Proceedings of The Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Roundtable on Beyond the Cold War: The Changing Arena of Science

9-10 September 1993, Fermilab, Batavia, IL

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Kenneth Stanfield Welcome p.5

Joseph Lach Scope of the Workshop p.8

Participants p.9

Roald Sagdeev Changes in Science: East and West p.12

Richard Slansky Changes in Science: An Example p.32

Lewis R. Franklin Industry and Science After the Cold War p.36

Leon Lederman Global Science: The Universe and Batavia p.41

Lewis Franklin / Roald Sagdeev / Richard Slansky / Joseph Lach Panel Discussion: Where Are We Going? p.56

Appendix A:
John T. Venard
Cooperative Interactions with Fermilab p.74

Appendix B: Fermilab Industrial Affiliates p.77

Appendix C: Agenda of the Thirteenth Annual Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Meeting and Industry Briefing p.78

Appendix D: Other Volumes in the Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Roundtable Series p.80