Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Roundtable on Science, Economics and Public Policy

29-30 May, 1986, Fermilab, Batavia, IL

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Table of Contents p.iii

Leon M. Lederman Introduction p.v

Roundtable Participants p.xi

George E. Pake Basic Science: Let's Opt for World Leadership! p.3

David Morrison Opening Remarks p.21

Norman Metzger Opening Remarks p.24

W. Edward Steinmueller Opening Remarks p.30

Alan Schriesheim Opening Remarks p.37

George E. Pake Opening Remarks p.41

David Morrison / Norman Metzger / George E. Pake / Alan Schriesheim / W. Edward Steinmueller Panel Discussion p.45

Richard A. Carrigan Technology at Fermilab and How to Access It p.65

Appendix A: The Fermilab Industrial Affiliates p.81

Appendix B: Agenda of the Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Sixth Annual Meeting p.82

Appendix C: Other Volumes in the Fermilab Industrial Roundtable Series p.85