at CMS
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-007-FESS Tame Narvaez, Karla Wire Chambers and Cherenkov Detectors at Fermilab Test Beam Facility
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-006-PPD Aguilera, Daniel Digitization of Analog Signals using a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-005-ND Orea, Adrian NUISANCE-GENIE Validation and Sample Additions
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-004-AD Ainsworth, R. Transition Crossing in the Main Injector for PIP-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-003-TD Chakravarty, Anindya PIP-II Cryogenic System and the Evolution of Superfluid Helium Cryogenic Plant Specifications
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-002-CD Lu, W. BigData Express - Toward Schedulable, Predictable, and High-Performance Data Transfer
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-001-CD Gong, Qian Deep Packet/Flow Analysis using GPUs for High-Bandwidth Networks