Fermilab Technical Publications: LOI Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-LOI-2015-01 Rubbia, C. A Proposal for a Three Detector Short-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Program in the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-LOI-2010-03 Abe, Toshinori The International Large Detector: Letter of Intent
FERMILAB-LOI-2009-02 Stancu, I. A Letter of Intent to Build a MiniBooNE Near Detector: BooNE
FERMILAB-LOI-2009-01 Aihara, H. SiD Letter of Intent
FERMILAB-LOI-2008-01 Baibussinov, B. Letter of Intent: DOUBLE-LAr: Liquid Argon Imaging Chambers at FNAL
FERMILAB-LOI-2006-01 Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A. Addendum to the MiniBooNE Run Plab: MinneBooNE Physics in 2006.
FERMILAB-LOI-1998-02 Arisaka, Katsuchi Letter of Intent: Beam Test of High-Performance Hadron Calorimeter for Future Linear Colliders
FERMILAB-LOI-1998-01 Unknown, A. Letter of Intent for Drell-Yan Measurements of Nucleon and Nuclear Structure with the FNAL Main Inje
FERMILAB-LOI-1997-04 Chunin, B.A. Letter of Intent: Particle Mass Measurements and Strong Interaction Studies with Exotic Atoms using
FERMILAB-LOI-1997-03 Church, E. A Letter of Intent for an Experiment to Measure $\nu_{\mu} \to \nu_e$ Oscillations and $\nu_{\mu}$ D
FERMILAB-LOI-1997-02 Pordes, Stephen Letter of Intent to Extend the E835 Experiment to the Proposed 1999 Fixed Target Run
FERMILAB-LOI-1997-01 Cheu, E. A Letter of Intent to Continue the Study of Direct CP Violation and Rare Processes in Neutral Kaon D
FERMILAB-LOI-1996-01 Thomson, G.B. An Experiment Studying $K_L-K_S$ Interference to Test CPT Conservation at the Planck Scale
FERMILAB-LOI-1995-01 Lee, Siu Au Letter of Intent: A Direct Measurement of QED Light by Light Scattering and a Search for Light Scala
FERMILAB-LOI-1993-01 Schlein, P. Letter of Intent for COBEX Experiment at the Tevatron Collider
FERMILAB-LOI-1990-02 Allison, W.W.M. Letter of Intent for a Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment Using Soudan 2
FERMILAB-LOI-1989-02 Lipton, R.J. Letter of Intent for an Experiment to Improve Limits for $\nu_{\mu} \to \nu_{\tau}$ Neutrino Oscilla
FERMILAB-LOI-1989-01 Becker-Szendy, R. Letter of Intent for a Long Baseline Oscillation Experiment using the High Intensity Neutrino Beam f
FERMILAB-LOI-1988-02 Castro, H. Letter of Intent for the BCD a Bottom Collider Detector for the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-LOI-1988-01 Brandenburg, George A Letter of Intent for a Proposal to Upgrade the CDF Muon Detection System
FERMILAB-LOI-1987-01 Kitagaki, Toshio Letter of Intent: A Muon Exposure in the Tohoku High Resolution Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-LOI-1986-01 Abolins, Maris A. Continuation of Tevatron Neutrino Experiment E733
FERMILAB-LOI-1982-03 LoSecco, John Letter of Intent for a Complete Calorimetric Detector for the D0 Area
FERMILAB-LOI-1982-02 Rosen, J. Letter of Intent: A Possible CP Violation Experiment
FERMILAB-LOI-1982-01 Melissinos, Adrian C. Test of a Gravitational Detector in the FNAL Collider: Letter of Intent for the Submission of a Prop
FERMILAB-LOI-1981-02 Bellini, G. Letter of Intent to Search for Charm and Beauty Particles in Proton - Proton Collisions in a FMPS Ex
FERMILAB-LOI-1981-01 Asratyan, A.E. Letter of Intent for an Experiment at Tevatron with Narrow Band Neutrino Beam in 15-Foot Bubble Cham
FERMILAB-LOI-1977-01 Arefiev, A.V. A Study of The Nuclear Scaling Phenomenon at High Energies: Letter of Intent
FERMILAB-LOI-1973-01 Cline, D. The Implementation of Phases II and III of E1A
FERMILAB-LOI-1063 Anghel, I. Letter of Intent: The Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment (ANNIE)
FERMILAB-LOI-1039 Klein, A. Letter of Intent for a Drell-Yan Experiment with a Polarized Proton Target.
FERMILAB-LOI-1033 Dharmapalan, R. Letter of Intent: A New Investigation of $\nu_\mu\rightarrow\nu_e$ Oscillations with Improved Sensit
FERMILAB-LOI-1028 Kyberd, P. nuSTORM - Neutrinos from STORed Muons: Letter of Intent to the Fermilab Physics Advisory Committee
FERMILAB-LOI-0986 Asner, David M. P-986 Letter of Intent: Medium-Energy Antiproton Physics at Fermilab
FERMILAB-LOI-0973 Carey, R.M. Letter of Intent A Muon to Electron Conversion Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-LOI-0920 Albrow, Michael G. A Search for the Higgs Boson using Very Forward Tracking Detectors with CDF
FERMILAB-LOI-0872 Lundberg, B. Measurement of Tau Lepton Production from the Process Tau-Neutrino + N ---> Tau: Letter of Intent
FERMILAB-LOI-0865-REV Kaplan, Daniel M. P-865: Revised Letter of Intent for a High Sensitivity Study of Charm and Beauty Decays.
FERMILAB-LOI-0865 Kaplan, Daniel M. Letter of Intent for a High Sensitivity Study of Rare Low Multiplicity Beauty Decays
FERMILAB-LOI-0857 Demyanov, A.I. Spin - Tensor: A Letter of Intent
FERMILAB-LOI-0290 Baker, W. Letter of Intent to Measure Large Angle $\pi-p$ Elastic scattering
FERMILAB-LOI-0247 Bartenev, V. Measurement of P-P and P-D Total Cross Sections from 8 to 500 GeV
FERMILAB-LOI-0246 Selove, W. Search for Difference in Pion/Proton Internal Structure