Fermilab Technical Publications: MICROBOONE Fermilab Technical Publications

Updated 2024-06-25 12:11:54
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1122-PUB Measurement of Triple-Differential Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged-Current Cross Sections on Argon w
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1056-PUB Selection of numu charged–current induced interactions with $N \gt 0$ protons and performance of eve
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1055-PUB A Method to Determine the Electric Field of Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers using a UV Laser S
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1054-PUB Automated Selection of Electron Neutrinos from the NuMI beam in the MicroBooNE Detector and Prospect
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1053-PUB Studying the Strange Axial Form Factor through Neutral-Current Elastic Scattering in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1051-PUB Selection of numu Events for the MicroBooNE Deep Learning Low Energy Excess Analysis
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1050-PUB Study of Reconstructed 39Ar Beta Decays at the MicroBooNE Detector
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1049-PUB Reconstruction Performance Studies with MicroBooNE Data in Support of Summer 2018 Analyses
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1048-PUB Detector calibration using through going and stopping muons in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1045-PUB First Muon-Neutrino Charged-Current Inclusive Differential Cross Section Measurement for MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1043-PUB MicroBooNE low-energy excess signal prediction from unfolding MiniBooNE Monte-Carlo and data
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1042-PUB First Deep Learning based Event Reconstruction for Low-Energy Excess Searches with MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1041-PUB The MicroBooNE Search for Single Photon Events
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1040-PUB Tomographic Event Reconstruction with MicroBooNE Data
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1039-PUB Progress on a High Sensitivity, High Purity, One-Electron-One-Proton Search for the MiniBooNE Low En
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1038-PUB Electron-neutrino selection and reconstruction in the MicroBooNE LArTPC using the Pandora multi-algo
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1032-PUB First Measurement of Muon Neutrino Charged Current Single Neutral Pion Production on Argon with the
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1031-PUB Booster Neutrino Flux Prediction at MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1030-PUB The Continuous Readout Stream of the MicroBooNE Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber for Detection o
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1028-PUB Establishing a Pure Sample of Side-Piercing Through-Going Cosmic-Ray Muons for LArTPC Calibration in
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1026-PUB A Measurement of the Attenuation of Drifting Electrons in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1025-PUB Proton Track Identication in MicroBooNE Simulation for Neutral Current Elastic Events
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1024-PUB Measurement of Reconstructed Charged Particle Multiplicities of Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1018-PUB Study of Space Charge Effects in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1017-PUB A Method to Extract the Charge Distribution Arriving at the TPC Wire Planes in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1015-PUB The Pandora multi-algorithm approach to automated pattern recognition in LAr TPC detectors
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1014-PUB A Comparison of Monte-Carlo Simulations and Data from MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1013-PUB MicroBooNE Detector Stability
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1012-PUB Demonstration of 3D Shower Reconstruction on MicroBooNE Data
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1010-PUB Selection and kinematic properties of numu charged-current inclusive events in 5E19 POT of MicroBooN
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1006-PUB Study Towards an Event Selection for Neutral Current Inclusive Single Pi0 Production in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1005-PUB Cosmic Shielding Studies at MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1004-PUB MC performance study for an early numu charged-current inclusive analysis with MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1003-PUB Measurement of the Electronegative Contaminants and Drift Electron Lifetime in the MicroBooNE Experi
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1002-PUB First neutrino interactions observed with the MicroBooNE Liquid-Argon TPC detector
FERMILAB-MICROBOONE-NOTE-1001-TECH Noise Dependence on Temperature and LAr Fill Level in the MicroBooNE Time Projection Chamber