Proceedings of The First Workshop on Antimatter Physics at Low Energy

10-12 April, Fermilab, Batavia, IL

R.L. Jaffee anti-p p Physics in the milli-TeV Region p.1

Rolf Landua The Future Physics at LEAR p.35

P. Lefevre / D. Mohl / D.J. Simon Future Machine Improvements in LEAR p.69

Petros A. Rapidis The Fermilab Antiproton Source: Prospects for p anti-p Experiments p.83

Ezio A. Menichetti Charmonium p anti-p Experiments p.95

M.G. Olsson Onia Spectroscopy by Direct Channel Production p.119

Stanley J. Brodsky Probing QCD in Low Energy anti-p p Collisions p.131

Stephen R. Sharpe Glueballs and Other Exotica in p anti-p Annihilation p.165

T. Goldman / Richard J. Hughes / Michael Martin Nieto Gravitational Properties of Antimatter: Experimental Evidence for Quantum Gravity? p.185

M.V. Hynes / L.C. Campbell Physics with Bottled Antiprotons p.201

G. Gabrielse / K. Helmerson / R. Tjoelker / X. Fei / T. Trainor / W. Kells / H. Kalinowsky Prospects for Experiments with Trapped Antiprotons p.211

Lincoln Wolfenstein CP Violation and anti-p p Experiments p.227

John F. Donoghue CP Violation Experiments Using Hyperons at a p anti-p Machine p.241

Carl B. Dover Physics with Polarized anti-p's p.251

E. Steffens Prospects for Producing Polarized Antiprotons p.271

F. Myhrer Antiproton Annihilation and Quark Dynamic Selection Rules p.285

Harry J. Lipkin Delta, Iota and Other Meson Spectroscopies p.293

Jean-Marc Richard Antiproton-Nucleus Interaction p.309

H. Poth Antiprotonic, Hyperonic, and Antihydrogen Atoms p.325

Nathan Isgur / Richard Kokosko / Jack Paton Gluonic Excitations of Mesons: Why They Are Missing and Where to Find Them p.347

W.R. Gibbs Creating High Energy Density in Nuclei with Energetic Antiparticles p.355

B.I. Deutch / A.S. Jensen / A. Miranda / G.C. Oades anti-p Capture in Neutral Beams p.371

Michael S. Chanowitz Physics Overview of the Fermilab Low Energy Antiproton Facility Workshop p.393

G. Bassompierre / R.K. Bock / A. Buzzo / M. Dameri / T. Fearnley / J. Franz / M. Gazzaly / N. Hamann / T. Johansson / E. Khan-Aronsen / K. Kilian / J. Kirkby / K. Kirsebom / K. Kuroda / A. Kylling / F. Levrero / A. Lundby / M. Macri / M. Marinelli / L. Mattera / B. Mouellic / B.A. Nielsen / W. Oelert / Y. Onel / B. Osculati / G. Pauletta / M.G. Pia / M. Poulet / E. Rossel / A. Santroni / H. Schmitt / B. Stugu / S. Terreni / F. Tommasini JETSET: Physics at LEAR with an Internal Gas jet Target and an Advanced General Purpose Detector p.419

Y. Onel / A. Penzo Spin Studies with a Polarized Jet Target in LEAR p.443

B.E. Bonner / L.S. Pinsky Appendix I. A Summary of Topics Discussed at the First Fermilab Antimatter Physics at Low Energy Workshop p.455

Appendix II. Organizing Committee p.463

Appendix III. Agenda p.467

Appendix IV. List of Participants p.471

Appendix V. Fermilab Antimatter Physics at Low Energy Working Group (AMPLE) p.483