Fermilab Technical Publications: LU Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-LU-CONCEPTUALDESIGN Fermilab Linac Upgrade Conceptual Design Revision 4A
FERMILAB-LU-CONCEPTUAL-DESIGN-01 Fermilab Linac Upgrade Conceptual Design Revision 4A
FERMILAB-LU-CONCEPTUAL-DESIGN Fermilab Linac Upgrade Conceptual Design: Revision 3
FERMILAB-LU-235 Exhibit B Fermilab subcontract general provisions (FL-1) with (FL-100B) \& limitation on payments to
FERMILAB-LU-234-B Litton klystron L-5859 handling and operation manual
FERMILAB-LU-234-A Klystron handling and operation manual ('preliminary copy')
FERMILAB-LU-233 Zhang, Hua-shun Determination of the physical dimension of the upgrade Linac
FERMILAB-LU-232 Zhang, Hua-shun The Effect of beam centering on the energy calibration
FERMILAB-LU-231 Zhang, Hua-shun The Effect of the field excited by beam on the Delta t measurement
FERMILAB-LU-230 Hoffman, B. Linac upgrade RF LCW cooling system specification 1302-ES-296071
FERMILAB-LU-229 Hoffman, B. Debuncher RF \& cavity LCW cooling system specification 1302-ES-296070
FERMILAB-LU-228 Satti, J.A. Linac upgrade module temperature control system specification 1302-ES-296036
FERMILAB-LU-227 McCrory, Elliott S. PA1317(L13): A Linac BPM calibration program
FERMILAB-LU-226 Zhang, Hua-shun The Question of the resolution of BLD
FERMILAB-LU-225 McCrory, Elliott S. Explanation of Linac BPM channels
FERMILAB-LU-224 Zhang, Hua-shun The Energy calibration and resolution of the energy spectrometer
FERMILAB-LU-223 Zhang, Hua-shun The Emittance measurement by 'Three Beam Width'
FERMILAB-LU-222 Zhang, Hua-shun The Measurement of the longitudinal emittance of the transition section
FERMILAB-LU-221 Zhang, Hua-shun The Resolution of the beam bunch length detector
FERMILAB-LU-220 Zhang, Hua-shun Do the Delta phi curves in Delta T measurement intersect at a common point?
FERMILAB-LU-219 McCrory, Elliott S. Some steering considerations and diagnostics database names
FERMILAB-LU-218 McCrory, Elliott S. Beam diagnostics for the Fermilab 400-MeV Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-217 McCrory, Elliott S. Application programs for the monitoring and the commissioning of the 400-MeV Fermilab Linac
FERMILAB-LU-216 Junck, Kevin L. Beam steering in the transition section of the Fermilab Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-215 Junck, Kevin L. In situ calibration of beam position monitors
FERMILAB-LU-214 Junck, Kevin L. LANA, a computer code for beam dynamics simulation in multi-cavity linacs and its application to the
FERMILAB-LU-213 Foley, Michael Location of supports for LINAC SCC modules
FERMILAB-LU-212 Miller, H.W. Linac cavity upgrade tuning steps
FERMILAB-LU-211 Junck, Kevin L. Beam steering in the Fermilab Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-210 Linac upgrade wall current / toroid monitor
FERMILAB-LU-209 Hamerla, T. Drawing numbers for side-coupled accelerator cavities
FERMILAB-LU-208 Noble, R. Pre-installation checklists for side-coupled cavities
FERMILAB-LU-207 Shea, Michael F. ARCNET as a field bus in the Fermilab linac control system
FERMILAB-LU-206 Control system hardware
FERMILAB-LU-205 McCrory, Elliott S. Overview of the Linac control system
FERMILAB-LU-204 Shtirbu, Sorin Smart rack monitor for the Linac control system
FERMILAB-LU-203 Shtirbu, Sorin Local applications in the Linac control station
FERMILAB-LU-202 Owens, Thomas L. Phase-scan console program for Linac tuning
FERMILAB-LU-201 Popovic, M. Conditioning summary
FERMILAB-LU-200 Crisp, James L. Fitting frequency measurements to the dispersion relation for a doubly periodic chain of resonators
FERMILAB-LU-199 Harfoush, Fady Transverse emittance \& twiss parameters calculations
FERMILAB-LU-198 Utterback, Jeff The Klystron binary status page L26
FERMILAB-LU-197 Junck, Kevin Steering considerations for the 400-MeV Linac
FERMILAB-LU-196 Junck, Kevin Using LANA for analysis of the 400-MeV Fermilab Linac
FERMILAB-LU-195 Goodwin, R. Local station control system documentation
FERMILAB-LU-194 Snee, D. Bridge coupler dimensions for the side-coupled accelerator
FERMILAB-LU-192 Jurgens, T.G. SUPERFISH code summaries for as-machined Linac cavities
FERMILAB-LU-191 Popovic, M. Spectrometer magnet
FERMILAB-LU-190 Noble, R.J. Geometry optimization of the side coupled structure used for the Fermilab Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-189 Junck, Kevin L. Design of a beam absorber diagnostic for the determination of RF phase and amplitude settings
FERMILAB-LU-188 Pfeffer, H. Linac upgrade RF system commissioning procedure summary
FERMILAB-LU-187 Photos of Linac upgrade as of November 10, 1992
FERMILAB-LU-186 Owens, T.L. Phase scan signature matching for Linac tuning
FERMILAB-LU-184 McCrory, Elliott S. Status of the beam diagnostics and the computer controls for the 400-MeV / 805 MHz Fermilab Linac
FERMILAB-LU-183 Jurgens, T. Linac Upgrade module locations
FERMILAB-LU-182 Goodwin, R. Accelerating module conditioning. Local application for new Linac
FERMILAB-LU-181 Noble, R. Transition section and debuncher review meetings
FERMILAB-LU-180 Harfoush, Fady A. Wire scanners and bunch length detectors for beam size and emittance measurements in the Linac upgra
FERMILAB-LU-179 Popovic, M. Fermilab Linac dumps
FERMILAB-LU-178 Popovic, M. 400-MeV Linac diagnostic line
FERMILAB-LU-177 Owens, Thomas L. The Delta-T tuning procedure for the Fermilab Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-176 Kroc, Thomas K. Preliminary analysis of Linac upgrade quad
FERMILAB-LU-175 Miller, Harold W. Tuning methods for the 805 MHz side-coupled cavities in the Fermilab Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-174 McCrory, Elliott S. Diagnostics for the 400-MeV FNAL linac
FERMILAB-LU-173 McCrory, Elliott S. Upgrading the Fermilab linac local control system
FERMILAB-LU-172 Noble, Robert J. The Fermilab linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-171 Kroc, Thomas K. Conditioning of high gradient H- accelerating cavities
FERMILAB-LU-170 MacLachlan, J.A. Feed-forward compensation for transient beam Loading of the 805 MHz debuncher for the Fermilab Linac
FERMILAB-LU-168 Owens, Thomas L. The Delta-T tuneup procedure for the Fermilab Linac
FERMILAB-LU-167 Jurgens, Thomas G. The Determination of the 805 MHz side coupled cavity dimensions for the Fermilab Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-166 Schmidt, Charles W. Review of negative hydrogen ion sources
FERMILAB-LU-165 May, Michael P. Mechanical construction of the 805 MHz side couple cavities for the Fermilab Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-164 McCrory, Elliott S. Design considerations for a bunch length monitor for the Fermilab Linac
FERMILAB-LU-163 Schmidt, C. Linac beam and equipment interlocks
FERMILAB-LU-162 MacLachlan, James A. Regulation requirements for the quadrupole power supplies
FERMILAB-LU-161 MacLachlan, James A. Expectations on beam loss in the 400-MeV Linac: normal operation, mis-tuning, \& failure modes
FERMILAB-LU-160 MacLachlan, James A. Debuncher beam loading considerations and new parameters
FERMILAB-LU-159 Jurgens, T.G. Equations for bead pull cavity measurements
FERMILAB-LU-158 MacLachlan, James A. Transition section design rationale and new parameters
FERMILAB-LU-157 Oleksiuk, Les W. Coupled cavity 3-D codes for Linac tolerance simulations
FERMILAB-LU-156.1 Jurgens, T. LINAC upgrade cavity parameters
FERMILAB-LU-156 Jurgens, T. LINAC upgrade cavity parameters
FERMILAB-LU-155.1 Maclachlan, James A. Revised upgrade Linac parameter tables
FERMILAB-LU-155 MacLachlan, James 400-MeV upgrade Linac parameter tables
FERMILAB-LU-154 Young, D.E. An 805 MHz disk and washer accelerating structure with coaxial coupler for the Fermilab upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-153 Kroc, Thomas K. X-ray radiation survey of the drift tube Linac
FERMILAB-LU-151 400-MeV linac upgrade: principal mechanical dimensions, kinematic and dynamic quantities
FERMILAB-LU-150 Beam diagnostics requirements implications
FERMILAB-LU-149 Holmes, Stephen D. Understanding the 200-MeV line
FERMILAB-LU-148 Teng, L.C. Delta T Method of measuring Delta Phi and Delta MU/MU (Delta W/W = Gamma (GammaH) Delta Mu/Mu)
FERMILAB-LU-147 Basic theory behind the Delta T procedure
FERMILAB-LU-146 MacLachlan, James A. Trip report: Moscow area accelerator laboratories and CERN
FERMILAB-LU-145 Untitled
FERMILAB-LU-144 A Collage of SSC Linac tuning (prototype II cold model)
FERMILAB-LU-143 Teng, L.C. Amplitude \& phase errors in Linac
FERMILAB-LU-142 Teng, L.C. To Get Rid of the Bridge Couplers Approximate Triplet Calculation
FERMILAB-LU-141 Teng, L.C. To Get Rid of the Bridge Couplers to Include the RF Defocusing According to F. Mills
FERMILAB-LU-140 McCrory, Elliott S. 116 MeV Beam Parameters
FERMILAB-LU-139 Zhou, Ping Geometry Optimization Study of the Side-Coupled Structure Using SUPERFISH
FERMILAB-LU-138 Teng, L.C. To Get Rid of the Bridge Couplers to Include the RF Defocusing According to F. Mills
FERMILAB-LU-133 Noble, Robert J. Beam Transport with Magnetic Solenoids and Plasma Lenses
FERMILAB-LU-132 McCrory, Elliott S. Observation of Transverse Instabilities in the FNAL 200 MeV Linac
FERMILAB-LU-131 Moretti, A. An 805 Mhz Disk and Washer Structure for the Fermilab Linac Upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-127 Kerns, Q.A. Linac Upgrade. Trip Report for Oct. 11, 12 Re SLAC Assistance to FNAL Upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-126 Mills, Frederick E. Quad and Cavity Position Tolerances
FERMILAB-LU-125 Moretti, Alfred Specifications for a 12 Megawatt (Peak) Klystron Amplifier Specification #0230.00-ED-60830
FERMILAB-LU-124 MacLachlan, James Modular Optics for 400 MeV Linac
FERMILAB-LU-123 McCrory, Elliott S. The Linac Control System After the 400 MeV Upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-122 McCrory, Elliott S. Preliminary Ideas on a Linac Control System for the Upgrade Version 0.1
FERMILAB-LU-121 Oleksuik, Les Beam Transport Optimization in the Transverse Plane: Matching from a 201 to 805 Mhz System
FERMILAB-LU-120 RF Structure Measurements at the Argonne Advanced Acceleration Test Facility
FERMILAB-LU-119 Mills, Frederick E. Interpretation of DAW Model Cavity Data Using Perturbation Theory
FERMILAB-LU-118 ZTT in MOHM/m and EP in MV/m *(10) vs Major Cavity Radius'
FERMILAB-LU-117 MacLachlan, J. Criteria for Optimizing SCS
FERMILAB-LU-116 Mills, Frederick E. The Use of the Endcoupled Cavity System for the Linac Upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-115 Schempp, A. Discussion of D+W, RFQ and etc.
FERMILAB-LU-113 Young, D.E. Disk and Washer Cavity Tuning
FERMILAB-LU-112 MacLachlan, James A. Evolution of the 400 MeV Linac Design
FERMILAB-LU-111 Oleksiuk, Les. W. Comparison of Beam Dynamics Codes DDYNZ and TRACEX
FERMILAB-LU-110 Conceptual Evolution of RFQ Structures
FERMILAB-LU-109 Noble, R.J. Coupled cavity structures for the Linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-108 Error Analysis for RMS Emittance Measurements
FERMILAB-LU-107 Noble, R.J. Electric Breakdown Regimes for Broad Area Electrodes
FERMILAB-LU-106 Palkovic, J. Introduction to Galor Lenses
FERMILAB-LU-105 Mills, Frederick E. Conventional RFQ
FERMILAB-LU-104 Noble, R.J. Deflecting Modes in DAW Structures
FERMILAB-LU-103 Noble, R.J. Emittance Growth in Low Energy Beam Transport
FERMILAB-LU-102 Noble, Robert J. Acceleration gradient for the 400-MeV linac upgrade
FERMILAB-LU-101 Noble, R.J. Neutralization and Stripping in 750 keV Transport Line
FERMILAB-LU-009 Chao, Y. User's Guide to Loma Linda Extraction Tracking Program
FERMILAB-LU-008 Larson, Delbert J. EGUN Ion Optics Study of the Fermilab Preac
FERMILAB-LU-007 Larson, D.J. EGUN Studies of the Fermilab Preaccelerator - Part II
FERMILAB-LU-006 Wang, Bosi Discussion About First Measurement of 425 Mhz RFQ Linac at Fermilab
FERMILAB-LU-005 Wang, Bosi Three Dimensional VCR
FERMILAB-LU-004 Wang, Bosi RFQ Linac and its Limit and Problem
FERMILAB-LU-003 Effect of Operating Frequency on Linac Upgrade Performance
FERMILAB-LU-002 Mills, Frederick E. Quad Strengths for the DAW Linac
FERMILAB-LU-001 Mills, Frederick E. Deflecting Modes in Proton Linacs (Aren't Important)