National Laboratory For High-Energy Physics Summer School, 1972

Ibaraki, Japan

O. Chamerlain Recent Developments in High Energy Counter Experiments p.3
O. Chamberlain Recent Work at the Bevatron p.21
O. Chamberlain Polarized Targets p.41
Y. Nagashima PEP: The Proposed Positron-Electron-Proton Accelerator p.89
O. Chamberlain Plans for Work at the National Accelerator Laboratory p.102
H. Sugawara Strong Interaction at High Energy p.113
M. Moravcsik Topics in Particle Phenomenology p163.
M. Moravcsik Partial Wave Expansions and Conformal Mapping p.179
M. Moravcsik Partial Wave Decomposition at High Energy p.193
K. Takahashi Bubble Chamber Experiments for Strong Interaction Studies p.203
T. Matsuoka The Composite Structure of Hadrons and Two-Body Reactions p.255
M. Fukugita Phenomenology of Hadronic Interactions at Intermediate Energies p.271
Preface p.V