Proceedings of the Workshop on Triggering, Data Acquisition, and Offline Computing for High Energy/High Luminosity Hadron-Hadron Colliders

Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois

November 11-14, 1985

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Section I Physics Signatures Working Group Here

G. Kane, F. Paige / L. Price / M. Goodman / H. Baer / G. Bellochi / A. Beretvas / E. Berger / J. Collins / R. Diebold / C. Escobar / T. Gottschalk / J. Gunion / S. Mikamo / F. Nezrick / H. Reno / A. Savoy-navarro / W. Selove / K. Sliwa / M. Soldate / Y. Takaiwa / and B. Wicklund SSC Physics Signatures and Trigger Requirements p.1

G. Kane Signatures and Triggering for New Physics at the SSC p.23

E. Berger / J. Collins / D. E. Soper / and G. Sterman Hard Scattering and a Diffractive Trigger p.42

R. Diebold Physics at 10^34cm^-2sec^-1 p.46

F. E. Paige SSC Trigger Cross Sections p.51

M. G. D. Gilchriese Triggering, Data Acquisition and Computing - SSC Detector Parameters p.76

J. F. Gunion / and M. Soldate Detecting the Higgs in Purely leptonic Decay Modes p.79

Section II Analogue Trigger Working Group Here

P. Franzini Lowest Level Trigger for SSC General Purpose Detectors p.93

M. Fortner / J. Bensinger / L. Kirsch / R. Poster / and P. Zografou Analog Gate Circuits for Fast Trigger Applications p.106

R. A. Rameika A Fast Analog Photon Trigger for Fermilab Experiment 705 p.111

R. J. Wilson Electronic Trigger for the ASP Experiment p.118

Section III Higher Level Triggers Working Group Here

M. Abolins / J. Dorenbosch / Y. Fukui / J. Hauser / S. Kullhman / R. Kumar / S. Linn / N. Lockyer / H. Melanson / T. Ohsugi / M. Shocher / and D. Wagoner Report of the High Level Trigger Group p.131

J. Dorenbosch Trigger in UA2 and in UA1 p.134

L. D. Gladney / N. S. Lockyer / and R. Van Berg The CDF Track Processor = Prospects for the SSC p.152

T. Ohsugi Fast Trigger Processor for Venus Detector of Tristan Experiment p.163

Section IV Data Filtering/Acquisition Working Group Here

A. J. Lankford / and G. P. Dubois Overview of Data Filtering/Acquisition for a 4 pi Detector at the SSC p.185

P. S. Cooper / J. Dunlea / H. Kasha / S. Klein / W. M. Morse / L. Paffrath / and M. Sheaff Data Filtering-Acquisition Group - Report of the Hardware Subgroup p.200

Y. Arai / T. Carroll / D. Cutts / T. Devlin / L. Fortney / D. Hedin / C. Van Ingen / P. Kunz / and W. Sippach Summary of Working Group V, Data Acquition and Filtiering - Subgroups B (Models) and C (Software) p.211

D. Cutts / and C. Van Ingen Modelling Microprocessor Farms for SSC Data Acquisition p.216

W. Sippach Data Driven Architecture p.222

L. R. Fortney Online Computer Farms - Configurations and Capabilities p.232

T. Devlin Data Rates for Event Builders and Processor Farms p.244

D. Hedin Software Filter Strategies p.251

J. T. Carrol Level 3 Filters at CDF p.254

W. M. Morse / E. Jastrzembski / R. C. Larsen / L. B. Leipuner / R. K. Adair / H. Greenlee / H. Kash / E. Mannelli / M. Mannelli / S. Schaffner / and M. P. Schmidt Data Processing in AGS Experiment 780 p.261

Section V Offline Computing/Networking Group Here

J. A. Appel / P. Avery / G. Chartrand / C. T. Day / I. Gaines / C. HI. Georgiopoulos / M. G. D. Gilchriese / H. Goldman / J. Hoftun / D. Linglin / J. A. Linnemann / S. C. Loken / E. May / H. Montgomery / J. Pfister / M. D. Shapiro / and W. Zajc Offline Computing and Networking p.269

G. Chartrand Future Computer Networking Facilities for Remote Access of SSC Data p.283

C. V. Canada Seventh IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems p.289

C. H. Georgiopoulos A Non-Numerical Method for Track Finding in Experimental High Energy Physics Using Vector Computers p.304

J. A. Appel / C. Day / D. Linglin / S. Loken / P. Lebrun / E. May / M. Shapiro / and W. Zajc Software Development for the SSC p.315

J. Pfister Requirements for SSC Central Computing Staffing (Conceptual) p.321

J. T. Linnemann Why Develop Programs Differently than Current HEP Practice p.325

D. Linglin UA-1 Software and Computing - Experince and Projections p.338

Section VI Special Triggers/Special Spectrometers Working Group Here

J.D. Bjorken / and A. J. Slaughter Summary Report for the Special Triggers Group p.359

J. D. Bjorken Forward Spectrometers at the SSC p.363

J. Bensinger / and N. Giokaris A Jet Spectrometer for SSC Energies and Luminosities p.377

A. Bross and J. Slaughter Comment on the Impact of Vertex Detectors on Triggering and Data Acquisition in he General Purpose 4pi Detector p.390

R. Lipton Forward B Spectroscopy at the SSC p.396

D. Green Muon Triggering at Small Angles p.402

K. J. Foley Total Cross Sections and Elastic Scattering at the SSC p.409

F. E. Theodosiou SSC Jet Specrometer: A Multipurpose Detector Scheme for the Central Region p.415

No Preference p.473