3rd KEK Workshop on Physics at the TeV Energy Scale

Tsukaba, Japan

Preface p.V
C.S. Lim Rare Decays and CP Violation in K and B Systems p.1
T. Kurimoto Estimations of Long-Distance on K(O)anti-K(O) Mixing by Chiral Lagrangian p.13
S. Wakaizumi CP Violation in B Meson Decays in 3- and 4-Generation Models p.21
M. Tanimoto Quark Mass Matrix and BO(d) anti-BO(d) Mixing p.28
T. Kotani Neutrino Mass Matrix and Double Beta Decay p.38
H. Anada / H. Nishimura Coherence Condition for Resonant Neutrino Oscillation p.60
Z. Hioki Verification of the Quantum Electroweak Effects Through the Weak Boson Mass Relation p.64
H. Iwasaki The Equivalent Photon Approximation vs. Exact Calculation for the Single Weak Boson Production in e(+)e(-) Collision p.71
H. Inazawa / T. Morii / J. Morishita Production and Dcay of Superheaby Quarkonia in Multi-TeV Colliders p.77
K. Hikasa Higgs Physics p.83
O. Terazawa / M. Biyajima Signal and Background of Standard Higgs Particle p.107
R. Najima Higgs Boson Production in gamma-gamma Collision in TeV Region p.112
T. Kon / T. Kobayashi / K. Nakamura SUSY Search at HERA p.123
M. Jimbo Single W Production Associated with SUSY Particles in Longitudinally Polarized e(+)e(-) Collisions p.129
Y. Kizukuri CP-Violation in SUSY and T-odd Asymmetry p.136
K. Yamamoto Flipped Left-Right Gauge Model with tau-gaugino Mixing p.140
T. Matsuoka Superstring Phenomenology p.144
Y. Ono Search for Realistic Orbifold Models p.157
K. Fukazawa / T. Muta / J. Saito / I. Watanabe / M. Yonezawa / M. Inoue Color-Sextet Condensation p.162
K.I. Aoki Calcutating the Decay Constants in Dynamical Symmetry Breaking p.173
M. Bando Recent Topics on Technicolor Theory p.187
M. Yasue Extra Composite W and Z Bosons Implied by Complementarity p.195
K. Akama Effects of Exotic Composite Particles in the TRISTAN, SLC, and LEP Energy Region p.203
H. Terazawa New Physics at TeV Scale II p.213
T. Shinkawa Rare Kaon Decays p.227
Y. Sakai Recent Results from AMY at TRISTAN p.240
I. Adachi Recent Results and Future Prospects of TOPAZ Experiment p.253
M. Daigo Recent Results from VENUS p.267
H. Takeda Present Status of LEP p.279
H. Ejiri Double Beta Decays of Mo(100) and Double Weak Decays with delta S=2 p.285
K. Nakamura Present Status and Future of Kamiokande p.297
R. Enomoto Dark Matter Search by Scintillating Fiber Gamma Ray Satellite p.313
K. Abe B Physics with an Asymmetric Collider at KEK p.318
S. Sugimoto Present Status and Physics Prospects of SSC p.332
Y. Asano Detection of Heavy Particles-Quarks and Higgs p.355
K. Hidaka SUSY Search at Supercolliders p.370
H. Sato Purely Stringy Model Building with Lower-rank Gauge Groups p.386
A. Suzuki Present Status of Neutrino Oscillation Experiments p.395
K. Yasuoka Recent Results from CDF p.416
R. Hamatsu Status of the ZEUS Detector p.438