Proceedings of the Symposium on Future Polarization at Fermilab

Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois

June 13-14, 1988

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Marek Karliner Why the Proton Spin is Not Due to Quarks p.1

Vernon W. Hughes Measurements of Nucleon Spin-Dependent Structure Functions - Past and Future p.19

M. Anselmino / B. L. Ioffe / E. Leader On Possible Resolutions of the Spin Crisis in the Parton Model p.37

R. N. Coleman Polarized Proton and Antiproton Beams at Fermilab p.55

Kenichi Imai Measurement of Beam Polarization by "Primakoff Polarimeter" p.61

Alain de Lesquen Coulomb-Nuclear Interference Polarimeter p.71

Francesca Nessi-Tedaldi Analyzing Power Measurement in Inclusive pi^0 Production at High X(F) p.89

Lee C. Teng Accelerating a Polarized Beam in the TEVATRON p.99

Kent M. Terwilliger Experimental Test of the Siberian Snake Principle p.107

David C. Carey Polarized Beams from Sigma+ Decay p.117

Jorge G. Morfin The "Polarized" Mode of the TEVATRON Muon Beam p.131

R. G. Milner Experiments with Polarized Electrons and Polarized He-3 p.141

J. Soffer Production Dynamics and High p(T) Spin Effects p.165

D. G. Crabb Measurement of the Spin Parameters A and A(NN) in p p Elastic Scattering at the AGS p.189

Marzio Nessi Spin Parameter Measurments in Inclusive Hyperon Production p.197

D. Barton / G. Bunce / A. Carroll / S. Gushue / Y. Makdisi / L. Remsberg / S. Saroff / B. Baller / G. Blazey / H. Courant / K. Heller / M. Marshak / M. Shupe / S. Heppelmann / J. J. Russell Single Spin Asymmetry in Inclusive Preactions P^P --> PI+, PI-, and P +X at High P-Perp at 13.3 and 18.3 GeV/c p.211

James D. Bjorken Spin Dependent Decays of the Lambda(c) p.223

Thomas A. DeGrand Production Dynamics of Hyperon Polarization p.225

David G. Underwood Future Plans for the MP Line (Both General and Specific) p.237

H. Spinka A Long Polarized Target for the Fermilab Muon Beam p.243

L. Van Rossum Polarization Physics at CERN and DESY, May 1988/td> p.249

P. Chaumette / J. Deregel / G. Durand / J. Fabre Progress Report on LiD-6 and LiH-7 for Polarized Targets p.257

Harry J. Lipkin Flavor Symmetry and the Spin of the Proton p.261

F.E. Close Where Next in Polarized Leptoproduction p.267

Dennis Sivers Orbital Angular Momentum and Parton Spin Densities p.275

J. Soffer Polarized Deep Inelastic Scattering and the Spin Structure of the Proton p.279

B. L. Ioffe On the Possibility to Test How Much of the Proton Spin is Carried by Gluons in the Processes of Hadroproductionof Charmonium p.285

B. L. Ioffe On Q^2-Depedence of the Sum Rules for g1(x, Q^2) p.287

Pierre Chiappetta Dynamical Calculation of Hyperon Polarization p.289


T. Goldman / Dean Preston Parity Violating Total Cross Sections p.295

D. G. Richards DELTA Sigma-L (p p) and Jet Physics p.309

K. Heller / J. Duryea / G. Guglielmo / K. Johns / M. Shupe / K. Thorne / C. James / K. B. Luk / R. Rameika / P. Border / P. M. Ho / M. Longo / T. Diehl / G. Thomson / S. Teige Polarization and Spin Tranfer at 800 GeV p.329

Elliot Leader The Theoretical Interest in Elastic Scattering with Polarized Beams p.343

J. D. Bjorken Conlcuding Remarks p.361

Appendices p.365

Agenda p.367

List of Participants p.369