Proceedings of the ECFA-RAL Topical Meeting: The Challenge of Ultra-High Energies: A Review of Limitations and Possibilities in Particle Acceleration

New College, Oxford 27-30 September 1982

J. Mulvey Introduction and Acknowledgements p.v

A. Salam Physics With 100-1000 TeV Accelerators p.1

J.D. Lawson The Physics of Particle Acceleration p.9

G.A. Voss Limits of Conventional Techniques p.45

A.N. Skrinsky The Proton Klystron p.65

A.M. Sessler Collective Effect Accelerators and the Challenge of Ultra-High Energies p.79

U. Schumacher The Electron Ring Accelerator p.91

J.A. Nation Collective Acceleration Processes using Waves on Electron Beams p.115

M. Reiser Beam Front Accelerators p.131

F. Winterberg The Superaccelerator Concept p.151

T. Tajima Laser Acceleration by Plasma Waves for Ultra-High Energies p.169

C. Joshi The Plasma Beatwave Accelerator -Experiments p.195

D.J. Sullivan and B.B. Godfrey Simulation of the Plasma Beat Wave Accelerator p.209

M. Tigner Near Field Linear Accelerators p.229

C. Pellegrini A High Energy e+e-collider using an Inverse Free Electron Laser Accelerator p.249

R.B. Palmer A Laser Driven Grating Linac p.267

G.A. Voss and T. Weiland The Wake Field Acceleration Mechanism p.287

V.E. Balakin and A.V. Novokhatsky The Method of Coherent Electron Acceleration with a maximally high gradient by a Proton Beam p.309

M.J. Rees Acceleration Processes in the Universe p.317

J.B. Adams Some Comments on the Future of Very High Energy Accelerators p.329

U. Amaldi (Editor) Panel Discussion p.349

J.D. Bjorken Remarks on Future Accelerators and Future Physics p.365