International Symposium On Physics Of Proton Antiproton Collision

Tsukuba, Japan

Y. Hara / L.G. Pondrom / H.G. Moser / T. Kobayashi Foreword p.V
R. Castaldi Forward Elastic Scattering and Total Cross Section at Very High Energies p.7
G. Pancheri Jets in Minimum Bias Physics p.28
J. Timmermans Large-t Elastic Scattering and Diffraction Dissociation p.46
W. Scott Jet Production and QCD in the UA1 Experiment p.67
P. Ghez New Results on Jet Fragmentation at the CERN SPS Collider p.81
D. Froidevaux Latest Results on High-p(t) Jets in UA2 p.97
J. Kodaira QCD Hard Processes In (proton)(antiproton) Collision p.123
V. Barger Heavy Quark and Sparticle Phenomenology p.138
R.E. Diebold / F. Takasaki / S. Ozaki / J.M. Gaillard W and Z Bosons p.159
R. Leuchs Muonic Decay of the Z(0) p.178
J.P. Mendiburu Observation of Tau Decay from W-->(tau)(tau-neutrino) in a UA1 Experiment p.189
K. Borer Study of W(+)(-) and Z(0) in UA2 p.194
Z. Hioki Clean Test of the Electroweak Theory by Measuring Weak Boson Masses p.223
J.M. Gaillard Improvement Programme of th UA2 Detector p.253
D. Theriot The Collider Detector at Fermilab - CDF a Progress Report p.275
S. Mori CDF Superconducting Solenoid p.293
E. Focardi Physics with CDF Small Angle Spectrometer p.301
L.G. Pondrom CDF Muon Detection p.314
A. Menzione Heavy Flavor Tagging in CDF p.330
S. Miyashita Physics with CDF p.349
R. Yamada D(0) Detector p.371
C. Rubbia / K. Kondo / K. Igi / H. Sugawara New Phenomena and New Physics p.387
M.N. Minard Associated Production of Lepton and Jets p.409
A.G. Clark Associated Production of W's and Z's wit Jets in UA2 p.431
A. Ali Heavy Flavor Production and Weak Mixings p.456
T. Yanagida Supersymmetry and Compositeness -Dynamical Weak Gauge Bosons- p.488
R. Petronzio New Phenomena and New Physics p.498
C. Quigg Supercollider Physics p.499
J.D. Bjorken (proton)(antiproton) Collider Physics: Summary Talk p.520
T. Nishikawa Closing Address p.567