Proceedings of the Calorimeter Workshop May, 1975

Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois

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C. W. Fabjan, W. J. Willis Physics Limitations on Calorimetry p.1

T. A. Gabriel A Calculation Approach to Ionization Spectrometer Design p.13

A. Van Ginneken Monte Carlo Simulations of Calorimeter Response p.29

W. V. Jones Simulation of Nuclear-Electromagnetic Cascades in Ionization Calorimeters p.41

J. A. Appel Electromagnetic Shower Detector-Calorimeters p.49

F. J. Sciulli Photon-Collecting Hadron Calorimeters p.79

B. C. Brown Dreams and Schemes--or--Hadron Calorimeters in Design p.119

C. R. Kerns Gain Stability Measurement Techniques for Calorimeter Phototubes p.143

L. R. Sulak The Tricks and Trivia of Liquid Scintillator Hadron Calorimetry p.155

A. Roberts et al. Note on Proportional Counter Operation at Liquid Argon Temperature p.191

J. F. Ormes, J. F. Arens Calorimeters for Cosmic Rays p.193

G. B. Yodh et al. Particle Albedo from Hadrons of 100 to 1000 GeV Interacting in a Calorimeter p.201

J. Knauer et al. Some Photon and Neutron Calorimeters for FNAL Experiment 87 p.215

A. Bodek et al. Calibration of a Sampling Total Absorption Detector Designed for Neutrino Experiments p.229

H. Haggerty Multiparticle Spectrometer Calorimeters p.251

W. V. Jones et al. Response of a Tungsten Calorimeter to FNAL Proton Beams p.263

W. Selove et al. Some Early Results From a Segmented Calorimeter p.271

H. Hilscher et al. Design and Performance of a Liquid Scintillator/ Iron Sandwich Calorimeter Used at the ISR p.295

A. Baroncelli Study of the Use of Hadron Calorimeters for the Measurement of the Transverse Momentum of Hadron Showers p.325

D. Bucholz Bibliography p.338

D. Bucholz Calorimeter Workshop Attendees p.339