Fermilab Technical Publications: MISC Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-MISC-2019-01 OUTDATED: Visitors Guide and Map
FERMILAB-MISC-2011-01 Hill, Christopher Fermilab: A Plan for Discovery
FERMILAB-MISC-2008-01 Report of the Fermilab ILC Citizens' Task Force
FERMILAB-MISC-2007-01 Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A. Addendum to the MiniBooNE Run Plan: Run Request for an Anti-Neutrino Oscillation Analysis
FERMILAB-MISC-1999-03 Raja, Rajendran Systematic Errors in NUMI/MINOS Measurements of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters
FERMILAB-MISC-1999-02 Report: Tunneling Cost Reduction Study Prepared for Fermilab
FERMILAB-MISC-1999-01 Kolb, Adrienne W. A Brief History of Fermilab
FERMILAB-MISC-1995-04 Amendolia, R.S. Proposal for and Intermediate Scintillating Fiber Tracker (IFT) for Run II: IFT Hardware Version 2.2
FERMILAB-MISC-1995-03 Lecompte, T. Proposal for a Special Run at $\sqrt{s}=$ 630 GeV
FERMILAB-MISC-1995-02 Proposal to Measure Jet, Photon and b Quark Production at $\sqrt{s}$ = 630-GeV and $\sqrt{s}$ = 1200
FERMILAB-MISC-1994-01 Rameika, R. Siting Options for Main Injector Era Fixed Target Experiments
FERMILAB-MISC-1993-02 Delchamps, Stephen West High Voltage Ramp Study of Philips XP2012 and XP2008 PMT's
FERMILAB-MISC-1993-01 Delchamps, Stephen West Stability of Philips XP2012 and XP2008 PMT's
FERMILAB-MISC-1992-04 Experiment E672: A Status Report
FERMILAB-MISC-1992-03 Mussa, R. Estimate of the Trigger Inefficiency Due to Extra Hits in H1 and H2, using Clean $\chi_2$ Events
FERMILAB-MISC-1992-02 Govi, G. Determination of the $\pi^0 \gamma$ Cross Section
FERMILAB-MISC-1992-01 Duryea, J. The Polarization and Magnetic Moment of the Cascade Minus Hyperon
FERMILAB-MISC-1990-03 Heinrich, J.G. $B$-Physics Options at TEV I
FERMILAB-MISC-1990-02 Tevatron Low-Beta Quadrupoles: Requirements and Specifications
FERMILAB-MISC-1990-01 Ritchie, D.J. Information Management as an Aspect of and Experimental Facility and Its Support
FERMILAB-MISC-1988-02 Bonner, B.E. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Low Energy Pbars
FERMILAB-MISC-1988-01 Bodnarczuk, Mark W. Reflections on the 15-Foot Bubble Chamber at Fermilab
FERMILAB-MISC-1987-04 Wilson, Richard Weak Interaction and Heavy Quark Physics with the Tevatron Muon Beam
FERMILAB-MISC-1987-03 Aubert, B. Fast Hermetic Calorimetry Using Warm Liquids: Proposal for Generic Detector R&D for the SSC/LHC
FERMILAB-MISC-1987-02 Bartoszek, Larry Summary of Discussions on Flammable Gas Safety for E760 in Genova, Torino, and Ferrara the week of M
FERMILAB-MISC-1987-01 Jovanovic, Drasko Publications from Fermilab Experiments, November 1987
FERMILAB-MISC-1986-01 Patterson, Dan The FNAL 200-MeV Linac
FERMILAB-MISC-1985-05 Rosen, J. On the Resonant Production of $c\bar{c}$ States in the $\bar{p}p$ Channel
FERMILAB-MISC-1985-04 Auchincloss, P. Memo on Flux Monitoring - I
FERMILAB-MISC-1985-03 Fixed Target Physics at the Tevatron: Prepared by the Tevatron Association of Fixed Target Spokesper
FERMILAB-MISC-1985-02 Direct Neutral Lepton Facility Project Validation Review, March 1985.
FERMILAB-MISC-1985-01 The Tevatron 1 Project Management Plan: Revision III
FERMILAB-MISC-1984-01 Adolphsen, C.E. E-615 Status Report
FERMILAB-MISC-1983-03 Proposal for a Dedicated Collider at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory May, 1983
FERMILAB-MISC-1983-02 Proposal for a Dedicated Collider at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Preliminary)
FERMILAB-MISC-1983-01 Malamud, E. Early history of the Fermilab Main Ring
FERMILAB-MISC-1982-03 Melissinos, Adrian C. Working Notes on "Gravitational Effects of Stored Beams of High Energy Particles"
FERMILAB-MISC-1982-02 Unknown, A. Measurements of Leakage from Calorimeters for P-709 and Estimate of Resulting Background in Tracking
FERMILAB-MISC-1982-01 Baltay, C. Progress Report on E-646: Search for the Tau Neutrino and Study of Electron Neutrino Interactions an
FERMILAB-MISC-1980-02 Jones, L.W. Muon Studies in M2: June 1980
FERMILAB-MISC-1980-01 Unknown, A. Preliminary Progress Report on E-594 Neutrino Test Run in May 1980
FERMILAB-MISC-1979-02 Peterson, Vincent Z. Physics Arguments for 15 Foot Bubble Chamber Narrow-Band Neutrino (Antineutrino) Exposures During th
FERMILAB-MISC-1979-01 Fermilab Highlights 1979
FERMILAB-MISC-1978-06 Whitmore, J. Preliminary Results of Tests on Components of the Proposed Multicelled Cerenkov Counter for the Ferm
FERMILAB-MISC-1978-05 Kistiakowsky, V. Fermilab CRISIS
FERMILAB-MISC-1978-04 Barish, B. Single Prompt Muons Observed in Hadron Collisions
FERMILAB-MISC-1978-03 Chu, Y.K. Report to PAC on Status of Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber
FERMILAB-MISC-1978-02 Ruggiero, Alessandro G. Report of the Group Study on the Electron-Proton Colliding Beam Facility for Fermilab
FERMILAB-MISC-1977-06 Unknown, A. Status Report for E-540
FERMILAB-MISC-1977-05 Sandweiss, Jack H. High Resolution Streamer Chamber (E-490)
FERMILAB-MISC-1977-04 Akopov, Norair Enhancement in Electron Beam Purity and Intensity at Fermilab with Use of Crystaline Tungsten Target
FERMILAB-MISC-1977-03 Unknown, A. The Status of E-0439
FERMILAB-MISC-1977-01 Fermilab TeV Program, Superconducting Magnet Ring: Energy Doubler, Energy Saver, Colliding Beams
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-11 Atac, Muzaffer What Kind of Readout is Necessary for the E456 Drift Chamber System
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-10 Unknown, A. E-8 Data Analysis Status Report
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-09 Unknown, A. Status Report and Run Requests E-456: Measurement of the Kaon Form Factor
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-08 Harris, F. Status of the Internal Picket Fence for the Fermilab 15' Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-07 E-321 Status Report
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-06 Anderson, K.J. Progress Report - Experiments 331/444: Mu-Pair Production by $\pi^+$, $\pi^-$ and Protons in the Chi
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-05 Unknown, A. Status Report on the FGD Project
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-04 Lederman, Leon M. "Super" 288 White Paper
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-03 Frisch, David Henry E256 - A Progress Report
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-02 Frisch, D. Very Preliminary Thoughts on 2nd Generation Neutrino Experiments at NAL
FERMILAB-MISC-1976-01 Biallas, G. The Energy Doubler: A Progress Report for the Energy Doubler, Saver, Collider Project
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-15 Unknown, A. Progress Report on the Status of E-98
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-14 Sandweiss, J. Cerenkov Counters for E-97, P(E)-353, A Proposal
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-13 Ankenbrandt, Chuck A New Hyperon Beam Concept
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-12 Garelick, D. Progress Report and Request for Additional Accelerator Time
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-11 Bartlett, David A Measurement of the Polarization of Lambdas at Large Transverse Moments in the Reaction p, $\pi^-,
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-10 Rubin, Howard A. PHS Consortium Newsnote No. 40: $K^+$ Beam Enrichment Studies
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-09 Unknown, A. EMI-II A Phase-Two External Muon Identifier for the 15 Foot Bubble Chamber at Fermilab
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-08 Peters, M.W. A Proposed EMI Decision Algorithm with some Observations on the Punch-Through Problem
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-07 Unknown, A. Comparison of P456 (E216) and P446 (E69)
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-06 Unknown, A. Status Report P-456: Test of the Dubna Drift Chambers
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-05 Hand, Louis N. E-382 Progress Report
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-04 Olsen, S. Progress Report and Proposed Extension for E-363
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-03 Anderson, K.J. Progress Report and Plans for Autumn Data Taking Experiment 331: Dimuon Production with a Large Acce
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-02 Frisch, David P 256 Summary
FERMILAB-MISC-1975-01 Van Ginneken, A. High-Energy Particle Interactions in Large Targets 1. Hadronic Cascades, Shielding, Energy Depositio
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-12 Unknown, A. Preformance of the Wide-Band Neutral Beam
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-11 Jovanovic, D. Revised Proposal to Search for Heavy Resonances
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-10 Kruse, U.E. Hadron Beam to the Chicago Cyclotron Magnet
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-09 Ascoli, G. Study of a Hadron Beam to the Chicago Cyclotron Magnet
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-08 Unknown, A. Hydrogen Jet Test Report from E-321
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-05 Bleser, E. Proposal for the Continuation of Experiment 305: Search for Massive Long-Lived Particles Produces by
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-04 Pless, Irwin A. Improved 30 Inch BC Hybrid System
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-03 Gordon, H. A Progress Report and Updated Request for Time to Complete E-268 and Experiment to Measure the Inclu
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-02 Osborne, L.S. Progress Report on E256
FERMILAB-MISC-1974-01 Barish, Barry C. Projected Lab-E Dichromatic Electronic Detector Facility
FERMILAB-MISC-1973-02 Unknown, A. E21 Test Calorimeter Studies
FERMILAB-MISC-1973-01 Kalbach, Robert M. Two-Body Kinematics 10-1000 GeV
FERMILAB-MISC-1972-03 Roe, B.P. Some Results and Conclusions from a Monte Carlo Study of the Neutrino Beam at NAL
FERMILAB-MISC-1972-02 Lach, Joseph T. Evidence for Two Components in High Energy pp Collisions
FERMILAB-MISC-1972-01 Akerlof, C. Measurement of Magnetic Field in NAL 24x8x72 Magnet
FERMILAB-MISC-1970-01 Kirk, T. Program decisions at NAL
FERMILAB-MISC-1969-02 Specification for Booster Chokes
FERMILAB-MISC-1969-01 Performance Specification for Power Supplies for Booster Gradient Magnet
FERMILAB-MISC-1077-02 Unknown, A. Progress Report of E-253