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MURA Reports
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  1. mura-a 1959 MURA summer study reports on design and utilization of high-energy accelerators
  2. mura-b-1 Cole, F.T. MURA 50-MeV Electron Accelerator-General Description and Review
  3. mura-b-10 Mills, F.E. Multiturn injection techniques in the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 10.
  4. mura-b-11 Symon, K.R. Radio-frequency acceleration system for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator: Theoretical considerations and description. 11.
  5. mura-b-12-scl-s Peterson, F.L. Betatron acceleration in the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 12.
  6. mura-b-13 Rowe, E.M. Radio-frequency acceleration system for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator: Design and construction. 13.
  7. mura-b-14 Peterson, F.L. Control and protection systems for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 14.
  8. mura-b-15 Lee, G.M. Beam measurement probes for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 15.
  9. mura-b-2 Cole, F.T. MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator: Design study and choice of operating point. 2.
  10. mura-b-3 Haxby, R.O. Design and construction of the magnets and magnet support structure for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 3.
  11. mura-b-4 Berndt, Martin M. Main magnet power supplies of the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 4.
  12. mura-b-5 Parzen, G. Tolerances and effects of field perturbations for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 5.
  13. mura-b-6 Pruett, C.H. Magnetic guide field measurements and corrections in the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 6.
  14. mura-b-7 Mulady, J.R. Equipment and procedures used in magnetic field measurements on the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 7.
  15. mura-b-8 Owen, C.W. Vacuum system for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 8.
  16. mura-b-9 Curtis, C.D. Injector for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator. 9.
  17. mura-c Cole, F.T. A Guide to particle accelerators
  18. mura-d Rowe, E.M. Design of a 200-MeV electron - positron storage ring
  19. mura-e Rowe, E.M. Status of the MURA 200-MeV electron - positron storage ring
  20. mura-f Snowdon, S.C. A Proposal for advanced studies in particle accelerators
  21. mura-001 Brueckner, K.A. Research with high-energy acclerators
  22. mura-002 Kerst, D.W. An estimate of effects of nonlinear restoring forces for avoiding resonance
  23. mura-003 Courant, Ed Linear coupling between vertical and horizontal oscillations
  24. mura-004 Cole, F.T. A perturbation treatement of onlinear restoring forces
  25. mura-005 Wright, S.C. Adiabatic damping of large phase oscillations
  26. mura-006 Jones, Lawrence W. A study of the feasibility of a multi-BeV circular electron accelerator
  27. mura-007 Terwilliger, K.M. Magnet aperture as a function of N
  28. mura-008 Kerst, D.W. An ion pipe: An extreme form of AG magnet
  30. mura-010 Kerst, D.W. Magnet power supply
  31. mura-011 Powell, J.L. Nonlinearities in the AG synchroton
  32. mura-012 Powell, J.L. Note on discontinuity in field gradient
  33. mura-013 Jones, Lawrence W. A note on the amplitude of betatron oscillations
  34. mura-014 Laslett, L.J. Discussion of space charge effects in the alternate gradient synchrotron
  35. mura-015 Key to digital computer photographs
  36. mura-016 Kerst, D.W. Approximate calculation on nonlinear lock-in at sigma = pi
  37. mura-017 Kerst, D.W. Characteristics of nonlinear lock-in caused by field inhomogeneity
  38. mura-018 Laslett, L.J. Possible instability from momentum errors in the AGS
  39. mura-019 Laslett, L.J. Equations of motion in the AGS
  40. mura-020 Jones, Lawrence W. An electromechanical analogue for the study of strong focusing synchrotron betatron orbits
  41. mura-021 Powell, J.L. Nonlinearities in AG synchrotron
  42. mura-022 Kerst, D.W. Paths of particles in circularly symmetric fringing fields, stormer method
  43. mura-023 Laslett, L.J. Damping of oscillations: Requisite energy tolerance at injection coherent radiation
  44. mura-024 Laslett, L.J. Requisite energy tolerance at injection
  45. mura-025 Symon, K.R. A smooth approximation to the alternating gradient orbit equations
  46. mura-026 Symon, K.R. Smooth solution to one-dimensional AG orbits with cubic forces
  47. mura-027 Livingood, J.J. A suggestion to eliminate space charge in a proton synchrotron
  48. mura-028 Jones, Lawrence W. Possible design parameters for a 10-BeV high repetition rate proton alternating gradient synchrotron
  49. mura-029 Jones, Lawrence W. Values of alpha off the diagonal of the stability diagram
  50. mura-030 Symon, K.R. An Adiabatic theorem for motions which exhibit invariant phase curves
  51. mura-031 Symon, K.R. An Alternative derivation of the formulas for the smooth approximation
  52. mura-032 Symon, K.R. A Strong focussing accelerator with a DC ring magnet (preliminary report for internal circulation only)
  53. mura-033 Laslett, L.J. Retabulation of space charge effects in the AGS
  54. mura-034 Kerst, D.W. Report for the National Science Foundation on the studies of the Midwestern Universities Research Association
  55. mura-035 Crosbie, E.A. Coupling of betatron and phase oscillations in a synchrotron
  56. mura-036 Comments on machines for the energy range 2-BeV to 10-Bev
  57. mura-037 Green, G.K. Report on magnetic measurements at Brookhaven
  58. mura-038 Sachs, R.G. On the application of very high-energy machines
  59. mura-039 Vogt-Nilsen, N. The Influence of radiation on oscillating electron orbits in an ideal betatron
  60. mura-040 Laslett, L.J. Concerning the attainment of stable orbits with negative momentum compaction
  61. mura-041 Terwilliger, K.M. Application of FFAG principle to betatron acceleration
  62. mura-042 Kerst, D.W. A Fixed field alternating gradient accelerator with spirally ridged poles
  63. mura-043 Symon, K.R. The FFAG synchrotron mark I
  64. mura-044 Jones, Lawrence W. 'Patch' operation of a fixed field alternating gradient accelerator, mark III, with comments on momentum compaction and amplitudes of oscil lation
  65. mura-045 Jones, Lawrence W. A Fixed Field Alternating Gradient synchrotron with a small circumference factor
  66. mura-046 Symon, K.R. FFAG with spiral poles, smooth approximation
  67. mura-047-1 Jauch, J.M. The Stability of orbits in a nonlinear AG synchrotron. 1. phase functions for canonical transformations
  68. mura-047-2 Jauch, J.M. Stability theory. 2. Some special canonical transformations in two-dimensional phase space
  69. mura-048 Jones, Lawrence W. Edge effects in FFAG, MARK-II
  70. mura-049-1 Powell, J.L. Nonlinearities in A.G. synchrotrons. Part I: A Survey of results obtained by use of fast digital computer
  71. mura-049-2 Powell, J.L. Nonlinearities in A. G. synchrotrons. Part II: Approximate transformations of the phase plane
  72. mura-050 Kerst, D.W. Negative momentum compaction in conventional A. G. synchrotrons
  73. mura-051 Laslett, L.J. Estimate of possible spatial variation of n
  74. mura-052 Jones, Lawrence W. FFAG Mark Ib formation including edges and straight sections
  75. mura-053 Jones, Lawrence W. A Mark Ib betatron design
  76. mura-054 Akeley, Edward S. Expansions which express the magnetic field on either side of a plane surface in terms of the magnetic field on the surface, and their application to the Mark V FFAG accelerator
  77. mura-055 Laslett, L.J. Approximation of Eigenvalues, and Eigenfunctions, by variational methods
  78. mura-056 Laslett, L.J. Paraxial lens action in electric ion optics or geometrical optics
  79. mura-057 Jones, Lawrence W. Injection into FFAG accelerators
  80. mura-058 Jones, Lawrence W. A Special case of Mark V parallel sloped bars
  81. mura-059 Terwilliger, K.M. Vertical aperture and field fluter with slotted pole pieces
  82. mura-060 Cole, F.T. Perturbation theory of AG motion with nonlinear restoring forces
  83. mura-061 Akeley, Edward S. A Method for determining the magnetic field in a region in terms of its values on a plane surface
  84. mura-062 Kerst, D.W. High-energy FFAG ring magnet with spirally ridged field
  85. mura-063 Symon, K.R. Contributions to the unified theory of FFAG fields
  86. mura-064 Kerst, D.W. Constant frequency cyclotrons with spirally ridged poles
  87. mura-065 Jones, Lawrence W. A Special case of MARK-II with no reverse field
  88. mura-066 Kerst, D.W. Gap in a spirally ridged pole
  89. mura-067 Cole, F.T. Detailed calculations of a small model FFAG Mark Ib accelerator. Part A and Part B
  90. mura-068 Elfe, T.B. Investigation of the effect of position of straight sections with application to the Mark V spirally ridged accelerator
  91. mura-069 Francis, N.C. Radial and phase motion in a synchrotron
  92. mura-070 Akeley, Edward S. The Vector potential of the magnetic field in the Mark V accelerator
  93. mura-071 Sessler, A.M. Determination of sigma in the model FFAG Mark Ib accelerator
  94. mura-072 Kerst, D.W. Distributions of straight sections in Mark V
  95. mura-073 Vogt-Nilsen, N. A Vector potential expansion and the corresponding equations of motion for a Mark V FFAG accelerator
  96. mura-074 Jones, Lawrence W. Injection into the Mark Ib FFAG model
  97. mura-075 Laslett, L.J. Character of particle motion in the Mark V FFAG accelerator
  98. mura-076 Sessler, A.M. The Construction of approximate phase plane transformations for AG synchrotrons, I.
  99. mura-076-a Sessler, A.M. The Construction of approximate phase plane transformations for AG synchrotrons, II
  100. mura-077 Judd, D.L. Analytical approximation in Mark V scalloped orbits and to radial betatron oscillations about them
  101. mura-078 Judd, D.L. Nonlinear terms in Mark V radial betatron equation
  102. mura-079 Sessler, A.M. Study of the effects of displaced sectors with approximate phase plane transformations
  103. mura-080 Powell, J.L. Mark V FFAG. Equations of motion for Illiac computation
  104. mura-081 Kerst, D.W. The Possibility of high intensities from FFAG accelerators providing a means of increasing the energy
  105. mura-082 Cole, F.T. Design parameters for an 8 sector
  106. mura-083 Wimpress, R. The Electrostatic field of the kicker electrodes in the BNL electron analog
  107. mura-084 Okhawa, T. An Application of FFAG principle to the phase oscillation in synchrotron
  108. mura-085 Fosdick, L.D. Investigations of f-imperfections in an alternating gradient synchrotron with nonlinear forces
  109. mura-086 Ohkawa, T. The Effects of the straight sections in Mark V
  110. mura-087 Properties of the RF acceleration program
  111. mura-088 Kerst, D.W. Some estimates of properties of intersecting beam accelerators
  112. mura-089 Laslett, L.J. Stable and unstable periodic orbits in certain Mark V accelerators as obtained by the Ridge Runner computational program
  113. mura-090 Sessler, A.M. Half sector phase plane transformations for an AG synchrotron
  114. mura-091 Ohkawa, T. Indirect acceleration
  115. mura-092 Sessler, A.M. Potentials and fields in a scaling accelerator
  116. mura-093 Ohkawa, T. Comments on several modifications of the magnetic field of spiral sector magnets
  117. mura-094 Laslett, L.J. Interpolation formulas for a two-dimensional net
  118. mura-095 Cole, F.T. Mark-5 FFAG expanded equations of motion
  119. mura-096 Cole, F.T. Equilibrium orbit in Mark-1 FFAG
  120. mura-097 Laslett, L.J. Proposal to refine the determination of the characterstic exponent in a Hills equation pertaining to the Mark-5 FFAG
  121. mura-098 Sessler, A.M. Acceleration schemes
  122. mura-099 Laslett, L.J. Proposed method for determining Mark V trajectories by aid of grid storage
  123. mura-100 Ohkawa, T. Mark V scalloped motion in the axial direction
  124. mura-101 Jones, Lawrence W. A Note on the accelerated beam obtained in the Michigan radial sector FFAG electron model
  125. mura-102 Crane, H.R. Maintaining the geometrical alignment of a large accelerator
  126. mura-103 Sessler, A.M. Memo on two-dimensional algebraic transformations which correspond to Hamiltonian systems
  127. mura-104 Jones, Lawrence W. A Small model fixed field alternating gradient radial sector accelerator
  128. mura-105 Laslett, L.J. Application of Walkinshaw's equation to the 2 sigma(y) = sigma(x) resonance
  129. mura-106 Symon, K.R. Methods of radio frequency acceleration in fixed field accelerators with applications to high current and intersecting beam accelerators
  130. mura-107 Laslett, L.J. The y-stability limit in spiral sector accelerators
  131. mura-108 Laslett, L.J. Particle orbits in fixed field alternating gradient accelerators
  132. mura-109 Krest, D.W. Fixed field alternating gradient particle accelerators
  133. mura-110 Lichtenberg, D.B. Intersecting beam accelerator with storage ring
  134. mura-111 Kerst, D.W. Properties of an intersecting beam accelerating system
  135. mura-112 Kerst, D.W. Spiral sector magnets
  136. mura-113 Jones, Lawrence W. Concentric and eccentric colliding beams geometries
  137. mura-114 Sessler, A.M. Proposed digital computer program to study the coupling of radial betatron oscillations
  138. mura-115 A Proposed possible extension of the digital computer program for studying foils and simple RF gaps
  139. mura-116 Johnston, L.H. Adiabatic damping of large amplitude phase oscillations in a linear accelerator
  140. mura-117 Akeley, Edward S. The magnetic field and the equations of motion in spherical coordinates for the Mark V FFAG accelerator
  141. mura-118 Vogt-Nilsen, N. Expansions of the characteristic exponents and the Floquet solutions for the linear homogeneous second order differential equation with periodic coefficients
  142. mura-119 Laslett, L.J. Analysis and computation of magnetic fields arising from two-dimensional pole configurations of interest in spiral sector accelerators
  143. mura-120 Laslett, L.J. The x-stability limit in spiral sector accelerators
  144. mura-121 Laslett, L.J. Calculations concerning particle motion in spirally ridged and separated sector FFAG accelerators
  145. mura-122 Weinberg, E. Approximate calculation of the potential at the boundary of a current carrying rectangular coil, at the corner of a pole
  146. mura-123 Vogt-Nilsen, N. A Short survey of digital computer results for radial motion in FFAG Mark V spiral ridge accelerators
  147. mura-124 Ohkawa, T. A Scaled radial sector FFAG for intersecting beams
  148. mura-125 Sessler, A.M. On the nonLiouvillian character of foils
  149. mura-126 Lichtenberg, D.B. Modification of Liouville's theorem required by the presence of dissipative forces
  150. mura-127 Cole, F.T. Tuning of vertical oscillations in separated sector Mark V by twisting magnets
  151. mura-128 Sessler, A.M. The x-stability limit in large f structures
  152. mura-129 Parzen, G. Nonlinear resonances in radial motion
  153. mura-130 Kerst, D.W. A Betatron beam stacking process and asynchronous acceleration without a large betatron core
  154. mura-131 Laslett, L.J. Fixed field alternating gradient accelerators
  155. mura-132 Lichtenberg, D.B. Gas scattering in fixed field proton accelerators
  156. mura-133 Terwilliger, K.M. Radio frequency knockout of stacked beams
  157. mura-134 Jones, Lawrence W. The Okhawa intersecting beam machine
  158. mura-135 Laslett, L.J. Results of miscellaneous two-dimensional potential computations, involving pole face currents, of possible interest in FFAG magnet design
  159. mura-136 Symon, K.R. Fundamental limitations on the performance of an adiabatic accelerator
  160. mura-137 Lichtenberg, D.B. A Simple method for RF acceleration in a fixed field machine
  161. mura-138 Jones, Lawrence W. Effects of bumps when magnet edges are important
  162. mura-139 Laslett, L.J. Axial amplitude limitations effected by sigma(x) + 2 sigma(y) = 2 pi
  163. mura-140 Ohkawa, T. Beam loading on an RF cavity and an acceleration scheme by velocity modulation
  164. mura-141 Jones, Lawrence W. Long straight sections in separated spiral sector accelerators
  165. mura-145 Snyder, J.N. sigma(1), sigma(2), psi(1), psi(2), eta(2) / eta (1), Eta-prime(2) / Eta-prime(1) tables
  166. mura-147 Belford, G. Table pertaining to solutions of a Hill equation
  167. mura-200 Parzen, G. Nonlinear resonances in alternating gradient accelerators
  168. mura-201 Denman, H. Numerical techniques
  169. mura-202 Cole, F.T. Ex post facto betatron frequency calculations for the Michigan radial sector FFAG betatron
  170. mura-203 Cole, F.T. Misalignments in the Michigan radial sector FFAG accelerator
  171. mura-204 Stump, R. Electrical characteristics of a model mechanically tuned radiofrequency cavity for a multi-Bev synchrotron
  172. mura-205 Laslett, L.J. Development of algorisms for Forocyl potential program
  173. mura-206 Laslett, L.Jackson Remarks on the invariant quadratic forms pertaining to motion characterized by a linear differential equation with periodic coefficient
  174. mura-207 Chang, Tsu-shen Energy of colliding proton beams and angular distribution of mesons produced
  175. mura-208 Lichtenberg, D.B. Energy dependence of space charge forces in an accelerator beam
  176. mura-209 Ohkawa, Tihiro Acceleration by fixed frequency cavities independent of the rotational frequency of particles
  177. mura-210 Van Bladel, J. The Reaction of a cavity on the beam current
  178. mura-211 Laslett, L.Jackson Use of a scalar potential in two-dimensional magnetostatic computations with distributed currents
  179. mura-212 Jones, Lawrence W. Effects of resonances in the radial sector FFAG model
  180. mura-213 Laslett, L.Jackson Computational checks of particle motion in the Illinois separated sector FFAG model, without perturbations
  181. mura-214 Ohkawa, T. Prelimiinary considerations of the acceleration of particles by relfection of electromagnetic waves
  182. mura-215 Kerst, D.W. Suppression of betatron oscillation excitation (RF knockout) by the RF accelerating system of a fixed field accelerator
  183. mura-216 Kerst, D.W. Report on visit to MachletT Laboratories, Inc.
  184. mura-217 Parzen, George Coupled nonlinear resonances in alternating gradient accelerators
  185. mura-218 Laslett, L.Jackson Stable equilibrium orbit in several large scale spiral sector FFAG accelerators
  186. mura-219 Cole, F.T. An Electron model Fixed Field Alternating Gradient accelerator
  187. mura-220 Van Bladel, J. Rough calculations on flange coupled cavities
  188. mura-221 FOROCYL program (program 13) including FORMERGE (Program 50)
  189. mura-222 FORMESH program (program 26)
  190. mura-223 Cole, F.T. SCOFFLAW program (program 30)
  191. mura-224 Symon, K. JOYBUCKETS (program 32)
  192. mura-225 Mills, Frederick E. TTT (programme 39): A Programme for RF study
  193. mura-226 Fosdick, L.D. Well tempered five (program 46)
  194. mura-227 Snyder, J.N. FORMERGE (program 50)
  195. mura-228 Snyder, J.N. FORANAL (program 52): A Program for Fourier analysis
  196. mura-229 Snyder, J.N. ATEMESH (program 53)
  197. mura-230 Snyder, J.N. EQUICYL (program 54)
  198. mura-231 Snyder, J.N. Fixed point search, rotation number, and invariant coefficient programmes: FORFIX Point (programme 55), FORFIX Point with FUMBLEBUMPS (programme 66), FORFIX Point with GRUMBLEBUMPS (programme 67)
  199. mura-232 Snyder, J.N. SIXTEEN MESH (program 56)
  200. mura-233 Storm, M.R. Algytee (program 58)
  201. mura-234 Snyder, J.N. FORMESH FUMBLEBUMPS (program 60)
  202. mura-235 Snyder, J.N. FORMESH with MUMBLEBUMPS (program 61)
  203. mura-236 Snyder, J.N. FORMESH with GRUMBLEBUMPS (program 62)
  204. mura-237 Snyder, J.N. DUCK ANSWER (programme 75)
  205. mura-238 Snyder, J.N. INVARIANT DUCK BUMPS (program 77)
  206. mura-239 Messy Messy (program 78)
  207. mura-240 King, Richard FORERUNNER (program 57)
  208. mura-241 Fosdick, L.D. Tempermesh (program 76)
  209. mura-242 Snyder, J.N. FORMESH field print(program 86)
  210. mura-243 Snyder, J.N. Lower binary loader, one card, MU-LBL3
  211. mura-244 Snyder, J.N. Upper binary loader, one card, MU-UBL1
  212. mura-245 Snyder, J.N. Shifting binary loader, one card, MU-SBL2
  213. mura-246 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning the y growth phenomenon exhibited by algebraic transformations
  214. mura-247 Laslett, L.Jackson Supplemental note concerning the algebraic transformations of MURA-246
  215. mura-248 Laslett, L.J. Stability limit in spiral sector structures near sigma x = 2pi / 4
  216. mura-249 Kerst, D.W. The relation of eigenpoles to back wound poles, reluctance poles, and other derived pole structures and their winding error effects
  217. mura-250 Parzen, G. The 2 nu(y) - nu(x0 = 0 difference resonance
  218. mura-251 Laslett, L.Jackson Lapse rate characterizing the convergence of a FOROCYL potential problem
  219. mura-252 Laslett, L.Jackson Approximate solutions to the Mathieu equation
  220. mura-253 Laslett, L.Jackson Optimum spacing of polygonal coils for uniform central field
  221. mura-254 Terwilliger, K.M. A Radio frequency system for experiments with the FFAG electron model
  222. mura-255 Terwilliger, K.M. Radio frequency experiments with an FFAG electron model accelerator
  223. mura-256 Jones, Lawrence W. Radial sector accelerators with smaller circumference factor
  224. mura-257 Laslett, L.Jackson Effect of Delta k errors in Illinois model
  225. mura-258 Parzen, G. The Equilibrium orbit of a fixed field accelerator
  226. mura-259 Van Bladel, J. Fields in gap excited rectangular ducts
  227. mura-260 Jones, Lawrence W. Experiments on radio frequency knockout of stacked beams
  228. mura-261 Ohkawa, Tihiro A Speculation on a method of propulsion by ion thrust
  229. mura-262 Freiser, M.J. Winding and construction errors in reluctance pole magnets
  230. mura-263 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning coupling resonances in the spirally ridged FFAG accelerator
  231. mura-264 Ballance, R. Binary check sum checker and corrector, one card, MU-CSC2
  232. mura-265 Fosdick, L.D. Octal dump, MU-OCD1
  233. mura-266 Zographos, E.M. Integer dump, MU-IND1
  234. mura-267 Snyder, J.N. Effective address search routine, MU-EAS2
  235. mura-268 Snyder, J.N. Transfer test, visual, MU-TTV1
  236. mura-269 Snyder, J.N. Relocatable to absolute translator, MU-RAT1
  237. mura-270 Fosdick, L.D. Fraction dump, MU-FRD1
  238. mura-271 Snyder, J.N. The reflective 704, MU-704R
  239. mura-272 Terwilliger, K.M. Suppression of radio frequency knock out in stacked beams by phase shifting the betatron oscillations
  240. mura-273 Parzen, G. The Linear equations of motion and the tune of a fixed field accelerator
  241. mura-274 Snyder, J.N. Read decimal integer routine, MU-RD11
  242. mura-275 Snyder, J.N. Double precision addition, fixed point, MU-DPA2
  243. mura-276 Fosdick, L.D. Fixed point exponential, BASE-E, MU-EXP1
  244. mura-277 Fosdick, L.D. Fixed point exponential, BASE-2, MU-EXP2
  245. mura-278 Zagraphos, E.M. Binary punch routine, MU-BPU1
  246. mura-279 Zagraphos, E.M. Binary punch routine, MU-BPU2
  247. mura-280 Day, E.A. Vacuum techniques for the range 10**-8mm Hg to 10**-10mm Hg
  248. mura-281 Quarterly report to the Atomic Energy Commission for the period February 6, 1956 to March 31, 1957
  249. mura-282 Fosdick, L.D. The MURA assembler MURASS
  250. mura-283 Fosdick, L.D. Variable column fraction print, MU PRF1
  251. mura-284 Fosdick, L.D. Six column fraction print, MU PRF2
  252. mura-285-scl-s Fosdick, L.D. Variable column integer print, MU PRIl
  253. mura-286 Fosdick, L.D. Six column integer print, MU PRI2
  254. mura-287 Zographos, E.M. Variable column integer or fraction print, MU PIF1
  255. mura-288 Zographos, E.M. Variable column, variable digit rounded fraction print, MU PRF3
  256. mura-289 King, Richard Fixed point arctangent, MU ATN1
  257. mura-290 Fosdick, L.D. Fixed point square root, MU SQR2
  258. mura-291 Storm, M 24 word per card binary loader (one card), MU LBL4
  259. mura-292 Storm, M.R. Read octal number routine, MU RON1
  260. mura-293 Zographos, E.M. Self loading binary punch routine, MU BPU3
  261. mura-294 McNall, J.F. Read decimal integers routine, MU RDI2
  262. mura-295 Laslett, L.Jackson Computational examples of solutions to differential equations which simulate growth of axial oscillations in an FFAG accelerator operated near the sigma(x) = 2 sigma(y) resonance
  263. mura-296 Snyder, J.N. Formesh (invariants) scope - programme 113
  264. mura-297 Snyder, J.N. Equicyl scope - programme 118
  265. mura-298 Snyder, J.N. Invariant Duck Bumps scope - programme 116
  266. mura-299 Snyder, J.N. TTT scope - programme 119
  267. mura-300 Parzen, G. Stability limits for the nonlinear resonances in a general spiral sector accelerator
  268. mura-301 Van Bladel, J. Normal modes methods for boundary excited waveguides
  269. mura-302 Laslett, L.Jackson Round off errors from fixed point linear algebraic transformations computed by IBM 704 program 117
  270. mura-303 Zographos, E.M. Double precision floating point addition, MU DPA1
  271. mura-307 Zographos, E.M. Fixed point logarithm, base 2, MU LOG2
  272. mura-309 Fosdick, L.D. Channel Five (problem 120)
  273. mura-310 Ohkawa, Tihiro Electronic devices using plasmas in a magnetic field
  274. mura-311 Enoch, J. Properties of neutralized relativistic electron beams
  275. mura-312 Fosdick, L.D. Fixed point LOGARITHM, base e, MU LOG3
  276. mura-313 Fosdick, L.D. Fixed point square root, MU SQR3
  277. mura-314 McNall, J.F. Read floating decimal routine, MU RFD2
  278. mura-315 Storm, M.R. Self-loading binary punch routine, MU BPU4
  279. mura-316 King, R.F. Read decimal fraction, MU RDF3
  280. mura-317 King, R.F. Read decimal fraction, MU RDF4
  281. mura-318 Ohkawa, Tihiro On the Two beam FFAG accelerator
  282. mura-319 Mills, R.E. Resonances of certain Hill equations
  283. mura-320 Laslett, L.Jackson Computational evidence for a spirally ridged FFAG resonance near 3 sigma(x) + 2 sigma(y) = 2 pi
  284. mura-321 Quarterly report to the Atomic Energy Commission for the period April 1, 1957 to June 30, 1957
  285. mura-322 Zographos, E.M. Gauss quadrature (three-point), MU GQF1
  286. mura-323 McNall, J.F. Variable column floating decimal print, MU PFD1
  287. mura-324 McNall, J.F. Floating decimal dump, MU FDD1
  288. mura-325 Storm, M.R. Integer cathode ray tube display, MU SCP1
  289. mura-326 Snyder, J.N. Fixed point cube root, MU CRT2
  290. mura-327 Freiser, M.J. Convergence rates of iterative treatments of Laplace's equation
  291. mura-328 Snyder, J.N. Formesh with Stumblebumps (program 138)
  292. mura-329 Stevenson, A.F. Form of solution of linear differential equations whose coefficients are multiply periodic series
  293. mura-330 Terwilliger, K.M. Beam stacking experiments in an electron model FFAG accelerator
  294. mura-331 King, Richard Variable column integer cathode ray tube display, MU SCP7
  295. mura-332 King, Richard Six column fraction cathode ray tube display, MU SCP2
  296. mura-333 Storm, M.R. Fixed point Newton-Cotes quadrature, MU NCI1
  297. mura-334 King, Richard Six column integer cathode ray tube display, MU SCP6
  298. mura-336 Morton, Phil L. On the Design of spiral sector accelerators
  299. mura-337-a Addendum to report MURA-337: Fields in slanted gap excited rectangular ducts
  300. mura-338 Anderson, Jesse C. Forsups (programme 99)
  301. mura-339 Akeley, Edward S. The production by volume current distributions of magnetic fields, which are represented by spherical harmonics in a current free region, which encloses part of the median plane
  302. mura-340 Mills, Roger E. Solutions and approximate solutions to a Hill's equation and the Mathieu equation
  303. mura-341 King, R.F. Fixed point square root, MU SQR4
  304. mura-345 Fosdick, L.D. General alphanumeric cathode ray display, MU SCP3
  305. mura-346 McNall, J.F. Floating point overflow and underflow test, MU OUT7
  306. mura-347 Storm, M.R. Algytee scope (program 121)
  307. mura-348 Chapman, Elizabeth Z. Cathode ray tube point plotter, MU SCP8
  308. mura-360 Anderson, Jess A Manual for the use of MURA IBM 704 production programmes
  309. mura-361 Stump, R. Frequency measurements and resonance survey in the electron model spiral sector FFAG accelerator
  310. mura-362 Parzen, G. The nu = 1/3 N nonlinear resonance of a fixed field accelerator
  311. mura-363 Ling, D.S. Studies on electron synchroclash
  312. mura-364 Jones, Lawrence W. Notes on the Berkeley Budker conference
  313. mura-365 Parzen, G. Theory of the nu(y) - nu(x) = 0 nonlinear resonance in alternating gradient accelerators
  314. mura-366 Freiser, M.J. Effects of field bumps due to slotted poles
  315. mura-370 Storm, M.R. Fixed point Newton-Cotes quadrature, MU NCI2
  316. mura-372 Storm, M.R. Formesh Smallerens (program 159)
  317. mura-373 Cole, F.T. Design of a 50-MeV electron radial sector FFAG accelerator
  318. mura-374 Quarterly report to the Atomic Energy Commission for the period July 1, 1957 to September 30, 1957
  319. mura-375 Cole, F.T. Parameters and dimensions of the 50-MeV electron FFAG accelerator
  320. mura-376 Parzen, G. The Radiation energy loss in a fixed field accelerator
  321. mura-377 Cole, F.T. Field calculations for digital computation with nonscaling dynamics
  322. mura-378 Westlund, G.A. Budbit (programme 157)
  323. mura-379 Parzen, G. The Nonlinear coupling resonances of an accelerator
  324. mura-380 Cole, F.T. NonHamiltonian dynamical systems
  325. mura-381 Van Blandel, J. General formulas for gap excited linear ducts
  326. mura-382 Storm, M.R. Coilmate (programme 172)
  327. mura-383 Bacopoulos, A. On A Reversed field spiral sector accelerator
  328. mura-384 Parzen, George Theoretical design of a large two-way radial sector FFAG accelerator
  329. mura-385 Jones, Lawrence W. Space charge limit on beam current in alternating gradient accelerators
  330. mura-386 Snyder, J.N. Gollyconder (programme 171)
  331. mura-387 Meier, Homer Expansion of a Hamiltonian using the Moser method
  332. mura-388 Westlund, G.A. Variable column integer print, MU PRI4
  333. mura-392 Kister, James Gendarme (programme 124)
  334. mura-393 Parzen, G. On Constructing straight sections in a two-way FFAG accelerator
  335. mura-394 Bieri, R.H. Incertainty in the definition of momentum and emission angle of mesons or hyperons produced in the colliding beam interaction of protons
  336. mura-395 Westlund, G.A. Squave (programme 190)
  337. mura-396 Jones, Lawrence W. Some characteristics of the 40-MeV two-way electron model
  338. mura-397 Parzen, G. Theory of accelerators with a general magnetic field
  339. mura-401 Storm, M.R. Scope grid plotter, MU SCO1
  340. mura-405 Bieri, R.H. Lifetime of an electron in a relativistic proton beam
  341. mura-406 Cole, F.T. Scaling radial sector FFAG accelerators without median plane symmetry
  342. mura-407 Wallenmeyer, W.A. Resonance survey in the electron model spiral sector FFAG accelerator
  343. mura-408 Smith, James H. Report on shielding the MURA high intensity 50-MeV electron accelerator
  344. mura-409 Van Bladel, J. Momentum kicks for particles crossing a gap at an angle
  345. mura-410 Bieri, R.H. Care and feeding of the ultrahigh vacuum system of the two-way model
  346. mura-411 Chapman, Elizabeth Z. Ill Tempered Five (program 175)
  347. mura-412 Jones, Lawrence W. An FFAG accelerator for achieving 9-BeV center-of-mass collisions between electrons and protons
  348. mura-413 Nielsen, C.E. Longitudinal space charge effects in fixed field particle accelerators
  349. mura-414 Davidson, Charles H. SIFON4 (program 132): Simulation of an IBM 650 on an IBM 704
  350. mura-415 Kehoe, Brandt KEFUNCO (program 206)
  351. mura-416 Jones, Lawrence W. Current status of the luminescent chamber
  352. mura-417 Westlund, G.A. Selective audio monitor, MU SAM1 (octal print)
  353. mura-423 Foster, Margaret A Study of the RF phase plane near transition with frequency modulation
  354. mura-424 Thorne, Gerald General Equations of Motion 1 (GEM1) (program 201)
  355. mura-425 Symon, Keith R. Report on the high-energy physics conference in Geneva and on a visit to the CERN laboratory
  356. mura-426 Johnston, L.H. RF program for the 40-MeV two-way electron model
  357. mura-427 Terwilliger, T.M. Beam extraction from an FFAG synchrotron
  358. mura-428 Chapman, Elizabeth Z. ILL TEMPERED FIVE: Cyclotron overwrite #1 (program 197)
  359. mura-430 Jones, Lawrence W. Comparison of 10 and 15-BeV two-way FFAG accelerator designs
  360. mura-431 Parzen, George Theory of the AG synchrotron
  361. mura-432 Laslett, L.Jackson Computational solutions of the two-dimensional wave equation for a cross shaped region
  362. mura-433 Mills, R.L. Liouville's theorem for a continuous medium with conservative interactions
  363. mura-434 Morton, Phil L. Effects of radial straight sections on the betatron oscillation frequencies in a spiral sector FFAG accelerator
  364. mura-435 Laslett, L.Jackson Remarks concerning the interference of higher order Fourier coefficients in the results obtained with the FORANAL program
  365. mura-436 Swenson, D.A. Description of a function generator
  366. mura-437 Cole, F.T. Scaling spiral sector FFAG accelerators without median plane symmetry
  367. mura-438 McNall, J.F. DUCNALL (program 219)
  368. mura-440 Van Bladel, J. On Helmholtz's theorem in infinite regions
  369. mura-441 Nielsen, C.E. On the instability of a coasting beam
  370. mura-442 Sessler, A.M. Proposed digital computer program to study an N body problem with one degree of freedom
  371. mura-443 Laslett, L.Jackson The Nonlinear coupling resonance 2 nu(y) - nu(x) = 1
  372. mura-444 Laslett, L.Jackson On the Spiral orbit spectrometer
  373. mura-445 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning resonant beam knockout from an A-G synchrotron
  374. mura-450 Storm, M.R. TTT Scope stimulation
  375. mura-451 Parzen, George Theory of accelerators with a general magnetic field. II
  376. mura-452 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning the nu/N ---> 1/3 resonance, I: Application ofa variational procedure and of the Moser method to the equation d**2 v/dt**2 + (2nu/N)**2 v + 1/2 (sin 2 t) v**2 = 0
  377. mura-453 Jones, Lawrence W. Possible high current 10-BeV proton accelerators
  378. mura-454 Parzen, George A Summary of the linear orbit properties of an accelerator having a general magnetic field
  379. mura-455 Symon, Keith R. Report on Brookhaven AGS User's Meeting held in Washington D. C., April 29, 1959
  380. mura-456 Cole, F.T. Remarks on the design of FFAG accelerators
  381. mura-457 Chapman, Elizabeth Z. Change in ILL TEMPERED FIVE (program 220)
  382. mura-458 Becher, Adam Particle - particle collisions in a stacked beam
  383. mura-459 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning the nu/N ---> 1/3 resonance. 2. Application of a variational procedure and of the Moser method to the equation d**2 v/dt**2 + (2nu/N)**2 v + 1/2 [Sigma(m=1) b(m) sin 2 mt] v**2 + 0
  384. mura-460 Terwilliger, Kent M. Cost estimate comparison of three multi-BeV FFAG accelerators
  385. mura-461 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning the nu/N ---> 1/3 resonance. 3. Use of the Moser method to estimate the rotation number, as a function of amplitude, for the equation d**2v/dt**2 + (2nu/N)**2 v + 1/2 (sin 2t) v**2 + 0
  386. mura-462 Cole, F.T. High current effects in FFAG accelerators
  387. mura-463 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning the nu/N ---> 1/3 resonance, IV: The Limiting amplitude solution of the equation d**2u/d phi**2 + (a + B cos 2 phi) u + B(1)/2 (sin 2 phi) u**2 + 0
  388. mura-464 Sessler, A.M. Energy loss effects and the instability of a coasting beam
  389. mura-465 Sands, Matthew Ultrahigh-energy synchrotrons
  390. mura-466 Van Bladel, J. Image forces in the third MURA model
  391. mura-467 Blewett, M.H. A High repetition rate 15-BeV Alternating Gradient synchrotron
  392. mura-468 Kitagaki, Toshio Cost of a 10-BeV scanning field AG synchrotron
  393. mura-469 Cool, R.L. Summary of discussion of the physical interest in higher intensity
  394. mura-470 Adair, R.K. Desirable beam characteristics of high intensity accelerators
  395. mura-471 Walker, W.D. Energy considerations for high intensity accelerators
  396. mura-472 Good, M. Beam separators
  397. mura-473 Roberts, Arthur Notes on the session on the experimental uses of high intensity accelerators
  398. mura-474 Blewett, J.P. The Linear accelerator: A Brief summary
  399. mura-475 Robinson, Kenneth W. Multiple frequency accelerators
  400. mura-476 Storm, M.R. DUCK WADDLE (program 249)
  401. mura-477 Reilly, David Computer studies of beam stacking effects
  402. mura-478 Mozley, Robert F. The Cost of a 10-BeV proton linear accelerator
  403. mura-479 Goldwasser, Edwin L. Utilization of very high-energies
  404. mura-480 Nielsen, C.E. Longitudinal space charge effects - phase boundary equations and potential kernels
  405. mura-481 Van Bladel, J. Sets of eigenvectors for volumes of revolution
  406. mura-482 Anderson, J. Fixed point Runge-Kutta, MU RKY4
  407. mura-485 Becher, Adam Interpolation formula with two continuous derivatives
  408. mura-486 Hammer, C.L. Proposed electron - electron scattering experiment
  409. mura-487 Terwilliger, K.M. Achieving higher beam densities by superposing equilibrium orbits
  410. mura-488 Nielsen, C.E. Longitudinal space charge effects: Influence of energy loss
  411. mura-489 Chapman, Elizabeth Z. DRYTEMPER (program 250)
  412. mura-490 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning the nu/N ---> 1/3 resonance, IV: A Trial function for the limiting amplitude solution of d**2u/d phi**2 + (a + b cos 2 phi) u + B(1)/2 (sin 2 phi) u**2 = 0
  413. mura-491 Lilliequist, C.G. Deviations from adiabatic behavior during capture of particles into an RF bucket
  414. mura-492 Christofilos, N. Acceleration across the transition energy without increase in amplitude of synchrotron oscillations
  415. mura-494 Symon, K.R. Estimated parameters, performance and cost of colliding beam devices
  416. mura-495 Cole, F.T. Preliminary analytic work on nonscaling spiral sector FFAG accelerators
  417. mura-496 Yavin, Avivi I. On the Advisability of injection from a cyclotron
  418. mura-497 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning the nu/N ---> 1/3 resonance, V: Analysis of the equation d**2 v/ds**2 + (2 nu/N)**2 v - b/2 (cos 2 s) v**2 - lambda (cos 2 s/3) + 0
  419. mura-498 Parzen, George Theory of the fixed frequency cyclotron
  420. mura-499 Lichtenberg, Don B. Background in the neighborhood of a colliding beam region
  421. mura-501 Kehoe, Brandt SQUAVER II (program 246)
  422. mura-503 Mullin, C.J. Beam lifetime in the MURA electron FFAG accelerator
  423. mura-505 Storm, M.R. Roots of a polynomial (program 259)
  424. mura-506 Lichtenberg, Don B. Remarks on elementary particles and their interactions
  425. mura-507 Smith, Willy Estimate of radiation levels for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator
  426. mura-508 Westlund, G.A. Equations of motion SUBROUTINE - EQUAM, 704 FORTRAN program
  427. mura-509 Stump, Robert Use of pickup electrode in Wisconsin model
  428. mura-510 Stump, Robert The Displacement RF system of the Wisconsin model
  429. mura-511 Stump, Robert Operating characteristics of the RF system for the Wisconsin model
  430. mura-512 Stump, Robert Ferrite cavity model
  431. mura-513 Parzen, G. Beat factors for an accelerator with a general magnetic field
  432. mura-514 Dory, R.A. Effects of radial straight sections on the betatron oscillation frequencies in a spiral sector FFAG accelerator
  433. mura-515 Laslett, L.Jackson Concerning the nu/N ---> 1/3 resonance, VI: Phase plots and fixed points obtained computationally for several equations affected by the nu/N ---> 1/3 resonance
  434. mura-516 Cole, F.T. International conference on high-energy accelerators and instrumentation at CERN
  435. mura-517 Haxby, R.O. Report on a visit to University College, London
  436. mura-518 Cole, F.T. Report on a visit to Harwell, England
  437. mura-519 Haxby, R.O. Report on visits to the Center for Nuclear Studies, Saclay, France
  438. mura-520 Westlund, G.A. Printer Paper Plotter, MU PPP5: 704 FORTRAN program
  439. mura-521 Westlund, G.A. Variable column integer or fraction print, MU PIF3: 704 SAP program
  440. mura-522 Westlund, G.A. Variable column floating decimal print, MU PFD3: 704 SAP program
  441. mura-523 Westlund, G.A. Floating point natural logarithm, MU LOG5: 704 FORTRAN II or SAP program
  442. mura-524 Westlund, G.A. Runge-Kutta and print, MU RKP1: 704 FORTRAN II program
  443. mura-525 Storm, M.R. SQUAVER III (program 254)
  444. mura-526 Westlund, G.A. SQUAVER IV (program 265)
  445. mura-527 Chapman, Elizabeth Z. SPIRIT (program 245)
  446. mura-528 Chapman, Elizabeth Z. GRINDERS (program 264)
  447. mura-529 Mills, Frederick E. Report on a visit to Physikalisches Staatinstitut, Hamburg
  448. mura-530 Smith, Willy Energy and angular distribution of the particles resulting from the collision of a 15-BeV proton with a nucleon at rest
  449. mura-531 Curtis, C.D. Use of an electrolytic tank
  450. mura-532- Westlund, G.A. Floating point Runge-Kutta, MU RKY6: 704 SAP program
  451. mura-533 Westlund, G.A. Universal Dump: 704 program
  452. mura-534 Westlund, G.A. HALFDUCK (program F12)
  453. mura-535 Snowdon, S.C. Current sources for scaling magnetic fields
  454. mura-536 Westlund, G.A. READ DATA CARDS, MU RCD2: 704 SAP or FORTRAN program
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  456. mura-538 Van Bladel, J. Fields excited by beam currents in circular accelerators
  457. mura-539 Snowdon, S.C. Current sources for scaling magnetic fields (II)
  458. mura-540 Jones, Lawrence W. Experimental utilization of colliding beams
  459. mura-541 Jones, Lawrence W. Beam extraction from FFAG synchrotrons
  460. mura-542 Haxby, R.O. Experience with a spiral sector FFAG electron accelerator
  461. mura-543 The MURA two way electron accelerator
  462. mura-544 Cole, F.T. Radial straight sections in spiral sector FFAG accelerators
  463. mura-545 Cole, F.T. Typical designs of high-energy FFAG accelerators
  464. mura-546 Laslett, L.J. Computational results pertaining to use of a time dependent magnetic field perturbation to implement injection or extraction in a FFAG synchrotron
  465. mura-547 Meier, H. Analytical and computational studies on the interaction of a sum and a difference resonance
  466. mura-548 Jones, Lawrence W. Comparison of experimental results with the theory of radio frequency acceleration processes in FFAG accelerators
  467. mura-549 Nielsen, C.E. Longitudinal instabilities in intense relativistic beams
  468. mura-550 Westlund, G.A. Floating point sin cosine, MU SIN4: 704 FORTRAN II or SAP program
  469. mura-551 Westlund, G.A. PSEUDONYMER, MU SYM1: 704 program
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  471. mura-553 Snowdon, S.C. Magnetic field calculations using distributed currents
  472. mura-554 Symon, K.R. High-energy neutrino experiments with a high intensity FFAG accelerator
  473. mura-555 Wong, W.N. Electromagnetic fields in a donut space
  474. mura-556 Wong, W.N. On Sturrock's perturbation theory
  475. mura-557 Storm, M.R. MU CAD1, complex addition subroutine: Fortran II program
  476. mura-558 Bronca, G. On Robinson's multiple frequency accelerator
  477. mura-559 Kerst, D.W. Electron model of a spiral sector accelerator
  478. mura-560 Bronca, G. Adiabatic behavior near transition energy
  479. mura-561 Laslett, L.J. Computational results pertaining to use of a time dependent magnetic field perturbation to implement injection or extraction in a FFAG synchrotron by use of the nu(r) = N/3 resonance
  480. mura-562 Westlund, G.A. Sense switch one interrupter - MU SAVE: 704 FORTRAN program
  481. mura-563 Rosen, Simon Peter Some notes on the kinematics of high-energy nucleon - nucleon collisions
  482. mura-564 Westlund, G.A. Floating point factorial, MU FACT: 704 FORTRAN II program
  483. mura-565 Westlund, G.A. LOAD BUTTON sequences (MU LBS1, MULBS2, MULBS3): 704 FORTRAN II programs
  484. mura-566 McNall, John F. CURSES (foiled again), (program 287)
  485. mura-567 Laslett, L.Jackson Schwarz-Christoffel transformations pertaining to magnet edges or peelers
  486. mura-568 Christian, R.S. Alternative formulations of magnetostatic problems
  487. mura-569 Akeley, Edward S. The Production by surface currents of magnetic fields suitable for spiral ridge accelerators
  488. mura-571 Westlund, G.A. XMASH (program F16)
  489. mura-573 Westlund, G.A. Floating point exponential, MU EXP3: 704 FORTRAN program
  490. mura-574 Rosen, Simon Peter On The Neutrinos emitted in beta decay and mu capture
  491. mura-575 Bronca, G. Acceleration across transition energy
  492. mura-576 Richter, Burton Proposed radiofrequency separator
  493. mura-578 Dory, Robert A. Constant area RF buckets in the IBM 704 programme TTT
  494. mura-580 Westlund, G.A. Positive random integer generator
  495. mura-581 Westlund, G.A. MISHMASH (program F23) and DATA CHECK (program F28)
  496. mura-582 Westlund, G.A. FRANCIS (program F27)
  497. mura-583 Snowdon, S.C. Integral scaling magnetic field using distributed windings
  498. mura-584 Good, M.L. Electromagnetic separation of secondary beams at the MURA accelerator
  499. mura-586 Cristal, Bud Modified Bessel functions of the first kind, order zero
  500. mura-587 Storm, M.R. FOURIER-SUM (program F43)
  501. mura-588 Dickman, D. COSPLASH (program 308)
  502. mura-589 Gordon, M.M. Linear oscillations about off center, fixed point orbits
  503. mura-590 Jones, Lawrence W. A Neutrino beam design
  504. mura-591 Snowdon, S.C. Relaxation calculation of integral scaling magnetic fields produced by distributed currents
  505. mura-592 Parzen, G. A proposal for the study of long-time stability
  506. mura-593 Blosser, Henry G. Performance estimates for injector cyclotrons
  507. mura-594 Denman, Harry H. Convergence rate of the nine point extrapolated Liebmann algorithm
  508. mura-595 Lassettre, C.A. Computational studies of coupling resonances in spirally ridged accelerators
  509. mura-596 Sessler, A.M. Theoretical remarks concerning the 3 sigma(x) + 2 sigma(y) = 2 pi resonance in spiral sector accelerators
  510. mura-597 Dickman, Donald One13 (program 312)
  511. mura-598 Dickman, Donald 704 off-line sub - routines
  512. mura-600 Westlund, G.A. Read data tape, MU RDT1 - 704 FORTRAN program
  513. mura-601 Westlund, G.A. Off-line plotter, MU PLOT - 704 FORTRAN program
  514. mura-602 Snowdon, S.C. Relaxation calculation of magnetic fields produced by distributed currents in presence of iron with a variable permeability
  515. mura-603 Carlson, H.L. FORTRAN Fourier analysis routine, MU FAN1: 704 FORTRAN program
  516. mura-604 Chapman, Elizabeth Z. FLEXIBLE FIVER (program 280)
  517. mura-606 Boilen, J.B. The Effect of nearby buckets on bucket area in RF acceleration
  518. mura-611 Wong, W.N. Time modes of a coasting beam in a simple perturbation approach
  519. mura-612 Wong, W.N. Effects of radial straight sections from a general point of view
  520. mura-616 Storm, M.R. Column binary cards - to - tape MU CTB1 - 1401 program
  521. mura-617 Westlund, G.A. UNICYL (program F47)
  522. mura-618 Peekna, Andres Experimental stress analysis of a circular bubble chamber window with a beveled mounting
  523. mura-619 Van Bladel, J. Screening with current sheets
  524. mura-620 Bjerke, C.C. Sort by column and character, MU SRTC: 1401 program
  525. mura-621 Carlson, H.L. SHARE abstract listing routine, MU X1: 1401 program
  526. mura-622 Edwards, Terry W. Proton linear accelerator cavity calculations
  527. mura-623 Van Bladel, J. The Effect of curvature on the fields in a circular accelerator
  528. mura-624 Storm, M.R. BCD cards to tape program, MU CTH1: 1401 program
  529. mura-625 Storm, M.R. Sequential numeric card sort, MU SRT2: 1401 program
  530. mura-626 Bjerke, C.C. Row binary card dump, MU RBCD: 1401 program
  531. mura-627 Dory, R.A. BSS loader with FORTRAN feature, BFF loader: 704 SAP program
  532. mura-628 Dory, R.A. 80 Column card lister, X10: 1401 SPS program
  533. mura-629 Anderson, Jess The Parmesh dynamics program
  534. mura-630 Anderson, Jess The Parmesh dynamics program
  535. mura-631 Dory, R.A. 704 SAP program
  536. mura-632 Storm, M.R. SPS1 disassembler, MU DSMB: IBM 1401 program
  537. mura-633 Van Bladel, J. Some remarks on force free coils
  538. mura-634 Parzen, George Perturbation theory for accelerators with a general magnetic field
  539. mura-635 Anderson, Jess The PARMESH dynamics program III
  540. mura-636 Bush, George COILFINDER
  541. mura-637 Van Bladel, J. The Excitation of a resonant cavity by waveguides of small cross-sectional dimensions
  542. mura-642 Edwards, Terry W. MESSYMESH (program F46)
  543. mura-644 Bjerke, C. The Excitation of a circular cylindrical cavity by a circular waveguide
  544. mura-645 Swenson, D.A. Computer program for beam transport problems
  546. mura-649 Morin, Dornis C., Jr. Transverse space charge effects in particle accelerators
  547. mura-654 Dory, R.A. Nonlinear azimuthal space charge effects in particle accelerators
  548. mura-660 Edwards, Terry W. MEMORY DUMP / SAVE subroutines - MU SAVE: 704 FORTRAN subroutines coded in FAP
  549. mura-661 Wong, W.N. On the stability of orbits in a spiral magnetic field
  550. mura-666 Shoultz, Werner William Resonant beam extraction in fixed field alternating gradient accelerators
  551. mura-667 Parzen, George Perturbation theory for accelerators with a general magnetic field. 2.
  552. mura-669 Edwards, Terry W. Explicit solution of the general cubic equation - MU CUBIC: 704 FORTRAN subroutine
  553. mura-673 Parzen, George Effects of field perturbations in FFAG accelerators
  555. mura-679 Morton, P.L. Particle dynamics in linear accelerators
  556. mura-698 Galonsky, A. Neutrino fluxes without focusing and with 'ideal' focusing
  557. mura-700 Snowdon, S.C. Study of a 500-MeV high intensity injector
  558. mura-701 Rowe, E.M. On the suitability of the 500-MeV FFAG synchrotron as an injector for the AGS and LGS
  559. mura-702 Edwards, Terry W. Divide by zero locater - MU DIVZR: 704 SAP subroutine
  560. mura-704 Meads, Philip F.Jr. Floating point Runge-Kutta, MU RKY7
  561. mura-706 Snowdon, S.C. Algorithms for relaxation calculation of FFAG magnetostatic fields
  562. mura-707 Curtis, C.D. Preaccelerator column design
  563. mura-708 Kreiegler, F.J. Magnetic field calculations suitable for a heavy liquid bubble chamber magnet
  564. mura-709 del Castillo, G. A low field superconducting FFAG model magnet
  565. mura-710 Edwards, Terry W. Read data cards - MURCD2 -MURCD3: 704 FORTRAN subroutines, coded in FAP
  566. mura-711 Lee, G.M. Preliminary design development of a vacuum chamber for the Argonne LGS
  567. mura-712 Meads, Philip F., Jr. The numerical design of a resonant extraction system for the MURA 50-MeV electron accelerator
  568. mura-713 Austin, B. The design of proton linear accelerators for energies up to 200 MeV
  569. mura-714 Proceedings of the Conference on Proton Linear Accelerators Madison, Wisconsin
  570. mura-716 Bush, G.E. High speed digital dynamic field measuring system
  571. mura-717 Dory, R.A. Write up of MURA 704 program F51: Particle space charge program
  572. mura-718 Dayton, B. A search for massive particles in cosmic rays
  573. mura-719 Chien, C.S. Analytical calculation of FFAG oeprating points and orbits
  574. mura-722 Baumann, C.A. Bubble chamber research with the MURA model heavy liquid chamber
  575. mura-723 Owen, C.W. RF perturbation measurements in long linac cavities
  576. mura-724 Buer, H.H. Address labeling program - MU LABL: 1401 SPS program X71
  577. mura-725 Lyon, D.E., Jr. Design of ionization spectrometers using iron scintillators for the detection of hadrons in the 100 - 1000 BeV range

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