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SSC SDC Reports
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  1. sdc-note-92-208 Hubbard, Bradley Description of the silicon tracking simulation
  2. sdc-note-92-209 Hubbard, Bradley Description of the TS track reconstruction package
  3. sdc-note-92-210 O'Shaughnessy, K. Tracking simulation studies of Higgs boson decay to four leptons
  4. sdc-89-001 Gilchriese, G. SDC Solenoidal Detector Notes : First Day Presentations Dallas Solenoidal Detector Meeting June 26-29, 1989
  5. sdc-89-002 Hanson, G. SDC Solenoidal Detector Notes : Working Group Reports Dallas Solenoidal Detector Meeting June 26-29, 1989
  6. sdc-89-003 Hinchliffe, I. Trigger Rates at SSC
  7. sdc-89-004 Bintinger, D. Depth of Calorimetry for SSC Experiments
  8. sdc-89-005 Bintinger, D. Summary of the Meeting on the Radiation Survivability of Scintillation Calorimetry
  9. sdc-89-006 Hauptman, J. Beyond Eta = 3
  10. sdc-89-009 Yamamoto, Hiro Electron ID Related Topics in Higgs ---> ZZ, Z ---> e+ e-
  11. sdc-89-010 Barnett, R.Michael The Impact of Resolution, Cracks and Beam Holes on Detection of Processes with Missing Energy September, 1989
  12. sdc-89-011 Pan, M.Y. Hermeticity Study Using the CCFR Data
  13. sdc-89-012 Greiman, W. Meeting on SSC Detector Simulation
  14. sdc-89-013 Cahn, R. Note on Muon Momentum Resolution
  15. sdc-89-014 Strovink, M. Hermeticity in Three Cryogenic Calorimeter Geometries
  16. sdc-89-015 Wiss, Jim Muon Detector Momentum Resolution
  17. sdc-89-016 Errede, Steve SSC Muon Acceptance Studies
  18. sdc-89-017 Sakai, Yoshihide Muon (Trigger) Rates Calculations for the SSC Detector
  19. sdc-89-018 Sakai, Yoshihide Calorimeter First Level Trigger Rates at the SSC
  20. sdc-89-019 Hauptman, John Lateral Segmentation
  21. sdc-89-020 Hauptman, John Hadronic Shower Shapes in Depth from CCFR Data
  22. sdc-89-021 Huth, John Jet Energy Measurement CDF Experience
  23. sdc-89-022 Kadel, R.W. Positive Ion Distortions in Warm Liquid Calorimeters
  24. sdc-89-023 Ogawa, Kazuo Effect of e/h Ratio on Jet Energy Resolution
  25. sdc-89-024 Mori, Shigeki Conceptual Design Studies of Large Solenoids
  26. sdc-89-025 Kondo, T. An Air Core Solenoidal Detector (ACS) for High P(t) Physics at the SSC
  27. sdc-89-026 Ohsugi, Takashi Central Tracking Devices for the SSC
  28. sdc-89-027 Ohsugi, Takashi Onchip Filtering of Low P(t) Track with Straw Tube Chamber
  29. sdc-89-028 Asai, Makoto Hit Rates of the Straw Chamber Tracker
  30. sdc-90-029 Barnett, R.Michael The Impact of Resolution, Cracks and Beam Holes on detection of Processes with Missing Energy: Higgs Decay to Lepton+ Lepton- Neutrino Anti-Neutrino
  31. sdc-90-030 Hollebeek, R.J. Reconstruction of Top Quarks in an SSC Solenoidal Detector
  32. sdc-90-031 Hubbard, B. Efficiency for b Jet Tagging in t Anti-t Events
  33. sdc-90-032 Mangano, Michelangelo L. Production of Techniomega ---> gamma Z ---> gamma Lepton+ Lepton-
  34. sdc-90-033 Thun, R. Impact of Various Magnet Options on Higgs Physics
  35. sdc-90-034 Bensinger, J. Computation of Coil Parameters for RTK Baseline Muon Toroid
  36. sdc-90-035 Hinchliffe, I. Resolution Parameterizations for the EOI
  37. sdc-90-036 Hinchliffe, I. Z(eta) Production with SDC
  38. sdc-90-038 Barbaro-Galtieri, Angela Study of Top Pair Production in Electron - Muon Events with SDC
  39. sdc-90-039 Bensinger, J. Electron Identification and Implications in SSC Detector Design
  40. sdc-90-040 Hylen, J. Silicon Tracker Conceptual Design Report
  41. sdc-90-041 Green, Dan SDC at high luminosity
  42. sdc-90-042 Bintinger, D. A Detector Design
  43. sdc-90-043 Oh, S.H. Study of Sense Wire Stability and Support in Straw Tube Detector Elements
  44. sdc-90-044 Oh, S.H. Progress Report on the Design of the Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber
  45. sdc-90-045 Pang, M. Fake Missing E(T) Trigger Rates Due to Nonhermeticity, Finite Energy Resolution, and Finite Depth (using CCFR Data)
  46. sdc-90-046 Groom, Donald E. Radiation Levels in Detectors at the SSC
  47. sdc-90-047 Groom, Donald E. Ionizing Radiation Environment in SSC Detectors
  48. sdc-90-048 Pitzl, Daniel D. Mass Resolution Requirements for the Higgs Boson
  49. sdc-90-049 Kadel, Richard W. Muon Channel Count for EOI Type S Detector
  50. sdc-90-050 Kadel, Richard W. Tile Calorimeter Module Cost Estimate
  51. sdc-90-051 Gilchriese, M. Accumulated Luminosity Design Goal for the SDC Detector
  52. sdc-90-054 Neyman, C. Gas Studies of 4 mm Diameter Straw Drift Chambers
  53. sdc-90-055 Ogren, H. Wire Stability Tests on 4 mm Straw Chambers
  54. sdc-90-056 Foster, R. A Wire Support Design for Straw Drift Chambers
  55. sdc-90-057 Ogren, Harold Progress Report on 4 mm Straw Chambers
  56. sdc-90-059 Hanson, Gail G. Integrated Tracking Configuration I: Silicon and Wire Chambers
  57. sdc-90-060 Neyman, C. Attenuation Studies of 3.5 m Straw Tubes
  58. sdc-90-061 Fields, T. Conceptual Design for a Superconducting Toroid
  59. sdc-90-062 A Superconducting Toroidal Magnet for the Argonne National Laboratory Superconducting Super Collider Detector
  60. sdc-90-063 Pope, W.L. A Gas Cooled Signal Feedthru for SDC's LAC Conceptual Design
  61. sdc-90-064 Shuman, D. CAD / CAE System Evaluation
  62. sdc-90-065 Gilchriese, M. Two Scenarios for Reduction in Scope and Cost for the SDC Detector
  63. sdc-90-066 Matthews, John A.J. Effects on Nonuniform Magnetic Fields on SDC Central Tracking
  64. sdc-90-067 Matthews, John A.J. High P(t) Forward Rapidity Tracking Trigger using Silicon Planes
  65. sdc-90-068 Hoffmann, Ron SSC Memo Regarding Route Reconnaissance
  66. sdc-90-069 Horvath, I. Magnetic Transformers for the SDC
  67. sdc-90-070 Green, Dan Dijet Spectroscopy at High Luminosity
  68. sdc-90-071 Wenzel, W. Electronic Signal-to-Noise Ratio for LA, TMP, and TMS
  69. sdc-90-072 Miller, David Harry Survey of Computing Resources of the SDC Collaboration
  70. sdc-90-073 Proudfoot, James A First Simulation Study of the Barrel Endcap Transition Region in A Calorimeter of the Scintillator Tile Design
  71. sdc-90-074 Odaka, Shigeru Momentum Resolution for Muons Using the Full Tracking System of SDC
  72. sdc-90-075 Green, Dan Muon Rate for Triggers
  73. sdc-90-077 Thun, R. Iron Scintillator Configurations for SDC Muon Triggers
  74. sdc-90-078 Groom, Donald E. Jet Response of A Homogeneous Calorimeter
  75. sdc-90-079 Hearty, Christopher Liquid Argon Calorimeter Position Resolution
  76. sdc-90-080 Etherton, D. SDC Hall Excavation: Fax from Dave Etherton to Bill Edwards
  77. sdc-90-081 Eartly, David P. SDC Muon Chamber Support System Proposal: Fax from Dave Eartly to Bill Edwards
  78. sdc-90-082 Shuman, D. CAD / CAE Neutral File Definition, Preliminary
  79. sdc-90-083 Groom, Donald E. Contributions of Albedo and Noncompensation to Calorimeter Resolution
  80. sdc-90-084 Reply by the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration to Questions from the Program Advisory Committee
  81. sdc-90-085 Trilling, George H. Expression of Interest by the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration to Construct and Operate A Detector at the Superconducting Super Collider
  82. sdc-90-086 Abe, F., (ed.) Proceedings of the International Workshop on Solenoidal Detectors for the SSC, Tsukuba, Japan, April 23-25, 1990
  83. sdc-90-087 Grimson, John CDF Cryogenic Magnet Schedule
  84. sdc-90-088 SDC Collaboration Meeting, Superconducting Supercollider Laboratory, September 18-21, 1990
  85. sdc-90-089 Kirk, Tom Scintillator Plate Calorimeter Cost Spreadsheet
  86. sdc-90-090 Foster, Bill A Calculation of the Trigger Pipeline Length
  87. sdc-90-091 Nauenberg, Uriel A Study of the Kinematical Properties of the Muons from Higgs Decay
  88. sdc-90-092 Nauenberg, Uriel The Use of Gas Cherenkov Counters as A Part of A Trigger System for Muons in SSC Detectors
  89. sdc-90-093 Kral, J.Frederic SLC Lepton Identification Software
  90. sdc-90-094 Kral, J.Frederic Inclusive Lepton Analysis at the Z
  91. sdc-90-095 Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration Magnet Task Force
  92. sdc-90-096 Kadel, R.W. Proposal for LOI Detectors
  93. sdc-90-097 Iwasaki, Hiroyuki Momentum Resolution in A Nonuniform Magnetic Field
  94. sdc-90-098 Doi, T. A Conceptual Design Study of A General Purpose Solenoidal Detector for the SSC
  95. sdc-90-100 Hinchliffe, Ian Resolution Parameterization for the LOI
  96. sdc-90-101 Bensinger, Jim Flux Jumping in the RTK Octagonal Muon Toroid
  97. sdc-90-102 Yamamoto, A. Design Study of An Air Core Thin Solenoid for the SDC Detector
  98. sdc-90-103 Takaiwa, Y. Short Solenoid Versus Long Solenoid: Effects on Tracking
  99. sdc-90-104 Iwasaki, Hiroyuki Detection of Isolated Electrons in Heavy Higgs Search
  100. sdc-90-105 Sakai, Yoshihide Pileup Issues on the Electron Identification
  101. sdc-90-106 Asai, Makoto Hit Rate Studies of the Straw Chambers in the Hybrid Tracker
  102. sdc-90-107 Unno, Y. Design of A Liquid Argon Calorimeter for SDC
  103. sdc-90-108 Hirayama, Hideo "Effects of Dead Material to the Electromagnetic Calorimeter and Energy / Resolution Recovery with ""Massless Gap""
  104. "
  105. sdc-90-109 Sakai, Yoshihide Muon Trigger Rates and Momentum Resolution Calculations
  106. sdc-90-110 Kondo, T. Ray Tracing Study for Magnet Style Selection
  107. sdc-90-111 Asano, Yuzo Particle Rates and Punch Through Rates for the SDC Detector
  108. sdc-90-112 Arai, Y. VHDL Simulation for the Straw Tube Readout
  109. sdc-90-113 Mangano, Michelangelo L. Production of WH ---> W gamma gamma ---> e/mu gamma gamma
  110. sdc-90-114 Barasch, E.F. The Microstrip Chamber: Ultraprecise Tracking for SSC Detectors
  111. sdc-90-115 Hinchliffe, Ian Z-Prime Production with SDC
  112. sdc-90-116 Bensinger, J. Proposal for the Testing of Prototype Detectors for the SDC at Fermilab
  113. sdc-90-117 Hollebeek, R.J. Reconstructing 250-GeV Top Quarks Using the Multi - Jet Final States
  114. sdc-90-118 Hollebeek, R.J. Uncertainties in Estimating the Top Quark Mass Using the Multi - Jet Final States
  115. sdc-90-119 Oh, S.H. Construction and Test of A Prototype Straw Chamber Detector of Length 2.7 Meters
  116. sdc-90-120 Dunn, W.L. Radiation Damage Studies of Straw Tube and Scintillating Fiber Elements
  117. sdc-90-121 Cherwinka, Jeff Feasibility of Large Block Design for the SDC Muon Barrel
  118. sdc-90-122 Majewski, Stan Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber Collaboration, Summary Report - Part I: Progress Report for FY90
  119. sdc-90-123 Majewski, Stan Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber Collaboration, Summary Report - Part II: Proposal for FY91
  120. sdc-90-124 Goshaw, A.T. A Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber for SSC Detectors
  121. sdc-90-125 Eppley, G. Asymmetry Versus Mass for A 4-TeV Z-Prime
  122. sdc-90-126 Ciocio, A. A Warm Liquid Calorimeter Concept for the Superconducting Super Collider
  123. sdc-90-127 Ford, William T. Track Reconstruction in Straw Superlayers
  124. sdc-90-128 Erdos, Eric Design of Electronic Readout Board for Straw Tube Arrays
  125. sdc-90-129 Fields, T.H. Matching Forward Toroids to A Central Solenoid
  126. sdc-90-130 A Superconducting Toroidal Magnet for the Argonne National Laboratory Superconducting Super Collider 2.3m Detector
  127. sdc-90-131 Parker, S. Development of An Integrated Pixel Detector
  128. sdc-90-132 Sivertz, M. Conceptual Engineering Design for A Spacal Calorimeter for the SDC
  129. sdc-90-133 Barbaro-Galtieri, A. Measurement of the Top Mass in the E Mu Channel
  130. sdc-90-134 Hanson, Gail G. Design of A Tracking System for A Solenoidal Detector
  131. sdc-90-137 Green, Dan Z Mass Resolution in the Process H ---> ZZ ---> eeee
  132. sdc-90-138 Ogren, H. Recent Developments in Wire Chamber Tracking at SSC
  133. sdc-90-139 Proudfoot, J. Radiation Damage to Scintillator and Wavelength Shifter and the Resulting Effects on Calorimeter Performance
  134. sdc-90-140 Barnett, R.M. Determining the Mass of the Top Quark with the SDC Detector
  135. sdc-90-141 Barnett, R.Michael Searching for Top Decays to Charged Higgs Bosons with the SDC Detector
  136. sdc-90-142 Sill, A.F. Advanced Field Shaping Drift Chambers for SSC Muon Tracking
  137. sdc-90-143 Sill, A.F. Advanced Field Shaping Drift Chambers for SSC Forward Tracking
  138. sdc-90-144 Kadyk, J.A. Recent Work on Radiation Hard Gases and Straw Tubes
  139. sdc-90-145 Hearty, Christopher Resolution and Hermeticity of the Liquid Argon Electromagnetic Calorimeter as A Function of Pseudorapidity
  140. sdc-90-146 Hanson, G. SSC Detector Subsytem Summary Report and Proposal for FY 1991
  141. sdc-90-148 Bailey, J.M. Forward Tracking with Enhanced Electron Identification
  142. sdc-90-149 Para, A. Jet Energy Resolution of the SDC Detector
  143. sdc-90-150 Blair, R.E. SDC Hadronic Resolutions in Z and Z-Prime Decays
  144. sdc-90-151 Trilling, George H. Letter of Intent by the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration to Construct and Operate A Detector at the Superconducting Super Collider
  145. sdc-90-152 Kim, B.J. Comparison of Hadronic Shower Punchthrough and TeV dE/dx with Calculation
  146. sdc-90-153 Bonmay, P. Preshower and Shower Maximum Detectors for SDC
  147. sdc-90-155 Nodulman, L. SDC Calorimeter Review
  148. sdc-91-00016 Green, D. Depth requirements in SSC calorimeters
  149. sdc-91-001 Groom, Donald E. Why Not Raise the SSC Energy Instead?
  150. sdc-91-002 Groom, Donald E. Why Waste All Those MIPS on Compensation Studies?
  151. sdc-91-003 Zhao, Tian-chi Tracking Muons at SSC
  152. sdc-91-004 Hong, Seong J. Cosmic Muon Trigger Rates in the SDC Central Muon Scintillator
  153. sdc-91-005 Hong, Seong J. Effects on the Magnetic Induction Due to the Gaps Within the SDC Muon Toroid
  154. sdc-91-006 Srovink, Mark Simplified Central Si Tracker for SDC
  155. sdc-91-008 Amako, Katsuya A Conservative Approach to Offline Computing: Computing Software for SDC
  156. sdc-91-009 Eppley, G. Leptonic Asymmetries Associated with A Z-Prime
  157. sdc-91-010 Trost, Hans-Jochen Fast Shower Simulation Based on Gauss's Law
  158. sdc-91-011 Bonamy, P. Radiation Damage in Scintillating Plates and Fibers
  159. sdc-91-012 Pope, W. Conceptual Design of Signal Cable Feedthroughs for an SSC Proposed Liquid Argon Calorimeter
  160. sdc-91-013 Job, P.K. Estimation of Hadronic and EM Resolution for Scintillator Plate Calorimeter Configurations
  161. sdc-91-014 Nodulman, L. On Implications of e/h Does Not Equal 1
  162. sdc-91-015 Edwards, W.R. SDC Muon Barrel Toroid Conceptual Design Review: Final Report of the Review Committee
  163. sdc-91-018 Kirk, Thomas B.W. Central Calorimeter Configuration: A Study Report to the SDC Technical Board
  164. sdc-91-019 Hoff, M. A Warm Liquid Forward Calorimeter for the SSC: A New Technology with New Challenges
  165. sdc-91-020 Simon, Alexander SDC Muon Trigger
  166. sdc-91-021 Seiden, A. Systematic Errors and Alignment for Barrel Detectors
  167. sdc-91-022 Zhao, Tian-chi Muon Chamber Gas and Related Issues
  168. sdc-91-023 Davission, R.J. Drift Tube Systematics
  169. sdc-91-024 Zhao, Tian-chi An Approach of Triggering Using Drift Chambers
  170. sdc-91-025 Green, Dan Effect of Inert Material on ZZ Mass Resolution for H ---> ZZ ---> eeee
  171. sdc-91-026 Ryan, T.L. Central Tracker RRR and Interface Control Document
  172. sdc-91-027 Strovink, M. Suggested Modifications to Si Layout Proposed 4/15/91 by H. Ziock
  173. sdc-91-028 Strovink, M. Elementary View of B Physics in SDC
  174. sdc-91-029 Bacchetta, N. Development of AC Coupled Semiconductor Detectors for High Luminosity Operations: Strategy and Description
  175. sdc-91-030 Kulik, A. Rates in the SDC Muon Chambers and Optimal Design
  176. sdc-91-031 Response to Questions from the SDC Cost Review Panel
  177. sdc-91-032 Contreras, M. Radiation Damage to SCSN23, SCSN81 and SCSN81+Y7
  178. sdc-91-034 Downing, R. SSC detector muon subsystem beam tests
  179. sdc-91-035 Rasson, Joseph E. Mechanical Utilities Integration for the SDC
  180. sdc-91-036 1992 Budget Request for the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
  181. sdc-91-037 Groom, Donald E. Four Component Approximation to Calorimeter Resolution
  182. sdc-91-038 Trost, Hans-Jochen Light Yield from A Scintillator Tile with Embedded Readout Fibers
  183. sdc-91-041 Lobkowicz, F. Boiling Near Preamplifiers in LAr Calorimeters
  184. sdc-91-042 Lobkowicz, F. Transformers in the SDC Coil
  185. sdc-91-044 Ogren, Harold Straw and Module Placement
  186. sdc-91-046 Report of the SDC ACT Task Force
  187. sdc-91-047 Odaka, S. A Jet Cell Design for the SDC Muon Chamber
  188. sdc-91-048 Handler, Thomas Design Considerations for A Scintillating Plate Calorimeter for SDC
  189. sdc-91-049 Collaboration, SDC Front-End Electronics Meeting at LBL June 6-8, 1990
  190. sdc-91-052 Underwood, David G. Fiber Tile Optical Studies at Argonne
  191. sdc-91-053 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
  192. sdc-91-054 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
  193. sdc-91-055 Amendolia, R. Report of the Task Force on R & D Directions for Tracking
  194. sdc-91-056 Foster, R. Self Centering Measurement for 8 Layer Trapezoid
  195. sdc-91-057 Gunion, J.F. Comments on Higgs Detection in the WH ---> Lepton Upsilon Gamma Gamma Final State
  196. sdc-91-058 Wenzel, W.A. Signal Distortion by Ionization
  197. sdc-91-059 Wicklund, A.B. Conversion Electrons in the SDC
  198. sdc-91-060 Fry, C.A. A New Approach to Physics Code
  199. sdc-91-062 Straw tube superlayer design concepts
  200. sdc-91-063 Arai, Y. Conceptual design of straw tube readout with TMC
  201. sdc-91-064 Proceedings of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration Meeting at LBL, August 5-10, 1991
  202. sdc-91-065 Abbot, B. Scintillating fiber detectors: Fiber Tracking Group (FTG)
  203. sdc-91-066 Atac, M. Scintillating fiber tracking using visible light photon counters
  204. sdc-91-067 Mountain, Raymond J. Monte Carlo simulations of scintillating fiber optic waveguides
  205. sdc-91-068 Piekarz, J. Measurements of fluorescence efficiency of scintillators before and after irradiation
  206. sdc-91-069 Chaney, Roy C. Cryogenic preamplifiers for SSPM/VLPC devices for scintillating fiber tracking
  207. sdc-91-070 Goldberg, H. Cryogenic issues for solid state photomultiplier operation
  208. sdc-91-071 Koltick, D.S. Engineering challenges for scintillating fiber tracking at the SSC
  209. sdc-91-072 Abbott, B. Simulation studies for a scintillating fiber tracker
  210. sdc-91-073 Anway, Carol E. GEANT simulations with shell and module geometry code and scintillating fiber central tracking
  211. sdc-91-074 Adams, D. Simulation of a scintillating fiber tracker for the SSC
  212. sdc-91-075 Goldberg, H. Transmission of infrared radiation through polystyrene and consequences for VLPC cryogenics
  213. sdc-91-076 Margulies, S. Neutron interactions in scintillating fiber central trackers for SDC and D0
  214. sdc-91-077 Margulies, S. Interactions of albedo neutrons with scintillating fibers
  215. sdc-91-078 Margulies, S. Pulse height distributions from scintillators of various cross-sectional shapes
  216. sdc-91-079 Margulies, S. The Shape of the VLPC photoelectron spectrum from a scintillating fiber of circular cross-section
  217. sdc-91-080 Hinchliffe, Ian On The Observability of heavy particles decaying to jet - jet and e+ e- with SDC
  218. sdc-91-081 Wicklund, A.B. Z0 ---> hadrons in SDC
  219. sdc-91-082 Kanematsu, N. Effect of magnetic shields in a calorimeter on hadron energy resolution
  220. sdc-91-083 Wicklund, A.B. Effects of shower spreading on Z0 ---> J J mass resolution
  221. sdc-91-084 Hearty, Christopher Effect of electromagnetic calorimeter thickness on resolution
  222. sdc-91-085 Funaki, S. Beam test on radiation hardness of a scintillating tile / fiber calorimeter
  223. sdc-91-086 Panescu, D. An SSC photomultiplier tube preamplifier circuit
  224. sdc-91-087 Smith, W.H. Isolated electron pattern logic design and performance at the SSC
  225. sdc-91-088 Smith, W.H. Level 1 trigger decision design for the SDC
  226. sdc-91-089 Smith, W.H. SDC trigger preliminary conceptual design
  227. sdc-91-090 Smith, W.H. SDC global level 1 processor: Clock and control
  228. sdc-91-091 Smith, W.H. SDC trigger cost
  229. sdc-91-093 Kadyk, J. Effects of cathode and wall materials and water vapor on straw tube aging
  230. sdc-91-094 Wise, J. Chemical modeling of aging processes in CF(4) / isobutane gases
  231. sdc-91-095 Einsweiler, Kevin Associated Higgs production in the intermediate mass region
  232. sdc-91-096 Krefta, M.P. Two-dimensional magnetic analysis of the SDC muon toroid
  233. sdc-91-097 Bratzler, U. Properties of a 9.2 meter long drift tube
  234. sdc-91-098 Lankford, A. Conceptual design of the SDC trigger from the SDC trigger group
  235. sdc-91-099 Sullivan, Greg Calorimetry trigger rates at the SDC
  236. sdc-91-100 Contreras, M. Proposal for the SDC Level 1 Trigger Design or is a Simple L1 Adequate for the SDC?
  237. sdc-91-101 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
  238. sdc-91-104 Central and Forward Tracking Collaboration: Progress Report for FY 1991
  239. sdc-91-105 Cherwinka, Jeff SDC Muon Barrel Toroid Conceptual Design Report using Long and Short Bolted Blocks
  240. sdc-91-106 Lankford, Andy SDC Front End Electronics Review Report
  241. sdc-91-107 Kirk, Thomas B.W. Luminosity Evolution at the SSC
  242. sdc-91-108 Kirk, Thomas B.W. Shower Counter Resolution Scaling
  243. sdc-91-109 Hubbard, B. Effect of Material on Electron Tracking
  244. sdc-91-110 Hubbard, B. Physics Goals for the SDC Tracking System
  245. sdc-91-111 SDC Presentation to the PAC
  246. sdc-91-112 Daly, C.H. Finite Element Modeling of Muon Detector Module: University of Washington / SSC design
  247. sdc-91-113 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
  248. sdc-91-114 Proudfoot, Jimmy Calorimeter Review and Technical Board Meeting, September 12-14, 1991
  249. sdc-91-117 Dittert, Les SDC Scintillator Calorimeter Detector (Preliminary Construction Planning)
  250. sdc-91-119 Hu, L. Radiation Damage of Tile / Fiber Scintillator Modules for the SDC Calorimeter
  251. sdc-91-120 Adams, D. Report of the Task Force on Impact of Material in Tracking Volume
  252. sdc-91-121 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
  253. sdc-91-122 Groom, Donald E. Extension of SSC-SR-1033 Approach to Radioactivation in LHC and SSC Detectors
  254. sdc-91-123 Visser, A. 60 Hz Line Side Feeder Options for the 2 MW Solenoid DC Power Supply
  255. sdc-91-124 Proceedings of the SDC Meeting Held at Oak Ridge Associated Universities September 26-28, 1991, OakRidge, TN
  256. sdc-91-125 Conceptual Design Report for the Modular Straw Outer Tracking System
  257. sdc-91-126 Bonamy, P. Radiation Damage in Tile Fiber Calorimeter Modules
  258. sdc-91-127 Western, Jeffrey L. SDC Toroid Support Preliminary Calculations
  259. sdc-91-128 Goshaw, A.T. Conceptual Design Report for the Straw Fiber Tracking System for SDC
  260. sdc-91-129 Requirements for the SDC Tracking System
  261. sdc-91-130 Adams, D.L. Momentum Smearing and False Trigger Rates in A Scintillating Fiber Tracking Trigger
  262. sdc-91-131 Adams, D.L. Pattern Recognition in A Silicon and Scintillating Fiber SDC Tracking System
  263. sdc-91-132 Wu, Zhongxin Electron Tracking and the Track to Shower Match in SDC
  264. sdc-91-133 Weinstein, A.J. Silicon Tracking Conceptual Design Report
  265. sdc-91-134 Unno, Y. Geometries, Number of Hit Layers and Material Thicknesses of the New SI Designs
  266. sdc-91-135 Bramble, K. SDC Muon Detector Design Barrel and Intermediate Chambers Round Tube Option
  267. sdc-91-136-rev Unno, Y. The Effect of Material in the Tracking Volume: E / Rho and Position Matching
  268. sdc-91-137 Ford, W.T., (ed.) Requirements for the SDC Tracking System
  269. sdc-91-138 Trost, Hans-Jochen Some Physics Requirements for Triggering in the Intermediate Tracking System of SDC
  270. sdc-91-141 Gorski, T. Correlated Level 1 Muon Trigger Design for the SDC
  271. sdc-91-142 Bisello, D. Measurement of Radiation Damage during Irradiation
  272. sdc-91-143 Thur, William A Simplified SDC Endcap EM Calorimeter Design Concept
  273. sdc-91-144 Wiss, Jim Barrel Muon Detector Design Considerations
  274. sdc-91-145 Wiss, Jim Angle Dependence of Forward Muon Momentum Resolution
  275. sdc-91-146 Errede, Steve Comparison of Muon Momentum Resolution for the Solenoidal Detector Versus Muon Momentum Resolution for External Only Muon Systems
  276. sdc-91-147 Errede, Steve Acceptance and Mass Resolution Studies for SDC Muon EOI Subsystem Design
  277. sdc-91-148 Errede, Steve Acceptance and Online Mass Resolution Studies for SDC LOI Muon Subsystem Design
  278. sdc-91-149 Errede, Steve Acceptance and Offline Mass Resolution Studies for SDC Muon LOI subsystem Design
  279. sdc-91-150 Errede, Steve SDC Muon Physics Acceptance Impact if Delete the Forward Muon System
  280. sdc-91-151 Wiss, Jim Effects of Descoping Options for the Muon System
  281. sdc-91-152 Wiss, Jim Octagonal Geometry Effects
  282. sdc-91-153 Wiss, Jim Alignment Resolution Studies of the Muon System
  283. sdc-91-154 Wiss, Jim Muon System Alignment Studies
  284. sdc-91-155 Wiss, Jim BW3 - BW2 Radial Separation Studies
  285. sdc-91-156 Errede, Steve Muon Matching Studies
  286. sdc-91-157 Wiss, Jim Chamber Resolution Studies
  287. sdc-91-158 Hybrid Central Tracking Chamber Collaboration Progress Report for FY1991
  288. sdc-91-161 Carlsmith, D. SDC Muon Detector: Octagonal Tube Option
  289. sdc-91-164 Adams, T. Two-Dimensional Magnetic Analysis of the Solenoidal Detector for the Superconducting Super Collider
  290. sdc-91-165 Proceedings of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboratioin Meeting at the SSC Lab
  291. sdc-91-166 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
  292. sdc-91-167 Monthly Report of the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration
  293. sdc-91-168 Barbaro, P.de R & D Results on Scintillating Tile / Fiber Calorimetry for the CDF and SDC Detectors
  294. sdc-91-170 Conceptual Design Report: Wine Rack Design of the SDC Barrel and Intermediate Muon Chambers
  295. sdc-91-50 Kirk, Thomas B.W. The Effect of Passive Material on the Detection of Hadrons in Calorimeter Configurations for the SDC Detector
  296. sdc-91-51 Wicklund, A.B. b-Jet Tagging Using Electrons at SDC
  297. sdc-92-169 Arai, Y. Conceptual Design Report for the SDC Barrel and Intermediate Muon Detectors Based on a Jet Type Drift Chamber
  298. sdc-92-169 Arai, Y. Conceptual Design Report for the SDC Barrel and Intermediate Muon Detectors Based on a Jet-Type Drift Chamber
  299. sdc-92-171 Foster, B. Intermediate Angle Track Detector: Conceptual Design Report
  300. sdc-92-172 Fazeley, A.R. Radiation Damage Studies for the SDC Electromagnetic Calorimeter
  301. sdc-92-173 Ohsugi, T. Radiation Hardness of Double Sided Microstrip Silicon Detector
  302. sdc-92-175 Broomer, B.R. Cherenkov System Cost
  303. sdc-92-176 Kadel, Richard W. Radiation Dose Profiles and Activation of the SDC Endcap Calorimeter
  304. sdc-92-178 Zhao, T. L1 Muon Trigger Electronics
  305. sdc-92-179 Davisson, Richard The Position of An Anode Wire Relative to the Beam
  306. sdc-92-180 Roe, Byron P. Status of the SDC Beam Vacuum Pipe Design
  307. sdc-92-181 Proceedings of the SDC Collaboration Meeting at Pisa, January 8-11, Tirrenia (Pisa), Italy
  308. sdc-92-182 Demortier, L. Radiation Damage Studies on High Pressure Gasses
  309. sdc-92-183 Demortier, L. Test Beam Results of A Prototype Parallel Plate Electromagnetic High Pressure Gas Calorimeter
  310. sdc-92-201 Trilling, George H. Technical Design of a Detector (Solenoidal Detector) April 1, 1992 to be Operated at the Superconducting Super Collider
  311. sdc-92-204 Collaboration, SDC SDC Solenoidal Detector Notes: Joint Executive/Technical Board Meeting
  312. sdc-92-355 Field, R.D. SDC Solenoidal Detector Notes : Forward Jets and Missing E(T)
  313. sdc-93-404 Green, Dan Magnetic fields and SDC endcap scintillator performance
  314. sdc-93-407 de Barbaro, P. Recent R & D results on tile / fiber calorimetry
  315. sdc-93-511 Fry, A. Integrating PAW, a graphical analysis interface to Sybase
  316. sdc-93-514 Abbott, B. Beam Test of a 12 Layer Scintillating Fiber Charged Particle Tracking System

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