Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Roundtable on the Science-Technology Spiral and the Pace of Progress

26-27 May, 1988, Fermilab, Batavia, IL

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Leon M. Lederman Introduction p.vii

Participants p.xiii

Donald Frey U.S. Industrial R and D: The Good News and the Bad News p.1

1988 Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Roundtable - The Science-Technology Spiral and the Pace of Progress p.11

Joel Goldhar Science and Technology: The Basis for Global Competitiveness p.13

Hirsh Cohen Opening Remarks p.27

Steven Lazarus Opening Remarks p.29

Richard Nicholson Opening Remarks p.37

Lee W. Rivers Opening Remarks p.43

Hirsh Cohen / Joel Goldhar / Steven Lazarus / Leon M. Lederman / Richard Nicholson / Lee W. Rivers Panel Discussion p.49

Richard A. Carrigan Interacting with Technology at Fermilab p.67

Appendix A: The Fermilab Industrial Affiliates p.77

Appendix B: Agenda of the Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Eighth Annual Meeting p.78

Appendix C: Other Volumes in the Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Roundtable Series p.80