Fermilab Technical Publications: FN Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-FN-1245 Bross, Alan D. Low-Cost Neutron and Gamma Sensitive Plastic Scintillator Detectors
FERMILAB-FN-1242-AD-ND-PPD Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A. Physics Opportunities at a Beam Dump Facility at PIP-II at Fermilab and Beyond
FERMILAB-FN-1236-AD-STUDENT Fu, Daniel Final Cooling with Thick Wedges for a Muon Collider
FERMILAB-FN-1234-TD Yakovlev, Vyacheslav P. Transverse impedance definitions
FERMILAB-FN-1233-AD Ellis, Kai Modeling a Thermionic Electron Source Using a Physics-Informed Neural Network
FERMILAB-FN-1232-STUDENT Szczech, Sebastian Differential Scanning Calorimetry Calibration and Heat Capacity
FERMILAB-FN-1231-CSAID Voetberg, M. DeepBench: A simulation package for physical benchmarking data
FERMILAB-FN-1230-V Banerjee, Shankha Environmental sustainability in basic research: a perspective from HECAP+
FERMILAB-FN-1229-AD-CSAID-LBNF-ND-PIP2-PPD-TD Ainsworth, Robert Report from the Fermilab Proton Intensity Upgrade Central Design Group
FERMILAB-FN-1228-V Singh, Ishwar NOνA Far Detector νe Sideband Study Technical Note
FERMILAB-FN-1227 Graham, K. Cool Cores in Clusters of Galaxies in the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-FN-1226-T-V Abir, Raktim The case for an EIC Theory Alliance: Theoretical Challenges of the EIC
FERMILAB-FN-1225-AD Romanov, Aleksandr Proof-of-Principle Studies on Betatron-Oscillation Phase Tracking of a Single Electron (BOPTSE) in I
FERMILAB-FN-1224-TD Baldini, M. US HL-LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project MQXFA11 shipping incident report
FERMILAB-FN-1223-CSAID-PPD Basaglia, T. Data preservation in high energy physics
FERMILAB-FN-1222-AD Gatto, C. Letter of Intent: Muonium R&D/Physics Program at the MTA
FERMILAB-FN-1221-T Dittmaier, S. Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 2. Differential Distributions
FERMILAB-FN-1220-ND Strait, M. Evaluation of the mean excitation energies of gaseous and liquid argon
FERMILAB-FN-1219-PPD-T Narain, Meenakshi The Future of US Particle Physics - The Snowmass 2021 Energy Frontier Report
FERMILAB-FN-1218-ND-PPD Assamagan, Kétévi A. Community Engagement Frontier
FERMILAB-FN-1217-PPD-SCD Chou, Aaron S. Snowmass Cosmic Frontier Report
FERMILAB-FN-1216-ND Klein, Joshua R. SNOWMASS Neutrino Frontier NF10 Topical Group Report: Neutrino Detectors
FERMILAB-FN-1215-ND-PPD-SCD Huber, Patrick Snowmass Neutrino Frontier Report
FERMILAB-FN-1212-T Craig, N. Snowmass Theory Frontier Report
FERMILAB-FN-1211-PPD Drlica-Wagner, Alex Report of the Topical Group on Cosmic Probes of Dark Matter for Snowmass 2021
FERMILAB-FN-1210-ND-PPD Agarwal, Garvita Snowmass Early Career
FERMILAB-FN-1209-PPD-SCD Elvira, V. Daniel The Future of High Energy Physics Software and Computing
FERMILAB-FN-1208-TD Izquierdo Bermudez, S. Accelerator Technology Magnets
FERMILAB-FN-1207-AD Gourlay, S. Snowmass'21 Accelerator Frontier Report
FERMILAB-FN-1206-PPD Artuso, Marina Report of the Frontier For Rare Processes and Precision Measurements
FERMILAB-FN-1205-PPD Boveia, Antonio Snowmass 2021 Cross Frontier Report: Dark Matter Complementarity (Extended Version)
FERMILAB-FN-1204-AD-QIS-SCD Bose, Tulika Report of the Topical Group on Physics Beyond the Standard Model at Energy Frontier for Snowmass 202
FERMILAB-FN-1203-QIS Maltoni, F. TF07 Snowmass Report: Theory of Collider Phenomena
FERMILAB-FN-1202-PPD Fahim, Farah Summary Report Topical Group on Application and Industry Community Engagement Frontier Snowmass 2021
FERMILAB-FN-1201-PPD Demers, Sarah Public Education and Outreach
FERMILAB-FN-1199-T Catterall, Simon Report of the Snowmass 2021 Theory Frontier Topical Group on Quantum Information Science
FERMILAB-FN-1198-SCD Boyle, Peter CompF2: Theoretical Calculations and Simulation Topical Group Report
FERMILAB-FN-1197-DI Suarez, Mauricio Cryocooler conduction-cooled SRF accelerator design for industrial applications
FERMILAB-FN-1196-AD-ND-PPD Prebys, E. Accelerators for Rare Processes and Physics Beyond Colliders: Report of the AF5 Topical Group to Sno
FERMILAB-FN-1195-SCD Schlegel, David J. The MegaMapper: A Stage-5 Spectroscopic Instrument Concept for the Study of Inflation and Dark Energ
FERMILAB-FN-1194 Black, K.M. Muon Collider Forum report
FERMILAB-FN-1193-T Gardner, Robert Background Monte Carlo Samples for a Future Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-FN-1192-ND-PPD Schlegel, David J. A Spectroscopic Road Map for Cosmic Frontier: DESI, DESI-II, Stage-5
FERMILAB-FN-1191-ND-SCD Asaadi, J. Physics Opportunities in the ORNL Spallation Neutron Source Second Target Station Era
FERMILAB-FN-1190-AD Barbier, Charlotte Snowmass2021 Topical Group Report from AF07: Targets and Sources
FERMILAB-FN-1189-TD Belomestnykh, Sergey RF Accelerator Technology R&D: Report of AF7-rf Topical Group to Snowmass 2021
FERMILAB-FN-1188-PPD Azzi, P. Combination of CDF and D0 results on the top-quark mass
FERMILAB-FN-1187-AD-ND-PPD-TD Jindariani, S. Promising Technologies and R&D Directions for the Future Muon Collider Detectors
FERMILAB-FN-1186-AD-ND-PPD-TD Stratakis, D. A Muon Collider Facility for Physics Discovery
FERMILAB-FN-1185-AD-ND-PPD-TD Bartosik, N. Simulated Detector Performance at the Muon Collider
FERMILAB-FN-1184-AD-PPD Roser, Thomas On the feasibility of future colliders: report of the Snowmass'21 Implementation Task Force
FERMILAB-FN-1183-STUDENT Hazelton, Edward Optimization of the Booster Tuner Confguration
FERMILAB-FN-1182-TD Crawford, Anthony C. Observation of Magnetic Superviscosity in Metglas 2605SA1
FERMILAB-FN-1181-PPD Dickinson, Jennet A Grand Scan of the pMSSM Parameter Space for Snowmass 2021
FERMILAB-FN-1180-ND-T Batell, Brian Dark Sector Studies with Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-FN-1179-SCD; ARXIV:2208.03284 OAI:INSPIREHEP.NET:2132723 Chen, Thomas Y. Interpretable Uncertainty Quantification in AI for HEP
FERMILAB-FN-1179-SCD Chen, Thomas Y. Interpretable Uncertainty Quantification in AI for HEP
FERMILAB-FN-1177-SCD Benelli, Gabriele Data Science and Machine Learning in Education
FERMILAB-FN-1176-AD-PPD-TD Bhat, P.C. U.S. National Accelerator R&D Program on Future Colliders
FERMILAB-FN-1175-AD Sen, Tanaji Luminosity and beam-beam tune shifts with crossing angle and hourglass effects in e$^+$-e$^-$ collid
FERMILAB-FN-1174-SCD Elmer, Peter HEP Analysis Ecosystem Workshop Report
FERMILAB-FN-1173 Abazajian, Kevork Snowmass 2021 CMB-S4 White Paper
FERMILAB-FN-1172-AD Bhat, Chandrashekara M. Particle Accelerators at the Intensity Frontier for Elementary Particle Physics Research
FERMILAB-FN-1171-PPD-QIS-SCD-TD Aryshev, Alexander The International Linear Collider: Report to Snowmass 2021
FERMILAB-FN-1170-SCD Bernstein, Adam A call to Arms Control: Synergies between Nonproliferation Applications of Neutrino Detectors and La
FERMILAB-FN-1169-ND Abed Abud, A. A Gaseous Argon-Based Near Detector to Enhance the Physics Capabilities of DUNE
FERMILAB-FN-1168-LBNF Abed Abud, A. Snowmass Neutrino Frontier: DUNE Physics Summary
FERMILAB-FN-1167-T Mammen Abraham, Roshan Forward Physics Facility - Snowmass 2021 Letter of Interest
FERMILAB-FN-1166-PPD-SCD Harris, Philip Physics Community Needs, Tools, and Resources for Machine Learning
FERMILAB-FN-1165-SCD Naumann, Axel ROOT for the HL-LHC: data format
FERMILAB-FN-1164-ND-T Abdullah, M. Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering: Terrestrial and astrophysical applications
FERMILAB-FN-1163-SCD Flechas, Maria Acosta Collaborative Computing Support for Analysis Facilities Exploiting Software as Infrastructure Techni
FERMILAB-FN-1162-QIS-SQMS-T-TD Alam, Sohaib Snowmass2021 - Letter of Interest Simulations for HEP with SQMS Quantum Hardware
FERMILAB-FN-1161-T Ruso, L. Alvarez Theoretical tools for neutrino scattering: interplay between lattice QCD, EFTs, nuclear physics, phe
FERMILAB-FN-1159-SCD Tognini, S.C. $Celeritas$: GPU-accelerated particle transport for detector simulation in High Energy Physics exper
FERMILAB-FN-1158-SCD Benjamin, Doug Analysis Facilities for HL-LHC
FERMILAB-FN-1157 Toups, Matt SBN-BD: $\mathcal{O}$(10 GeV) Proton Beam Dump at Fermilab's PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-FN-1156-TD Stoynev, Stoyan Test samples and infrastructure for accelerator magnet developments
FERMILAB-FN-1155-AD-PPD-SQMS-TD Belomestnykh, S. Higgs-Energy LEptoN (HELEN) Collider based on advanced superconducting radio frequency technology
FERMILAB-FN-1154-TD Ambrosio, G. White Paper on Leading-Edge technology And Feasibility-directed (LEAF) Program aimed at readiness de
FERMILAB-FN-1153-AD-PPD-T Elam, J. The REDTOP experiment: Rare $\eta/\eta^{\prime}$ Decays To Probe New Physics
FERMILAB-FN-1152-AD-ND Toups, M. PIP2-BD: GeV Proton Beam Dump at Fermilab's PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-FN-1151-ND-PPD-SCD Banerjee, Sunanda Detector and Beamline Simulation for Next-Generation High Energy Physics Experiments
FERMILAB-FN-1150 Lee, MyeongJae Experimental Searches for Muon to Electron Conversion in a Nucleus: COMET, DeeMe, and Mu2e. A Contri
FERMILAB-FN-1149-T Bulava, John Hadron Spectroscopy with Lattice QCD
FERMILAB-FN-1148-AD Jarvis, J. Experimental demonstration of OSC at IOTA: IOTA Run #3 Report
FERMILAB-FN-1147-ND-SCD Caratelli, D. Low-Energy Physics in Neutrino LArTPCs
FERMILAB-FN-1146-AD Eldred, Jeffrey Design Considerations for Fermilab Multi-MW Proton Facility in the DUNE/LBNF era
FERMILAB-FN-1145 Arrington, John Physics Opportunities for the Fermilab Booster Replacement
FERMILAB-FN-1144-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar SRF E - Beam Accelerator for Metal Additive Manufacturing
FERMILAB-FN-1143-PPD-SCD Harris, Robert M. Sensitivity to Dijet Resonances at Proton-Proton Colliders
FERMILAB-FN-1142-DI-ND Cao, J. On the complementarity of Hyper-K and LBNF
FERMILAB-FN-1141-CMS Lipton, Ronald J. LGAD Single Event Burnout Studies
FERMILAB-FN-1140-T Quigg, Chris The importance of Noether's theorem for the way we think today
FERMILAB-FN-1139-CMS-PPD Lipton, Ronald J. Double Sided LGAD Design Studies
FERMILAB-FN-1138-CMS-T Butler, Joel N. In memoriam: Sheldon Leslie Stone
FERMILAB-FN-1137-TD Mills, F.E. Confinement And Focusing
FERMILAB-FN-1136-ND Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A. MiniBooNE Data Releases
FERMILAB-FN-1135-DI Sauers, Aaron Method and system for in situ cross-linking of materials to produce three-dimensional features via e
FERMILAB-FN-1134-TD Romanov, Gennady V. Notes on the variety of multipactor patterns
FERMILAB-FN-1133-STUDENT Preosti, Elettra Negative Muon Count for the FNAL Muon g-2 Experiment
FERMILAB-FN-1132-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir D. Four Contributions to the 3rd Edition of Accelerator Handbook
FERMILAB-FN-1131-AD-TD Neuffer, David An 8 GeV Linac as the Booster Replacement in the Fermilab Power Upgrade
FERMILAB-FN-1130-AD Dick, A.J. Characterization of the Sub-mm Delay Plates for the IOTA Optical-Stochastic-Cooling Experiment
FERMILAB-FN-1129-T Quigg, Chris Notes on Lepton Gyromagnetic Ratios
FERMILAB-FN-1128-TD Romanov, Gennady V. PIC Simulations of One-side Multipactor on Dielectric
FERMILAB-FN-1128-TD Romanov, Gennady V. PIC Simulations of One-side Multipactor on Dielectric
FERMILAB-FN-1127-T Aihara, Hiroaki Latin American Strategy for Research Infrastructures for High Energy, Cosmology, Astroparticle Physi
FERMILAB-FN-1127-T Aihara, Hiroaki Latin American HECAP Physics Briefing Book
FERMILAB-FN-1126-SCD Chandrasekaran, Shankar Scaling Inference Using Triton to Accelerate Particle Physics at the LHC and DUNE
FERMILAB-FN-1125-ND Abi, B. Experiment Simulation Configurations Approximating DUNE TDR
FERMILAB-FN-1124-AD-SCD Seiya, Kiyomi Accelerator Real-time Edge AI for Distributed Systems (READS) Proposal
FERMILAB-FN-1123 Nagaitsev, S. Accelerator and Beam Physics Research Goals and Opportunities
FERMILAB-FN-1121-ND Welch, Tabitha Exploring the Great Pyramid: Stand-Alone Monte Carlo Simulations for Detector Optimization
FERMILAB-FN-1120-TD Stoynev, Stoyan SNOWMASS2021 (AF7): Sub-scale models and infrastructure for accelerator magnet development
FERMILAB-FN-1118-CMS-E Lipton, Ronald Induced Current Detector Simulation
FERMILAB-FN-1117-TD Stoynev, Stoyan “Mirror” magnet experiment for quench studies , quench analysis techniques development and in suppor
FERMILAB-FN-1115-AD Lobach, Ihar Measurement of Spontaneous Undulator Radiation Statistics Generated by a Single Electron (URSSE)
FERMILAB-FN-1114-CMS Alpigiani, Cristiano An Update to the Letter of Intent for MATHUSLA: Search for Long-Lived Particles at the HL-LHC
FERMILAB-FN-1113-SCD Holzman, Burt Snowmass Letter of Interest - Analysis Facilities - CompF5
FERMILAB-FN-1112-SCD Holzman, Burt Snowmass Letter of Interest - Cloud Computing - CompF4
FERMILAB-FN-1111-T Quigg, Chris How to Snowmass
FERMILAB-FN-1109-SCD Tuttle, Ethan Updating Hadron Production Models to Better Predict Neutrino Flux for DUNE
FERMILAB-FN-1108-PPD Logsdon, Morgan E Developing Sample Management Tools for the Irradiation Test Area (ITA)
FERMILAB-FN-1107-AD Aasman, Jordan Laser Transport System Vacuum Simulations and LED Atom Tracker
FERMILAB-FN-1106-QIS Guy, Khalil Using Reinforcement Learning to Optimize Quantum Circuits in thePresence of Noise
FERMILAB-FN-1105-T Kowalczyk, Elizabeth Searching for Axion-like Particles at DarkQuest
FERMILAB-FN-1102-E Lipton, Ronald J. A Double Sided LGAD-Based Detector Providing Timing, Position, and Track Angle Information
FERMILAB-FN-1101-AE Leung, Y. The Diffuse Light Envelope of Luminous Red Galaxies
FERMILAB-FN-1099-AD Neuffer, David Injection considerations for PIP-III Linac to Main Injector
FERMILAB-FN-1098-CMS-T Abdallah, Waleed Reinterpretation of LHC Results for New Physics: Status and Recommendations after Run 2
FERMILAB-FN-1096-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir Celebrating IYPT 2019 – The UNESCO International Year of the Periodic Table
FERMILAB-FN-1095-ND Lockwitz, S. A Study of Dielectric Breakdown through Argon in a Uniform Electric Field.
FERMILAB-FN-1094-A-AE-SCD-WDRS Bauer, Amanda E. A Need for Dedicated Outreach Expertise and Online Programming: Astro2020 Science White Paper
FERMILAB-FN-1093-A-AE-SCD Nord, Brian Algorithms and Statistical Models for Scientific Discovery in the Petabyte Era
FERMILAB-FN-1092-SCD Amundson, J. Response to NITRD, NCO, NSF Request for Information on "Update to the 2016 National Artificial Intel
FERMILAB-FN-1091-APC-T Ellis, Richard Keith Physics Briefing Book
FERMILAB-FN-1089-AE Marshall, Jennifer The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer
FERMILAB-FN-1088-TD Shreeram, Soumya Studying Qubit Interactions with Multimode Cavities Using QuTiP
FERMILAB-FN-1087-PPD Diwan, Milind V. Statistics of the Charge Spectrum of Photo-Multipliers and Methods for Absolute Calibration
FERMILAB-FN-1086-SCD Smith, Arfon M. Astro2020 APC White Paper: Elevating the Role of Software as a Product of the Research Enterprise
FERMILAB-FN-1085-A Ahmed, Zeeshan Research and Development for HI Intensity Mapping
FERMILAB-FN-1084-A Slosar, Anže Packed Ultra-wideband Mapping Array (PUMA): A Radio Telescope for Cosmology and Transients
FERMILAB-FN-1083-AD-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir Future Muon Colliders, Higgs and Neutrino Factories
FERMILAB-FN-1082-AE Ellis, Richard SpecTel: A 10-12 meter class Spectroscopic Survey Telescope
FERMILAB-FN-1081-AE-SCD Schlegel, David J. Astro2020 APC White Paper: The MegaMapper: a z > 2 Spectroscopic Instrument for the Study of Inflati
FERMILAB-FN-1080-AE Abazajian, Kevork CMB-S4 Decadal Survey APC White Paper
FERMILAB-FN-1079-T Argüelles, C.A. New opportunities at the next-generation neutrino experiments I: BSM neutrino physics and dark matte
FERMILAB-FN-1078-TD Berrutti, P. Low RF Power Plasma Ignition and Detection for In-Situ Cleaning of 1.3 GHz 9-Cell Cavities
FERMILAB-FN-1077-T Perry, Anastasia Quantum Computing as a High School Module
FERMILAB-FN-1075-AD Johnstone, Carol A Review of Nonscaling CW FFAs for Proton and Ion Therapy Applications
FERMILAB-FN-1074-AD-APC-PPD-TD Abada, A. HE-LHC: The High-Energy Large Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-FN-1073-AD-APC-PPD-TD Abada, A. FCC-hh: The Hadron Collider
FERMILAB-FN-1072-AD-APC-PPD-TD Abada, A. FCC-ee: The Lepton Collider
FERMILAB-FN-1071-AD-APC-PPD-TD Abada, A. FCC Physics Opportunities
FERMILAB-FN-1070-A Gluscevic, Vera Cosmological Probes of Dark Matter Interactions: The Next Decade
FERMILAB-FN-1069-AE Ji, Alexander P. Astro2020 Science White Paper: Local Dwarf Galaxy Archaeology
FERMILAB-FN-1068-DI Angelico, Evan Energy and Flavor Discrimination Using Precision Time Structure in On-Axis Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-FN-1067-PPD Bambade, Philip The International Linear Collider: A Global Project
FERMILAB-FN-1066-T Alpigiani, Cristiano A Letter of Intent for MATHUSLA: A Dedicated Displaced Vertex Detector above ATLAS or CMS.
FERMILAB-FN-1065-T Parke, Stephen J. Amplitudes in Gauge Theories
FERMILAB-FN-1064 Baldini, A. Charged Lepton Flavour Violation using Intense Muon Beams at Future Facilities
FERMILAB-FN-1063-DI Thangaraj, Jayakar Charles Final report: Conceptual design of a 10-megawatt electron beam irradiation facility for bio-solid wa
FERMILAB-FN-1062-AE-CD Scolnic, Daniel M. Optimizing the LSST Observing Strategy for Dark Energy Science: DESC Recommendations for the Deep Dr
FERMILAB-FN-1061-ND Strait, M. NOvA muon energy scale systematic
FERMILAB-FN-1060-CD Hildreth, M.D. HEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group - Data and Software Preservation to Enab
FERMILAB-FN-1059 Shiltsev, Vladimir Accelerator Physics Center at Fermilab : History and Accomplishments (2007-2018)
FERMILAB-FN-1058-APC Mokhov, Nikolai V. The MARS Code System User’s Guide Version 15(2016)
FERMILAB-FN-1057-CD-PPD Bauerdick, Lothar HEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group - Data Analysis and Interpretation
FERMILAB-FN-1056-T Denton, Peter B. Comment on 1801.10488v3
FERMILAB-FN-1054-CD Apostolakis, J HEP Software Foundation Community White Paper Working Group - Detector Simulation
FERMILAB-FN-1053-A Dawson, Kyle Cosmic Visions Dark Energy: Small Projects Portfolio
FERMILAB-FN-1052 Abusalma, F. Expression of Interest for Evolution of the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-FN-1051-AD Lennox, Arlene J. Summary of Protocol for Calibrating a Neutron Beam
FERMILAB-FN-1050-APC Shiltsev, Vladimir Electron Multi-Beams (Electron Grids, Electron Lattices and Electron Grates): New Elements for Accel
FERMILAB-FN-1049-T Parke, Stephen J. Cross Check of NOvA Oscillation Probabilities
FERMILAB-FN-1048-E Aaltonen, T. A search for the exotic meson $X(5568)$ with the Collider Detector at Fermilab
FERMILAB-FN-1046-AD-APC Neuffer, David Phase Space Exchange in Thick Wedge Absorbers
FERMILAB-FN-1045-AD Gregory, RuthAnn Performance Characterization of LCLS-II Superconducting Radiofrequency Cryomodules
FERMILAB-FN-1044-A Hooper, Dan Viewpoint: The Relentless Hunt for Dark Matter
FERMILAB-FN-1043-AD-APC Stancari, Giulio Notes on the design of experiments and beam diagnostics with synchrotron light detected by a gated p
FERMILAB-FN-1040 Cooper, Peter S. The Masses of the Neutrinos
FERMILAB-FN-1039-AD Seleznev, Daniel Maxim Extraction of the Muon Revolution Frequency Distribution via the Fourier Analysis of the Fast Rotati
FERMILAB-FN-1038-ND Wenzl, Derek Measuring Optical Component Radiation Damage
FERMILAB-FN-1037-ND Ewart, Kevin D. Validating nuclear models: electron data to interpret neutrino physics
FERMILAB-FN-1035-APC Mokhov, Nilolai V. Modeling radiation loads in the ILC main linac and a novel approach to treat dark current
FERMILAB-FN-1034-AE Abitbol, Maximilian H. CMB-S4 Technology Book, First Edition
FERMILAB-FN-1033-APC Lee, S.Y. Hamiltonian approach to slip-stacking dynamics
FERMILAB-FN-1032-APC Balbekov, V. Dependence of the TMCI Threshold on the Space Charge Tune Shift
FERMILAB-FN-1031 Cao, J. Roadmap for the international, accelerator-based neutrino programme
FERMILAB-FN-1030-ND Gran, Richard Model Uncertainties for Valencia RPA Effect for MINERvA
FERMILAB-FN-1029-AD-APC Oliveros, Sandra J. Exploration of a High Luminosity 100 TeV Proton Antiproton Collider
FERMILAB-FN-1028-AD-APC Neuffer, David Use of Wedge Absorbers in MICE
FERMILAB-FN-1027-APC Huang, Burn Analysis of HOM Problems in the C-ADS Main Linac
FERMILAB-FN-1026-APC Huang, Burn Proton-Helium Elastic Electromagnetic Cross-Section
FERMILAB-FN-1025-T de Florian, D. Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector
FERMILAB-FN-1024-A-AE Abazajian, Kevork N. CMB-S4 Science Book, First Edition
FERMILAB-FN-1023-E Errede, Steven Michael Weak Interaction Phenomena: W-S Model of Electro-Weak Interactions, Weak Decays of Quarks and Lepton
FERMILAB-FN-1022-E Wagner, R. Better CTC / VTX Gas for Runs 1B(C), 2, 1st Main Injector?
FERMILAB-FN-1021-T Mangano, M.L. Physics at a 100 TeV pp Collider: Standard Model Processes
FERMILAB-FN-1020-ND Alion, T. Experiment Simulation Configurations Used in DUNE CDR
FERMILAB-FN-1019-APC Balbekov, V. Nonlinear Effects at the Fermilab Recycler e-Cloud Instability
FERMILAB-FN-1017-A Dodelson, Scott Cosmic Visions Dark Energy: Technology
FERMILAB-FN-1016-A Dodelson, Scott Cosmic Visions Dark Energy: Science
FERMILAB-FN-1015-LDRD Wester, W. 2015 Fermilab Laboratory Directed Research \& Development Annual Report
FERMILAB-FN-1014-LDRD Wester, W. 2014 Fermilab Laboratory Directoed Research \& Development Annual Report
FERMILAB-FN-1013-LDRD Wester, W. 2016 Fermilab Laboratory Directed Research \& Development Program Plan
FERMILAB-FN-1012-LDRD Wester, W. 2015 Fermilab Laboratory Directed Research \& Development Program Plan
FERMILAB-FN-1011-LDRD Wester, W. 2014 Fermilab Laboratory Directed Research \& Development Program Plan
FERMILAB-FN-1010-E-PPD Assamagan, Ketevi The Higgs Portal and Cosmology
FERMILAB-FN-1009-CD Boveia, Antonio Recommendations on presenting LHC searches for missing transverse energy signals using simplified $s
FERMILAB-FN-1008-AD Burov, A. Instability of a witness bunch in a plasma bubble
FERMILAB-FN-1006-CD Alam, M. GENIE Production Release 2.10.0
FERMILAB-FN-1005-APC Bayes, R. Towards Revised Step IV MICE Optics in the Absence of M1 SSD
FERMILAB-FN-1004-CD Andreopoulos, Costas The GENIE Neutrino Monte Carlo Generator: Physics and User Manual
FERMILAB-FN-1003-T Dobrescu, Bogdan A. Mystery of the hidden cosmos: The invisible dark matter particles that dominate the universe may com
FERMILAB-FN-1002-AE-CD Neilsen, Eric H., Jr. Clouds at CTIO and the Dark Energy Survey
FERMILAB-FN-1001-APC Balbekov, V. Model of E-Cloud Instability in the Fermilab Recycler
FERMILAB-FN-0999-PPD Principato, C. Search for an Invisible Decaying Higgs Boson in Dilepton Events at CDF
FERMILAB-FN-0998-CD Borgland, Anders HEP-FCE Working Group on Libraries and Tools
FERMILAB-FN-0996-ND Cavanna, F. Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions and the Short-Range Structure of Nuclei
FERMILAB-FN-0995-A Gnedin, Nickolay Y. Modeling Physical Processes at Galactic Scales and Above
FERMILAB-FN-0994-PPD Green, Dan Inflation Basics
FERMILAB-FN-0993-TD Apollinari, G. National Program on High Field Accelerator Magnet R&D
FERMILAB-FN-0992-E Grange, J. Muon (g-2) Technical Design Report
FERMILAB-FN-0991-APC Huber, Patrick The Case for Muon-based Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0990-PPD Abdallah, Jalal Simplified Models for Dark Matter and Missing Energy Searches at the LHC
FERMILAB-FN-0989-E Gutierrez, Gaston Fixed target experiments at the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0988-APC Alexahin, Y. Ionization Cooling for Muon Experiments
FERMILAB-FN-0987-AE Lincoln, Don The Expanding Universe: Dark Energy
FERMILAB-FN-0986-T Bjorken, James Masses of charm and strange baryons
FERMILAB-FN-0985-T Quigg, Chris CERN - Six Decades of Science, Innovation, Cooperation, and Inspiration
FERMILAB-FN-0984-AD-PPD Aguilar-Arevalo, A.A. Using L/E Oscillation Probability Distributions
FERMILAB-FN-0983-AD Nagaitsev, Sergei Fermilab 4.3-MeV Electron Cooler
FERMILAB-FN-0982-E Artoni, Giacomo Prospects for collider searches for dark matter with heavy quarks
FERMILAB-FN-0981-CMS Green, Dan Inflation and the Higgs Scalar
FERMILAB-FN-0980-TD Crawford, Anthony C. A Study of Thermocurrent Induced Magnetic Fields in ILC Cavities
FERMILAB-FN-0979-PPD Conway, Alexander Measuring the Higgs Self-Coupling Constant at a Multi-TeV Muon Collider
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FERMILAB-FN-0938-AD Danilov, Viatcheslav On Quantum Integrable Systems
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FERMILAB-FN-0770-AD Yang, Xi Reducing the longitudinal emittance of the 8-GeV beam via the rf manipulation in a booster cycle
FERMILAB-FN-0769-AD Yang, Xi Reducing the momentum spread of 8-GeV proton beam via the bunch rotation in Booster
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FERMILAB-FN-0767-AD Yang, Xi Reducing the extraction loss via laser notching the H- beam at the Booster injection revolution freq
FERMILAB-FN-0766-AD Yang, Xi Design a high-q optical cavity for the project of laser notching h- beam at 38.5 mhz
FERMILAB-FN-0765-AD Yang, Xi Design report of the laser system for notching H- beam at booster injection RF frequency in the 750-
FERMILAB-FN-0763-AD Ng, K.Y. Decoherence and Landau-Damping
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FERMILAB-FN-0727 Kettell, Steven H. Alternative technique for standard model estimation of the rare kaon decay branchings BR($K \to \pi
FERMILAB-FN-0726 Michelotti, Leo P. An integral for longitudinal phase space tomography on equilibrium distributions
FERMILAB-FN-0725 Ng, K.Y. Resonant kicker for bunch - gap particle removal
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FERMILAB-FN-0723 Akchurin, N. Update study of low mass Higgs using pp ---> qqH at CMS
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FERMILAB-FN-0690 Michelotti, Leo P. Estimates of dispersive effects in a bent NLC main linac
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FERMILAB-FN-0688 Michelotti, Leo P. A Two-Parameter Accelerating FODO Cell: From Circular Reasoning to Straight Thinking
FERMILAB-FN-0687 Harris, Robert M. Cross-Section for Topcolor $Z^{\prime}_t$ Decaying to $t\bar{t}$
FERMILAB-FN-0686 Green, Dan Associated Production of Higgs and Top Pairs at CMS
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FERMILAB-FN-0684 Ng, K.Y. Short-Bunch Production and Microwave Instability Near Transition
FERMILAB-FN-0683 Green, D. Minimum Bias Pileup and Missing Et at CMS
FERMILAB-FN-0682 Green, Dan Jets and Associated Missing Energy
FERMILAB-FN-0681 Yamada, Ryuji 25-TeV Center-of-Mass Hadron Collider in VLHC Booster Tunnel
FERMILAB-FN-0680 Qian, Jian-ming Sensitivity to gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking models of the Fermilab upgraded Tevatron collid
FERMILAB-FN-0679 Freeman, James Edward The Effect of ECAL resolution on higgs mass resolution
FERMILAB-FN-0678 Ng, King-Yuen Beam instability issues of the 50-GeV X 50-GeV muon collider ring
FERMILAB-FN-0677 Ahn, Seung-Chan Muon Colliders : A Scenario for the evolution of the Fermilab
FERMILAB-FN-0676 Quigg, Chris Physics opportunities in Fermilab's futures
FERMILAB-FN-0675 Van Ginneken, A. Smoothing CASIM results
FERMILAB-FN-0674 Ng, K.Y. Momentum compaction and slippage factor
FERMILAB-FN-0673 Ng, K.Y. Explicit expressions of impedances and wake functions
FERMILAB-FN-0671 Danilov, V.V. On Possibility of footprint compression with one lens in nonlinear accelerator lattice
FERMILAB-FN-0670 Hahn, Alan A. Observation of Bethe-Bloch ionization using the booster ion profile monitor
FERMILAB-FN-0669 Griffin, J.E. RF system considerations for muon collider proton driver synchrotrons
FERMILAB-FN-0668 Green, Dan Simple theory of silicon backscattering
FERMILAB-FN-0667 Denisov, D.S. Background reduction in the D0 forward muon detector using thin absorbers
FERMILAB-FN-0666 Green, Dan Jets, radiation and calorimetry
FERMILAB-FN-0665 Carrigan, Richard A., Jr. Preliminary report on the time dependent effects observed in the E853 channeling extraction experime
FERMILAB-FN-0664 Green, Dan Pulse formation in a hybrid photodetector
FERMILAB-FN-0663 Lee, S.Y. Beam manipulation in recycler with electron cooling
FERMILAB-FN-0662 Green, Dan Backscattering in hybrid photodetector devices
FERMILAB-FN-0661 Griffin, J.E. Experimental study of passive compensation of space charge potential well distortation at the Los Al
FERMILAB-FN-0660 Santoro, A. BTeV: An Expression of Interest for a Heavy Quark Program at C0
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FERMILAB-FN-0658 Michelotti, Leo P. 50-TeV high field lattice: Observations from a golden cell
FERMILAB-FN-0657 Lee, S.Y. Electron cooling in high-energy colliders
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FERMILAB-FN-0655 Danilov, V.V. 'Round colliding beams' as a way to integrability: Theory and simulations for Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0654 Ng, King-Yuen Injection of JHP main ring using barrier buckets
FERMILAB-FN-0653 Shiltsev, V.D. On crossing angle at TeV33
FERMILAB-FN-0652 Green, Dan Jet energy resolution due to calorimetric resolution
FERMILAB-FN-0651 Ng, King-Yuen Effects of chromaticity sextupoles on the INS lattice
FERMILAB-FN-0650 Ankenbrandt, Charles M. Design concepts for a novel Fermilab superbooster
FERMILAB-FN-0649 Ng, King-Yuen Eddy current and field gradient degradation during a gamma (t) jump
FERMILAB-FN-0648 Ng, King-Yuen The Quasi isochronous buckets of the muon collider
FERMILAB-FN-0647 Van Ginnekan, A. Deuterons or tritons for muon collider driver
FERMILAB-FN-0644 Ng, King-Yuen Bunch shape evolution near transition: An Intuitive approach
FERMILAB-FN-0643 Green, Dan Model for CMS jet resolution
FERMILAB-FN-0642 Gaines, I. Missing E(T) + jets signals for supersymmetry in the CMS detector at the LHC
FERMILAB-FN-0641 Abachi, S. The D0 upgrade: Forward preshower, muon system and level 2 trigger
FERMILAB-FN-0640 The Standard model and beyond: Physics with the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-FN-0639 THE $D^0$ upgrade: forward preshower muon system level 2 trigger
FERMILAB-FN-0638 Ng, King-Yuen A Study of the Autin-Wildner IR scheme
FERMILAB-FN-0637 Johnstone, Carol Interaction regions with increased low betas for a 2-TeV muon collider
FERMILAB-FN-0636 Ng, King-Yuen Beam stability issues in a quasiisochronous muon collider
FERMILAB-FN-0635 Johnstone, Carol Interaction regions for a muon collider
FERMILAB-FN-0634 Gaines, I. Search for heavy Higgs in the channel H ---> W W ---> lepton neutrino jet jet
FERMILAB-FN-0632 Gaines, I. Search for heavy Higgs in the channel H ---> Z Z ---> lepton-lepton neutrino neutrino
FERMILAB-FN-0631 Gaines, I. CMS hadronic calorimetry simulation using hanging file data
FERMILAB-FN-0630 Ng, King-Yuen Potential well distortion and mode mixing instability in proton machines
FERMILAB-FN-0629 Butler, John M. Reduction of Tevatron and Main Ring induced backgrounds in the D0 detector
FERMILAB-FN-0628 Mokhov, Nikolai V. The MARS code system user's guide version 13(95)
FERMILAB-FN-0627 Siergiej, Donna Marie Beam-Beam Interaction Effects in the Fermilab Collider
FERMILAB-FN-0626 Beretvas, A. Dijet mass resolution at high luminosity in the CMS calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0625 Yamada, Ryuji C tagging of jets from W decays
FERMILAB-FN-0624 Beretvas, A. The Effects of miscalibration on the energy resolution of CMS calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0623 Gerasimov, A. Longitudinal wake field focusing: An Unconventional approach to reduce the bunch length in Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0622 Albrow, M.G. Future experimental studies of QCD at Fermilab: Report of the QCD sections: Options for a Fermilab s
FERMILAB-FN-0621 Mokhov, N. Increasing anti-proton yields via recirculating beam targeting
FERMILAB-FN-0620 Bogacz, S.A. Chromaticity compensation: Booster sextupoles
FERMILAB-FN-0619 Beretvas, A. How to optimize the CMS hadron calorimetry by assigning weights to layers
FERMILAB-FN-0618 Green, Dan Calorimeter depth and dijet leakage into the gluino signal
FERMILAB-FN-0617 Ng, King-Yuen Adiabatic trapping due to current ripple
FERMILAB-FN-0615 Bogacz, S.A. Beam loading due to the fundamental and higher parasitic modes for a partially filled main ring
FERMILAB-FN-0614 Green, Dan Model for hadronic calorimeter profile
FERMILAB-FN-0613 Church, M.D. The Anti-proton sources: Design and operation
FERMILAB-FN-0612 Green, Dan EM clusters in hadron showers using the 'Hanging File' data
FERMILAB-FN-0611 Bogacz, S.A. Beam loading and potential well distortion for a partially filled ring
FERMILAB-FN-0610 Van Ginneken, A. MUSIM: Program to simulate production and transport of muons in bulk matter
FERMILAB-FN-0609 Van Ginneken, A. Positron target geometries for TESLA
FERMILAB-FN-0608 Baublis, V.V. Apparatus for magnetic moment measurement using channeling in bent crystals
FERMILAB-FN-0607 Green, Dan Selected topics in sampling calorimetry
FERMILAB-FN-0606 Marinelli, Luca A Survey on macroscopic quantum phenomena in superconductive devices
FERMILAB-FN-0605 Green, Dan Neutron dose in the SDC Hadron Calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0604 Ng, King-Yuen Longitudinal emittance increase due to sinusoidal perturbation
FERMILAB-FN-0603 Wu, W. Detection of H0 ---> gamma gamma by the SDC detector
FERMILAB-FN-0602 Herrup, D.A. Compensation of time dependent persistent current effects in the Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0601 Wu, Wei-min SSCSIM: Development and use by the Fermilab SDC group
FERMILAB-FN-0600 Beretvas, A. Use of a shower maximum detector to reduce radiation damage sensitivity in EM calorimetry
FERMILAB-FN-0599 Green, Dan Beauty for beginners
FERMILAB-FN-0598 Wu, W. Study of the process H(800) ---> Z(1), Z(2), Z(1) ---> q anti-q, Z(2) ---> tau(1), tau(2), tau(1,2)
FERMILAB-FN-0597 Green, Dan Neutron radiation damage in comparison to EM damage at the SSC
FERMILAB-FN-0596 Han, S. Radiation hardness tests of tile / fiber calorimeter structures for SDC
FERMILAB-FN-0595 Lee, S.Y. Design and study of accelerator lattices without transition
FERMILAB-FN-0594 Van Ginneken, A. MUSIM: Program to simulate production and transport of muons in bulk matter
FERMILAB-FN-0593 Fermilab Program through 1997 and Beyond: 1992 HEPAP Subpanel on Research Priorities Site Visit to F
FERMILAB-FN-0592 Ng, K.Y. Longitudinal beam motion due to ground motion
FERMILAB-FN-0591 Ng, King-Yuen Beam breakup in dielectric lined waveguide
FERMILAB-FN-0590 Michelotti, Leo P. Exploring bifurcations in the four-dimensional, off centered beam-beam interaction
FERMILAB-FN-0589 Wu, W. HAdronic and electromagnetic transverse calorimetric segmentation
FERMILAB-FN-0588 Ng, King-Yuen Emittance growth issues
FERMILAB-FN-0587 Beretvas, A. A Weighting strategy for compensating leakage in the SDC electromagnetic calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0586 Ng, King-Yuen Simple derivation of distortion functions
FERMILAB-FN-0585 Bogacz, S.A. Inverse FEL proton accelerator via periodically modulated crystal structure
FERMILAB-FN-0583 Green, Dan Calorimetry and radiation damage
FERMILAB-FN-0582 Beretvas, A. Hadronic energy resolution and radiation damage
FERMILAB-FN-0581 Michelotti, Leo P. Comment on the exact evaluation of symplectic maps
FERMILAB-FN-0580 Arisaka, K. KTeV Design Report: Physics Goals, Technical Components, and Detector Costs
FERMILAB-FN-0579 Wu, W. Monte Carlo simulations of 'compensation' in a calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0578 Ng, K.Y. Higher order momentum compaction for a simplified FODO lattice and comparison with SYNCH
FERMILAB-FN-0577 Zhang, Peilei A Study of tunes near integer values in hadron colliders
FERMILAB-FN-0576 Wiss, Jim Heavy flavor photoproduction: Results from E687
FERMILAB-FN-0575 Ng, King-Yuen Emittance growth due to a small low‐frequency perturbation
FERMILAB-FN-0574 Krider, J. Xenon gas recirculating system for E799
FERMILAB-FN-0573 Saritepe, S. Observations of the beam-beam interaction in hadron colliders
FERMILAB-FN-0572 Green, D. Compensation in calorimeters for jets and hadrons
FERMILAB-FN-0571 Van Ginneken, A. Calculation of radiation dose around shielding penetrations
FERMILAB-FN-0570 Green, D. Depth Requirements in SSC Calorimeters
FERMILAB-FN-0568 Arisaka, K. Conceptual Design Report: Kaons at the Main Injector - Physics Goals, Technical Components, and Civi
FERMILAB-FN-0567 Bhat, C.M. Intrabeam scattering in the Fermilab anti-proton accumulator
FERMILAB-FN-0566 Bhat, C.M. Gamma-ray activation of the Fermilab pbar target
FERMILAB-FN-0565 Green, Dan Radiation damage, calibration and depth segmentation in calorimeters
FERMILAB-FN-0563 Saritepe, S. Future Collider Runs in the Tevatron: Beam-beam Simulation Results
FERMILAB-FN-0562 Amos, Norman A. Elastic $\bar{p} p$ scattering at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.8-TeV
FERMILAB-FN-0561 Montgomery, Hugh E. Parton distributions from deep inelastic scattering
FERMILAB-FN-0560 Bogacz, S.A. Microwave instability at transition: Stability diagram approach
FERMILAB-FN-0559 Bogacz, S.A. Comments on the behavior of alpha(1) in main injector gamma(t) jump schemes
FERMILAB-FN-0558 Gelfand, Norman Characteristics of the beam during collider Run II.
FERMILAB-FN-0557 Shephard, W.D. Some lifetimes and branching ratios for charmed hadrons produced in the Fermilab wide band photon be
FERMILAB-FN-0556 Moroni, L. D+, D0 signals and lifetimes in E687 photoproduction experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-FN-0555 Buchholz, D. Photoproduction of D mesons
FERMILAB-FN-0554 Ratti, S.P. Measurement of the J / psi elastic photoproduction from 100-GeV to 400-GeV in the experiment E-687 a
FERMILAB-FN-0553 Gourlay, S. Description of Fermilab experiment E-687
FERMILAB-FN-0552 Ng, King-Yuen Transverse emittance growth during gamma(T) jump
FERMILAB-FN-0551 Lee, S.Y. Longitudinal and transverse instabilities around a gamma(T) jump
FERMILAB-FN-0550 Grosso-Pilcher, Carla CDF luminosity calibration
FERMILAB-FN-0549 Green, Dan Gravity for the masses
FERMILAB-FN-0548 Peggs, Stephen G. Critical beam-beam resonances in the tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0547 Bogacz, S.A. Transition crossing in the main injector: ESME simulation
FERMILAB-FN-0546 Ng, King-Yuen Evaluation of wake forces in a dielectric lined waveguide
FERMILAB-FN-0545 Regan, Thomas Programmable digital delay unit
FERMILAB-FN-0544 Regan, Thomas Memory lookup unit (MLU)
FERMILAB-FN-0542 Jackson, G. Dispersive crab crossing: An Alternative crossing angle scheme
FERMILAB-FN-0541 Ng, King-Yuen Curvature effects to beam dynamics—Applied to the asymmetric B factory
FERMILAB-FN-0537 Atac, M. A Simple method for fusing plastic fibers
FERMILAB-FN-0535-REV Michelotti, Leo P. MXYZPTLK version 3.1 user's guide: A C++ library for automatic differentiation and differential alge
FERMILAB-FN-0535 Michelotti, Leo P. MXYZPTLK version 3.1 user's guide: A C++ library for automatic differentiation and differential alge
FERMILAB-FN-0533 Ng, King-Yuen Wake Fields in a Dielectric Lined Waveguide
FERMILAB-FN-0531 Brown, B.C. Accelerator magnet designs using superconducting magnetic shields
FERMILAB-FN-0526 Kaplan, D.M. Prospects for High Luminosity Rare B Decay Experiments
FERMILAB-FN-0525 Borcherding, Fred Measuring R at the upgraded Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0522 Van Ginneken, A. Nonionizing Energy Deposition in Silicon for Radiation Damage Studies
FERMILAB-FN-0519 Bogacz, S.A. Main Injector: Coherent Instability Limits
FERMILAB-FN-0518 Autin, Alexandre Calibration Beams at the SSC
FERMILAB-FN-0517 Bogacz, S.A. Longitudinal Emittance Blowup Due to Coherent Motion of Coupled Bunches
FERMILAB-FN-0516 Bogacz, S.A. Transverse Coupled Bunch Stability with Landau Damping
FERMILAB-FN-0515 Mane, S.R. Space Charge, Synchrotron Oscillations and Multiparticle Tracking
FERMILAB-FN-0514 Qian, S. Energy Deposition in Large Targets by 1-TeV to 20-TeV Proton Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0513 Ng, King-Yuen Results of Short SAMPLE Measurements and their Implications
FERMILAB-FN-0512 Shea, Michael F. Control System for the Neutron Therapy Facility at Fermilab
FERMILAB-FN-0511 Ng, King-Yuen Ground motion effects on the ssc
FERMILAB-FN-0510 Coulson, L.V. Accelerator Health Physics at DOE Laboratories: A Characterization
FERMILAB-FN-0509 Mokhov, N.V. The Mars10 Code System: Inclusive Simulation of Hadronic and Electromagnetic Cascades and Muon Trans
FERMILAB-FN-0508 Merminga, Nikolitsa A Study of Nonlinear Dynamics in the Fermilab Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0507 Bogacz, S.A. Coherent Instability Limits: Supplement
FERMILAB-FN-0506 Merminga, N. 2/5 resonance islands generated by sextupoles
FERMILAB-FN-0505 Merminga, Nikolitsa Analytic Expressions for the Smear Due to Nonlinear Multipoles
FERMILAB-FN-0504 Likhoded, A.K. Bare Pomeron in Inclusive Processes
FERMILAB-FN-0503 Mane, S.R. Radiative Electron Polarization: Theoretical Predictions and Explanation of the SPEAR Data
FERMILAB-FN-0502 Mane, S.R. Tuneshifts, Tunespreads and Decoherence
FERMILAB-FN-0501 Ng, King-Yuen Lengthy Disturbances and Copper to Superconductor Ratio
FERMILAB-FN-0500-REV Ng, King-Yuen Reactive Impedance of a Smooth Toroidal Chamber Below the Resonance Region
FERMILAB-FN-0500 Ng, King-Yuen Reactive Impedance of a Smooth Toroidal Chamber Below the Resonance Region
FERMILAB-FN-0499 Chao, Yu-Chiu Comments on Esme: A Tracking Code in the Longitudinal Phase Space
FERMILAB-FN-0498 Bogacz, S.A. Coherent Instability Limitations of p p and anti-p p Upgrade Scenarios
FERMILAB-FN-0497 Teng, L.C. Considerations of Using Siberian Snakes for Very Strong and Very Weak Resonances
FERMILAB-FN-0496 Mokhov, N.V. Internal Beam Abort System for the Tevatron Upgrade
FERMILAB-FN-0495 Ng, King-Yuen Copper Coating the Tevatron Beam Pipe
FERMILAB-FN-0494 Ng, King-Yuen Shielding the Tevatron Bellows
FERMILAB-FN-0493 Merminga, Nikolitsa Hamiltonian approach to distortion functions
FERMILAB-FN-0492 Green, Dan Particle Properties on an Abacus
FERMILAB-FN-0491 Ng, King-Yuen Minimum Propagating Zone of the SSC Superconducting Dipole Cable
FERMILAB-FN-0490 Van Ginneken, A. Estimated Radiation Levels in SSC Detectors
FERMILAB-FN-0489 Teng, L.C. Spin Dynamics in Accelerators and Storage Rings
FERMILAB-FN-0488 Roberts, Lee Monte Carlo Simulation of Silicon Vertex Detector for Bottom Collider Detector. Part 1
FERMILAB-FN-0487 Lambertson, Glen R. Beam Impedances of Position Monitors, Bellows and Abort Kicker
FERMILAB-FN-0486 Bogacz, S.A. Effect of Empty Buckets on Coupled Bunch Instability in RHIC Booster: Longitudinal Phase Space Simul
FERMILAB-FN-0485 Bogacz, S.A. Coherent Betatron Instability in a High-Energy Synchrotron
FERMILAB-FN-0484 Syphers, M.J. Beam Gas Scattering Lifetimes in the Fermilab Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0483 Ng, King-Yuen Effects of Copper Coating the RHIC Beam Pipe
FERMILAB-FN-0482 Ng, King-Yuen Transverse Coupled Bunch Instability in the Fermilab Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0481 MacLachlan, James A. Fundamentals of Particle Tracking for the Longitudinal Projection of Beam Phase Space in Synchrotron
FERMILAB-FN-0479 Mane, S.R. Coherent Betatron Oscillations and Emittance Growth Due to Random Kicks
FERMILAB-FN-0478 Bogacz, S.A. Emittance Growth Through a Betatron Instability Decoherence
FERMILAB-FN-0477-REV Ng, King-Yuen Resonant Impedance in a Toroidal Beam Pipe
FERMILAB-FN-0477 Ng, King-Yuen Resonant Impedance in a Toroidal Beam Pipe
FERMILAB-FN-0476 Rabinowitz, George Hepnet Technical Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes, September 17-18, 1987, Brookhaven National
FERMILAB-FN-0475 Chartrand, Greg Internetwork Traffic Management Proposal
FERMILAB-FN-0474 Chartrand, Greg Decnet Dlm Circuit Plans
FERMILAB-FN-0473 Anderson, D.F. Measurement of TMAE and TEA Vapor Pressures
FERMILAB-FN-0472 Ng, King-Yuen Linear Beam-Beam Effects for Round Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0471 Chao, A. A Progress Report on Fermilab Experiment E778: An Experimental Study of the SSC Magnet Aperture Crit
FERMILAB-FN-0470 Chao, Yu-Chiu Analytical and Numerical Studies of the Landau Cavity: Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Instabilities in t
FERMILAB-FN-0469 Jackson, G. A phase space tomography (PST) monitor for adjusting bunch rotation during coalescing
FERMILAB-FN-0468 Coulson, Larry A Guide to Understanding the Radiation Environment of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC)
FERMILAB-FN-0467 Mane, S.R. Calculation of Electron Polarization in High-Energy Storage Rings Including Transverse Momentum Reco
FERMILAB-FN-0466 Mane, S.R. Calculation of Electron Polarization in High-Energy Storage Rings Including Nonlinear Spin Orbit Cou
FERMILAB-FN-0465 Mane, S.R. Equilibrium Polarization Formula for Electron Storage Rings Including Transverse Recoils in All Plan
FERMILAB-FN-0464 Ng, King-Yuen Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Instability in the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0463 Ng, King-Yuen Impedance of Separators at Low Frequencies
FERMILAB-FN-0462 Ng, King-Yuen Coupling Between Counter Rotating Bunches
FERMILAB-FN-0461 Teng, Lee C. Accelerator projects, worldwide
FERMILAB-FN-0460 Stahl, S. Coupled Bunch Instability in Fermilab Booster and Possible Cures: Longitudinal Phase Space Simulatio
FERMILAB-FN-0459 Chartrand, Greg Hepnet Technical Coordinating Committee: Meeting Minutes, June 8 and 9, 1987 - Fermilab
FERMILAB-FN-0458 Syphers, M.J. Injection Mismatch and Phase Space Dilution
FERMILAB-FN-0457 MacLachlan, J.A. Particle Tracking in e - phi Space as a Design Tool for Cyclic Accelerators
FERMILAB-FN-0456 Ng, K.Y. Damping of Coupled Bunch Growth by Selfexcited Cavity
FERMILAB-FN-0455 Ng, K.Y. Distortion Functions
FERMILAB-FN-0454 Carrigan, Richard A., Jr. Phenomenological Summary of Dechanneling in Aligned Single Crystals
FERMILAB-FN-0453 Jackson, G. Design of the Transverse Current Emittance Monitor (Xiem) Detector
FERMILAB-FN-0452 Mtingwa, S.K. Transient Effects in the Plasma Wake Field Acceleration Scheme
FERMILAB-FN-0451 Finley, D.A. Time Dependent Chromaticity Changes in the Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0450 Morfin, J.G. A Space-Time Analysis of Muoproduced Hadronic Showers
FERMILAB-FN-0449 Ng, K.Y. Impedances of Bellows Corrugations
FERMILAB-FN-0448 Lamb, D.C. A Purely Mathematical Look at the Energy Angle Distribution of Axion Production by Electrons
FERMILAB-FN-0447 Van Ginneken, A. Shielding Calculations for Multi - TeV Hadron Colliders
FERMILAB-FN-0446 MacLachlan, J.A. Longitudinal Phase Space Tracking with Space Charge and Wall Coupling Impedance
FERMILAB-FN-0445 Ellis, R.Keith A Pinacoteca of Cross-Sections for Hadroproduction of Heavy Quarks
FERMILAB-FN-0444 Ng, King-Yuen Impedances of Beam Position Monitors
FERMILAB-FN-0443 Ng, K.Y. Fields, Impedances and Structures
FERMILAB-FN-0442 Heinicke, P. Organizing, Maintaining and Distributing Software Products
FERMILAB-FN-0441 Baumbaugh, A.E. High Speed Video Data Acquisition System (Vdas) Developed for HEP Used to Study COMET Halley
FERMILAB-FN-0440 Morfin, Jorge Leptoproduction at an SSC Fixed Target Facility
FERMILAB-FN-0439 Knickerbocker, K.L. High Speed Video Data Acquisition System (Vdas) for HEP, Including Reference Frame Subtractor, Data
FERMILAB-FN-0438 Ng, King-Yuen Longitudinal Instabilities and Stability Criteria
FERMILAB-FN-0437 Juravic, Frank, Jr. Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector Modified to Sense Neon for Cryogenic Leak Certification
FERMILAB-FN-0436 Ng, King-Yuen Space Charge Effects of Transition Crossing in the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0435 Atac, Muzaffer Wire Chamber Aging and Wire Material
FERMILAB-FN-0434 Morfin, Jorge G. The Intensity and Spectra of Leptons Emerging from a High Density Beam Dump
FERMILAB-FN-0433 Green, D. FNAL Collider Physics on an Abacus
FERMILAB-FN-0432 Ng, K.Y. Microwave Instability Criterion for Overlapped Bunches
FERMILAB-FN-0431 Cossairt, J.Donald Personal Dosimetry in a Mixed Field of High-Energy Muons and Neutrons
FERMILAB-FN-0430 Elwyn, A.J. A Study of Neutron Leakage Through an Iron Shield at an Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0429 Avdeichikov, V.V. Accelerated Beam Extraction by Means of a Bent Single Crystal at the JINR Synchrophasotron
FERMILAB-FN-0428 Kobayashi, M. Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Lead / Tin Solders and Splices at 4.2-k
FERMILAB-FN-0426 Awschalom, M. Neutron Dosimetry: A Pin Diode Reader
FERMILAB-FN-0425 Chartrand, Greg Decnet and the High-Energy Physics Network
FERMILAB-FN-0424 Mokhov, N.V. A Short Review of Monte Carlo Hadronic Cascade Calculations in the Multi - TeV Energy Region
FERMILAB-FN-0423 Shu, Q.S. An Experimental Study of Heat Transfer in Multilayer Insulation Systems from Room Temperature to 77-
FERMILAB-FN-0422 Willeke, F. Analytical Study of the Tevatron Nonlinear Dynamics
FERMILAB-FN-0420 Garren, A.A. A User's Guide to Synch
FERMILAB-FN-0419 Brown, B.C. Persistent Current Fields in Fermilab Tevatron Magnets
FERMILAB-FN-0418 Drozhdin, A.I. Study of Beam Losses During Fast Extraction of 800-GeV Protons from the Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0417 Cohen, Lionel Clinical Evaluation of Neutron Beam Therapy: Current Results and Prospects (1983)
FERMILAB-FN-0416 Misek, Joel Safety Analysis of the 8-Inch Low Pressure Helium Header System for the Energy Saver
FERMILAB-FN-0415-REV Kolb, Adrienne W. A Chronology: VBA (ICFA) ---> SSC (Us-DOE)
FERMILAB-FN-0415 Kolb, Adrienne W. A Chronology: VBA (ICFA) ---> SSC (Us-DOE)
FERMILAB-FN-0414 Cossairt, J.Donald Absorbed Dose Measurements at an 800-GeV Proton Accelerator: Comparison with Monte Carlo Calculation
FERMILAB-FN-0413 Ruggiero, A.G Intrabeam Scattering in Electron and Proton Storage Rings: A Review
FERMILAB-FN-0412 Ruggiero, A.G. Relativistic Electron Cooling and Intrabeam Scattering
FERMILAB-FN-0411 Ruggiero, A.G. The Wakeatron: Acceleration of Electrons on the Wake Field of a Proton Bunch
FERMILAB-FN-0410 Regan, T. A Fail Safe Cryogenic Liquid Level Controller
FERMILAB-FN-0409 Kurup, Parvathy Fast Neutrons and Misonidazole for Malignant Astrocytomas
FERMILAB-FN-0408 Cohen, Lionel Tolerance of the Human Spinal Cord to High-Energy p(66)-Be(49) Neutrons
FERMILAB-FN-0407 Cohen, Lionel Response of Sarcomas of Bone and of Soft Tissue to Neutron Beam Therapy
FERMILAB-FN-0406 Cossairt, J.Donald Radiation Measurements in a Labyrinth Penetration at a High-Energy Proton Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0405 Appel, J.A. Hadron Calorimetry at the Fermilab Tagged Photon Spectrometer Facility
FERMILAB-FN-0404 Cossairt, J.Donald Shielding Considerations for Fixed Target Usage of the SSC
FERMILAB-FN-0401 Ohnuma, S. Effects of Correction Sextupoles in Synchrotrons
FERMILAB-FN-0400 Kurup, Parvathy D. Response of Epidermoid and Nonepidermoid Cancers of the Head and Neck to Fast Neutron Irradiation: T
FERMILAB-FN-0399 Freeman, J. Transverse Energy Physics with the CDF Calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0399 Freeman, J. Transverse Energy Physics With the CDF Calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0398 Harrison, M. Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Lambertson Magnets
FERMILAB-FN-0397 Michelotti, Leo P. Moser Like Transformations Using the Lie Transform
FERMILAB-FN-0396 Johnson, Rolland P. The Tevatron as an SSC Prototype: Experience Versus Predictions
FERMILAB-FN-0395 Carrigan, Richard A., Jr. Particle Cosmology Desk Companion
FERMILAB-FN-0394 Cossairt, J.Donald Neutron Skyshine Measurements at Fermilab
FERMILAB-FN-0393 Michelotti, Leo P. Catastrophe and Maxwell Surfaces of the Half Integer Resonance Excited by Quadrupoles and Octupoles
FERMILAB-FN-0391 Ng, King Yuen The Damping of the Horizontal Betatron Oscillations of an Off Momentum Bunch
FERMILAB-FN-0390 Ng, King Yuen Measurement of Betatron Tune and Tune Spread by Sweeping a Voltage of Linearly Varying Frequency
FERMILAB-FN-0389 Ng, King Yuen Transverse Impedance of a Coasting Beam in a Corrugated Vacuum Chamber at Low Frequencies
FERMILAB-FN-0388 Goodwin, R.W. Coordinated Control of the Energy and Time Dependent Parameters of the Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0387 Pordes, Ruth Fastbus Software Review
FERMILAB-FN-0386 Neuffer, D. Chaos, Beam Blowup and Resonance Overlap in the Beam-Beam Interaction
FERMILAB-FN-0385 Regan, T. A sensitive instrument for measuring wire tension in multiwire proportional and drift chambers
FERMILAB-FN-0385 Regan, T. A Sensitive Instrument for Measuring Wire Tension in Multiwire Proportional and Drift Chambers
FERMILAB-FN-0384 Appel, J.A. Fastbus Implementation Review
FERMILAB-FN-0383 Nash, Thomas Fermilab's Advanced Computer \& Program
FERMILAB-FN-0382 Auchincloss, Priscilla S. Design, Construction, and Calibration of Large Ion Chambers for Muon Flux Monitoring in Neutrino Bea
FERMILAB-FN-0381 Mikamo, S. CDF Endcap E.M Calorimeter and Test Results
FERMILAB-FN-0381 Mishina, M. CDF End Cap E.M. Calorimeter and Test Results
FERMILAB-FN-0380 Appel, Jeffrey A. Summary Session of the Gas Sampling Calorimetry Workshop
FERMILAB-FN-0379 Lennox, Arlene J. Skin Effect in Electrically Pulsed Cylindrical Conductors Used as Focusing Devices
FERMILAB-FN-0378 Neuffer, David Principles and Applications of Muon Cooling
FERMILAB-FN-0377 Chartrand, Greg A. Development of a Remote Computer Work Station at Fermilab
FERMILAB-FN-0376 Atac, M. Breakdown Processes in Wire Chambers and Prevention
FERMILAB-FN-0375 Glass, Henry D. Construction and Operation of a Large Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector
FERMILAB-FN-0373 Neuffer, D. An Exploration of the Frequency Dependence of Modulation Blowup in $\bar{p}p$ Colliding Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0372 Takayama, K. Phase Dynamics Near Transition Energy in the FNAL Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0371 Atac, M. Gas Sampling Calorimeter Studies in Proportional, Saturated Avalanche, and Streamer Modes.
FERMILAB-FN-0370 Cohen, Lionel Absence of a Demonstrable Gain Factor for Neutron Beam Therapy of Epidermoid Carcinoma of the Head a
FERMILAB-FN-0369 Russell, A.D. Orbit Tracking Studies for the Tevatron
FERMILAB-FN-0368 Atac, M. Saturated avalanche calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0367 Teng, L.C. Superconducting Magnets
FERMILAB-FN-0366 Teng, L.C. A Fast Cycling Synchrotron Kaon Factory Using TRIUMF as Injector. 1. Injection Scheme and General De
FERMILAB-FN-0365 Takayama, Ken A New Method for Potential of a Three-Dimensional Nonuniform Charge Distribution
FERMILAB-FN-0364 Conetti, S. Production of Electrons and Positrons by Impinging 100-GeV Protons on a Target for Purpose of Fillin
FERMILAB-FN-0363 Neuffer, D. A Search for Chaotic Trajectories in Simulations of the Beam-Beam Interaction
FERMILAB-FN-0362 Carrigan, Richard A., Jr. On the Possibility of a Crystal Septum
FERMILAB-FN-0361 Cohen, L. Neutron Beam Therapy: Normal Tissue Tolerance Limits
FERMILAB-FN-0360 Cohen, Lionel Expanding Options in Radiation Oncology: Neutron Beam Therapy
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FERMILAB-FN-0358 Neuffer, D. Simulations of the Beam-Beam Interaction with Transient Or Stationary Beam Displacement
FERMILAB-FN-0357 Neuffer, D. Diffusion Enhancement by the Beam-Beam Interaction in 1D Simulations
FERMILAB-FN-0356 Atac, M. Saturated Avalanche Calorimeter
FERMILAB-FN-0355 Collective Accelerators
FERMILAB-FN-0354-A Takayama, K. Alternative Method for Asymptotic Formula of Adiabatic Ratio (Formula for Adiabatic RF Manipulation)
FERMILAB-FN-0354 Takayama, Ken Adiabatic Variation and Behavior of Invariant Curve: General Criterion for Adiabatic Manipulation of
FERMILAB-FN-0353 Vsevolozhskaya, T. Anti-Proton Source for the Accelerator Storage Complex
FERMILAB-FN-0352 Ankenbrandt, C. Slip Stacking: A New Method of Momentum Stacking
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FERMILAB-FN-0350 Brenner, A.E. The Fermilab Collider Detector Facility Data Acquisition System
FERMILAB-FN-0349 Takayama, Ken Note on the Courant and Snyder Invariant
FERMILAB-FN-0348 Atac, M. Selfquenching Streamers
FERMILAB-FN-0347 Takayama, Ken Dynamical Invariant for Forced Time Dependent Harmonic Oscillator
FERMILAB-FN-0346 Neuffer, D. Nonrepeatability and Chaotic Trajectories in Beam-Beam Interaction Simulations at $p\bar{p}$ Collide
FERMILAB-FN-0344 Treadwell, Elliott A Momentum Calculation for Charged Tracks with Minute Curvature
FERMILAB-FN-0343 Neuffer, David Long Time Simulations of the Beam-Beam Interaction
FERMILAB-FN-0342 Cohen, L. Fast Neutron Radiation Therapy
FERMILAB-FN-0341 Malensek, A.J. Empirical Formula for Thick Target Particle Production
FERMILAB-FN-0340 Kells, W. Can Recoilless Nuclear anti-neutrino Emission Be Usefully Detected?
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FERMILAB-FN-0338 Michelotti, Leo P. Survey of the Ring: A Trilogy. 2. Pseudoinverting a Large, Almost Block Tridiagonal System
FERMILAB-FN-0337 Atac, M. Selfquenching Streamers in Drift Tubes
FERMILAB-FN-0336 Takayama, Ken On an Invariant of a System Affected by Intrabeam Scattering
FERMILAB-FN-0335 Orava, Risto Quark Jets
FERMILAB-FN-0335 Risto, Orava Quark jets
FERMILAB-FN-0334 MacLachlan, J.A. Current Carrying Targets and Multitarget Arrays for High Luminosity Secondary Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0333 Neuffer, David A Search for 'Arnold Diffusion' in the Beam-Beam Interaction
FERMILAB-FN-0332 Atac, M. Gas Ionization Sampling Calorimeters
FERMILAB-FN-0331 Tollestrup, A.V. Properties of Superconducting Magnets
FERMILAB-FN-0330 Goodwin, R.W. An Mc68000 Multibus Compatible Computer Board
FERMILAB-FN-0329 Ohnuma, S. Comments on Stable Motions in Nonlinear Coupled Resonances
FERMILAB-FN-0328 Mokhov, N.V. Energy Deposition in Targets and Beam Dumps at 0.1-TeV - 0.5-TeV Proton Energy
FERMILAB-FN-0327 Dixon, Roger L. Beam Induced Quench Study of Tevatron Dipoles
FERMILAB-FN-0326 Appel, J.A. Operating Characteristics of Lecroy-2280/2285 ADC System
FERMILAB-FN-0325 Neuffer, David Enhancement of Diffusion by a Nonlinear Force
FERMILAB-FN-0324 MacLachlan, J.A. The Lifetime of Bunched Beam Stored in the Main Ring at 100 GeV and 150 GeV
FERMILAB-FN-0323 Cohen, Lionel Late Reactions and Complications in Patients Treated with High-Energy Neutrons p(66-MeV) - Be(49-MeV
FERMILAB-FN-0322 Miyahara, Yoshikazu A New Approach to the Head - Tail Instability
FERMILAB-FN-0321 Appel, J.A. Current Status of Lecroy 2280/2285 ADC System
FERMILAB-FN-0320 Neuffer, David Stability of Longitudinal Motion in Intense Ion Beams
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FERMILAB-FN-0317 Brown, B. The Fermilab Booster as a Kaon Factory
FERMILAB-FN-0316 Ruggiero, A.G. The Overshoot of Individual Bunch Longitudinal Instabilities as Overlapping of Several Resonating Mo
FERMILAB-FN-0315 Guzik, Z. Digital Scattering Angle Preprocessors
FERMILAB-FN-0314 Cohen, Lionel Fermilab Cancer Therapy Facility, Batavia, Illinois: Second Annual Progress Report
FERMILAB-FN-0313 Appel, J.A. High Quality Domestic Acrylic Scintillator and Wave Bar
FERMILAB-FN-0312 Barsotti, E. A Modular Trigger Processing System for High-Energy Physics Experiments
FERMILAB-FN-0311 Ruggiero, A.G. High-Engery Electron Cooling
FERMILAB-FN-0310 Roberts, Arthur Measurement of Muon Energies of 1-2 TeV and Above in the DUMAND Detector
FERMILAB-FN-0309 Van Ginneken, A. Aegis: A Program to Calculate the Average Behavior of Electromagnetic Showers
FERMILAB-FN-0308 Teng, L.C. Effects Limiting Accelerated Beam Intensity in the Largest Proton Synchrotron
FERMILAB-FN-0307 Teng, L.C. Further Parametric Studies of the Accelerator System for Heavy Ion Fusion
FERMILAB-FN-0306 Snowdon, S.C. Mechanical Stresses in Superconducting Quadrupoles
FERMILAB-FN-0305 Oganesian, A.G. An Unconventional Transition Radiation Detector
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FERMILAB-FN-0302 Teng, Lee C. A 'Conventional' Accelerator System for Inertial Fusion Using Heavy Ion Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0301 Guzik, Zbigniew Amplifier - Discriminator for Drift Chambers
FERMILAB-FN-0299 Johnson, D.E. MESSYMESH: An Improved Version
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FERMILAB-FN-0294 Atac, M. A Two-Dimensional Drift Chamber
FERMILAB-FN-0293 Ruggiero, A.G. Computer Simulation of the Main Ring Beam Colliding with Another Beam
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FERMILAB-FN-0291 Cohen, L. The Cancer Therapy Facility at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory: A Preliminary Report
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FERMILAB-FN-0287 Johnson, D.E. MESSYMESH: A Computer Program to Calculate Linear Accelerator Cavity Fields
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FERMILAB-FN-0285 Pellegrini, C. A 60x60 $GeV^2$ Electron-Positron Storage and Colliding Device. An Alternative to the Several 100-Ge
FERMILAB-FN-0284 Snowdon, S.C. Mechanical and Thermal Stresses in Doubler Dipole Magnets
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FERMILAB-FN-0279 Bobbitt, J. Knowledgeable Modules and Service Controllers
FERMILAB-FN-0278 Awschalom, M. Energy Deposition in Thick Targets by High-Energy Protons: Measurement and Calculation
FERMILAB-FN-0277 Teng, L.C. High Efficiency Buncher System for Linac
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FERMILAB-FN-0267 Teng, L.C. Depolarization of a Polarized Proton Beam in a Circular Accelerator: Appendix
FERMILAB-FN-0266 Voyvodic, L. Nuclear Emulsion - Streamer Chamber Method for Tagging Hadronic Interactions with Nuclei and Searchi
FERMILAB-FN-0265 Voyvodic, L. Neutrino Target - Detector with Triggered Bubble Chamber Modules
FERMILAB-FN-0264 Mills, Frederick E. Cryogenic Energy Storage System Design Report
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FERMILAB-FN-0261 Brown, Bruce C. A Bibliography on Direct Production of Leptons and Lepton Pairs in Hadron Collisions
FERMILAB-FN-0260 Van Ginneken, A. Comparison of Some Recent Data on p - Nucleus Interactions with the Hagedorn - Ranft Model Predictio
FERMILAB-FN-0259 Neale, W.W. Enriched Particle Beams for the Bubble Chambers at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
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FERMILAB-FN-0257 Abarbanel, H.D.I. Theoretical Physics at NAL
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FERMILAB-FN-0255 Lee, W.W. Insertions For Colliding-Beam Storage Rings
FERMILAB-FN-0254 Ruggiero, A.G. The Head - Tail Effect Enhanced by a Fast Oscillating Or Fast Decaying Wake Field
FERMILAB-FN-0253 Snowdon, S.C. Design of Quadrupoles with Linearly Segmented Profiles
FERMILAB-FN-0252 Hornstra, F. A Method and a Simple Device to Precisely Measure Accelerator Extraction Efficiency and Beamline Tra
FERMILAB-FN-0251 Teng, L.C. One Turn Extraction Using Pingers
FERMILAB-FN-0250 Van Ginneken, A. Weighted Monte Carlo Calculations of Hadronic Cascades in Thick Targets
FERMILAB-FN-0249 Ruggiero, A.G. Stochasticity Limit in One-Dimension
FERMILAB-FN-0248 Ruggiero, A.G. The Head - Tail Effect in NAL Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0247-A Carey, David C. Determination of the Neutrino Flux with Perfect Focusing
FERMILAB-FN-0247 Carey, David C. Determination of the Neutrino Flux with Perfect Focusing
FERMILAB-FN-0246 Atac, M. A High-Energy Neutron Detector Using Proportional Wire Chambers
FERMILAB-FN-0245 Snowdon, S.C. Effect of Random Fluctuations on Synchrotron Phase Motion
FERMILAB-FN-0244 Snowdon, S.C. Linear Synchrotron Motion
FERMILAB-FN-0243 Carey, David C. Second Order Contributions to Beam Dimensions
FERMILAB-FN-0242 Toohig, T.E. Neutrino Laboratory Radiation and Electrical Security System
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FERMILAB-FN-0239 Stefanski, R.J. Hyperon Beam with Quadrupole Focusing
FERMILAB-FN-0238 Ruggiero, A.G. Effects of Field Errors and Ripples in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0237 Atac, M. Wire Counters with a New Gas Mixture
FERMILAB-FN-0236 Curtis, C. Possibilities of Using the NAL Linac for Cancer Therapy
FERMILAB-FN-0235 Sheldon, R. 0.5-Meter Prototype Energy Doubler Quadrupole Magnet
FERMILAB-FN-0234 Roberts, A. A Novel Mass Sensitive Image Dissecting Cherenkov Detector
FERMILAB-FN-0233 Carrigan, Richard A. Can an Energy Doubler Be Used to Implement a Simple 350-GeV Storage Ring System at NAL?
FERMILAB-FN-0232 Teng, L.C. Infinite Transition Energy Lattice Using $\pi$-Straight Sections
FERMILAB-FN-0231 Hornstra, F. An Analysis and a Comparison of Intercepting and Nonintercepting Beam Position Detectors
FERMILAB-FN-0230 Ruggiero, A.G. Energy Loss Due to the Resistive Magnet Lamination in the NAL Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0229 Teng, L.C. Concerning n-Dimensional Coupled Motions
FERMILAB-FN-0228 Ruggiero, A.G. $\nu$-Spread in a Proton Beam Due to Transverse Space Charge Fields
FERMILAB-FN-0227 Ohnuma, S. Momentum Spread of the 200-MeV Linac Beam at NAL
FERMILAB-FN-0226 Ruggiero, A.G. Magnetic System and Electronic Feedback System to Damp Transverse Coherent Beam Oscillations in the
FERMILAB-FN-0225 Atac, M. High Resolution Low Temperature Wire Spark Chambers
FERMILAB-FN-0224 Ruggiero, A.G. Beam Debunching
FERMILAB-FN-0223 Lee, W.W. Beam Bunch Length Matching at Transition Using RF Phase Jump
FERMILAB-FN-0222 Atac, M. High Resolution Multiwire Proportional Chambers and a Readout System for Secondary Beam Line Instrum
FERMILAB-FN-0221 Teng, L.C. Moment Equations of a Distribution of Particles Performing Harmonic Oscillations
FERMILAB-FN-0220 Ruggiero, A.G. Longitudinal Space Charge Forces Within a Bunched Beam in the Presence of Magnetic Lamination
FERMILAB-FN-0219 Ruggiero, A.G. Longitudinal Space Charge Forces Within Bunched Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0218 Roberts, A. Report on International Conference on Instrumentation for High-Energy Physics, Dubna, USSR
FERMILAB-FN-0217 Ruggiero, A.G. The Transverse Resistive Wall Instabilities in the NAL Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0216 Awschalom, M. Secondary Particle Yields Produced by 400-GeV/c and 500-GeV/c Protons Interacting on h, Be, and Pb
FERMILAB-FN-0215-A Lee, W. Addendum
FERMILAB-FN-0215 Lee, W. Numerical Study of Beam Bunch Length Matching at Transition Using the gamma - t Jump Method
FERMILAB-FN-0213 Lach, J. Strong Interaction Physics in the NAL Bubble Chamber
FERMILAB-FN-0212 Teng, L.C. DC Magnetic Monopole Focusing Lenses for Neutrino Beam
FERMILAB-FN-0211 Awschalom, M. Radiation Physics Aspects of NAL Construction
FERMILAB-FN-0210 Teng, L.C. Wide Band Quadrupole Focusing System for Neutrino and Muon Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0209 Roberts, Arthur Some Problems in High-Energy Particle Detection and Analysis
FERMILAB-FN-0208 Atac, M. High Spatial Resolution Proportional Chambers
FERMILAB-FN-0207 Teng, L.C. Compensation of Space Charge Mismatch at Transition of Booster Using the Transition Jump Method
FERMILAB-FN-0206 Juhala, R.E. Booster Correcting Magnets
FERMILAB-FN-0204 Read, Anthony Lincoln Rationale for a Choice of Secondary Particle Beams at NAL
FERMILAB-FN-0201 Curtis, C.D. The Operation of the First Section of the NAL Linear Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0200 Read, Anthony Lincoln A Simple Target Magnet Arrangement for Use with the External Proton Beam at NAL
FERMILAB-FN-0199 Gluckstern, R.L. Coupling Between Radial Betatron and Synchrotron Oscillations
FERMILAB-FN-0198 Gordon, David A Spinor Formalism for Dual Resonance Models
FERMILAB-FN-0197 Awschalom, Miguel Comments to Beam Abort System for the Main Ring (FN-195)
FERMILAB-FN-0196 Teng, L.C. Design Concepts for the Beam Scraper System of the Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0195 Beam Abort System for the Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0194 Livingston, M.S. Analysis of Charge Exchange Injection for NAL
FERMILAB-FN-0193 Ranft, J. Improved Nucleon - Meson Cascade Calculations
FERMILAB-FN-0192-A Snowdon, S.C. Variation of booster tunes with momentum
FERMILAB-FN-0192 Snowdon, S.C. Variation of booster tunes with momentum
FERMILAB-FN-0191 Awschalom, M. Secondary Particle Production at 200-GeV
FERMILAB-FN-0190 Snowdon, S.C. Nonlinear Betatron Motion in Ideal Booster Lattice
FERMILAB-FN-0189 Bellendir, J. High beta Modification of Main Ring Long Straight Insertion
FERMILAB-FN-0188 Teng, L.C. Effects of Reducing the Transfer Energy from 10-GeV to 8-GeV
FERMILAB-FN-0187 Courant, E.D. Longitudinal Space Charge Effects at Transition in NAL Booster and Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0186 Roberts, A. A Spark Chamber System with Very Large Hydrogen Targets for Neutrino Experiments: Preliminary Techni
FERMILAB-FN-0185 Snowdon, S.C. Transformations Useful in Linear Betatron Theory
FERMILAB-FN-0184 Snowdon, S.C. Magnet End Termination
FERMILAB-FN-0183 Teng, L.C. Formulas for Resonances of Transverse Oscillations in a Circular Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0182 Garren, A.A. Lattice of the NAL Proton Synchrotron
FERMILAB-FN-0181 Teng, L.C. Repetition Rates of Booster and Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0179 Teng, L.C. Field Design of a Picture Frame Bending Magnet Using Superconducting Coils
FERMILAB-FN-0176 Wilson, Richard Measurements of Luminosity
FERMILAB-FN-0175 Heusch, C.A. General Comments on the Use of Proton Storage Rings
FERMILAB-FN-0174 Courant, E.D. Phase Space Dilution in Three Turn Injection
FERMILAB-FN-0173 Wilson, Robert Rathbun A Superferric Storage Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0172 Roberts, A. Design of an Experiment to Study K(e4)+- and K(Mu4)+- Decays. 1. General Considerations and Triggeri
FERMILAB-FN-0171 Van Steenbergen, A. Injection Criteria Storage Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0170 Keil, E. Kicker Requirements for Phase Plane Interchange Injection Into NAL Storage Rings
FERMILAB-FN-0169 Keil, E. Aperture Requirements at Injection Into the NAL Storage Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0168 Keil, E. An Estimate of Luminosity and nu Shifts
FERMILAB-FN-0167 Gluckstern, R.L. Coupling of Horizontal and Vertical Oscillations in an AGS
FERMILAB-FN-0166 Gluckstern, R.L. Distortion Effects in Beam Transport Systems with Space Charge
FERMILAB-FN-0165 Toner, W.T. Feasibility of Using High Flux Muon Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0164 Toner, W.T. Comments on Longo Neutral Beam
FERMILAB-FN-0163 Maschke, A.W. A Proposal for a Proton Beam Target Station
FERMILAB-FN-0162 Livingston, M.S. Study Paper on the NAL Storage Ring Design
FERMILAB-FN-0161 Read, Anthony Lincoln A Neutron Beam Facility
FERMILAB-FN-0160 Rubinstein, R. High-Energy pi- p, K- p and p p Elastic Scattering
FERMILAB-FN-0159 Billinge, R. Booster Magnet Gradient Tolerance
FERMILAB-FN-0158 Toohig, T.E. A Possible Muon Channel at the AGS and Its Relevance to a Phase III Muon Channel at NAL
FERMILAB-FN-0157 Walker, T.G. A 120-GeV/c Unseparated Beam Using Small Aperture Components
FERMILAB-FN-0156 Teng, L.C. Philosophy and Technique for Design of the Main Ring Bending Magnets
FERMILAB-FN-0155 Blanpied, W.A. A Note on Phase 1 $\mu$e Scattering and Muon Bremsstrahlung Experiments at Weston
FERMILAB-FN-0154 Roberts, A. Acceptance of Secondary Particle Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0153 Maschke, A. Equilibrium Orbit Corrections for the Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0152 Billinge, R. Booster Radius
FERMILAB-FN-0151 Shoemaker, F.C. Eddy Currents in Main Ring Magnet Conductors
FERMILAB-FN-0150 Billinge, R. Booster Aperture Requirements
FERMILAB-FN-0149 Wilson, Richard Use of Weston mu Beams for Electromagnetic Physics of Hadrons
FERMILAB-FN-0148 Van Steenbergen, A. Booster Parameters for 1 or 2 Turn Stacking in the Accumulator
FERMILAB-FN-0147 Billinge, R. Injection Energy of the 5-Hz Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0146 Smith, L. On the Effect of Longitudinal Space Charge Forces on a Drifting Bunched Beam
FERMILAB-FN-0145 Danby, G. Quads and Bending Magnets for NAL
FERMILAB-FN-0144 Symon, K.R. Beam Extraction at a Third Integral Resonance IV
FERMILAB-FN-0143 Livdahl, P.V. Notes on Linac Control System
FERMILAB-FN-0142 Longo, M.J. Neutral Beam Experiments at the 200-GeV Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0141 Shoemaker, F.C. Matching Quadrupole Aperture Increase??
FERMILAB-FN-0140 Symon, K.R. Beam Extraction at a Third Integral Resonance. 3.
FERMILAB-FN-0139 Livingston, M.S. Simplified Analysis of Shielding Requirements
FERMILAB-FN-0138 Shoemaker, F.C. Effect of Pulsed Stray Magnetic Fields on the Injection Storage Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0137 Awschalom, M. Linac Shielding II
FERMILAB-FN-0136 Yuan, L.C.L. Scientific Justification
FERMILAB-FN-0135 Roberts, A. Summary of an Informal Meeting on Beam Transport Equipment - April 8-10, 1968
FERMILAB-FN-0134 Symon, K.R. Beam Extraction Near a Third Integral Resonance. 2.
FERMILAB-FN-0133 Van Steenbergen, A. Booster Lower Energy Injection (200-MeV - 150-MeV)
FERMILAB-FN-0132 Awschalom, M. Maximum Dose Rate in Booster Tunnel Directly Underneath Linac Beam Transport Pipe
FERMILAB-FN-0131 Awschalom, M. External Proton Beam Back Stop: Muon Shielding
FERMILAB-FN-0130 Symon, K.R. Extraction at a Third Integral Resonance. 1.
FERMILAB-FN-0129 Awschalom, M. Linac Shielding
FERMILAB-FN-0128 Teng, L.C. Symmetric Achromatic Beam Transport Systems
FERMILAB-FN-0127 Kirk, T.B. Muon Electron Scattering at NAL
FERMILAB-FN-0126 Snowdon, S.C. Uniform Field from Distribution of Currents on an Ellipse
FERMILAB-FN-0125 Awschalom, M. Labyrinths and Addition of Boron to Accelerator Enclosure Walls: Resume of Conversations with Dr. R.
FERMILAB-FN-0124 Roberts, A. Simple High Momentum Neutrino Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0123 Billinge, R. Booster Correction Elements
FERMILAB-FN-0122 Feng, H. Proposal for a Small Digital Computer for Use in Magnetic Field Measurements
FERMILAB-FN-0121 Symon, K.R. Space Charge Effects on Synchrotron Oscillations
FERMILAB-FN-0120 Yuan, L.C.L. Parameters of the NAL 200-GeV Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0119 Shoemaker, F.C. Main Ring Magnet Field Errors
FERMILAB-FN-0118 Billinge, R. Booster Tuning
FERMILAB-FN-0117 Billinge, R. Booster Ejection
FERMILAB-FN-0115 Billinge, R. Closed Orbit Distortion Due to Misalignment
FERMILAB-FN-0114 Meyer, D.I. Some General Thoughts on Two-Body Small Momentum Transfer Spectrometer Experiments at High-Energies
FERMILAB-FN-0113 Shoemaker, F.C. Some Thoughts on the Elevation of the Main Ring
FERMILAB-FN-0112 Smith, L. Remarks on the Compressor - Accelerator Interface
FERMILAB-FN-0111 Snowdon, S.C. AC Resistance of Rectangular Coil
FERMILAB-FN-0110 Yamada, R. The Magnetic Field Measurement of MARK-I Model Magnet
FERMILAB-FN-0109 Livingston, M.S. Control of Radiation
FERMILAB-FN-0108 Gram, R. Advantages of a Set of Second Harmonic RF Cavities
FERMILAB-FN-0107 Teng, L.C. Regular Cell Structure
FERMILAB-FN-0106 Courant, E.D. Longitudinal Space Charge Forces at Transition: Scaling Relations
FERMILAB-FN-0105 Teng, L.C. Error and Tolerance Analysis for the Main Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0104 Teng, L.C. Multiturn Injection Into the Main Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0103 DeWire, J. Shielding Requirements for the 200-GeV Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0102 Garren, A. Main Accelerator Lattice
FERMILAB-FN-0101 Teng, L.C. Auxiliary Magnets and Windings in the Main Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0100 Maschke, A. Casting Shadows on Septa
FERMILAB-FN-0099 Maschke, A.W. Some General Criteria for the Design of an Optimum Extraction Channel
FERMILAB-FN-0098 Maschke, A. Some General Conditions for the Long Transport System of the External Beam
FERMILAB-FN-0097 Maschke, A. Notes on Ripple Requirements for Slow Extraction and Some Parameters Relative to Correcting the Spil
FERMILAB-FN-0096 Maschke, A.W. Note on the Effective Width of Septa and Theoretical Maximum Extraction Efficiency
FERMILAB-FN-0095 Romano, V.J. Search for Low Cost Shielding
FERMILAB-FN-0094 Blewett, M.H. Estimate of Temporary Structures Required for 200-GeV Accelerator's Experimental Areas
FERMILAB-FN-0093 Blewett, M.H. Notes on Building Costs for Argonne 12-Ft Bubble Chamber and Second Proton Area
FERMILAB-FN-0092 Jovanovic, D. The Sensible Secondary Beam Elements for the 200-GeV Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0090 Wattenberg, A. Basis for Reducing the Lateral Shielding in the B \& C Target Areas
FERMILAB-FN-0089 Regenstreif, E. Is It Possible to Achieve a Matrix of +1 by Means of a Quadrupole Quadruplet?
FERMILAB-FN-0088 Blewett, M.H. Some Comments About Beam Transport Magnets
FERMILAB-FN-0087 Walker, G. Reduction of Beamline Power
FERMILAB-FN-0086 Read, Anthony Lincoln Notes on Power Distribution in the Experimental Areas: A Summary
FERMILAB-FN-0084 Longo, M.J. Note on Magnets for Use in High-Energy Beams at the Proposed 200-GeV Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0083 Eagling, D. Rough Estimating Figures for Experimental Areas
FERMILAB-FN-0081 Hartwig, E.C. Power Requirements of the 200-GeV Facility
FERMILAB-FN-0080 Lambertson, G.R. Model of Experimental Program
FERMILAB-FN-0078 Salsig, W.W. Cooling Systems: Overall Comparisons
FERMILAB-FN-0077 Salsig, W.W. Significant Features of Power and Cooling System Considerations for Experimental Area Secondary Beam
FERMILAB-FN-0076 Salsig, W.W., Jr. Bevatron and BNL a.g.s. Experimental Area Secondary Beam Utilities
FERMILAB-FN-0074 Salsig, W.W. Observations on Various Features of NAL Experimental Area Proposals
FERMILAB-FN-0073 Walker, T.G. Experimental Area C
FERMILAB-FN-0072 Rubinstein, R. Target Station B
FERMILAB-FN-0071 Koester, L. Fluxes of Particles in Secondary Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0070 Roberts, A. Note on the Choice of Shielding Material in Experimental Areas
FERMILAB-FN-0068 Krisch, A.D. Possible Experiments on the 200-GeV Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0067 Walker, T.G. Target Station A: Preliminary Layout of Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0066 Walker, T.G. Target Station C: Preliminary Layout of Beams
FERMILAB-FN-0063 Roberts, A. Experimental Area Design with Minimal Modular Shielding
FERMILAB-FN-0062 Krisch, A.D. Note on Front Porch
FERMILAB-FN-0059 Meyer, D.I. Low Intensity EPB Experimental Areas
FERMILAB-FN-0058 Krisch, A.D. Thin Target Area
FERMILAB-FN-0054 van steenbergen, A. Some Notes Related to: A. Direct Injection Into the Main Ring B. Vertical Versus Horizontal Injectio
FERMILAB-FN-0052 Sanford, J.R. Some Thoughts on Experimental Areas
FERMILAB-FN-0051 Littauer, R. Information Transmission by Time Programmed Multiplexing
FERMILAB-FN-0050 Yamada, R. A Method of Colliding Beam
FERMILAB-FN-0047 Krisch, A.D. Estimate of Particle Production in 200-GeV Proton Proton Collisions
FERMILAB-FN-0045 Thomas, R.H. 200-GeV - 400-GeV Accelerator Project Radiation Problems
FERMILAB-FN-0044 Thomas, R.H. 400-GeV Accelerator Project Radiation Problems
FERMILAB-FN-0040 Salsig, W.W. MARK-III Internal Target Area Guess
FERMILAB-FN-0036 Meyer, D. Secondary Beam Transport Equipment
FERMILAB-FN-0035 Morton, P. An Unsuccessful Attempt to Reduce the Phase Oscillation Frequency by a Phase Shift Between Accelerat
FERMILAB-FN-0033 Teng, L.C. NAL Separate Function 10-GeV Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0029 Krisch, A.D. Note on Area for p p Experiments with Internal Target
FERMILAB-FN-0026 Malamud, E. Main Ring Pumping System
FERMILAB-FN-0022 Meyer, D. Criteria and Parameters for EPB Transport
FERMILAB-FN-0021 Van Steenbergen, A. Preliminary Note on a Separated Function Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0020 Teng, L. A Proposed Small Radius, Separate Function Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0016 Snowdon, S.C. Fast Slow Booster Injector System
FERMILAB-FN-0014 Billinge, R. Main Ring Aperture Requirements
FERMILAB-FN-0012 Courant, E.D. A Separated Function Lattice for the NAL Booster
FERMILAB-FN-0011 Wenzel, W.A. Proposal for Series Targeting: Thin Parasitic Intermediate Targets
FERMILAB-FN-0008 Snowdon, S.C. Slow Injection Into 1000-Meter Radius Accelerator
FERMILAB-FN-0007 Kerns, Q.A. Main Ring RF Notes
FERMILAB-FN-0006 Salsig, W.W., Jr. Preliminary Approximation: Cost of Internal Target Area, EPB Stub, and Experimental Hall