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FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-702 Werkema, S. Correcting the Accumulator Extraction Energy and Phase
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-701 Vander Meulen, D. Electrical Centering of Debuncher Pickup Tanks
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-700 Vargo, R.J. DRF1 Anode Supply Replacement
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-699 Vargo, R.J. DRF1 Cavity Power Amplifier Repair
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-698 Werkema, Steven J. Calculation of the Longitudinal Emiitance of Unstacked Antiproton from Wall Current Monitor Data
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-697 Derwent, P.F. Run II Upgrades: Stacktail Upgrade Protytpe
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-696 Leveling, A. Modifications to the Lithium Lens Interlocks System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-695 Nagaslaev, Vladimir Signal Development for the Quadrupole BPM
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-694 Nagaslaev, Vladimir Effects of Flying Wires on Beam Characteristics
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-693 McGinnis, Dave Stacktail Studies Performed During Summer 2004
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-692 Vargo, R.J. DRF1 Driver Amplifier Tune-Up Procedure
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-691 Vargo, R.J. ARF1 Power Amplifier Repair
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-689 Morgan, J. Lithium Lens 21,20,17,18,and 16 Eulogies
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-688 Vander Meulen, D. Moving DRF3 to Improve Debuncher Apertures
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-687 Werkema, Steve Ramp Development Procedures
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-686 Derwent, P.F. Run II Upgrades: Stacktail Betatron Cooling Calculations
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-685 Derwent, P.F. More Debuncher Momentum Cooling Characterization Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-684 Reichel, Ina Aperture Studies for the AP2 Anti-Proton Line at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-683 Morgan, J. Pbar Production Target Performance in Run II
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-682 Derwent, Paul Stacktail Cooling System Upgrade
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-681 Derwent, P.F. Stacktail Pulse Evolution Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-680 Gollwitzer, Keith AP2 and Debuncher Acceptance Upgrades
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-679 Morgan, J. High Gradient Lithium Lens
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-678 Burov, A. Electron Cooling for the Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-677 Sun, Ding Equalizers for Accumulator Core Cooling Upgrade
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-676 Sun, Ding Dimensions and Measurements of Waveguide-Coax Launchers for Pbar Accumulator Core Cooling Upgrade
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-675 Sun, Ding Microwave Absorber Design in Pbar Accumulator Core Cooling Upgrade
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-674 Leveling, Tony The Relationship Between pH and Conductivity in a Lithium Contaminated, De-Ionized Water System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-673 Derwent, P.F. Debuncher Momentum Cooling Characterization
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-672 Pasquinelli, Ralph J. Performance of the Debuncher Momentum Cooling Notch Filters
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-671 Werkema, S. Transverse Beam Transfer Function for Overlapping Betatron Sidebands
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-670 Cullerton, Ed Electronic Systems for Proposed Anti-Proton Source Accumulator Core Betatron Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-669 McGinnis, Dav RF Curves for Extraction from the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-668 Sondgeroth, Al What to Look for in the Accumulator Core Cooling Signal Suppression Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-667 Pasquinelli, Ralph J. Debuncher Momentum Cooling Systems Signal to Noise Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-666 Lebedev, V. Production and Collections of Antiprotons
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-665 Werkema, Steven J. Transverse Beam Profile Measurement Using Scrape Scans
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-664 Leveling, A. Revised Unfilling Procedure for Solid Lithium Lenses
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-663 Hurh, P.G. FEA Analysis of AP-0 Target Hall Collection Lens (Current Design)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-662 Werkema, Steven J. Prospects for the Simultaneous Operation of the Tevatron Collider and pp Experiments in the Antiprot
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-661 Pasquinelli, Ralph J. Noise Performance of the Debuncher Stchastic Cooling Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-660 Werkema, Steve Application of the Recent ARF1 Calibration Measurements to the Pbar RF Curve Loading Console Applica
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-659 Pasquinelli, Ralph J. ARF1 Frequency and Amplitude Curve Calibration
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-658 Gollwitzer, Keith A Checkout of the Beam-Line's Beam Position Measurement Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-657 McGinnis, Dave The Stacktail Magic Numbers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-656 McGinnis, Dave Chromaticity Measurements Using Phase Modulated RF and Vector Signal Analyzers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-655 Werkema, Steve Differential Relationships Between Momentum Magnetic Field, Orbit Length, and Revolution Frequency
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-654 McGinnis, Dave BPM Signal Level Calculation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-653 McGinnis, Dave Quadrupole Focussing and Quadrupole Steering Tolerances for the 8 GeV AP3-P1 Lattice
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-652 Morgan, James Proposed Magnet Alignment Changes for AP-1
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-651 McGinnis, Dave Common Mode Rejection Calculations on the Debuncher Upgrade
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-650 Deibele, C. Design of Microwave Band Pass Filters for the Debuncher Stochastic Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-649 McGinnis, Dave Emittance Growth Due to Steering Errors for the 8 GeV AP3-P1 Lattice
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-648 McGinnis, Dave Optimization of the 8 GeV AP3-P1 Lattice for Antiproton Transfers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-647 Gollwitzer, Keith A Look at the AP2 Beamline
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-646 Werkema, Steve Measurements of Beam Momentum at the Stacking Energy of the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-645 Deibele, C. Design of the Core 2-4 GHz Betatron Equalizer
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-644 Phasing Cooling Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-643 Deibele, C. Synthesis of Band Filters and Equalizers Using Microwav FIR Techniques
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-642 Sun, Ding Design and Simulation Results of Waveguide Bends Used in Debuncher Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-641 Sun, Ding Dimensions and Measurements of Debuncher Band 3 and 4 Waveguide-Coax Launchers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-640 Leveling, A.F. Lithium Irradiation Experiment
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-639 Marriner, John Phase Space Matching Errors
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-638 Werkema, Steve Checking the Beam Energy Calculation from the June 14, 2000 $\psi^\prime$ Scan
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-637 Werkema, Steve E835 Store Baby Sitting Procedures
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-636 McGinnis, Dave Extraction from the Accumulator With Rectangular Momentum Distributions
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-635 Vander Meuler, D. Investigations Into Accumulator 4-8 GHz Pickup Loop / Combiner Board Performance
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-634 Pasquinelli, Ralph Phasing of Debuncher Stochastic Cooling Transverse Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-633 Werkema, Steven J. Precision Measurement of the Accumulator Beam Energy
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-632 Hu, Martin Estimate of Magnetic Forces on Beam Sweeping Kickers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-631 Sun, Ding Dimensions and Measurements of Debuncher Band 1 and 2 Waveguide-Coax Launchers (Final Version)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-630 McGinnis, Dave Phase Advance for Wideband Dampers With Notch Filters
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-629 McGinnis, Dave Debuncher Energy Mismatch
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-628 Leveling, A.F. Radiation Detector Characterization at APO While Stacking pbars in 1999
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-627 Deibele, C. Design of the 0.5 - 1 GHz Planar Recycler Pickup and Kicker Antennas
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-626 McGinnis, D. Slotted Waveguide Slow-Wave Stochastic Cooling Arrays
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-625 McGinnis, D. The 4-8 GHz Stochastic Cooling Upgrade for the Fermilab Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-624 Derwent, Paul Accumulator 4-8 GHz Cooling Pickups Impedance Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-623 Derwent, Paul Accumulator Betatron Core Cooling Scenarios
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-622 Deibele, C. Design of 2-4 GHz Equalizers for the Antiproton Accumulator Stacktail System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-621 Werkema, Steve Procedures for Deceleration Studies
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-620 Sun, Ding Measurement and Simulation Results of Ti Coated Microwave Absorber
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-619 Stancari, Giulio Parameterization of Hysteresis Effects in Accumulator Quadrupole Magnets
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-618 McGinnis, David Summary of Measurements on the Accumulator Stochastic Cooling Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-617 Sun, Ding Dimensions and Measurements of Waveguide-Coax Adapters (Part I)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-616 Gollwitzer, K.E. Accumulator BPMs: Reported Position Not Independant of Signal Intensity
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-615 Garzoglio, G. DSP Algorithm for the Closed Orbit Analysis of the Signal from the Accumulator BPMs
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-614 Morgan, J. Estimate of Emitance Growth from Pbar Vacuum Windows
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-613 Morgan, J. AP0 Target Hall Spare Status and Manpower Requirements for Run II
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-612 Deibele, C. Calculation fo the Reflection and Transmission Coefficients for Gradual Tapered Waveguide Structures
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-611 McGinnis, Dave Guidelines for the Calculation of the Accumulator Magnet Bus Ramps for Fermilab Experiment E835
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-609 Pasquinelli, Ralph J. Measurement of the Debuncher Band 1 Pickup Prototype at LHe Temperature
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-608 Morgan, J. Estimated Future Energy Deposition in the Pbar Dump
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-606 Bieniosek, F.M. Magnetic Pressed-Powder Cores for Sweep Magnet
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-605 Bieniosek, F. Magnetic Pulse Compression for the Beam Sweeping System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-604 Bieniosek, F. Electrical Design of the Beam Sweeping Power Supply
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-603 Derwent, Paul Phasing Settings for Stacktail Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-602 Derwent, Paul Effective Noise Temperature for the Accumulator Stacktail System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-601 McGinnis, Dave S Parameter Measurements of the Horizontal Band 1 Pickup Array
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-600 Sun, Ding Dimension Data of Coax-Waveguide Couplers and Waveguide Terminators
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-599 Sun, Ding Measurement Results of Permittivity/Permeability/Loss Tangent of Several Microwave Absorbers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-598 Sun, Ding Vacuum Properties of Some Microwave Absorbers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-597 McGinnis, Dave Attenuation of Waveguide Modes With Resitively Coated Dielectric Walls
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-596 McGinnis, Dave Attenuation of Waveguide Modes with Multi-Layer Absorbing Walls
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-595 Bieniosek, F. Increasing the Transverse Aperture of the AP2-Debuncher Injection Region
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-594 McGinnis, Dave Analysis of Microwave Properties for Various Absorbing Materials
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-593 McGinnis, Dave A Feedback Notch Filter
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-592 McGinnis, Dave First Attempt at Designing an Isolating Absorber for Horizontal Band 1 of the Debuncher Upgrade Usin
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-591 McGinnis, Dave The Effect of Sidebar Absorbers on the Frequency Response of Slow Wave Kickers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-590 McGinnis, Dave Evaluation of te 4-8 GHZ Debuncher Upgrade Prototype Stochastic Cooling Pickup and Kicker Tanks
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-589 Morgan, James Antiproton Source Operational Summary Over the E835/E862 Run
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-588 Sondgeroth, Al Moving Elements in tO Pbar Source Debuncher to Accumulator Line to Facilitate the Debuncher Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-587 McGinnis, Dave Sensitivity of Slow Wave Pickups Versus Aperture
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-586 McGinnis, Dave Transmission of Stochastic Cooling Signals in the Recycler Ring Using Te01 Circular Waveguide
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-585 McGinnis, Dave Measurement of Relative Permittivity and Permeability Using Two Port S-Parameter Technique
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-584 McGinnis, Dave Comparison Between A Lossy Magnetic Absorber and a Lossy Electric Absorber
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-583 McGinnis, Dave Attenuation of Waveguide Modes With Absorbing Walls
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-582 McGinnis, Dave Preliminary Power Tests on the 6GHZ Kicker
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-581 McGinnis, Dave Simple Heat Transfer Calculations for the Microwave Absorber in the Debuncher Upgrade
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-580 McGinnis, Dave 4-8 GHZ Debuncher Upgrade Array Impedance Response
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-579 McGinnis, Dave 4.8 GHZ Debuncher Upgrade Array Dimensions
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-578 McGinnis, Dave Pbar Note 578 New Definition of Stochastic Cooling Kicker and Pickup Impedances
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-577 McGinnis, Dave Pbar Note 577 Optimization of the 4.75 GHZ Slow Wave Pickup for the Debuncher Upgrade
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-576 Sun, Ding Measurement of Complex Permittivity and Permeability of Microwave Absorber ECCOSORB MF-190
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-575 McGinnis, David Pbar Note 575 Moment Method Formulation for Beam Excitation of Waveguide Slots
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-574 Marriner, John Simulations of Transverse Stochastic Cooling Using the Fokker-Planck Equation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-573 Marriner, John Debuncher Stochastic Cooling Upgrade for Run II and Beyond
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-571 Church, Mike Recent AP2 Studies and a Proposal to Increase the Transverse Aperture to 40pi-mm-mrad
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-570 Kurnaev, O. Report On Development of Beam Sweeping Equipment
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-569 Brown, Bruce C. Some Results on TeV I Quadrupole Magnet Strengths
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-568 Bieniosek, F.M. Development of a Beam Sweeping System for the Fermilab Antiproton Source Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-567 Church, Mike Lattice Function Measurements in the Fermilab Accumulator Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-566 McGinnis, Dave Pbar Note No.566 Electroagnetic Properties of ECCOSORB MF-190
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-565 McGinnis, Dave Pbar Note 565 Debuncher 4-8 GHZ Pickup Tests II
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-564 McGinnis, Dave Pbar Note No. 564 Debuncher 4-8 GHZ Pickup Tests
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-563 Bertsche, K.J. Reduction of Feedback-Driven Transverse Heating in the Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-562 Bertsche, K.J. Calculations of Transverse Heating in the Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-561 Bieniosek, F.M. Beam-Sweep Magnet With Rotating Dipole Field
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-560 Church, Mike Summary of Proton Stacking 2/96
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-559 Werkema, Steve Performance of the Antiproton Source During Run 1b
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-558 Bieniosek, F.M. Emittance Growth in Recent Antiproton Transfers From Accumulator to Main Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-557 Bieniosek, F.M. Scale Model of a Solid-State Driver for the Beam Sweep Magnet
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-556 Bieniosek, F.M. Summary of Results from the Beam Sweep Test Module
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-555 Bieniosek, F.M. Measurement and Reduction of Quadrupole Injection Oscillations in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulato
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-554 Bieniosek, F.M. Requirements for a Beam Sweeping System for the Fermilab Antiproton Source Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-553 Werkema, Steven J. Control of Trapped Ion Instabilities in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-552 Maury, Stephan Deceleration and Collider Mode for the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-551 Visnjic, Vladimir Study of Recent Problems with the Stack Tail Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-550 Bieniosek, F.M. Consequences of a Lithium Lens Failure
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-549 Bieniosek, F.M. Reducing Ohmic Heating in the Lithium Lens by Smoothing the Current Pulse
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-548 Alves-Pires, Rui Measurement of Transverse Emittances as a Function of Revolution Frequency and Beam Current in the A
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-547 O'Day, S. New Target Results from the FNAL Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-546 Bieniosek, F.M. Lithium Lens for Focusing Protons on Target in the Fermilab Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-545 Hurh, P. A 10 um Resolution Secondary Emission Monitor for Fermilab's Targeting Station
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-544 Halling, Alfred Mike The Design and Performance of a High Sensitivity Loss Monitor System for Use in the Fermilab Antipro
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-543 Halling, Alfred Mike Effects of Transverse Coupling on Transverse Beam Size, Simulation and Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-542 E.Harms, Jr. Reliability of the Fermilab Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-541 Halling, Alfred Mike Observation of the Coalescing of Beam Into an Asymmetric RF Bucket by Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-540 Church, Mike Antiproton Extraction in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-539 Werkema, Steven J. Measurement of Trapped Ion Pockets and Control of Ion Instabilities in the Fermilab Antiproton Accum
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-537 Werkema, Steven J. Transverse Emittance Growth in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator with High-Current Antiproton Stac
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-536 Zhou, P. Trapped Ions and Beam Coherent Instability
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-535 Zhou, P. Measurement of Escaping Ions in the Fermilab Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-534 Pasquinelli, Ralph J. Performance of the Upgraded Stacktail Momentum Cooling System in the Fermilab Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-533 O'Day, S. pH and Conductivity Calculations and Measurements Relevent to the pbar Target Station
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-532 Bieniosek, F. Summary of Recent Target Studies
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-531 Fullett, Ken Debuncher Microwave Absorber Tests of January 1992
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-530 Visnjic, Vladimir Feasibility study for the accumulator upgrade
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-529 Halling, Mike Measurement of PBAR Production Efficiency as a Function of Main Ring Bunch Length
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-528 Halling, Mike Measurement of D->A Momentum Aperture and Test of D->A Field Qualities
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-527 Ellerbrock, A. Calibration of Accumulator and Debuncher Scrapers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-526 Halling, Mike Recent Measurement of Debuncher Longitudinal Beam Size During Stacking
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-525 Halling, Mike A Study of the Effects of Betatron Coupling the Accumulator Using a Tracking Program
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-524 Church, M. A Review of the 1991 E760 Run
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-523 Church, M. Measurement of eta in the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-522 Church, M. A Review of Antiproton Source Studies, 1991
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-520 Church, M. Measurement of Ripple in the Accumulator Bend Bus Supply
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-519 Halling, Mike Measurement of Transverse Beam Size in Accumulator as a Function of Momenta During Stacking
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-518 Visnjic, Vladimir Transverse Emittance from SEM Readings
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-517 Halling, Mike Measurement of Emittance of Beam in the Debuncher During Stacking
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-516 Halling, Mike Identification of New Operating Tunes for the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-515 Oberholtzer, Robert Site Power
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-513 Halling, Mike Debuncher Cooling Limitations to Stacking
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-512 Bieniosek, F.M. Effect of Melting on Target Performance
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-511 Marriner, J. A VERY Informal Note on Cooling Pbars from the Main Injector
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-510 Gormley, M. An Updated AP2 Beamline TURTLE Model
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-509 Bieniosek, F.M. AP0 Target Vault Shielding Study
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-508 Halling, Mike Fixing the Closed Orbits in the Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-507 Visnjic, Vladimir Nonlinear analysis of an electronic circuit
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-506 Church, Mike Radiation Studies in the Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-505 McGinnis, D. Power Handling Upgrade of Debuncher Stochastic Cooling Kicker Tanks
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-504 Halling, Mike D to A Line Tuning
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-503 Church, M. Deceleration Orbit Improvements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-502 Church, M. Transition Crossing Improvements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-501 Church, M. BPM System Improvements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-500 O'Day, S. Four-Plate Pick-Up Capacitance and Sensitivity Calculations
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-499 Visnjic, Vladimir Intermodulation distortion in the stochastic cooling system
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-498 Visjnic, V. Fermilab Stochastic Cooling Code User's Guide
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-497 O'Day, S. Debuncher Momentum Aperture Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-496 Marsh, W. How to Measure Beam Neutralization in the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-495 Trbojevic, D. AP2 Reworked Left Bend Magnet Measurement Report Part I, Strengths
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-494 Marriner, J. Experimental Study of Pbar Bunch Rotation Efficiency vs Main Ring Bunch Length
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-492 Visnjic, Vladimir Calculation of the temperature distribution in the anti-proton target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-491 Bhat, C. Gamma Ray Activiation of the Fermilab Pbar Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-490 Mokhov, N. Antiproton Production for Tevatron I. Azhgirey,
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-489 Gormley, M. Debuncher Aperture Study
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-488 Pasquinelli, R. DRF1 Feedback
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-487 Gormley, M. Bench Measurements on the Tev 1 Target Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-486 Hsueh, S. Summary of Deceleration Studies August 15 to September 15, 1989
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-485 McGinnis, David Bunched Beam Cooling Studies in the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-484 Dugan, G. Accumulator Lattice Modifications to Increase
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-483 Vsevolozhskaya, T. Limtations on Energy Depostion in Solid and Liquid Targets and Jet LIquid Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-482 Riddiford, A. Automatic Steering Corrrections to Minimize Injection Oscillations in e Fermilab S. Harding $\&$
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-481 Poncet, A. Neutralization Experiments with Proton and Antiproton Stocks-Ion Shaking
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-480 Bhat, C. Optimizing the Energy Depostion in the Pbar Target Beam Sweeping
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-479 Kells, W. Status of Debuncher Optical Filter
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-478 Pasquinelli, R. ARF1 Final Amp
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-477 Pasquinelli, R. DRF1 New 3CPX 10,000 Tubes
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-476 Mtingwa, S. Recent Studies of the Debuncher to Accumulator Transfer Efficiency
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-474 Dugan, G. Pbar Yield Measurements vs. Debuncher Acceptance and Comparisons with Productions
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-473 Marriner, J. Debuncher Momentum Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-472 Runge-Marchese, Jude M. Fermilab Failure Analysis of TeV I (TIE) Array Soldier Joints
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-471 Marriner, J. Pbar Scraper Calibration
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-470 Ng, K.Y. Recalculation of Some Impedances of the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-469 Kells, B. State of the Art
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-468 Lennox, A. Tev I Survey Plan
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-467 Dugan, G. Relative Pbar yield from Tungsten, Copper, and Aluminum Targets
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-466 Hangst, H. Considerations on the Lithium Lens Failure
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-465 Rinolfi, L. Bumps and Aperture on the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-464 Dugan, G. Pbar Production and Collection at the FNAL Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-463 Mills, F. Cooling of Stored Beams
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-462 Malamud, E. Transparencies of talk given at the 2nd Topical seminar on Perspectives for
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-461 Dugan, G. Estimate of the Pbar Yields for the CERN ACOL Project
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-460 Rinolfi, L. Tune Variations due to Septum Stray Field
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-459 Mtingwa, S. Index to Log Books No. 1-6, 1985
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-458 Nicholls, G. The New Final Amplifier System for the H=84 Accumulator Cavities
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-457 Nicholls, G. How to Install and Tune the ARF1 Damper
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-456 Vargo, B. The H=84 Accumulator Cavity System Phase & Amplitude Resistor G. Nicholls &
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-455 Mills, E. Transverse Beam Heating Distributions F.
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-454 Freeman, S. Radiological Consequences of a Lithium Lens Rupture W.
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-453 Dugan, G. Main Ring Cycle Time Limitations and Multi-Batch Operation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-452 Marriner, J. Stability of Coastin Beams in the Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-451 Marriner, J. Network Analyzer Measurements for the Core Momentum Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-450 Bharadwaj, V. Longitudinal Phase Space in Booster to Debuncher/Accumulator Beam Transfers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-449 Dugan, G. Antiproton Yield Calculations
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-448 Dugan, G. Comparisons of Yield Calculations with Data
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-447 Pasquinelli, R. Temperature Compensation of Coax Cables
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-446 Kells, B. Instabilities Chromaticity and in the Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-445 Mtingwa, S. Stochastic Cooling of Antiprotons at the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-444 Krider, J. Debuncher Profile Monitor Evaluation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-443 Krider, J. Lithium Lens Interlocks
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-442 Gormley, M. An Analysis of Accumulator Ring Pressure Date
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-441 Pasquinelli, R. Debuncher Kicker Studies
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-440 Mills, F.E. Fermilab Accumulator Ring Ultra-High Vacuum System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-439 Podschweit, E. Fermilab and Var Titanium Sublimation Pump Comparison
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-438 Lee, G. Emergency Procedures for Dropped, Stuck or Damaged Target Station Modules \& for
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-437 Sievers, P. Design Parameters for Long (Plasma?) Lenses
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-436 Marriner, J. Stochastic Cooling in the Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-435 Marriner, J. Measureing the Wall Impedance with the Network Analyzer
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-434 Satti, J. Accumulator Extraction Vacuum Analysis
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-433 Klen, J. Vacuum Consideration Pertaining to Bellows Changes on Debuncher Tanks
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-432 Marriner, J. Common Mode Rejection of Stack Tail Kicker Hybrids
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-431 Wehmann, A. 3Q120 Low Gradient Behaviour-Companion Report
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-430 Wehmann, A. 3Q120 Low Gradient Behaviour
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-429 Hojvat, Carlos Trip Report - Visit to CERN - July 5th to August 5th, 1985
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-428 Shafer, R. Accumulator and Debuncher Revolution Frequencies
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-427 Mills, E. Sources of Accumulator Coupling F.
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-426 Lennox, A. Summary of Survey Data for Accumulator Trim Dipoles
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-425 Marriner, J. Ion Trapping in the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-424 Satti, J. A Pulsed Septum Magnet for the Fermilab Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-423 Satti, J.A. Fermilab Accumulator Magnets Vacuum Chamber Heating System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-422 Marriner, J. Stability Criteaion and Wall Impedance for Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-421 Malamud, E. The Fermilab Pbar Collider: Machine and Detectors
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-420 Brown, B. A Premliminary Report on Strength of 1/2 of a 3Q120
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-419 Johnson, D. Small Quadrupole Excitation Formulae
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-418 Brown, B. Excitation Curves of Small Quadrupoles for TeV I Beam Line Use
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-417 Konecny, R. Radio Frequency Notch Filter Utilizing Fiber Optic Laser Diode Delay Line
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-416 Price, T. Evaluation of Titanium Sublimation Pumps
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-415 Peterson, D. Report on Furukawa Coax #2
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-414 Peterson, D. Report on Furukawa Coax #1
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-413 Hyslop, B. Restrictions on TWT Helix Voltage Ripple for Acceptable Notch Filter Performance
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-412 Finley, D. D0 Limits form the Accelerator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-411 Finley, D. Longitudinal Placements at D0
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-410 Griffin, J. Proposal for Using 8 GeV Protons Delivered to the Debuncher Ring Via the Main Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-409 MacLachlan, J.A. Curve Generation for the RF Systems of the Antiproton Source Console Program Specification and Imple
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-408 Shafer, R. RF Harmonic Power in Stochastic Cooling Pickups
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-407 Johnson, David E. Trip Report to Karlsruhe, Germany
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-406 Johnson, C.D. Antiproton Yield Diagnostics for the Tevatron I Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-405 Ruggiero, A.G. Trip Report September 15, October 10, 1984
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-404 Suddeth, D. Microwave Ridged Wave guide Beam Pickups
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-403 Peterson, D. Report on Prototype Switching Regulator for TWT Heaters Produced by Logimetrics
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-402 Mtingwa, S. Quality Assurance Guidelines for the Production of Stochastic Cooling Pickups and
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-401 Hojvat, C. Trip Report-Visit to CERN July 7-July 27, 1984
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-400 Yurista, P. Antiproton Target Vault Bypass Line Beam Stop
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-399 ZuBao, Q. Bunch-Coalescing RF Cavities at h=53 In Main Ring Operational Procedures
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-398 ZuBao, Q. PPA Cavity Power Losses
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-397 Brown, B. Temperature and Voltage Summary for LQ Series Magnets
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-395 McConnell, D. Inventory and Cost Estimate for Controls for Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-394 McConnell, D. Utility Monitoring for the Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-393 Ohnuma, S. Effects of the Systematic Errors in Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-392 Satti, J. Specification for the Accumulator Vacuum Bakeout System magnet Vacuum Chambers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-391 Dugan, G. Dynamics of Pbar Transfer from the Main Ring to the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-390 Nicholls, G. This is a Specification of the Required Frequency, RF Waveshape, Frequency and
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-388 Ruggiero, A.G. Updated set of parameters and scenario for the Pbar-SSC Collider
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-387 Ruggiero, A.G. Antiprotons and Heavy Ions Colliding in Tevatron I
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-386 Ruggiero, A.G. Sequence of events for the Pbar SSC
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-385 Marriner, J. Debuncher Stochastic Cooling PU and Kicker Apertures
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-384 Harrison, M. Recent changes tot the design of the AP1 Beam Line
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-383 Harrison, M. F17 Proton Extraction and $\bar{p}$ Injection Beam Dynamics
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-382 Griffin, J.E. Some Suggested Techniques for Achieving Required Main Ring Low Level RF Performance for the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-381 Yurista, P. Residual Activity Exposure Rates Downstream of teh Pbar Target Vault
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-380A Ohnuma, S. End Field of Large-Aperture Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-380 Ohnuma, S. End Field for SCQ Quadrupoles/Large Aperture Quad
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-379 Konecny, R. Summary of the Argonne Measurements of the LBL Prototype Pickup Characteristics
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-378 Yurista, P. Potential Airborne Problems from Air Activitation in the Pbar Target Vault
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-377 Podschweit, E. Leybold-Heraeur 270 Liter/Second Ion Pump Acceptance
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-376 Shafer, R. Interim Note on Computer Model of Superconducting Coax
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-375 Franck, A. Target and Lens Motor Control Design and Tests
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-374 Krider, J. Target Station Instrumentation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-373 Dugan, G. Lithium Lens Catastrophe Theory
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-372 Dugan, G. General Procedures for Lithium Storage, Handling and Disposal
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-371 Kling, B. Various Tests on FNAL Prototype Stochastic Cooling Electrode Assembly
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-370 Shafer, R. Signal-to-Noise Reducation by Attentuation at Various Temperatures
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-368 Mills, F. Responses of Morgan Coil-Phases
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-367 Frett, M. TeV Electrodes Formed Microwave Assembly Pickup Cooling Evaluation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-366 McConnell, D. Vax Database Names for the Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-365 Dugan, G. Kicker and Pulser Systems-Required for Pbar Manipulations in the Main Ring and Tevatron
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-364 Castellano, T. Debuncher and Accumulator Kickers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-363 Freeman, W. Muon Dose Rates Downstream of pbar Target Hall Due to Losses in the Main Ring and Saver
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-362 Johnson, D. Booster to Debuncher Line
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-361 Rice, R. Booster Long-3 Extraction Line
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-360 Malamud, E. Tevatron I Timing Scenarios and Clock Events
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-359 Yurista, P. 8 GeV Target Station Radiation Shielding
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-358 Mtingwa, S. Attenuation of Propagating TE Modes in Rectangular Beam Chambers II: 2-4 GHz
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-357 Freeman, W.S. Energy Deposition in the Pbar Target Hall Proton Beam Dump
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-356 Marriner, J. Caculation of Impedances and Sensitivities in Sum and Difference Modes for 1-2 GHz and 2-4 GHz Picku
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-355 Pasquinelli, R. Noise Performance of 1-2 GHz Preamps
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-354 Wehmann, A. Description of Non-Magnetic Tests Made on SQC Magnets
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-353 Hojvat, C. Booster Beam Target and Dump for Tevatron I
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-352 Frett, M. TeV I Electrodes Formed Microwave Assembly Kicker Cooling Evaluation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-351 MacLachlan, J. Linearization of Bunch Rotation in the Debuncher by Addition of Second Harmonic RF
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-350 MacLachlan, J. 53 MHz Bunching in the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-349 Yurista, P. Radiation Damage, Energy Depostition and Residual Activity to Lithium Lens and
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-348 Shafer, R. Calculations and Measurements on Superconducting Coax
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-347 Goldberg, D.A. Beam Tests on Machined-Metal 1-2 GHz Pickup Array During LN Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-346 Ohnuma, S. Requirements for the Field 'Flatness' of Dipoles and Quadrupoles-Criteria
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-345 Autin, B. Signal Power in a Staggered Tune Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-344 Kuchnir, M. Temperature Dependence of the Miniumum Power that Will Quench the 324m
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-343 Mills, F. Calculational Models for Deformed Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-342 Satti, J. Sublimation Pump with Optical Baffle for the Accumulator Injector Kicker Vessel
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-341 Shafer, B. The Effect of FET Noise on Choice of Amplifier for Beam Position System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-340 Ohnuma, S. Main Ring Overpasses: WD6 at D0 TCB21 or TCB16 at B0
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-339 Holmes, S. Flying Wire Profile Monitor in the AR
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-338 Mills, F. Magnet Distortion Due to Welding
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-337 Shafer, R. Expected Signal Power in the Tev I Beam Postion Pickups
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-336 Shafer, R. Beam Diagnostics for Tev I Rings
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-335 Takayama, K. Regional Impedance of the Kicker Magnet
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-334 Ohnuma, S. Main Ring Overpass: Issues (But not answers) as I see Them
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-333 Kells, B. Network Analyzer Response to Distorted (TWT) Signals
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-332 Holmes, S. Sensitivity and Linearity of AR Beam Postion Monitors
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-331 Kells, B. Surface Wave Transmission Test
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-330 Larry, L. Resonant Cavity for Detecting Failure of Beryllium Windows of the Lithium Lens
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-329 Mtingwa, S. Measurement of 1-2 GHz Pickup Response in the Presence of Resistive Strips
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-328 Mtingwa, S. Attenuation of Propagating TE Modes in Rectangular Beam Chambers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-327 Takayama, K. Transverse Impedance of the Kicker Magnet for an Off-Centered Beam
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-326 Klen, J. Vacuum Outgassing Measurements of Copper Sheets Coated with 1) Ebond 'C'
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-325 Marriner, J. Thoughts on the Beam Postion Monitor System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-324 Ohnuma, S. Shifts in Betatron Oscillation Frequencies Caused by Average Multipole Fields
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-323 Mills, F. Trimming Gradient Coils
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-322 Ruggiero, A. Status Report on Closed Orbit Analysis for Debuncher Rings
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-321 Petter, J. Debuncher Kickers
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-320 Ruggiero, A. Electric Analysis of Beam Position Monitor
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-319 Ruggiero, A. Beam Position Monitors
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-318 Ohnuma, S. Calculation of Lattice Parameters for the Main Ring with B0 Overpass
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-317 Pasquinelli, R. Accumulator and Debuncher Roughing Stations-Definition and Control Philosophy
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-316 Pasquinelli, R. Results of Power Correlator Tests for Stack Tail
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-315 Poncet, A. Injection/Ejection Kickers Shutters: Some Hints from AA Experience
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-314 Ng, K.Y. Longitudinal and Transverse Impedances of teh Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-313 Ohnuma, S. Tunes with Fringe Field of Magnets-Numerical Integration of Exact Equations
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-312 Kaczar, K. Instrumentation Connector Standards for TeV 1
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-311 Holmes, S. Injection/Ejection Kickers Shutters: Some Hints from AA Experience
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-310 Ohnuma, S. Transfer Line from Debuncher to Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-309 Poncet, A. Some Consideration in Connection with Ion Trapping in the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-308 Johnson, D. Possible D0 Low Beta Designs
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-307 Nicol, T. Tev I Beam Tube Stress Analysis
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-306 Bartoszek, L. Results of ANSYS Finity Element Analysis of Two ELliptical Beam Pipes: Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-305 Takayama, K. Transverse Coupling Impedance of a Resonant Cavity
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-304 Takayama, K. Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of a Resonant Cavity
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-303 Poncet, A. An Alternative Design for the Accumulator Ring Vacuum System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-302 Ruggiero, A. Z/n Estimate for Bellows in the Accumulator Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-301 Ruggiero, A. Z/n Estimate for Pickups and Kickers in the Accumulator Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-300 Michelassi, G.J. Septum Magnet: Feasibility from the Stand Point of Fatigue Stresses
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-299 Holmes, S. Tracking and Tuning Studies in the Accumulator Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-298 Poncet, A. Window at Extraction from the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-297 Poncet, A. Size of Vacuum Pumps for the Debuncher (Design Pressure~1x10 to the -8 Ton)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-296 Poncet, A. Design of Sublimation Pump Bodies for the Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-295 Yurista, P. Soil Activation Antiprton Target Station
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-294 Mtingwa, S. Calculation of Gas Pressures for the 1-2 GHz Kicker Vacuum Chamber in the A20
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-293 Ellison, T. Footnotes to Pbar Note 286
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-292 Takayama, K. Relationship between Interdependent Time-Dependent Linear Equation and General
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-291 Ellison, T. Tev I Gradient Search Coils: (With Micron Accuracies)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-290 Ellison, T. Magnetic Clamping
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-289 Yurista, P. Antiproton Radiation Safety Target Building Upstream Hatch and Labyrinth
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-288 Biallas, G. Proposal Handling and Storage Procedures for the Tevatron I Target Station
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-287 Ohnuma, S. Change in Dispersion Function from Field Gradient Errors
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-285 Dugan, G. Estimates of Inductance, Resistance, Magnetic Forces and Dissipated Power in
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-284 Dugan, G. Effects of the Current Penetration Phenomenon on Mechanical Stresses in Lithium
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-283 Lo, C.C. Performance of A 1-2 GHz Preamplifier for Stochastic Beam Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-282 Klen, J. Vacuum Outgassing Measurements of Cryo Panel Sample with Zeolite Material
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-281 Ellison, T. Controls and Devices for the Accumulator and Debuncher Vacuum System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-280 Dugan, G. Design Considerations: Lithium Lens End Design
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-279 Ellison, T. Search Coils and Integrator Noise and Drift
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-278 Ellison, T. Signal Cables for Magnetic Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-277 Shafer, R. Liquid Nitrogen Choking Tests
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-276 Mills, F. Beam Windows in TeV I
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-275 Klen, J. Vacuum Outgassing Measurements of Microwave Absorber Tiles NZ-31
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-274 Klen, J. Vacuum Outgassing Measurements of Armalloy Samples
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-273 Brown, B. MTF Probe Identification and Connector for Tev I Magnet Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-272 Klen, J. Vacuum Outgasing Measurements of Sample Ferrite
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-271 Brown, B. Initial Program Block Deagram MTF VAX Data Collection Programs
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-270 Lennox, A. Skin Effect in a Pulsed Hollow Cylinder
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-269 Lennox, A. Skin Effect in Electrically Pulsed Cylindrical Conductors used as Focussing Devices
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-268 Klen, J. Vacuum Evaluation of Microwave Feedthrough Connectors
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-267 Marriner, J. Requirements for Stochastic Cooling Notch Filters
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-266 Pasquinelli, R. Measurements on 1 5/8 inch Rigid and 7/8 inch Foam Coaxial Lines
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-265 Takayama, Ken Explicit Expression of the Electric Field in the Kicker
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-264 Takayama, K. Effects of Non-Linear Electrode on Transverse Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-263 Holt, R. Magnet Tolerances and Resonance Widths for the Accumulator and Debuncher C.
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-262 Lennox, A. A Short Analysis of the Votage Observed on the Surface fo the Tantalum Dummy
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-261 Dugan, G. Lithium Lens Filling Procedure
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-260 Takayama, K. Alternative Method for Asymptomatic Formula of Adiabatic Ratio (Subtitle: Useful
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-259 Ellison, T. The Finale 120 KeV Electron Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-258 Kells, W. Dynamics of R.F. Captured Electron Cooled Proton Beams
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-257 Lo, C. Low Noise Gallium-Arsenide Field Effect Transistor Preamplifier for Stochastic B. Leskovar/C.
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-256 Kells, W. Propagation Characteristics of Helix TWT
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-255 Mills, F. Back Leg Gaps
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-254 Dugan, G. Design Considerations for Lithium Lens: Internal Cooling Jacket
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-253 Klen, J. Vacuum Tests on Resistors for Use in Stochastic Cooling Pickups(appendix to 236)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-252 Kramer, S. Argonne Pickup Test Facility
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-251 Mills, F.E. Deflection of Curved Beams Holding Curved Magnets Together
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-250 Kramer, S. Surface Wave Transmission Lines
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-249 Oleksiuk, L. Design of a High Field Lammbertson Magnet for the F-17 Extracted Beam
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-248 Ellison, T. Proposals for Simplifying the Vacuum System at the Stochastic Pickup and
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-247 Kramer, S. Correlation Filters for Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-246 Marriner, J. Phase and Gain Compensation of a Cable with Classsical Dispersion
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-245 Ando, A. Effects of the Magnetization of Vacuum Chamber
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-244 Takayama, K. Intra Beam Scattering Note II1 Debye Shielding in Non-Neutral Beam
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-243 Kells, W. Coupled Mode analysis of Perioidic Slotted Line Charged Particle Beam Pickups
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-242 Kells, W. Noise Septrum Distortion
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-241 Marriner, J. Phase an dGain Compensation of a Traveling Wave Tube
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-240 Ruggiero, A. Tevatron I Collider Performance
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-239 Ruggiero, A. 2-4 GHz System with Filters for the Stochastic Stacking n the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-238 Ruggiero, A. The Debuncher Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-237 Kuchnir, M. Power Losses in Superconducting Coaxial Cables
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-236 Boards, P.C. Teflon Impregnated
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-235 Ruggiero, A. Core Cooling with an Electron Beam Integrated
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-234 Marriner, J. Coherence of Betatron Signals in Arrays of Pickups
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-233 Kramer, S. Signal Cables on Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-232 Shafer, R. Notation for Loop Pickup Geometrical Sensitivity
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-231 Autin, B. Variable Transfer Function in A Betatron Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-230 Ohnuma, S. Collins' Bypass for the Main Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-229 Marriner, J. Formulas for Betatron Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-228 Ruggiero, A. High Energy elcetron Cooling Evisited
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-227 Ruggiero, A. Average Luminostiy Performance for Tevatron I
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-226 Johnson, R. Stochastic Stacking Without Filters
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-225 Colton, E. Mark VIII Antiproton Transports
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-224 Colton, E. The Mark IX Antiproton Transports
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-223 Griffin, J.E. Preservation of Tight Bunches in the Main Ring at 125 GeV
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-222 Simpson, J. Pick-up Response Obtained from Waveform Analysis
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-221 Suddeth, D. Preliminary Calibration of Pbar Pickup Electrodes with the ANL Chemistry
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-220 Neuffer, D. SignalSuppression Transverse Fokker-Plank Equations and Betatron Cooling for
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-217 Simpson, J. Preecooling in the Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-216 Ando, A. Accumulator Lattice and Chromaticity Correction
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-215 Griffin, J.E. RF Cavity Deposition in the Tevatron for Optimum Orthogonal Control
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-214 Johnson, D. Tevatron BO Low Beta Tuning Report
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-213 Johnson, R. Trip Report: CERN and Moriond (March 1982)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-212 Shafer, R. Group Delay and Phase Adjustments of the Stochastic Cooling Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-211 Takayama, K. Beam Temperature and Intrabeam Scattering in the Antiproton Accumulator \& the
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-210 Neuffer, D. Parameters for Fast Betatron Cooling in the Fermilab Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-209 Ando, Ainosuke RF Stacking and Tail Cooling in the Antiproton Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-208 Holt, C. Non-linear Resonance Widths in N-Dimensions
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-207 Simpson, J. Degradatin of Stacking Performance Due to Betatron Motion
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-206 Johnson, D. Possible Experimental Areas in the Tevatron
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-205 Autin, B. Fast Betatron Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-204 Lennox, A. Energy Depostion in the Lithium Lens
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-202 Neuffer, D. Signal Suppression in Betatron Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-201 Neuffer, D. Calculations of Pickup Kicker Sensitivity
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-200 Neuffer, D. Rotation of Transverse Phase Space in a Storage Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-199 Ruggiero, A. More Analysis of Pickups (Strip Lines) Sum and Difference Modes Dependence of
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-198 Cilyo, F. Tuning Shunt for Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-197 Griffin, J. RF Stacking in the Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-196 Colton, E. 125 GeV Proton Beamline Directly Extracted at F17:II
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-195 Johnson, R. Trip Report-Assignment at CERN to work on the Commissioning of the Antiproton
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-194 Ruggiero, A. Vacuum Considerations for the Accumulator Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-193 Ruggiero, A. Theory fo Signal Suppression for Stochastic Cooling with Multiple Systems
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-192 Ruggiero, A. Revised Intrabeam Scattering Calculations
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-191 Tollestrup, A. Anomalous Skim Impedance on Shorted Delay Line Filters
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-190 Mills, F. Toward a Rapid Bunch Accumulation Scheme
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-189 Young, D. Information Relevant to the Optimization of Electric Power Versus Equipment Costs
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-188 Medvedko, A. Test Ring Schottky Noise Measuring System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-187 Hojvat, C. Trip Report: Lebedev Institute (Moscow), Institute of Nuclear Physics
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-186 Neuffer, D. Parameters for Betatron Core Cooling in the Fermilab Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-185 Vsevolozhskaya, T. Anti-Proton Source for the Accelerator Storage Complex
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-184 Colton, E. 8 GeV Pbar Collector-Bypass System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-183 Colton, E. 150 GeV Proton Beamline Extracted at E0
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-182 Colton, E. 125 GeV Proton Beamline Directly Extracted at F17
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-181 Autin, B. Stack Betatron Cooling. A First Approach
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-180 Griffin, J. Trip Report, CERN Nov 2 - Nov 13, 1982
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-179 Ruggiero, A.G. Beam Loss at thje Front-End of the Stochastic Cooling Tail System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-178 Parkhomchuk, V.V. Computer Simulation of Stochastic Cooling and Stacking
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-177 Oleksiuk, L. 125 GeV/c Upgrade of the Extracted Beam: Design A
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-176 Derbenev, Y.A. Collisional Relaxation of Intense Beams of Heavy Particles in Storage Rings
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-175 Oleksiuk, L. Extracted Beam Targeting: High Order Optics
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-174 Oleksiuk, L. 80 GeV/c Extraction Line: Beam Optic Modifications
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-173 Ando, A. Pbar Bunch RF Rotation in the Debuncher Ring with a Very Small n(=1/v2T-1/v2o)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-172 Kells, W. Stability and Dynamical Invariants for Intra-Beam Scattering
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-171 Ruggiero, A. Stochastic Cooling-A Comparison with Bandwidth and Lattice Functions
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-170 Ellison, T. Summary of Solenoid Alignment and Field Strength Measurements in the Electron
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-169 Johnson, D.E. A 'Super quadrupole' Low-Beta Insertion
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-168 Baur, G. Antiproton Production Experiment
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-167 Suddeth, D. Results of Wall Current Pickup Response Using and Electron Beam at Argonne
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-166 Neuffer, David Permanent Magnets for Beam Transport from Linac to Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-165 Garten, A. Antiproton Accumulator Lattice (AASEP)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-164 MacLachlan, J. Rebunching at h=84 in the Accumulator to Divide Beam for Acceleration in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-163 Neuffer, D. Fokker-Plank Equations for Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-162 MacLachlan, J. Bunch Rotation in the Main Ring and p Debunching in a Circular Debuncher -Simulation Results
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-161 Larson, D. Target Depletion
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-160 Larson, D. A (Crude) Numerical Estimate of the Temperature Increase of a Copper Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-159 Larson, D. The Measuerment of Temperature for the Large Depletion Experiment
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-158 MacLachlan, J. Simulation of 800 MHz Bunching at 120 GeV in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-157 Takayama, K. Pbar Bunch Rotation in the Linear Debuncher for the Pbar Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-156 Hojvat, C. Momentum Spread and Time Width of the Proton Bunches for Targeting
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-155 Hojvat, C. Minimum Ramping Times for Main Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-154 Hojvat, C. A Visit to General Electric X-Ray Tube Target Plant
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-153 Ando, A. Time Dependent Solution of a Fokker-Plank Equation for the Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-152A Chadwick, G. Antiproton Production beam and Reverse Injection System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-152 Chadwick, G. Antiproton Production beam and Reverse Injection System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-151 Peoples, J. TeV I PMG Presentation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-14A Collins, T.L. How to Design a Strong Focussing Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-149 Kells, B. Use of High Power, Large Band-width TWT's for Stochastic Accumulation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-148 Ruggiero, A. Pick-up Loop Analysis
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-147 Hojvat, C. Antiproton densities in Phase Space at Production
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-146 Ruggiero, A. Estimates of Intrabeam Scattering Diffusion Rates for the Main Ring \& Energy
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-145 Mills, F.E. Linear Antiproton Debuncher
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-144 Mills, F. The Use of the FEL Gun for Electron Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-143 Joutras, D. Notes on Beam Profile Monitor
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-142 Ruggiero, A. Core Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-141 Ruggiero, A. Preliminary List of parameters All-Stochastic Cooling Scheme and Comperison
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-140 Ruggiero, A. Calculations of Intrabeam Scattering for the Stochastic Cooling Accumulator
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-139 Hojnat, Carlos Antiproton Yields for Stochastic Accumulation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-138 Colton, E. Antiproton Transfer Collector to Cooling System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-137 Krienen, F. Plasma Lens for Antiproton Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-136 Takayama, K. How Can We Reduce a Momentum Spread of 4% in the Debuncher?
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-135 Kells, B. An Approach to Stochastic (Pre?) Accumulation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-134 Neuffer, D. The 200 MeV Precooler LIne
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-133 Ando, A. Quadrupole and Skew Quadrupole Correction in the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-132 MacLachlan, J. Reducing Pbar Collection Time By Optimizing Longitudinal Acceptance
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-131 Ando, A. Chromaticity Correction in the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-130 Ando, A. Closed Orbit Correction System for Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-129 Oleksiuk, L. Canceling the Electeron Beam Space Charge Shift of the Pbar Beam
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-128 Ruggiero, A. Closed Orbit Estimate and Closed Orbit Correction for the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-127 Takayama, K. Final Beam Emittances at the end of P-Accumulation for the Fermilab P Source
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-126 Kells, W. Design of a Multiple-Narrow band Cavity Stochastic Cooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-125 Krienen, F. Fine Grain LEP Detector in Semi COnductor Technology and/or Surface Acoustic
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-124 Oleksiuk, L. Design Study of a 750 kV Electron Gun for Electron Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-123 Ruggiero, A. Estimate of Electron cooling Rates for Large Energies
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-122 Krienen, Frank Engineering Sheets of 12 Metre Solenoid
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-121 Vsevolozskaya, T. The Optimization and Efficiency of Antiproton Production with a Fixed
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-120 Colton, E. More on Antiproton Collectors
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-116 Krienen, F. Solenoid Design electron Gun
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-115 Garren, A. Precooler Lattice
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-114 Takayama, K. Computer Simulation of Antiproton RF Stacking in the Precooler Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-113 Colton, E. New Injection Scheme for ECR
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-112 Heim, J. Pbar target Concept I
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-111 Colton, E. Background Fluxes injected into the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-110 Canada, C.V. Outdoor Dose Rates for the Antiproton Target Area
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-109 Krienen, F. Elctron Cooling of Protons with Large Momentum Bite
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-108 Kells, W. All Electron, Cooling Scenario (?)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-107 Colton, E. Antiprotn Transport to Precooler II
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-106 Fuja, Raymond Power Supplies for Precooler Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-105 Ohnuma, S. Changing the Transition Energy in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-104 Neuffer, D. Simulation of RF Rotation
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-103 Ruggiero, A.G. An All-Stochastic Scenario
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-102 Ruggiero, A.G. A Scheme to Produce a High-Intensity Antiproton Beam with Precooler and
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-101 Krienen, F. Antiproton Yeild form a Production Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-100 Ruggiero, A.G. Calculation of Proton-Antiproton Target Efficiency (Yield Modified) Taking
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-099 Cline, D. Material Procurement Report for the FNAL $\bar{p}p$ Forward Detector's Toroids and Cos$\theta$ Dipol
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-098 MacLachlan, James Simple Lattice for the Precoo1er/Accumu1ator Scheme
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-097 Ruggiero, A.G. Calculation of Proto-Antiproton Target Efficiencey (Yield)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-096 Kells, W. Projections of 4-Dimesion Phase Space Flow Non-existence of Phase Space
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-095 Ohnuma, S. An example of RF Capture in the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-094 Bayanov, B.F. The Antiproton Target Station on the Basis of Lithium Lenses
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-093 Moenich, J. Precooler Ring Vacuum System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-092 King, E.J. The SWIC Project
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-091 Kline, D.B. The Development of Bright Antiproton Source and Energy Density Targeting
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-090 Gamadia, K.N. On Magnetic Field Calculations for the Central Detector of the Colliding Beams Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-089 Ruggiero, A. One More Scheme to Produce a High Intensity Antiproton Beam for Fermilab
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-088 Johnson, D.E. Proton Extraction Co-ordinate System
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-087 Johansen, June N/A
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-086 Colton, E. Antiproton Transport to Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-085 Johnson, D.E. Skew-Wuad Compesation for Solenoidal Fields in Cooling Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-084 Krienen, F. Analysis of the Antiproton Target Train
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-083 Mohammadi, Mohammad New Extraction System for pp Colliding Beams
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-082 Kells, B. Using Phase Space Trading
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-081 Lambertson, Glen Stochastic Cooling of 200 MeV Protons
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-080 Bisognano, J.J. Kinetic Equations for Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-079 Lambertson, G. Notes of AA Cooling from VIsit July 14-15, 1980
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-078 Bauer, G. Conceptual Design of a Forward Detector for the Antiproton-Proton Collider
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-077 Miyahara, Y. Chromaticity and Stop Band of the Third Resonance in the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-076 Miyahara, Y. Elementary Consideration of the Schottky Signal
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-075 Colton, E. The Aberrations of the 100 GeV/c Proton Transport Line
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-074 Griffin, J. Bunch Compression in teh Main Ring for Pbar-P Physics
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-073 Colton, E. Modified Proton Transport from Linac to Cooling RIng
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-072 Johnson, D.E. A Compendium of Low-b Straight Section Designs
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-071 Mills, Fred Tolerance of the Alignment and Construsction of the Pre-Cooler Magnets
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-070 Krienen, F. Spreading the Hotspot on the Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-069 Kells, W. New Approach to Stochastic Momentum Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-068 Johnson, D.E. New Design for Transport Line from Linac to Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-067 Krienen, F. Frank Kreinen tald May 6, 1980
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-066 Krienen, F. Fast Moving Wires for Luminosity Measurements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-065 Garren, A. Tevatron Lattice with Partly Symmetrical Low
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-064 Kells, W. Arnold Diffusion Enhancement of Beam Beam Interaction
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-063 Garren, A. Symmetric Long Straight-Sections for the Doubler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-062 Ruggiero, A.G. Crossing a Single Weak Nonlinear Resonance
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-061 Ruggeiro, A.G. Crossing a Single Weak Non-Linear Resonance
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-060 Ruggeiro, A.G. A Theorem about the Integratability of the Two-Dimensional Beam-Beam
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-059 Ruggeiro, A.G. The Theory of a Non-Linear System in Presence of Noise (The Beam-Beam Effect)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-058 Foss, M.H. Fermilab Pbar Precooler Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-057 Simpson, J.D. Asymptotic Distributions for Stochastic Momentum Cooling in the Electron
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-056 Kells, W. Wave guide Longitudinal Pickup
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-055 Ruggeiro, A.G. Note on Nuclear Scattering in the Electron Cooling Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-054 Ruggeiro, A.G. Coulomb Scattering with the Residual Gas in the Electron Cooling Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-053 McIntyre, Peter A Filter Technique for Stochastic Cooling of Betatron Oscillations
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-052 Crosbie, E.A. A Program for Stub Filter Cooling in the TIme Domain
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-051 Kells, W. Features of Transit-Time Cooling with Deceleration
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-050 Colton, E. Optics of the 200-MeV Cloverleaf
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-049 Ruggeiro, A.G. On teh Effects of Inserting Long Cooling Regions
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-048 Ruggeiro, A.G. Sequence of Deceleration and Stochastic Cooling of Antiprotons in the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-047 Ruggeiro, A.G. A Third, More Reliable Scheme to Collect Antiprotons at Fermilab with a Cooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-046 Colton, E. Optics Design From Pbar Target to Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-045 Lennox, A. Controls and Diagnostics (Withdrawn)
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-044 Griffin, J. Acceleration in the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-043 Kells, W. Methods for Longitudinal Cooling by Large Factors in a Pbar Precooler Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-042 Ruggeiro, A.G. Critical Review of the Theories on the Longitudinal Instabilities of Individual
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-041 Johnson, D.E. Fast Electron COoling and an Expanded Electron Cooling Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-039 Dikansky, N. Estimate of Pressure Beams for Electron Cooling Device
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-038 Silvestrov, G. A System of Delay Channels to Enhance pbar Source Efficiency
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-036 Dikansky, N. Accumulation Rate of pbar in the Scheme Main Ring-Precooler-Storage Ring
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-031 Leeman, C. Transverse Cooling in Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-030 Ogino, T. The Physics of Electron Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-029 Teng, L. 200-MeV Transport
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-028 Teng, L. Precooler-RF
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-027 Teng, L. Precooler Ring-Lattice
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-026 Simpson, J. Momentum Cooling in the Precooler as Simulated by Integrating A Fokker-Plank
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-025 Johnson, D.E. The Influence of a Combined Quadrupole-Solenoid Field on an Electron Beam
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-024 Meshkov, I. The Nonlinear Effects Estimation for Protons, Antiprotons Passing Through
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-023 Ogino, T. Theory of Electron Cooling with Magnetic Field and Space Charge
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-022 Mills, F.E. Flux Line and Electron Beam Motion in Solenoid and Quadrupole Fields
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-021 Johnson, D.E. New Thoughts on the Extended electron Cooling Ring Lattice
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-020A Simpson, J. Deceleration in the Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-020 Simpson, J. RF Unstacking Efficiency
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-019 Meshkov, I. The Influence of Quadrupole Fields on Electron Beam Motion in the Cooling Ring P. McIntyre/
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-018 Colton, Eugene Transport Lines to and from the Antiproton Production Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-017A Crosbie, E.A. R.F. Requirements for Matching the Precooler pbar Bunches into the Booster
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-017 Colton, E. 100 GeV/c Transport with the Lithium Lens
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-016A Garren, A. A Precooler Using ESCAR Magnets?
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-016 Ruggiero, A.G. How Short Can We Make the Bunches in the Main Ring by Raising the Transition
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-015A Garren, A. Precooler Lattice Using ZGS Magnets
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-015 Ruggiero, A.G. Program STCOO to Simulate Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-014A Collins, T.L. How to Design a Strong Focussing Precooler
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-014 Teng, L.C. Study fo Current-Carrying pbar-Production Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-013 Crosbie, E. RF Unstacking Requirements
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-012 Rubbia, C. Focusing Antiprotons Inside the Production Target
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-010 Ruggiero, A.G. Computer Simulation of Momentum Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-009 Ruggiero, A.G. Momentum Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-008 Hiddleston, H.R. Surplus ZGS Magnet Collector Rings
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-007 Cline, D. Exploding Wire Lens for Increased pbar Yield
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-006 Crosbie, E. Comments on Practical Cooling Parameters
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-005 Ruggiero, A.G. Stochastic Cooling
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-004 Ruggiero, A.G. Debunching and Rebunching of the Beam at Lower Numbers Before Extraction
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-003 Ruggiero, A.G. Calculation of Pbar Production
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-002 Ruggiero, A.G. Luminosity and Beam-Beam Tune Shift for Pbar
FERMILAB-PBAR-NOTE-001 Lambertson, G. Stochastic Cooling-What is the Basic Reality?