Proceedings of The Workshop on Producing High Luminosity High Energy Proton-Antiproton Collisions

27-31 March, 1978, Berkeley, California

I. Workshop Program p.1

II. Introduction

D. B. Cline Scope of the Workshop p.5

A. M. Sessler Welcoming Remarks p.6

R. R. Wilson Colliding Beams at Fermilab p.7

III. Physics Goals of Proton-Antiproton Storage Rings

R. P. Feynman Expectations for Ultra-High Energy Interactions p.15

D. B. Cline High Luminosity p anti-p Machines: The Physics Goals p.31

IV. Beam Cooling Techniques and Planned p anti-p Machines

A. M. Sessler An Overview of Beam Cooling p.53

S. Van der Meer Stochastic Cooling Theory and Devices p.73

L. C. Teng Tevatron Used as p anti-p Collider p.78

R. Billinge Proposed p anti-p Collision Beam Facility at CERN p.82

R. B. Palmer p anti-p Systems at ISABELLE p.87

V. Reports of Working Groups

F. J. Sacherer Stochastic Cooling Theory p.93

C. Rubbia Relativistic Electron Cooling for High Luminosity Proton-Antiproton Colliding Beams at Very High Energies p.98

A. G. Ruggiero / L. C. Teng Colliding Beams - Limitations/Instabilities p.102

D. B. Cline Anti-p Production Characteristics and Collector Systems p.106

S. Fung / L. W. Jones / L. Pondrom / G. Salvini / A. Tollestrup Detectors: Relation of Detectors to Proton-Antiproton Machines p.112

VI. Contributed Papers

A. G. Ruggiero Are We Beating Liouville's Theorem? p.123

D. Berley / M. Month Luminosities of Proton-Antiproton Colliding Beams p.129

M. Month / H. Weidemann Effect of the Sextupole Distribution on the Momentum Aperture in the Small Cooling Ring at Fermilab p.134

M. Month Electron Cooling of High Energy Beams p.136

D. Berley / A. A. Garren / M. Month Beam Separation for p anti-p Collisions in a Single Ring in the Multibunch Mode p.138

M. Month Note on Beam-Beam Tune Shift in Single Ring Multibunch Mode p.140

F. Krienen Electron Beam Cooling - Prospects of Ribbon-Type E-Beams p.141

P. McIntyre / A. G. Ruggiero Accommodating Stochastic Cooling at Fermilab p.149

A. G. Ruggiero Stochastic Cooling with Noise and Good Mixing p.150

R. R. Wilson Proton Cooling by Radiation p.155

A. G. Ruggiero Nonlinear Electron-Proton Interactions During Electron Cooling p.157

A. G. Ruggiero Beam Stability Considerations During Electron Cooling p.161

L. W. Jones Antiproton Momentum Compactor-Debuncher Linac p.165

A. G. Ruggiero High-Engery Electron Cooling p.166

VII. Attendance at the Workshop p.171

VIII. Appendix - Source Information for the p anti-p Schemes

C. Rubbia / P. McIntyre / D. B. Cline Producing Massive Neutral Intermediate Vector Beams with Existing Accelerators p.175

CERN Report Design Study of a Proton-Antiproton Colliding Beam Facility p.189

D. B. Cline / P. McIntyre / F. Mills / C. Rubbia Collecting Antiprotons in the Fermilab Booster and Very High Energy Proton-Antiproton Interactions p.325