Proceedings of The 1981 International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies

24-29 August, 1981, Bonn, Germany

e+e- Annihilation

R. Hollebeek Recent Results from PEP p.1

A.M. Litke Recent Results from PEP on Searches for Quarks, Monopoles and Other Exotic Particles p.37

R. Felst Recent Results from PETRA on R, on Hadronic Final States and on Inclusive Hadron Spectra p.52

W. Braunschweig Recent Results from PETRA on Jet Formulation p.68

D. Fournier New Results from PETRA on Fragmentation and Neutral Particles Production p.91

J. Burger Recent Results from PETRA: Search for New Particles p.115

A. Silverman Recent Results from CESR p.138

D.L. Scharre SPEAR Results - 1981 p.163

J.K. Bienlein Recent Results from DORIS p.190

B. Delcourt e+e- Annihilation at DCI with the Magnetic Detector DM1 for 1.4 < sqrt(s) < 2.2 GeV p.205

R.D. Schamberger Spectroscopy of Heavy Quark-Antiquark States p.217

M.A. Shifman Theory of Heavy Quark-Antiquark States p.242

J.G. Branson Electroweak Tests p.279


E. Paul Spectroscopy of the rho, omega, phi Families (from Photoproduction and e+e- Annihilation) p.301

W.J. Schwille Dibaryon Resonances in Photon Induced Reactions p.334

R. Kajikawa Pion Photoproduction and Compton Scattering in the Resonance Region p.352

R.L. Jaffe Multiquark Hadrons p.395

Photon-Photon Interactions

R.J. Wedemeyer Review of Experimental Results on Photon-Photon Interactions p.410

W.A. Bardeen Two Photon Physics p.432

mu and nu Scattering

G. Smadja Deep Inelastic Scattering of Muons p.444

J. Wotschack nu N: Determination of Structure Functions p.461

J. Drees Review of the Structure of Hadrons from Lepton-Nucleon Interactions p.474

H.E. Montgomery Hadronic Final States in Muon Interactions p.508

N. Schmitz Production of Hadrons in Charged-Current nu and anti-nu Reactions p.527

D. Haidt Jets from Hadron, Muon, Neutrino Interactions in Comparison with Jets from e+e- Annihilation p.558

M. Strovink Review of Multimuon Production by Muons p.594

G. Barbiellini nu N: Structure of Weak Interactions p.623

A.J. Buras A Tour of Perturbative QCD p.636

A.H. Mueller Exclusive Processes in QCD p.689

New Particles, Open Charm and Beauty

H.E. Fisk Production of Charm and New Particles in Neutrino-Nucleon Interactions p.703

I. Mannelli Production of Direct Photons and Leptons in Hadronic Collisions p.730

D. Treille Photon and Hadron Production of Open Heavy Flavours p.750

L. Foa Measurements of Charmed Particles Lifetimes p.775

H. Fritzsch Weak Decays of Heavy Quarks p.786

H. Faissner Search for Axions p.797

General Theoretical Developments

P. Langacker Grand Unified Theories p.823

P. Hasenfratz Topics in Non-Perturbative QCD p.866

M.E. Peskin Compositeness of Quarks and Leptons p.880

Progress Report of Future Accelerators

H. Hoffmann The CERN anti-p p Collider p.908

B.D. McDaniel Future Plans of Storage Rings at Cornell p.921

G.A. Voss Future Developments at DESY p.926

S. Ozaki Japanese Future e+e- Collider Program TRISTAN p.935

V. Balakin / V.A. Sidorov / A.N. Skrinsky The VLEPP Project Status Report p.944

W.K.H. Panofsky Progress Report on Future Accelerators p.957

S.D. Holmes The US e-p Collider Project p.971

L.D. Soloviev IHEP Accelerating-Storage Complex p.983

Outlook and Summary

M.J. Rees Cosmology and Particle Physics p.993

S.D. Drell Summary Talk p.1003

L.B. Okun Particle Physics Prospects: August '81 p.1018

List of Contributed Papers p.1028

Author Index to Contributed Papers p.1040

List of Participants p.1046

Acknowledgment p.1054

Author Index to Invited Papers p.1055

Inside Covers p.1056