National Laboratory For High-Energy Physics Summer School, 1973

Ibaraki, Japan

F.C. Erne Recent ISR Experiments at CERN p.1
S. Yasumi Detection of Neutral Particles in High Energy Experiments p.49
K. Kawarabayashi Some Aspects of Unified Theories of Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions p.75
Y. Nagashima Experiments of Weak Interaction "Neutrino Reaction" p.113
A. Maki Design of Beam Lines and KEK Beam Lines p.141
H. Noda The Gross Structure of Reaction Mechanism in Multi-Particle Production Process p.175
L. Van Rossum Polarization Experiments in High Energy Pion-Nucleon Elastic Scattering p.203
S. Matsuda Hadron Symmetry and Quarks p.239
D.A. Swenson The Los Almos Meson Physics Facility p.273
Preface p.V