Fermilab Technical Publications: EXP Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-EXP-204 Syphers, M. Emittance growth due to Tevatron flying wires
FERMILAB-EXP-203 Annala, G. Strong transverse coupling in the Tevatron
FERMILAB-EXP-202 Carneiro, J.P. A0 Photo-Injector: Experiments with Gun A June 97 to December 97
FERMILAB-EXP-201 Moore, Craig D. C0 Vibrational analysis
FERMILAB-EXP-200 Marriner, john Anti-proton tune measurements for the Fall 1995 accelerator studies
FERMILAB-EXP-199 Marriner, John Measurement of tune spread in the Tevatron versus octupole strength
FERMILAB-EXP-198 Yang, Ming-Jen Neutrino beam line optics study
FERMILAB-EXP-197 Hanna, B. Tevatron anti-proton injection kicker waveform analysis
FERMILAB-EXP-196 Pruss, Stan Effect of opening helix on flying wire emittance measurements
FERMILAB-EXP-195 Moore, Craig D. Tickling C:AQ5
FERMILAB-EXP-194 Dey, Joe Modification of Linac 7651 driver to operate at 425 MHz
FERMILAB-EXP-193 Marriner, John The Tevatron resonant Schottky detectors
FERMILAB-EXP-192 Lackey, Sharon L. Analysis of quench properties of the Q3 magnets with and without open circuit heater elements
FERMILAB-EXP-191 Annala, G. Tevatron proton injection kicker waveform analysis
FERMILAB-EXP-190 Theilacker, Jay C. Tevatron higher energy testing
FERMILAB-EXP-189 Johnson, T. Observation of C4Q4 motion
FERMILAB-EXP-188 Kourbanis, I. 12 Batch coalescing studies
FERMILAB-EXP-187 Ma, Hengjie Test of front-end circuit for suppressing common-mode component of main ring damper
FERMILAB-EXP-186 Yang, M.-J. MR harmonic quad study
FERMILAB-EXP-185 Wu, Guan Hong One bump lattice studies
FERMILAB-EXP-184 Capista, Dave MECAR operation during the 6/95 study period
FERMILAB-EXP-183 Halling, Mike Beam 'notching' tests with the main ring super damper
FERMILAB-EXP-182 Mesiner, K. MR LLRF VXI upgrade beam study period
FERMILAB-EXP-181 Halling, Mike Transverse instability studies
FERMILAB-EXP-180 Annala, G. Tevatron proton injection kicker waveform analysis
FERMILAB-EXP-175 Annala, J. Emittance dilution in transfers from the Main Ring to the Tevatron
FERMILAB-EXP-174 Longo, Joseph Analysis of tevatron vacuum resilience to valved turbo pumps at B-2
FERMILAB-EXP-173 Lu, X. R/Q and Q measurement for Main Ring RF
FERMILAB-EXP-172 Kourbanis, I. Measurement of momentum dependence of orbit length in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-171 Longo, Joseph Analysis of tevatron vacuum resilience to valved turbo pumps at B-2
FERMILAB-EXP-170 Bharadwaj, V. Study of space charge effects in the Fermilab Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-169 Gelfand, N.M. Dispersion measurements in the Tevatron and comparisons with Tevlat calculations
FERMILAB-EXP-168 Zhang, Peilei Integer tunes study in the Tevatron
FERMILAB-EXP-167 Wang, X.Q. Wire measurement of Tevatron beam width under different photo tube voltages
FERMILAB-EXP-166 Jackson, Gerald P. Tevatron colliding beam tune spectra: Anti-proton horizontal transfer function measurements and prel
FERMILAB-EXP-165 Jackson, G. Operational experience with the Tevatron 6 X 6 phase feedback systems
FERMILAB-EXP-164 Chao, Y. Main Ring Dynamic Aperture Studies
FERMILAB-EXP-163 Michals, Paul A. Precision in SBD measurement
FERMILAB-EXP-162 Coleman, R. Measurement of slow extraction parameters in the Main Ring at 150-GeV/c
FERMILAB-EXP-161 Moore, Craig D. Accelerator measurement: MR BPM geometrical offsets
FERMILAB-EXP-160 Johnson, Dave Control of b-2 at 150-GeV and during TeV parabola
FERMILAB-EXP-159 Chao, Y. Study of linear coupling in the booster
FERMILAB-EXP-158 Chao, Y. Measurement of the booster correction dipole strengths and apertures in the straight sections
FERMILAB-EXP-157 Jackson, G. The Measured Effect of Flying Wires on the Tevatron Proton Beam
FERMILAB-EXP-156 Johnson, R. Tevatron energy calibration for the '87 collider run
FERMILAB-EXP-154 Jackson, G. Winter 1988 Luminosity Lifetime Studies Analysis Results
FERMILAB-EXP-153 Finley, D. Luminosity notes III: 1987 collider emittances
FERMILAB-EXP-152 Finley, David Luminosity Notes II: Tevatron Beam Pressure
FERMILAB-EXP-151 Chao, Y. Study of the Factors Affecting the Booster Tune and Chromaticity
FERMILAB-EXP-150 Finley, D. Analysis of shots taken on December 16, 1987
FERMILAB-EXP-149 Jackson, Gerry Calculation of R/Q for observed Main Ring RF cavity modes at 119 and 130-MHz
FERMILAB-EXP-148 Holmes, Stephen D. Understanding the 200-MeV line
FERMILAB-EXP-147 Finley, David Luminosity Notes - I
FERMILAB-EXP-146 Jackson, G. Longitudinal Emittance Dilution in the Main Ring and Tevatron during the 1987 Colliding Beam Run
FERMILAB-EXP-145 Hanna, B. Analysis of the Tevatron Tune Shifts Due to Momentum Offsets
FERMILAB-EXP-144 Edwards, D. Main Ring 8-GeV acceptance and lifetime studies
FERMILAB-EXP-143 Collins, T. Analysis of the Tevatron tune shifts due to local bumps in A-Sector
FERMILAB-EXP-142 Gelfand, N.M. Results of preliminary analyses based on data extracted from the DATA LOGGER and stored in the RIM d
FERMILAB-EXP-141 Finley, D. Tevatron Tune Shifts Due to Closed Orbit Distortions at 150 GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-140 Holmes, Stephen D. Booster beam sizes versus Booster intensity
FERMILAB-EXP-139 Crisp, James L. Measurement of the Main Ring longitudinal impedance
FERMILAB-EXP-138-A Edwards, Don Beam Loss Induced by Fifth Order Resonances
FERMILAB-EXP-138 Edwards, Don Beam Loss Induced by Fifth Order Resonances
FERMILAB-EXP-137 Edwards, D. Betas at F-28 with the fixed target optics and at 800-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-136 Jostlein, H. Tevatron Stray Fields Acting on the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-135 Edwards, D. Nonlinear behaviors of the beam in the Tevatron
FERMILAB-EXP-134 Peters, Bob Measurement of beta values at 200-MeV using trim quads
FERMILAB-EXP-133 Edwards, D. Nonlinear behaviors of the beam in the Tevatron
FERMILAB-EXP-132 Gerig, R. Main Ring momentum acceptance at 8-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-131 Ohnuma, S. Sundry Items on the Nonlinear Field in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-130 Finley, David Luminosity calculation for the 1987 collider run
FERMILAB-EXP-129-A Finley, David Tevatron scanner raw data (Addendum)
FERMILAB-EXP-129 Finley, David Tevatron Scanner Analysis
FERMILAB-EXP-128 Edwards, Don Summary of Sept - Oct 85 Tevatron Studies
FERMILAB-EXP-127 Schmidt, Charles Hysteresis Measurements of a Main Ring Type Quadrupole
FERMILAB-EXP-126-A Syphers, M.J. Another analysis of 8-GeV multiwire data using SYNCH
FERMILAB-EXP-126 Sypers, M.J. An Analysis of 8-GeV multiwire data using SYNCH
FERMILAB-EXP-125 Lackey, J. 8-GeV emittance measurement
FERMILAB-EXP-124 Finley, D. Main Ring multiwire and flying wire comparisons at 8-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-123 Lackey, J. An Attempt to find the beam characteristics in the upstream end of 8-GeV line
FERMILAB-EXP-122-A Ohnuma, Sho Betas at F28 \& at F34 with low beta
FERMILAB-EXP-122 Ohnuma, Sho Betas at F28 \& F34 with low beta
FERMILAB-EXP-121 Moore, Craig D. Observation of betatron oscillation modulation at the synchrotron frequency in the Main Ring at 150-
FERMILAB-EXP-120-A Johnson, Rol More Tevatron Storage Studies of 1985
FERMILAB-EXP-120 Johnson, Rol The First 15 Tevatron storage studies of 1985
FERMILAB-EXP-119 Gerig, R. Relative beta measurement in a distorted lattice
FERMILAB-EXP-118 Finley, D. VF47 flying wire data during 8-GeV store
FERMILAB-EXP-117 Finley, D. VF47 flying wire data during Main Ring acceleration
FERMILAB-EXP-115 Aperture scans in Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-114 Kerns, Q. Main Ring RF studies: Counterphasing
FERMILAB-EXP-113 Bharadwaj, V. Main Ring bunch coalescing
FERMILAB-EXP-112 Griffin, J. Proton bunch narrowing
FERMILAB-EXP-111-A Ohnuma, Sho Addenda and corrigenda to EXP-111: The Beam emittance
FERMILAB-EXP-111 Ohnuma, Sho The Beam Emittance: What We Said We Would Have, What We Think We Have, and What We Hope We Could Hav
FERMILAB-EXP-110 Griffin, J. Momentum aperture of the Main Ring from 22 to 100-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-109 Owen, C.W. Orbit Corrections in Booster during the Shutdowns of 1980 and 1981
FERMILAB-EXP-108 Moore, Craig D. Transverse beam oscillation in the Main Ring due to bunch spreader operation
FERMILAB-EXP-107 Gerig, R. Incoherent tune shift in Main Ring, under investigation again
FERMILAB-EXP-106 Turkot, F. Determination of Main Ring aperture requirements at the B48 location
FERMILAB-EXP-105-A Pruss, S. Laslett tune shifts
FERMILAB-EXP-105 Ankenbrandt, C. Measurement of the dependence of coherent Main Ring tune on a circulating beam intensity at 8-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-104 Ankenbrandt, C. 8-GeV emittance measurements
FERMILAB-EXP-103 Cahill, K. Beam-on radiation levels in anti-p hall and the F-25 cryogenic building
FERMILAB-EXP-102 MacLachlan, J. Improved Chromaticity Correction for the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-101 Moore, Craig D. 8 GeV Emittance in the Main Ring Versus 200 MeV Emittance
FERMILAB-EXP-100 Moore, Craig D. Vertical positions in the 8-GeV line
FERMILAB-EXP-099 Gerig, R. Investigations of Batch by Batch Vertical Beam Motion in the 8 GeV Line
FERMILAB-EXP-098-A Gerig, Rod Measurement of the beta function in Main Ring at 200-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-098 Gerig, R. Measurement of the Beta Function in Main Ring at 400 GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-097 Pruss, S. Measurement of the Beta Function in the Main Ring at 10 GeV/c
FERMILAB-EXP-096 Ecklund, S. Storage Time on Closed Orbits of Several Radii With and Without Correction of Horizontal Chromaticit
FERMILAB-EXP-095 Gerig, R. Main Ring chromaticity at 100, 200, 300 and 400-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-094 Gerig, R. Effect of Electrostatic Extraction Septa on Main Ring Injection
FERMILAB-EXP-093-A Ecklund, S. Coupling of the radial and vertical betatron oscillations in the Main Ring on 100 and 150-GeV flatto
FERMILAB-EXP-092 Bridges, J. Lifetime of Stored Main Ring Beam and Main Ring Pressure
FERMILAB-EXP-091 Gerig, R. Main Ring chromaticity at injection with 400-GeV ramp
FERMILAB-EXP-090 Schmidt, C. Preaccelerator radiation survey
FERMILAB-EXP-089 Griffin, J.E. Storage mode: Attempt to affect the observed bunch lengthening during store by operation of one Main
FERMILAB-EXP-088 Brown, B.C. Accelerator apertures, kicking beam at Long-12 for extraction at Long-3
FERMILAB-EXP-087 Miller, H.W. Longitudinal Phase Space Area of the Beam in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-086 Turkot, F. Longitudinal phase space area of the beam and the bunch spreader in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-085 Tune measurement and the horizontal - vertical coupling in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-084 Ohnuma, Sho Beam storage in the Main Ring at 100 and 200-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-083 Beam storage in the Main Ring at high-energies (75-GeV - 200-GeV)
FERMILAB-EXP-082 Curtis, C. Booster transmission with a very low linac current
FERMILAB-EXP-081 Griffin, J.E. Booster group data analysis
FERMILAB-EXP-080 Griffin, J.E. Booster accelerator experiment
FERMILAB-EXP-079 Pruss, S. Measurement of Main Ring Momentum Aperture at 8 GeV using ROF
FERMILAB-EXP-078 Pruss, S. Main Ring Aperture at 8 GeV as Measured by Varying the Guide Field
FERMILAB-EXP-077 Pruss, S. Measurement of Main Ring acceptance at 8-GeV using a transverse injection error
FERMILAB-EXP-076 Pruss, S. Measurement of Main Ring acceptance at 8-GeV by excitation of betatron oscillations with the pinger
FERMILAB-EXP-075 Gray, E. Beta bump in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-074-A Boussard, D. Beam debunching at injection field in the Main Ring with subsequent recapture and acceleration, as a
FERMILAB-EXP-074 Prichard, B.A. Observation of a longitudinal microwave coasting beam instability in a simulation of the CERN SPS in
FERMILAB-EXP-073 Prichard, B. Horizontal tune variations at F48 as a function of radius
FERMILAB-EXP-072 Hornstra, F. Calibration of the D0 Abort Beam Loss Monitor
FERMILAB-EXP-071 Gray, E.R. Momentum transmission of the 200-MeV line
FERMILAB-EXP-070 Johnson, Rolland P. Determination of the high field vertical beam emittance of the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-069 Lackey, J. Tune versus radius and versus time in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-068 Lackey, J. Coherent tune shift at high-energy in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-067 Stiening, R. Vertical incoherent tune shift in the Main Ring due to space charge effects
FERMILAB-EXP-066 Gray, E. Revisit of local aperture scans in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-065 Mills, Frederick E. Tune versus intensity in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-064 Mills, Frederick E. Shottky scan in the Booster with debuncher
FERMILAB-EXP-063 Meisner, K. Transmission versus tunes in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-062-A Ohnuma, S. Status of Main Ring Correction Magnet System
FERMILAB-EXP-062 Ohnuma, S. Status of Main Ring Correction Magnet Systems
FERMILAB-EXP-061 Stiening, R. Main Ring injection mismatching of the beam in the transverse phase space
FERMILAB-EXP-060 Gray, E. Improvement of 200-MeV transport
FERMILAB-EXP-059 Ruggiero, A.G. Beam instability enhanced by a pocket of high pressure in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-058 Hubbard, E. Preliminary report of multiturn studies on February 2, 1974
FERMILAB-EXP-057 Flora, R. Long term vertical position stability of the Main Ring quadrupoles
FERMILAB-EXP-056 Cornacchia, M. Initial test of the Main Ring vertical beam damper
FERMILAB-EXP-055 Curtis, C. Long pulse performance of linac and booster
FERMILAB-EXP-054 Cassel, R. Study of resonance crossing in the parabola
FERMILAB-EXP-053 Owen, S. Steel tape and 200-MeV transport
FERMILAB-EXP-052 Stiening, R. Third order, vertical resonance in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-051 Gray, E. Booster injection alignment II
FERMILAB-EXP-050 Johnson, D. Split tune compensation studies
FERMILAB-EXP-049 MacLachlan, J. Evaluation of the scheme for tune measurement by closed orbit distortion
FERMILAB-EXP-048 Stiening, R.F. Measurement of the driving term for the 2nu(y) + nu(x) = 60 resonance
FERMILAB-EXP-047 Gray, E. Booster injection alignment
FERMILAB-EXP-046 Stiening, R.F. A Search for space charge tune shifts in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-045 x(p) and nonlinear magnetic fields at injection
FERMILAB-EXP-044 Cassel, R.L. Main Ring injection studies
FERMILAB-EXP-043 Cassel, R.L. Main Ring injection studies
FERMILAB-EXP-042 Stiening, R. Development of tune spread during acceleration in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-041 Stiening, R. Mapping stop bands in the Main Ring at injection
FERMILAB-EXP-040 Gray, E.R. Two turn injection into the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-039 Stiening, R. 4th order resonance in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-038 Gray, E. Tune versus beam position in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-037 Bleser, E.J. "The" Loss monitor calibration
FERMILAB-EXP-036 Stiening, R. Acceleration in other diamonds in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-035 Hubbard, E. More booster beam decay
FERMILAB-EXP-034 Hubbard, E.L. Booster aperture by shifting radius of beam with rf
FERMILAB-EXP-033 Grunder, H. Coherent oscillations in the booster
FERMILAB-EXP-032 Hubbard, E.L. Further measurements of booster beam decay
FERMILAB-EXP-031 Fisk, H.E. Efficiency and losses versus parking position and angle
FERMILAB-EXP-030 Fisk, H.E. Experiment to check proton split bump MVT90
FERMILAB-EXP-029 Bleser, E. Coherent extraction
FERMILAB-EXP-028 Mills, Frederick E. Booster capture
FERMILAB-EXP-027 Stiening, R. Decoupling of radial and vertical betatron oscillations at high-energy in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-026 Ohnuma, Shoroku (A) Momentum spread of the beam from Linac (B) Beam emittance at 7.2-GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-025 Hubbard, E.L. Missing bunches and sextupoles in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-024 Fisk, E. Beam emittance measurement
FERMILAB-EXP-023 Stiening, R. Radial Dependence of Tune in the Main Ring at 150 GeV
FERMILAB-EXP-022 Stiening, R. Radial dependence of tune and octupole moment of the Main Ring at 75-GeV/c
FERMILAB-EXP-021-A Stiening, R. Remanent sextupole field in the Main Ring II
FERMILAB-EXP-021 Stiening, R. Remanent sextupole field in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-020 Stiening, R. High field equilibrium orbit in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-019 Blesser, E. Vertical alignment of bending magnets
FERMILAB-EXP-018 Hubbard, E.L. Missing bunches in the Booster
FERMILAB-EXP-017 Peters, R. Determine and correct, if necessary, the Main Ring/Booster radius ratio
FERMILAB-EXP-016 Edwards, H. Momentum spread in Main Ring beam and increasing momentum spread by running on unstable rf phase
FERMILAB-EXP-015 Stiening, R. Main Ring beam widths
FERMILAB-EXP-014 Jovanovic, D. Radiation data and vertical misalignment of bending magnets
FERMILAB-EXP-013 Stiening, R. Horizontal tune nu(x) as function of Delta p p at high field
FERMILAB-EXP-012 Mori, S. Main Ring high field momentum aperture
FERMILAB-EXP-011 Stiening, R. High field aperture
FERMILAB-EXP-010 Edwards, D.A. Measurement and reduction of high-energy equilibrium orbit distortions in the main accelerator
FERMILAB-EXP-009 Mori, S. Sundry information on Main Ring orbit and aperture as of May 26, 1972
FERMILAB-EXP-008 Mori, S. Effect of turning on an unregulated power supply on the coasting beam
FERMILAB-EXP-007 Ohnuma, Shoroku Some characteristics of 8-GeV transport system
FERMILAB-EXP-006 Ruggiero, A.G. Missing bunches in the booster
FERMILAB-EXP-005 Ohnuma, Shoroku Coupling of betatron oscillations due to dipole irregularities in the Main Ring
FERMILAB-EXP-004-A Snowdon, S.C. Inductance measurements of Main Ring bending magnets and quadrupoles
FERMILAB-EXP-004 Snowdon, S.C. Inductance measurements of Main Ring bending magnets and quadrupoles
FERMILAB-EXP-003 Edwards, D.A. Measurement of tune and exploration of stability diagram
FERMILAB-EXP-002 Ohnuma, Shoroku Main Ring orbit studies
FERMILAB-EXP-001 Teng, L.C. Pressure dependence of the decay of the Main Ring coasting beam