Proceedings of the 1982 DPF Summer Study on Elementary Particle Physics and Future Facilities

June 28-July 16, 1982

Snowmass, Colorado

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Working Group Summaries I

H. Gordon / W. Marciano / H. H. Williams / K. Abe / M. Chanowitz / R. Cool / M. Derrick / J. Friedman / B. Gittelman / K. Gottfried / P. Grannis / I. Hinchliffe / J. Jackson / H. Kagan / P. Lepage / A. Melissinos / L. Nodulman / T. O'Halloran / S. Olsen / F. Paige / F. Pipkin / R. Ruchti / M. Samuel / K. Shinsky / R. Shrock / R. Siemann / H. Sticker / M. Tannenbaum / F. Taylor / M. Tuts / H. Tye / G. Tzanakos / H. Vogel / D. White / R. Wilson / J. Wiss Testing the Standard Model p.1

G. L. Kane / M. L. Perl Beyond the Standard Model p.18

M. Tigner Accelerators --Limitations of Technology and Novel Accelerator Ideas p.50

R. C. Ruchti Summary Report on Innovative Detector Ideas p.54

B. Gittelman / M. Tuts / H. Wiedemann Lepton Lepton Colliders p.61

P. M. Tuts / S. W. Herb / P. LePage / S.-H. H. Tye / F. Pauss / A. Seiden Low Energy, High Luminosity E+E- Colliding Beam Acclerators p.62

B. Gittelman / M. Goldberg / P. Igo-Kemenes / H. Kagan / S. Olsen / F. Pipkin / K. Shinsky / R. Siemann / H. Vogel The Z0 Factory p.65

F. Bulos / V. Cook / I. Hinchliffe / K. Lane / D. Pellet / M. Perl / A. Seiden / H. Wiedemann Physics with Linear Colliders in the TeV c.m. Energy Region p.71

T. A. O'Halloran, Jr Lepton-Hadron Colliders p.82

R. Palmer / J. Peoples / C. Ankenbrandt / C. Baltay / R. Diebold / E. Eichten / H. Gordon / P. Grannis / R. Lanou / J. Leveille / L. Littenberg / F. Paige / E. Platner / H. Sticker / M. Tannenbaum / H. Williams / R. Wilson Hadron Hadron Collider Group p.90

L. Pondrom / K. Abe / G. Bunce / G. Fisk / D. Garelick / J. Greenhalgh / R. Heinz / C. Hoffman / R. Lipton / D. Lowestein H. Lubatti / R. Macek / J. MacLachlan / L. Nodulman / M. Peskin / L. Ratner / K. Reibel / R. Ruchti / V. Sandberg / H. A. Thiessen Report of the Fixed Target Proton Accelerator Group p.98

A. K. Mann Report of the Working Group on Low Energy and Cosmic Ray Tests of Particle Physics p.105

Plans and Possibilties at the Laboratories II

L. M. Lederman Fermilab and the Future of HEP p.125

B. Richter The Future of Electron-Positron Colliders p.128

S. D. Holmes / W. Lee / R. R. Wilson Electron-Proton Colliders in the U. S. p.134

N. P. Samios High Energy Physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory p.140

V. Soergel Future Plans and Possbilities for High Energy Physics Research at DESY p.146

M. Tigner CESR II: A Prospectus p.151

Individual Reports III

Testing the Standard Model A

Cross References for Testing the Standard Model here

W. J. Marciano / Z. Parsa Predicted Properties of the W+- and the Z0 p.155

R. E. Shrock Prospects for Experiments to Obtain Improved Measurements of Quark Mixing Angles p.159

H. A. Gordon / W. Marciano / F. E. Paige / P. Grannis / S. Naculich / H. H. Williams Heavy Higgs Production and Detection p.161

K. Abe / F. E. Taylor / D. H. White Measurment of electron-neutrino and anti-electron-neutrino Elastic Scattering as a Test of the Standard Model p.165

J. D. Jackson / S. Olsen / S.-H. H. Tye Properties of Toponium p.175

G. P. Lepage Measuring Alpha-s --The Quantitative Verification of Perturbative QCD p.181

M. J. Tannenbaum Standard Model Group, QCD Subgroup--Dynamics; Isolating and Testing the Elementary QCD Subprocess p.184

M. S. Chanowitz Future Requirments for Glueball/Meson Spectroscopy p.194

S.-H. H. Tye The Study of Glueball--T as a Glueball Factory p.197

G. Bunce "Other" QCD Tests p.199

T. D. Lee Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions p.202

K. Gottfried / J. D. Jackson Relativisitc Heavy Ion Collisions and Particle Physics p.207

Beyond the Standard Model B

Cross References for Beyond the Standard Model here

M. E. Peskin General Feautures of 1-TeV Physics p.209

"Beyond the Standard Model"--Grand Unification Subgroup--Introductory Remarks p.211

R. E. Shrock n anti-n Oscillations--Theory and Experiment p.213

R. Holman A Non-Standard Grand Unified Model p.218

K. Lane The Scalar Sectory of the Electroweak Interactions p.222

I. Hinchliffe / L. Littenberg Phenomenological Consequences of Supersymmetry p.242

R. E. Shrock Neutrino Masses and Mixing, and Lepton Number Violation--Introduction p.259

R. E. Shrock Implications of Neutrino Masses and Mixing for the Mass, Width, and Decays of the Z p.261

R. E. Shrock Implications of Neutrino Masses and Mixing in Nuclear and Particle Decays p.264

M. Abolins / B. Blumenfeld / E. Eichten / H. Kagan / K. Lane / J. Leveille / D. Pellett / M. Peskin / J. Wiss Testing the Compositeness of Quarks and Leptons p.274

L. F. Abbott / E. Farhi / S.-H. H. Tye Composite Alternatives to the Standard Model: Experimental Signatures p.288

R. E. Shrock The Value of Experiments on Decays of the Type K -> pi + Missing Neutral(s) p.291

Exploring the Limits of Accelerator Technology C

Cross Reference Exploring the Limits of Accelerator Technology here

M. Tigner Storage Ring Colliders for E+E- p.299

D. Berley / Y. Cho / E. D. Courant / D. E. Johnson e-p Accelerator Subgroup Summary p.301

Y. Cho Beam Strahlung Effects in e-p Collider p.305

R. Diebold / C. Ankenbrandt / T. Collins / E. Fisk / D. Johnson / P. Mantsch / J. Peoples / R. Shafer / L. Teng / G. Lambertson C. Leemann / L. Smith / C. Taylor / L. Jones "Conventional" 20-TeV, 10-Tesla, p+-P Colliders p.307

R. Huson / C. Ankenbrandt / D. Berley / H. Bingham / D. Cline / E. Courant / E. Knapp / H. Lubatti / R. Lundy / P. Mantsch / M. Month / R. Palmer / L. Ratner / C. Taylor / L. Teng / W. Wenzel / R. Wilson 20-TeV Colliding Beam Facilities: New, Low-Cost Approaches p.315

W. A. Wenzel Accelerator Facilities in the 100-1000 TeV Range p.322

R. R. Wilson Slow-Target Accelerators p.329

R. R. Wilson Superferric Magnets for 20 TeV p.330

P. Mantsch 1 TeV on 1 TeV pp/anti-pp Dedicated Collider at Fermilab Using Energy Saver Components p.335

C. M. Ankenbrandt Fermilab Site-Fillers as CAMEL Prototypes p.336

G. R. Lambertson / Ch. W. Leemann Antiporton Production and Accumulation for a 20 TeV anti-pp Collider p.338

C. M. Ankenbrandt Emittance Reduction by H- Charge Exhange for Hadron-Hadron Colliding Beams p.341

P. Mantsch A 1 TeV on 1 TeV anti-pp Collider at Fermilab Using Superferric Magnets p.343

L. W. Jones Synchrotron Radiation in Multi-TeV Proton Synchrotrons p.345

E. Fisk / J. A. MacLachlan Report of Fixed Target Accelerator Subgroup p.347

L. Smith Luminosity of continuous Beams with Crossing Angle p.351

L. C. Teng Formulas and Scaling Laws for Thresholds of Coherent Instabilities of Storage Ring Beams p.353

Novel Detector Ideas D

H. A. Gordon / T. Ludlam / E. Platner / M. J. Tannenbaum Reasons Experiments Can Be Performed at a pp Machine at L = 10**33-cm**-2-sec**-1 p.357

R. Huson / L. M. Lederman / R. Schwitters A Primer on Detectors in High Luminosity Environment p.361

E. D. Platner High Luminosity Considerations p.369

R. Lipton Limits and Possiblities for Vertex Detectors p.371

R. Lipton A Field Emission Silicon Detector p.372

R. Ruchti / B. Baumbaugh / J. Bishop / N. Biswas / N. Cason / L. Dauwe / R. Erichsen / V. Kenney / A. Kreymer / W. Shepard / D. Potter / A. Rogers Scintillating Glass Fiber-Optic Targets p.373

M. A. Abolins Acrylic Scintillator Planes in Neutrino Experiments p.381

G. S. Tzanakos An Electrodeless Drift Chamber of Medium Size Cell p.384

D. S Ayres / L. E. Price Electrodeless Drift Chambers with 50-cm Drift Distance p.388

E. D. Platner The MPS II--A Tracking Detector System for Large High Rate Experiments p.391

C. E. Reece / P. J. Reiner / A. C. Melissinos SA Detector for High Frequency Gravitational Effects Based on Parametric Conversion at 10 GHz p.394

E. Lorenz / F. Pauss / H. Vogel / S. W. Herb / P. M. Tuts Recent Results on BGO Calorimeter and Silicon Photodoides p.403

Lepton-Lepton Colliders E

Cross References for Lepton-Lepton Colliders here

A. Seiden Physics Program at SPEAR Energies p.407

F. Pauss / P. M. Tuts Upsilon Spectroscopy at High Luminosities p.411

S. Herb Prospect for the Study of B Meson Decays p.417

R. H. Siemann Mass and Width of the Z0 in E+E- Annihilation p.420

H. Vogel / E. Lorenz Neutrino Counting from Z0 --> Anti-Neutrino Decays at E+E- Storage Rings p.423

M. Goldberg Higgs Production in E+E- --> Z0 + H0 p.425

M. Goldberg Finding the Standard Higgs in Decays of Z0's Produced in E+E- Collisions p.427

P. Igo-Kemenes Production and Detection of a Charged Heavy Lepton at a Z0 Factory p.430

H. Kagan New Particles Near the Z0 p.432

I. Hinchliffe Vector Meson Backgrounds at High Energy e anti-e Machines p.438

Lepton-Hardon Colliders F

Cross Reference for Lepton-Hadron Colliders here

D. H. White An e-p Primer p.441

F. E. Taylor Tests of the Weak Neutral Current in ep Colllisions at High Q2 p.448

J. E. Wiss Tests of Quark-Lepton Composite Structure Using a High Energy eP Collider p.461

Hadron-Hardon Colliders G

Cross References for Hadron-Hardon Colliders here

F. E. Paige / S. D. Protopopescu ISAJET: A Monte Carlo Event Generator for pp and anti-pp Interactions--Version 3 p.471

R. Odorico Telling Top Jets from QCD Jets Using Energy Flow p.478

D. Garelick / R. Heinz Estimates of Jets and Direct Photon Production in Very High Energy Hadron-Hadron Collisions p.482

F. E. Paige Cross Sections at Hadron Colliders p.484

G. Bunce / H. A. Gordon / T. J. Killian / M. J. Murtagh / F. E. Paige / M. J. Tennenbaum / T. L. Trueman / J. Branson / F. Eisler / P. Grannis W, Z0 Productions at a pp Collider p.489

C. Baltay / H. Gordon Search for New Heavy Techniparticles p.500

S. H. Aronson / L. S. Littenberg / F. E. Paige / I. Stumer / D. P. Weygand Detecting Supersymmetric Hadrons p.505

L. L. Chau / T. Ludlam / F. E. Paige / E. D. Platner / S. D. Protopopescu / P. Rehak Heavy Quark Jets p.510

C. Baltay / L. Littenberg / F. e. Paige Search for Stable Excited Quarks p.521

S. J. Lindenbaum Low and Medium (~ 30 GeV/c) Pt Physics at ISABELLE p.524

Fixed-Target Accelerators H

Cross References for Fixed-Target Accelerator here

Cyrus M. Hoffman Prospects in Lepton-Flavor Violation p.527

J. F. Greenhalgh Two Rare Kaon Decays: A Primer p.531

G. Bunce Rare K-Decay Experiments p.537

R. E. Lanou, Jr Prospects for Experiments on Neutrino Masses and Mixing Via Neutrino Oscillations at Future Accelerators p.538

G. S. Tzanakos Neutrino Oscillation Possibilities with the AGS Narrow Band Neutrino Beam p.549

C. M. Hoffman / V. D. Sandberg Mass Limits for the Muon Neutrino p.552

H. A. Thiessen Plans for LAMPF II p.556

C. M. Hoffman On Physics with a High-Intensity Proton Accelerator Blow 30 GeV p.567

R. Lipton A Serach for Massive Gluinos at a 20 TeV Fixed Target Machine p.569

R. Lipton A Single Gamma and Gamma Gamma Experiment for a 20 TeV Fixed Target Machine p.571

C. M. Hoffman Using K+ Decays as a Source of Tagged pi0's p.572

L. Nodulman A Conceptual Design for a KOL Tagged Neutrino Beam p.574

L. W. Jones Muon Beams from Beam Dumps p.576

K. Reibel / R. Ruchti A High Energy Photon Beam Derivevd From Neutral Strange Particle Decay p.578

Non-Accelerator Physics I

D. S. Ayres / K. Heller / L. Losecco / A. K. Mann / W. Marciano / R. E. Shrock / R. K. Thronton Prospects for Future Experiments to Serach for Nucelon Decay p.581

D. S. Ayres / T. K. Gaisser / A. K. Mann / R. E. Shrock Neutrino Oscillation Search with Cosmic Ray Neutrinos p.590

D. O. Caldwell Review of Double Beta Decay p.600

D. Ayres / D. Cline / K. Heller / W. marciano / R. Shrock Future Search for Grand Unified Theory Magnetic Monopoles p.603

P. B. Price Searches for Exotic Particles p.622

R. Cady / G. L. Cassiday / J. Elbert / E. Loh / P. Sokolsky / D. Steck / M. Ye The Fly's Eye: Status & Future Prospects p.630

T. K. Gaisser / L. W. Jones Prospects for Particle Physics and Astrophysics with Cosmic Rays p.636

T. H. Burnett / S. Dake / M. Fuki / J. C. Gregory / T. Hayashi / R. Holynski / J. Iwai / W. V. Jones / A. Jurak / J. J. Lord / O. Miyamura / T. Ogata / T. A. Parnell / T. Saito / T. Tabuki / Y. Takahashi / T. Tominaga / J. Watts / R. J. Wilkes / W. Wolter / B. Wosiek Early Results from the JACES Balloon Project p.641

L. W. Jones A Summary of the Search for Free Quarks p.650

Sociology IV

R. E. Lanou Some Comments on High Energy Demographics p.651

R. Gustafson Comments on Changing Sociology in Particle Physics p.653

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