Fermilab Technical Publications: CRADA Fermilab Technical Publications

Updated 2023-06-06 16:52:46
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2022-0023 Pasero, Spencer QuarkNet Center Summer Internship for High School Students – FY2022
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2020-0033 Italian National Agency for New Technologies, ENEA Production of Precursor Materials for the Development of Iron-Based Superconductor (IBS) Wire
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2020-0018 Pasero, Spencer COD QuarkNet Summer Program
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2020-0009 University of Wisconsin-Superior Electron Beam Treatment of Ballast Water
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2019-0051 High Pressure Electron Gun for Electron Beam Welding and Additive Manufacturing
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2019-0040 Khabiboulline, Timergali Continued Magnetron Injection Locking Studies
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2019-0033 High Thermal Conductivity Resin Systems for High Energy Physics Magnets
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2019-0030 U., Stony Brook Application of electron beam technology to decompose persistent emerging drinking water contaminants
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2019-0027 Proof of Principle (POP) for Using Electron Beam to Destroy Contaminants in Samples from a Test Supe
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2019-0003 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Development of a Beam Halo Monitor
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2018-0057 Grassellino, Anna Development of High-Q SRF Structures by Nitrogen Doping for Superconducting Electron Linacs.
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2018-0047 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Maximizing the efficiency of plasma-based lepton accelerators
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2018-0038 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Mirascope Luminescent Beam Profile Monitor
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2018-0031 DeMar, Phil Complex Network Analysis and Intelligent Monitoring Platform
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2018-0017 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Collaboration on Radiation Driven Chemistry and Accelerator Operations
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2018-0016 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. LSST Undergraduate Internships at Fermilab
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2018-0014 Pasero, Spencer QuarkNet Center Summer Internship for High School Students – FY2019
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2018-0005 Lockheed Martin Quantum Machine Learning
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2017-0047 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC High Density Chip Interconnect Technology Using High Density Glass Interposers.
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2017-0039 Development of High-Q SRF Structures by Nitrogen Doping for Superconducting Electron Linacs
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2017-0035 SENSEI Dark Matter Discovery Project
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2017-0026 Muons Inc Master CRADA with Annex A for Magnetron Development
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2017-0022 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC FASPAX ASIC revision 1.b first articles testing and support
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2017-0007 Stebbins, Albert Collaborative Research: Large Scale Intensity Mapping of Neutral Hydrogen with the Tianlai Pathfinde
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0058 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Verification of the prompt radiation shielding design of the ESS Accelerator - Stage 2
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0055 Cooper, Charles Transitioning Technology Developed for Science into Military Engineering, Environmental, and Civil W
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0052 University Partnership Program for Scintillator Materials Research
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0047 Fermilab Alliance, LLC Radiabeam Industrial Accelerator Commissioning
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0034 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Conceptual Design of an Electron Accelerator for Bio-Solid Waste Treatment.
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0029 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Pressurized Gas Beam Monitor for Extremely High Intensities – Phase II
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0018 Levernier, Walter G. Cooperative Support of the Fermilab Site’s Natural Areas and Related Programs
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0010 Simons Foundation Data Management
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2016-0009 Radiation-Hardened, High-Speed Parallel VCSEL Links for High-Energy Physics.
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0320 Verification of the Prompt Radiation Shielding Design of the ESS Accelerator
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0290 SNOLAB Deep Underground Scientific Research Operations
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0289 Development of a Laser-Electron-Interaction Region for Compact High Repetition-Rate Mono-Energetic L
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0079 Deposit high purity Alumnium on Nb in support of conduction cooled SRF cavities
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0078 Build and test a novel low heat leak fundamental power coupler
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0015 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Development of thinned silicon sensors on 8” wafers
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0012 Pressurized Gas Beam Monitor for Extremely High Intensities
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0010 Integrable optics design principles for beam halo suppression in accelerator rings at the intensity
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0008 Low Cost High Efficiency Magnetrons for Accelerator Applications
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2015-0001 Data Intensive Scientific Workflows on a Federated Cloud
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0024 Cooperative Support of Fermilab’s Science Education Programs
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0023 National QuarkNet Program
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0022 QuarkNet Center Summer Programs
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0013 AASC Coated Cavities
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0012 Vertical Testing of Eco-Friendly Bipolar Electromechanical Bulk Processing of SRF Cavities
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0011 Vertical Testing and Preparation of an Acid-Free Electropolished SRF Cavity
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0009 Design and fabrication of a 30 T superconducting solenoid using overpressure processed Bi2212 round
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0008 Integrable Optics Design Principles for Beam Halo Suppression in Accelerator Rings at the Intensity
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2014-0002 Enabling On-Demand Scientific Workflows on a Federated Cloud
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2013-0006 Gated Field-Emission Cathode Radio-Frequency (RF) Gun
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2013-0004 Characterization, Polishing \& Testing of Stainless Steel Hemofiltration Cartridge Prototypes for Va
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2013-0002 Testing Omega P’s 650 KW, 1.3 GHZ Low-Voltage Multi-Beam Klystron for the Project X Pulsed LINAC
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2013-0001 Integration and Commissioning of a Prototype Federated Cloud for Scientific Workflows
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2011-0006 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Highly Efficient Sources of Negative Hydrogen Ions
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2011-0005 Fermi Research Alliancs, LLC Helical Muon Beam Cooling Channel Engineering Design
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2011-0004 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Low-Cost Two-Stage Magnetron with Power Control for Project X
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2011-0003 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Phase and Frequency Locked Magnetrons for SRF Sources
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2011-0002 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Quasi-Isochronous Muon Collection Channels
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2011-0001 Design and Construction of Detector and Data Acquisition Elements for Proton Computed Tomography
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2009-0002 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Phase and Frequency Locked Magnetrons for SRF Sources
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2009-0001 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Quasi-Isochronous Muon Collection Channels
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2008-005 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Compact, Achromatic Non-scaling FFAG Accelerator for HEP, Commercial and Medical Applications
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2008-0006 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Magnets for Muon 6D Helical Cooling Channels
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2008-0003 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. Hydrogen-filled RF Cavities for Muon Beams
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2008-0002 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. An Extrudable Low-Cost NbSn PIT Conductor for Applications to HEP Magnets
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2008-0001 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. A Novel Low-Cost Method of Manufacturing Nb3Sn Superconductors with Multiple-Tin-Tube Sources
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2007-0004 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Development and Demonstration of Six-Dimensional Muon Beam Cooling (Same)
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2007-0003 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Stopping muon beams
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2007-0002 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Magnets for MUON 6D Helical Cooling Channels
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2007-0001M Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Compact, Tunable RF Cavities
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2006-0004 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC A New PIT Nb3Sn Process Toward Improved Cost- Performance for HEP High Field Magnets
FERMILAB-CRADA-FRA-2006-0002 Fermi Research Alliance, LLC Muon Capture, Phase Rotation, and Cooling in Pressurized RF Cavities
FERMILAB-CRADA-2019-0030 Application of electron beam technology to decompose persistent emerging drinking water contaminants